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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 1, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. to eurotunnel in an agreement i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 7pm. to settle a lawsuit over extra ferry services in the event of a no—deal brexit. the government agrees to pay pakistan has freed an indian £33 million to eurotunnel — fighter pilot captured after his plane was shot down to settle a lawsuit over extra ferry in pakistan—administered kashmir. services in the event a man who gave his girlfriend drugs of a no—deal brexit. labour says the transport secretary, at a festival and filmed her as she died has beenjailed for eight and a half years for her manslaughter. chris grayling, must go. the georgian authorities are asked to extradite he stumbles from catastrophe to jack shepherd back to the uk, after killing a woman in a speedboat disaster, and it isjust crash on the river thames. he stumbles from catastrophe to disaster, and it is just gross incompetence on an industrial scale. enough is enough and that this man must be out of his post by monday. pakistan frees an indian in a moment it will be fighter pilot — captured time for sportsday. after his plane was shot down — but first a look at what amid rising tensions over kashmir. else is coming up this a man who gave his girlfriend evening on bbc news... drugs at a festival, and filmed her as she died — has been jailed for 8 and a half years. we'll examine making landlords check tena nts' immigration status the repurcussions of today's decision that rules aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from renting properties are "discriminatory" , and that they breach human rights laws.
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with transport secretary, chris grayling, under pressure tonight, we'll bring you the very latest political fall—out on today's ruling — that the government must pay out £33 million to eurotunnel. and we'll take a first look at tomorrow morning's front pages. tonights reviewers are susie boniface — columnist for the daily mirror, and kate andrews — associate director at the institute of economic affairs. that's all ahead on bbc news. hello, i'm lizzie greenwood—hughes — welcome to sportsday, there's a lot to get through, here's what's coming up... there's a personal best for katarina johnson—thompson in glasgow — as britain's best go for gold at the european indoors. brendan rodgers says he hopes celtic
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fans will forgive him for leaving glasgow for leicester... and scotland's women lose their opening match in the algarve cup — after a late penalty against canada. also coming up in the programme... after widnes vikings are saved from liquidation, we find out what it really means for one of rugby league's most famous clubs. and kristina vogel tells sir chris hoy about life after the accident which left her paralysed. so lots of great sport to talk about tonight, and we're starting with athletics because glasgow is hosting the european indoor championships this weekend. plenty of british medal hopes and none more — so than for katarina johnson—thompson.
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she's leading the pentathlon after three of the five events — looking to add a european title to the world indoor gold she won last year. adam wild rounds—up the action so far. weights under the roof in glasgow, it is this guy that seems the limit for katarina johnson—thompson. no hopes could scarcely have been higherfor her hopes could scarcely have been higher for her in the pentathlon, recording the second fastest time in higher for her in the pentathlon, reci opening 3 second fastest time in higher for her in the pentathlon, reci opening event. d fastest time in higher for her in the pentathlon, reci opening event. hopes st time in higher for her in the pentathlon, reci opening event. hopes would 5 in higher for her in the pentathlon, reci opening event. hopes would be the opening event. hopes would be raised further after a dazzling display in the highjump. wow, that is glass! johnson-thompson's overall lead combined with an impressive shot but, a world class performance, and world record remains a possibility. her fellow and world record remains a possibility. herfellow brit and world record remains a possibility. her fellow brit nz comedy pentathlon promises plenty. so too, in the 800 metres, one of three brits to qualify for tomorrow's semifinals. whilst scotland's most decorated athlete,
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eilidh doyle, has little ground to make up. i knew it was going to be tough. i wanted to win the race, to try and get a good semi, draw, but i am happy to have qualified, and the rest ca n am happy to have qualified, and the rest can come from the semifinal tonight. in men's track athletics, norwegian teenager has the world at his feet. he qualified fastest first in the 1500 metres, and thenjust his feet. he qualified fastest first in the 1500 metres, and then just an hour later, jamie is a mini 3000 metres. his older brother also made the final. it will take something in special in glasgow for the brits to beat them. so plenty more to come from glasgow. and it's all on bbc tv... you can follow katarina johnson—thompson's final two events after sportsday on bbc 2 tonight as well as laura muir in the 3000 metres final. gabby logan and the bbc team look ahead for us. what an evening we are looking
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forward to hear at the emirates arena in glasgow. the first day of these european indoor championships, and it is all set up nicely thanks toa and it is all set up nicely thanks to a brilliant pentathlon competition this morning, certainly brilliant for the british interest. jessica ennis hill was watching, to see personal bests galore. let's start with katarina johnson—thompson. a wonderful shot but set her up for gold. yes, she came out in fine form. she started the day with the hurdles, and high seasons best this year. on to the highjump, seasons best this year. on to the high jump, fantastic. that seasons best this year. on to the highjump, fantastic. that was fantastic to see herjumping on such a high stage. and then the shot putt, so exciting, to produced some really great performances across the board, and at the 13.15, which is a throw we have not seen from her for a very long time. the long jump
