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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 2, 2019 9:00am-10:01am GMT

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good morning, welcome to breakfast withjon kay good morning, welcome this is bbc news. to breakfast withjon kay and mega munchetty. the headlines at ten. our headlines today. and naga munchetty. three, two one, zero. ignition, lift off. three, two, one, zero. our headlines today. ignition, lift off. spacex's falcon rocket blasts off into orbit from floridas kennedy space centre , we have lift off. for the first time in eight years, it's on a mission to show nasa spacex launches its unmanned an american rocket capable it can carry astronauts into space of carrying astronauts has been launched from the kennedy labour's internal row over crew dragon spacecraft. space centre in florida. anti—semitism has deepened with two of the party's most senior figures clashing over how the company hopes to send astronauts to handle complaints. to the international space station later this year. reports from the disputed region of kashmir say there's been a new violation of the ceasefire the spacex falcon blasted along the line of control back down on earth... offjust before eight o'clock between india and pakistan. clashes at the top for an un—crewed test flight of the labour party — over how to deal with allegations of anti—semitism. to the international space station. it's glasgow's golden girls britain's golden girls — katarina johnson—thompson katerina johnson thompson takes gold and laura muir win on the opening in the pentathlon and laura muir night of european indoor earlier, libbyjackson from the uk defends her 3000 metres title athletic championships. do you say scone or scone? space agency told us what this we'll look at why the way we talk, launch could mean for the future and the words we use, can tell us more than just of space travel. who we are and where we're from. this is a huge. this is going to it's saturday the 2nd of march. shape what we do for the next decade our top story. or more. it's a really exciting
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time. something called the lunar orbital platform gateway, a very it has ignited our passion for space small space station out there the moon, nasa are building this. we this morning. one hour and ten heard they are working with canada, we hope europe are going tojoin minutes ago exactly, those efforts by the end of the year. this is going to send crewe there's been a major space rocket launch out to the moon for the first time in the united states this morning. it's paving the way for america since the 70s and we will see to send astronauts into orbit astronauts go back to the moon where for the first time in eight years. we will learn to live and work until now, they have had to rely on other people to get them up there remotely and that is all about going but this is an american vessel. little pod that will go into space on to mars. later this year. there's been a clash at the top of the labour party, over the way it the spacex falcon blasted off handles anti—semitism allegations. from the kennedy space centre the party's general secretary, on an uncrewed test—flight jennie formby has criticised to the international space station. the deputy leader, tom watson, nasa says it's a critical mission and, if successful, for asking members to contact him will be a major step forward directly with their concerns. in space travel. she's accused him of undermining it has been successful so far. the party's attempts to deal with complaints. our science correspondent pallab ghosh has more. three, two, one, zero. ignition, lift off. but he has hit back saying people up and away. have lost confidence in the existing spacex's mighty falcon rocket, and on top, system for handling allegations. the dragon space capsule. a 17—year old girl has died after being stabbed in a park in east london. designed to take four astronauts into space, police were called to but not just yet. the harold hill area yesterday evening around 9pm.
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instead, just a solitary crash test an investigation has been launched. dummy, wired with sensors, no arrests have been made. is in one of these seats. this uncrewed test is part the son of former al-qaeda leader of an ambitious nasa project to send osama bin laden has been stripped astronauts into space of his saudi arabian citizenship. from us soil once more. it comes a day after the united states offered we're doing things that are really a 1—million dollar reward risky, that most normal human for information on the whereabouts beings don't do. of hamza bin laden. and the designs and the complexity it's believed he is now the leader of the terror organisation, of what we have to do — you know, we're strapping human which is blamed for carrying out beings on top of rockets the september 11th attacks. with millions of pounds of thrust and hurling them into orbit, there's been a big rise to go attach to a space station, in the number of people receiving to do world—cutting research, calls from scammers pretending and that isn't trivial. to work at the tax office. hm revenue and customs said it had it has been eight long years since the country that won the space received 60,000 reports of phone race has been grounded. scams in the last six months of 2018 the shuttle was withdrawn — a rise of 360 percent compared from service because it was unsafe, and nasa had to pay the russian to the six months before. people are being warned to be space agency to send its astronauts to the space station vigilant to the fraud, on its soyuz rockets. which is targeting mainly landline users. but, in 2014, nasa awarded spacex a positive attitude keeps your brain and boeing a combined £5 billion healthy and lowers your risk
