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tv   Newsday  BBC News  February 27, 2019 1:00am-1:31am GMT

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this i'm kasia madera with bbc news. our top story. a second summit is about to get underway in hanoi between the leaders of north korea and the united states. president trump and kim jong—un meet for dinner on wednesday evening — but the main business of the summit i'm sharanjit leyl in hanoi where the scene is set will take place on thursday. mr trump is expected to point for the second round of historic to vietnam's economic success talks between the leaders as a model which north korea could follow. president trump's disgraced formerfixer — of the us and north korea. michael cohen — has appeared after testifying at a closed hearing in washington to say he welcomes donald trump and kim the chance to tell the truth. jong—un have both arrived he will testify in here in the vietnamese capital. they'll meet for dinner this evening — ahead of the full summit on thursday. public on wednesday. but the big question remains — will ‘trump—meets—kim take ii' and this story is trending on produce any more tangible results rescue workers in germany than the leaders' first were called out to deal with a sewer rat, — which got itself stuck halfway out of a manhole. meeting in singapore? apparently the rodent had put on weight over the winter. i'm kasia madera in london. also in the programme: donald trump's disgraced former fixer michael cohen is testifying in washington.
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he says he welcomes the chance to tell the truth. anger in pakistan over indian airstrikes on an alleged militant training camp. they're the first raid to have crossed the line of control between the two states in nearly 50 years. good morning. it's 1am in london, 9am in singapore and 8 am here in hanoi, where the traffic is building and where later this evening president donald trump and the north korean leader, kim jong—un, will meet again face to face. the meeting is another attempt to secure the actual denuclearisation of north korea and the us is hoping that the setting of vietnam, a communist state with a successful market economy, will help persuade the north koreans to exchange nuclear weapons for business development. our correspondent laura bicker, reports.
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after a marathon 3—day train trip through china, the north korean leader looks ready to enjoy the limelight. some of his staff even struggled to keep up. kimjong—un may run an impoverished country, but he's determined to put on a show of strength on the streets of hanoi. donald trump also has a lot to prove in vietnam. very little of substance was agreed at their last meeting — north korea remains a global threat. this time, he'll hope to have an offer mr kim won't refuse. vietnam is seen as a model north korea could use to reform. it remains a communist state, the party retains absolute control, yet it opened up its economy to become one of the fastest growing in asia. duong thi thanh took the chance to establish her own textile business using traditional vietnamese methods. she employs dozens of staff and, after 2a years, her firm
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is now global. here's the market! most north korean households have been making money on the black market for years. here in seoul, in south korea, one defector told me it's tolerated but still illegal — it's the only way some families earn money for food, and she's not sure kim jong—un is serious about economic reform. these hanoi schoolchildren
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are singing about their hopes for the summit. they come from a country which has made peace with the us and gained prosperity. could north korea's next generation learn a similar lesson? laura bicker, bbc news, hanoi. our south—east asia correpondent jonathan head is out and about in hanoi. jonathan, we know it's a busy day view on a busy day for both leaders as well. we see president trump having meetings with his vietnamese counterparts. does a bit more about the logistics of today. today's the day really the meetings between the united states and vietnam, the hosts. this is a good relationship already. it will find that remarkable. particularly over the
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last ten years when the us has started to view vietnam's one of its key strategic partners in this region. of course, you have to remove president trump did pull the region out of the trans—pacific partnership that they pushed the relationship ahead and those will be very smooth greetings. this summit is tomorrow but this evening, this get—together between president trump and kimjong—un get—together between president trump and kim jong—un before a get—together between president trump and kimjong—un before a dinner will emphasise the couple relationship between them. that will be important in setting the tone. we don't expect any substance to be discussed this evening. that will all be in the summit meetings tomorrow. use a substance and that is the key word with appearing. last year's
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singapore summit produced little of substance. what are we likely to hear tomorrow when the two get—together and properly negotiate towards denuclearisation? we don't know what the actual results will be but we know what the americans are looking. they definitely want a significant step from the north korean side and that could be the shutting down of a nuclear facility, there might be talks of opening liaison officers. there may be a formal declaration but it is something on the nuclear programme which is the important for the americans or the remember, president trump's side has been stashing —— stressing they do expect this process to move slowly. jonathan
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head, in front of a beautiful attraction. we will be back for more analysis on the second historic summit. this keep talking about donald trump to a different context. the us president's disgraced former lawyer, michael cohen, has begun giving testimony to congress about his dealings with donald trump. he's expected to accuse his one—time boss of criminal conduct. cohen has already been sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of tax evasion and campaign finance violations. he spoke briefly to reporters as he left the hearing. first of all, i want to say thank you to sticking around and waiting for me. i want to take this opportunity to clear the record and tell the truth and i look forward to
