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tv   Newsday  BBC News  February 26, 2019 1:00am-1:31am GMT

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i'm kasia madera with bbc news. our top story: president trump leaves for hanoi, and his second summit with north korea's kim jong—un. the two men will meet on wednesday, with washington wanting pyongyang i'm rico hizon in singapore. to restate its commitment to denuclearisation. before he left, mr trump said the headlines: he expected it would be a very tremendous summit. president trump leaves for hanoi, and his second summit with north korea's kimjong—un. australian priest cardinal george pell has been found guilty of assaulting two boys in the 1990s. australian priest cardinal george he was actually convicted pell is convicted of abusing two in december last year, but the judge has onlyjust lifted boys at melbourne reporting restrictions. cathedral in the 19905. and a night of surprises at the oscars is still doing well our website. best film went to green book, i'm kasia madera in london. the story of a black pianist also in the programme: and his white chauffeur's journey another brexit twist. britain's opposition labour party through america's deep south. says it is prepared to back a second 0livia colman won best actress for her role in the period drama referendum on the uk's the favourite. future in the eu. that's all. stay with bbc news. and dumpling power. the tale of the little bao that comes to life takes the oscar for best animated short film. and the top story in the uk:
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good morning. it is 1:00am in london, 9:00am in singapore and 8:00am in hanoi, where anticipation is building ahead of the second summit between president donald trump and the north korean leader, kim jong—un. the two men will meet on wednesday, with washington wanting pyongyang to restate its commitment to denuclearisation. north korea is desperate for sanctions relief after years of economic restrictions. in many ways, the relevant issues are identical to those injune, when the leaders met in singapore. let's speak to my colleague
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sharanjit leyl, who is in hanoi in vietnam. it seems like it is still a rainy and grey morning and hanoi. well, it is, it is chilly as well, i should add, and the weather is not fantastic. so it is not going to be a fabulous greeting in that sense for the two leaders, but we know they are on their way. north korea's kim jong—un is on they are on their way. north korea's kimjong—un is on his way in his train, he left from pyongyang just two days ago. and we were seeing some of these live pictures, and we can see them again, and these are pictures that would greet him. people anticipating his arrival at the border of dong dang, and security waiting with a red carpet in anticipation of his arrival. he is due to arrive today, he will meet with his vietnamese counterpart, the president and the prime minister, we
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believe. president trump himself arrives tonight, as far as we know, and he will be due to meet with his vietnamese counterpart tomorrow, on wednesday. mike pompeo, we are being told, is already in hanoi. what more we know of the logistics is that the two lea d e rs we know of the logistics is that the two leaders will meet tomorrow night, wednesday, and they will be dinner, as well, ahead of their meeting on thursday. so much of that, we know now. but of course, this is a city in anticipation, as i mentioned. it is a city famous for its traffic on it is just past atm here, you can already hear the traffic build—up. all of that will come to a halt, to some extent, the roadblocks, the security in place to meet these leaders, it is happening in vietnam, the significance for that as well. at ahead of this meeting we know president trump has already been tweeting about it in anticipation. he is saying,
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essentially, that there will be very rapid potential growth for north korea, that we both expect a continuation of the progress made at the first summit in singapore. he was speaking, of course, at the governor's all, this is a black—tie event for state governors in the us. let's listen to more of what he had to say. right after this meeting, i'll leave for vietnam, where i'll meet with chairman kim. and we'll talk about something that, frankly, he never spoke to anybody about. but we're speaking, we're speaking loud, and i think we can have a very good, a very good summit. i think we'll have a very tremendous summit. we want denuclearisation, and i think he'll have a country that will sets a lot of records for speed, in terms of an economy. injoining me now, above all of this
