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tv   Click  BBC News  March 2, 2019 12:30pm-1:00pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 12:30pm: spacex's falcon rocket blasts off from florida's kennedy space centre — it's on a mission to show nasa it can carry astronauts into space. labour's internal row over anti—semitism has deepened, with two of the party's most senior figures clashing over how to handle complaints. and reports from the disputed region of kashmir say there's been a new violation of the ceasefire along the line of control between india and pakistan. sport now, and for a full round up from the bbc sport centre, here's mike. good afternoon. the first weekend derby match is about to get under way. there are quite a few coming up
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in merseyside, but this one is at wembley. it matters to tottenham and arsenal. they are just about to kick off. this was a moment ago, spurs coming out as the hosts look to bounce back. a third defeat was against arsenal. they have now kicked off at wembley. it doesn't get much tougher for include‘s women tonight than when they face the world number ones, the usa, in the she believes cup. quite a challenge lies ahead. it is the one where we can really see where we are. it is a barometer in terms of the work we have got to do, and hopefully a barometer of how file we have come. we were here this time last year, stood on the side of the pitch in orlando. i thought the
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better tea m the pitch in orlando. i thought the better team won, and we realised we have got a lot of work to do to get to the level of the usa. they are the reigning champions, a team that are used to success. the reigning champions, a team that are used to success. when you are on the top of the mountain, you have to catch them. we know what the game brings, especially playing in america as well, there will be a big crowd. we know that crowd will be against us, probably. forthe big games, it is popular forward to these days was top we want to play these days was top we want to play the big games because we know we have a chance of winning them because we can compete, we can play against these teams now. that will be live on bbc two tonight. katarina johnson thomson and lauren muirwon katarina johnson thomson and lauren muir won gold katarina johnson thomson and lauren muirwon gold in katarina johnson thomson and lauren muir won gold in the pentathlon and 3000 metres respectively on day one. action is now back under way in glasgow. these are the 60 metre heats. the defending men's champion
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is also through. he finished second in his heat, we sees them safely through to this evening. katie archibald has been withdrawn from a race this afternoon in poland. she had initially been deemed fit to continue after a 12 . , , , had initially been deemed fit to continue after a concussion . , , , she developed a concussion overnight. england's player is two shots off the lead at the women's world championship. she has been put into contention, with nine overall for the tournament in singapore. that's all the sport for now. more often 1pm. time for click. this week:
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bending the rules, breaking the rules, and cleaning up the mess. it's that time of year again. we head on our annual pilgrimage to the world's biggest mobile event — mobile world congress in barcelona. the stands are filled with an array of gleaming rectangles. but, on the whole, they look quite similar — on first glance at least. well, there are plenty of great phones here, but mine does a lot already, so would i really want to upgrade just for a slightly bigger screen and a slightly better camera?
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well, probably not. and it seems that plenty of other people are in agreement with me. two of the biggest brands, both apple and samsung, have seen sales slow down. but where there has been innovation, like 5g or foldable screens, the prices are eye—watering. huawei showed off its mate 10, which has an eight inch amoled display. when we saw the device fold it was a wow moment. the screen is thinner than rival samsung's, as the company proudly pointed out, most of the components live to the side. with no release date yet, it did feel very much like a concept phone, though. we were told to keep our mitts off, but on a brief moment of holding it did feel a little weighty. but if you're loving the idea of getting that extra real estate on your phone,
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but you don't want to indulge in buying a full foldable, well, lg have a dual display. although it will initially be sold as one package, it's actually a phone case that has a second screen as part of it, allowing you to maybe play a game with a separate control pad or simply message a friend at your location two apps open. but if you don't want to fork out thousands on your device, then this is what's happening elsewhere. as always, camera functionality is where everybody is trying to make a splash. so the back of the devices are adorned with an increasing number of lenses. the nokia 9 pureview really went for it, with five cameras — two colour and three at monochrome lenses — all working in unison to capture an image so the focus can be changed after the fact. some devices attempt to do this
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with the help of a depth camera, but the results are less precise. and it's been all about minimising the notch, that black bit at the top, to provide an unobstructed screen, samsung and huawei upped the ante by introducing the discreet punch—hole, which other manufacturers will no doubt follow soon. another illustration of how hard it is for big players to stay ahead of rivals like oneplus. this is their latest model. and it looks and feels pretty much like one of the high end phones. it has facial recognition, almost an edge to edge screen, and it has a fingerprint sensor built into the screen. but this uses an optical sensor instead of the more premium ultrasound sensor found in the galaxy s10.