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of dementia in older age, contract so that each according to new research. could build their own spacecraft. the global council on brain health if they work as planned, says keeping tabs on your emotional wellbeing can bejust as beneficial nasa hopes to use the vehicles to send astronauts into space as avoiding things like smoking by the end of the year. or a poor diet when it comes to reducing the risk of cognitive decline. in other news this morning. there's been a clash at the top of the labour party, over the way it handles little miss sunshine got it right. anti—semitism allegations. those are the main stories this morning. the party's general secretaryjennie formby has a major influence on our well—being. accused the deputy leader tom if your team loses, they can be lows watson of undermining the party's attempts as well but on the whole it's a to deal with complaints. lots going on around the leadership great way of getting more active. it of the labour party at the moment. was the case in glasgow last night. what a start. our correspondent, katarina johnson—thompson, has become european champion tom barton is in our london in the indoor pentathlon, newsroom to tell us more. after an emphatic all these simmering tensions, the victory in glasgow. she missed out on a world record, party has been trying to deny, this byjust over, 2 seconds in the end, finishing the last event, puts it out there doesn't it? in a time, of two minutes and 9 seconds. world junior heptathlon champion, party has been trying to deny, this nieve emerson collapsed over puts it out there doesn't mm does, it's an extraordinary row. the line, but it was still enough,
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just to remind the issue, in the to pick up a silver medal, and join la st just to remind the issue, in the last few weeks we have seen nine johnson—thompson on the podium. labour mps resigned from the party in part because of the way the i was going to say i can't really ask for more, leadership has handle anti—semitism. but in the long jump i did in the last few days, 500 grassroots want a little bit more. but it's really high level to try allies ofjeremy corbyn, left—wing and do what i've done today, momentum activist, signed a letter so i'm really happy with the performance i gave. apologising for the presence of 4,900 points is a really good score, it's my second—highest ever. anti—semitism within labour. now the so yeah, i'm really happy i got issue has led to this extraordinary to come away with the gold. public row between two of the party and laura muir, queen of scots, 's big figures. on one hand, tom won the 3000 metres in stunning fashion in front, of her home crowd. watson, deputy leader of the party, she lapped, almost the entire field, second most senior elected official after the leaderjeremy corbyn, and he wrote to mps earlier this week to to cross the line and give britain ask them to include him in any a second gold of the first e—mails they send to the labour day in glasgow. what's even more impressive was that muir, had less party machine complaining about anti—semitism, saying that he was than 3 hours to recover, concerned about how the party was from a 15 hundred metre heat, — which she also won. dealing with the process and that he wanted to log and monitor how it was you can watch her in that 15 hunded metres final tomorrow evening on the bbc, going. last night, general secretary leeds united are back of the labour partyjennie formby, on top of the championship after their biggest win
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of the season, against the party's most senior employee if promotion rivals west brom. and it tookjust 16 seconds you like, wrote to tom watson, copying in all the party possible to for pablo hernandez, mps and members of house of lords, for leeds to settle the home nerves accusing him of setting up what she with a screamer, patrick bamford called a vague parallel system that scored a brace as leeds went onto win 4—0. was inappropriate and would pollute brendan rodgers, says he hopes the existing complaints process. tom celtic fans, will forgive him, watson has hit back, doubling down after leaving the club, oi'i watson has hit back, doubling down on his initial point saying that to become the new manager of leicester city. there is a city and delay in the speaking at his first press conference, since taking over. process and that that has led to a rodgers has to wait until tomorrow, for his first game at home to watford. complete loss of trust —— scone and it all happened very quickly. i was presented an opportunity that delay. came to me, and obviously, —— opacity and delay. it shows the of course, then emotionally you're amount of tension in the labour having to take that out. party at the moment. about this and my decision was that i felt that, after nearly three years issue. here are some these we have at celtic, with everything that we'd just received in the last few achieved and the success we had on the pitch and improvements moments. —— some news. we'd made off the pitch, a 17—year old girl has died after being stabbed that i felt it was probably in a park in east london. then the time to move police were called to on to my next challenge. the harold hill area yesterday evening around 9pm. an investigation has been launched. quick look at today's fixtures
