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this is bbc news. the headlines: hollywood's biggest night of the year, the oscars, is taking place at the dolby theatre in la. queen opened the show. and the first award of the night was best supporting actress, welcome to bbc news — which went to regina king for her broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm reged ahmad. part in if beale street could talk. our top stories: pope francis has condemned priests guilty of child sexual abuse, calling them "tools of satan", lives, cameras, awards. it is and promised to do more to protect children. hollywood's big—note. but who he speaking at the end of the roman catholic conference celebrating hollywood's big—note. but who be on paedophilia within the clergy, celebrating at the oscars? i'm tom he said victims would now be the priority. brook and i will be reporting from los angeles, where the 91st annual academy awards are currently under way. in other news, victims of clerical sexual abuse and said pope francis's promised to protect children from venezuelan soldiers who defected paedophile priests is a stunning to colombia on saturday say they fear for the safety of their families under letdown. colombia says more than 100 president nicolas maduro's government. one officer told the bbc that forces loyal to mr maduro could lash out venezuelan soldiers have deserted as at his family because he had heeded political pressure builds on president maduro. and the big the opposition's call to defect. freeze, wavy search for the world's
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old est freeze, wavy search for the world's oldest ice could transform our understanding of climate change. —— wavy search. hello and welcome. it is the biggest night of the year in hollywood. the ceremony for the native first academy awards, better known as the oscars, is well under way. the costu me oscars, is well under way. the costume drama the favourite is up for ten awards, jointly leading the nominations with roma, a film produced by netflix. one of the most successful films of last year, black panther, is the first comic action film nominated for best film. tom brook is that the dolby theatre. what has been happening so far? brook is that the dolby theatre. what has been happening so far7m far we have had eight awards. you just mentioned black panther. it has wa nt two just mentioned black panther. it has want two awards, best production
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design best costume design. that is quite impressive for a film, as you mentioned, the first superhero film, comic book film nominated for best picture. it goes well for what might happen late in the evening. we have had an acting prize given out, best supporting actress, that went to regina king, best known for her work on television, she appeared in the film if beale street could talk, and plays a very emotional part. she had a lot of supporting academy. people really wa nted a lot of supporting academy. people really wanted to see her win. bohemian rhapsody has want two awards, sound editing and sound mixing. that is good news for that film. you mentioned what might be coming up. what can we look forward to, any possible surprises? well, i don't know about surprises, but the main thing that is on people's minds tonight is how well will roma do? it has ten nominations. the oscars race is very uncertain. if there is a favourite candidate to win best
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picture it would be roma. people are waiting to see what happens with that. and we got from alfonso cuaron, a good sign, he won best cinematography for that film. the cinematography for that film. the cinematography in that film is striking. it seems to suggest that things could go well for roma. and presumably everyone looking forward to best actor, best actress? people think that ronnie malak will win for best actor for his portrayal of freddie mercury. people really like is performance. they seem to think he gets to the essence of freddie mercury. that film is very popular. it has been a huge commercial hit. best actress, i think that price will go to a hollywood veteran, glenn close. she has been making films for more than a0 years. she has been nominated seven times without winning. a lukka quickchange denied. i am sure she is hoping that, at any rate. this oscars
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hasn't been without controversy. we don't have a host this year. very unusual. how was that going? don't have a host this year. very unusual. how was that going7m don't have a host this year. very unusual. how was that going? it is a little strange, the idea of not having a host. you think a magical hand is guiding everything. but the actual ceremony opened with adam lambert and queen giving a number from, it sounded like a rock concert, as opposed to the oscars. it worked very well. and the presenters have come on. they have really served as being the hosts. it seems to change was that everytime there is a new there is a new set of presenters and it seems like a new host. it seems to be working. it does not seem odd that there isn't a host present. all right, tom brook at the dolby theatre, giving us up—to—date with the oscars. thank you very much. we will continue to have all the latest on the oscars ceremony continues on bbc news.
