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tv   The Papers  BBC News  February 27, 2019 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. them during the hearing michael cohen held up a check that he said was given to him by trump for that purpose. we have also heard that trump knew that there were attempts i'm shaun ley. the headlines at 11: president trump's former lawyer made to courtney with wikileaks michael cohen testifies in front of a ccongressional around the leaking of the dnc‘s committee in washington. he said he wanted to apologise for helping mr trump, before laying into the president's character. iam i am ashamed because i know what mr e—mails. the ones, the content trump is, he is a racist comment he e—mails, the ones that were used, is ocon and, nt is a cheat. —— he is the timing of which was used to undermine her election campaign. so all kinds of very explosive they conman. revelations came out in the course of this hearing. also he was saying that this is the bet that i found —— he is a conman. quite excruciating, more so than the mps have rejected a labour proposal on brexit which would rest of it perhaps. this is again, have meant the ukjoined a permanent we have only got michael collins customs union with the eu. word for it, but he claims that jeremy corbyn says the party will now back a public vote on brexit. labour mp chris williamson trump isa is suspended from the party, word for it, but he claims that trump is a racist but the things that he has said in public do not compare to the things that he's said in private. apparently at one point
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asked cohen to name a country that was ruled by a black person that was not a bad country, and he asked for that at the time that obama was the president of the us. some pretty despicable if true. what do you make of this testimony, i mean it's very striking, all the papers over here think it is a big enough story. it's oi'i think it is a big enough story. it's on the front page, it's a headline. in fact when a site on the standard actually, and i thought why don't they get off i fence? it is it cheapens the office, doesn't it? the president of the united states is meant to be the leader of the free world, standing up for a load of values, and regardless of whether staff dunk staff was set in private, enough has been said that wasn't in private as that you and i ever heard
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that can lead most of us to that conclusion i think that it insults american people, i say he and south american people, i say he and south american people. doesn't make much difference to you, will it shift the dial to you? how do you say this? i was doing some lectures in the last couple of weeks to americans, talking about what would happen in the 2020 election campaign in america. i said, you know, to half of this room, you will hate the next few years, but misogynistic racism has never been my bag. i'm not here to tell you what i want to come i'm here to tell you what i think might happen. and all of this willjust fulfil the prejudice of a load of people who will say, this is guided by the left, guided by the democrats, he is a liar. he has... he isa democrats, he is a liar. he has... he is a proven liar. he's admitted it. i like before, but i'm not lying down. the neck it will dead the
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tra nsfer down. the neck it will dead the transfer that to say that we support oui’ man. transfer that to say that we support our man. what will make a difference is that those particular women and particularly non—whites who didn't like hillary clinton as a person, did not want hillary clinton as president, and therefore there was an element of a trump vote which wasn't pro time, it was anti—clinton. and it was spot on. there was a sceptre, that got him across the line. so if you put up somebody who isn't that, and you have this stuff, and together, the ones who did an over this, who say this that fails my prejudice about the fact that democrats are after him, and we hit the democrats. there will be enough of the people who will be enough of the people who will come back to the democrat fold because it's not contend that they are voting against, this will move, it will move the dial to a point where it makes trump'sjob more difficult. i will tell you what i find very difficult with this, forgive me for being the layer i
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used to be just for a minutes, there isa gap used to be just for a minutes, there is a gap between what a prosecutor can is a gap between what a prosecutor ca n prove is a gap between what a prosecutor can prove what's said and how you and nail the president. can prove what's said and how you and nailthe president. you can prove what's said and how you and nail the president. you know, there is a gap. too big a gap to breach. the neck to neck how much do you want to impeach a president, and end up like the republicans, if you rememberwhen end up like the republicans, if you remember when they impeached content, and the republicans know this, and so democrats if they try to impeach trump, simply because there is a difference between what was said that you and i sigh, and what this man says was set, which i'm not denying, i'm just saying... you can't prevent. it's easier to defend in court, let's say it that way. trump would not like the attention to be at washington but in the vietnamese capital. a very striking picture with him and kim jong—il in. it looks like he started getting down on one knee. they are peas in a pod aren't they
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the east two. they are narcissistic strongmen, authoritarians, and trump is very much using the second of his meetings with ken this time in vietnam, the first on it was in singapore last summer, he is using this as a show and as a distraction. i don't think it was timed to coincide with michael cohen, but it sure helps. consistently which is, and his republican allies and his cronies, consistently to undermine cohen as well as the sort of wider mueller investigation. to say it's a witchhunt, to say it's mueller investigation. to say it's a witchhunt, to say its old, not releva nt, witchhunt, to say its old, not relevant, they are not frightened by it. we don't know what meal or has, certainly when cohen and his final sort of in his final declarations today, he was saying he did seem to imply that there was stuff he couldn't talk about, because it was pa rt couldn't talk about, because it was part ofan couldn't talk about, because it was part of an investigation, that was
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very serious. and he also said interestingly that he didn't believe there would be a peaceful transition of power if trump lost in 2020, which kind of speaks to what you are talking about with this sort of inflaming of the base. they've dug in. this is interesting, it's a paper review, what's interesting about that is this is a more left—leaning newspaper about that is this is a more left-leaning newspaper you would expect the guardian to be more antitrust than anything else, right? other paper. for all of two strongmen, for all of two authoritarians plane to the gallery, being vain, there will be a lot of people in the west who will say, if this guy can deliver a degree of peace on the korean peninsula, i don't know what that means, but if they can deliver that, and to make out they can deliver that, and to make our world a bit of a safer place, well done. and for that to be put in against con man, ijust find that strange for a newspaper that would really wa nt strange for a newspaper that would
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really want to put the boot into trump. whereas the telegraph where we get expect it to not be proud trump, but to be a bit more, whatever that where it is. deferential, deferential maybe. they have dealt with it in a more judicial way. i find that quite strange for two newspapers. let's stay with the the guardian the suspension of chris williamson, i should clarify, i think when i was reading at the front of the page is a little earlier, i said he hasn't made anti—semitic comments, he has downplayed the anti—semitism allegations in labour, and said it's overrea cted, allegations in labour, and said it's overreacted, and that is now being suspended. they are expecting a pattern of behaviour by hand. that was right, he was suspended today eventually. pending an investigation, and asked to do with footage that was released from him speaking at an event and chatfield. he said that the labour party had been too apologetic over the issue ofanti—...
