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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 28, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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hello and welcome to sportsday. cardiff city deny claims the club # i could have danced all night...#. abandoned emiliano sala — as the agent who organised his flight accueses the premier league side of letting him down. for which he received one of his four oscars. one of the most difficult things i've ever done in my life. good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another television concert by the london symphony orchestra. he was also a tv star, recognising the small screen's potential to broaden the appeal of classical music. one defeat too many for claudio ranieri... he's been sacked by relegation threatened fulham. well, he was an amazing person, a great talent, a wonderful pianist, and rugby union's top players a wonderful composer. say their welfare could be at risk, if a proposed he always pushed you so you could do your very best. world league goes ahead. andre previn was born in berlin before moving with his family to paris in the late ‘30s to escape the nazis. and then onto america and hollywood. good evening and welcome to the programme... five weeks on from the plane crash his wit and charm and enthusiasm that killed the footballer made him attractive to studios hiring musicians and to women. emiliano sala and the pilot david ibbotson, the men the film star mia farrow was the third of his five wives. who facilitated the transfer of the footballer from nantes tonight, she tweeted... to cardiff have told the bbc say hello to mr preview. that they ‘ve been made scapegoats. ah, mr preview, how are you?
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willie mckay and his son mark say he achieved celebrity status in 1971 that they arranged sala 5 travel with a now legendary after cardiff city left him appearance on the morecambe to make his own plans.. and wise show. here's our sports editor dan roan you're playing all the wrong notes. laughter. he isa he is a well—known former agents, and he wasn't very much involved in the lead up to this deal, to help his son mark, who is the registered agent acting on behalf of the french i'm playing all the right notes. club, now crucially once sala had but not necessarily signed for cardiff city, he then said he wanted to go back home to in the right order. say goodbye to his friends, pack up his things, and come back to start i'll give you that. his things, and come back to start i'll give you that, sunshine. his career. and woody mckay, as he had done to the build—up of the he was furious when soon—yi, the daughter he'd adopted transfer, said that he arranged for with mia farrow, married woody allen, previously her mother's boyfriend. that flight to be conducted. they "soon—yi does not exist," he said. got there safely, sala and the pilot, who was flying the plane, it was a sour note for a man david, who also sadly died who loved life, people and music. subsequently, but of course the i'm just very happy plane crashed into the english channel when it crashed into cardiff that i'm a musician. which branch of music city. what to mckay has told us, the
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first time he has done a broadcast is actually immaterial. i'm just very pleased interview, that cardiff city could to be a musician. have done more. he was abandoned in a wonderful thing to be. the motel more or less to do his travel himself. nobody in cardiff the great conductor, composer and pianist andre previn, who has died at the age of 89. seem travel himself. nobody in cardiff seem to be doing anything. it was a bit embarrassing, cardiff, because that's all from us. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. ifi bit embarrassing, cardiff, because if i had paid 70 million euros, and then leave him in a hotel, himself, trying to go on the computer and look for a flight. more on that story on our website. cardiff city have issued a statement in response to those comments... they've rejected the claim that the club neglected emilio sala —insisting it was in the process of organizing a commercial flight until that offer was declined due to separate arrangements being made. fulham have sacked manager claudio ranieri. the london club are struggling in the premier league — 19th in the table and 10 points from safety. ranieri only took over in november,
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but last night's 2—0 defeat to southampton looks to have been the decisive blow for the italian. he was in charge for 16 league games but won only three. chairman shahid khan says following our discussion this afternoon, claudio agreed to my decision that a change was in the best interest of everyone." former fulham midfielder scott parker will take over as caretaker manager. ranieri has not been the right appointment. at the time, i exited it. —— accepted it. i am always disappointed when he left the job because i was a big fan of his and i thought he deserved a little bit more time. considering the amazing work that he did to get fulham in the premier league. his mission was to keep fulham in the division and i think after last night's the figment we are now ten points address and i think even the most optimistic fans will except —— i draft. that fulham are almost certainly relegated.
