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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  February 25, 2019 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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directors, actors, producers are all hoping for success. although the television broadcast has seen a downturn in ratings in recent years. injust the in just the last half—hour, regina king won the oscar for best supporting actress for her role as a mother looking out for her pregnant daughter in if beale street could talk. north korean leader kimjong is on his way to hanoi in the ninth for his second summit with us president donald trump. —— hanoi in vietnam. the two leaders are expected to discuss the denuclearisation of the korean peninsula. and this video is trending on the duke and duchess of sussex are in morocco where they've been meeting schoolgirls in the atlas mountains. it's harry and meghan‘s last official foreign tour before they become parents. and the top story in the uk: the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, has again accused
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theresa may of attempting to run down the clock in a bid to get mps to vote for her amended brexit deal. now on bbc news, live to singapore for asia business report. president trump delays hiking ta riffs president trump delays hiking tariffs on chinese imports, saying substantial progress has been made in negotiations. and we will be at the world's eggers mobile phone show as why way unveils a smouldering button, just days after rival samsung did the same. —— huawei. it is monday, everyone. that morning asia, hello world. you canjoin as another exciting addition of asia business report. i hope you had a great weekend. i'm rico hizon. president trump says he is laying a
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move to increase tariffs on chinese imports. tariffs of $200 billion worth of goods had been due to rise from 10% to 25% on friday, but in a tweet mr trump says there has been substantial progress made in negotiations, including on it —— intellectual property, technology tra nsfers intellectual property, technology transfers and on currency. in a follow—up tweety said as a result of the progress he is delaying the hiking tariffs scheduled for the first of march. mr trump says assuming additional progress is made, a summit with president xi jinping will be planned at his resort at mar—a—lago to conclude the agreement. earlier i asked, how important is this delay? this is huge, actually. before, we were thinking that maybe the deal would bea thinking that maybe the deal would be a very small deal in scope, only including the easiest issues. the fa ct including the easiest issues. the fact that he is already sort of
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outlining that he is going to delay the deadline signals, to me at least, there has been enough progress and enough give from the chinese side to essentially, you know, get towards a full—blown deal. both sides were at loggerheads on intellectual property, cyber theft, and of course on technology tra nsfers. and of course on technology transfers. they think one key agreement that was being forged over the weekend was on currencies? agreement that was being forged over the weekend was on currencie57m agreement that was being forged over the weekend was on currencies? it is kind of strange. in the beginning the us wanted china not to intervene in currencies and let their currency float. but now that the yuan is depreciating they are seen, wait a second, we need a stable yuan. so it is sort of a change in tune, but it is sort of a change in tune, but it is sort of warranted, in the sense that it has moved quite a bit. of course, one major sticking point here is the enforcement of this agreement. it seems like the trade representative has differences with president trump on how this should
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be enforced, whether it should be a memorandum of understanding or some other kind of arrangement? yeah, basically trump comes from the real estate world were a memorandum of understanding is essentially an agreement that is non—binding stock but in the world of trade policy, this is an agreement that sort of sets the pathway for a full agreement. sojust a clash of sets the pathway for a full agreement. so just a clash of two worlds, in terms of the terminology. a clash of two worlds in terms of terminology, but what do you think is the best agreement that will be completed? i would decide with the trade representative, he has been 30 yea rs trade representative, he has been 30 years in the business of international trade, he knows how these things work. i would side with him,i these things work. i would side with him, i would these things work. i would side with him, iwould bet these things work. i would side with him, i would bet my horse on him. briefly, could there be a failure in the negotiations going forward? absolutely. the whole process is going to be a long and arduous process because there is going to be
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a need for constant monitoring and wa nts a need for constant monitoring and wants there is a violation, there needs to be a way to enforce it. all these things need to be hashed out beforehand. now, apart from these ongoing negotiations in washington dc, the forthcoming kim jong—un and donald trump summit in vietnam is also what everybody is watching out for. ahead of this gathering, kim is due to arrive in hanoi on monday. there are two days of negotiations and they will begin on wednesday, after they met for the first time last year on singapore —— in singapore. and guess what, he is travelling by train. for more on this i am joined by mariko oi wait. this is a marathon trip! it is, it could take more than two days, almost three days, to be exact, to travel thousands of kilometres through china. we saw him leaving pyongyang on saturday, but we show you how long the journey is. so, from pyongyang he got to dandong and
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then beijing, the chinese capital. then he went to naning in the south of china before crossing into vietnam. so, who operates trains there? from paging to hanoi, there isa train there? from paging to hanoi, there is a train operator called china railways. of course, kimjong—un is using his own train, and none is up train travel from pyongyang all the way to hanoi is a combined rail route of over 4000 kilometres. if his train could maintain an average speed of 90 kilometres an hour, it would take at least 47 hours. but it has been reported he is leaving his train at the border and travelling the last to hanoi by road. that car journey is expected early tomorrow morning, when traffic will be banned from a section of the highway. the big question is, why is he not flying? it has been rumoured that his father and grandfather were scared of flying, but that is of course not the case with kim jong—un, because we know that he
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flew to singapore last year. but a p pa re ntly flew to singapore last year. but apparently finds the change any more co mforta ble apparently finds the change any more comfortable because he has more space, which i tend to disagree with. i would have flown, if i was him. kim jong-un, train lag instead of jet lag. him. kim jong-un, train lag instead ofjet lag. thank him. kim jong-un, train lag instead of jet lag. thank you him. kim jong-un, train lag instead ofjet lag. thank you for that update. well, as the world's eggers mobile phone show get under way in barcelona, spain, china's huawei has unveiled a device with a folding screen. this is less than one week after samsung did the same. huawei's device will work on new five g networks comes with a hefty pricetag. —— 5g. the telecom indications giant faces stiff opposition from the us which once china shut out of the future of this new technology. rory cellan—jones is more from barcelona. it is the biggest annual event of what many see as the world's most important industry, and is mobile world congress got under way, one chinese company was determined to make a big
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statement. huawei, barely known outside china eight years ago, is now number two in smartphone sales at the world's is maker of telecoms equipment. and with this folding phone which will work on the new five g networks when they arrive, it is telling the world that is now the leading smartphone innovator. —— 5g. huawei, we bring you the future of design, the future of technology. days after samsung launched a folding phone, huawei said its version was bigger, better and even more expensive. huawei's incredibly proud of its state—of—the—art 5g foldable incredibly expensive phone, and wants to talk about that. it said it wouldn't talk to us about the security row that could shut it out of europe's can in future. huawei's 5g equivalent is widely regarded as cutting—edge. us government officials are here in barcelona to repeat their message that europe should shut out the chinese firm as unsafe. basically,
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the united states is putting a lot of pressure on to european companies not to engage with huawei, because otherwise they are seen as not being secure, so otherwise they are seen as not being secure, so the us is basically saying if you are employing huawei, we are not sharing any level of detail is with you, secret details and intelligence details with you, because that can go back to china. they, how was it going here? across town, another chinese firm, shaomei, was unveiling its new phone. security officials say the nature of this new high—speed data networks they —— mean we are right to be cautious about who controls them. they —— mean we are right to be cautious about who controls themm is reliance for the —— emergency services, food security, automotive, all these different sectors. they essentially relate to national security. so it is critically important that we deal with these issues and make sure we have a secure 5g network.