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traffic you can hear below me, is oui’ traffic you can hear below me, is our south east asia correspondent jonathan head. we are both watching this, this is a city in anticipation, as we said. what more do we know about the lead up to this meeting? well, in fact, one of the things that has been happening and i think has been very important as a whole series of meetings between senior officials, people like secretary of state mike pompeo, and north korean officials, to try and get some substance this time. a lot of meetings in the last month where they are hoping to find out exactly what the north koreans want, what they would be willing to offer as well. they need deliverables at summit. that is what we'll see on thursday, that is the key date for the actual sort of hard talking between the north korean and american side. vietnam is the host, there will be bilaterals today for there will be bilaterals today for the north korean leader, tomorrow for president trump, and then of course a dinner which will be where president trump once again puts himself together with kim jong—un, the north korean leader, and shows
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the north korean leader, and shows the bond they have. but the substance is really thursday. that's right, and the optics, of course, is something we all remarked on in singapore last year, the fact that it was the first historic summit between a sitting us president and his north korean counterpart. it reduced tensions, it broke the ice, but as you say, lots more substantive things to be expected from this one. and to be needed, as well. the thing is you can'tjust keep having summits on this scale where there isn't anything substantive coming out of it. the criticism of singapore was that, in the end, it was a very broad declaration about denuclearising the korean peninsula. both sides have disagreed about what that means, but it is nothing specific. it is going to be very hard for either side to have a third summit if they don't have a third summit if they don't have anything substantial. there are two deliverables that could come from this summit. there may be small achievements, still very significant, for example ending the
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state of hostilities that has existed since the armistice in 1953, possibly setting up liaison officers in each other's countries. those are important, they also have implications, but they really has to be something on the nuclear programme, and up until now there has been no indication that north korea is going to sign up to either specific concessions, closing nuclear facilities, freezing them, ora nuclear facilities, freezing them, or a framework for slowly closing down its nuclear weapons programme, and we still don't know whether that is something the north koreans will offer. jonathan head, you will be watching this, as will we all here. a lot of the international media congregating here in vietnam's capital city. it is wet, it is raining, but this is a city in anticipation. back to you in the studio. many thanks for that, and of course any developments that we get from dong dang, the train station that, we will bring that to you. a suppression order banning the reporting of the cardinal george pell‘s conviction for child sexual abuse has been lifted. the 77—year—old is the most senior vatican official to be convicted. at a trial in australia
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that ended in december, he was found guilty on five counts of assaulting two boys in melbourne cathedral in 1996. the further charges against pell have been dropped, and thejudge has lifted the order banning any reporting on the proceedings. hywel griffith has more. he had returned from rome claiming he would clear his name, but cardinal george pell, once one of the pope's closest advisers, now faces going to jail. the 77—year—old was for many years the face of the church in australia —— face of the church in australia —— face of the church in australia —— face of the church in australia, revered for his intellect and i'm compromising manner, but pell also used his power to manipulate and abuse. in 1986, in one of his first services as archbishop in melbourne cathedral, pell found two choirboys helping themselves to communion wine. he
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told them that they were in trouble, and then, grabbing them by the head, forced both into a series of sexual acts. in his rise through the ranks of the catholic church in australia, george pell became responsible for dealing with the abuse perpetrated by other priests. here in melbourne, he claimed credit for setting up a world first system to council and compensate victims, but for decades, his crimes remained hidden. george pell reach the top level and the vatican, becoming its treasurer. from rome, he gave evidence to an enquiry into abuse in australia. the church's —— churches in many places, certainly in australia, has mucked things up, has let people down. i am not here to defend the indefensible. but some feel pell has further crimes to answer for, accusing him of concealing abuse and protecting other abuses. he had a vested
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interest in covering it up. the whole hierarchy of the catholic church aided and abetted paedophile priests and brothers to rate and molest thousands upon thousands of children. pell has always denied covering up abuse. he has already been removed from rome's in a circle, but as a cardinal, he has kept his title. there are calls for the pope to force him to resign, with his own credibility at stake. the only way that the pope can get out of this sort of situation is really to demand, in my view, that he step down from his functions as a cardinal. four months, there has been frustration in australia that until now the details of his abuse could not be reported. cardinal pell, any message for your supporters today? news of his condition will send shockwaves across the catholic church, and
