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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 3, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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hello, this is bbc news with rebecca jones. the headlines... the dutch husband of shamima begum, for their next meal. the teenager who has been stripped india grant, bbc news. of her british citizenship for joining the islamic state group, tells the bbc he wants them to live david beckham has been in the netherlands. honoured with a statue outside his former club, la galaxy. the former england captain joined the american side in 2007, helping the team to two cup titles wins. when you say you are a victim, that the statue shows the player taking a free kick, his trademark move that is secondary. i had a terrible life. spawned the film "bend it like beckham" in 2002. speaking outsite the stadium beckham a 17—year—old boy, called la galaxy "his family" who was stabbed to death near altrincham last night, and thanked los angeles is named by police as yousef ghaleb makki. for embracing him. the foreign secretary, jeremy hunt, warns that attempts to end yemen's civil war have when i first moved to la, reached, in his words, people turned around to me and said, the "last chance saloon". 8 lawyers who back brexit, "la is a place where seven of them mps, dreams come true". set out the concessions they require from the eu to support well, la, today, the pm's brexit deal. the dream came true. the hatch is open... thank you very much. america's new astronaut capsule makes its test flight to the international space station. think of carnivals in rio and you might conjure up images
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of sequins and feathers, now on bbc news, it's but there's another carnival with an altogether furrier theme. this is the city's time for sportsday. annual "pooch parade". it takes place every year in the run up to the main carnival. the event attracts dogs hello, welcome to sportsday. of all shapes and sizes, i'm ben mundy, here's what's coming up... dressed by their owners advantage manchester city as everything from pink in the premier league title race... fairies to superheroes. as liverpool are held in the merseyside derby. disappointment for andy pozzi in glasgow, as he loses his title. we'll be live at the european indoor what can you say? now it's time for a look at the weather with helen willetts. championships shortly. and... victory for nick kyrgios. good evening. stormy weather will stay with us, we'll tell bring an end to the weekend here in you about the unusual way he warmed the uk. storm for you is up for the mexican 0pen. responsible, there are a met office warnings across england and wales, it is also windy out there, you can see the swathe of cloud from the picture here. more is yet to come. so it will be awful, there could even be a bit of snow over the hills hello and welcome to sportsday, at the remnants of that weather a couple of managerial debuts system clear way, the strongest in the premier league today.
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winds as we go through the rest of we'll see how brendan rodgers' leicester and scott parker's fulham this evening overnight, spreading fared injust a mo. gci’oss this evening overnight, spreading across many parts of england and wales. there is the risk of snow for ——moment. northern ireland before it clears but, we start with the title race. for the first time since the 7th away. it turns chilli and dry in the of december, liverpool aren't top north with a touch of frost, but of the table having played the same number of games as manchester city. remaining wet and windy in southern that's because they've been held and eastern areas as we head towards by everton in the merseyside derby, the monday morning rush—hour. the you do not need to look back so far potential there for disruption in southern and eastern areas because of the strength of the wind, but where time is the major trophies that eventually barrels out into the we re where time is the major trophies were competed by these two clubs north sea and we have lots of hefty separated only by the park. they are in different places. at 27 minutes, showers moving in as we go through the day. sites on the goal but be picked off. liverpool attack back focused, liverpool attack back focused, liverpool could not prize apart. in
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attacking force, bursts, burst never came. they state second. who knows at this fixture will decide the title once again. two other games in the premier league today, both featuring clubs with new managers. brendan rodgers took his leicester city side to watford. scott parker was in charge at fulham, for a derby with chelsea. andy swiss watched the action. new manager, same old problems. if brandon rogers had any doubt, they did not last long. i had over troy. leicester estate it themselves. the hornets had a stake in detail. andre grey found a last—gasp winner. the lights for them, rogers anything
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but, as leicester's woes continue. i was pleased despite not getting the result. refuse to be substituted, not that he was too busy at face, gave his team an early lead. the host hit back. chambers with acres of space and the coolest finish. sumptuous strike making it to— one at the break. they held onto the break thanks to a safe, after last week's controversy. i understand on the way huff and puff, but the foundation and the
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platform, that has been the message the last two days. the boys did that andi the last two days. the boys did that and i am proud of them. in the scottish cup, aberdeen and rangers will need a quarter—final replay, after a i—all draw at pittodrie. the home side went in front inside the opening ten minutes when gary mackay—steven was taken down in the box. there's the replay. sam cosgrove converted the resulting spot—kick. but rangers got their equaliser two minutes into the second half, joe worral poking in from the back post at this corner. they'll go again at ibrox in nine days time. inverness beat dundee united in the day's other game. the european indoor athletics championships wrap up in glasgow this evening... with more british medal hopes to come... the first of them was defending champion andy pozzi, in the men's 60 meter hurdles. he got out of the blocks quickly but couldn't quite keep up the pace. pozzi finishing 6th in the end with milan trajkovic of cyprus the winner.
