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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  March 4, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm GMT

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this is bbc news. rising knife crime — the headlines: the government says there's no direct link the home secretary, to falling police numbers. sajid javid says there's no it follows the deaths of two single solution to address a rise more teenagers in london today at five: in serious violence, and greater manchester the home secretary says there's after two seventeen year olds "no single solution," were fatally stabbed, to tackling serious violence, in separate incidents, this weekend. at the weekend. and knife crime. we all wish that there was one thing, just one, that we could do, serious violence is on the rise. sajid javid's comments come to stop this violence, after the two 17—year—olds communities are being torn apart but there are no short cuts, were fatally stabbed in separate and families are losing their there is no one single solution. children. we've a special report the government insists from sheffield where eight people were fatally stabbed last year. incidents, this weekend. a £1.6 billion fund to help fund also tonight... deprived town isn't a bribe, just days before is it a brexit bung? a crunch brexit vote. labour accuses the government there is no hiding from this issue. over new money being serious violence is on the rise, offered to deprived towns. at least 23 people are dead, the inquiry into claims of past communities are being torn apart and after tornadoes rip child abuse at westminster looks families are losing their children. through the southern us at whether political parties engaged we'll be talking to a former state of alabama. metropolitan police commander, and a woman whose son was stabbed ina coverup. prince harry officially opens to death when he was 17. a memorial, to remember the 31 the other main stories a send off fit for a footballing british tourists killed in islamist legend as fellow goalkeepers carry extremist attack on bbc news at 5... the coffin of 1966 world cup winner in tunisia, in 2015. gordon banks. the government says it isn't a bribe, just sound investment. # i'm a firestarter # twisted firestarter ministers announce a £1.6 billion fund, to boost deprived areas, days before a crunch brexit vote. at least 23 people are dead, after tornadoes rip through the southern us let's cross to the bbc
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state of alabama. and the city of stoke, and players past and present, sport centre and join hugh. remember goalkeeping legend gordon banks, as he's laid to rest, in his hometown. the funeral of england world cup winner gordon banks, who died last month aged 81, he was a superstar on the field but has taken place in stoke. thousands lined the streets the beauty of him was off the field to say goodbye and pay their final respects. he was an ordinary guy. his coffin was carried by the current number one goalkeepers of all three clubs he served during his career. joe hart represented england, while stoke's jack butland, kasper schmeichel of leicester city and chesterfield'sjoe anyon all acted as pallbearers. also in attendance, were sir bobby charlton and sir geoff hurst, who gave a eulogy during the service. manchester united striker alexis sanchez could be out for six to eight weeks with knee ligament it's 5 o'clock, our top story damage sustained during saturday's is that the home secretary, sajid javid, says there's "no single victory over southampton. he was forced off early solution" to tackling serious violence, after criticism in the second half, of the government over it's handling following a collision with jan of knife crime. bednarek. it's another injury blow this weekend, two 17—year—olds for 0le gunnar solskjaer, were stabbed to death who could be without up to 10 in separate attacks, in manchester and london. players for wednesday 5 champions today, the former head league tie with paris saint—germain. of the metropolitan police, gareth bale's agent says lord hogan—howe, called the treatment by real madrid fans for the appointment of a senior towards him has been "nothing short
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advisor or tsar to help "get of a disgrace". a grip," on the growing knife crisis the wales forward was jeered —describing britain when he was substitued as being "in the dark during real‘s la liga defeat ages" when it came to tackling the problem. our correspondent, to barcalona at the weekend. charlotte gallagher, is at the scene of one of this his future at the bernabeu has been weekend's murders in east london. a talking point in recent weeks as the side struggle to keep pace with their catalonian rivals. but bale's agent, jonathan barnett, also says "we re fed up of fake all day people have been coming here stories that he s leaving. scotland have bounced back to rememberjodie chesney and lay from defeat in their opening match flowers, including her family at the algarve cup with to rememberjodie chesney and lay a a—1win over iceland. flowers, including herfamily and close friends from college. behind lizzie arnot scored the first that tree is the playground where of her two goals after 15 minutes. chelsea striker erin cuthbert added jodie was murdered and lots of her a second with kim little friends are coming out to make more getting scotland's third. iceland did manage to pull one back flowers. they had removed a pledge but a run of four straight defeats was definitely ended from inside that playground as they as arnot made it a—1 late on. continue to hunt for whoever is the win means scotland finish second responsible for murdering a girl who in group a and make it has been described as beautiful, to a playoff game on wednesday. kind and friendly. people here are england lock maro itoje has been included in their training in shock and horrified by what has squad ahead of their six nations match against italy on saturday.