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and manchester city can go top, no arrests have been made. of the premier league, the number of smokers in england for 24 hours by beating and wales has fallen, bournemouth later. while the number of visits to sexual while, it's also the health clinics has gone up, north london derby. according to a report two straight defeats have seen spurs on council—run health services. slip out of title contention. scotland, women's coach, a couple of factors have come out of this report. shelley kerr, says her side must the local government association is warning tough budget cuts are undermining future efforts learn to overcome higher ranked on improving health care. sides, after slipping to a late but the government says authorities defeat to canada in the algarve cup. received more than 3—billion pounds of funding this year. a late penalty, dashed our health correspondent, dreams of a draw against the world number five side. dominic hughes explains. since 2013 in england, scotland must beat iceland it is your local council that has on monday, to avoid finishing been responsible for public health. bottom of their group it doesn't get much tougher, for england tonight, that involves everything as they face world number ones — from helping people to quit smoking to treating sexually the usa — in the she transmitted diseases. giving councils responsibility believes cup. for public health was controversial, but today, the local government they could actually win association says the evidence shows the tournament with a victory and if other results go their way — it has been largely successful. for example, the overall number quite a challenge lies ahead. of adult smokers has fallen by 1.6 million since 2011. castleford tigers have teenage pregnancies are down gone top of superleague following a convincing 32—16 win
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by almost a quarter since 2013. at home to hull kingston rovers. and since 2012, the suicide rate at the other end of the table has steadily decreased, leeds rhinos' dire start and among men is now the lowest it to the season, continued, as they were beaten has been since 1981. 35—18 by wakefield. it was their first home since public health has come over game of the season. to local government, they have won, just one, in 2013, we've seen 80% of the key of five matches so far. indicators either remain 11 years, after their last the same or improve. victory over gloucester — we're showing real success. that's despite a £531 million cut bristol have finally ended that in the public health budget and 50% drought they won 28—24 reduction in government funding for local government. at ashton gate, to climb up so, overall, i can say that public to ninth in the premiership. health in local government the best try was this is a success. effort from scrum half, andy uren early in the second half. one of the main tasks of public the track cycling, health is to prevent illness world championships, continue in poland later, in the first place by encouraging with hopes for british medals, a healthy lifestyle. in the women's madison event. today's report shows the positive one athlete not competing, impact an effective public health in poland though, is double olympic champion kristina vogel. service can have. she was paralysed in a training but there are warnings that accident last year. she's been speaking with, without it, in the face of rising demand, an already hard—pressed nhs sir chris hoy as part of a documentary for the bbc. will struggle to cope. in it, she says she knew straightaway that she'd never walk again, but says, that wasn't the toughest bit. the son of former al-qaeda leader
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osama bin laden has been stripped the hardest thing was that i hurt of his saudi arabian citizenship. people outside so hard, and when i organised to tell other people in my family it comes a day after about my accident and what will the united states offered happen with me, and how they cried, a $1 million dollar reward for information on the whereabouts and — sometimes you feel that, of hamza bin laden. it's believed he is now the leader yeah, i leave them alone. of the terror organisation, it's stupid. which is blamed for carrying out the september 11th attacks. eight people have suffered minor injuries after a plane abandoned its take—off at stansted you can see kristina vogel: airport. ‘from desperation to inspiration' on the bbc iplayer now. what's been described as a "big bang" shook the cabin. the vienna—bound lauda—motion flight skidded to a halt on the runway before being evacuated. are you a how do use its gone? —— is all flights at the airport were suspended for around three hours while the runway was cleared. gone. do you think you've picked up there's been a big rise in the number of people receiving any dialects? i was born in the calls from scammers pretending to work at the tax office. south, mip moved to the north. my hm revenue and customs said it had acce nt south, mip moved to the north. my accent is all over the place. it received 60,000 reports of phone scams in the last six months of 2018 depends on who i'm with.|j — a rise of 360% compared accent is all over the place. it depends on who i'm with. i was the to the six months before. other way around. it's amazing. your
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people are being warned to be accent is one part of it, your vigilant to the fraud, which is targeting mainly landline dialect is another part of it, the words you use and that is what we have been talking about this users. morning. well, a new york times quiz that reckons it can guess where you live don't feed the ducks. ucd sign at based on the way you speak has the park, people don't take notice gone viral online. fixing ucd sign. it's pretty accurate. mine came up don't feed them bread. for where i live now but not where i was born. some of the questions. rangers at queens park in glasgow have installed giant plastic ducks to try and get the message do the words farm and palm rhyme? effectively to the general public. they also are saying people should give alternative to bread because no. how do you refer to your grandmother? bread give them a bad tummy, so they do you call her nan, granny orgrandma? are suggesting oats, peas and that has a lot to do about is where lettuce. but don't stand in the wind you are from. i say grandma. what do you call your evening meal? and slow lettuce. definitely not. -- supper, dinner or tea? and slow lettuce. definitely not. -- and throw lettuce.