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at least five people have been killed in indian administered kashmir. india intensified its security crackdown over the weekend, detaining more than 160 separatists. tensions have escalated since a suicide car bomb kills a0 personnel on for very 1a. pakistan —based militant group claimed is possibly released by security forces in bangladesh say they have shot and killed a gunman who hijacked an airliner during a flight from dakar to divide. the plane made an emergency landing in the city of chittagong. that dubai. all passengers left the plane safely. the nigerian electoral commission says only it has the power to declare the result of a parliamentary and presidential polls after supporters of both leading candidates began claiming victory. no announcement is expected until later this week. but an aide to president mohammed eva dari ——
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mohammed eva dari this is on course foran mohammed eva dari this is on course for an overwhelming victory. alex tettey for people died during the two days of voting. a handful of stations were open to allow more people to vote. there's been a large turnout in voting in a referendum on a new cuban constitution. the document would recognise private property, allow more use of the internet, and promote greater private enterprise in the communist state. at the end of a landmark summit, pope francis has condemned catholic priests found guilty of child sexual abuse, calling them "tools of satan". new guidelines have also been promised, but as our religious affairs editor martin bashir reports, victims are still waiting for detailed, practical steps. mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. words of repentance by bishops on the last morning of this four—day summit. they've heard presentations on responsibility, accountability and transparency, and there is no
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doubting the challenge. translation: i make a heartfelt appeal for an all—out battle against the abuse of minors, both sexually and in other areas, on the part of all authorities and individuals, for we are dealing with abominable crimes that must be erased from the face of the earth. one senior bishop at the summit says every church in every country is now on notice. i think we just have to accept that our moral authority and our credibility in more general terms has been massively damaged. it's shot to pieces, isn't it? i accept that our credibility is shot to pieces. how will it be restored? over a very long period of time and with great tenacity. no amount of spin in all the world is going to do the trick. as the pope gave his traditional sunday address, the vatican announced that he will soon issue a proclamation with new church laws to protect children. they're drafting a handbook
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for bishops, and a task force will be established to help churches struggling with safeguarding. but peter saunders, who was abused by a priest, says these measures are simply not enough. it had a great opportunity this weekend to make real change, and it has failed to do so. somehow, i think we're going to be leaving disappointed, but also encouraged that the eyes of the world have been on this event. pope francis closed the summit by adopting the language of warfare, calling for an all out battle in the fight against sexual abuse. faithful catholics have demanded action. what they have received today are another set of promises that they must wait to see fulfilled. martin bashir, bbc
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news, at the vatican. let us bring you some breaking news coming out of the united states. hollywood's biggest night of the year, the oscars, we have had another category,, rowe year, the oscars, we have had another category, , rowe has year, the oscars, we have had another category,, rowe has won the best foreign language film. roma wins best foreign—language film at the oscars —— roma. has happened in the oscars —— roma. has happened in the last few minutes. directed by alfonso cuaron. it is also up for this picture. produced by netflix, a streaming service, also a bit of an upset at the oscars. a bit of a challenge to the traditional studios. we will keep you up—to—date with everything coming out of hollywood on the oscars here on bbc news. north korea's leader kim jong—un is heading to vietnam for historic talks with us president donald trump. he arrived at the chinese border city of dandong on saturday night,
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on his way to the much anticipated second us—north korea nuclear summit, scheduled for the middle of this week. and as our north america editorjohn sopel reports, there is still much work to be done. was there ever a more improbable coming together? it was genuinely a moment to behold, the us president with the dictator of a reviled outcast nuclear power. it was an extraordinary gamble by donald trump, because this summit in singapore last summer gave kim jong—un a platform on the world stage. but donald trump thought it had brought peace nearer. we had a really fantastic meeting. a lot of progress. really very positive. i think better than anybody could have expected. it's certainly true that have been no nuclear tests, no ballistic missile launchers, the temperature's been reduced, but the assessment of us intelligence chiefs is that for all the optics, not much has changed. the regime is committed to developing a long—range nuclear armed missile that would pose a direct threat to the united states.
