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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  March 1, 2019 5:00pm-5:45pm GMT

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this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. the headlines... the government has been ordered to pay £33 million to eurotunnel in an agreement today at 5pm — the transport secretary under renewed pressure to settle a lawsuit over extra ferry as the government is forced to pay services in the event of a no—deal brexit. £33 million to eurotunnel in his first tv to settle a legal claim. interview since quitting as theresa may's chief of staff — nick timothy criticises the lawsuit concerned extra ferry the prime ministerfor seeing brexit as a "damage limitation exercise." pakistan has freed an indian services in the event fighter pilot captured after his plane was shot down in pakistan—administered kashmir. of a no—deal brexit — eurotunnel claimed the contracts were handed out in a "secretive" way. the united states is offering the government say they were right a reward of up to a million dollars for information about one to settle the dispute. of the sons of the late al-qaeda the contract and at the ferries that leader, osama bin laden. are going to be available are critical for our contingency plans are. so, it's a good thing that the agreement has been made today. we'll have the latest. time for a round—up of all the latest sports stories for you. new leicester manager
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brendan rodgers has been speaking also, we'll be hearing from voters about the reasons by why he decided on what they think of our to leave celtic — with them top brexit coverage. the other main stories of the scottish premiership on bbc news at five: and still with a chance to win in his first tv interview the treble treble — since quitting as theresa that is all three scottish domestic may's chief of staff — nick timothy criticises trophies three years on the trot — the prime ministerfor seeing brexit he says he understand celtic fan's as a "damage limitation exercise." frustration that he decided to leave many ministers, and i would include theresa in this, struggle to see any for the premier league... it all happened very quickly, economic upside to brexit. i was presented with an opportunity that came to me, and of course, pakistan frees an indian fighter pilot — captured after his plane then, emotionally, you have to take was shot down amid rising the emotion out of the decision. tensions over kashmir. wanted — the son of osama bin laden. the united states puts a million and my decision was, after nearly three years, with everything we had achieved, dollar bounty on his head. the success we have had. and, keira knightley stars in the aftermath — a drama set in post—war germany. i felt it was probably the time to move on to my next challenge. another team with a new man see what mark kermode makes of that and the rest in charge is fulham — of the week's films — who sacked claudio ranieri yesterday, first team coach in the film review. scott parker has taken temporary charge of the club — they face chelsea on sunday. fulham are 19th in the premier league table. he says he has received a number
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of messages of support... sir alex takes me —— texted me late last night, which was pretty incredible, really, to think that he spent the time to write a long our top story on bbc news at five — detailed message giving me some labour have called for the transport advice on how he sees things, was secretary chris grayling to be truly inspirational, really, and i know it sounds like a big comment, sacked after the government agreed to pay £33 million but it's the truth. to eurotunnel — to settle a lawsuit over extra ferry services in the event of a no—deal brexit. scotland's women put in a gutsy performance the company which runs but were beaten in their first match the channel tunnel — at the algarve cup as preparations said the government had acted continue for the summer's world cup. in a "secretive" way when it awarded they were under pressure contracts to three companies for long periods but the only goal to ensure goods continue to flow of the game came from the penalty into britain smoothly. spot in the 82nd minute. christine sinclair stepped the transport secretary, up to sidefoot home after a foul by chloe arthur. chris grayling, has scotland face iceland criticised for his role in the affair. in their next game on monday. but this morning downing street said the prime minister still has full confidence in him. great performance so far our business correspondent, from a number of briton‘s at the european indoor champs in