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dinnerfor me, tea for you. whatever your answers, they tell us a bit about where you're from. fiona douglas, a lecturer in english language, let's return to our top story. is here to explain why. we've got a ripley on—board, will be a week—long space journey, and we let's put this to bed. dinner, tea, had a landing that is like putting a supper. i think it depends where you pencil and a piece of paper. let's are from. for me, dinner is what i watch it, it was brilliant. tell us what we are watching. this is the have in the evening. i have lunch at lunchtime but when i went to school i had dinner money for school falcon nine rocket, on the top you dinners at lunchtime. and where are have the dragon two capsule and this is the first time the commercial you fromi'm from lanarkshire. companies are launching their northern scotland. you must have seen northern scotland. you must have seen at, so many people have been spacecraft on the international sharing this with you, why are we so space station. since 2011, we have only had the russian spacecraft to fascinated by this? i think it get to and from space. this is a really matters to us where we are demonstration flight of the first of from and what's really interesting two alternatives that americans are is seeing the people who it is putting into space. that took place rightful and correctly identifies where they are from and they feel at 749 ourtime, quite pleased as they are, i'm a putting into space. that took place at 749 our time, one hour and 40 minutes ago. have the nose cone open fit, but if you talk to people who
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it's not been quite so accurate for, with a lid that reveals the docking they sort of feel a little, they adapter so everything is going to wa nt they sort of feel a little, they want a sense of where they belong. plan. it will run daily with the that sense of identity is really international space station later important to us. i think it's today and tomorrow we should see something also, i thought very proud them docked and opened the hatch, knowing that i have certain phrases and the mannequin inside, ripley, and names of things that are particular to where i grew up and willjoin the crew along with the where i feel i'm from. as a scottish cargo. why is whitley inside? she person, tell me what you think, has lots of sensors all over her in because loads of people get in touch andi because loads of people get in touch and i always love to see what our viewers a say. can it says shoes for her head and they monitor what will happen toa her head and they monitor what will happen to a crewmember if they go pes, plimsolls or trainers, they are up. when we have astronauts that called jamies in aberdeen. later this year hopefully. that's her on the left. a bit of a stigma bristolians call them taps, margaret lookalike. says they are called techies. that's 7 white feeling that, for the things you are only why is she name to that? after the featuring pe. but it's wonderful. we are a small island i guess we've got alien character. we have had people these different words. it really
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saying why does this really matter? matters to people. but they it's all about redundancy. when translate as well. janice is a something happens and goes wrong, we londoner living in scotland and she wa nt something happens and goes wrong, we want another way of doing it. we saw has adopted the word... i use that just before christmas what happen with the russian rocket, there was a failure, two arsenals made safely word down south because i have scottish friends and carol uses it a back to. —— two astronauts. we have lot as well. i've adopted this word to ground them. it also opens the for the weather. we called a market, these companies will be part of the efforts as we go towards the dressing gown a gurney. we've got moon and on to mars. does it also some props here on the table. we've mean the americans don't have to rely on russia? we see the political talked about the pronunciation of scone but what is that? it's a bread tensions between east and west, are they nervous about having to rely on russian capsules looking ahead? they are keen to return to having their roll. it's a role. it's a map. a row owfi are keen to return to having their own capabilities to get there grew up own capabilities to get there grew up there. very diplomatic! the would be if it's crusty on top. that astronauts will also use crafts like to me looks like a map. the simple this, we may well see tim. whenever
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as these you would have thought. i you talk to any nationality of astronaut, cosmonaut, whatever you had an odd experience when i arrived wa nt to astronaut, cosmonaut, whatever you want to call them or however they are called, it almost feels as if from yorkshire to yorkshire. i was presented with anything i'd never spaceis are called, it almost feels as if space is transcending that seen presented with anything i'd never seen before in scotland called a diplomatic tension at the moment. scotch role and it was a little china, classic, the us, uk space brown mean —looking thing and i wasn't sure what that said about agency as well. all are working what they thought about the scottish. my friends they have in together very closely. the international space station truly is american, english muffins. jonathan, international. you have seen even as the us has imposed sanctions on says a role in the south, gamble and russia, it is protected. the us on the midlands. twerton is between russia, it is protected. the us on russia couldn't keep the international space station flying without cooperation, it is to streets instead of alleyways. we use intertwine. we have been excited about this. let's work to the next the word snipped when you have upset year or few years not what other big events to get excited about? this is a huge year for exploration. the decisions uk and europe take will someone. shape it for decades. it is an the word snipped when you have upset someone. when we had school, this exciting time. there is recalling