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britain's tim duckworth is also in medal contention in the men's heptathlon. he goes into the final event in second place overall after clearing five metres in the pole vault this morning. duckworth‘s six points off the leader, jorge urena of spain, but the briton isn't a specialist in tonight's final event — the 1,000 metres, which gets under way in about an hour. you can follow the events in glasgow live over on bbc two right now. it's also available on the bbc sport website, app, connected tvs and on iplayer... laura muir goes in the 1500m at around 8:15. holly bradshaw in the final of the women's pole vault. that is taking place right now. let's look at some of the day's other main sports stories. martina navratilova's apologised for the language she used on transgender athletes. the tennis icon used the term "cheating" when discussing whether they should be allowed
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to compete in women's sport. she says she's been "villified" as "transphobic" since the comments. it was a good return to international diving for tom daley. he won a silver and a bronze medal at the season—opening diving world series injapan — the first time he's competed since becoming a dad last summer. man, this mma thing is really hard. that was jon jones after he retained his light—heavyweight title at ufc 235. he dominated fellow american anthony smith in a gruelling five—round fight to earn a unanimous decision in las vegas. and... this is awkward. a prestigious women's cycling race in belgium had to be temporarily stopped after the breakaway leader almost caught the men's race. nicole hanselmann was allowed to build an advantage after the restart, but eventually finished 74th. chantal blaak took the title. england's women are in with a chance of winning the shebelieves cup, after holding world champions the usa to a draw. manager phil neville had described the match as the "ultimate test" ahead of this summer's world cup.
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his team will face japan on tuesday. jo currie reports from nashville... what is it a name, everything and nothing if you are part of this team. they had their female nothing if you are part of this team. they had theirfemale idols on the back of the shirts. the england goalkeeper was routed to the spot. england were finding their feet, and a key to paris was finding her range. this but the lionesses i had. and england lead against the world champions! expect that thing with the champions is that you can never break them off. —— the champions is that you can never break them off. -- we had fantastic performance on that page today. there were players that played with
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a smile on the face. the result for me was irrelevant from what i saw the pitch. about the events of the competition dell. that is a blend against japan to sell the trophy. it may be better time to believe. let's stay with cycling... because the world track championships drew to a close in poland today. no more medals for great britain, but there's been plenty to build on ahead of the olympics in tokyo next year. jill douglas and sir chris hoy wrap things up for us... it has been an exciting afternoon. notified that metals by great britain by expanding performances nonetheless. let's talk about the men experience. holland was great all week but that was something special. that was something for the dutch to be gold and december. that
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meant that they had the gold, the spring, utterly dominant performance at the sprint sink. we hear that at the rink out over the last few days. they set the bar, and australia is certainly up there as well. great britain finishing fifth. is there what to do? should be lower our expectations but yellow the bar has been a raise, no doubt, for and will been a raise, no doubt, for and will be looking to see how they can possibly improve, but they have shown time and time again that they could bring the very best equipment, best everything when it comes to the games, but that takes nothing away from the australians and the dutch who have had an expanding year. at the end of the day, we are all trying to be the champions. the outstanding mum at the whole week was not australians breaking the world record in that pursuit. was not australians breaking the world record in that pursuitm was not australians breaking the world record in that pursuit. it was
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remarkable. weld records are broken and with high pressure, it was a good try, an excellent try, the conditions were average. you have to look at the gold medal and they won the race mind, we thought it was a great start, but that was the peak individual performance, first lap was excellent. there are signs, i think he has had a great championship. it could be better. a b“, championship. it could be better. a b-,i championship. it could be better. a b—, ithink championship. it could be better. a b—, i think the efforts. championship. it could be better. a b-, i think the efforts. thank you very much for your company to speak. newcastle falcons held on for a vital win over worcester warriors to keep their premiership survival hopes alive. the league's bottom side took the lead early on thanks to some
