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tv   Talking Movies  BBC News  March 2, 2019 8:30pm-9:00pm GMT

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there is no body on board. how quickly do you think we will see that, though? there was a test dummy on board, outfitted with sensors to see what the sensations would be like for an astronaut. but great question. we hope, by aboutjuly/august, we will have two astronauts. they were at the briefing that i was at with elon musk and the nasa administrator a few hours ago. they were there. they are raring to go. the capsule needs a few upgrades and a life support system to make it fully capable, but we will launch certainly by the end of this year and hopefully within about six months. how soon should we start forming an orderly queue if we want to be commercial space tourists? that's a great question. you know what, the russians have open seats now and they are looking for customers because, now they have got competition, and they need
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to fill those seats. so if you have got about $80 million, you could buy a seat. but as far as these capsules go, they will have guest astronauts probably within two years or so, and i can tell you this, that, on the second flight after the test flight, there's going to be two international participants who are space station members, iwould imagine. one will be from europe and maybe one from japan. but there are going to be four people on that flight, notjust two, and they will be the international partners. so it's going to be more than just nasa astronauts certainly by a year from now. now it's time for a look at the weather with nick miller. the uk has already had one area of low pressure this weekend and there was another tomorrow. the first ever night keeps a very windy in northern scotland, some gusts up to 70 mph
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with heavy showers. 0utbreaks scotland, some gusts up to 70 mph with heavy showers. outbreaks of rain linger in southern england. but most rain linger in southern england. but m ost pla ces rain linger in southern england. but most places become dry. tomorrow, heavy showers and strong winds gci’oss heavy showers and strong winds across northern scotland will slowly ease. and then storm freya moves into the uk first rain spreading gci’oss into the uk first rain spreading across england and wales and parts of northern ireland and southern scotland, and then strengthening winds. there will be strengthening south—westerly winds. these are the gusts we will experience as the day goes on. towards the end of the day for wales, we will see gusts around 70 to 80 mph. and many parts of england and wales will have gusts of 65 mph through the night and into monday morning. there will be some disruption in places. check the situation near you as you head out on monday morning.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: the 17—year—old girl stabbed to death in a park in east london has been named as jodie chesney — she's the 18th homicide victim in the capital this year. i've got a daughter aged 17. many londoners and people around the country will have children who are young and but for the grace of god, it could be one of our children who lost their lives last night. america's ambassador to the uk urges britain to embrace us farming methods to help secure a post—brexit trade deal, dismissing fears over chlorine—washed chicken and hormone—fed beef. labour's internal row over anti—semitism has deepened, with two of the party's most senior figures clashing over how to handle complaints.
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in a special programme, talking movies looks back at the 2019 oscars ceremony, the winners and the night's surprises. hello from hollywood. i'm tom brook. in today's programme, a special edition looking back at highlights of the 91st annual academy awards. it was a night of quite a few surprises, green book walking away with the top best picture prize, 0livia colman winning for best actress and an oscar night without a host that actually proceeded quite smoothly. let's take a look at all of this in a bit more detail.
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do you foresee any issues in working for a black man? you and the deep south, there's going to be problems. the evening's last award, that of best picture, yielded the biggest surprise. few had expected green book to prevail. it's a road movie, an interracial relationship drama involving a black musician and his initially bigoted white chauffeur travelling in america's south in the 1960s. the film's director was naturally pleased by green book's night of oscar triumph. of course we were nominated, so we thought we could win but we didn't expect it, honestly. honestly, i kind of block it out. it's like if i watch a football game and i need my team to score, ijust leave the room and they will. if i'm watching them, they won't. so ijust kind of thought about everything but winning this thing, and it worked. green book's victory was not without protest. critics have found the film wanting. they see it as reinforcing racist cliches and they claim it's inaccurate.
