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this is bbc world news today. this is bbc world news, the headlines. i'm samantha simmons. pakistan has handed over the latest headlines: an indian pilot whose plane pakistan has handed over was shot down on wednesday — an indian pilot whose plane in a move described by was shot down on wednesday — in a move described by pakistan's prime minister imran khan this is bbc world news today. pakistan's prime minister imran khan our top stories... as an act of peace. as an act of peace. the indian pilot shot the wing commander was returned the united states has offered down and captured by a bounty of1 million dollars pakistan is released — at the wagah crossing point between pakistan and india. for information about the son of the late al-qaeda but will his safe return ease leader osma bin laden. the us has offered a bounty they say hamza osama the tensions between the two nuclear was groomed by his father. neigbours over kashmir? of1 million dollars for information the family of american student otto warmbier, the us offers a bounty who died after being jailed of one million dollars about the son of the late al-qaeda in north korea, have spoken out leader osama bin laden — for information about the son saying he was groomed against president trump's of the late al-qaeda praise for kim jong—un. they say kim and his leader osma bin laden — by his father and is the new face saying he's a key figure of the islamist militant group. regime are responsible in the islamist militant group. scientists have begun the first for the death of their son. after months of checks and ever exploration below preparations on this robotic probe — the surface of mars. scientists finally begin the first nasa landed a robotic probe a few months after succesfully ever exploration below landing a robotic probe the surface of mars. called insight on the red called insight on mars, planet late last year, nasa scientists have finished and after several months the preparations for the first ever of checks and preparations, research is finally under way. our science editor exploration below the surface. david shukman reports. it is a mission to mars like no other. hello and welcome a fiery descent last november, to world news today. that unfolded exactly as planned after days of heightened tension in this nasa animation. it is a hazardous journey, pakistan has released an indian pilot whose plane was shot that others have made before,
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down on wednesday. wing commander abhinandan but this time, the spacecraft touching down on the surface varthaman was handed back has a unique job. at the wagah crossing point. so for mission control, pakistan described the move getting there was a huge relief. touchdown confirmed. as ‘gesture of peace‘. relations between india and pakistan, two nuclear powers, have plummeted in the last week. amid all the celebrations, on tuesday, india carried out air they would be checking that strikes on what it said everything is working, was a militant camp in pakistan. so the science can begin. the military action followed a suicide bombing that killed nasa is not the only team exploring mars. at least a0 indian troops others are busy there, as well. in indian—administered kashmir in february. amazingly, there are six spacecraft in orbit around the red planet, taking pictures and gathering data. india and pakistan have fought three wars since 1947. all but one were over kashmir. three from america, two from europe and one from india. but only nasa has successfully got rajini vaidya nathan on the india—pakistan robotic missions down border sent this report. onto the ground itself, and the latest to touch down is very different from the ones that have gone before. here it is. returning to india as a national hero. it is getting its power from solar the wing commander was welcomed home by crowds who gathered at india's panels, like the others, border with pakistan but it has a completely since the early morning. new type of mission. not investigating the surface this comes off the back of a couple of mars, but what is inside it, instead, and it is doing it
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of weeks of high tensions with some very clever instruments. between the nuclear neighbours, india and pakistan. today, there has been a real sense here of triumph a sensor, palced on the ground, is detecting seismic activity, and celebration and patriotism. tremors from volcanoes, for example. that is to build up a picture of the internal structure of the planet. wing commander varthaman was captured after the fighterjets he was flying was shot down now, a special type of drill, has earlier this week. pakistan said he had another role, to burrow underground, the deepest ever attempted on another world, five metres down, violated their airspace. to measure the heat flowing up from the interior. it is all part of trying india says it was responding after pakistani warplanes to understand what has happened entered its territory. to mars, how it formed at the same for decades, there have been tensions between the two neighbours time as earth, but ended up so very different. over the disputed area of kashmir, which both claim in its entirety. one of the key instruments, this recent military escalation a monitor, was designed and built in britain, following a suicide attack at imperial college london, and oxford university. by a militant group based the highly sensitive device, in pakistan on the 14th of february. that can pick up the slightest tremor to help create a snapshot, a0 indian soldiers were killed of the interior of mars. in indian—administered kashmir. every time an earthquake goes off, india accuses pakistan of harbouring terror cells. it is like a flashlight, today, at a rally ahead of upcoming elections, and you can use the same, imagine the same thing on mars.