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and more chinese brands are expanding into the west. xiaomi started selling its handsets last year. and oppo showed off its latest high—end device. i do believe this is what you have been waiting for. oppo's first 5g smartphone. as the market gets more crowded with similar looking phones, the battle to cram in more functionality continues. the second it iteration of microsoft's hololens the second iteration of microsoft's hololens created quite a stir here. it's lighter than the original hololens, but at the same time it sort of feels more solid. let's see what the experience is like. there we go. after a brief set up, ifound myself
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working in construction — albeit of the mixed reality variety. the upgrades include a display, doubling the viewing range, voice control, and more precise hand gestures. they allow you to stretch, rotate, and move what is in the virtual world, or as was demonstrated in the launch, do something as detailed as play the piano. or i can play the keys one at a time. the field of view is wider, but the experience is definitely better when i'm standing further back, which, initially when i was trying to move things on the table, that wasn't ideal because i was having to go forward. but right now i can move the timescale just here to take a look at how the building work was going at each point. 0k. that's pretty cool. this still isn't a consumer product, though, it's squarely aimed at professionals, with a price tag to match of $3500.
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so all the demos are of this nature. while it's easy to get caught up and trying to get the knack of the gestures, the visuals are actually quite amazing. microsoft wouldn't say if its future plans include a less pricey consumer version, but speculation was rife amongst the crowd that hololens 3 could find its way into our homes. hello and welcome to the week in tech. it was the week that facebook took down the page of anti—islamic activist tommy robinson for violating its policies on hate speech. it also removed his instagram profile and said he would not be allowed back on the platforms. elon musk‘s tweets landed him in hot water — again. regulators in the us have asked a judge to find him in contempt of court after they said he breached
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an agreement from last year to have his tesla—related tweets vetted in advance. and the bbc and itv have announced plans to launch a new subscription—based streaming service. called britbox, it will contain archive content for both broadcasters, as well as original commissions. it was also the week that two companies unveiled just what we need — new military drones! yay. weapons maker kalashnikov announced a new kamikaze drone that explodes on impact. meanwhile, boeing announced it's developed a new jet plane sized uav — codenamed loyal wingman. which i'm sure is intended to be reassuring. fedex is the latest firm to trial new autonomous delivery robots. based on technology from powered wheelchairs for disabled people, the delivery company claim that the sameday boy can navigate on paved surfaces, kerbs, and even steps. no word yet on its capacity for "sorry we missed you" cards. and, finally, do you have trouble sleeping? have you always craved a robot
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pillow that breathes like a baby? then you're in luck. dutch engineers have created something to fill this particular niche in the market. somnox weighs as much as a cat. it also plays music and aims to calm your breathing. sweet dreams. away from the show floor, this week nick kwek‘s been talking rubbish, but at least he went dubai to do so. dubai, the persian gulf. year round sun, scorching temperatures. er, not exactly the weather i was hoping for. a bit of winter sun, they said. ah well, despite being soaked to the core, the show must go on. in these unsuspecting waters lingers a cunning creature. a wide—jawed wading
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guzzler on the hunt. meet the wasteshark. this aqua drone sails around marinas and coastlines scouring the surface for plastic waste, debris, seaweed, and other pollution. and it's off, setting sail on a mission to gobble up as much garbage as possible. it essentially works like a giant roomba vacuum — hoovering up floating rubbish in its path. the wasteshark is the world's first autonomous marine waste and data collection vessel. 80% of waste that reaches the marinas, the marine environment, and the ocean, is from the land. so we need to approach the issue of marine protection and ocean sustainability from multiple angles. so this trash sucker is designed to patrol marina waters for up to 16 hours before the battery
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inside requires recharging. it's actually designed after the whale shark. its big mouth being able to suck up 200 litres of trash at one time. its black plastic zip tie teeth keep bits and bobs inside its mouth, handy when needing to reverse. three independent thrusters control the sharks direction and speed. this current model is actually being remote—controlled by its captain on the pier, but other models have lidar senses on them, allowing them to autonomously navigate waters. they also have a collision avoidance system on—board, too, so they can detect nearby objects and, if necessary, move out of the way. there are big trash skimmers that are very expensive to buy and operate, they use fossil fuels, they don't reach into hard to reach places. it's not the only waste eater that's cleaning up waterways. over in the us the baltimore—based mr trash wheel sucks
