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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  February 28, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines: a woman who was convicted of killing her husband with a hammer wins an appeal against her murder conviction, sally challen will now face a retrial, after her lawyers argued she suffered decades today at five, 3 court of appeal ruling allowing a woman convicted of psychological abuse. of murdering her husband the summit between president trump to be retried. and kimjong—un, ends infailure, sally challen killed after north korea demands relief her husband in 2010. of sanctions, in return for denuclearisation. her lawyers say she'd suffered a man is found guilty "decades of psychological abuse". of manslaughter — after he supplied his girlfriend, her son gave his reaction to the 24—year—old louella fletcher—michie, with a class a drug news. it is an amazing moment, the at the bestival festival in 2017 — court acknowledges this case needs her father is the holby to be looked at again, as we have city actorjohn michie. we began our life sentence on what a lwa ys to be looked at again, as we have always known as a family. the abuse have been louella's 25th birthday. she suffered was never recognised properly and her mental state was ceon's life sentence is knowing never taken into properly and her mental state was that he didn't help louella to live. never ta ken into account. we'll have the latest from the court of appeal , the man who booked emiliano sala's fateful flight to cardiff city, and on the background to the case. alleges the player was abandoned by the club, but doesn't blame anyone for his death. the other main stories on bbc news at 5. the summit between president trump
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and kimjong—un ends in failure after north korea demands relief of sanctions in return time to catch up with the sport. for denuclearisation. the man who booked emiliano sala's fateful flight to cardiff city good evening. alleges the player was abandoned by the club but doesn't fulham have sacked blame anyone for his death. manager claudio ranieri. i don't hold anybody responsible because it was the london club are struggling just a tragic accident. in the premier league — 19th in the table and 10 we did nothing wrong, points from safety. we just tried to help. another government resignation over ranieri only took over in november, brexit, this time it's conservative mp george eustice but last night's 2—nil who is against delaying defeat to southampton looks to have the brexit process. been the decisive and a newjob for the former blow for the italian. service dog of the late president george hw bush. he was in charge for 16 league sully will work with the us navy games but won only three. to help wounded veterans. chairman shahid khan says following our discussion this afternoon, claudio agreed to my decision that a change was in the best interest of everyone." former fulham midfielder scott parker will take over as caretaker manager. plans to create a new international rugby union league have been criticised by some it's 5 o'clock. of the game's leading players over our main story is the ruling concerns their welfare is not by the court of appeal at the heart of the proposals. which has ordered the retrial world rugby want to create a new 12 of a woman convicted nation tournament involving of the murder of her husband the likes of england,
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after lawyers said she'd suffered wales and new zealand. "decades of abuse". they'd travel acrosss the globe sally challen, who's 65 and from surrey, to play 12 matches throughout killed her husband richard in a hammer attack in 2010. the year with a final she denied murder and staged in decmeber. will now be retried in an already packed international and domestic calendar, after the court of appeal found that the international players body, new evidence had emerged about her mental state the irp, fear the proposals are out at the time of the killing. of touch with the demands richard lister has the latest. the of the modern game. the idea of playing the northern supporters of sally challen at the royal courts ofjustice this week before this landmark ruling. her son hemisphere games and play three david was among them, arguing that games across the southern hemisphere her mother had been abused by his isa games across the southern hemisphere is a huge geographical challenge, father richard for many years and her case would have been handled and the competition involves lots of differently today. the couple were married in 1979, richard had been matches to make it to the final, her only boyfriend and sally was 15 which is an ask too much of a much when they met. they made their home in surrey which is where they raised players. well, world rugby said their two son. in 2010 the couple in a statement the opposition had split up, but sally returned to was "surprising" as the two parties were still in talks and that herformer marital home important matters such as playing load are at the heart had split up, but sally returned to her former marital home and killed richard with a hammer. she was found of the overall concept. guilty of murder and jailed for seems to be some disagreement
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on the pitch as well life. but was overturned today. the after an england training session had to be halted yesterday court of appeal heard in the opinion because of a player brawl with georgian players. eddiejones had invited the players ofa along to a three day court of appeal heard in the opinion of a consultant forensic camp in oxford as part of his side's psychiatrist the appellant was suffering from two mental disorders preparations for their six nations at the time of the killing. this game with italy. but things boiled over and punches were reportedly thrown evidence, she said, was not with the teams having available at the time of the trial to be pulled apart. however, forward george kruis says and the conviction was quashed and a retrial was ordered. sally challen that's just part of the game. who listen to the appeal by video link was visibly emotional at the two scrums, good scrum is going at judgment. this was an important ruling for those close to her. the it, things are going to flare up. it court has acknowledged this case needed to be listened again as we was not anything out of the ordinary have always known as a family. her and we learn from those sorts of things and it puts us under pressure condition was not taken into and things you want to try and push. account. sally challen will now face any reason why things flowed up?m account. sally challen will now face a retrial for account. sally challen will now face a retrialfor murder. the united states has said isa further meetings could be any reason why things flowed up?m is a contact sport. held with north korea, after the failure of the summit, britain's two—time world champion between president trump james degale has retired and the north korean leader kim jong—un. from boxing in the wake the meeting ended without agreement after the us refused of his defeat by chris eubankjr. north korea's demands for relief he also won olympic gold in 2008