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happened in this quiet residential he's been out of action since injuring his knee area. jodie was 17, studying for her during the win over ireland on the opening weekend, but is expected to return at twickenham. a—levels, enjoying life. she was itoje is part of an initial 31—man killed in this children's squad which also incluces chris robshaw and jonathan joseph. playground, stabbed by a suspect described as a blackmail in his late boss eddiejones will cut that down to 25 players tomorrow evening, teens. he attacked her without saying a word before running away. before naming his starting fifteen and replacements on thursday. fly half finn russell is among the flowers are on this tree, steps a number of scottish away from where she was killed. players who returned to trainning this morning ahead of their game steady stream of people have been against wales on saturday. coming here in shock at the death of russell missed the 27—10 defeat a young girl described as beautiful, kind and friendly. in a seemingly by france with concussion. random attack. they were normal england's woman cricketers completely outclassed india, children doing normal things and to win their first t20 this is very unusual, i think it is match in guwa hati. tammy beaumont top—scored with 62, as they set their hosts totally unprovoked and we need to a victory target of 161. linsey smith took two wickets in two get a totally unprovoked and we need to geta grip totally unprovoked and we need to get a grip of the situation. 24-hour balls early in the india innings and they could only manage 119—6, is afterjodie's death another fatal england winning by a1 runs. stabbing, another young life lost. after losing the one—day series, england will have the opportunity yousef makki was also 17 and to seal the t20 series in the second
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studying for his a—levels. he was game on thursday. attacked here in hale barns in greater manchester. 217—year—olds have been arrested on suspicion of i thought at half—time we would murder. recent figures show that the maybe ten short but the way our number of fatal stabbing was the bowlers came out and build, i think, highest last year since records it's a brilliant team performance began. 285 people lost to knife and everybody stuck their hands up. crime. figures obtained by channel 4 frank bruno's agent has revealed show that the number of children that the former world heavyweight champion has been under 16 being stabbed rose by 93% suffering from pneumonia. dave davies used bruno's injust two years. twitter account to thank the hospital staff who'd cared for him. he said he now needs a few weeks' rest. under 16 being stabbed rose by 93% in just two years. people here and across the uk are calling for the bruno famously beat 0iver mccall to win the wbc heavyweight government and police to take action title at wembley in 1995. on knife crime but what can be done? we'll have more for you i don't get a sense that every day someone in sportsday at 6:30. i don't get a sense that every day someone is leading or managing desk. it isa someone is leading or managing desk. it is a complex problem and it requires a big solution, we need someone requires a big solution, we need someone to get a grip on it. we have been acting as a government. we introduce the serious violence
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strategy, the offensive weapons more now on our top story this afternoon, and the government's response to the deaths of two teenagers this bill. the home secretary will be weekend as a result of knife crime. meeting with chief constables later in a moment, we will hear this week to talk about this issue. from the labour mp stella creasy, who spoke passionately on the issue the home secretary sajid javid says but first, let's hear from the home secretary this senseless violence cannot go who was responding to an urgent on, a feeling shared by the question in the house of commons. traumatised community, friends and family ofjodie chesney. police and we also need to give police the politicians are under pressure to confidence to use existing laws such tackle this issue which is costing so many lives. earlier on we heard as stop and search. second, we must intervene early to stop young people from becoming involved in crime. we from the home secretary sajid javid have amended the bill to introduce and what he planned to do. knife crime prevention orders which mr speaker, after the horror of this will help prevent young people from weekend i welcome the chance to come to this house and address this issue. carrying knives. alongside our £200 we all wish there was one thing, just one, that we could do to stop million with endowment fund, the 22 this violence but there are no short cuts, there is no million with endowment fund, the 22 million early intervention fund has one single solution. tackling serious violence requires coordinated also funded 29 projects endorsed by action on multiple fronts. police and crime commissioners. third, we must ensure the police had the resources to combat serious violence. i am the resources to combat serious violence. iam raising police funding to record levels next year,
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away from the house of commons people here in favouring icing they up funding to record levels next year, up to £970 million more including wa nt less people here in favouring icing they want less talk and more action and council tax. 0n more officers on the street. —— up to £970 million more including council tax. on wednesday i will meet with chief constables to listen to their expenses and corners. people here in havering. that is the fourth, we must be clear on how changing patterns of drug misuse are latest on the situation there. fuelling the rise in violent crime. i launch the independent drugs as charlotte mentioned, misuse you in response to this. yousef makki who 17, was stabbed to death in greater manchester fifth, we need all parts of the at the weekend. this afternoon, his family has paid tribute to him in a statement. public sector to prioritise tackling serious funds and that is why i will very shortly be launching a consultation on a new statutory duty, a statutory public health duty to combat violent crime and help protect young people. mr speaker, we must all acknowledge that this is an issue that transcends party lines. and stay with us— we'll be talking to a former metropolitan police commander, politics can be divisive but if and a woman whose son was stabbed there was ever an issue to unite our to death when he was seventeen— effo rts there was ever an issue to unite our efforts and inspire us to stand together, then surely this is it. about what they think the solution
