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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 2, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 8: time for a look at the weather police are investigating the murder forecast with nick. of a 17—year—old girl hello. who was stabbed in a park in east the uk's already had one area of low london. pressure so far this weekend, she's the 18th homicide victim and there is another on the way tomorrow. in the capital this year. the first overnight keeps it very windy in northern scotland, i'm 23 years old. some gusts up to 70 miles per hour the fact that this didn't with heavy showers. shock me, that's quite sad. outbreaks of rain linger in southern that should not be our reality, that england on a mild night here. most places, though, become dry. shouldn't be young people's reality. the us ambassador urges britain now into tomorrow, heavy showers to embrace american farming methods, and very strong winds including chlorine—washed chicken across northern scotland will slowly and hormone—fed beef, to help secure ease, and then storm freya moves a post—brexit trade deal. into the uk, with first rain spreading across north across england and wales the row within labour over its handling of anti—semitism shows no signs of being resolved into parts of northern ireland as deputy leader tom watson insists there has been a complete loss and southern scotland, and then strengthening winds. they will be strengthened southwestern winds. of trust in the party. these are some of the gusts we're going to experience three, two, one, zero. as the day goes on. towards the end of the day, for wales and western coasts ignition, lift—off. of england, they're going to be seeing some gusts around 70—80 mph. over many parts of england after a successful launch, and wales, some gusts of up to 50—65 the first astronaut capsule launched miles an hour through the night into monday morning. so i think there will some disruption in places.
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worth checking the situation near you as you head out on monday morning. this is bbc news. a reminder of our headlines. a 17—year—old girl has been stabbed to death in a park near romford, east london, the 18th person killed in the capital this year. i have a daughter age seven years old. many londoners will have children and know people who are young and by the grace of god, that could've been one of our children who lost their lives last night. america's ambassador to the uk, urges britain to embrace us farming methods, to help secure a post—brexit trade deal, dismissing fears over chlorine—washed chicken and hormone—fed beef. labour's internal row over anti—semitism has deepened, with two of the party's most senior figures clashing over how to handle complaints.
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now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me katherine downes and ben mundy. the headlines this evening... over to you liverpool... manchester city take over at the top of the premier league. 100 not out — roger federer wins his landmark atp tour title in dubai. four yesterday — defending women's 60 metres champion asha philip leads the way for more british medals at the european indoor athletics tonight. we'll check in on the action in glasgow. also coming up in the programme... windies come back fighting in st lucia — could they draw level with england in the one day series? and, the "ultimate challenge" for england — they prepare to take on the world champions usa at the she believes cup.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. the premier league top spot has changed hands yet again this afternoon. manchester city back out in front, after they beat bournemouth i—o. bournemouth held pep guardiola's side off in the first half — but riyad mahrez scored at the start of the second. so city keep up the pressure on liverpool — but they lost kevin de bruyne and john stones to injury. de bruyne a particular problem as the season reaches a climax — guardiola says the belgian will be out for a while again — but he was pleased with his team's performance. that was one of our best performances we have played.
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they are incredible. we defended so well. we created enough chances. we did incredible. every movement with one sense, i'm so delighted. i just want to say thank you to the players because they are absolutely incredible. it is difficult. you want to be competitive in the game and i think that was the way for us today to make the game tied and get numbers in the fence and show good organisation and mentality and hang in there as long as we could. the only frustration for us today is their goal is an ugly goal, which is and unlike man city goal but i think we have done very well apart from that. liverpool play everton
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in the merseyside derby tomorrow — hoping to climb back into the lead. there was late drama in the north london derby — because arsenal were awarded a penalty in the final minutes — but it was saved by hugo lloris. a missed chance for arsenal — but it saved tottenham from a third straight defeat. patrick gearey was watching. the closer spurs and arsenal get, the more this match matters. these two neighbours are separated by only four points, so surely every inch, every second would have to be earned, but somehow here, aaron ramsey had an age. in his last derby for arsenal, he made the moment last. tottenham eventually emerged from hibernation, but eriksson made leno a hero, senses and reactions, heightened. a stalling spurs needed a push and got a shove. it came from a penalty, arsenal claimed kane was offside, but his only question was which side. goalkeeper‘s left was right, game on. it's direction remained wildly unpredictable, 89th minute and the referee saw enough in this for an arsenal penalty.
