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tv   BBC News  BBC News  February 27, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news with me sean. hello, i'm karin giannone, the headline. this is outside source. president trump's former lawyer michael cohen testifies he once said he'd take in front of a congressional a bullet for the president, committee in washington. this is bbc news. he said he wanted to apologise but donald trump's former lawyer the headlines at 8pm: for helping mr trump —— today turned his fire before laying in to the president's on the white house. president trump's former lawyer character. michael cohen testifies michael cohen tells a packed hearing in front of a congressional i'm ashamed, because i on capitol hill he's ashamed know what mr trump is. of the ten years he spent working committee in washington. he is a racist, he is a con foertrump. among his explosive claims, man, and he is a cheat. he says he wants to apologise donald trump knew beforehand for helping mr trump before laying that the democrats' e—mails in to the president's character. mps have rejected a labour proposal i'm ashamed because i on brexit which would have meant were being hacked. know what mr trump is. and the cheque which he says he is a racist. the uk joined a permanent customs union with the eu. mr trump used to pay hush he is a con man. money to stormy daniels jeremy corbyn says the party will and he is a cheat. now back a public vote on brexit. during the election. labour mp chris williamson i am ashamed because i is suspended from the party pending know what mr trump is. an investigation into comments he is a racist. he made to activists about anti—semitism. he is a con man. derby north mp chris williamson is suspended from the party pending could have chosen my words, and he is a cheat. you know, differently, an investigation into comments and if people had been offended he made to activists by that, then obviously about anti—semitism. i maybe could have chosen my words i want to apologise for that. differently, and if people have the last thing i want to do is hurt beem offended by that, then obviously i want or upset anybody, as i've said, i'm to apologise for it. the last thing i want to do a dedicated anti—racist campaigner. is hurt or upset anybody. as i've said, i'm a dedicated pakistan's prime minister, imran khan, calls for talks with india, anti—racist campaigner. after fighter jets have pakistan's prime minister, clashed in kashmir, imran khan, calls for talks in a major escalation with india after fighterjets have
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of the conflict. clashed in kashmir in a major escalation of the conflict. the bbc and itv announce plans for a new joint streaming service, britbox, to rival netflix and amazon. there's been a major escalation in tensions between the nuclear powers, india and pakistan, after theirfighterjets clashed in the skies over a disputed border region. an indian pilot has been captured after his plane was shot down over pakistan. he was responding to an airstrike by the pakistani airforce. it's the most serious violence in decades between the two neighbours. they have a long history of clashes donald trump's digraced former over the heavily armed border personal lawyer michael cohen is giving congress damning evidence region of kashmir — which both india and pakistan about the president, claim as their own. tonight there are warnings that branding him a racist, miscalculations by either side a conman and a cheat. could lead to a nuclear war. cohen, who worked for the president secunder kermani sent this report from the pakistani for more than a decade, capital, islamabad — is about to start a three—yearjail it does contain some sentence for lying and fraud. flash photography. he told congress that the president had made racist remarks, these are pakistani soldiers and he spoke of hush money paid apparently leading away a downed indian pilot. to a porn star with whom he'd had an affair. with an angry crowd behind them. he's also claimed that donald trump the pakistani military had known in advance about a leak of e—mails that says his plane was shot down this morning as india scrambled
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would damage his rival hillary to respond to pakistani clinton in the 2016 election. strikes across the border from washington, nick bryant reports. in the disputed region of kashmir. michael cohen once said he'd take translation: prime minister imran khan addressed the nation sing a bullet for donald trump. the military force was a response but on capitol hill today, to earlier indian aggression the president's former lawyer, but also calling for dialogue. his personal mr fixit, carried out a political hitjob on his one—time boss. i am ashamed that i chose to take translation: we should be thinking if this escalates part in the concealing mr trump's where will it lead? illicit acts rather than listening it will not be my control nor the control of the to my own conscience. indian prime minister. iam ashamed. that's why once again because i know what mr trump is. i am offering talks. he is a racist. this is the most dangerous confrontation between the two countries in nearly 20 years. he is a con man. and he is a cheat. it began two weeks ago when a pakistan —based militant group killed 48 indian soldiers. one of his most explosive allegations concerned this man, roger stone, a trump ally pakistan insisted the attack had nothing to do with them. and self—styled political dirty trickster recently indicted but yesterday indian jets by the special counsel robert crossed into pakistan, mueller. targeting indian officials claim during the 2016 presidential a militant training camp. campaign, he claimed donald trump local residents say was told ahead of time that they only had a forest. wikileaks and its founder julian assange were about to leak today pakistan struck back
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with an air raid in india shooting e—mails that would hurt hillary clinton. down at least one indian fighterjet those e—mails were responding to it. hacked by the russians. mr stone told mr trump that he had at a press conference just gotten off the phone by the pakistani military i asked if their actions were bringing withjulian assange and that the countries to the brink of war. mr assange told mr stone that within a couple of days, we engaged in nearby open space there would be a massive dump where there was no human of e—mails that would damage life on a military post. hillary clinton's campaign. meaning thereby that we deliberately mr trump responded by avoided the escalation. stating to the effect, "wouldn't that be great?" indian officials held their own press conference making their own claims. michael cohen also claims mr trump told him to pay hush money to the porn star stormy daniels the pakistan air force was detected to cover up an affair and the indian air force with the billionaire in violation responded instantly. of campaign finance laws. he showed the committee in that aerial engagement one the personally signed cheque the president had pakistan air force fighter sent him in reimbursement. aircraft was shot down. the president of the united states thus wrote a personal cheque last night both sides accuse the other of causing casualties for the payment of hush money in cross—border shelling. as part of a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws. the fear now is that the violence