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of economic sanctions. the leaders had been expected and is 10 years to the day to announce progress that he made his professional debut on the denuclearisation of north — and said boxing had given him korea. the best years of his life. so plans for a joint signing ceremony were abandoned and he won 25 and loss three of his 29 president trump left hanoi professionalfights. england's women claimed saying it was "one of those times when you have to walk". a tense two wicket win over india in the last match of but he expressed optimism about their one day series. a "good outcome" in the future. they won it with seven 0ur correspondent barbara plett—usher is travelling with president trump balls to spare, having and sent this report. batted poorly at times, the day seemed to start off so well. recovering from 49 for 5, heather knight and danielle wyatt the smiles and friendly gestures that began in singapore continued leading the recovery, anya shrusole hit the winning runs on into their second date, as they chased down with another garden walkabout to demonstrate the 206 for victory. the series had already lost. the special relationship. the statements were vague and president trump tried the win gives them some important points in their bid to lower expectations, to qualify for the 2021 world cup. but kim jong—un took the unprecedented step of answering unscripted questions from foreign reporters. translation: let me assure you that i was reminded upstairs u nfortu nately i i was reminded upstairs unfortunately i had no wickets i will do all my best to bring against india in something like five games so that was really sad to a good result, ultimately, today. it's too early to tell. hear, luckily i have broke that now and moved on to be able to but i wouldn't say
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contribute and that is all i wanted that i'm pessimistic. to do. we all work so hard to be there's a lot of great here and play under these conditions and it's nice to be able to ideas being thrown about. there were plenty of signals this contribute. would lead to the signing that's your sport for now. hugh woozencroft will of some sort of agreement, have a full round up at least a step towards in sportsday at half past six. denuclearisation. translation: if i'm not willing to do that, i won't be here right now. it is 544 here. good answer, wow. let's return to our top story and the ruling that might be the best answer you've ever heard. by the court of appeal — but behind the performances which has ordered the retrial — for the cameras, the art of a woman convicted of the deal broke down. of the murder of her husband — after lawyers said she'd mr trump emerged to announce they suffered ‘decades of abuse'. couldn't bridge their differences. sally challen — who's 65 and from surrey — always have to be prepared to walk. killed her husband richard in a hammer attack — in 2010. she denied murder — i could have signed an agreement and will now be retried today, then you people would have after the court of appeal found that said, oh, what a terrible deal, new evidence had emerged what a terrible thing he did. about her mental state no, you have to prepared to walk. at the time of the killing. 0ur correspondent helena lee supported by his secretary is outside the court of state mike pompeo, the president of appeal in london for us. declared the north koreans had demanded too much for too little. basically they wanted the sanctions tell us more about the events today. lifted in their entirety this has been an appeal over two and we couldn't do that. days here at the court of appeals. they were willing to de—nuke a large the background to this case, sally
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proportion of the areas challen who is now 65 years old. it we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for that. was in august of 2010 she hit her so all those hopes for peace husband richard over the head more will have to be put on hold for now. and what a stunning outcome. than 20 times with a hammer, and you don't normally organise a high—stakes summit if you haven't killed him. the following year she sorted out a draft deal in advance. was tried and she was convicted of but president trump likes to trust his instincts and personal murder. seven years on since that powers of persuasion. in this case, he got it wrong. conviction, her legal team came to be quite of appeal to try and get that murder conviction reduced to perhaps the north korean leader did manslaughter and they argued in too, maybe he thought he'd get more front of three very seniorjudges by going straight to the top. whatever the case, mr trump says here at the court of appeal, that they departed on friendly terms, but he wasn't she had experienced years of ready to commit to another summit. psychological abuse at the hands of barbara plett usher, her husband richard, and the also bbc news, hanoi. provided what they said was new 0ur seoul correspondent, evidence from a forensic laura bicker is in hanoi, where the abrupt end to the summit psychiatrist who told the court over this two—day hearing that sally came as a shock. challen had been suffering from two it was a huge surprise. we had all mental disorders at the time of the