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spike lee turned his back on the stage while green book's trophy was being presented. he was later asked about his response, but dodged the question. i just wanted to ask you, we saw a little bit of a reaction to the green book win. can you give us your thoughts on that best picture win? let me take another sip. next question! green book's fans, of which there are many, see it essentially as a feel—good movie, a story about individuals coming together, resonating perhaps in the us today, where people are very polarised by politics. how does he smile and shake their hands like that? because it takes courage to change people's hearts. and the message is, talk to each other and you'll find that we all have a lot in common, and it's a hopeful message because sometimes it seems like there is no hope, but there is,
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all we have to do is talk and we get closer together. i know that sounds corny and pollyanna—ish, but it's the truth. the only way to solve problems is to talk. green book winning was an upset. many people assumed roma would take the top trophy, but this story of a housemaid working for a middle—class family in mexico city in the early 1970s still did remarkably well. this largely autobiographical work from film—maker alfonso cuaron won for best director, foreign—language film and cinematography. shot in black—and—white with no big—name stars and with dialogue in spanish meant it was quite unlike a typical 0scar film, as its director confirmed. this is not what you would call 0scar bait. you know, in the paper, when you do it and when you finish it and when you try to put it together for distribution. and so i am thrilled that this is happening, most importantly that audiences around the world and the academy are embracing a character who is a domestic worker from an indigenous background. the queen is an
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extraordinary person. they were all staring, weren't they? i can tell even if i can't see, and i heard the word fat. fat. and ugly. another surprise victory was 0livia colman for her portrayal of queen anne in the film the favourite. the picture had gone into the ceremony with ten nominations, but colman's trophy was the film's only win. she gave a mesmerising performance as queen anne in this dark period comedy. it is fun to be queen sometimes! she was emotionally overwhelmed at moments during her acceptance speech and still giddy when she came to the press room. i have no idea. i could not tell you what i'm feeling. next year, i will be able to put it into words, but i don't know what to do with myself at the moment. reporters peppered her with questions. where are you going to put your 0scar statuette? where is it going to go? in bed with me. between me and my husband! he doesn't know yet, he won't mind. i've been rooting for 0livia colman to win. i think she gives the best
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performance and obviously all the academy voters agree with me. butjust in terms of predicting, you know, glenn close, seven nominations, it was her turn. the legacy narrative did take over and i think a lot of people thought she had a good shot at winning. it was close. it was a big night for bohemian rhapsody. this portrait of the british rock band queen and its dynamic front man freddie mercury won four trophies, more than any other film. it took home oscars for film editing, two sound awards and best actor for rami malek, who plays mercury. # we will, we will rock you.# i never thought this would happen in my life. as an actor, there are so many of us who only dream of one thing. and perhaps it's not this, it'sjust getting a job. so the fact that i have this in my hand right now is beyond...
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excuse me. any expectation that myself or perhaps my family could have ever had. it was a good night for diversity at the oscars, among both presenters and winners. for the first time ever, people of colour won a majority of the acting 0scars. spike lee won his first competitive oscar for best adapted screenplay for blachklansman and two of the oscars black panther took home — costume design and production design — went to black women. it was a great evening and it shows the results of ex—academy president cheryl boone isaacs' push over the past few years to invite way more people of colour, younger people, women, into the academy, and i think the result and international people, i think the results speak for themselves. spike certainly gives her credit for the support he got
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for blachkla nsman. tv ratings for the academy awards in the us were up on last year but nonetheless, the ceremony delivered the second smallest 0scars audience ever. but the show proceeded well, without a host for the first time in 30 years. it moved along at a brisk pace. it was efficient and engaging. 0n academy awards weekend, the 0scars isn't the only game in town. an antidote to hollywood's biggest night of the year are the independent spirit awards, honouring excellence in independent cinema. they even have their own awards show, a relaxed affair that takes place on the beach at santa monica. tristan daley went along. film—makers and stars came together at the independent spirit awards, exuberant to be honoured for their efforts in the making of independent films released in 2018. it's an event for individuals
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fiercely committed to indie cinema, often struggling to make movies on shoestring budgets. everybody here knows what it's like to not have the money and mortgage their houses and say "let's just get together" with a bunch of friends and do it anyway, and not wait for anyone's permission. so we're all here to celebrate that. the independent spirit awards are last in a long calendar of awards shows, leading up to 0sca rs night. the spirits focus on smaller, more modest films, those with budgets of $20 million or under. even so, the spirits have commonly been an indicator for what would win at the oscars, but that has changed. green book took home the best picture prize at the oscars, while if beale street could talk won best feature at the spirits. it's an adaptation of a james baldwin novel. i love james baldwin and i have always wanted to adapt my favourite author. black authors haven't been adapted the same rate as their white peers. other big winners included ethan hawke, who took home a trophy for best actor. he wasn't at the ceremony, but he's discussed his role on other red carpets.