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the country's prime minister took if there is a big enough mars quake that we can see ringing around the planet, a tough stance. that would be very exciting, because it can give us that quick flash of what the planet looks like. this is an india that this is what the wind really will return the damage done sounds like on mars, by terrorists, he told the crowd. for now, the nation the first time anyone has heard it, attention is focused picked up by the spacecraft on their newly returned pilot. pakistan said he was released soon after it landed. as a gesture of peace. they hope now, is that these two nuclear powers may have with all the instruments ready, walked back from the brink of war, there will be a lot more but peace here remains fragile. discoveries to follow. a quick piece of breaking news. before he was was released the pilot made a statement that was aired reporting that all flights have been on television in pakistan. suspended at london possum extensive a note: the bbc can't verify that this interview airport after a airbus air plane had was not done under duress. translation: my name engine failure tonight and the take is wing commander abhinandan. offa it engine failure tonight and the take off a it which is led to the i am a pilot in suspension of all flights at the moment at the airport. more on that the indian air force. as we get it. holly hamilton has all the sport. i was trying to find a target, pakistan air force downed me. i had to eject my aircraft which had broken up. hello. new leicester manager brendan rogers as soon as i ejected has been talking aboutt why and my parachute opened, he decided to leave celtic —
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i fell to the ground. with them top of the scottish i had a pistol with me. premiership and still with a chance there were too many people to win the treble treble — and i only had one option. that is all three scottish domestic which was to throw down my pistol. trophies three years on the trot — he says he understand celtic fan's frustration that he decided to leave for the premier league. i tried to run, the people chased me, they were very impassioned. at that time, two soldiers from the pakistan army arrived there and they saved me. it all happened very quickly, i was presented with an opportunity they were captains that came to me, and of course, in the pakistan army. they saved me from these then, emotionally, you have to take the emotion out of the decision. people and from any harm. let's speak to our correspondent and my decision was, after nearly three years, in delhi, anbarasan ethirajan. with everything we had achieved, welcome to you. what has been the the success we have had. i felt it was probably the time reaction there to these comments on the pakistan tv from the captured in oui’ the pakistan tv from the captured in our release indian pilot? people to move on to my next challenge. have been surprised and intrigued by on saturday, we're set this video appear in just minutes for another el classico — before he was allowed to cross the as real madrid look to bounce back from their midweek defeat to barcelona in the copa del ray. border. why he was made to give a they were beaten 3—nil in their semi statement which appeared to be final on wednesday — heavily edited, and what we also but despite that humilation, understand was that it is dented, santiago solari insists his side had
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done a lot of things well and are capable of claiming three points in la liga this weekend. pakistan trying to reach out to his long—time rival india by voluntarily they're currently nine points adrift of barca — giving up this caption pilot on and solari says cutting that deficit wednesday and the prime minister saying it was a goodwill gesture for is their priority. peace and they made such a video and it was broadcast on pakistan translation: we are fine. of course, television. so people are questioning the motive and the the other day we put all our effort in and we wanted to be in the final. timing of this video because there we gave our best throughout the we re timing of this video because there were also previously some videos which appear to show this caption competition including the last match but that is it. we are now back on oui’ but that is it. we are now back on our feet but that is it. we are now back on ourfeet thinking of pilot under the custody of pakistani but that is it. we are now back on our feet thinking of tomorrow pots make game which is a different army, once they showed he was competition. it is el clasico once bloodied and blindfolded to was again and we are very focused and taken off of the pakistani website looking forward to it. roger federer is closing in on yet hours later when it came under another bit of history after he took another step criticism, even the pakistan made this gesture of releasing this towrds his 100th atp title — pilot, the timing of this video has raised a lot of question. —— has which would make him only the second man in the open era to do so. raised. back in india come he was given a hero welcome when the he beat croatia's borna coric in straight sets to set up a final with stefanos tsitsipas — commander abhinandan varthaman walk the man who knocked him across the board, people it india out of the australian and many cities are bursting