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goes back to your original point we the lunar orbital platform gateway, had dinner ladies not lunch ladies. a small station merely moon, nasa while working with canada, we hope you willjoin the efforts by the end give us a why you love. of the year. this will spend crew out to be mean for the first time since the 70s. from there we will see astronauts go back to the moon where we will learn to sort of live and work remotely. it is all about thank you for coming to join us. going on to mars. we will also see europe hopefully decide to take part ina mars europe hopefully decide to take part in a mars sample return mission, bringing pieces of mars back to freya is causing problems. one word earth. it is so far away when you talk about things like that. how to describe the weather later on long will it take to get the this weekend, graham. we've got a evidence back? what year? will we storm freya on the way. even before seeit? evidence back? what year? will we see it? we will see the master then. this is disorganised area of sample back by about 2030. really cloud that will become storm freya. now only a decade. the same with this will bring the wet and windy weather today, that area of cloud humans going to be input into with beena humans going to be input into with been a bit out there since we has already what's rain and its brightening up across the eastern finished the apollo programme in the side of the uk, sunshine coming 70s not resort by 2000 we would through but already turning wet in definitely be there. it's always beena northern ireland, windy here. that
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definitely be there. it's always been a bit in the distance —— we wind and rain pushing further into thought by 2000. they are working on scotla nd wind and rain pushing further into scotland over the irish sea energy parts of england and wales. the a new spacecraft called orion, we winds are going to pick up, are seeing more of that coming up. strongest winds, northern ireland and western scotland. this southerly we will see humans going out past the space station to be mean, it is winds, pretty mild out, temperatures evenin winds, pretty mild out, temperatures even in the rain around ten or 11 so the space station to be mean, it is so exciting. on a scale of one to degrees. stays dry in the midlands, ten, how exciting has it been?m east anglia, that is, 13 or 14 so exciting. on a scale of one to ten, how exciting has it been? if a billion. out of this world, excuse degrees. pretty good for the time of the pan! it has been a delight year. not the 21 we had a few days avenue taking us to. if you missed ago, rain this evening hanging it, and short around is a plus southern parts of england all the way through the it on iplayer. —— it has been a night. windy and wet in the north delight having here. you can catch west of scotland, in between a bit it on iplayer. you can watch it of calmness, liza went clear skies, live, all kinds of different angles temperature away 23 or four celsius. and inside, it has been great. i windy tomorrow for most of the day which i was in the morning of the north—west of scotland, the rain in don't think even darren can top southern england and south wales this. he has freya but we had a miss north was up towards southern space launch this morning! it was scotla nd miss north was up towards southern scotland and northern ireland. one band of rain followed by another, pretty good. we had ripley, you've this rain could be heavy and behind got freya. it was fantastic. we will that plenty of showers around also. mild aircoming ourway.
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show you a view in a minute but we that plenty of showers around also. mild air coming our way. the strength of the whence we really need to keep a close eye on. this have wet and windy weather and storm will be the arrival later on sunday freya later tomorrow, later tomorrow. this is the latest of the storm freya. there's the track, could change a little bit but we do have some went warnings from satellite picture from space. this cloud here will develop into storm the met office. covering this part freya, it has not developed yet of the uk. a large area will be nowhere near storm, but this curl of affected by these whence and will pick up during the afternoon into cloud will bring wet and windy the evening and the south west of weather, bringing of the east inside of the uk, brightening in edinburgh england and wales. 60—70 even may be for example. it is a slow start 80 miles an hour. stronger winds though in essex, still a lot of low travel to the man travelling towards cloud. but it will improve, skies northern england overnight. stays windy overnight and as we head into brightening, some sunshine but already we saw the cloud coming in monday morning, there will still be from the atlantic. this is rain, winds, north—eastern parts of stencilling winds for northern england, as the storm blows away, ta kes england, as the storm blows away, takes away the worst of the wind. we ireland, pushing across scotland are takes away the worst of the wind. we a re left takes away the worst of the wind. we this afternoon, into wales later are left with a blustery day on monday with sunshine and showers. today. they winds pick—up, strong to gale force for moreton island and that's it me. have a good day. i'll western scotland, but a southerly be back with you tomorrow. wind. the rain has temperatures 10-11. but the wind. the rain has temperatures
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10—11. but the midlands, much of eastern england, dry and brightening up, temperatures could be 14 degrees. we will get rain here i will be sleeping tomorrow. thank eventually. it will turn windy in the north—west of scotland, gales or severe gales, lots of showers you very much. let's call them rattling in and this rain across seven parts of england there this morning. in between, things are calmer. we will have clearer skies trainers. what about trainers that and temperatures dropping to 3—4d. would encourage you to be more active and told you to get up and tomorrow looks windy for most of the day, lots of showers in north—west go? trainers that encourage you to be scotland, this will move northwards. more active and a robotic shark aimed at keeping real sharks away from beaches. they're just some of the ideas it heads towards southern scotland from children on how to make and northern ireland, rain will be the world a better place. it's part of a competition to get quite heavy and followed by showers. younger people interested mild winds having our way again but in science and engineering. it is the strength of the wind that brea kfast‘s steph mcgovern was one of the judges, we need to keep a close eye on. this and is at the science museum in london for us now. by sunday is actually storm freya. it isa by sunday is actually storm freya. it is a deeper area of low pressure this is a surprise and a very by this stage and the strongest happily worn shirt i might say. winds on the southern flank. this is where we have the yellow wind we've just had a day a fantastic warnings from the met office at this space stage. they come as wales undergo we've just had a day a fantastic 5 pa ce stuff we've just had a day a fantastic