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rob young reports. glasgow. keeping things moving. the government move to ensure vital especially from katarina supplies keep flowing into the johnson—thompson who is on for a country of there is disruption after world record in the pentathlon a no—deal brexit. two of the firms with a healthy lead of 118 points after the first three events. already runs services between the uk she's the event favourite and continental europe. another, in the absence of world and olympic doesn't. it didn't have any ships to heptathlon champion, nafi thiam, who's injured sailfrom doesn't. it didn't have any ships to sail from ramsgate. eurotunnel took and equalled her season's best time, the comment to court, saying its in finishing second in the first event — the 60 metres hurdles. tendering process had been a secretive and it had been excluded. she went better in the next event, the government acknowledge the process had been carried out quickly but said it had been because of the winning the highjump, just shy of her personal best, but that was increasing risk of no do. however, enough to take her into the lead, ahead of today's hearing, the government a set of the case for £33 and her british team—mate impressed with that in that event. million, public money that will go before an even more impressive to eurotunnel. men said they did what the code to tear up the ferry performance in the shot put. a liftime best forjohnson thompson contract, potentially risking the shipment of medical supplies. this isa shipment of medical supplies. this is a really imported in agreement we of 13.15 metres to take firm control
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have come to as a government, as a whole. it is very important that whatever the brexit scenario, we can elsewhere, eilidh doyle has qualified for the semifinals have that unhindered supply of of the 400 metres. medicines. i cannot emphasise enough she's a former silver medallist in this event and was one how important this agreement reached of the fastest losers afterfinishing third in her heat. today is. it allow us to have laura kenny has pulled out of the world track cycling confidence, that supply of medicines, which everybody wants to championships because of illness. see. the settlement will be spent on she was supposed to be competing in the omnium today and will be uniting eurotunnel‘s own no—deal replaced by katie archibald. kenny says she "let the girls down" after missing out on gold preparations. the transport to australia in the women's secretary was criticised for the team pursuit yesterday. you can follow coverage initial way the 30 contracts were of the championships in poland across the bbc sport website. awarded. today's settlement has increased the political pressure on that's all from me. him. i am aghast. what does it take lizzie greenwood hughes for the secretary of state to be will have a full round up sacked? that is 33 million on top of the 500 million that we know he cost in sportsday at 6.30pm. us the 500 million that we know he cost us yesterday. the country cannot afford chris grayling, he has got to go for the credibility of our with less than a month to go before
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nation. goodness me, the people the uk is scheduled to leave the eu, working for him must be pulling many questions remain unanswered. their hairout. throughout the day, bbc news is giving a group working for him must be pulling of viewers the opportunity their hair out. the transport to contribute their ideas to how its journalists cover brexit. secretary said: 0ur reporter, chi chi izundu, is in the newsroom, together with our reality check correspondent chris morris to hear what some of the outstanding issues are. the transport secretary said: 0ver over to you. indeed, all day we have been speaking to audiences who have the settlement means that the bill been speaking to audiences who have for no do contingency for the been invited into the bbc to talk specifically about what they want to transport department has gone up. know when it comes to the brexit coverage of the next 28 days. some live to westminster — might argue it is the most important and our political correspondent nick eardley. days. chris morris, you have been nothing but backs it, since you some viewers might be scratching started your role? turn it has been their heads and thinking why is the comment having to pay out £33 brexit, brexit, brexit. it is quite million to eurotunnel? essentially, ha rd to brexit, brexit, brexit. it is quite hard to believe, that nearly three it is because of the process years after the referendum, less thana years after the referendum, less than a month ago, we still don't followed in this case. you might remember the controversy which was know what is happening. exactly, but what is the main question? what do when this contract was signed with people want to know? one is, why seabourn freight, then it turned out haven't we left yet, and the short