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he portrays a conflicted minister in first reformed. the central problem of first reformed is that a young man comes to him for counsel about why he should have a baby because he doesn't feel in the world we're living in, it's fair to bring a child into it when none of us seem to care about taking care of the earth. in trying to counsel this young man, he ends up having a spiritualjourney himself. glenn close was at the awards with her dog, nominated for her role as the wife of a literary sensation in a film called the wife. she won best actress at the indie spirit awards but of course, she missed out on that same prize the following night at the oscars. i can't take it, i can't take the humiliation. 0ther spirit awards winners included richard e grant for best supporting actor for portraying a petty thieving drifter in the film can you ever forgive me? and best supporting actress went to regina king for playing a mother fighting for justice
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for her daughter's lover in if beale street could talk. one race at the independent spirit awards that stood apart from the oscars was the best director category. there was no overlap in terms of film—makers recognised by the two award—giving entities. in addition, the independent spirit awards chose to nominate three women directors — tamara jenkins, lynne ramsay and deborah granik, while the same category at the academy awards was composed of only men. is the independent spirits, held here in santa monica in california, than the 0sca rs? if you look at this year's nominees, it is clear that the independent spirits have been more inclusive than the oscars. you have to remember that the oscars are voted for by 6,000—7,000 people. and trying to figure out what they believe is a very complex thing. irrespective of comparisons to the oscars, the independent spirit awards has recognised some bold and daring cinema. films like we the animals, sorry
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to bother you and eighth grade. the event is an inspirational showcase. ultimately, it shows us that independent film in america is very strong. film—makers like barryjenkins and deborah granik are doing some of their best work at an independent level. they are connecting with audiences in a way that means something to people, that means something to their lives, and that's a real, remarkable thing. what's it like for oscar nominees who come to los angeles to participate in the ceremony? well, it can be quite a heady experience, a once—in—a—lifetime event. we followed one oscar—nominated director. my name's trevorjimenez. i'm from canada, i'm here because my film weekends was nominated for an animated shorts 0scar. it's about a little boy travelling between the homes of his divorced parents.
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it's a classically animated, hand drawn film, so all the backgrounds are done in charcoal and it started ten years ago as a drawing of a kid walking from his mum's home to his dad's car. a lot of friends saw it and responded to it and it created conversation, and people shared stories about their divorced parents. and i realised there is more than just a drawing there. i started writing it and ten years later, i'm here. for best animated short film... when they announced it, we got up really early, it was actually me and my wife's wedding anniversary. ididn't think... when they announced the fourth one, i didn't think they were announcing alphabetically, so i thought, like, "nah," i think i'm shaking my head in the video. i'm like, this isn't going to happen. and weekends. and then they announced our film last and i remember my eyes just going really wide and i didn't know what to say. i think i kissed my dog.
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there is, like, an oscar shorts tour, so we were at lucasfilm, screened the film there, which was amazing and got a really nice response. we got to tour lucasfilm and see all the stuff like terminator 2 and star wars and all the stuff that made up our childhoods. we went to google. me and chris, heading to the simpsons table read. we were touring at like dreamworks during the day and showing all the animated shorts as a group with all the other nominees, we were at sony and dreamworks, did a big panel after that and there was like an after—party which i didn't stick around for because i was too exhausted. jimenez, best animated short film, weekends. starting two weeks ago, there was a luncheon. kind of wine and dine, it's like a big lunch, you sit at tables with all
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the other nominees. laura dern announces every nominee one by one, so you get up and join the group photo. that's me. right here. i was kind of on the edge, you know, my foot was kind of half off. just picked up my tickets. getting ready for the oscars. you're doing it! to prepare for oscar night, we took our time getting ready. i tried to write a speech on some small moleskine paper. got my raptors cuff links. bow tie's a little crooked. hey, chris, how's that bowtie going? 0h, meghan helped. and the oscar goes to... bao. i had like a little bit of hope, but i did think bao was going to win.