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open earlier this year. firecrackers and holding religious ceremonies for his safe return, so finally, a sense of relief that the i'm looking forward to playing against him. we had a good match human face of this conflict has come each other in paris. and another back home. a sense of relief but is good one in melbourne. here we go, third time we see the limitless we the christ is not averted between the christ is not averted between the two countries do you think? —— have a ghost. different conditions. is the crisis. for the moment his he had a tough match against last release has produced the tensions between the two countries. and it isn't a very difficult to say how week. he's had a great few weeks india or pakistan will take this 110w. week. he's had a great few weeks now. i hope i can play it may be a further. —— has eased the tension. little bit better than i did in melbourne but it will be tough so far, the world opinion has been that probably indian side and the because he really has the confidence right now. effort shed at the pakistani offer ferrari were once again of peace and goodwill gesture, but fastest on the final day of pre—season testing— but it was a close run thing the release of this pilot and in sebastien vettel was quickest in ba rcelona— but last yea r‘s champion many countries were involved behind lewis hamilton was only three thousandths of a second behind the scenes, the united states, britain and china, putting pressure in his mercedes. on pakistan to release this pilot and also urging india to show it's the final one day international between england restraint. after this goodwill and west indies tomorrow in st lucia with the home team needing to win gesture, if the either of the to draw the series two—all. countries will take up further escalation, that will not go down meanwhile west indies' captain jason holder has been speaking
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well with the international about the need to pay players community. the crisis is still far a minimum wage. from over. and today, five security he says it would turn the tide of players choosing to sign up for highly—paid domestic t20 cricket personnel is into militants were instead of playing internationally. killed, and a few people were killed ijust i just feel as though if the because of the shelling. two situation where become a significant countries really need to sit amount of money that would encourage together and talk a way out of this in keep people around international cashmere crisis and until that could, there will be no debate as to happens, the crisis will continue. whether countries would want to thank you. play. that is just me thinking around. if there is a minimum race the united states is offering across the board, it will more so a reward of up to one million dollars for information about one incentivize people to actually play of osama bin laden‘s sons. test cricket and play for the hamza bin laden is suspected country. that's all the sport for now. of following in the footsteps of the late al-qaeda leader, emerging as the head of an islamist militant group. saudi arabia has also taken action thank you. a against hamza bin laden, reminder of that breaking news we just heard in the past few minutes. stripping him of his citizenship. from washington, flights have been suspended at here's chris buckler. london stansted flights have been suspended at london sta nsted airport flights have been suspended at london stansted airport after a airbus plane had engine failure and his take—off was plane had engine failure and his ta ke—off was aborted. plane had engine failure and his take—off was aborted. more on that later. never mind about top story.
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the united states has published pakistan has freed an indian fighter a wanted posterfor hamza bin laden, pilot who was shot down and captured and they believe this is the new face of al-qaeda. two days ago in the disputed region the group has been responsible for many killings and bombings, of kashmir. the wing commander was but none were more devastating than this. on september 11th 2001, handed over at a border crossing. its members flew planes into the twin towers of new york's world trade centre. one of a series of murderous attacks what pakistan called a gesture to on america, apparently india. more on that story masterminded by osama bin laden. coming up. don't forget you can get almost two decades on, the us has in touch with me and some of my team on twitter — new concerns about al-qaeda i'm at samanthatvnews and its late leader's son. thank you for watching. hamza has released audio and video messages on the internet, calling on his followers to launch hello, there. attacks against the united states as we head on into the weekend, and its western allies. it looks like things will turn very unsettled in the spell of stormy and he has threatened attacks weather, both saturday and sunday. against the united states in revenge for the may 2011 killing more on that in a moment. short term, there is weather front moving from the atlantic, of his father. bringing a band of rain across the country, through the course of the night. after a ten—year search, heavy bursts like here osama bin laden was found at a safe over western hills. they will tend to ease down a little house in pakistan and killed bit as it pushes towards the eastern in an operation ordered by the then—president barack obama. side of the country, by the end of the night, and then conditions dry up a little bit, behind it. temperatures around 5—8 celsius.