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that's not how donald trump wants it framed. he says a lot of has changed from when president obama was in the white house. where are we now? no missiles, no rockets, no nuclear testing. we've learned a lot. but much more importantly than all of it, is we have a great relationship. i have a very good relationship with kim jong—un. the last serious talks with the koreans took place over a decade ago. they were led by ambassador christopher hill. he says this next meeting needs to be better thought through than singapore. the last summit was not nearly as prepared as it should have been. so, in a sense, what we really need here is a do over. we have to do have a clear understanding of what the north koreans are prepared to do in terms of denuclearisation. it's an ugly word and one that the white house doesn't want to use, but this next summit
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will be about deliverables. a concrete timetable for denuclearisation, agreed confidence building measures. last time around it was enough that there were handshakes and smiles and good optics and atmospherics. now it needs to get down to specifics. donald trump has always insisted he's not in a hurry and there's no rush. aides, though, say there are few issues that have higher priority for him. both can be true. but senior administration officials are doing everything to play down what might come out of hanoi. jon sopel, bbc news, washington. president trump says there's been substantial progress in trade talks with china and that he'll delay this week's scheduled increase in tariffs. writing on twitter, mr trump said there had been movement on important issues including the protection of intellectual property, technology transfer, agriculture and currency. he added that assuming further progress was made,
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he would invite president xi jinping to a summit at his mar—a—lago resort in florida. the chinese state news agency has also reported significant progress in the talks. the us secretary of state says he believes nicolas maduro's days as president of venezuela are numbered — after troops used force against a convoy of civilians trying to organise aid supplies. there's been widespread condemnation of the violence at venezuela's border with colombia — officials there say more than 100 venezuelan soldiers have deserted their posts, and crossed into their country. our international correspondent orla gearin reports now from the border area. embers are still smouldering on a bridge that became a battle ground. desperately needed aid went up in smoke here when venezuelan troops blocked an opposition convoy on the orders of president nicolas maduro. but some have broken ranks.
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this weekend foot soldiers have been deserting. it's over 100 now and counting. we managed to speak to a group of them sheltering in a church in the border town of cucuta. they fear for their families back home in venezuela. so we are concealing their identities. translation: there will be a domino effect. there are many professional troops who want to do this. they realise this is their moment to leave this dictatorship and to free venezuela. we cannot remain a slave. we are freeing ourselves. the men told us they had deserted for the sake of their loved ones and their homeland. they say nicolas maduro has divided the nation. translation: there is already a civil war in venezuela. i saw it yesterday at the bridge. venezuelans were attacking each other with rocks and the armed forces were shooting at their own people.
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among those who lay down their weapons, a sergeant major and a lieutenant. both mothers now parted from their children. they say they could not obey orders to attack. translation: it was tense. i was thinking i could not harm my own people. that was against my principles, my values, and professional ethics. i felt i was not doing the right thing. we want a better venezuela. this woman says that many troops and officers want change but anyone who speaks out can disappear like one of her colleagues. translation: she made a comment on whatsapp and has been missing for more than a month. they went to her apartment. she had a baby. they left it with a neighbour as if the baby were a dog. the soldiers told us that the military leadership is still bound to nicolas maduro by corruption. and they believe the president
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will fight to stay in power. at mass here, this former general was among the congregation. he abandoned nicolas maduro a few months ago. prayers were offered for venezuela, a nation that has suffered so much and now faces an uncertain future. orla guerin, bbc news, on the colombia—venezuela border. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: forget about the awards — what about the clothes? we'll take a look at some fabulous fashion at the oscars. prince charles has chosen his bride. the prince proposed to lady diana spencer three weeks ago. she accepted, she says, without hesitation. as revolutions go, this had its fair share of bullets.