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issues and make sure we have a secure 56 network. all sorts of weird and wonderful innovations are on show. here is yet another folding phone. but the battle over china's role in shaping this industry's future is what is on everybody‘s mines. staying with a five g storey, nokia says it does not expect the rollout of 5g mobile phone networks to be delayed in countries which bar huawei. nokia, which is in direct competition, says it has secured a deal with optus in australia and will launch 50 trial 5g cellular sites next month. the british prime ministers as the uk parliament will have a final vote on her brexit deal by the 12th of march. theresa may has been in negotiations with the european union in an attempt to renegotiate the agreement after it was overwhelmingly reject that by mps last month. —— rejected. a quick look at the markets. the us china trade negotiations are the focus of
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many market investors in the region. as you can see, all of them are today in positive territory in mid—morning trade, would be nick cave 200 35 up by 128 points. —— nikkei 225. the hang seng hasjust opened for trade to begin the new trading week up by a hefty 160 points. so, we surely expect more positive developments on the us— china trade front when the us market restart trading later today. on friday, they were all in positive territory. thank you so much for investing your time on us. i am rico hizon. sport today is coming up next. just before sport today, let's bring you up to date with our top stories this hour. the oscars ceremony has begun in hollywood. regina king has won the oscar for best supporting actress for her role as a mother trying
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to look out for her pregnant daughter in if beale street could talk. north korean leader kimjong—un is on his way to vietnam for a summit with president trump, their second meeting. labour's deputy leader has said that his party is heading in the direction of supporting another eu referendum, and that that point might come in the days ahead. tom watson also spoke of a "crisis for the soul" of the party, after the resignation of nine of its mps. he said jeremy corbyn had to take a personal lead in tackling anti—semitism within labour. a party spokesman said all such complaints are taken extremely seriously. here's our political correspondent alex forsyth. they were all elected as labour mps, but in the past week, nine in total have left the party, each leaving behind stinging criticism of the way its run. today, labour's deputy leader said more could follow. he warned the party was at a perilous point. there's almost a sort of crisis for the soul
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of the labour party now, and that means that everyone that cares about our future, whatever tradition they represent, has to find it within themselves to work more closely together. he said the party had to be a broad church. on brexit he said labour was moving closer to backing another public vote. on anti—semitism, he urged the labour leader to personally intervene. the test for us, the test for him as a leader, is to eradicate anti—semitism. it is not other labour party members that will be the judge of that, it's the britishjewish community, and i think he understands now that if he is ever to be prime minister, he needs to rebuild that trust. tom watson said jeremy corbyn had to take a personal lead and make changes to the labour party if he wanted to get into downing street. this was a direct challenge to the labour leader from his own deputy. at a rally yesterday, jeremy corbyn said anti—semitism in any form was unacceptable. his allies say action is being taken, although admit it could be faster. i want us to be the best political party in dealing with issues like anti—semitism and racism
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and i want us to be able to, with clean hands, get out there and tackle it within our wider community. labour is wrestling with divisive issues, its leader under pressure to determine its direction. alex forsyth, bbc news. the duke and duchess of sussex have been meeting young women in morocco, to show support for girls‘ education. the couple were welcomed to a boarding school, in the village of asni, by pupils who waved flags and sang songs. during the visit, the duchess was given a traditional moroccan henna tattoo, to celebrate her pregnancy. now on bbc news sport today. hello, i'm chetan pathak and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre.
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coming up on the programme: unbelievable scenes — chelsea goalkeeper kepa arrizabalaga refuses to be substituted in their english league cup final defeat to manchester city. no drama and no goals at old trafford as the english premier league leaders liverpool are held by their arch rivals manchester united and winning his 20th pga tour title — dustin johnson cruises to a five—shot victory at the wgc mexico championship. hello, welcome to the programme, thanks forjoining us. we start with the extraordinary scenes in the english league cup final where chelsea's goalkeeper kepa arrizabalaga refused to be substituted in extra—time, despite his furious manager telling him to come off. up until that point there'd been little of note,


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