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kicks off her evening session, one of her stronger events, then it could be a race for a world record, we re could be a race for a world record, were you impressed 7 could be a race for a world record, were you impressed ?|j could be a race for a world record, were you impressed? i absolutely was. she has looked different in this competition, then we have ever seen her before. obviously, last it was a breakthrough year for her with the commonwealth games and world indoor championships, but i think with these championships, she brought that from the gold—medal victories, she brought that into this competition, even if something goes wrong, she can rebound, and she can adjust and continue to win the competition. and of course, niamh emerson has left herself with a really good chance for a medal. third place, no pressure, only19 yea rs third place, no pressure, only19 years old, just enjoy it. she has come here with pressure from herself, and not from anybody else. she is almost under the radar, but she is performing pb after pb after
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pb. she is raising her game to this level. this cloud, always fantastic, love their athletics. laura muir, the golden girl tonight. that is at about 9:a0pm tonight. i think the roof will be raised. she is saying, don't put the medal around my neck yet. i think that's true. we all expected to win, and one had to win, but her competition will have some thing to say about that. it will be interesting to see, she will certainly be motivated by running in this stadium with a home crowd behind her. thank you very much. we are very excited about what lies in store. it should be a cracking evening. a cracking evening, and a cracking line—up. look at that, jessica ennis hill, as well. it is right now, the european indoor championships. it is also available on bbc sport app, connected tv and the bbc sport website, as well as
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the bbc sport website, as well as the iplayer. now by recent standards this should be a quieter weekend in the premier league but wait for it. tomorrow we've got a north london derby and on sunday it's the merseyside derby. now in a minute austin will be at the touchscreen to talk about those in more detail but first brendan rodgers has faced the media for the first time since taking over as leicester city manager and we sent our correspondent david 0rnstein to hear what he had to say... well, this is brendan rodgers' new footballing home, and today he spoke publicly for the first time since moving from celtic. a controversial decision from the celtic fans, a banner saying he swapped immortality for mediocrity. he admitted it was not an easy decision, but one that he felt he had to take.|j not an easy decision, but one that he felt he had to take. i believe the opportunity to come to a club like leicester, it was not going to wait for me. so, then i have a
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decision to make. and, however hard that was, and however difficult it is, and like i said, i respect that people will hurt, but hopefully, in time, the measure of my success there, hopefully, will be what we did in the field. here at leicester, he knows that he needs to get the players on side, as the fans will follow. listening to him today, he has got a very clear idea of what you want to achieve, and precisely how he plans to do it.|j you want to achieve, and precisely how he plans to do it. i think we wa nt how he plans to do it. i think we want to challenge for a european place. and look to win a trophy. there has to be expectation. i think what leicester achieved, a few years ago was an incredible story. that will always be difficult to repeat. we just have to do our very best. and for the remainder of the season, we will look to do that, and then obviously, we will have a window in the summerto obviously, we will have a window in the summer to improve the squad
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again. the first test comes not here, but at vicarage road, where leicester travelled to watford on sunday, for a 12 o'clock kick—off. well as promised, austin is here to look at the football in more detail and austin before we get on to the derbies, there's another new managerial appointment to discuss at fulham? yes, and scott parker, he is the man who is replacing claudia ranieri. he has come in, with a difficult task of turning around that terrible season of turning around that terrible season at the moment, a disjointed full squad after that disastrous speu full squad after that disastrous spell under claudia run the area. we saw the pictures, he is the man who orchestra to that very tell at leicester, but he endured a nightmare with fulham. parker becomes their sixth manager in a short amount of time. since martin jol was sacked, we also had all of
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these managers on screen. and then claudio ranieri, the last of him, 16, he leaves them on the brink of the relegation zone. if we have a look at the table as it stands, we can see fell there in 19th, 17 points, ten from safety, with only ten games to go, and as the parker, his start with a game at home to chelsea, although he did get advice from a man who knows a thing or about management. sir alex texted me late last night, which was pretty incredible, really, to think that he spent the time to write a long detailed message giving me some advice on how he sees things, was truly inspirational, really, and i know it sounds like a big comment, but it's the truth.