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in and processes heaps of rubbish. so far it's cleared well over 500 metric tons of the stuff. and in chicago, the inventively names trash robot is another remote—controlled robot tackling pollution. designed by dutch partner ranmarine, the wasteshark is just one of the solutions being used by ecocoast to improve dubai's waters. the company has also deployed bubble curtains to prevent silt and other contaminants left over from construction reaching the ocean — a real problem due to dubai's ever evolving landscape. the bubbles behave like a barrier, restricting the movement of floating and subsurface pollution. for us what's very important is what solutions will prevail in the future. you'll have pods of wastesharks that are cleaning the waterways that are autonomous, that are self charging, self emptying, and they're
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constantly feeding back data to the end users. gathering data on water quality and areas of high contamination could help marina owners and local governments record and know more about the state of their shores. dubai municipality has just adopted two that will begin patrolling public waterways in a couple of weeks. a noble effort, but with an estimated 800 million metric tons of plastic ending up in our oceans every year it's tough to see how these tiny trawlers will make much of a difference. but at least for now, bottle by bottle, it's helping us protect our planet. back in barcelona, i was once again surrounded by 5g signs, the same as previous years. but this time, it really felt like the tech was a lot more ready to make its mark.
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a few 5g—enabled phones are hitting the shops this year, but 5g is not really about a faster connection with our mobiles. it's more about connecting the things that we've never connected before. stands were full of ideas about what that could mean for the future. a robot that can instantly mimic its driver's moves. imagine this happening when they are thousands of miles apart, and this is the kind of collaboration that 5g promises to unlock. wearing ar goggles can let you interact with the same 3—d environments, but without the kind of uninterrupted connection 5g should provide, the experience will always fall short. so frustrating. this collaborative game is set up on wi—fi at the moment, the reason being to demonstrate how the ha ptic feedback is a little bit delayed. whereas once it's on 5g, well, it should all be
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happening at the right speed, exactly as i do things — although i don't think it's going to improve my skills. and it can truly unleash the power of ar. we already have ai capabilities in our devices. image recognition, for example, helps to enhance our photos. i played a simple game which shows the speed that our devices can recognise an object in an image. i'm really trying my best here, but no matter how quick i feel like i am, the computer is a lot quicker. the only thing is, at least i get it right every time. if you pull it all together with 5g, suddenly you have a very, very highly performing device that's connected to the cloud with a very low latency. so you can actually have almost immediate responses based on where you are,
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your context, and that changes the way your device interacts and what you can do with it. for example, if you were actually going on a run and you actually — now, your phone is capable of giving notjust canned exercises, but training as you go along, that is tuned to how your body is responding to it. 5g might make the relationships with our phones a bit more personal. on a grander scale, the entire travel infrastructure around us could be transformed. this is part of millbrook proving ground, the place where cars and their components are put through their paces. but right now, it's serving as a testbed for 5g, and what that could mean for autonomous and connected vehicles. while 4g radios still need to be used at the moment,
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the rest of the trial sees movements and interactions tracked on a 5g network. it replicates what could in the future keep traffic safe and well managed. the number of cars today which have sim cards in them, that will evolve into algorithms that help those sensors connect. i think the really key thing is how are you going to use the data to be able to help make the end user's life easier? and that is what is being looked at here. can we get the vehicle to be connected, can we make sure that we're transferring the data? can we do that in a safe and secure environment, so that the data itself is secure? then, can we make sure that the cars themselves are secure from each other, but also are they secure from unexpected events? the much—talked—about low—latency aspect of 5g means no delay, and that is of course vital when we're talking about moving traffic. this mclaren is travelling at 160 mph.