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after a firefight, they killed fairly mild. osama bin laden and took custody of his body. into the weekend, it looks like it will be spells of wind and rain, in the compound they found with gales on saturday, letters that suggested and severe gales likely he was grooming his son hamza in places on sunday. to succeed him, and now this is the first area of low intelligence officials believe pressure, which will bring he is emerging as a key leader widespread gales and heavy rain in the extremist group. into the country, particularly to the north and the west through saturday. it starts off a bit grey today's al-qaeda is not stagnant. in the far east on saturday, it's rebuilding, and it and then a nice morning continues to threaten the united states and our allies. with lots of sunshine, before the wind picks up, and this area of low pressure moves the us is offering $1 million for information that leads and some pretty heavy rain. them to hamza bin laden. gusts of 60—70 mph across western scotland. officials believe he could be in afghanistan, pakistan or iran. but they admit they this is storm freya. don't know for sure. chris buckler, bbc news, washington. developing out in the atlantic, it is expected to hurtle north—eastwards towards our shores, let's take a look at some of and we are thinking it will produce the other stories making the news... some strong winds and heavy rain. somalian police say a car bomb and gun battle in the capital, a good portion of england and wales mogadishu, has killed at least 20 people and injured and southern scotland affected. at least a0 others. from sunday, plenty of sunshine across northern areas, with low—pressure nearby. the attack was launched late spells of heavy and persistent on thursday by suspected al—shabab militants, rain, and then the winds in an area lined with hotels, shops
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are picking up too. and restaurants in the city centre. exchanges of gunfire continued throughout the night. a bit more detail about storm freya: security forces are reportedly it does look like england and wales still battling the gunmen, who are holed up in a building will bear the brunt, but southern scotland, too. in the centre. it is the western side where we will thousands of people have see the strongest gusts. taken to the streets of the algerian capital, algiers, to protest 60—70 mph, 50—60 further inland. against president abdul aziz bouteflika's decision to run for a fifth term in office. police used tear gas to stop demonstrators reaching a central square. across the western coast there were also protests of south—west england, elsewhere in algeria, into north—west wales, against the ailing president. could reach about 80 mph. the family of an american student this is potentially disruptive, and could be damaging, who died after being jailed in north korea has spoken out as it moves through sunday against president trump's praise for kim jong—un. into sunday night. for monday, an improvement, in a statement otto warmbier‘s it clears away, it is a bright day, parents said "kim and his evil breezy, and that is how early next week is shaping up. regime are responsible for the death it is going to be of our son otto. no excuses or lavish quite cool and breezy. some showers, wintry on the hills. praise can change that. during his visit to hanoi, mr trump told reporters that he took mr kim ‘at his word' when he expressed no knowledge of mr warmbier‘s treatment. he tells me he didn't know about it. and i will take him at his word.
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we are in a diplomatic process. there probably is a little bit of wanting to believe that kim jong—un didn't know this particular case. i don't know how he says that he likes the dictator of north korea so much. he is responsible for his entire prison system. and he is a butcher of his own people. the dictatorship sentenced otto to 15 years to hard labour, before returning him to america last june, horribly injured and on the verge of death.
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i don't believe that he would ever allow that to happen. the north koreans would want to keep the americans in a better physical condition in order to avoid these types of incidents. he knew the case very well but he knew it later. there might have been a situation where whatever jurisdiction otto was under, did not want to report. if kim jong—un had found out in enough time to actually act on it, i think they probably would have returned otto much sooner than what they did. i think you just have to be cognizant of the nature of this regime with north korea. and not be naive about what their actions have been and what their intentions are. those prisons are rough. rough places. and bad things happen. it just wasn't to his advantage to allow that to happen.
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the canadian government has confirmed it will allow a us extradition case to proceed against the chief financial officer of the chinese technology giant huawei. meng wahnzou was detained in canada last year at washington's request. she's accused her of engaging in bank fraud to help her company violate us sanctions against iran. she has denied the allegations. i'm joined by dave lee in san francisco. welcome to you. the decision today was not a surprise because the courts had until friday to make some kind of decision. yes. we know the deadline had been looming for a while and it was expected that canada would rule the extradition proceedings should begin. however, that has not stopped beijing today saying they are utterly dissatisfied with that decision and her lawyers have said that they maintain her
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innocence and they say that they are disappointed with the ruling for this to continue but really it was just a formality that canada would make this call, now what is happening is a lengthy proceeding from the tradition will begin at f canada death decide to extradite her to the us there will likely be several appeals wrapped up. —— canada death decide. they could be quite a long ordeal in front of miss meng and the longer it takes, the more political explosive it seems to be getting. explain the background to this and why it has become such a course elaborate. she works for a while way, the dominant chinese technology company and the kind a company that on the global stage is starting to compete very heavily with the likes of apple and other big american tech companies. ——
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works for huawei. they have also been accused of stealing trade secrets or some of those companies, like t—mobile uses a machine to test phones, the us is accused huawei of stealing their technology to test her own devices. what the chinese say is this all about really is america attempts to scupper the chances of chinese technology companies on a global stage. they say this is about slowing down the progress of makeup to other things like 56, the next major network infrastructure for mobile communications which huawei is very much a market leader on at the moment and they say that america is trying to slow that down because they will become a dominant company. america says on the other hand, this is simply about the charges of bank fraud and the idea that meng orchestrated this plan to deceive the banks in the us in order to do business in iran, which was in
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violation of trade sanctions against that country. depending on which side you listen to, to very different motivations for her to be arrested. thank you. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come... cheering a few months after landing this robotic probe on mars — nasa scientists finally begin the first ever exploration below the surface of the red planet.
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