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let's about the derbies. let's start with the north london derby. what a difference just five days can make in football lizzie. this time last week tottenham were right there in the title race but now they're 9 points off top spot. and if they lose to arsenal tomororw, they'll bejust a point ahead of them and battling to stay in the top four. these are the two results where it all went wrong... a 2—1 defeat at burnley, followed by wednesday night's defeat at stamford bridge. they really do have a mountain to climb but boss mauricio pochettino isn't compeltely writing them offjust yet... in this type of period, it is going to be difficult, of course, we want to be difficult, of course, we want to be difficult, of course, we want to be dreamers, and we want to dream. in football, to be dreamers, and we want to dream. infootball, untilyou finish, mathematics can be possible, of course, you can dream. the big game
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of the weekend... liverpool will expect to be second going into it as well, with manchester city playing bournemouth tomorrow. not ideal to have to go to goodison park chasing. not at all. if you remember last time, the late win from liverpool. a mistake from jordan pickford let divock 0rigi in for an injury—time winner. there was pandemonium at anfield. jurgen klopp ran on the pitch to celebrate... well last week... klopp seemed to suggest that the merseyside derby meant more to everton than to liverpool, especially given the poor run of form that they are in. he said "it's a kind of world cup finalfor" everton.... well today their boss marco silva had his own say... what i felt, was a special master for both teams, and they celebrated
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a lucky goal, a lucky moment they have in the last seconds of the match, was a final of world cup, because like they celebrated, was more left the same, i did not see a big difference, to be honest. meanwhile in scotland... new celtic boss neil lennon returns to face his old club hibernian in the quarterfinals of the scottish cup tomorrow. he only left hibs 4 weeks ago after he was suspended following an exchange between himself and club employees, but lennon's expecting a good reception. he said "it'll be surreal going back so early. but i'm ready for it and there'll be no bitterness." he's got big boots to fill though, lizzie. brendan rodgers never lost a scottish cup game as celtic boss. 0nto tonight's action and there's a potentially very big game at elland road where promotion chasing leeds united — third in the championship — take on west brom, 4 points below them in 11th place... kick off is at 7.45...
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we'll have score updates here on bbc news. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making the headlines today... 0n the final day of f1 preseason testing — ferrari continued to set the pace with sebastian vettel quickest. and lewis hamilton knows if he's going to win a 6th world title this year — his mercedes needs to be quicker.... this year is going to be the toughest battle yet. which is exciting for all of you, and for all of the fans, but as i said, we are currently, we are not, ferrari, there pace is massive, so the challenge will be harder than ever. the fa are to launch their own competitive e—sports team. 0nline qualifiers to find the best fifa players will. the team will be known as the eli
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ends. great britain won their opening match in the wheelchair rugby quad nations. they beat canada 63—112 in leicester. they'll play france next later tonight and you can watch it live on the bbc red button, online and on the bbc sport app from 7.30pm. the women's football world cup is just a few months away — scotland are in portugal as part of their preparations in the algarve cup but their opening game ended in defeat after a late penalty against canada. 0ur reporter alister lamont has been following the action. yes, defeat for scotland on their first match on their return to the algarve, caught them by... but a late penalty because then daily. canada had the better of the first opportunity, and scotland had lee alexander to thank for keeping them level. and then, reacting quickly, to prevent buchanan from opening the scoring. the second half, followed a similar pattern, but the scots
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almost went ahead with an audacious long—range effort. then came the penalty, chloe arthur, the offender, and that gave canada the opportunity. scotland might have equalised right at the death, but rachel could not turn it into the net from close range. it is very well, tactically set up to defend and when the ball back, and keep possession. we also need to score against teams higher ranked than us. that's not easy. it is a work in progress. there is all the evidence, the team are going all the time, overall, despite us losing, i am happy with the performance overall. so some positives to take from the game from the manager, but the result coupled with canada's draw against iceland, means that scotland have to beat iceland on monday to avoid finishing bottom of their group.