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let's take a look at some of today's other sports stories . and britain's cameron norrie knocked out the fourth seed diego schwartzman to reach the quarterfinals of the mexican open. johanna konta is also into the quarterfinals in acapulco, thanks to a straight—sets victory over varvara flink... but katie boulter was forced to retire from her match. it's been confirmed... konta and her fed cup team—mates will play their world group two fed cup play—off against kazakhstan at london's copper box on the 20th and 21st of april. england'sjodi yewart shadoff is one shot off the pace after the first round of the lpga event in singapore — she opened with a three—under par round of 69. three—time olympic champion ed clancy led great britain to silver in the team pursuit at the world track championships in poland, as australia smashed the world record to claim gold. australia's quartet of leigh howard,
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sam welsford, kelland o'brien and alex porterfinished in a time of three minutes 48.012 seconds in pruszkow. that lowered their own world record set at the commonwealth games in 2018 and laid down a marker before the tokyo olympics in 2020. we thought we had half a chance, and we did. we put up a decent fight, and we need to look at the data, that was the best ride we've ever done, outside of field index. there is no doubt about that, this is an olympic package team, we will be going places. and great britain's women also took silver in the team pursuit, just like the men, they were beaten by australia in the final. the team, featuring four—time olympic champion laura kenny, elinor barker, katie archibald and eleanor dickinson, were beaten byjust 2 tenths of a second. back home, we ran a quicker time, andi
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back home, we ran a quicker time, and i had better legs, much better legs, now i just and i had better legs, much better legs, now ijust didn't happen here at these last two days. i don't know why, it's not like i haven't been feeling unwell or anything, so i feeling unwell or anything, so i feel partly responsible for it, because like i said back home, we went quicker. we ran quicker, so it's a bit disappointing i guess. now, some of the world's leading rugby union players have warned the sport's global governing body that proposed changes to the calendar.. risk player welfare. world rugby reportedly wants to introduce a 12—team world league starting in 2020 but world player of the yearjonny sexton has called the proposals "out of touch". patrick gearey has more. josh adams against elliott, josh adams. this is what it takes to play international rugby union, it's a sport that tugs at the emotional and physical extremes. the games governing body wants to take that show on a global tour, a new leg featuring 12 nations, taking each other on over the course of the
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year. extreme sports, exported around the world. but his rabe selling point also is his breaking point. before that plans have even been formally announced, the body representing international players has raised worries about its safety. too much travel, too many games they say. if it continues down this path, that's what came out clear from the 40 that's what came out clear from the a0 players that we heard on a conference call. that safety is, you know, it's already at breaking point, and if we continue to far, you know, it will be a real danger of that happening to players now. they want us to play the game. the international rugby players association also expressed its concern at the possible exclusion of the pacific island nation's fiji samoa, short on resources but rich in talent, there are fears that keeping them out of any competition could drive evermore islanders to represent nations on distant shores. everybody plays this game to be able to progress, if you are capped, if there is a ceiling on this game,
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then the nations probably shouldn't play in the first place. yes, i feel thatis play in the first place. yes, i feel that is a real crossroads that i've faced. railed rugby themselves have entered the rack, they released a statement saying that mac... in other words, nothing has been decided, and services at the organisation have insisted that specific nations are still in the plans. all involved in a sport i to build on the exposure at this where weld l bring. both players say they still want to talk. but it may take some manoeuvring to get this one out of lights become a fairly major. patrick erie, bbc news. st helens have gone top of super league, as their impressive start to the new season continued with a comfortable 26—a win over the salford red devils. mark percival caught this high ball to score saints' first try, mid—way through the first half.
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captain james roby then sealed a comfortable win, late in the second. st helens are now a from a this season. britain's two—time world champion james degale has retired from boxing in the wake of his defeat by chris eubankjr. he also won olympic gold in 2008 and it's 10 years to the day that he made his professional debut — he said boxing had given him the best years of his life. he won 25 and lost three of his 29 professionalfights. ahead of the fight with eubank, degale said the loser would have that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the former fleet street editor eve pollard and the financial times political correspondent laura hughes. welcome to both the common good to have you back with us. we will be with them in a moment, but to bring you up—to—date. the i leads with the decision by court of appealjudges to overturn sally challen's conviction for murdering her husband after suffering four decades of controlling behaviour and abuse from him. lawyers quoted by the telegraph said the decision will now pave the way for dozens of other women in similar situations to appeal their own convictions. the mail also features that story on its front page, as does the mirror. meanwhile, the times says that nhs england wants to scrap four—hour waiting targets for a&e because it thinks the rules encourage hospitals to prioritise patients waiting the longest over those in most need
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of urgent care. the guardian leads with criticism of the government's gender pay gap reporting scheme. it claims ‘mathmatically impossible" data still hasn't been corrected and says not one firm has been fined for failing to comply with legislation. the metro reports that ceon broughton has been found guilty of the manslaughter of his girlfriend louela fletcher—michie, the daughter of a holby city actor, after he gave her drugs at bestival in dorset. rights, plenty to go on, let's start if we can with the daily telegraph, and the case of sally challenge. this is very interesting case, because this lady who is 65 is in jailfor because this lady who is 65 is in jail for 22 because this lady who is 65 is in jailfor 22 years. for because this lady who is 65 is in jail for 22 years. for having killed her husband, and it's very careful, you have to be very careful, they said they are going to relook at this case, because she had two
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mental health problems when, at that time fs. and that wasn't featured in the original trial. it wasn't. talking with her sons, who obviously watch this relationship, and said we would like oui’ relationship, and said we would like our mother to have another shot at freedom, the first freedom she will have had since she was 15. that's half a century. when she met father. we have been talking, not necessarily come i don't know anybody who is injailfor necessarily come i don't know anybody who is in jail for having murdered their husband, or i might be going there myself, but seriously, women who we know are in what we call a very controlling situations, and you know, today's alpha male, probably things that one person they can totally control is their way. and that women don't want to admit it, can't admit it, think they won't receive any sympathy, particularly often well shot women, people who have money, but have a
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man who probably is in charge of the company, and feels he's totally in charge of her. interestingly, theresa may actually
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