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tomorrow to being able to it, in my voice, tell the american people my story and i'm going to let the american people decide exactly who is telling the truth sauntered thank you all for sticking around, have a good night. michael cohen there. peter bowes is in los angeles. you're expecting this next session to be public. what areas can we expect michael cohen to touch upon? this is the house oversight committee. we understand they will focus on the finances involved in the 2016 election campaign by president trump and his team. a couple of issues they are likely to focus on. payments made to two women who claim they had affairs for —— had affairs with mr trump. also, russian officials discussions over a possible trump tower. michael cohen has been proven to have lied over
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those issues, saying those negotiations and far earlier than they actually did in 2016 so there isa they actually did in 2016 so there is a lot of detail potentially that could come out, reports that michael cohen could come armed with documents, audio recordings dealing with mr trump documents, audio recordings dealing with mrtrump and documents, audio recordings dealing with mr trump and we know that he had a habit of recording some of his conversations with mr trump, without knowing about that. this could be quite a blockbuster hearing and is being helped by the american media in that way. the white house is not finding it as exciting. they are describing it as laughable. they say it is laughable that anyone should believe what might —— michael cohen has to say because he's been proven to have lied to congress. found guilty of tax evasion and campaign finance violations. a number of
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charges he's been found guilty of it is due to go to prison to serve a sentence in a few weeks' time is —— a few weeks' time. others will say, it could be interesting what he's got to say, especially about his personal relations with donald trump and how he carried out his various affairs in the crucial period in 2016 where he was fighting to become the next president. it is going to be fascinating testimony and we know you will bring us date. many thanks. we will continue to monitor that for you. let's take a look at some of the day's other news. australian cardinal george pell is back in court to face sentencing hearings on child sexual abuse charges. in december, a jury found mr pell abused two choir boys in melbourne's cathedral in 1996, but it couldn't be reported until now for legal reasons. the 77—year—old is the highest ranking catholic figure to receive such a conviction and he's already lodged an appeal. hywel griffith is outside
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the courthouse in melbourne. cardinal george pell has been warned that today's date is likely to go into custody which may mean denied his first night in a prison cell. what we expect to happen is for the judge to listen to arguments for and against a long sentence, certainly the prosecution will want him to spend several years in jail for the crimes he is committed. his defence barrister will argue there is still an appeal potentially ongoing and he will want his client to remain free. it may be that he crosses the road to the court of appeal in order to get that expedited however george pell knows ultimately he could face up pell knows ultimately he could face up to ten years in prison. the reaction to the news of his conviction has shocked some here in
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australia, some who argue he couldn't be guilty of something so atrocious and appalling. he still has his supporters here in australia however there are those that abuse survivors and campaigners who want to see a high figure in the church brought tojustice. to see a high figure in the church brought to justice. he does represent that, hardly a more powerfulfigure in the represent that, hardly a more powerful figure in the catholic church, has been accused, let alone convicted of sexual abuse in the catholic church said he represents people so much in australia and across the catholic world. also making news today. rescuers are searching for more than 60 illegal gold miners in indonesia who could be trapped after a shaft collapsed in northern sulawesi province (ani) a spokesman for the disaster agency said dozens of people were mining for gold when supporting beams broke, burying the miners. one person has been found dead and thirteen have so far been rescued.
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results from nigeria's electoral commission indicate president muammadu buhari will win a second term. a formal announcement will come on wednesday. the results put the 76—year—old incumbent just under four million votes ahead of his main rival atiku abuba kar. mr abubakar had called for a halt to the counting and release of results, alleging electoral fraud. the british prime minister, theresa may, has shifted her position on the deadline for brexit, announcing a set of votes that could result in a delay to britain's departure from the european union. her government has released a report warning that if the uk leaves the eu without a withdrawal agreement, the impact is likely to be severe. rescue workers in a german town got an unusual request, to help a chubby rat that got stuck halfway out of a sewer manhole. the rodent had put on weight over the winter. a fairly large rescue operation ensued — leading some to question why all the effort was spent on saving a sewer rat. the rat was safely released.
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you're watching a special edition of newsday from hanol join me after the break when i'll get the expert assessment on what's expected from the second summit between donald trump and kim jong—un. also on the programme. pakistan says it will respond at a time of its choosing — following air—strikes on its territory by india. prince charles has chosen his bride. the prince proposed to lady diana spencer three weeks ago. she accepted, she says, without hesitation.