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well meanwhile england's women are taking part in the ‘she believes cup' in america. they finished second in the tournament last year and confidence is already high after their opening game victory over brazil. 0ur reporterjo currie is in nashville where theyll play their next game against the world's top side the usa. so, the england team have landed here in nashville, tennessee. they have been kind enough to invite us into the team hotel this morning. of course, nashville, best known for country music, but the lionesses are not here to practice their honky—tonk. they are here, because they are taking on the world number one and the current cup holders, the usa tomorrow night. they are here with phil neville. first of all, nikita paris was limping at the end of the game, how is she? she has been assessed this morning. i think she will take part in summer session. we have got three of our players that we have got to look at, the players that respond, that played any continental cup final, so we are assessing the players this morning, but i have got to say, i
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will be very surprised if we don't have all 23 players available. it is a game that they will want to play. it isa a game that they will want to play. it is a game where team selection will be toughest, because we have got three really tough games, but ultimately, the players want to play against the best, they want to challenge themselves against the best, and that is what it will be tomorrow night. it will be playing against the best team in the world, and the team that they want the most to beat. are you heading into a ring of fire tomorrow night? it is the toughest test, without a shadow of a doubt. but we are looking forward to it the most. that is taking nothing away from brazil, japan, canada, new zealand, denmark and spain in the next three or four fixtures, but it is the one where we can really see where we are, it is a barometer in terms of the work that we have got to do, and hopefully a barometer of how far we have come. we were here this time last year, orlando on the side of the pitch, it was 1—0, we played well, but i bought the better tea m played well, but i bought the better team won, and we realise then that
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we have still got a lot of work to do to get up to their level. they are the reigning champions, they are are the reigning champions, they are a team that are used in success, and i think when you are on the top of that mountain, you are there to be shot at, and we are the ones trying to catch them. the sort of players, are excited most by the biggest challenges, and tomorrow is the ultimate challenge for our players. of course, you beat brazil, and drew against japan. that means potentially, you could be lifting a first piece of silverware as england manager. but that into wet for me. we wa nt manager. but that into wet for me. we want to end. winning breeds confidence and belief. from the players' point of view, it emphasises even more the style, philosophy, and valleys of what we are trying to instill. we go into every challenge on the front foot. i can see it any players' eyes. i know have got some really tough decisions to make, in terms of leaving some players out, because i will rotate the team, but i know i have got six substitutes, and you look at the substitutes, and you look at the substitutes on the night, to change
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the name, one in particular when the game, so we have got quality on the badge. every time i my left hand side, i see the quality on the bench. you are always as good as the players up there in the starting 11. they know that they are valued, and the challenges excited. —— the challenge is exciting. if you don't like this competition, the challenge, or playing in front of the biggest crowd, please get on the next flight home, because we know where we are going, and you know where we are going, and you know where we are going, and you know where we need to do. —— and you know what we need to do. can tell you are excited. the match is on bbc two, and kick is at ten p m. also coming up in the programme... double olympic champion kristina vogel tells us how she's coped since being paralysed in a cycling accident. of course it is frustrating. i learned that it is of course 0k to cry.
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a take—over deal has been formally agreed to save widnes vikings, who went into administration last week. it means they can play sunday's game against featherstone rovers in the championship. but they have now been automatically deducted 12 points — leaving them on minus 8 for the season so far. well earlier i spoke to our rugby league correspondent dave woods, who started off by explaining how it had all happened... well, the situation is that they find themselves in dire financial stress after they were relegated from the super league last year, with some accusations of mismanagement at the club, unclear at this stage. there was a suggestion that they might even be liquidated, because of the dire financials consequences they found themselves in. the fact that they have been saved comes as a great relief. they will now come out of administration, they will take a 12 point hit on the points for the season, they are going to lose three orfour season, they are going to lose three or four of season, they are going to lose three orfour of their players. season, they are going to lose three or four of their players. but they are safe. and the fans played a big