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so what of the burning question of whether there was collusion could further escalate. between the trump campaign and the kremlin? questions have been raised about whether i know of direct let's talk now to vasundhara evidence that mr trump sirnate, director of or his campaign ‘the polis project‘ and researcher colluded with russia. in counterinsurgency and societal violence. thank you forjoining us, let me ask you first of all, how surprising is i do not. and i want to be clear. the speed in which this conflict but i have my suspicions. appears to escalate? to be very honest, it's not president trump is half a planet surprising at all. ever since the away in vietnam for a nuclear summit with the north korean leader kim jong—un. attack on the 14th of february, i think both sides where prepared for on camera, he remained tight—lipped some sort of response. everybody about the fire and fury coming knew that something was going to from his former lawyer back home. happen. and it dead. wejust didn't any reaction to michael cohen and his testimony? know when it was going to happen, but on twitter, he claimed mr cohen a convicted felon was lying to reduce his prison term. because with a terrorist attack like that on the 14th of february, it is berit berger from columbia virtually impossible in an election law school is a former cycle, especially at the indian federal prosecutor. she joins us now from new york. government wouldn't have done something. the difficulty i suppose has always with these things as once thank you very much for being with us on you escalate, how do you thank you very much for being with us on bbc news. viewers in the uk de—escalate? for pride, if for no
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did not follow this day by day and other reason, neither country is perhaps do not have the detailed going to want to appear to be the knowledge of the case. take some of one that backs down. now the prime this piece by piece, if we may. minister of pakistan has talked first of all, this question of prior about discussions, and indians have said they are open to the discussion, but neither side is knowledge of the wikileaks saying they are going to stop using their affect iliac air force in the disclosures, the e—mails that exposed hillary clinton's democratic meantime. that's quite right actually. that's campaign. obviously an electoral he what a little bit strange about the managed to president trump when he situation is that on the books and was a candidate. is there any and press conferences, both sides potential legal jeopardy for are saying that they don't want any was a candidate. is there any potential legaljeopardy for him was a candidate. is there any potential legal jeopardy for him in knowing that these e—mails were further escalation of the public? certainly. so the problem hostilities, whatever is happening in the region, right? but at the that we are really facing with this same time it, there have been is that this could be considered violations of airspace on both some sort of in—kind campaign sides. there is cross—border shelling along the line of control donation, if you will. so in a in several sectors, and an indian contribution like this does not necessarily have to be in the form air force pilot has been captured, of money. it could be in the form of and in the pref press conference any type of advantage for one today, it was telling. he is clearly political candidate in a presidential election. so to the saying that no one is going to win extent the president knew that the this. you know, once this gets out russians were about to dump this of hand, we really don't know how we trough of e—mails from hillary are going to control it. the indian
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clinton's hacked e—mails, that authorities are also not revealing clearly could beat knowing that the russians had this and using it for a anything about what their next steps are, soi campaign advantage on his part, that anything about what their next steps are, so i do think that a de—escalation is possible, but it would clearly violate certain seems that this may go on for a few federal election laws. it would also more days, just so that everybody implicate some potential false has proved that they have their own state m e nts implicate some potential false statements as well. since the president was asked about these very strike capabilities, the strike capabilities are intact, and that matters by the special counsel's neither side is going to be believed office and provided written answers to those questions under the penalty by the other. in any way. your of perjury. second question is this one that michael cohen has raised, perhaps a? over and that is saying encountered resurgence a specialist, how much credit ability and the he has no direct knowledge of allegation that india makes about collusion between the campaign, the pakistan provides a safe space for trump campaign and the russian extremist groups to operate, like the one that claimed response ability for that attack you government or other russian officials. but he has his mentioned, where i thinkjust over suspicions. suspicions on their own 40 mentioned, where i thinkjust over a0 indian police officers were presumably would not be enough, even killed. that's actually a very interesting if as many seem to see him as one of question. that's one that for which the key witnesses for the robert muller investigation, i think he i personally have some confirmation spoke to them seven times. yes, that in 201a, when i was conducting research in the kashmir valley, is right. we have to remember that trying to surrender resurgence. most
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while much of this is news to us, of the presents i spoke to did say on the record that they had crossed the public viewing this, this is the line of control from indian certainly not news to anyone who is administered kashmir, and they were actually investigating these crimes. michael cohen spoke with prosecutors taken to administered kashmir, and they were ta ken to pakistan administered kashmir, and they were from the special counsel's office taken to pakistan administered kashmir specifically to a place, and and he spoke extensively with they were trained by people who were prosecutors from the southern district of new york state, the federal prosecuting agency in new york which is looking into these former military, already embedded with those particular groups. a lot offences as well. so this is that he of the money and the support for has given them all this information, their operations came from that including documents he brought today. so if he has some sort of intelligence of pakistan, right? so there's very good evidence on the damning information on the russian collusion element, that obviously ground, it's not just that would've been information given there's very good evidence on the ground, it's notjust me, several to both of those offices previously. people, defence analysts, have confirmed that pakistan does indeed federal prosecutors commit yourself sponsor these militant groups, a favour work federal prosecutor, because these militant groups are worked ultimately to the federal actually a part of their foreign attorney general, who is a member of policy towards india. and so that mr trump's attorney general, who is a member of mrtrump's team. makes them kind of come a very attorney general, who is a member of mr trump's team. but is in charge of the department ofjustice. do we important to the cause that pakistan have any sense of the attitude the wa nts to important to the cause that pakistan wants to pursue, which as they want doj has two the possibility of a to, in their mind, free kashmirfrom indian control. sadly, what has prosecution against president trump?