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as revolutions go, this had its fair share of bullets. a climax in the night outside the gates of mr marcos's sanctuary, malacanang — the name itself symbolizing one of the cruellest regimes of modern asia. the world's first clone has been produced of an adult mammal. scientists in scotland have produced a sheep called dolly using a cell from another sheep. citizens are trying to come to grips with their new freedom. though there is joy and relief today, the scars are everywhere. not for 20 years have locusts been seen in such numbers in this part of africa. some of the swarms have been ten miles long. this is the last time the public will see this pope. very soon, for the sake of the credibility and authority of the next pope, benedict xvi will, in his own words, "be hidden from the world for the rest of his life." this is newsday on the bbc. i'm kasia madera in london.
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and i'm sharanjit leyl in hanoi. our top stories: donald trump and kim jong—un are preparing for their second summit here in the vietnamese capital. donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen is testifying in washington, and says he welcomes the chance to tell the truth. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world. the straits times, like most other papers, is headlining the summit between donald trump and kimjong—un in hanoi. the paper says that the summit is being watched closely for tangible progress on the north's nuclear programme. the south china morning post writes of another summit in the making — the one between donald trump and china's president, xijinping. the paper says that beijing has accepted washington's choice of trump's private resort in florida as the venue, but many details, including the exact date, remain unclear. and finally, japan times reports that a government panel is warning that a major earthquake with a magnitude of between 7 and 8
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is highly likely to strike off eastern japan within the next 30 years. back to our top story: the world's attention is on hanoi. in just a few hours, north korea's kim jong—un will sit down for a second time with us president donald trump. denuclearisation will again be the key issue, with limited progress after the first meeting between the two leaders in singapore in june. both leaders have already arrived in vietnam ahead of the summit, which gets underway on wednesday evening. kim jong—un travelled from pyongyang to vietnam via train, which took two days. he is staying at melia hotel in downtown hanoi, while almost 10 km away, donald trump is staying at the marriott hotel.
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they will meet on wednesday evening and will have dinner together with their advisers, and on thursday they are scheduled to have a series of back—to—back meetings. for more on this, i am joined from washington by lisa collins, a fellow with the korea chair at the centre for stategic and international studies. welcome the programme. the first, of course, the criticism about the singapore summit last year was that it was thin and details. there are heightened anticipation for this one. what are you anticipating? so they definitely are heightened anticipation is for this summit. i think there are potentially three different scenarios that we could see unfold in hanoi. one is a large diplomatic deal made between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong—un. president donald trump and north korean leader kimjong—un. the second is a more moderate deal, and the third would be a minimal deal
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thatis the third would be a minimal deal that is formed between the two leaders. i think that most people, especially in the united states, are a little bit afraid, concerned about the large deal between kim and trump for the reason that the united states might actually end up giving more concessions are not getting a whole lot from north korea in the process of the bargain. so you hear a lot of talk about a peace declaration, perhaps, and concessions on sanctions, and also perhaps the forming of a liaison office which would help north korea and the united states have more diplomatic, consistent diplomatic relations. i think what is more likely is a more moderate deal between the two leaders, that will keep the process rolling beyond this summit, perhaps resulting in a third summit, perhaps resulting in a third summit orafourth summit, perhaps resulting in a third summit or a fourth summit between the two leaders. all right, and before all of that happens, lisa, of course, we haven't heard very much about the other big player in these
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negotiations, china, of course, is north korea's biggest trading partner. it is one of their closest allies, and we haven't heard too much about their involvement this time around. they are playing very much a background role. should we not dismiss china in these negotiations? yes, i definitely think it would be a mistake to dismiss china. i am sure that they are having discussions with both north korea and the united states behind the scenes. the fact that the leader, kim jong—un, travelled through china to get to vietnam by traini through china to get to vietnam by train i think is significant, and i think that was a symbolic trip that he made in order to show that china is behind his back and supporting him in these negotiations. but let us him in these negotiations. but let us not forget that north korea currently trades... conducts about 90% of its external trade with china, and china is very important to implementation and enforcement of us and united nations security council resolutions, which are
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sanctions, and so i think we should not lose sight of the chinese factor. indeed, and of course, a lot of those negotiations will kick off tomorrow between the us and north korea. we will be watching that very closely. thank you. pakistan says it will respond after india launched air strikes against militants within its borders, close to the disputed region of kashmir. it is a major escalation of tensions between the two nuclear—armed nations. india says the attacks targeted terrorists from a group in balakot, but pakistan said the strikes hit an empty area and no—one was hurt. our india correspondent yogita limaye reports. in this mountainous part of pakistan's north—east, india claims to have hit a militant group. it says its aircraft bombed jaish—e—mohammad's largest camp. for the first time since 1971, indian warplanes entered pakistani airspace.