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in the race for a champions league place, what a moment now for pierre. and a bigger one still for hugo. tottenham's defence completed the rescue act. for a while, everybody lost themselves. lucas only came on at half—time but was off before full—time. red card. the last act of a fixture exhausting to be a part of and almost as tiring just to watch. some things you deserve to get and sometimes you don't deserve it and you get it. the most important is the mentality. impressive for me. i want to say thank you because i didn't see it. i think it is good and we need to be looking forward and try to arrive in good conditions for the next game. not good because maybe we can't win...
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our chances on the game, the last penalty for us, but i am very proud of them. i think they are in good spirits. and that missed chance for aubameyang means that arsenal have fallen out of the top four — replaced by manchester united. some cracking goals at old trafford. well worth a watch on tonight's match of the day. united edged it over southampton then winning it 3—2. romelu lu ka ku with two of those goals. and they're up into the champions league places. it is one of those games, it had everything. it was an open game. they came here to beat us. we should have been one or two up in the first five minutes to be fair. we started really well and then they settled down and they scored on the first two strikes. they were unbelievable strikes by the boys but i thought my team,
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we did fantastic. the boys did great in the second half. the team showed that they really wanted to get something here. two situations in the first half, a penalty. that would change and keep the game completely because it is much more difficult for man united. second half, we got beat and defeated by the quality of one fantastic lukaku. he is amazing. but we never stopped working for a point and we never stopped thinking or believing in ourselves and that we can get something here. more misery for bottom side huddersfield, they were beaten 1—0 by brighton — florin andone with the header with just over 12 minutes left to play. it means huddersfield have only had one win in their last 15 league games — and they're 13 points from safety.
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i'm totally angry, to be fair. we lost the game because of a free kick, and in one situation in premier league, when you are not switched on, you cannot allow this. we were not switched on. in the premier league, it is from the first minute until the last minute. i am angry about it because it is a free kick. normally, we should get them out of this game. the late kick off saw newcastle go to west ham. the home side took the lead afterjust six minutes. declan rice with his second goal of the season. and west ham secured the win, through captain mark noble. it finished 2—0. and in the day's other premier league results crystal palace beat burnely 3—1, and wolves got a comfortable victory at home to cardiff. so let's have a look at what does to the table then manchester city two points in front at the top — liverpool, of course, play tomororw. tottenham seem to have stalled
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a little in third place — and manchester united are closing in on them. they're up into the top four, after arsenal failed to convert that penalty at wembley earlier. down at the other end... huddersfield still on just 14 points after that loss to brighton on the south coast. fulham play chelsea tomorrow... cardiff are still in danger. to the championship, next. the lead has changed there this afternoon, too... norwich back to the top, after a 3—1 win over millwall. they're two points clear of leeds, who won yesterday. here are all the other results from today for you... the ones to pick out, a huge win for aston villa... four nil against derby who stick just outside the play—off spots. and costly losses for bottom sides ipswich and bolton, while rotherham, the other team in the relegation zone, picked up a win against blackburn to move closer to safety. neil lennon's winning start in caretaker charge of celtic continues... they earned a 2—0 win
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over his former club hibernian in the quarterfinals of the scottish cup. after a goalless first half james forrest set the game alight with this brilliant solo goal from outside the box. captain scott brown then doubled the lead for celticjust ten minutes later to send them through to the semi—finals. not quite as many goals in today's scottish premiership today... ryan flynn scored the only one. as bottom side st mirren won their first league game of 2019 at home to livingston. while kilmarnock missed the chance to move within a point of third place aberdeen — it ended goal—less for them against motherwell. right, that wraps up the men's football... but, catherine, you have been joined you have beenjoined by a guest. a very special guest. england's women face the "ultimate test" tonight — that's according to manager phil neville. they take on the world champions the usa at the she believes cup later tonight — having already beaten brazil in the tournament. i'm joined by former england goalkeeper, turned bbc pundit rachel brown finnis who's part of the bbc coverage