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happened is they can no longer divorce that foreign policy measure yes, so there is guidance from the from the cause. paradoxically, this department ofjustice that a sitting is taking place kind of over the president could not be indicted. now skies of kashmir, but it seems to nothing in the constitution says this, there is no hard and fast law not be about the kashmir conflict about this, but it is some of the itself, how long standing and how likely is best to drag on, this internal guidance from the department ofjustice. as i see her, dispute over whether kashmir is part i think it would be unlikely given of india or pakistan, or deserves to this guidance to any prosecutor's bea of india or pakistan, or deserves to be a separate place in its own office, either special counsel or right. well, i'm actually very glad that the southern district would proceed you asked that question, because with an indictment of the president. eve ryo ne but that is why today's proceedings you asked that question, because everyone forgets that kashmir has we re been a battle ground for both but that is why today's proceedings were really interesting because they we re were really interesting because they were in front of congress, which countries for about 70 years now. it's not been easy for them, because ultimately is the body that would have the authority and would have of the fact that pakistan sponsors the power to theoretically do something with the evidence that was militant groups, which operate in brought to them if it is suggested indian administered kashmir, trying the president had committed a crime. to get people a sense that they are high crimes and misdemeanors is the phrase often in vote. do you see pa rt to get people a sense that they are part of kashmir, and at some point anything in this that amounts to potentially at least to the sort of in the future, kashmir can be merged high crimes and misdemeanors the with pakistan. it's led to a situation where the indian constitution envisages as grounds for impeachment? it certainly could. politicians, as a matter of policy,
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have turned grace of counter michael cohen would be one witness insurgency as a way of maintaining who could definitely provide information about things that would, kashmir in the sort of status quo way, in which, neither our kashmiri i see, falling in that category. now people are allowed to exercise a lot it is important to remember that of their political rights, neither are they allowed to express any while there is no legal parameters specifically that would give us absolute guidance as to what is a inkling, orany are they allowed to express any inkling, or any sentiment that they hike ofa might have towards that absolute guidance as to what is a hike of a misdemeanor chemist much of this is really a political determination. what has happened question. even if the house, and that if the body that mr cohen was after the bombing attack on cabaret 1ath is that there has been to words testifying for today, even if they decided that actions the president took rose to the level of high that are kind of started, first is crimes and misdemeanors and decided of course this great war with to proceed with impeachment proceedings, ultimately this would have to be decided in the senate. pakistan over the line of control, and air force pilots being captured and right now, the senate is and air force pilots being captured and so on, but the other side of controlled by republicans. so unless this, which very few people are there was some sort of smoking gun talking about, is the type of evidence, i cannot really counterinsurgency war, which has just escalated within the valley. see the need moving too far for under which, a lot of people, there republicans. and certainly in respect to house republicans today has been a lot of done backings, they did not seem that they were too people have been arrested,
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affected by much of what michael overnight, kashmir and provisions, cohen was saying. fascinating stuff, they have no idea what's coming thank you for being with us and next. thank you so much for guiding guiding us to his testimony here on bbc news. us through that this evening. thank you. the fight against knife crime has we will find out how this story and become an ‘emergency‘ — that's according to the chief others will be covered in the papers constable of west midlands police. at10:40 p:m.. ourguest in the last two weeks three teenagers in birmingham have others will be covered in the papers been fatally stabbed. at10:40 p:m.. our guest tonight there on the screen. the warning comes as police in london launched a murder investigation into the killing last night of a 20—year—old man in ilford. he's the fifth person to be stabbed in the past hour, mps have rejected to death in the capital in the last nine days. a labour proposal on brexit sima kotecha reports. which would have meant the ukjoined young lives at last a permanent customs to act some are calling union with the eu. a knife crime academic on labour's leader, jeremy corbyn, the streets of birmingham. had previously said that his party would back a second referendum three teenagers in 12 if its plans were defeated. days, killed by one the commons has also voted of these. against a plan to rule out a no—deal abdullah mohammed, 16. brexit under any circumstances, which had been tabled by the snp. our correspondent iain said—ali mohammed, also 16. watson is in the houses of parliament this evening. and umar, aged 18. infor in for another raft of votes, tell even younger was keenen wilson, just 15. us, did they change very much?” a week before his holiday to egypt, he was killed, yards away from his home. suppose you could call them at
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meaningless votes is above the more people that submitting full at this stage. get away with this, certainly one it's in politician i the more these boys see that spoke to earlier said the situation they can get away with it. is full of doubt and the reason is they walk around think they are invincible, because theresa may is facing and they can do what they like, potentially defeat tonight and did and it's just going to get worse. not see any concessions yesterday. you know, who knows who is next. we know now that in the middle of it could be anybody. next month if she does not have a deal agreed by then, there would be west midlands police a formal vote on whether the are calling the recent spate parliament will leave the eu without of attacks and emergency. a deal and then subsequently, if mps police here say they decide to have a deal, they could are stepping up their decide to have a deal, they could decide whether to extend article 50 efforts in tackling the surge in knife crime by stopping and oi’ decide whether to extend article 50 or delay our departure from the eu. searching people without that took the sting out of tonight's necessarily having proof debate to some extent as he really they‘ re carrying weapon. say come things discussed some of the labour amendment on the this order known as section 60 will be implemented across the permanent customs unit has been city for the first time defeated. so that we should tentacle be moving to campaign for another for the foreseeable future. referendum, something that was decided earlier this week. also the 269 knife crimes have been recorded in birmingham and s&p possible to rule out no deal this year alone. right now was defeated as well. and i have parties and i have parties the chief constable left mr and he seemed to fail mps of the foce is adamant this escalation in violence isn't across the have to get behind your about a lack of resources, but about finding solutions. position and we kept hearing they