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expose once again its failure to deal with the dark history of clerical abuse. for more on this, i am joined now by hywel griffith, who is in melbourne. will the cardinal be going to prison? that is the most likely outcome. he left today with a flurry of cameras. no word from him, but he knows that when he returns to this court, the next step is sentencing, and the most likely sentence to prison term. now, cardinal pell has beenin prison term. now, cardinal pell has been in the legal process here for months, and for many months we couldn't talk about it, but now that that news has got out, people are reacting and talking about their relief, their sense of relief from many campaigners and survivors that the most high—ranking figure in the catholic church, someone who is not just of huge stature in australia but globally significant, has been held to account. and so i expect there will be many people wanting to come and see that sentencing take place. and this comes after the
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vatican held a landmark summit on clerical sexual abuse. yes, and i guess the timing is coincidental, although there was lots of discussion about how australia has responded to the history of clerical abuse and the many thousands of cases. now, at one stage george pell sold himself as the answer, as someone sold himself as the answer, as someone who was helping victims by giving them counselling and funding. actually, what has been revealed during this court case is that he himself was an abuser, that he turned on two young boys when he was the most trusted figure in the church here in australia. so eventually, justice has come through. we have heard a brief statement from one of those victims, one sadly died a few years ago, but another one has said that he was consigned to years of loneliness and fear and depression, and that he trusted someone he should have feared. he doesn't want to speak to the media. he wants the whole legal process to run its course. but it is
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fairto process to run its course. but it is fair to say they are many people feeling relieved that these now that they can talk about george pell‘s rhymes and have seen him brought to justice. —— relieved at least. let's take a look at some of the day's other news: (mix several latin american countries, and canada, which make up the lima working group, have urged the international criminal court to consider whether venezuela is guilty of crimes against humanity. this is after president nicolas maduro blocked the entry of tonnes of humanitarian aid over the weekend. the group held a day of talks in bogota attended by the venezuelan opposition leader, juan guaido, and us vice president mike pence. mr pence added to the pressure on the maduro regime announcing further sanctions on the government and offering his firm backing to the opposition. president donald trump asked me to be here today, to deliver a simple message, to you and to the people
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of venezuela. estamos con ustedes. we are with you, 100%. despite the brutality that the world witnessed this weekend, a new day is coming in latin america, in venezuela, and across the western hemisphere. socialism is dying, and liberty, prosperity and democracy are being reborn before our eyes. also making news today: iran's foreign minister, mohammad javad zarif, has announced his resignation on his instagram page. in persian he wrote, "i would like to sincerely apologise for not being able to continue, and for all my shortcomings during my service." there was no immediate reason offered for what prompted his resignation, and it is still not clear whether his offer will accepted by iran's president, hassan rouhani. police in bangladesh say a man
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who was shot dead after hijacking an airlinerwas carrying a toy pistol. the 25—year—old man was shot by police after the plane made an emergency landing. all 148 passengers and crew on board the biman airlines flight left the plane safely. 0fficials later said the man was mentally imbalanced. the american singer r kelly has pleaded not guilty to ten charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against four women, three of whom were minors at the time. the r&b star spent the weekend in jail after failing to raise a bond of $1 million set by thejudge, although he has now been released. these images are from jakarta. they are of the brand new subway system that could radically speed up getting around the indonesian capital. the rapid transit system will open next month, and it is hoped it will dramatically ease congestion. the indonesian capital is home to more than 30 million people and most trips are made using cars.