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translation: i heard a huge explosion, and just flying overhead. in the morning, we saw a big crater, and some homes damaged. but pakistan's military says there was no damage and no casualties. its spokesman put out these photos, saying that the jets were forced to drop their payloads hastily and scramble away. it has vowed to retaliate. india has committed uncalled—for aggression, to which pakistan shall respond at the time and place of its choosing. india's actions are being seen as a response to this suicide bombing, 12 days ago. carried out by jaish—e—mohammad, it killed a0 troops in indian—administered kashmir. this is an area disputed between pakistan and india. the neighbours have fought two wars over it, and for decades, it has faced armed insurgency backed by pakistan—based groups.
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india has been repeatedly urging pakistan to take action against the jaish—e—mohammad, to preventjihadis from being trained and armed inside pakistan. after the suicide bombing, the mood in the country was one of anger, of wanting revenge against the perpetrators, and with a national election coming up in less than two months from now, the government and prime minister modi were under pressure to act. along the de facto border between the two countries, troops are on high alert. reports say both sides have been firing small arms and mortars. in what is already one of the most militarised regions in the world, there is fear about how much worse it could get. yogita limaye, bbc news, mumbai. earlier i spoke to dr tanvi madan of the brookings institution, in washington, and i asked for her response to india's breach of pakistani territory.
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i think what we've seen in terms of the international response — we've seen almost no country, we've seen the oic, the organisation of islamic countries, condemn india's move. but otherwise, we've seen a fair bit of understanding from most countries about the indian move, because of the terrorist attack that took place from this terrorist group based in pakistan. what we've seen in the past 2a hours, it's almost been 2a hours since we heard news of this indian strike, is that most countries have essentially come out with statements not condemning the indian attack, calling for restraint from both sides, and asking pakistan to do more in terms of taking on the terrorist groups that are operating from its soil. pakistan suggesting that it will retaliate, but we don't any, of course, indication as to how and when.
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will they, do you think? what is your assessment? i think this is a tough one for them. in some senses they will feel under public pressure, because once again, after the americans went through their airspace in 2011, the indian air force has got through their space. and so the pakistani military will feel under certain pressure to do something, to take some action. having said that, a lot of their allies, china, saudi arabia, who have their own interests with india and will not want to see this situation escalate, will urge them to show restraint. i do think they're going to want to do something, particularly to ease the pressure, and because this is, as you said, quite historically different. this is the first time since 1971 the indian air force has gone into pakistani airspace. you have been watching newsday. i'm kasia madera in london. and i'm sharanjit leyl in hanoi. stay with us on bbc world news. i'll have more coverage
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in the coming hours as another historic summit approaches. hello there. this unusually warm weather isn't going to last forever, and as we change the month, so we're going to change the weather quite significantly. over the past few days we've seen the temperatures creeping up day by day, culminating in 21.2 celcius at kew gardens yesterday. but our weather is changing because the position of the jet stream is going to change. we've been on the one side of it for a long time now, but look what happens out in the atlantic. a strengthening westerly jet is heading our way. that's going to bring cooler air, and it will bring more changeable weather as well. so today, make the most of the sunshine. today is probably the last of the warm and sunny days. and it will be a lovely day, but it's a bit of a chilly start out there. we've got temperatures close to freezing in one or two places,
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and there's a bit more mist and fog around as well in the morning, across southern england, parts of the midlands, the vale of york and around the moray firth too. but it will tend to lift, and we should see the sunshine coming out far and wide. a bit more cloud coming into northern ireland at times, through most parts of scotland and the irish sea. there is lots of sunshine around and more warmth as well, those higher temperatures around the london area, around 19 or 20 celsius. a lovely day to come for many of us. our persistent area of high pressure, though, is retreating. it's getting sucked away down towards iberia and the azores, which is where it should be, really, at this time of year. it allows these weather fronts to come in from the atlantic. and you'll notice much, much more cloud around on thursday. it will be rather dull and misty and murky, and we could see some bursts of rain coming in to wales, perhaps north—west england, through the midlands and southern england. a limited amount of sunshine in the south—west. most places will be cloudy. nine degrees in scotland, a few spots of rain in northern scotland. 12 or 13 further south at best, significantly lower than we've
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seen over the past few days or so. may find a ridge of high pressure coming in and drying things off on friday, ahead of the next weather front arriving from the atlantic. this is where all our weather is going to be coming from. dull, misty, patchy fog again on friday morning. may stay quite cloudy for eastern areas. further west, there may be some sunshine ahead of this rain, which holds off until late in the day. but those temperatures are still slightly above average for this time of year. but quite different from what we've been used to. it is not really going to get an awful lot warmer over the weekend, either. bands of rain coming in from the atlantic followed by sunshine and showers. and it could be quite windy, as well. there's quite a deep area of low pressure coming across the north of the uk. windy weather in scotland, northern ireland and also across northern england.
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