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of tonight's match... it will be such a great match against the world champions. give us against the world champions. give us a bit ofa against the world champions. give us a bit of a feel of how dominant the usa have been in women's football and phil knebel says it is the ultimate test. why is that quiz yellow i grew up watching football and went to america when i was 18. and watch them when back will cups, went to the 1998 woke up i don't watch the wind but saw how it affected the country in how women's football was received. —— 98 world cup. it has never changed a thing. they are household name, celebrities come it will be the ultimate test for them. there will be buoyed by the response to the second half, they played really poorly against brazil and the first half of the second half really i think it took what phil neville threw at them which may be quite literally. and implement that those changes. i think reapplied or almost pressing the reset button in the application in the second half was much better and much more effective and they will need more of that coming into play against the us
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tonight who are the world dominant team. he said that he was perhaps a bit harsh on them in half—time but you and alex scott tore into them in your planetary saying it is not what we are come to expect from them. they have come together. as a cohesive, attacking team. there was none of that. not at all. exactly one year since phil took over, so for his anniversary present, he was not expecting a really poor performance in the first half. the penalty was due but it was all down to england possibly poor play. but then they sprung into action and i think lucy brian's got into holding midfield role. she is normally a ) wind of the worlds best. she plays her football and a lion and wind of the worlds best. she plays herfootball and a lion and her centre has improved. she if physically technically and mentally one of the best players in the world. she is now playing in the midfield role for england. a bit of an expert mental thing but a second
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call from bethany knelt on the result. —— experimental thing and a second goal from bethany result. —— experimental thing and a second goalfrom bethany not result. —— experimental thing and a second goal from bethany not the result. given that change a tactic i expect them to apply the same tactics that may be different personnel. but i feel much brighter having followed that second half. huge test up ahead. how important would it be for england and what would it be for england and what would he say if they can beat the world champions on home soil with three months to go to the world cup? we've only ever beat the us once before, in which a history, and that was a few years ago. in england. we have never beaten them at in the us. in the early years of me playing for the national team, there was a big disparity in standard. we always used to get pummeled by them. we have come a long way. this national tea m have come a long way. this national team will go into the world cup this summer as one team will go into the world cup this summer as one of the favourites, but to actually see how close they are to actually see how close they are to living that is you will see
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tonight. but i think the girls will go into it with confidence and which i have some players coming back from confidence. we don't have the full squad yet. we will be watching with interest. thank you, rachel. enjoy your part of the bbc coverage on bbc later. you can see how england get on against the world champions on bbc two from 9:16 p:m.. thank you forjoining us. right, coming up in the programme... we'll have all the latest from the world track cycling championships in poland, can britain bounce back from a disappointing day yesterday? and schooled by a five—year—old — mike bushell meets the tigers motorbike display team. all of whom are under 17. tennis, and yet another milestone day in the phenominal career of roger federer. 20 grand slam singles titles,
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he's won a record six atp finals and the davis cup with switzerland... and now he's won his 100th title on the atp tour. he did it by beating stefanos sitsipas in straight sets at the dubai tennis championships. he's only the second man to reach 100 titles — jimmy connors has 109, you wouldn't bet against federer passing that record before he calls time on his career. to cricket... and, england have been crushed by west indies in the final one dayer in st lucia — beaten by seven wickets in a match that only lasted just over a0 overs in total. eoin morgan's side were skittled out forjust 113 before chris gayle treated the carribbean crowd to another exhibition of power hitting. it means the series ends tied at 2—2. ben croucher has more. england possibly tour of the caribbean has been