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a climax in the night outside the gates of mr marcos's sanctuary, malacanang — the name itself symbolizing one of the cruellest regimes of modern asia. the world's first clone has been produced of an adult mammal. scientists in scotland have produced a sheep called dolly using a cell from another sheep. citizens are trying to come to grips with their new freedom. though there is joy and relief today, the scars are everywhere. not for 20 years have locusts been seen in such numbers in this part of africa. some of the swarms have been ten miles long. this is the last time the public will see this pope. very soon, for the sake of the credibilty and authority of the next pope, benedict xvi will, in his own words, "be hidden from the world for the rest of his life." this is bbc news. the latest headlines:
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hollywood's biggest night of the year is under way — let's get more on the oscars now. marvel‘s black panther grabbed the best costume design tonight. but british custome designer and 3—time oscar winner, sandy powell, was aiming for another win tonight for her outfitting efforts in the favourite and mary poppins. she was the only oscar—contender competing against herself for an award this year. our correspondent barbara plett—usher caught up with her on the red carpet and asked what her inspiration for the favourite was. you start with a lot of historical research. we looked into what should be right for the period and what is right for the period and then we thought laterally after that. do you see any difference this year in the oscars in terms of women's participation orjust oscars in terms of women's participation or just survive oscars in terms of women's participation orjust survive about women and minorities? well, i do know this. i know the percentage. i think the number of british female nominees has gone up by 1% or
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something, which only makes it 25%. british nominees or female something, which only makes it 25%. british nominees orfemale nominees? female nominees. it makes the total number of female nominees 25%, which is still not enough, it should be 50%, you know? everybody is pleased it has gone up this year but it needs to go upwey more. this is an old and conservative constitution. you think there will be a shift? there will have to be, things will have to keep moving and lots of different areas. from hollywood we can now speak to ellen mirojnick, who is an award—winning hollywood costume designer having worked on films such as the recent global smash the greatest showman and other film classics such as fatal attraction and basic instinct. we were just hearing from sandy powell, another costume designer. of the main films nominated, do you have a favourite this year's oscars?
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black kla nsman i have a favourite this year's oscars? black klansman i loved, it is a really strong film. i also loved black panther and green book. roma. i love them all, really. do they all have fabulous costumes? yes, every film has fabulous costumes. now, it is not just film has fabulous costumes. now, it is notjust the outfits in the films that we look at. it is often the red carpet as well. we just wanted to ask you about a few of them because quite often stars show up in some pretty striking outfits, perhaps making a statement. we want to go through some of them, starting with glenn close, who wore a striking gold outfit. we can see it now. can you tell us about that and whether you tell us about that and whether you think she is try to say something with this outfit? the one thing that was really, really fabulous, i think, thing that was really, really fabulous, ithink, a thing that was really, really fabulous, i think, a lot of the beautiful gowns and choices made by men and women tonight, i think a
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lot... this year, more than any other year, there were some fearless choices. authentic choices. really, really hearkening back to the truth of who that is actor or actress wa nted of who that is actor or actress wanted to put forth tonight. i think glenn close, god bless her, she has worked in this business as a professional actress for a5 yea rs. and this year she has got the opportunity to shine the islands —— shine beyond the galaxy. so her choice of a gold dress, she actually had said to me, and admitted, that this dress, she said, you know, it is all gorgeous, a0,000 golden deeds, spun with gold, made by karalee never deeds, spun with gold, made by ka ralee never rarer deeds, spun with gold, made by karalee never rarer “— deeds, spun with gold, made by
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karalee never rarer —— herrera. she said, this dress is me, it's golden, and their matter what, i will go home in gold, a have to make that choice tonight. that's a fabulous story. as you say, you have worked with glenn close before. i want to move with glenn close before. i want to m ove o nto with glenn close before. i want to move onto spike lee, he seems to be a statement? his statement tonight, i don't know if you are aware of this, but his purple suit, his purple choice, was made as a tribute to prince, who was a dearfriend of his. it was made, i believe, by ozwald boateng, a wonderful british tailor. his shoes, which i don't know if you got to see, were extraordinary, a jordan is know if you got to see, were extraordinary, ajordan is by nike, golden, obviously. —— airjordans. that set off the pit —— purple beautifully. it was his tribute to prince. we also saw lady gaga on the