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been assembled, all ready to go to a killing. earlier on today sally press c0 nfe re nce challen he was listening and been assembled, all ready to go to a press conference where the two leaders were supposed to be signing watching proceedings from a prison an agreement. just before it happened we were told, hang on, fire video link burst into tears when thejudges plans have changed. what we are fire video link burst into tears when the judges handed fire video link burst into tears hearing is the united states was when thejudges handed down fire video link burst into tears when the judges handed down that judgment and it was ladyjustice pushing the north koreans to give up the number of their nuclear plants. hallett, vice president of the appeal court, who said it was based the north koreans were pushing the on the evidence be caught from a united states, calling for an end to oui’ united states, calling for an end to our economic sanctions. it seems co nsulta nt on the evidence be caught from a that for both men it was either all consultant forensic psychiatrist concerning the mental disorder oi’ that for both men it was either all potentially suffered by sally or nothing. from the little snippets challen. she went on to tell the of conversation we picked up, they do agree on some things. but i was court that evidence is not available hearing from those close to the at sally challen's trial in 2011 and negotiations a few days ago that they were quashing her murder there were still huge gaps. but it leaves the process now in deadlock. conviction, and she was to face a iam hearing retrial. as that was announced in leaves the process now in deadlock. i am hearing from seoul that president moon stands ready to mediate between the two, but if he court there were cheers from her could not sit down at a meal supporters. she has so far served together this afternoon, then where do these talks go from here? eight years of her 18 year sentence together this afternoon, then
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but to date that murder conviction where do these talks go from here? has been quashed and we know she that was laura bicker there. will face a retrial, but we do not joining me from denver is christopher hill, he led the us delegation in the six know when that will be. thank you party north korea denuclearisation talks between 2005 and 2009. very much for the latest. good of you to join us. what the conductor, composer and pianist andre previn good of you tojoin us. what in good of you to join us. what in your view went wrong? festival, i will has died at the age of 89. his agents in new york confirmed give a president trump credit for that he died this morning. walking away from a bad deal. no deal is better than a bad deal. but he was born in berlin in 1929, and became one of the best—known what went wrong is something this figures of his generation in classical music. he was also hugely administration needs to think accomplished in jazz. through. as your piece suggested, daniela relph looks back at his life. when you bring a president half a world away for a negotiation, they really should not be much negotiation. there should be a clear he was one of the 20th century is understanding between the negotiators of what has been agreed. most remarkable and versatile it was clear they had serious problems, mainly that north korea musicians, notjust most remarkable and versatile musicians, not just an most remarkable and versatile was looking for sanctions and musicians, notjust an orchestral conductor but an arranger, and award—winning film composer and a meanwhile trump administration had said proudly, we will not make the brilliant jazz pianist. he brilliantjazz pianist. he started in 1940s hollywood performing a
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m ista kes said proudly, we will not make the mistakes of our predecessors by range of music. he was just 19 when giving up sanctions incrementally. we will hold to them until there full denuclearisation. this was an anthem of the trump administration he wrote the music for one of the to show how tough they were. clearly lassie films, his first complete this was a train wreck waiting to film score. he went on to win four happen, maybe before kimjong—un got 0scars. then in the 1960s he decided on the train. there needs to be some introspection about how they are to reinvent himself as a classical doing this. going forward they need conductor. at the london sympathy to send a team to talk to their 0rchestra he became a star. he had regional partners. i do not think there is nearly enough diplomatic architecture. if you look at a map his own television series, a of china, and for them not to be in glamorous third wife and an enviable the process or for them to be lifestyle, but he was fiercely hearing after action reports is not ambitious, workaholic. and his adequate. real rethinking needs to be done about how to bring in other family suffered. a career as a countries that obviously have a career. i was being asked to do great interest in theirs, maybe even things i thought was important and greater than that of the united people wanted me to do and i thought states. what does it mean in terms the music was fascinating. if you of the president because my own area the music was fascinating. if you are a professional in performing a rts pasties? given that he has had are a professional in performing arts you have to go and perform. in
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turbulent days at home whilst he was 1971 he was invited unforgettably away, the circumstances to put it mildly were challenging, what does it mean for his own standing? onto the morecambe and wise show. you are playing all the wrong notes. anytime you have a so—called failed summit, and that is what everyone is calling it now, it is very hard, especially to someone who had someone especially to someone who had someone write for him a book called the art of the deal. it hurt for him in playing all the right notes but and he needed a victory this week, especially in light of the domestic not necessarily in the right order. issues, namely his personal attorney michael cohen essentially accusing i'll give you that sunshine. there him of felony violations of the law. he needed something to deflect the attention and he did not get it in is no 0rchestra. his willingness to try new things led to every good boy any positive way. a very bad week for donald trump. he did keep the deserves favour, collaboration about russian soviet oppression. and a atmospherics open talking about a future process. as often he does, he kind of overplayed that by streetcar named desire was an opera