9:18 am
space stuff also. yes, i'm full on pa rt stage. they come as wales undergo part of england in particular. they science and engineering. it's really winds pick—up tomorrow afternoon in exciting to be here because the museum is not open yet and that is because a very special event is the evening, 60—70, possibly even 80 miles an hour, and then the strength about to happen. we will be of the women's transfer northwards unveiling the invention that won overnight to more modern parts of england. by the time of this competition, so really exciting here this morning but i'm going to ta ke here this morning but i'm going to take a bit more about the competition before we meet melly the more northern parts of england. then winner. this the, tell us about the it takes the worst of the when away with it and will be a blustery day competition. it's fantastic. it's a with it and will be a blustery day with sunshine and showers possibly competition. it's fantastic. it's a competition for 7—14 —year—olds on how to make tomorrow's world a into tuesday. but storm freya is the better place. we had over 1200 one to watch. this time last year applications for this and ran a was storm emma, it brought huge dragon because matt done style event amounts of snow because it ran into with ten finalist at the end of last the cold air from the abuse from year. it was really interesting that used. because all the ideas were just so but milder air at the moment —— the imaginative. it was hard to be a beast from the east. but milder air judge. it was difficult. i wanted at the moment. more on your local eve ryo ne judge. it was difficult. i wanted everyone to be a winner. it makes my radio. once freya has passed on, company everyone to be a winner. it makes my com pa ny really everyone to be a winner. it makes my company really excited about this what do we get next? gareth, name of next generation of young imagination. i hope we are going to out what do we get next? gareth, name of
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our forecast whojust make the world a better place with what do we get next? gareth, name of our forecast who just left the building after a night shift! not these kids coming through. let's really. just happens to be goa. meet the winner, because millie is the winner. tell me about your invention. you are holding the they've taken gullible out of the drawing that helps you in. tell me dictionary. thanks very much, cu about it. it is a solar powered seen. dictionary. thanks very much, cu seen. i the names, pollution sucking robot pigeon and dictionary. thanks very much, cu seen. ithe names, it's dictionary. thanks very much, cu it will fly around the world's seen. i the names, it's crazy. dictionary. thanks very much, cu seen. ithe names, it's crazy. freya biggest cities and sucked up all the is such a delicate and pleasant airand sign it name. not today! biggest cities and sucked up all the air and sign it into good air. biggest cities and sucked up all the air and sign it into good ainm gets rid of pollution and pumps are in the aftermath of the second world war, clean and for everyone. so you many british families were sent haven't seen that this has been to germany to help it rebuild. it was a difficult time, made, haven't you? we've got your and there was still much family here also everyone is anger and resentment between the two sides. excited. so, we have a look? i don't it must be difficult with all the trust myself to do this. the science anger and resentment from both those museum have made the invention and sides and scary. trying to bring this is merely seeing it for the something positive and new. first time. now the memories of one young boy who moved from wales to berlin, have been turned into a film. cheering tomos morgan reports. that amazing! tell me how you came up
9:20 am
i remember it very that amazing! tell me how you came up with this idea? i was sitting in surprisingly vividly. kim brook was only eight bed one day and there are two things years old when his family moved to germany in 1947. backin bed one day and there are two things back in london, pigeons and pollution so. lots of people don't the shattered city after like pigeons. you thought of the way the second world war. they could be useful. they are starring jason clark treated badly but they are kind of and keira knightley, just normal bounds. they are not the aftermath is a film loosely like rats who are vermin. how does based on kim's memories. it feel seeing it made? it's my dad used to talk about it a bit. amazing. better than i expected. he used to say, a number of times, it feel seeing it made? it's amazing. better than i expectedlj amazing. better than i expected.” are going to invent more things now? you know, it's not about revenge, or anything like that, or retribution, myjob is to rebuild. i don't know. we want you to invent loads of things. family you are this house is requisitioned proud. what was it like when you for british use by order of the control commission. and despite advice to the contrary, kim struck a close friendship won, what did it feel like when we with his seven—ear—old announced nasty weather when i? when german housemate, heike. i stood up and stayed there for earning himself the nickname ‘der eisbrecher‘ — the icebreaker. about two seconds, kind of figuring out what to do. should i sit down or and it was the children that should i go and then i decided to go broke down the barriers andl should i go and then i decided to go and i felt amazing. the other people between the two families. that you beat, all the ideas were
9:21 am