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so when they announced bao, i wasn't surprised and domee is someone i worked with, she's a friend, so i was really happy for her. my mum sent me a bunch of photos from her celebration in the philippines with all my family there and she had like cookies that she made. it just puts everything in perspective, you know. my brother sent me a picture of him and my dad watching it, which made me kind of... i didn't know if he was going to watch or no,t so... the whole experience of last night hasn't changed what i intend to do in the future. i still want to make films and make films with people i love. we knew that going in, that this was kind of an experience and whatever happens happens. in the run—up to the oscars, much was made of the fact that yalitza aparicio from roma was the first indigenous mexican ever to be nominated in the best actress category. it reinforced the notion that hollywood was a welcome bastion
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of inclusion when it comes to indigenous people. is this true? well, tristan daley has been finding out. the netflix film roma was undoubtably a sensation this award season. hollywood commended not only the director of the film alfonso cuaron, but also the movie's star, yalitza aparicio. the first—time actress and indigenous woman brought a breath of fresh air to audiences in her portrayal of cleo, the domestic worker for a middle—class mexican family. the significance of aparicio's visibility and history—making nomination for best actress at the oscars was not lost on spectators. as an indigenous woman, i have to say i was just over the moon excited for her nomination, and her portrayal was second to none. and to have someone of yalitza's talent, to be representing the film as an indigenous 0axacan woman, i think was just a wonderful opportunity to put indigenous
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peoples at the forefront of such a beautifully done, artistically done film. aparicio's strong performance, direction under the film veteran cuaron, as well as her role in netflix‘s vehicle to awards recognition, boosted her stature. but some do wonder whether liberal hollywood took advantage of an opportunity to appear progressive in divisive times by propping up roma's lead actress. was the academy reacting to the vilification of mexicans in america by nominating her? or was the group of film professionals actually celebrating an indigenous artist? it can be a little bit of both, because the racial make—up of the academy has changed. so who is to say that she would have been nominated if the academy was still predominantly white men over the age of 60? but we also have to look beyond what's going to happen the next year and the year after that. only time will tell. with that scepticism in mind, not everyone has been reading
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hollywood's embrace of aparicio at face value. there are those that take issue with the fact that aparicio was nominated for best actress at the oscars for a role that seemed pretty stereotypical, something familiar to hollywood elite — a mexican woman as a maid. i think that's one way of looking at it and a very simplified way of looking at it. i think cuaron was very honest in saying that this was a story about his upbringing. and i was very frustrated to see article after article try to attempt to disenfranchise yalitza's portrayal, rather than accept it for her role within this family. looking at hollywood's track record for overlooking native performers and film—makers has been disheartening for those seeking fair representation in cinema. 45 years ago, marlon brando, when he won his 0scar
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for the godfather, he did not accept his award, he actually had a native american woman come and accept his award because he was pretty much fed up with the lack of representation for indigenous people in hollywood. but being left out of the mainstream has not stopped native performers and film—makers from taking it upon themselves to create their own films. among the most celebrated examples of this is smoke signals, released more than 20 years ago by native director chris eyre, a film that gives a look at contemporary life for indigenous people in the united states. though this independent film did bring acclaim, indigenous artists continue to see little support for their projects. but aparicio's nomination has offered a glimpse of hope. i do wish that hollywood and the academy would recognise the subtleties and those nuanced roles that exist. some of us are full—blooded indians who speak our language living in our traditional homelands.