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complimenting him on his explanation based on the tennessee williams play. when the daughter he adopted on the death of the american student and that is not going over very well with mia farrow married his mother's in the united states. this is a boyfriend woody allen, he was president who does not seem to learn from his mistakes and seems to furious. a better note in a life compound them. well, he has got two more years in office at least and is dedicated to music and music making. mired in the upper 30s in terms of iamjust dedicated to music and music making. i am just very happy that i am a opinion surveys and he has got a tough couple of years ahead. musician. which branch of music is actually immaterial, i am just finally, in your view, tough couple of years ahead. finally, in yourview, given tough couple of years ahead. finally, in your view, given your knowledge of the process, what are pleased, being a musician is a the next steps the us should be wonderful thing to be. the great taking in order to bring this progress forward ? taking in order to bring this progress forward? i would try to go for a broader architecture and try to bring in the south koreans, the musician andre previn has died at the age of 81 at his home in japanese, chinese and maybe the manhattan and there will be lots of russians, and try to create tributes to come, imho, in the hours situation where the north koreans cannot go pee still shopping where they get a better deal from the ahead. ——i chinese. that is the first point. tributes to come, imho, in the hours ahead. —— i am sure. the children's commissioner the second point is the president for england has warned that ‘ruthless‘ criminal gangs needs to set out this process for a are preying on vulnerable young
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people, and that local authorities while and let his staff come back are failing to tackle the problem. a new report estimates there are 27,000 gang with some kind of a deal. it may not members in england, aged between 10 and 17, with only a quarter of them known be as dramatic as he wants, but it to the police or social services. may be done at the negotiator level, our home affairs correspondent at mike pompeo's level, not at dominic casciani reports. donald trump at‘s level. i would be coryjunior davies, known as cj, a loving sending a team out there and seeing teenager but troubled too, what they can get from the north thanks to adhd and koreans. for example, there was talk a school exclusion. when he was 13 he was groomed by about them having interest sections, a drugs gang to carry their product, his mother keesha mcleod repeatedly warned the authorities nonofficial embassies, established. cj needed help. when i tried that in 2007 with the he called me one evening, north koreans, they said no thank he was being very agitated with me you. but the indications out of when he was talking, at the end of the conversation he said, the boys hanoi is that they were prepared to want me to sell drugs. do that. show them something that i asked him where he was, has never been done before and said i went to that area, i found him, this is the means for having better i looked to see what he had in his possession, he had a fair connectivity for future talks. show some how the process is alive and amount of crack and heroin well and have the president sit this one out and go back to the things he which i took from him. knows what to do, such as having to in september 2017 aged just 14
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eat storms. thank you very much for he was shot dead in the street. an official investigation found that the local authorities treated sharing your talks today. he led the cj as a criminal when he should have been protected as a victim in the making. delegation in the talks back in it was just him and me left 2007. to try and sort this out until anything else could occur, really. five weeks on from the plane crash i100% believe i was let down. that killed the footballer emiliano sala and pilot david ibbotson the men who facilitated the transfer he is not here. of the 28—year—old footballer from nantes to cardiff have told cj's murder remains unsolved, the bbc that they have been made scapegoats for the tragedy. the police are still appealing the agent willie mckay and son mark say that they made sala s travel arrangements after cardiff city for information while his mother appeals to local authorities left him "abandoned" in their words to make his own plans to learn their lessons. and that the premier league team she says that the bigger picture was missed and today a report could have done more. from the children's commissioner cardiff city have previously said for england says too few agencies they weren t aware of the full really understand the scale of the gang problem. details of the flight. her report estimates there are 27,000 under 0ur sport correspondentjoe 18s in criminal gangs. wilson is with me now. but only a quarter are known what have we learned from what these to the authorities. quys what have we learned from what these guys are what have we learned from what these guys are saying? specifically, they she warns councils and police could repeat mistakes seen in how are upset about the aftermath and they failed to tackle street how it is being talked about. the grooming by sex abuse gangs. second is a modern football transfer we saw then that children weren't recognised in terms of the need
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deal is an extremely complex business and when we try to unpick and more often overlooked. people weren't recognising it, that becomes clear. willie the scale of the issue, mackay and his son mark were working they weren't seeing the risks on behalf of the french club to get when children were being exploited a dealfor their star asset, to get and where parents and children asked him sold to a premier league club. for help they could not get the deal had been done, emiliano a response and that, i see, is a too familiar pattern sally had been over to cardiff and which is starting to show with children in gangs. done the publicity and have gone the home secretary sajid javid says back to france to say goodbye to his the government is now doing more than ever to intervene in the lives team—mates. that is the point when of young gang members including mackay feels that cardiff left him treating violence as a public health in the