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answer to that is because it is so they had no ships. eventually, the biggest player in that consortium complicated. and then there are pulled out and that contract were questions about practical stuff, scrapped. but, eurotunnel was food, travel, and the trouble is, a unhappy with the way the procurement lot of the answers can't be absolute. there is a lot of process was carried out. they took uncertainty about it. if you are individuals or businesses, one of the government to court over it, all the government to court over it, all the signs indicated they were going the problems is no one can give you an absolute answer about what will to win. the department for transport must pay out less money, the so now i am going to be difficult, government say they want to get some because we have got three audience members with you. we will do our continuity and get assurances on the supplies in the event of a no—deal best. you have got a question brexit. there are now many regarding food? the average basket, opposition politicians saying this is not good for chris grayling. shopping, how much will it go up? labour are saying he needs to be sacked. his critics say this is not the thing about food at the moment, the first time he has made mistakes we import about a third of our food, in government, in other departments much from the european union. at the too he has blundered, that the moment, we don't pay any tariffs on critics will say. has a role in that food. after we leave, if we justice is under scrutiny today over leave with no deal at the end of the way he oversaw various contracts march, then the government has got there. adding to that, the fiasco to decide what kind of tariffs it is
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over the east coast main line going going to impose. if it imposes zero back into public hands. you don't tariffs on food coming from europe, get the impression chris grayling is it would have to impose a zero on food coming from everywhere else. if going to be the most popular minister around the cabinet table at that happens, farmers here fear it the moment. that said, with would destroy their livelihood. everything going on in the brexit there will probably be tariffs on some foodstuffs, dairy and meat world, chris grayling is an ally of coming from europe, and one of the theresa may. he is somebody she will questions is, how will companies deal with that? will they take the not want to lose, they have been cost on themselves or pass it onto friends for a long time, i suspect the consumer. some things in the she will do whatever she can to hold onto him. but of those calls for his short time, things would go up in job are only going to continue, as price, and one of the specific issues, at the time of year, late you say, this is not the first time march, or early april, as we are chris grayling's handling of big very dependent on that time of year issues has been called into for a lot of things like fresh fruit question. as many fear it will not and vegetables coming from europe, be the last. and vegetables coming from europe, and supermarkets, as you probably know, they are pretty clever, they theresa may's former chief of staff cancel stuff from elsewhere, and a has criticised her brexit strategy. couple of years ago, there was a nick timothy said the prime minister problem with lettuce is coming from sees brexit as a "damage spain, and they flew them in from limitation exercise." mr timothy resigned after the last election south america. but the problem is, when the prime minister failed if you fly them in from south to secure an overall majority. speaking in his first tv interview, america, you have got to fit the
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mr timothy said the prime minister transportation cost, and will the hadn't taken the steps needed company by that cost? 0r transportation cost, and will the company by that cost? or will it be passed on to the consumer. if you wa nt passed on to the consumer. if you want to know how much is every to make the most of leaving the eu. single item of shopping by going to change, it is really hard to say, 0ur political correspondent, but i think, in the event of alex forsyth, is in westminster. nick timothy was one no—deal, suddenly in the short term, of theresa may's closest aides, one of her closest allies — there could be some fairly sharp he was in her inner circle. price rises. i know you have got and what he is suggesting in this interview is, that despite the fact another question, but i will bring that theresa may has simone overfast. another question, but i will bring simone over fast. you another question, but i will bring repeatedly talked simone overfast. you have another question, but i will bring simone over fast. you have got concerns about how brexit will about britain's bright future after brexit — her heart has affect the nhs? i want to know how never really been in it. he said she, and some other ministers, have struggled to see the economic upside the nhs will be affected with of leaving the eu. regards to staffing? staffing is an as you mentioned, mr timothy had issue, because a lot of the nurses to quit hisjob in government and doctors are from other countries because he was, in part, blamed for the failings of the 2017 general election. in europe, and they can come over at the moment because there is free movement. at the moment, we don't he talked about the impact know what immigration policy is of that election result going to be put in place, exactly on the prime minister, and on himself. how do you think she felt about the result? after brexit, except for the fact i think it was written that the government has said that on herface on her day. freedom of movement will come to an end. that is an issue for a lot of on her face on the day.