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categorised by sixes and collapses today. it was the latter. military windies precision with the ball combined with a bouncy wicket and a questionable shotmaking signal england's dizzying demise time and again there were losing their personal draws. time and again they reach for the poor shots. chris woa kes didn't learn the lesson. different batsmen, same bowler, same shot, same result. from a 111 to 113 all out even by english standards, this was quite the collapse. this is the windies and this is chris gayle and this is what he does. showing more application in an over than england got in an inning. he kept on going past 50 in record time making it rain sixes in st lucia, none of them in a 77 forjust 27 balls on a day were england where blown away. series done and dusted. now to rugby union... exeter chiefs stay top of the premiership after a hard—fought
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victory over sale sharks. but the game of the day was at welford road. leicester tigers managed to hang on to beat neighbours wasps. austin halewood watched the action. through the years, welford road has been the setting for plenty of leicester success, but it's been a while since the tigers roared. and while wasps are struggling themselves this season, they flew out of the blocks the quickest, marcus watson given too much room to finish in the corner. a mistake the tigers wouldn't learn from. watson this time breaking from deep, and shown the outside, a route he took with open arms. the winger in for his second before the break. leicester were clearly missing their internationals, but in the absence of george ford, brotherjoe stepped up to the plate. the fly half's finger tips enough to put the tigers ahead. but after a late missed line—out, the wasps are given one more shot, they crossed the line but with the grounding unclear, it couldn't be given. a first win in six from leicester.
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just. and here are the other results from the premiership today — exeter, as we heard — still top with a 14—20 win over sale. saracens beat northampton 36—17 and there was a tight win for harlequins over bath. meanwhile, in the pro 1a, edinburgh's play—off hopes were dealt a real blow by benetton. edinburgh did lead 10—8, but antonio rizzi came off the bench for the hosts to score a try and a penalty to seal a vital win. the rest of the day's results from the premiership and the pro 1a are on the bbc sport website. to poland now, where world championship cycling continues... great britain were edged into fourth in the women's madison which was won by the netherlands. disappointment then for neah evans and elinor barker — katie archibald remember was meant to be part of the team but she had to pull out because of concussion. i am quite disappointed with that.
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i didn't know i was riding until after breakfast this morning so i wasn't really mentally prepared to be honest, and i was quite tired from the week but still disappointed even with what little expectations i had. i'm trying to remember the last time we did a change together. so we tried to get on track beforehand, there were all kinds of issues. not ideal preparation but i think we both know individually we are strong riders and we have done that but it didn't gel. ethan hayter claimed a bronze medalfor great britain in the men's omnium. he was in pole position for a gold medal going into the final race of the event. but struggled to hold off the challenge of eventual winner campbell stewart from new zealand. the european indoor athletics championships are continuing this evening in glasgow. britain's asha philip is defending her 60 metres crown and she looks in fine form to retain that title.
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she won the third of this evening's semi—finals in a time of 7.19 seconds — the second quickest time overall. her british team—mate kristal awuah also made it through to tonight's final. richard kilty is also defending his title won in belgrade two years ago. initially left out by the british selectors before receiving an invitation from european athletics, he clocked in at 6.64, the same time as konstadinos zikos of greece, as both men qualified for tonight's 60m final. there's live action on bbc two right now of the european indoor athletics. it's also available on the bbc sport website, app, connected tvs and on iplayer. the men's 3000 metres final is ongoing. norwegian teenagerjakob ingebritsen, who won the 1500 and 5000 metres european titles outdoors last summer, is going for the first half of a double in glasgow.