lurch. how was he to get back problem rather thanjust a crime. critics say it's not enough, to cardiff and began his new life? a flagship scheme helping troubled families will soon run cardiff say that they had to talk to him and arranged a commercial out of funding. flight. him and arranged a commercial flight. mackay said that is when he three teenagers have died stepped in to make it easierfor in a fortnight in birmingham prompting one police chief emiliano sala and he booked the to describe knife crime as a national emergency. flight. emiliano sala and he booked the flight. he feels that in some way he dominic casciani, bbc news. has been left to carry the blame. let's hear from him has been left to carry the blame. let's hearfrom him now. has been left to carry the blame. let's hear from him now. you have said cardiff should have done more, given the scale of this problem we do you hold them partly responsible for what happened ? are talking to someone who knows the do you hold them partly responsible gang culture inside out. 0mar sharif — is a former gang for what happened? no. i don't hold
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anybody responsible because it was just a tragic accident and people... member and the winner of last years that is what it boils down to. it prince's trust ‘young achiever of the year award.‘ was a tragic accident, nobody wanted the plane to crash. some people are does this extent of the problem surprise you? no, it has been a writing things that you cannot believe what they are writing. we problem for a long time and people have turned a blind eye to it. what did nothing wrong, wejust try believe what they are writing. we did nothing wrong, we just try to help, we tried to over help. your drives people into gangs? is it simply bea drives people into gangs? is it simply be a pressure, is it money, what is it? identity is one thing, conscience and might‘s conscience, you are both entirely clear? totally sometime you are involved because clear, we just try to help the you live in an area and you get family. especially the family, we involved. for most people i know, myself, is money. we live in one of try to help. there are several the richest cities in the world but layers to this story clearly. two there is a lot of poverty. people wa nt there is a lot of poverty. people want money but there are no people lost their lives, including opportunities because they do not the pilot david ibbotson. did willie have experience. if someone offered mackay shed any light on that? this me money to do something, it seems easy, you get a bit of street cred, is another area of complexity, even the ownership of the plane. david you get respect, people want to fit ibbotson ended up being the pilot, and it is clear and willie mackay in. viewers will want to know how
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talked about this in the interview, you got out of it, what was your he arranged for a different pilot, route out of it? for lots of young david henderson, his contact, that people would you agree it is a very is the man he associated with difficult cycle to break? what did you do? it is. in short i was flight. is the man he associated with flight. when it came to it willie homeless for six months and give me mackay did not know anything about time to reflect. i was homeless david ibbotson and his credentials. because i had to escape and hide the validity of david ibbotson's from people i owed money. give me licence is part of the ongoing time to think, i did some work when investigation. let's hear what willie mackay said specifically about the situation of the pilot. no one knew i was and i was away when you asked him to organise this from it. i had to uproot myself. i fly, when you asked him to organise this fly, did you expect him to be the had to forget about the old friends pilot? yes, i did, buti i had had to forget about the old friends ihad and had to forget about the old friends i had and the old ways i carried fly, did you expect him to be the pilot? yes, i did, but i also myself. how tough is it? very tough. expected, as ever, he was going to be on time, he was going to do i don't use schools and i run my own everything that he could to make it company, and i tell people you have a good flight. did he tell you or to get out of the situation and it is not easy. i suffered mentally from it. there is one thing suggest to you that he would be the pilot? he did say he could not do it especially i want to mention which is the princes trust, what did that
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himself, but he would get someone and whoever he got i would say, i am enable you to do? it gave me fine with that. david is an belonging. the game for me was experienced pilot himself and i knew belonging. the game for me was belonging and for a long time i worked solo by myself. i found a the plane would be spot on as well group of young people from similar and they would be capable of doing the flight, which it was. backgrounds but they were all there for a backgrounds but they were all there fora similar backgrounds but they were all there for a similar reason, they wanted education and work. i found teen readers who saw something in me for the investigation continues and there is no comment from cardiff a long time, i had nothing, no city today and they are waiting to aspirations but they told me i could pay the transfer. cardiff reiterated be great at this, and i thought that the relevant authorities must be allowed to determine the facts actually i can. they give me a push surrounding this tragedy before anything else happens. many thanks forward and my journey actually i can. they give me a push forward and myjourney started from doing the teen programme. forward and myjourney started from doing the teen programmem doing the teen programme. it is amazing to give someone that level again. of confidence and self belief when the headlines on bbc news... you have none because it can be a step forward. what did that lead you into? i went into personaltraining, a woman who was convicted of killing her husband with a hammer has won an i worked with a national charity appeal against her murder with schools. my passion from conviction. sally challen will now face speaking came from that so now i go a retrial after her lawyers argued into prisons and schools and try to she suffered mental disorders teach young people, notjust mass, at the time of the killing.