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some of us are mixed with other different ancestries. so just the diversity and complexities of who native people are today, who native people were, who native people strive to be, i think yalitza's nomination if anything provides the opportunity, the discussion, and i think definitely showcases that there's an audience interest in hearing and seeing diverse stories and different plotlines. now we know this year's batch of oscar winners, let's move forward, trying to predict, with the help of three film critics, who is going to be walk away with 0scar trophies a year from now in 2020? action. i'm going to go with dee rees for winning best director in 2020. the last thing he wanted, which is her upcoming film, joan didion adaptation, ben affleck, anne hathaway, willem defoe.
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i'm really interested to see how she tackles that kind of material and i think she's got an amazing eye and is a great talent. tom hanks is donning fred rogers' iconic sweaters to play the beloved us children's tv host in a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, directed by marielle heller. he's already won two 0scars for philadelphia and forrest gump, but thisjust feels like a perfect fit. so for best picture 2020, i think we're definitely going to be looking at quentin tarantino for once upon a time in hollywood. it stars margot robbie, it stars brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio, and leo and brad star as a western actor who's sort of dried up, and his stunt double. and they're trying to figure out how to continue making a name for themselves in hollywood. sort of follows the same timeline as the charles manson murders, so it should be really interesting,
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because we know tarantino loves to twist stuff up. well, that brings our special 0scars review edition of talking movies to a close. we hope you've enjoyed the show. please remember, you can always reach us online at and you can find us on facebook too. so from me, tom brook, and the rest of the talking movies production crew here in los angeles, it's goodbye as we leave you with shallow, which won for best original song at the oscars. # i'm off the deep end, watch as i dive in. # i'll never meet the ground. # crash through the surface, where they can't hurt us. # we're far from the shallow now. # in the shallow, shallow # in the sha—la—la—low, shallow...#
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many of us have already seen some wet and windy weather so far this weekend, and there is more to come. two areas of low pressure. the first keeps it very windy overnight in northern scotland. the second develops and strengthens and deepens rapidly as we go into sunday, bringing the strongest winds later in the day to parts of england and wales. this is how things are looking through the night. some gusts in northern scotland, up to 70mph or so. heavy showers moving through, some snow to the higher hills. we keep outbreaks of rain in southern england, but many other places will become dry. a very mild night with that rain in the south. tomorrow, the strong winds and heavy showers we start the day with in northern scotland gradually ease. then storm freya starts to move in, first with rain pushing its way northwards across england and wales into parts of northern ireland and southern scotland later
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in the day and secondly, with the winds strengthening. south—westerly winds picking up. these are your top temperatures. fairly mild, but the wind is picking up across england and wales. in terms of wind gusts, those strong winds in northern scotland will ease later, but they will be strengthening around the coasts of wales and western england towards the end of the day, maybe up to 80 miles an hour in places. here is another look at storm freya, this deepening area of low pressure. the strongest wind is on the southern flank of this, so through the night into early monday, it's england and wales in the target zone for some disruption. 60 to 70 miles an hour, these are the wind gusts out to the west but there will be some spots on the coast and some hills with up to 80 miles an hour in places. elsewhere in england and wales, we are talking 65 mph gusts. some hill snow as well in the pennines and northern ireland for a time. storm freya will bring some disruption through the night and into monday morning with the risk of power interruption
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in places as well and the chance of seeing some damage. do check the situation with the bbc local radio station as you head out first thing on monday. the circulation of storm freya is moving out into the north sea on monday. still windy to begin the day, but the winds slowly ease. it stays busy with sunshine and showers on what will be a cooler day for monday. it's a sign of things to come as the week goes on. certainly cooler compared with last week. sun and showers to start the week, but then another spell of rain midweek.
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this is bbc world news today. our top stories: bernie sanders launches his campaign for the white house at a rally in new york. the liberal senator is hoping to be chosen to run against president trump in 2020. i experienced as a child living with afamily i experienced as a child living with a family that struggled economically the powerfully influenced my life and my values. i know where i came from! after a bruising week, president trump tells conservative activists that the forthcoming report on alleged russian interference is part of an attempt to take him out. the us urges britain to embrace its intensive farming methods, including chlorine—washed chicken, to help secure a post—brexit trade deal. roger federer has won his 100th atp title, cementing his position as one


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