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quick—thinking from zack kib—e—rige at the base of a ruck. the winger‘s fifth try in 8 premiership matches. man of the match toby flood scored the only other try and the rest of newcastle's points in a 17—6 win. in the proili... ulster beat dragons 28—15, sealing a convincing bonus—point victory and returining to third place. captain alan 0'connor scored their fourth try, after they were reduced to 13 men. the win keeps ulster on course for a playoff spot. australia's nick kyrgios prepared for the final of the mexican 0pen against world number three alex zverev by going jet—skiing. the strategy seems to have worked though — kyrgios won in straight sets to pick up his fifth atp tour title. zverev is one of three top ten players kyrgios beat on his way to the title. as for the jet—skiing, he says perhaps he needs to be more disciplined and professional in his preparation for matches. i think it is more than an example
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for any one who is going to anything that they cannot get out of, that they think they cannot get out of. i really did not know what i was going to do, if i could do it, you can do it. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. it is time for the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? we have got fighting with my family, which is a true life story of wrestling. the aftermath, keira knightley in the post—war drama,
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and what they had, a tale of memory lost. so, fighting with my family, this is the tale of a young woman, following her dream of becoming a professional wrestler. this is stephen merchant, director and writer. are you a big wrestling fan? massive. really? no. if you grew up in the 70s, it was a big thing. i do remember it being on the tv. this is a true story about a family in norwich, mother, son, father, daughter, they all wrestle, that is what they do. it has made them slight outsiders, but they all have one shared dream, which is getting the opportunity to go to wwe, american wrestling. in america, it is a huge big business. so they dream of getting the call from wwe, and then it comes in.
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hello? can i put you on speaker? go ahead. i am calling from wwe. we were very impressed. we would like both of you to come down to the 02 in london and try out for us. hello? they'd be very happy to accept. good, and we already have a britney. yeah, sure, 0k. thank you so much! thank you! i told you! it was a given. sorry, what is the wwe?
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nick frost as the dad, and florence pugh, as the daughter saraya and then she changes her name to paige. the title is fighting with my family. it is inspired by channel 4 documentary, that the rock, who is the executive producer, he saw this documentary, and he comes from a wrestling family, and he was very taken with it, and he thought, we must make a feature film, and he previously worked with stephen merchant on a film called tooth fairy, which i am sure you have not seen, because it is not a classic. i think he has done a really good job. i know nothing about wrestling, other than what i used to watch, but it has got real heart. it is about the family, it is very funny when it needs to be, but it is also moving,
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the rivalry between the brother and sister, they both want to succeed, and it is about how close—knit they are, and it is an underdog story. it is about outsiders, people who wrestle all their life, and are looked on as slightly strange who suddenly achieve this... and i thought it was really terrifically well done. and florence pugh, who is so great in lady macbeth, is really, really good in this. world of sport. i remember that. that's right! we are showing our age. the aftermath, this is keira knightley, and alexander ska rsgard. i think that's how they say it in sweden. yes, it sounds wrong when i said it. immediately after the war, keira knightley is rachael morgan, who is the wife of a british forces officer who is in germany to help with the rebuilding
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and reconstruction, and they have been put in a house that used to be owned by a german family, who have lost members of their family, and she is there with her husband, her husband is away all the time, and alexander ska rsgard is the person in the attic who is very handsome and hunky, and he spends time sitting with keira knightley while they play piano together. what could possibly happen? the thing is, these are good performers, it is directed by the same guy who did testament of youth. it is a handsome film, if you have seen the posters, it is a good production, but it does lack spark. it felt wooden and clunky. you could see exactly where it was going, with the drama, and it's not like every drama has to surprise you, but you need to feel passionately involved in characters, you need to believe in them, and at no point did i think
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i was watching anything other than a group of talented actors acting. because of the acting or the script? i suspect, the script. sometimes, films like this don't catch a fire, and this just doesn't. it is very strange, but it felt very disconnected. 0k, number three is what they had. this is an american drama, a woman returning home to help herfather and brother decide how to care for the ailing mother. yes. hilary swank and michael shannon are the two siblings. hilary swank lives a long way away. she says their mother has to go into a home, she is out walking the streets in the snow, but the father will have none of it at all. here is a clip.