brilliant, once they? they were there was a very, very important turning point amazing. ididn't which happened the brilliant, once they? they were amazing. i didn't expect that, i following christmas. we decided that all the children, thought it would be, there were all six of us, would get loads of ideas. i can imagine how together and pretend we were a choir. and we saying silent night, ha rd loads of ideas. i can imagine how hard it would be. we are super proud of you and your family and friends and we all did it in german are as well. you will be able to see so it was stille nacht. this in the science museum. that is it from me here in the science and it was a very museum this morning with our young moving moment for my parents and for them. imagination of 2018. we saw her here first. thank you, that's great. tears were rolling down their face by the time we'd done it. lovely. so good to see so many young the love affair between kim's mother and the german father is fictional, people enthusiastic about the but it's a key element in both the film and the novel that subject. steph is brilliant. inspired the screenplay the war in syria has forced thousands of which was written by kim's son. people from their homes. it is a strange feeling, but in aleppo, one man decided but it's exciting too, to stay behind and help you know it's nice that this those unable to flee. story, the essence ambulance driver alla it is a strange feeling, aljaleel risked his life but it's exciting too, you know it's nice that this and used his savings to build story, the essence a rescue centre for
9:22 am
of the story, which is really about the city's abandoned cats. forgiveness and reconciliation, is there, you know all the way journalist and author through in the dna of the film. diana darke has been the production team have stayed following the story, in close contact with the family throughout before making process. and joins us now. and meeting the stars has been one of the highlights of this artistic good morning. you've written a book journey. what was it like to see keira knightley portraying your in collaboration with this mother? it was great. remarkable man, that you've never i gave her a peck met. i had to be him but i've never on the cheek and said, met. i had to be him but i've never met him. it was a difficult ask at "hi, mum." the beginning. do i really want to ta ke the beginning. do i really want to take this on? but i consulted a few tomos morgan reporting. syrian friends and they said go for ican imagine it because it's such a good story. i can imagine that film will touch many people in terms of memories. as he's made such an impact. on social well as being a fascinating insight. in spite of a story we don't often media as well. he is a well known think about, here and there and not the two meeting. figure across the world is now. because of what he has done, what he you're watching breakfast has been doing for years before from bbc news, it's time now anybody noticed him. he just carried for a look at the newspapers. on doing the same thing he has done from the start but everybody has entertainment journalist started calling him the cattleman of caroline frost is here to tell us what's caught her eye. aleppo and want to follow his story. good morning, thanks for coming in. tell us about this cattleman. he is
9:23 am
shall we go straight inside? let's do that. the first piece you have very funny. he's always got jokes chosenis do that. the first piece you have chosen is from the times this morning, talking about britain's most trusted man, who is he? martin that i love the way he nicknames some of his cats. he's got this lewis apparently, the finance expert, with 13 million subscribers extremist cat because it is a great to his newsletter. a lot of people big belly and comes in the muscles hang on his words for good or as we of the other cats. he's got a cat, are hearing. how to save money. in jumps like a russian giant so he has theory, but it turns out his image named as such. a gymnastic cat. has been used in lots of scam adverts on facebook, persuading named after a russian jet. people to part with their hard earned cash and invest in schemes with either his image on them or named as such. a gymnastic cat. named after a russianjet. i'm not going to ask you to recognise every perhaps the bbc programme dragon 's single cat. how many has he got?m den. they are turning out to be not entirely kosher. he settled with the old sanctuary in east aleppo, he had about 180 and then of course the facebook earlier this year on the condition that they came up with an siege tightened and they were empty scam investigation group. he is saying it hasn't happened and not eventually bombed and chlorine gas. he describes all of that in only that, the has got worse and extraordinary detail and he worked alongside white helmets. there are
9:24 am
many people like the white helmets people are parting with {1.3 million to his story cooperates them almost just injanuary. people are parting with {1.3 million just in january. it's incidentally because they were doing people are parting with {1.3 million just injanuary. it's a big problem and while he debates the very similar work. he was finally forced out of syria with when the responsibility of facebook and its use as not a platform but a huge city. leanne manages to get across without parallel perhaps influence into turkey. he decides he is going in society, he is desperately apologising to people and saying be to come back and set up a new aware when you go on social media. sanctuary because he can't leave his especially if you share from community behind. he knows the friends, if they are on whatsapp, children and the cats are the ones they look much more compelling and who really need help. so, that's what he had been doing. he seductive than your ad on the newspaper. it shows however big on a reappeared the century and early 2017 so he's been at it now for two platform you are, however big the years and has huge ambitions for what he is going to do in the platform, instagram, facebook, twitter, whatever, you have fact you future. he has a message, doesn't have scammers who are determined to he? about the war, this book get something through and i think i straddles what is actually happening was just looking at a number, plus his rather remarkable story and how he is using the gift of get something through and i think i wasjust looking at a number, the number of adverts. it is a sanctuary really. at one point and ridiculous number of abbots going through. they are constantly appearing. —— of adverts going there, he says the war has tarnished through. it's not even have you got there, he says the war has tarnished the reputation and our name. he