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we re position and we kept hearing they were against no deal, why did you in terms of the force felt and i? the premise to kick the being the smallest it's been since 197a, surely that excuse can't be can down the road yesterday. he given to the parents of these boys described this as a meaningless vote who've been killed tonight and in some respects that is in the last few weeks. true because we now know that we are we are still a force that has a significant impact on the problems coming back on the 12th of march to that we have in our community, and discuss the fundamentals of this makes a difference, and we will be issue. and that is the time that using these powers to make parliament has the chance to take a difference on this issue. i'm really clear, this control if you want to put it that problem is owned by the way can it use a phrase which is city, notjust police, but we will rise to the challenge around it. often used. this is disappointing in london, the numbers because we are 30 days from leaving are also alarming. a 20—year—old man was stabbed the european union and i think to death in ilford in east london last night, he was the fifth constituents, businesses want certainty and we do not know at this person to be killed in a knife stage if we are going to be crashing attack in just nine days. out of the eu with no deal or not. i the frequency of knife quite believe that leaving the eu crime, along with the decreasing age of victims poses with no deal is an absolute disaster serious challenges for the authorities, as much as it presents for people. it is the height of irresponsibility to be in a anguish and grief for the families. situation where the government know sima kotecha, bbc news. there may be issues of the supply of medicines or food. we have are possible to reset the security of out possible to reset the security of our citizens, we have a it's 13 minutes to nine you are responsibility to be sure that no deal cannot be an option and i have watching bbc news. the headlines. to say from the prime minister, that
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president trump's former lawyer testifies in front she has continued to say this is a of a congressional committee binary choice between her deal and in washington — and brands mr trump ‘a racist, a conman and a cheat‘. i'io binary choice between her deal and no deal and that is not equitable. mps have rejected a labour proposal we now know that there is no such on brexit which would have meant the uk joined a permanent customs thing as a good brexit. we do not union with the eu. jeremy corbyn says the party will now back a public vote on brexit. know if any brexit scituate —— labour mp chris williamson scenario, we will be performed that is suspended from the party pending with the status quo. we have to have an investigation into comments he made to activists that debate about the option of about anti—semitism. staying in the eu, allow people in the uk to have a confirmatory vote with they wish to stay or not. we have seen the labour position bbc and itv have announced plans to launch a joint tonight and we know what they were streaming service in the uk — arguing the effect of it they wanted britbox — to compete their own customs union proposal to with netflix and amazon. go through. in the absence of that, they are now saying they cannot get britbox is already available behind some kind of public vote —— in the us and canada they can get behind one. can you see and has over half a million subscribers over there. party link to go for that option the details have not been announced with labour leadership talking to but bbc shows which are no you about that? has cat would jeremy longer aired regularly — such as absolutely fabulous — may be available. this should've happened some time itv dramas such as ago but i'm different we are now vera and endeavour — and its predecessor morse — there. we were walking across party are also likely contenders. basis and we have to build the there will also be some programmes momentum and will see us deliver a majority for our people's that will commissioned only for britbox. get around to the date in march but
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time is short. we have to make sure the best of british. that we do demonstrate to people that is what britbox is promising. that we do demonstrate to people that there are clear risks. this has nothing to do with how people voted backin nothing to do with how people voted back injune nothing to do with how people voted back in june 2016. nothing to do with how people voted back injune 2016. there is now knowing facts of the matter and now knowing facts of the matter and now know in the country is going to be of god, i know him, he lives here. pooras know in the country is going to be all of that bbc‘s lavish, les poor as a consequence of know in the country is going to be poor as a consequence of this, we have to be honest with people about the risk that are there to jobs and many companies that have announced miserables, big selling point. licence fee payers might feel the the potentialjob many companies that have announced the potential job losses new service means they are being many companies that have announced the potentialjob losses over the course of the last few weeks. we asked to pay twice for bbc shows, have seen the loss of the european commercial rights prevent them being making authority in a medicines offered forever, although the bbc agency that has already cost 2000 does on the iplayer window to jobs and that is before we start. we become. young neck after that you have to have that honest debate with have but backs at the best of people and we need to recognise that british, which all our polling says it is the best interest of all the all the work we have done say people nations of the uk that we stay in really, really want this and want the eu, stay in a single market and access to it. any money we can make the eu, stay in a single market and the customs union and that is valid out of that we can invest into tojobs. the customs union and that is valid to jobs. 0k, thank you very much ian content. it will be inevitably seen blackford. let's get some government as an attempt to rival netflix, reaction as well. because as he was already a dominant force in the streaming world. second with accusations from him and from labour have been at kicking the every buddy turnaround. the shows can down the road. talk to the
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brexit minister, how are you. we have been confirmed for the new service, but this is the place to have heard from the snp would lara find british broadcasting spigots hits, if it is to persuade people to pa rt hits, if it is to persuade people to part with a monthly subscription say must us and that you are not kicking the can down the road and fee. grey of that, let's talk about effectively the reason tonight was a money. but that's the key issue in a tape waste was because the prime minister has not had a mini full landscape that already includes the vote until next month. licence netflix, and on tv. is there minister has not had a mini full vote until next monthlj minister has not had a mini full vote until next month. i think she was very clear yesterday that we are enough space at that happy bargain going to have potentially three to be willing to pay for this?|j votes next month. in a few weeks. we to be willing to pay for this?” think there is a market, whether it have a photo on the bill, and if gets into the millions of that does not go through, we will subscribers, that remains to be have a vote on it no deal and they seen, but there will be people that will have a vote potentially to wa nt seen, but there will be people that want the service, because that is extend the whole article 50 process. high—quality content, and there is a that is a clear plan and is a road desire for it. whether it ends up on map. honestly, our main focus is but backs, it wont be clear for a government is to land a deal and we are working night and day to make while. but it shows at the impact of sure we get enough votes to land a sherlock, that will undoubtedly be deal so we can leave the eu in an crucial, it's but backs is to be seen as the home of the past as orderly and smooth process. now that is what we are working on it. he british. said you want to lead a deal and of lizo mzimba, bbc news, course you do. i'll be lucky to see let's now speak to tv critic and entertainment that meaningful vote as it is called journalist emma bullimore ona that meaningful vote as it is called on a revised deal before march the thanks very much for being with us