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i want to take you to live pictures from dong dang train station, where we're awaiting eminently the arrival of the north korean leader. what you can see in the background, his train has pulled up so we are hopeful that this is the train that kim jong—un has taken from pyongyang down through north korea, across through china to the vietnamese border, where this is the location now. we never really had exact details of his roots, that was kept pretty top—secret, but we do know he should in theory be on this train that has arrived on dong dang platform. we're not really expecting any other trains, and certainly the red carpet and all the dignitaries are there, all lined up in anticipation of, one
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would expect, a high—profile figure. of course, this is... we arejust awaiting his arrival, and we are hoping that this will be the train with him on it. he will be heading off afterwards to hanoi for that historic second summit with president donald trump. so what we have here, that live image with a train arriving at dong dang train station. fingers crossed the north korean leader, kim jong—un, station. fingers crossed the north korean leader, kimjong—un, is on that train, and the moment that he makes his exit from it, down the red carpet, we will bring that to you. station you are watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme: britain's opposition labour party says it's prepared to back a second referendum on the uk's future in the eu. we'll have the latest from westminster.
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prince charles has chosen his bride. the prince proposed to lady diana spencer three weeks ago. she accepted, she says, without hesitation. as revolutions go, this had its fair share of bullets. a climax in the night outside the gates of mr marcos's sanctuary, malacanang — the name itself symbolizing one of the cruellest regimes of modern asia. the world's first clone has been produced of an adult mammal. scientists in scotland have produced a sheep called dolly using a cell from another sheep. citizens are trying to come to grips with their new freedom. though there is joy and relief today, the scars are everywhere. not for 20 years have locusts been seen in such numbers in this part of africa. some of the swarms have been ten miles long. this is the last time the public will see this pope. very soon, for the sake of the credibilty and authority of the next pope, benedict xvi will, in his own words, "be hidden from the world for the rest of his life."
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this is newsday on the bbc. i'm rico hizon, in singapore. and i'm kasia madera, in london. our top stories: president trump leaves for hanoi and his second summit with north korea's kimjong—un. australian priest, cardinal george pell, is convicted of abusing two boys at melbourne cathedral in the 1990s. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world: the times of london leads on brexit and the labour party, now saying it will back a second referendum. but that's only if labour can't get the brexit deal it wants. the move is likely to pile more pressure on prime minister theresa may. the gulf news says the british government is set to ban all wings of hezbollah, saying it is a terrorist organisaton. london had already described
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hezbollah‘s military wing as a terror group but now wants to outlaw its political arm too, according to the paper. and the south china morning post says hong kong airlines is being sued over unpaid rent on planes. the carrier is hong kong's third biggest airline, and is reported to owe more than 150 million, in hong kong dollars, to two different companies. the leader of the uk 0pposition labour party, jeremy corbyn, has announced that his party will back a second referendum on brexit, in the event that its preferred deal to leave the eu fails in parliament this week. mr corbyn's party says that a fresh vote is needed to prevent a damaging brexit. march 29th is the date for brexit and theresa may is under increasing pressure to extend that.
