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tv   BBC News  BBC News  February 27, 2019 6:50pm-7:01pm GMT

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don't you have to gather that, them. don't you have to gather that, sir? we would. did mr trump tape any conversations? not that i am aware of, no. were you involved in the $25 million settlement to trump university? i had a role in that, yes. pay the settlement? i believe it was mrtrump yes. pay the settlement? i believe it was mr trump but i don't know the answer. you don't know the answer because you know i was involved in a different aspect. was there a businessman involved in it from kansas? i don't know. my 13 seconds left, what do you want your children to know? i'm sorry for everything, sorry for the pain i've caused them and...| sorry for the pain i've caused them and... iwish sorry for the pain i've caused them and... i wish i could go back in time. thank you, i yield back. to the members of the committee, before
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we go to mr miller, there is a vote coming up in about 10—20 minutes. and what we will do is we will recess and we will come back, listen up, 30 minutes afterthe recess and we will come back, listen up, 30 minutes after the last vote begins. not when it ends, 30 minutes after it begins and we will do it promptly, right? miss miller. after it begins and we will do it promptly, right? miss milleri after it begins and we will do it promptly, right? miss miller. i am very disappointed to have you in front of this committee today. quite frankly, this isn't the reason the people of west virginia sent to me to congress. i find this hearing not in the best interest of the american people. this is another political game with the sole purpose of discrediting the president. if it
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was not already obvious, there are members here with the singular goal in congress to impeach president trump. to achieve this goal, they will raise not only precious taxpayer dollars but also time in this committee, and congress as a whole. in fact, they will go so far as to bring a convicted felon in front of our committee. we are supposed to take what you say, mr cohen, at this time, about president trump, as the truth. but you're about to go to prison for lying. how can we believe anything you say? the answer is we can't. this begs the question, why are those in the majority holding this hearing? i am appalled. we could be focused on actual issues that are facing america! like border security! neo—natal abstinence! or improving oui’ neo—natal abstinence! or improving our nation's crumbling
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infrastructure! instead the democrats are trying to grasp at straws!! let's talk about this witness. from his sentencing hearing in the southern district of new york, the judge stated, "mr cohen pled guilty to a veritable smorgasbord of fraudulent conduct, wilful tax evasion, making false statements to a financial institution, illegal campaign contributions, and making false statements to congress. each of the crimes involved deception, and each appears to have been motivated by personal greed and ambition". this is who we have in front of us today in ourcommittee, is who we have in front of us today in our committee, someone who is about to be sent to prison for three years for evading his taxes, deceiving a financial institution, lying to congress, among other counts. one of the most appalling facts about this hearing is that mr cohen has used his experiences with
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presidents trump both before and after he was elected for his own greed and profit. i'd like some yes or no answers. isn't it true you tried to sell a book about your time with the present trump, entitled trump revolution from the white house understanding donald j trump revolution from the white house understanding donald] trump? yes, that happened early on, when i was still even part of the rnc. and this book deal, which you had with hachette books, was worth around $500,000? no, more. ithink it was about 750,000. i did turn it down. given that you continue to profit from publicly discussing your time with mrtrump, i from publicly discussing your time with mr trump, i worry this committee hearing the majority has given you will only serve as a platform for you to continue to lie
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and sensationalise and exaggerate wherever it suits you. do you plan to pursue another book deal about your experiences? yes. i would presume this book would be a little different than your latest pitch? your new angle might please some new fans. anything to sell books. mr chairman, we've cancelled hearings oi'i chairman, we've cancelled hearings on child separation and on other issues that are close to my heart for this media circus. what a waste of time and money. for a man who has gladly exploited the name of the president to promote his own name and fill his own pockets. it pains me that we are sitting here adding another chapter to his book. .. me that we are sitting here adding another chapter to his book... you are watching bbc news, this is coverage of the hearings involving michael cohen. the former personal lawyer to donald trump. during his time as a
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businessman and once he became president of the united states. this testimony continues with us on bbc news. coming up at the top of the hour, beyond 100 days. a story about a nonexistent tape never became public. no, sir, that isn't what i said. they were willing to stop a false tape? we learned that this table is potentially on the market and that it existed, and, so, what we did is exactly what we did with all the other catch and kill. we looked for it and come in for in fact we found it existed, we would have tried to have stopped it. but it is a false tape. i've never heard it, and i can assure you one thing about mrtrump, heard it, and i can assure you one thing about mr trump, he would never ever do something like that. i never would see it. mr cohen, i'd like to ask about the details of the
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$130,000 payment you made to stephanie clifford, the adult film actor is known as stormy daniels, in order to purchase her silence shortly before the 2016 elections. according to documents filed by federal prosecutors in new york you created a shell company called essential consultants llc, is that correct? yes. and you created it for making the payment to ms clifford? amongst other things, your. you didn't use a —— you used a line of credit to fund this? yes. you then wide $130,000 to the attorney ripper representing ms clifford at the time and wrote the words retainer? correct. can you tell us why you decided to use this complicated process to make this payment? starting an llc is not a four sister catered means. you call up a company, you pay for it, they open
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it for you. the reason i use the home equity line of credit as opposed to cash i had in the same exact bank was i didn't want my wife to know about it because she handles all of the banking, and i didn't wa nt to all of the banking, and i didn't want to coming to me and asking me what was the $130,000 for. then i was going to be able to move money from one account to the other and pay it off because i didn't want to have to explain to her what that payment was about. i sent it to the interest lawyers account to stormy daniels's attorneys. he would hold it until such time i receive the executed nondisclosure agreement. did mrtrump executed nondisclosure agreement. did mr trump know you are going through this process i the payment? yes. why not use mr trump is my personal account to make the payment? why was the destruction so important, besides your not wanting
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your wife to know? his concern was there was a cheque that has his very distinct signature on it. even after she cashed the check, all you need to do is make a photocopy of it and it is proof positive on exactly what took place. so the goal was to keep him far away from it as possible. can anyone corroborate what you have shared? absolutely. and that is? keith davidson, president trump dodd this is coverage of michael cohen, the former lawyer of donald trump, giving testimony to a us congressional committee. he is isa congressional committee. he is is a racist, lie and a cheat, that he knew in advance about e—mails that would be damaging to hillary clinton's campaign, that he planned to build a trump tower in moscow later than he had alleged, it was still being progress during the 2016 campaign, but he says he didn't know of any collusion between president trump and russia, the
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centre of the allegations made about the president. coverage continues on bbc news. shortly we will be joining beyond 100 days. you're watching beyond 100 days. donald trump had no desire to lead america, only to market himself and build his own wealth. that's the blockbuster testimony of the president's former fixer but michael cohen has lied to congress before. republicans say he's not credible. mr cohen admits he has often lied to protect the president but now he says he is exposing mr trump's true intentions. donald trump is a man who ran for office to make his brand great, not to make our country great. split screen. michael cohen on capitol hill competes with donald trump in vietnam. will the lawyer's testimony impact the president's summit? also on the programme... british mps are about to have their
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say on the next steps for brexit,


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