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this evening, the obvious question 12th or with the premise to go right up to ask is, why does the bbc and itv 12th or with the premise to go right up to the deadline?” think they need to engage in this? 12th or with the premise to go right up to the deadline? i cannot sit today with the timeframe will be when the manifold but will occur but we do know it has to occur by the it's actually something that's been on the go for quite some time, they 12th of march. and we need to get tried to do this about a decade ago, the deal and if we get the deal, we but was stopped by off kind, saying will leave the eu in a timely way. it would not help in terms of temptation, and they would corner let me ask you how likely that deal the market. they have to step up, is because he had to get some concessions from brussels and we they have to have a bigger presence hear from in this platform. what are the concessions from brussels and we hearfrom some in europe and the research group the long—standing leave and painters that they will invocations in particular for not take anything less than a in this platform. what are the invocations in particularfor the bbc which is currently funded by the reopening of the withdrawal agreement. i would like your view on licence pairfor the bbc which is currently funded by the that in addition, i would also like licence pair for the continuation of the licence fee, because if you are to know that whatever you get, it is saying to people you can have all backed by the attorney general and the old stuff, plus some new stuff, he says it is legally enforceable. speaking to comments today, he said for some people, it'sjust a the old stuff, plus some new stuff, he had nothing to report on that for some people, it's just a fibre front. how confident are you the among subscription, the average progress of some kind will be made? person is meant to turn around and say hang on a minute, why am i i think we have moved along way since the deal was voted down by 230 playing 100 plus pounds a year, £169 at the year whatever it is right votes in january. only since the deal was voted down by 230 votes injanuary. only five since the deal was voted down by 230 votes in january. only five weeks now, i can't remember, but whatever ago, a month ago. if you look at the it is, well over £100 for the language that the eu said then, they said there was no would—be can privilege of being a licence pair, negotiate him in no way we can move, which is a free tax on anybody who
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this is the deal. since then, people owns a television set. like michel barnier and others have i think the way they want you to see become much more excepting i think it as as, your normal tally, and the claimant of buying a dvd, except of the fact that has to be a that it's all online, so they are compromise. i think they are more open to compromise and that we will saying you are still going to get the money out of their licence fee, have to see this thing through. i am you will still get your services and confident that we will get a deal that will command a majority in the your tv and all of that content, but house of commons because if we do this is more about historic content, not do that, they will be pressure plus a little bit extra as a sort of oi'i not do that, they will be pressure on the exit date on the 20 not the extra bonus. i do understand that i think licence players are going to march. a few of your cohorts are be confused by it, it's unclear how calling for this last time so we the logistics are going to work. have mountains to climb and a remember there is already a bbc historic defeat to overcome, how content available on fx, they are confident are you as somebody who starting to be my cover with what backed leave out how confident are they do at their content, i think you are people in the european we're all going to have to learn to research group aren't willing to roll with progress really, because climb down for the position they have held consistently? was talking the way tv is going, and especially for the consumers, which is who about january, last month, was that eve ryo ne for the consumers, which is who everyone is trying to get, is online you are quite right that the and on these kind of platforms.- government was heavily defeated in the vote on the meaningful vote when the same time, the bbc has been it came back on the first time. but saying it's iplayer archive section will be extended, some programmes it came back on the first time. but it was certificate because the that were on the iplayer will stay on the iplayerfor a amendment, the brady amendment commended a majority in the house that were on the iplayer will stay on the iplayer for a year, that were on the iplayer will stay that showed that there was a deal on the iplayerfor a year, so younger viewers on the iplayerfor a year, so younger viewers go searching for
8:18 pm
and to get to the house of commons. programmes, and it's gone, they we are working towards that. think cannot get it. presumably, that's you very much your tournament this being increased on the iplayer, but evening. my sister there is also one then all that stuff will be other agreement that was successful available on brett box, subject to a today and it came from the former fee. it isa fee. it is a strange thing, we are going conservative parliamentary —— he had to have to work out the details but to resign to get that through. the the iplayer is so popular right now. met amendment to guarantee the with all generations, and it works rights of european citizens. the really well. itv lasalle, i think itv has more to gain here. i think government ended up supporting but nonetheless because it was put down it's a long—term strategy, i don't without prior approval, he had to think this is about short—term, and go. maybe they'll give him his job they're looking well think this is about short—term, and they‘ re looking well ahead think this is about short—term, and they're looking well ahead into the future, i think it's why they need back after tonight, you never know. to be, follow... it's will be thank you very much. picking up on interesting how it will play out, it will be interesting how many people what you said earlier about labour‘s subscribe to a stop eventually will end up being a popular thing. that's position as a result of its policy the intriguing thing. what is the position as a result of its policy position in favour of the customs union being defeated in the comments did not, it will likely move towards long—term strategic positioning, pressing for a second referendum. this is a punt for the future, while speaking to circular stomach presumably. when you combine it with of the greatest spokesman for the pressures they face in idb case labour, he can from the party will not come forward to support eight for advertising, where they admit amendments would somebody else in favour of a public vote to enhance that the pressure is intense, 01’ favour of a public vote to enhance or prevent a damaging tory brexit. because so many companies now advertise intensively on the