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the favourite going into this one. quite tightly packed. still in the early stages. we will keep you updated. they re among the most daring motorbike riders in the country and yet some of the tigers display team are as young as five. infact, all of the stunt riders are under 17. they re helping to keep the sport going after the last of the famous adult display teams broke up. ahead of their summer tour, mike bushell has been to join the tigers in training in hampshire... revving up for the new season, the boys and girls who tour the country performing
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stunts on motorbikes. including kenny, who isjust six. i like doing the firejumps. and i like it is that high. and the first time you do it, you get a bit scared, but then you really like it. legs in the air. hard to believe what i am seeing. children as young as five learning these stunts on motorbikes. it is incredible. he's only been here for three months training with them. never been on a motorbike before. now he isjumping off the ramps. it is scary. it is slightly scary. he is incredibly confident. that is what is really good for all the kids. it gives them an amazing amount of confidence. the tigers and the rockets and imps are the only surviving display teams now. the tigers oldest rider is just 15 and the public displays raise money for children's charities. as long as they can ride a bicycle, without stabilisers, we do the rest, it is unbelievable,
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but to see your kid going from that all the way tojumping a car is amazing. the older they become, the more extreme the bike tricks are. it hurts at first. but you get used to it. you strengthen your legs and eventually don't feel it. if you can concentrate then it is not dangerous. unlike me, i'm a bit... so, i fall of quite a bit. but like others who fall, it doesn't stop brooke getting back up. like me, the tigers have learned from the now disbanded white helmets team. but unlike back in 2012, this time, i would be on my own bike. one of those sports where it really helps to learn at a young age and so we have four—year—old alex here, my instructor to show me the beginner track. look at his control, steady speed, perfect. in the wet as well. my first attempt to integrate into the team and join their crisscross routine
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didn't last long. it shows how technical and skilled these members are. i got rather confused, but i was still persuaded to try my first jump. i tell you what, if five—year—olds can do it, surely i can. here we go. although i didn't exactly fly over. so they turned up the heat. the likes of kenny setting the pace, as if i wasn't sweating enough. don't try this at home. it is under very controlled conditions under the supervision of instructors. having survived, i needed a lie down, not what i had in mind but it shows and in training that parents have to do this. that is enough! it's all about trust and training, and in 39 years, it's never gone wrong. despite my concerns. to finish me off i was told to close my eyes for the show finale. i think i've aged about 15 years.
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mikea bit mike a bit flatter than he was before he went on. no way i would like down like mike there. a lot of think that might does that i would ever do. before we go, a quick recap of our top story. manchester city have gone top of the premier league after a 1—0 win at bournemouth. riyad mahrez scoring the only goal in the second half. city are two points ahead of liverpool, who play at everton in the merseyside derby tomorrow afternoon. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. hello. many of us have already seen some wet and windy weather so far this week in there is more to come. two areas of low pressure of the first keeps it a very windy overnight in northern scotland, the second develops and strengthens and deepens the rapidly going into sunday bringing the strongest ones
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later in the day to parts of england and wales. this is how things look through the night. gusting through northern scotland to 70 mph or so and heavy showers moving through and snow to the higher hills, we keep our bricks are bringing in southern england but many other places will become dry and very mild night. into tomorrow, the very strong winds and heavy showers we start the day with in northern scotland, gradually easing and then, the storm starts to move in. rain across england as well as in southern scotland and secondly, with the winds strengthening. south—westerly winds picking up and these are your top temperatures. fairly mild but the wind is picking up across england and wales in terms of wind gusts, remember strong winds in northern scotla nd remember strong winds in northern scotland slowly easing later but i think will be strengthening around the coast of wales in western england towards the end or they may be up to 80 mph and places. here is another look at the storm lilley storm freya, area low pressure, the
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strongest ones on the southern flank of this, through the night into early monday, england and wells in the target zone for some disruption. 60 to 70 miles an hour, these are the wind gust out to the west but there will be some spots on the coast and hills to around 80 mph. elsewhere in england, talking 50 to 60 mile per hour gust. somehow snow around as well. storm freya will bring some disruption to night into monday morning, some power interruptions may be in places and the chance of damage to check the situation with the bbc local radio station heading out first thing on monday. the circulation is moving into the north sea during monday, very windy to begin the day, but the wind slowly eases, stays breezy with sunshine showers and what will be a cooler for monday sunshine showers and what will be a coolerfor monday sign sunshine showers and what will be a cooler for monday sign of things to come as the wii goes on, cooler, compared with last week, senate showers to start the week but another swell of swell of wind of
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rain midweek.
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