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but, in a 200 metre radius, the cars would be able to wirelessly track each other too. even here it feels like there were a lot of vehicles moving very fast, but of course, in the grander scheme of things, these are just a few. we're looking at all of the vehicles on all roads being tracked in this way, and that is a big job. when we talk about millions of devices to be connected to the network per kilometre square, then we talk about cars, homes, streets, hospitals, factories. what we are exploiting here, the technology, it's parallel computing and parallel signal processing. so we have a large number of processing units in parallel, to do the number—crunching in the minimum amount of time. in terms of ai, when we talk about the automation part of the 5g, when robots are connected or devices are connected, ai plays a very
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important role in terms of understanding what the device wants to do, or what the device should be doing, and forecasting and predicting in future. but, if all of these vehicles and all cars on the road are relying on that mobile phone network, what happens if it goes down? well, i think what we do as a mobile operator is we continue to look at our network. we did suffer an outage with one of our partners, and that was quite public. we're looking constantly at how we can make sure our network is more resilient in the future, and i think one of the things that will come out of here is how do we make sure that the vehicles themselves are resilient, from a network point of view? before we reach a state of fully connected autonomy, though, 5g could have its work cut out on road and rail, providing more accurate live tracking and information. we know that, from some of the work we've done on our smart cities report,
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that from a train transportation point of view, rail sensors working on preventative maintenance can take out £450 million of lost productivity, and that equates to about 2.6 hours per commuter per year of time saved. and then, from a road point of view, having a really good, connected 5g road management system could help take out 10% of time waiting in traffic. and that, you know, for 5.6 million commuters on the road, that would be a real saving. so many phones, so many promises. but do they all live up to what they're offering? omar mehtab has been putting one to the test. this is the agm a9 smartphone. it has features you would expect of many top—brand devices — quick—charging, fingerprint id, big screen. but it's also quite solid. now, this phone isn't for your average user. it is designed to survive the toughest of conditions,
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so tough, in fact, that the company say it is unbreakable. agm advertise their phones as being able to survive quite some punishment, such as being able to be kicked like a football. so we asked the company if it could survive a hammer. they said yes. ah, right. that didn't take much. right. that's broken. that is smashed, but to be fair, maybe it wasn't designed to actually take a hammer to it. it's gone completely. ok, ok, that's just the screen. it's easily replaceable, no problem at all. and the back of the phone was proving a lot tougher, so i got some help. be careful. oh, yeah — and don't try this at home. ok, you've done it. you've cracked plastic. look at that.
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oh, it's lifted completely. so despite saying that we could use a hammer, agm came back to us and said that the military—certified phone can endure a lot, being waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, but a hammer will compromise it. look at that. so he broke the camera lens. yes, a long way off from unbreakable, like the company said. omar there, having a smashing time. but you don't need to go that far to disconnect. so how about this — a phone which will keep you connected when you need to be, but doesn't provide all of the distractions of a smartphone? now, don't think that this is just the basic device that can't do much. the idea is actually that it's a premium product. it has up to 270 hours' battery
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life, blackberry security, and a rather bold pricetag of £295. the company anticipates it will be bought by those who already have a smartphone, but fancy the option of some calmer moments. well, that's it for the mwc special. you may not be able to do it on here, but if you want to keep track of the team throughout the week, you can find us on facebook and twitter. thanks for watching. hello there. it was a fairly quiet start to the weekend. however, we
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are expecting wet and windy weather to push on from the atlantic by the time we get to the latter part of sunday. we have storm for a on the way. that has yet to develop into a storm. it will come from that area of cloud there. this colour cloud also wringing wet and windy weather into the country. it is writing up on the east, we have some sunshine for a while, but we already have the rain arriving in northern ireland, turning wet and windy, pushing further across scotland only to western most parts of england and wales was the strongest winds are likely to be across northern ireland and western scotland, strong to gale
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