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she was shocked, disappointed, hospitals, already reporting and, ithink, worried. difficulties in recruiting nurses, some immigration numbers came out because she knew how difficult it yesterday showing that the number of would be to get brexit done with the arithmetic people arriving from the eu has she inherited, and now, already fallen pretty sharply since it had become a slightly harder. i think quite a lot of things went the referendum. maybe that was a wrong with the election campaign, and i take responsibility for that, yes. lotta people coming here to work, what do you feel when you see her? maybe they think it is safe to go to as somebody who has been very close to her, germany or france, but the value of and respects, and likes her — the pound has fallen, so if you are to be honest, ifeel quite sad going to send euros home to your about where we are right now. family in poland, you will get less money than a couple of years ago. but, the a big problem is that many ministers, and i would include theresa in this, staffing is a real issue, i have struggle to see any spoken to a lot of hospitals who economic upside to brexit. said they are really concerned about they see it as a damage it. medicine is, at the moment, we actually send more medicines to the limitation exercise. re st of actually send more medicines to the rest of the eu, then they send to this isn't the first time that us. rest of the eu, then they send to us. it is very much a two—way nick timothy has criticised the prime minister's brexit street, and neither side wants strategy. medical supplies to run out. my best he himself is a brexiteer, and in newspaper articles in the past, he has suggested that she has taken the wrong directions. guess is that everyone will move heaven and earth to make sure that medical supplies can still be there sources close to the prime minister when people need them, but the say theyjust disagree with his view problem for a lot of patience, is
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and point out that she has been wholly committed to the brexit process. but i think his comments will, no doubt, confirm the suspicion the uncertainty. they hear rumours in the minds of some brexiteers that the prime minister has always been something and they get worried. again, it comes down to that word, of a reluctant leader. uncertainty, people aren't quite sure. and sheldon, i know you like a policy, brought in when theresa may was home secretary, is in breach booze cruise at the weekend, what is the high court has ruled that part of the government's immigration policy, brought in when theresa may your question? me and my friends, we was home secretary, is in breach like to travel over to the eu. what of human rights legislation. difficulties would become come across, if we were to travel, and the scheme, known as right to rent requires landlords drive to italy... brief answer, one in england to establish the immigration status of prospective tenants. judge martin spencer said the scheme thing i should say, as i going to be had "little or no effect" a deal or not, and we should caveat on controlling immigration, and caused landlords to discriminate all the answer when there is a against potential tenants difference. in terms of driving, if because of their nationality. joining me now is satbir singh, there was no—deal, then after the 29th of march, then they would need the chief executive to get an international permit. you would need to get different of the joint council for the welfare insurance. if there is a deal, then of immigrants, which brought for the transition period, the legal challenge everything would stay the same,
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after that, still to be negotiated. against the government. talk through what you think this fantastic. i hope you have enjoyed that. and i hope our audience ruling means. the judge members have enjoyed their time at talk through what you think this ruling means. thejudge has talk through what you think this ruling means. the judge has stated that in the scheme forces landlords the bbc, and also feel that you can come and tell us exactly what you to discriminate it, faced with potential dosing to see for renting to people without the right wa nt to come and tell us exactly what you want to know, from brexit at any paperwork height of the rest, they are actively choosing not to venture time. people with a foreign name or a drones are to be deployed in the search for a british climber foreign passport. it is really up to and his italian partner who've been the comet to say enough is enough, reported missing in the western himalayas. we are going to get rid of the tom ballard and daniele nardi last made contact on sunday scheme. have you any idea how many as they climbed nanga parbat in pakistan. of you this might effect? it is very iain macinnes has more. difficult to know how many people have been affected because you will not necessarily know what you have been turned down by a landlord u nless been turned down by a landlord unless they clearly say to you why. people may find that they have the deposit for a place ready, and they the search continues, despite are turned away by langford and star political tensions in the region. landlord. that is the type of but it was here in fort william that situation they are in, and they will it all started for tom ballard, climbing these hills for an early not necessarily know. the government
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age, and people here are hopefulfor can appeal? they can appeal, but the good use. big mountains, have all government has also made it clear that there is no version of this scheme that will not lead to the same unlawful outcome. what the the inherent dangers and things. government will have to do in appealing unless it is, essentially, tom's early life since shaped his mountaineering future. he watched on the right to discriminate in a very reese's way. this is an opportunity as mum, alison, prepared to conquer for the comment to say, there is no mount everest. she then set her sights on kay to end the himalayas. room for racism, and policy or in oui’ room for racism, and policy or in our society. you can purchase to the despite a decision to leave her young family behind. when we go climbing, we minimise the risks, and windrush generation? windrush was essentially the by—product of this if we thought it was that risky, we environment. when you have that —— wouldn't go climbing. if anybody thought they would not come back, it is very unfairforthem you end up in a situation where thought they would not come back, it is very unfair for them to do. when climbers climb, we know our strengths and weaknesses, and people cannot provide their hopefully, we can only make the paperwork and been now do things. right decisions at the right time. this is exactly the kind of policy sadly, that was to be alison's last which led to windrush. which is why climb. she died on the ascent. one it is disappointing that the government has not made any real of the finest female mountaineers progress on getting rid of some of