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there is this place...|t looks like it could be a really... i am not putting your mother in a nursing home. she spent 30 years working in them, they are horrible. it's great. they got mass twice a week, restaurant, classes, a jacuzzi. a jacuzzi? your mother can't swim, do you want to drown her? you can't drown in one of those. she is terrified of water. there is a two—bedroom right next door, and assisted living for you. are you out your mind? how the hell do you know what she feels? how do you know? you can see from that, terrific committed performances.
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if you have any first—hand experience of people with alzheimers you will know that there are moments of this that really strike true. the problem is, it feels rather stagey. it doesn't feel particularly cinematic. i almost felt like i was watching a stage play, if i was in a theatre, i would be completely engrossed. but it does not feel like a particular cinematic piece of cinema. that said, it is done with conviction, and it is sensitive to its subject matter, and when it gets things right, it is really good, but it did have that kind of theatrical construction that everybody gets their moment when they step forward and do the speech, that everybody gets their own issues that they have to do result. it is very mapped out, and very schematic, and it feels rather theatrical. it does however have more spark than the aftermath. it's not particular cinematic. those are great actors, with very committed performances.
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best out at the moment. capernaum. it is the story about the tribulations of a street kid, nominated for best foreign film category. it is the story about the tribulations of a street kid, who end up taking his parents to sue them, and i think the thing about it being directed by somebody who is an actor, i think they understand how to get the best with their cast whether it is the adult or the kid performer. stephen spielberg once said, if you are working with children, they don't act, theyjust be, you have to convince them that the situation is as real as possible. it is very moving, and i have yet to meet anybody who has seen it and has not found it very moving.
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i thought it was very good. also, green book, which won best film. yes, interesting, that it's almost like driving miss daisy won again. it is fine. two great performances, it is not the best film of the year by! million miles. clearly the best film of the year was leave no trace, which was nominated for no 0scars. we both loved it. i must say, i enjoyed green book. it's fun, it's all right, but it's not the oscar for the best picture. best dvd? halloween. everybody thought the franchise was finished, but it is back. this time, with something like post—traumatic stress disorder, and i never thought it would breathe life back into the trilogy, i made a documentary about it 20 years ago, saying it had all run its course and i thought it was good.
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which is the sort of film you like, because you love your horror! thank you so much for watching. this time is bringing its way, destructive rains, even a lot of snow. the windiest weather is across england and wales, further north across scotland. a telltale sign of deepening areas of low pressure bring with them notjust the strong winds, but heavy rain and potential for snow as it clues away from the likes of northern ireland, england and wales. the winds are picking up already the southern and western areas. enough to break down some trees, and you see the what weather gathering around northern area,
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clearing. still blowing a gale. potentially some disruptive what that around. a touch of frost and northern ireland as the skies clear through the night. storm freya is getting into the sea. there will be plenty of sunshine to start with, but it is a day of heavy showers coming through on again quite a brisk westerly wind cut began. quite pleasa nt brisk westerly wind cut began. quite pleasant in the sunshine, but expect some of those showers to some hail and thunder as well. that is because the low pressure system close by in the low pressure system close by in the northern shores, it will still be there on tuesday, another shower every day. it's a brain at times. it is cold enough for it to be at the top of the hills. next day, wet weather low pressure gathering in
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the south, which means that tuesday night into wednesday will turn progressively but and potentially quite windy. you can see the area of low pressure, quite a large dominating feature across the west and east side of the atlantic. that could be some snow at the hills as we go into wednesday, lots of had the showers as we go along. and at such a as we go into wednesday, lots of heavy showers as we go along. an unsettling week. relatively mild in the south. cold air around the northern half, particularly for scotland. yes, stormy and to the week, some of the leftist and windiest weather has begun to next week. by by. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm. the husband of islamic state bride, shamima begum, tells the bbc he wants them to live in the netherlands, with their son, in peace.
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when you say you're a victim, that s sickening. i lived a miserable life. i was imprisoned. i was tortured. i lived in fear. police name 17—year—old yousef ghaleb makki as the teenager who was stabbed to death near altrincham last night. in the "last chance saloon", a warning about the yemen peace process from the the foreign secretary. eight brexiteer lawyers, including seven mps, set out their demands from the eu, in order to support theresa may's deal. a new astronaut capsule successfully guides itself into the international space station.
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