9:25 am
the will have you got to stop it, feels rather let down by the world. have they got the topology to seek it out and pull them down? and spot absolutely. most syrians feel that they have been abandoned but he the next one. that's the thing. expects nothing from any government or from any organisation. he is every time the police and people doing the work. he's like a one—man like the fbi in america, all of the mto. i'm doing the work that no bureau is desperately trying to employ the best brains to chase government and international charity these people, as long as they stay can do. by using all the one step ahead, there will always be crowdfunding for the cat he is innovation and so off we go. the supporting 2000 people in his only way we can protect ourselves is community with an orphanage, aching having this conversation and being to garden and notjust very aware of what you are putting community with an orphanage, aching your money into. this story in the to garden and not just the cats, community with an orphanage, aching to garden and notjust the cats, the whole community interwoven. it's an daily mail, there has been quite a amazing way to get into that whole debate this week about stacey geopolitical story. that's one man dooley, the abcjournalist, she is and what he is doing. he gives you a in uganda for comic relief. she big picture and talks about the war posted this picture of her with a and religion and the way society has changed. a lot of very interesting little boy in one of the areas she was visiting —— the bbcjournalist. crossovers there. it's a remarkable david lammy said she was story. perpetuating the white saviour role ‘the last sanctuary in aleppo'. or miss, and said it was becoming a that's all from breakfast for today. sort of racist way of covering it. roger and louise will be
9:26 am
and lenny henry who we associate with comic relief has got involved here tomorrow from six. in what has he said? she has my my tie is not made from the effectively defended stacey dooley. he has made a joke at an evening, have a lovely day. bye bye. missing bits of her sleeve. and came to her defence, she —— he was joking —— he wasjoking about david lammy and all white people helping with comic relief. speaks to the narcissism of the social media generation, equally at taj mahal and disaster sites, selfies in very inappropriate places. and stacey dooley is clearly not one of those people, she works hard to bring awareness to all sorts of things. on the other hand it crosses into this post—colonialism, as you say, be white saviour and our approach to charity. there's an argument about race happening for ever. it will continue to be discussed because it is something worth thinking about. but i think in this context, stacey
9:27 am
dooley has defended what she has done and she came back at david lammy didn't see? is this about me being white and doing good? do you have to change this? why don't you go as have to change this? why don't you goasa have to change this? why don't you go as a black man? he said he was invited to go as by comic relief and was in talks. but he thought it was a badly rugby our campaign. it is certainly on the part of lenny henry, people we put off by this debate at this argument from participating in, —— participating in comic relief. piece in the guardian here. which one of these books do you think is complicated? one of these books do you think is complicated ? for one of these books do you think is complicated? for me... renaissance uk have studied the research, they
9:28 am
have ta ken uk have studied the research, they have taken 30,000 children's books and found that the mr men books are deceptively simple looking, because of the striking images we think they are easy little books but it turns out they are not. they turns out that they rate higher on the complexity level than fantastic mr fox. in terms of the language. the sentence structure, use of language, the way they operate together, but we don't think about this, we think about the images and the words almost second secondary. but it turns out they are having education. not sure mr techno would make it past the censors these days. —— mr tickle. would mr greedy make it through in the gaze of the —— in the days of the obesity crisis? this defend would be all right. no, matt
9:29 am
tebbutt! —— mr finn would be all right. i know you have found the mr men books complicated before and now we know it wasn't just you!” books complicated before and now we know it wasn't just you! i can just about get it! i think it's fantastic they are still around, i used to love them as a kid. did you have a favourite character? mine was mr tickle but it's very inappropriate. massively! mr silly was funny, wasn't he? and mr bump. which one will you? i was mr happy probably. let's talk about this. we could use up let's talk about this. we could use up all ourtime doing let's talk about this. we could use up all our time doing this if you like! thanks, matt, see you later!
9:30 am
as special yesterday as scott mills. good to have you here talking all things comic relief later, with have done the sober four, heaven and hell, viewers will vote. —— you have done the show before. what is your food heaven? steak, beef. what about hell? i'm trying to get in shape so ie it hell? i'm trying to get in shape so ieita hell? i'm trying to get in shape so ie it a lot of card. -- ie ——iea —— ie a lot of cord. but can't do me fundamentally is boring. that is my hell. but also grab, i don't get it. do you know how many fishermen out there watch this show? we also have two great chefs with us as well, what are you doing? open danish sandwiches. you like that, a big yes coming there. first time on the show, gary. i'm going to be doing a more native chicken with chorizo and
9:31 am
—— afancy —— a fancy mornay cheese sauce. ollie, do you have any surprises in the drinks cabinet? i have a frosty freezer cabinet, some great value wine but also upset and great fun. —— are it's going to be great fun. mr topsy—turvy for me. —— are it's going to be great fun. mr topsy-turvy for me. don't forget, you guys at home are in charge of what's got what it later so go to the website for voting details are a special treat, it was saint david's day yesterday so we will have a treat at the end of the show, we will see you at. daffodil cake? maybe. i think i'm little miss sunshine. sometimes. stay with us!
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