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the changes. that britain has ever had. it was a the indian fighter pilot captured by pakistan two days very tragic and unfortunate ago has been released. people have gathered on the indian side of the wagah happening on k2. once again, this border crossing point, waiting to give him mountaineering family wait for news. a hero's welcome home. there are hopes the pilot's release could defuse tensions the headlines on bbc news... between the nuclear powers over the government has been the disputed region of kashmir, ordered to pay £33 million which both pakistan and india to eurotunnel in an agreement claim as their own. to settle a lawsuit over extra ferry the neighbours have fought three services in the event wars since independence in 1947. of a no—deal brexit. rajini vaidya nathan in his first tv interview since quitting reports from the border. as theresa may's chief of staff — nick timothy criticises the prime ministerfor seeing brexit on his way home to india, the pilot as a "damage limitation exercise." this country is hailing a hero. pakistan has freed an indian from the early hours of the morning, fighter pilot captured after his plane was shot down jubilant crowds have been waiting for the return of in pakistan—administered kashmir. wing commander abhinandan varthaman. i have come here from delhi. an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's and frankfurt ended the day. i want to see my pilot, i'm proud of him, i want to see him back. and in the the united states this is how the dow there's been a real and the nasdaq are getting on. sense of national pride and patriotism here today. and, a sense of triumph. but, make no mistake about it, the tensions between these two
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nuclear neighbours might have now on bbc news a look ahead dampened down in the last day or two, but they certainly to sportsday at 6.30pm tonight... have not gone away. ok, i hope you have been coming up on bbc news, we will have treated well here with us. yes, i have... the latest from the european indoor wing commander varthaman was captured after the fighterjet athletics championships in glasgow, he was flying was shot down where britain's katarina earlier this week. johnson—thompson is leading the pakistan said he had violated their airspace. pentathlon after three of the five india says it was responding events. she threw her lifetime best after pakistani warplanes entered its territory. in the shot put, and she will also look at all the weekend's football. news archive: it's impossible to check the figures that is all on sports day, now on of knocked out tanks. bbc news, it is time for the film for decades, there have been tensions between the two neighbours over the disputed area of kashmir — which both claim in its entirety. review. this recent military escalation followed a suicide attack by a militant group based hello and welcome to in pakistan on 14th february. the film review on bbc news. a0 indian soldiers were killed to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. in indian—administered kashmir. india accuses pakistan of harbouring terror cells. today, at a rally ahead of upcoming elections, the country's prime minister,
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narendra modi, took a tough stance. this is an india that will return the damage done by terrorists, he told the crowd. these two nuclear powers may have walked back from the brink of war — but peace here remains fragile. rajini vaidyanathan, bbc news, amritsar. in the last half an hour or so, an officer from the indian air force has been giving this reaction. wing commander abhinandan varthaman has just been handed over to us as a standard operating procedure of the indian air force, he will not be taken for a medical checkup. particularly because of the officer has had to reject from an aeroplane which would have put his entire body
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under great stress. 0ur correspondent anbarasan ethirajan is in delhi. i suppose national rejoicing at the release of this pilot? thousands of people have been celebrating and the last hour or so after they watched the live pictures of wing commander abhinandan varthaman when he crossed the border earlier in the punjab state. you can hearfirecrackers going on in delhi and different places. different people in different places of india have been watching the television coverage and they were having special religious rituals for the safe return of this pilot. it has gripped this country for the last 48 hours. and suddenly, this wing commander has become the human face of the conflict between india and pakistan. when india sent
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its jets to bomb what it described asa its jets to bomb what it described as a suspected militant camp, there was a lot of euphoria, jingoism, nationalism in this country. but the whole narrative changed within the 24—hour is after pakistan shut down wing commander abhinandan varthaman. since then, people have been using the hashtag, say no to war. and he became the face of the conflict and many indians have been happy to see him come back safely. so, celebrations, rejoicing, but what is it mean for the relationship between india and pakistan? these are both nuclear powers. pakistani prime minister said, nuclear powers. pakistani prime ministersaid, releasing nuclear powers. pakistani prime minister said, releasing the pilot was a gesture of peace. so, do you think will ease tensions, or do you think will ease tensions, or do you think they are still rising?