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however, labour aren't giving any details yet on what question they'd ask in their referendum. lots more on that on our website. lots more on that on our websitelj wa nt lots more on that on our website.” wa nt to ta ke lots more on that on our website.” want to take you back to the live shotin want to take you back to the live shot in dong dang where we are expecting kim jong—un to get off that train imminently. it is the train that has taken him on a two—day journey to hanoi, train that has taken him on a two—dayjourney to hanoi, through china and down to the vietnamese border. lots of dignitaries. the full red carpet, lots of flags, as you can see, and what we are expecting it to the north korean leader to make his way to hanoi for that summit which will take place in a few days. with resident donald trump. the second summit. the first
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summit was heavily criticised in terms that nothing much was done in terms that nothing much was done in terms of denuclearisation. we are waiting for kim jong—un two x at the train. the oscar for best animated short went to the film bao, by chinese—canadian animator domee shi. this directorial debut pays homage to the relationship between a lonely chinese woman and a baby dumpling. ms shi says she felt pride in representing her heritage and culture through film. let's have a look. we will interrupter that little clip because i want to take you back to dong dang where we can see finally
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dignitaries getting off that heavily armoured train that is carrying the north korean leader and, yes, there are he is, shaking hands. he has been travelling for around two days. he left gunn yang, made his way down through china all the way to dong dang. ——he left pyongyang. the full red carpet is in place. we have been waiting for absolutely ages to get this shot. the guys have been lined up, waiting on that red carpet and the train has just pulled up and finally the north korean leader getting off that train. he will now make his way to hanoi, to a secret location. we do not know exactly where he will be meeting donald trump that he will be meeting the president of the united states second historic summit and it is
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hoped more will be done there in terms of the north korean denuclearisation programme. washington wants pyongyang to restate its commitment to denuclearisation, something that is not really been done following that historic meeting that took place in singapore. north korea is desperate for sanctions relief after many yea rs of for sanctions relief after many years of restrictions. the relevant issues we have heard when the two leaders met in singapore will once again be heard again and discussed rommel wednesday onwards, when the two lea d e rs rommel wednesday onwards, when the two leaders will meet. a two—day treat, a —— trip are very heavily armoured train. the dong dang train station, on the border of vietnam's. he will travel to motorcade to hanoi
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toa he will travel to motorcade to hanoi to a secret location. he seems a very happy. he will be going to hanoi to meet the president. lots of different meetings as well with vietnamese leaders as well, his cou nterpa rts vietnamese leaders as well, his counterparts at there, so we are expecting... donald trump has obviously been tweeting about this. he is expecting a tremendous meeting and is quite optimistic about it but, again, after that historic initial meeting, he was heavily criticised and that more groundwork done it needs to be made to get some commitment in terms of denuclearisation, though the president was stressing that they had a very, very good relationship and he also read the rated that he was in no rush to press for denuclearisation. zayn, i do not
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wa nt to denuclearisation. zayn, i do not want to rush anything ijust not on testing. —— saying. hello there. on monday, the temperature reached 20.6 celsius in western parts of wales. and today, the temperatures are going to be very similar. basically, the record warmth is going to continue for one more day. and it's all due to this static weather pattern. it's been unusually warm for quite some time, this blocking weather pattern, there's the undulations in the jet stream. there's always winners and losers, of course. and on the warm side of the jet, it was 20 degrees on monday in london. 0n the cold side of the jet, for example, in athens, it was only 7. the average temperatures at this time of the year in london is 10 degrees. the average temperature in athens is 15. and as you can see, over the week ahead, things are going to get a little bit back to normal, if you like. it's going to turn cooler in london and warmer in athens
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as the jet stream changes. we will look at that in a moment. while it is warm in sunshine in the day, it's cold at night and into rural parts across the south, temperatures could be down to —3 once again. some mist and fog patches in the valleys to lift in the morning. plenty of sunshine on the way again on tuesday. away from the far north of scotland, where we have a band of cloud. it will feel warm and the sunshine and 19, 20 with western parts of wales and around the london area too. we've still got our blocking area of high pressure close to our shores, that's feeding warmer air around that towards the uk. pushing down colder airfor eastern europe and into the eastern med. wednesday we start to see some changes, more mist and fog around the southern parts of england and wales slowly lifting. a lot more low cloud coming into the south—west approaches through the irish sea into northern ireland in western scotland. sunshine elsewhere, well above average. not as warm as they have been. on thursday, the changes are more significant. because we've got a lot more cloud around on thursday.
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some weather systems to bring some showery rain. perhaps getting as far north as north—west england or northern ireland. even some bursts of rain in the south—east. brightening up in the south—west later but on the whole, much more cloud in temperatures will be quite a bit lower as well. we saw the position of the jet stream earlier on. this is how it looks toward the end of the week. a much strongerjet coming right the way across the atlantic. more of a westerly influence. we are losing the warmer air that is coming in from the south, so temperatures are lower, 11 or 12 degrees. more cloud around, a bit of sunshine at times, but we're likely to see some rain coming in from the west.
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