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the summit between president trump and kimjong—un ends in failure after north korea demands english and science are what school relief of sanctions in return for denuclearisation. cell id basis of education but i do the man who booked emiliano sala's not believe that, i believe in fateful flight to cardiff city stress management and help people alleges the player was abandoned by the club but doesn't blame survive in life. reading is important but young people on social anyone for his death. media and the issues are happening, and within the last hour fulham have we need to change the curriculum. sacked manager claudio ranieri. the that is what i think needs to be clu b sacked manager claudio ranieri. the club are 19th in the premier league, done. when you talk about stress ten points from safety. he only took management and conflict resolution, let siegel into a prison and talk to overin ten points from safety. he only took over in november. controversial young people there, what kind of plans to change the international reception do you get? i've had by plans to change the international rugby calendar have been labelled out of touch by a body that mixed. some people are very angry represents the players. the and not receptive but some want organisers want to establish a new world league of 12 nations starting change. some prisoners are demanding next year. the former two—time world champion and olympic gold medallistjames their own intervention programmes degale has announced his retirement andi their own intervention programmes and i asked if i can help and they are tired of living a certain way from boxing. defeat to chris eubank junior last weekend turned out to be and trying to fit in. they want to his last fight. i will be back with beat their own individual selves and more on all those stories at half it takes time to understand that and past five. break away from the friends you
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have, until something goes wrong and the conservative mp george eustice you are on your own. you think of has resigned from the government over theresa may's promise to allow mps a vote on delaying brexit the thousands of young kids involved if her deal is rejected. in gangs today, many want to get out the farming minister said he wanted to be "free to participate but cannot uproot themselves and in the critical debate that cannot do what you have done. what will take place in the weeks ahead". mr eustice is a longstanding in reality id able to do when they supporter of brexit who stood as a ukip candidate are in communities where frankly it for the european parliament before is quite dangerous even to think joining the conservatives. about getting out of a gang, what is the advice to them? most want to in his resignation letter tell their parents but that is the first step, speak to parents and mr eustice said: guardians and say i need help. i did that years later. my parents found out years later. they did not know with me now is our chief political what i was doing, i had some money in my pocket but they did not know correspondent vicki young. it was coming from. speak to other young people because everyone is going through something and after he becomes the 14th minister to
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that, for me it was the princes leave the government because of brexit. there have been various trust and my family who helped support me, i should have gone to different reasons for those people living within the conservative them from the beginning. but as a young man i thought i could do it party. george eustace is saying it is that decision to allow parliament myself. that is not the case, that potentially to take control of this drove me into a pit of depression. process , potentially to take control of this process, to mandate the prime minister to go to the eu and ask for what does the future hold? what are your plans? you mentioned your an extension. his fear is that could become a very long delay. unlike business, and fitness and inspiring others he has supported the prime people, but how are you going to develop that what i knew going to minister and her deal and voted for it before. he said even though he do? global expansion. i see myself was living government he would continue to back her deal. i asked him why he decided to resign now. this week has been a quite dangerous doing that. notjust young people in development, which is parliament taking direct control of this process away from the government. i wa nt to process away from the government. i want to be able to participate in this debate and the best way to do schools but corporations. i am thatis this debate and the best way to do that is to leave the government so i have the freedom to act in this critical few weeks. it would be highly dangerous for our country to trying to teach young people had to go cap in hand to the european union develop a strong mindset because two at the 11th hour and begged for an
5:21 pm
out life, teachers say you're not extension. we have to have the going to achieve appearance eur not confidence and courage to walk away good enough of that, we need to without an agreement if we cannot break three of the shackles and say get the prime minister's deal ican break three of the shackles and say i can do it, i am in charge of my through. he talks in his letter own destiny i want young people to about undignified retreats and is understand that. you are a great example and i have a lot of pretty scathing about that group of ministers on the other side of the admiration for what you have done. argument when it comes to brexit who last week threatened to resign en the remarkable story of success and masse. they are effectively forced rebuilding. a two—part documentary the prime minister into having to will be broadcast next week —— grant the possibility of parliament accusing michaeljackson of sexually abusing two young children, voting for an extension and he feels in the late 1980s and early 1990s. that completely undermines their negotiating position of the wade robson and james safechuck say government. although he is willing that from the age of 7 and 10 — to back theresa may's deal when it they were abused by the singer comes back to the commons in the at his neverland ranch in california. michaeljackson's next couple of weeks, he does feel family deny the claims. jackson had denied any allegations that the choice of no deal or along of abuse throughout his life — as our entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba reports. everybody wanted to meet michael or be with michael. extension, he would choose no deal. the documentary details the story of two men now in their 30s he has been covering fishing and who claimed when they were children farming and his has a lot of work they were abused by the pop star. has been done. it is interesting
5:22 pm