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definitely, the release of wing commander abhinandan varthaman will reduce the tensions between india and pakistan. but it doesn't mean the crisis is over, it doesn't mean the crisis is over, it doesn't mean the bilateral tensions between these two countries on a range of issues, primarily kashmir. both countries claim kashmir in the field, they control only parts of it. it is a muslim majority province within india, there is an active insurgency going on in that part of the country. many locals would say they wa nt to country. many locals would say they want tojoin country. many locals would say they want to join with pakistan, and some would describe they want to be an independent kashmir. so, india is accusing pakistan of supporting the militants carry out attacks on indian forces. pakistan denies those accusations. the two countries have
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thought two wars over kashmir over the past 70 years. it may not have ended the conflict, but it has at least averted a war. that is how many people here will see it. thank you forjoining us. the headlines on bbc news: the government has been ordered to pay £33 million to eurotunnel in an agreement to settle a lawsuit over extra ferry services in the event of a no—deal brexit. in his first tv interview since quitting as theresa may's chief of staff — nick timothy criticises the prime ministerfor seeing brexit as a "damage limitation exercise." pakistan has freed an indian fighter pilot captured after his plane was shot down in pakistan—administered kashmir. new leicester city manager, brendan rodgers, says he hopes celtic fans can forgive him after he with the
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clu b can forgive him after he with the club for the premier league earlier this week. scotland's women begin their cup this week. scotland's women begin theircup campaign this week. scotland's women begin their cup campaign with a defeat by canada. and, in great britain's katarina johnson thompson has had it bounced out to her heptathlon title at the european indoor championships. she will lead events. georgia's prosecutor has told the bbc they've received the request to extradite jack shepherd, who was convicted of killing a woman in a speedboat crash on the river thames. shepherd handed himself into police in georgia in january after months on the run. 0ur moscow correspondent steve rosenberg has been given exclusive access to the prison in the capital tbilisi where he's being held.
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0n the edge of placement, this is potentially at number eight. 0ne 0n the edge of placement, this is potentially at number eight. one of the inmates as jack shepherd. after months on the run, he is behind bars in georgia, pending extradition proceedings. we are the first foreign tv crew to be allowed inside the jail. we are not allowed any contact with shepherd, but the prison has agreed to show us the conditions he is being held down. this is jack shepherd's prison cell, room 101. he shares it with two other inmates. shepherd sleeps it on this bed here. the prison authorities tell me that for security reasons, shepherd is under 24—hour surveillance. jack shepherd to surrender to georgian police after ten months in hiding. he had fled britain to escape his trial for
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manslaughter. in his absence, he was sentenced to six years in prison for the death of charlotte brown. she had been on a date with shepherd when his speedboat crashed on the river thames. today, georgian prosecutors confirmed to me that they have now received the official request from britain for shepherd to be sent home. how confident are you that jack shepherd will be extradited? very confident mr shepherd will be extradited to the uk. we will take every measure to convince thejudge this uk. we will take every measure to convince the judge this patient deserves to be extradited to the uk. the authorities say that jack shepherd could be gone from your within a month. but until a tradition is approved, this is where jack shepherd will remain, on remand in the penitentiary number eight, under lock and key, in a georgian
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jail. the united states is offering a million dollar reward for information about the son of osama bin laden, the late leader of al-qaeda. us officials say hamza bin laden is emerging as the leader of the islamist militant group. in recent years, he's called on followers to take revenge on the us and its allies for the killing of his father, who ordered the 9/11 attacks. 0ur washington correspondent chris buckler reports. the united states has published a wanted posterfor hamza bin laden, and they believe this is the new face of al-qaeda. the group has been responsible for many killings and bombings, but none were more devastating than this. on september 11th 2001, its members flew planes into the twin towers of new york's world trade center. one of a series of murderous attacks on america, apparently masterminded by osama bin laden. almost two decades on, the us has new concerns about al-qaeda