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pa rt are safe. and the fans played a big part in this rescue, didn't they?” think the fans played a massive part, they raised over £100,000 in less tha n part, they raised over £100,000 in less than a week, which is a phenomenal some. but less than a week, which is a phenomenalsome. but they less than a week, which is a phenomenal some. but they also managed to create a membership group, who have committed 1200 people to ongoing financial support, andi people to ongoing financial support, and i think that will have given them the confidence, to those people taking over the club, that there is ongoing support from the club, both financial and spiritual, and there will be one of those fans on that board, as well. what does this say about rugby league as a sport, in terms of its depth. it feels to me like it is super league or nothing, is that right to say? it will open up, well it will continue a philosophical debate as to whether promotion relegation is viable in the game. there was a relegation a couple of years ago, similar circumstances, but for a shuffle of cards on the deck, they could have found themselves in the same position. getting relegated from the super league is a big hit, even
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despite a parachute payment. a 12 point deduction, they have survived financially, but can they survive that, or they will find themselves in the next leg dam? it is difficult, but they can. they have lost two or three of their players. but they have already won two or three of their matches this season. that is —8 points, they will consider that they have the wherewithal to survive in the chairmanship, but it will be difficult. —— mike championship. now for years, kristina vogel was one of the biggest names in womens track cycling. during her career — the german won 11 world titles and two olympic gold medals, but last june her life changed forever when during a routine training session, she collided with another cyclist and was left paralysed. vogel has been speaking to sir chris hoy about her life since the accident. i was never a i was never a person i was never a person who cried, or who asked for help, so to sit in a wheelchair, instead of walking, it's
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so hard cut in my life. so of course, it's frustrating. i am learning, of course it is ok to cry and to show my emotion. the hardest thing was i had people say, it's so hard, and when i recognised how other people, and my family erm... about my accident, and what really happened with me, and how they cried, it's hard. i have no call. i am paralysed from here. that's why it is hard for me to just hold my hands this way. the biggest challenge for her so far has been developing that core strength, that stabilisation, and developing the muscles in a way that she didn't have to do before when she was a cyclist. now it is time to just have fun, to realise how other sports can make fun, you know, and doing track
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cycling, and doing red, and now it is the chance to go out and to see other things. things that you wouldn't have done? yes. and not watching track cycling, and feeling like i missed something, i would retire in a few years, now i am retired. that's life. it is more the missed opportunity, and sometimes it's like, i am sitting on the outside, and i really want to help them. at the moment is the most frustrating thing. sometimes i'm frustrated, of course, but everyday i'm still happy to be here. the situation could be worse than it is. it could be that i had no movement in my arms. we saw today that life could be also brilliant and nice, andi could be also brilliant and nice, and i am sitting in a chair, but at the end of the day, not end of the lie. chris hoy meets kristina vogel: from desperation to inspiration, is available
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to watch on the iplayer right now. there's also a powerful article written by sir chris hoy about his experience of meeting kristina on the bbc sport website. that's all from sportsday. it's good night for me. hello, there. as we head on into the weekend, it looks like things will turn very unsettled in the spell of stormy weather, both saturday and sunday. more on that any moment. short term, there is weather front moving from the atlantic, bringing a band of rain across the country, through the course of the night. heavy bursts like here over western hills. they will tend to ease down a little bit as it pushes towards the eastern side of the country, by the end of the night, and then conditions dry up a little bit, behind it. temperatures around 5-8dc. behind it. temperatures around 5—8dc. fairly mild. into the weekend, it looks like it will be spells of wind and rain, with gales on saturday, and severe gales likely
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in places on sunday. this is the first area of low pressure, which will bring widespread gales and heavy rain into the country, particularly to the north and the us through saturday. it's out of a brits grey in the far east on saturday, and then a nice morning with lots of sunshine, before the wind picked up, and this area of low pressure m oves wind picked up, and this area of low pressure moves and some pretty heavy rain. gusts of 60—70 mph across western scotland. this is storm freya. developing out in the atlantic, it is expected to hurtle north—eastwards towards our shores, and we are thinking it will produce some strong winds and heavy rain. a good portion of england and wales and southern scotland affected. from sunday, plenty of sunshine across northern areas, low pressure lay down magnolia by —— low—pressure nearby. spells of heavy and print persistent rain, and then there's winds are picking up too. a bit more
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detail to storm freya. it does look like england and wales will bear the brunt, but southern scotland, too. it is the western side where we will see the strongest gusts. 60—70 mph, 50-60 see the strongest gusts. 60—70 mph, 50—60 further inland. across the western coast of south—west england, into north—west wales, because the about 80 mph. this is potentially disruptive, and could be damaging, as it moves through sunday into sunday night. for monday, an improvement, it clears away, it is a bright day, breezy, and that is how early next week is shaping up. it is going to be quite cool and breezy. 00:29:38,368 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 wintry on the hills.
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