michael asked do you and the family that he is concerned, as others are, want to come to neverland? that he is concerned, as others are, that once you get into the realms of something they say began afterjackson befriended along extension, the uk does not them and their families. the days were filled with magical hold the cards anymore. the eu has to dictate how long that will be and childhood adventure experiences. it is decided by them so he has both say the abuse began decided to walk away from government after he brought them to his neverland ranch, for several years. he has felt they've told cbs news it went on for years. getting out of the eu should be the for me, while the abuse priority and he will be speaking to was going on, the abuse for me went from aged seven to 14 years old. his fellow pro brexit mps in his party and urging them to back theresa may's deal when it comes i rememberfeeling around 12, starting to be a little more back. uncomfortable about that, vicky young at westminster. sometimes trying to change the subject or, you know, net migration to the uk from countries outside the european union has distract but then, but then, hit its highest level for 15 years. the figure is rising, as the number of people settling having a fear that if i don't do in britain from eu countries continues to fall. this, i'm already feeling like i'm our home affairs correspondent not a favourite of michael's danny shaw is with me. take us through the figures. overall anymore, if i don't do this, what is going to happen? migration to the uk remains i do think there are others out historically high, in terms of there but i also don't expect immigration. in terms of the net them tojust come out
5:23 pm
now that we are coming out. migration figure, the difference between people arriving and coming it's such a difficult thing to do to live here and those emigrating, to come out, you have to do it when you are ready. thatis to live here and those emigrating, that is 283,000. it is well above jackson had always denied any abuse and was cleared at a 2005 criminal that is 283,000. it is well above trial involving a 13—year—old boy. that target that the government has his family says these new less tha n that target that the government has less than 100,000. when we break it allegations are completely untrue. down, and we now split it between eu i want them to understand and know that this documentary and non—eu, we can see a clear is not telling the truth. pattern. since the referendum in june 2016, eu immigration has there has not been not one fallen, and that figure is 57,000, piece of evidence that corroborates their story. thatis fallen, and that figure is 57,000, that is the lowest number for almost and they are not interested in doing that. some would say it's hard a decade. 70% down since the time of for you to sit here and say the documentary isn't telling the truth when you haven't the referendum. the steepest drop is amongst those countries thatjoined seen the documentary. shouldn't you see the documentary? the eu in 2004, which includes i don't care because i know my brother. i don't have to see poland. there are more people the documentary, i know michael. leaving the uk from poland and the 2—part documentary has already czechoslovakia than arriving in been screened at the sundance film festival in the us and will be shown britain. now we look at non—eu in the uk over two nights migration and we can see an on channel four next week. increase. immigration from states outside europe is up, 261,000, that
5:24 pm
is the net non—eu migration figure, a dog belonging to the former the highest level since 2004. it is american president, george h.w. bush, has started a new being driven by international role with the us navy. students, particularly from china sully, a yellow labrador, and india, and also people coming to won the affection of americans last year when he faithfully laid down britain who have a definite job beside his late master's coffin. offer. it looks as though some shift his new role will see him helping wounded war veterans is going on here. people from and their families, outside the eu are taking some of as neda tawfik reports. thejobs outside the eu are taking some of the jobs that were previously done it's a proud day for sully by people from inside the eu. danny the service dog as he embarks on his next assignment. shaw, our home affairs he was a constant companion for former president george hw bush in the last few months of his life. correspondent. israel's attorney—general has said he intends to bring corruption starting today, his new home charges against the prime minister, will be with veterans benjamin netanyahu, pending a hearing. at walter reed military medical mr neta nyahu faces indictments for bribery, center. fraud and breach of trust. sully hw bush, do you affirm as a hospital foreman 0ur middle east correspondent yollande knell is injerusalem for us. in the united states navy, that you will support, comfort and cheer what can you tell us about this up veterans and their families, latest development? in the last active duty and retired? couple of hours the prime minister sully first touched the hearts has been given the formal letter, of americans when he loyally
5:25 pm
accompanied the 41st president's notifying him of being charged in casket to the nation's capital. three cases. police began their theirfriendship began when the two—year—old lab moved initial investigations into it as into the family estate following the death long as two years ago. in the first of first lady barbara bush. sully was always by his case, this is where the prime side for long walks and presidential meetings. minister is accused of accepting expensive gifts for himself and his bush senior loved him so much that he even got family, things like pink champagne, socks to honour sully. hi, valerie. cigars, jewelry, exchange, it said, nice to meet you. is this sully? for helping israeli film producer in this is sully. say hello to nada. hollywood with his us visa and also we were lucky enough to meet sully at this training facility in long island it is alleged helping him with tax brea ks before his new mission began. it is alleged helping him with tax breaks in israel. there are two sully‘s trainer valerie says he is an old soul, other cases, and both of them are which made him a perfect match cases in which the prime minister is for bush senior. his team wanted a loyal dog, accused of really seeking my a dog that was easily adaptable, favourable press coverage for great with children, himself. in those cases he is told and sully fit the bill perfectly. that he is facing charges of breach sully, phone! of trust and fraud. in one of them, he's also talented. service dogs like sully are trained more seriously of bravery as well. to help in emergency situations the reason we are careful about what or with daily tasks. we are seeing here is the attorney yes, good boy, sully!