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and its late leader's son. hamza has released audio and video messages on the internet, calling on his followers to launch attacks against the united states and its western allies. and he has threatened attacks against the united states in revenge for the may 2011 killing of his father. after a ten—year search, osama bin laden was found at a safe house in pakistan and killed in an operation ordered by the then—president barack 0bama. after a firefight, they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. in the compound they found letters that suggested he was grooming his son hamza to succeed him, and now intelligence officials believe he is emerging as a key leader in the extremist group. today's al-qaeda is not stagnant. it's rebuilding, and it continues to threaten
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the united states and our allies. the us is offering $1 million for information that leads them to hamza bin laden. officials believe he could be in afghanistan, pakistan or iran. but they admit they don't know for sure. chris buckler, bbc news, washington. let's speak now to aki peritz, a former cia counter—terrorism analyst who joins us live from washington. thank you forjoining us. and the authorities are where you are have 110w authorities are where you are have now and about hamza bin laden for quite a while, why are they certainly putting this $1 million bounty on his head? believe it or not, that is actually at the million dollar question. 0n not, that is actually at the million dollar question. on one hand, you have an individual who has been in the limelight for a while. he has at the limelight for a while. he has at the jihadis the limelight for a while. he has at thejihadis pedigree of his the limelight for a while. he has at the jihadis pedigree of his father, he also married the right girl, the
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daughter of one of the hijackers of 9/11. so, why suspicion suddenly imagine right now? he might be pursuing an attack or a series of attacks on right now that we don't really know about. another option is that this $1 million bounty is trying to force him to emerge, perhaps give an audio or video tape to the world to show that he actually exists. this might also be actually exists. this might also be a way for the us government to force another al-qaeda chief to either embrace hamza bin laden or to cause discord among the organisation itself. if you're the ceo of a company and you know this hotshot young man is being groomed to take over, you would be feeling pretty disappointed and a little afraid. how dangerous do you think al-qaeda is now? we have been reporting in
5:27 pm
recent yea rs is now? we have been reporting in recent years of an islamic state. i suppose many people would think that al-qaeda have gone away for a bit. is the fear in washing think that it is resurgent? people here now that al-qaeda is one of these organisations which has lots of franchises across the world. it wasn't long i get ago that one of its franchisees take over —— were responsible for over 200 attacks. in the arabian peninsula, it was also able to put bombs on aeroplanes, which were almost not detected until the very last moment. it took some very good work by a global group of intelligence operations to shut it down. this organisation is a pretty lethal one, still determined to attack the west and the united states. does anybody at there have any idea where hamza bin laden might
5:28 pm
be? the smart money is somewhere in afghanistan or pakistan. remember when 0sama afghanistan or pakistan. remember when osama bin laden was killed, he was actually killed alongside hamza bin laden cup's brother in the firefight. the question is, where is he now? he is probably not colocated with other al-qaeda leaders. he is probably somewhere on the run, moving around a lot. he probably knows that a drone might get him, or special operation forces might click open his door at 3am. thank you for joining us. time for a look at the weather.
5:29 pm
it's looking pretty wet and windy. quite a change compared to what we have seen earlier in the week, that record—breaking february heat. today, we have seen someone get into northern ireland and that weather pushes into scotland, england, and wales for the next few hours until gradual easing in the night. the weather becomes a dry later on, quite a mountainside. a reasonable start to saturday for scotland and england. but the weather goes downhill quickly in northern ireland, wet weather and moving in quickly here. this band of rain will blow into scotland, england, and wales but not reaching east anglia and south—east england. later on, is wave of strong winds will affect the north—west of the uk. cutesy gusts up north—west of the uk. cutesy gusts up to 70 mph scotland. another gust of stormy weather will come from
5:30 pm
storm freya, bringing severe weather across parts of england and we are.
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