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been too apologetic over the issue of anti—... anti—semitism, which is obviously offensive, and also out of kilter from the party at south they have been trying to set. you know, and this is, you know on top of chris williamson has been someone who for some time has been basically supporting and amplifying people who have made incredibly offensive comments, he's been supporting and amplifying people who have made offensive comments and being suspended over it. specific criticism that he booked a room the commons that to show a film about one of those people who suspended. so there is a pattern of behaviour here, it's not just so there is a pattern of behaviour here, it's notjust about this one incident. although it certainly true to say that this incident was very much the last straw for a lot of people who are wondering what is it going to take. 38 mps, yeah. what i find amazing about this, about leadership, is you have got a 40—year—old women, and eight months
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pregnant you added a few years i think i thought she was 40? but not irrelevant at the age, she has been a labour party member since she was 16. irrelevant of her age. she hasn't been a party member for very long. —— she has been in a party for a long time. she has it in her dna. she stands up and says this vile hatred in the party is forcing me to leave the party. and the leader, jeremy corbyn, surely should have said i will route this out, i will find that people, i will not only expel them from the labour party, but i will also tell the police, and they will not be numbers of this party by the time the sun goes down tomorrow. now, people would think mr corbyn, you're serious. instead of which, with great respect to his other views, this guy did not do that. he did not grasp it and say, i'm going to
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really deal with this. then you get a situation here, where jeremy corbyn has not been anti—semitic in what he's done this time, but what he has done is tolerate a gesture of tolerance. i find that amazing about somebody who wants to say he's not anti—semitic. somebody who wants to say he's not anti-semitic. rachel briefly corbyn is hateful new low, because it claims that he tried to save chris williamson from being suspended, i don't know the truth of that. i mean, how many times doesjeremy corbyn have to say i'm not anti—semitic, and i don't support anti—semitism. to it to actually have an impact. nobody believes him. why don't they believe himmy cow next to the first thing to say is, i'm very critical of the handling of anti—semitism i'm very critical of the handling of anti-semitism but the first thing is to say that the party has half a million members, so as much as i would like it to be possible to say, we are going to stamp this out, and we are going to stamp this out, and we are going to stamp this out, and we are going to cast it out. let's be realistic about it.
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let's be realistic about it. let's be realistic about it. let's be realistic, this is a big task. i'm not saying this is a defence, but i'm providing context. what i find interesting about luciana burger is her leaving was devastating. everybody should be devastated and ashamed by that. interestingly though, that has created a dynamic where her departure along with other mps has created a dynamic where, there is more pressure onjeremy corbyn internally. it's changing the balance. no more. digby, digby, time is against us. that's it for the papers for the moment. discussion is only halfway. join us again at half past 11. thank you to rachel shabi and lord digbyjones. we'll all be back for a slightly longer look at the papers at 11:30pm. well, that's it, the warm weather's gone. we'll probably have to wait quite
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a long time before we get temperatures in the high teens and the low 20s. from tomorrow, it's back to the more usual sort of weather that we get this time of the year. having said that, the temperatures are still going to be a bit above the average for the time of the year. and this southerly air stream that we've had for quite a few days now that has been generating these high temperatures will be almost sort of washed away by this much cooler air stream here originating from the atlantic. you can see the weather fronts here, this is a cold front for example, and behind it, you've got that cooler air pushing in. and all of these low pressures, these weather systems will be racing in our direction and bringing us cloud, wind and, of course, some rain and much fresher weather as well. so, through the course of tonight and into tomorrow, we've got clear skies. so, this is early in the morning on thursday, temperatures still around freezing or so in some of the towns and cities in the east, but the weather is turning in the southwest so perhaps some rain getting into cornwall, devon, parts of wales, maybe the northwest in the morning.
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and then basically through the course of the day, that rain will push across the southern half of the country. won't be raining all the time, there will be a little bit of brightness here and there, but it will be a lot, lot cooler. now friday, temporarily, the weather's actually going to improve. there will be some brightness around, particularly across these western areas later in the afternoon, before later in the day, this weather front sweeps across ireland, northern ireland and then reaches the west of the country. still 14 degrees, i mean it's still really mild for the time of the year, but it won't feel like it because of the cloud, the rain and the increasing wind. now look at this, big low—pressure swings in off the atlantic for saturday. that's when the really big change is going to come in, so the low—pressure spins in, gale—force winds, maybe 50—60 mph on some exposed coasts, around the hills, too. the rain will sweep right across the country, but look at that, still mild, 14 degrees celsius. so, that's saturday's weather. sunday a little different. whilst one low—pressure swings away to the north, a new one comes in. this one looks like it'll affect areas to the south a little bit
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more, so rain affecting wales, the southern counties, possibly the midlands as well. exactly how far north this rain gets, it could be here, it could stay even further south than the graphics indicate. but northern areas will probably have some sunshine.
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