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red carpet and olivia colman, next to each other, and they were strikingly different. lady gaga may be more understated is then perhaps we are used to. well, i think lady gaga was gorgeous. she just... we are used to. well, i think lady gaga was gorgeous. shejust... i think she was absolutely stunning. it was old hollywood with a bit of a new dior kind of twist to it in its shape. gorgeousjewellery. new dior kind of twist to it in its shape. gorgeous jewellery. wow. new dior kind of twist to it in its shape. gorgeousjewellery. wow. what a yellow diamond. just magnificent. it was her turn to turn on her elegant charm. i do know if it would be unexpected so much, with who she is at the moment. very briefly, we have a tiny bit of time, billy porter is not up a nomination but
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absolutely wowed everybody with a taxi to address. he knocked it out of the park. talk about a fearless, fearless choice. that was the most fabulous choice of the evening. i think billy, in that magnificent tuxedo dress, really brought to his real self ears. —— is. to the millions of people who watch this show, for the world to see. he put on his heels, he wrapped himself in distress, and he said, here, well. here i am. i don't think they could have been a better choice. he knockedit have been a better choice. he knocked it out of the park. alan, thank you so much for all of that, for taking us through those outfits. my for taking us through those outfits. my pleasure. my pleasure. let's bring you some breaking news coming out of the oscars as well while we are talking about it. we have a windfall is to supporting
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actor. mahashali ali, best supporting actorfor actor. mahashali ali, best supporting actor for green book. that is the latest award that has been handed out on a hollywood's biggest night of the year. —— mahershala ali. the oscars continue to go to air as we speak, we have had a number of winners so far and we also had best foreign film as well, roma, alfonso cuaron one that award earlier. we are still waiting to some of the major categories in terms of some of those categories, a lot of it will wait for, best picture as well, that is one we are waiting to come up, best actor, best actress. all the major ones. everybody waiting to see how the favourite will do, ten nations there. stay with some bbc news. much
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borrowed a website as well. a full rundown of everything you could inspect from oscars coming up. hello there. what a difference a year makes. this time last year, the end of february 2018, we were feeling the effect of the ‘beast from the east', the coldest mass of air to affect the uk in a number of years. it brought widespread cold, widespread snow and widespread disruption. fast forward to 2019, things could not be more different. our air not coming from the east, instead we are bringing it up from the south—west and, rather than exceptional cold, this has brought exceptional warmth through the weekend. on sunday afternoon, parts of west wales got up to 19.1 degrees, provisionally that is a new record for wales in february and there is soem more to come. certainly for the next few days. some warm sunshine, but with some frosty nights and some foggy mornings. only slowly, later in the week, will it start to turn a bit more unsettled but not particularly cold. we will start off monday morning though on quite a chilly note, particularly down
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towards in the south. temperatures below freezing. well below freezing in one or two places. not as cold across north—west scotland because we've got more cloud, some patchy rain, and just about any weather — could be some mistiness aaround, but some fog patches most likely through parts of yorkshire and up into north—east england. where the fog does develops, it could be quite dense, could be quite slow to clear as well. but through monday, most of us enjoying blue skies and sunshine once again, apart from the far north of scotland where there will be cloud and outbreaks of rain. but look at the temperatures. widely between 1a and 18 degrees. one or two spots could hit 19 degrees. nine would be more typical for this time of year. it is, of course, all because of high pressure still sitting just to the south—east of the uk. not many white lines, not many isobars on that chart. light winds to take us into tuesday morning. perhaps a touch of frost but, again, for most a sunny day. a bit more cloud for a time into northern ireland. maybe the odd spot of rain into north—west scotland, otherwise it is dry and still exceptionally warm
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for the time of year. as we get into wednesday, it looks like we'll see a bit more fog developing at this stage. so it could be a foggy, murky start on wednesday morning. much of that should tend to cleear through the day. some patches might linger for a good part of wednesday. but again, in the sunshine, it will feel warm. things start to change though, a little bit on thursday. a bit of a pincer movement, one little weather system tries to push in towards the south. one frontal system towards the north so that brings the potential for rain for some of us on thursday, certainly not all of us. but there is an increasing chance of rain, some breezy weather too, and it turns a bit cooler as we head towards the weekend.
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