8:19 pm
internet and using pop—ups, all the it is approaching 90 minutes past rest of it, to get directly to the eight p:m.. the headlines. audience they want. not these mass demographics that conventional tv offers. the bbc having this fight, you could call it what the government overfunding president trump's former lawyer michael cohen testifies you could call it what the government over funding and a free in front of a congressional licence fee for over 75, and a pot committee in washington. of money is drinking, isn't it? so labour mp chris williamson at some point they've got to find a is suspended from the party pending an investigation into comments way of generating new revenue, is he made to activists that what this is about? generating about anti—semitism. new mandeville? pakistan's prime it's interesting, netflix seems to minister, imran khan, calls for talks with india have an endless pot of money with a after fighter jets have clashed in kashmir similar kind of business model. so in a major escalation of the conflict. there must be money to be made there. i think that thing is tv is more popular than it ever was, its sexier than it was, it has film stars lining up to be on tv, so the appetite is there, people want to good evening. see it, people want to make it. you are right, there is not an endless the top seven in the premier league pot of money, so theyjust need to are all in action tonight, be smart in the way that they are including chelsea, looking to put their disappointment looking at getting their content in the league cup behind them. across to consumers. if they want to but one man who won't be hit that younger audience, which is forgetting sunday's events, what they always say they want to do, this is the way to do it. that's their keeper kepa arrizabalaga. a good name for a tv programme, he's been left out of tonight's
8:20 pm
emma, thank you so much for doing squad to face tottenham this for this evening. you often see at stamford bridge. squad to face tottenham her in the times. it follows his refusal to be substituted by his manager mauricio sarri during theirfinal firefighters have extinguished a huge blaze on moorland in west yorkshire. the fire broke out on marsden moor with manchester city. last night following the hottest winter day on record. sarri has described west yorkshire fire and rescue said the decision to drop him it was one of the biggest moorland as "a message for my group'. fires they've ever had to deal with. nicola rees reports. well that game currently 0—0. a wall of fire two metres high elsewhere, saudi out my eye has sweeps a wall of fire two metres high swee ps a cross a wall of fire two metres high sweeps across mars denmark near scored twice for liverpool to give them a two—goal lead. —— siding out huddersfield. it followed days of monday. mesut ozil scoring afterjust 4 dry weather, and the hottest winter minutes at the emirates. temperatures on record. this afternoon, the smoke finally remail his score for southington cleared, revealing a three square against fulham. and this evening sees neil lennon's miles of chard moreland. the fire first game back in charge of celtic has left behind this huge area of in the scottish premiership. blackened earth, and there is dust rolling offence the time it, and they're away to hearts. even now as he looked, there are where it's 0—0. still smoldering packets, which specialist crews are continuing to elsewhere, rangers lead dundee 2—0 tackle using beaters. the neck with two early goals certainly when i cannot fast like
8:21 pm
this morning, there was about a in the first half—hour. the women's world cup is now just four months away, kilometre fire friend, that looks so this year's she believes's cup quite impressive. in the united states bears more it's nearly an hour to walk across importance than ever. to the fire front, virtually no the opener is between england and brazil in pennsylvania. vehicle access, we've got some england finished second in this competition last year, specialised wildfire vehicles that but manager phil neville says we can use, but even they have they're confident they can take home the trophy this time round. gotten difficult to get across to the fire front. so it's been boots on the ground. 30 fire fighters work to bring the fire under control, no one was injured, but everyone wants to win it but if we conservationists say more need to be don't get the right result, we say done to keep this landscape say. we wa nt don't get the right result, we say we want to prepare for the world cup. iwant it is devastating, we worked so hard we want to prepare for the world cup. i want to win the tournament. last year we got close, got four with our conservation work to points last year and he before we protect this landscape, and itjust got three. there has been a highlights the importance of the progression each year and i think work that we are doing to try to what we have to do this year is play rework these morris, and to see something like this flare up and better than we did last year. we spread across such a vast area is we re better than we did last year. we were so better than we did last year. we were so close and i've never setting up were so close and i've never setting up the game and players and i made heartbreaking really. we need to get them watch the us government get the the message out there about people trophy because i wanted them to feel being careful on the land, discarded hurt. i wanted them to feel the cigarettes out of windows, when they are passing through the moreland impetus of losing because he come back this year i did not want them areas, stuff like that. you know, just to be mindful that fires can to feel that again. i don't want to feel that again. let's go tojoe set off quite easily when the weather is warm. that causes not yet
8:22 pm
kerry who is in pennsylvania. phil known, but it is one of the biggest neville sending pretty confident about the british chances in the wildfires west yorkshire has seen. specialist crews will be on standby tournament and with good reason, this evening, in case another too. this is the fourth on the angle have taken part in the she believes flare—up. the boss is reminding me cup in the us and they never wanted. he said they are not here to make up that the licensing fee is £150 50 p. numbers, they are here to win and work in preparation that would be ahead of the world cup this summer. now it's time it will be difficult with the hosts, for a look at the weather with tomasz shafernacker. the defending world champions him of the defending world champions him of it had to end eventually, but if you the usa are still the world number one and will play them in nashville, manage to make the most of today's beat of the weather, around 19 tennessee and a couple of days. they degrees and one or two areas, also take on japan, tennessee and a couple of days. they also take onjapan, who were cup tomorrow it is back to it more typical weather for the time of the winners in 2011 and runners up last time in 2015 so they are to time year. it is still going to be milder world cup final lesson there is a than normal, but the weather pattern brazil of course to the take on is going to change. so on the tonight. so yes, phil neville is satellite picture you are starting confident, saying they have the to see this process happening right now, it is a very warm air stream we squad here and they are confident they can win the cup but he knows it have seen from the south, it will eventually be cut off by the weather will be a tall order. thank you, systems coming off the atlantic reporting from pennsylvania. care. so they are pushing in that live coverage of england against brazil in the she believes cup much cooler atlantic air in our on bbc fourfrom 8:45pm. direction, you can see the first kick off is at 9pm and you can also weather front approaching here.