5:26 pm
general is making his notification it was president george hw bush's at the moment but there will be a wish that sully would go on to walter reed to continue hearing with the prime minister which will take place in the coming serving his country. there, his job will mainly months and that is when he will make be to comfort veterans his final decision on the charges. and their families. but it is a very serious situation army veteran tyler began therapy for the prime minister and he is with service dogs at walter reed before he was matched looking at making an unwanted with his very own trooper. record, he could become the first yes! sitting prime minister to face good boy. walk. criminal charges in this way. it is he had to relearn everything after sustaining severe brain all feeding into an election season injuries and a fractured spine while on deployment. as well. israel goes to the polls on when he needs assistance, trooper is there. the 9th of april and his party, the it has meant the world to me. i feel like i can likud party, have tried to block move on with my life. this decision from being announced, it's just a bond that saying it could have an unwanted cannot be broken. influence on the elections. that was i'm always there for him and he's rejected by the high court and we always there for me. have just had to be a split has we got each other's backs. handed out and the press told of the sully will be making attorney general‘s plans. handed out and the press told of the attorney general's plans. thank you new relationships but he'll forever very much for the latest on the news carry the presidential seal on his vest and he'll from jerusalem. always be sully hw bush. nada tawfik, new york. a man who supplied his girlfriend
5:27 pm
with a class a drug at a festival has been convicted of manslaughter. 30—year—old ceon broughton is due to be sentenced on friday morning. he had denied he was responsible stand by for bbc news at sex, but for the death of 24—year—old louella fletcher—michie, now it is time for the weather. —— who was the daughter of the holby city actorjohn michie, and died at bestival in dorset after taking the class a drug 2—cp. 6pm. we have had some balmy weather and 27 minutes past five and we will we have got more light weather as have the headlines in a moment and we will catch up with the sport as well and more on the events in the usual. this was the scene on the south coast, they are the typical of failed summit between president what has been happening, a distinct trump and the north korean leader lack of sunshine after what we have kimjong—un. in the meantime, let's had of late. it does look even have the weather. though it was cloudy over today, we will have a record broken this debris. it is looking like the some were in half came and they have warmest on record. we have had all had a beautiful week, but it ended today. the folk will return this dry and warm air, down to the wind direction which is the way here overnight, but the cloud will keep the temperature is up and it will in the uk. subtle change of wind not be as cold as it was. this is direction, it westerly coming of the
5:28 pm
the satellite picture at the moment. atlantic, relatively mild but a lot of cloud around and that stays picking up moisture. we have got far with us. the temperature should not more moisture and cloud across the uk and showing you rain following at fall too much overnight, not as cold the moment. it is persistent over north wales and north—west england. asa fall too much overnight, not as cold as a recent mornings, but we will as we go to the evening and have the legacy of fog and mist overnight that will ease away and it around tomorrow morning. not a great has not been as warm today but it will be slightly less chilly and the start to friday. it is looking reason is because the cloud is a promising for the 1st of march, at blanket and stop the temperatures the beginning of the meteorological from falling but we will catch a spring. later in the day the rain little bit of light rain and drizzle across southern and eastern areas at returned to northern ireland, but apart from the morning mist and fog the end of the night. temperatures it is looking fine, dry and quite will get down to four or 5 degrees mild, although not the dizzy heights and we were likely to sea fog we have seen recently. there we can, tomorrow for the rush—hour, not for travelling. 0ther however, will be wet and windy. more on that in half an hour. tomorrow for the rush—hour, not for travelling. other than that tomorrow looks brighter with hazy spells of sunshine and we had not had the 19th and 20s, actually 12 to 13 is quite pleasa nt and 20s, actually 12 to 13 is quite pleasant for this time of year. later in the day more change and a weather front is coming in,
5:29 pm
later in the day more change and a weatherfront is coming in, a line of rain, a signalfor this weekend. low pressure retains and it will be wet and windy. rain through friday night and this next helping area of low pressure, more rain but wind. 0ur low pressure, more rain but wind. our first low pressure, more rain but wind. 0urfirst dealfor our first deal for some considerable time blowing in low pressure of the atlantic, sibiu gales across scotland. it may be part of eastern england will be fine and warm but for most it is rain and stronger winds. that reaches the south then lingers as another area of low pressure develops on that weather front so there is some concern about how far north that rain will come. at the moment it looks like a feature for wales and southern england, quite a soggy day for the south and east. further north, after the wind and the rain there will still be showers but potentially some sunny spells as well so it really is quite a dramatic change to what we have had. back to business
5:30 pm
as usual but i suspect there will be weather warnings issued as a result of that weather coming our way. a woman who killed her husband in a hammer attack has her murder conviction quashed, asjudges order a retrial. 65—year—old sally challen admitted killing her husband richard in 2010, after what she said were decades of abuse. her son welcomed the decision to quash her conviction. it's an amazing moment, you know. the courts have acknowledged this case needs to be looked at again, as we've always said as a family. also on tonight's programme... the football agents who arranged the doomed flight carrying emiliano sala say they're being made scapegoats for the tragedy. new allegations against michaeljackson — two men claim the late singer sexually abused them
5:31 pm
at his neverland ranch when they were children. i'm already feeling like i'm not a favourite of michael's any more and, if i don't do this, what's going to happen?
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