8:23 pm
direction, you can see the first weatherfront approaching here. so the southerly currents of air is catch it on the bbc sport going to be replaced by fresher website, app and iplayer. atla ntic going to be replaced by fresher atlantic air coming going to be replaced by fresher atlantic aircoming in going to be replaced by fresher atlantic air coming in all the way from the north. so let's have a look at the forecast for tonight, because west indies are chasing an imposing england target in the fourth one—day we have not quite lost the fine international in grenada. weather yet, in fact clear skies for a record—breaking performance from englands batsmen helped them reach a18 in their 50 overs. many of us, particularly across a huge century from bothjos buttler central areas. a touch of frost and one from captain eoin morgan again, but noticed that we are have put the tourists starting to see the rain clouds well in control. in reply, though, west indies appear already across the far are making a fight of it, southwest of the country as we head chris gayle reaching his century into thursday morning. so this is the morning, the rain sleeps into from just 55 balls. parts of southwestern england into wales, the northwest of england too. west indies now 263—4. there will be some sunshine around tomorrow, for sure, but those britain's elinor barker claimed temperatures are a lot lower. a good the first gold medal of the uci track cycling world 5 degrees drop for many of us, and championships in poland. some of us will meet ourjackets in in a dramatic finale in the women's scratch race, the afternoon. temporarily, including a crash in the penultimate interestingly, the weather is actually going to improve a little lap, barker held off the reigning champion, bit for many of us on friday. there kirsten wild of the netherlands, will be some sunshine around, be it to improve on her second place a little hazy, however northern finish from two years ago. ireland will see a fresh weather that's all the sport for now. friends coming in, bringing in some rain later in the afternoon on friday. then it goes down properly, properly downhill as we head into
8:24 pm
celtic if taken the lead at hearts the weekend. that's low—pressure swings and, whether print there, a in the scottish premiership. more on lot of white lines, those are that and more up—to—date's stories isobars, that lot of white lines, those are isoba rs, that means lot of white lines, those are isobars, that means stronger winds, to miguel first wins are expected, at bbc website. we could think that's a 50—60 mph, it could be snow across the stata shells, lots of blobs of blue here. it's not called for this time of the that's year, 1a in london, 12 a news more from them at 10:30pm in sports newcastle, the wind will be stronger, and cloud and rain. so that was saturday, this is sunday. day. another low pressure, a new one comes in, and the weatherfrom labour has suspended one of its mps, chris williamson, another low pressure, a new one comes in, and the weather from a bright morning on sunday will after he suggested the party had been "too apologetic" quickly turn to a cloudy afternoon, about anti—semitism. you can see rain sleeping into the the mp for derby north south, this will be quite heavy. it later said he "deeply regretted" the comments, but he's now facing will be stronger winds as well, so an investigation. chris williamson has speaking on sunday the best of the weather i to our deputy political editor, john pienaar. think in the north. i'm working with the party processes . i'm working with the party processes. there have been a number of complaints against me and i did not believe they have any foundation andi not believe they have any foundation and i make sure that i clear them up. can you claim that the have apology for what you said it?|j up. can you claim that the have apology for what you said it? i do not know what the complaints actually say at the moment. but i am dedicated anti—racist all my life. i
8:25 pm
was an active member of the anti—nazi league in the 1970s. i fall anti—semites literally on the streets. and i was on the council responsible for bringing about the holocaust memorial day in derby, the first local authority in the country in 2001 to commemorate that date —— day. so my record on fighting racism isa day. so my record on fighting racism is a very strong one and i intend to demonstrate i am dedicated anti—racist and absolutely abort any form of bigotry, including anti—semitism. form of bigotry, including anti-semitism. you do except you should not have say what you said them the meeting? i want to see with them the meeting? i want to see with the complaints actually are. i do not know if they amount to the moment. let's wait and see what has been sent and i will respond accordingly. finally, what'd you say you were sorry? obviously if i'm upset anybody, that's a lesson i wa nted upset anybody, that's a lesson i wanted to do. maybe i could've chose my words differently. people have been offended by them, then honestly i want to apologise for that. one thing i want to do is upset anybody.
8:26 pm
asi thing i want to do is upset anybody. as i say, i'm dedicated anti—racist campaignerandi as i say, i'm dedicated anti—racist campaigner and i don't want anybody to think in any way shape or form that i am minimising the appearance, the cancer of anti—semitism. and thatis the cancer of anti—semitism. and that is why i am going to clear mind and about these complaints which we re and about these complaints which were made about me. and finally, what you said you're calling to say you are part of a problem of anti—semitism? you are part of a problem of anti-semitism? i reject that. i absolutely fought against in testa m e nts absolutely fought against in testaments is him and bigotry and racism in any form ever since i became politically active. so i do not accept that. chris williamson talking tojohn pr a little earlier. as michael cohen gives testimony on capitol hill, president trump is thousands of miles away from washington as he holds talks with north korea's leader in vietnam. they're discussing the possibility of pyongyang getting rid of its nuclear weapons.
8:27 pm
donald trump said he and kim jong—un had had what he called very good dialogue. the white house says the two leaders will jointly sign an agreement tomorrow at the end of the negotiations. our north america editor jon sopel reports from hanoi. hanoi's not seen anything like this. the city centre at a standstill as two motorcades descend on a hotel where two men are meeting for dinner. and then in a scene reminiscent of lastjune in singapore, they were together again — the us president and the north korean dictator. i think it is a very successful, great relationship. it will be very successful. "we've been able to overcome all the obstacles," he says, "and here we are, 261 days after singapore. a lot of patience was needed and that gives us hope." i think that your country has tremendous economic potential — unbelievable, unlimited. and i think that you will have a tremendous future with your country. and i look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen, and we will help it to happen.
8:28 pm
today is about atmospherics, and donald trump is holding kimjong—un in a warm embrace, calling him "my friend", and he says that, with denuclearisation, north korea could become like vietnam, "one of the most thriving places on earth," he calls it. tomorrow will be when the detailed negotiations take place as the two sides try to navigate a path through the obstacles in the way of denuclearisation. the dinner at which president trump and chairman kim werejoined by key officials was pretty brief. afterwards, it was back to their respective hotels, and for donald trump, a chance for some last—minute preparation on the complex issues, or more likely watching in fury as his former lawyer michael cohen and now bitter enemy goes to congress to put the boot in. the attention of hanoi may be on donald trump, but the attention of donald trump
8:29 pm
is on washington. jon sopel, bbc news, hanoi. our world affairs correspondent nick beake is in hanoi for us. how effective have the two sides beenin how effective have the two sides been in managing expectations for this meeting? i think in the past few days, we have seen mr trump possibly downplay expectations. at the we can, he was talking about not being ina the we can, he was talking about not being in a rush to get anyone to sign up to an immediate denuclearization. and of course it his binky because in the past, the americas it said that any contemplation of its sanctions relief on north korea would only come about when there is a firm commitment that the nuclear capability of mr kim's regime have been dismantled and people could see that that had taken place. in terms of what the north koreans are trying to get out of this, they have made it clear that yes they would like economic sanctions to be reduced in
8:30 pm
some way. but in terms of what they are willing to give, you know, that is really ha rd are willing to give, you know, that is really hard to tell. the real talking will start tomorrow. with the about 9am local time, the two men will meet once again at the 5—star hotel, just over the lake less tha n 5—star hotel, just over the lake less than half a mile away from here. 9am they will me and we'll talk for about 45 minutes one—on—one. their transit is the only in the room. after that, other members of the teams will come in and the conversation will continue after that and we are told there is some sort ofjoint signing agreement the afternoon. i suppose in some ways it is easy for people to sneer at what is or isn't achieved in an event like this because some of perhaps the language in advance of it certainly last year was rather hyperbolic. but presumably from people on the korean peninsula, any dialogue of any kind, any personal warmth, any kind of courtesy exchange between the two sides is
8:31 pm
regarded as an improvement on what has existed over the last nearly 70 yea rs has existed over the last nearly 70 years now. absolutely. and i think that something that mr trump would stress time and again full of peace and previous ministrations and fail to really engage with and deal effectively with the north koreans. this is now the second summit that they have happens when the two men and you know people talk about the bromance, the relationship between the two men which many have called deeply uneasy when you look at the human rights record of north korea. but it does seem at least for the cameras there is some sort of chemistry there and the american contingent was say this is hoping to achieve something which no one else has been able to do. mr trump and his been talking about small steps, a road map towards a korean peninsula which has been rid of nuclear weapons. and yes for the likes of south korea, for the likes of tokyo who have seen over the past 18 months before the weapon testing
8:32 pm
ceased for a time, there was a real concern there. so any sort of the escalation of tensions is a good thing and the other thing people have been talking about which may come out of this and has been muted in the past week or so is there may be some sort of deal which formally ends the korean war, the fighting finished back in 1953 but there was not a full treaty, just an armistice and some sort of gesture like this could lead into the narrative of relations improving. and i think he will be tomorrow afternoon when this declaration is signed between the two parties and the postmortem examination will begin. people will look at what has been agreed here and analysis will be made on just how successful this second summit has been an indy whether there is any future and a possible third summit which again people have been talking about as being something that could come from this. thank you very much, nick. now it's time for a look at the weather
8:33 pm
with tomasz schafernaker. if you've been enjoying this beautiful weather we've been having for the last few days, hope you've managed to make the most of today, because it will all come to an end tomorrow. back to more usual weather, still looks as though it's going to be about the average as far as the temperatures go, but weather—wise, it's looking like it will be more cloud and rain in our direction. already this process is happening right now, the clouds are increasing across western parts of the uk, still a pretty clear night across many central and eastern areas, a touch of frost here and there, but notice the blobs of blue and the green here, showers coming in, so i think increasing wind tomorrow will make it feel a lot cooler. outbreaks of rain, hit and miss, bit of brightness here and there. still 13 degrees, which is not bad really for february. single figure temperatures there across the northeast of scotland, and beyond that, the weather remains pretty changeable. friday, actually not a bad day, the weekend, very changeable.
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