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to knife crime could be — thats at half past five. the government has denied it's trying to bribe labour mps into supporting its brexit plans by announcing new funding for some of england's most deprived areas. more than one and a half billion charlotte, sarah, camille, brendan, pounds will be spent on helping to regenerate towns over six years, with over half going to the north of england and the midlands. labour say it's a ‘desperate' shane, david, kamal, brian, jayden. bid to get backing for theresa may's brexit agreement from mps representing leave—voting areas. our political correspondent i'm not sure that is a complete list ben wright reports. of everyone who has been killed by a from coastal towns such as blackpool to the old industrial heartlands knife in london this year alone. but of northern england, and cities such as stoke—on—trent, ican knife in london this year alone. but i can tell the home secretary that the government is promising more the task force, consultations, money for new infrastructure reports is not working. what on and training in struggling english earth will it take for him to towns, where the vote in favour of brexit was high. recognise that this is an emergency i think this really can make that requires an emergency response. a difference and really help ensure that some communities that have not felt that they have been with me is yvonne lawson, she set up touched in the same way the godwin lawson foundation
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by growth in the economy, in 2012 after the death of her son godwin, who was stabbed in the street in london aged 17 on prosperity, feel this too and that we are ensuring that trying to prevent two friends all of our country can be confident from being attacked. as we look to the future. i'm also joined by leroy logan, a 1.6 billion pot will be available a former superintendent with the metropolitan police who works with disadvantaged young people in london. and most of that has been allocated to areas already, according to need, the three largest recipients of funds will be the north—west of england. when he heard the news that two more there is brexit politics in all of this. teenagers had died this weekend, labour mps representing leave voting constituencies such as stoke have what were you thinking?” been pushing hard for more investment and the government teenagers had died this weekend, what were you thinking? i just felt is hoping it can persuade disheartened, heartbroken, it broke some of them to support the prime minister's deal but today back on the flashbacks and the some of those labour mps said anxiety that i went through when the money promised was pathetic. godwin died. your son, he died in this is not going to answer the questions, not deal 2012? he died in 2010 was 2012 that with the domestic issues, why people voted for brexit in the first place, why they voted to leave the european union. this does not help anyone. you set up the organisation. we are now several yea rs you set up the organisation. we are now several years on from his death, has anything changed from logic and it is almost more insulting. it is like she has realised see? it has actually got worse. a problem, here you are, every night ego to bed and you
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here are some scraps to try and fix it. wonder to yourself, what is going to last month, this labour mp asked for more investment happen the next morning, how many in leave voting areas. we have never had our fair share. young lives, how many mothers, how many friends would have to the money that should have come our experience what we have experienced. way always go into the big cities. i would like to extend my heartfelt it is important that it is condolences to the families and pointed in that direction. this week and next will be hugely important. friends of the latest victims because i know they are starting a the government is trying to very dark journey and negotiate changes to with the because i know they are starting a very darkjourney and they because i know they are starting a very dark journey and they will withdrawal agreement that it hopes because i know they are starting a very darkjourney and they will need all the support that anyone could can overturn opposition in offer them. both of you, when you parliament. a vote on the deal is promised by next tuesday and if that does not pass, then mps will have a chance are watching that report, the names to delay brexit. the task facing the being read out of all these people government is daunting. just this year, both of you exhaled. the nose the noes to the left... it is shocking. let me just echo yvonne 's condolences to the january saw the biggest ever defeat for a government when its brexit families. also, those that suffer deal was thrown out. more than 100 tories rebelled. and it will require much more life changing injuries, because we than some cash for labour do not hear about those. the ones constituencies to turn those numbers who are living in fear for the rest around. our chief political correspondent of their lives, the families as
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vicki young is at westminster. well. obviously we need to recognise if it looks like a duck and walks that it well. obviously we need to recognise like a duck, it is probably a duck. thatitis well. obviously we need to recognise that it is finally getting through to the home secretary with people for many in labour this is probably like stella really raising the risk a ripe. they reject an idea they're that we have a national crisis. it votes are up for grabs in that sense needs sustainable action. we need to and the government says this money recognise that young people are is not conditional on mps voting any normalising violence the way they certain way but it is interesting never used to, that they cannot the reaction has been pretty manage their differences without resorting to violence are picking up negative to this announcement. a weapon. we need to understand the partly because conservatives in areas of the country, such as the south—west of england, are very adverse experiences that they are resentful because they see it as a going through, the toxic stress and deprived area and not getting hardly how it presents itself in terms of the amount of money that areas a north of england are for example, violence and we need safeguarding and yet does labour mps in places agencies and police officers who are like sunderland and others say, this truly informed so they knew how to deal with it. all this enforcement is hardly anything over 86 seven year period, does not make up for has its place but don't try and the amount of money being taken out scare them into submission, drop the and it cuts to local councils have knife or you are going to present! had to endure over the last couple they are already scared and live in of years. it does not make up for fear on they are already scared and live in fearona they are already scared and live in fear on a day—to—day basis because that. in a broader sense as we are in the youth violence commission i
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have been working with, the survey looking ahead to next week's vote, showed that fear is one of the it is interesting that labour mps in biggest issues why they carry knives and unfortunately, police are not very brexit constituencies who do making them feel safe so those are not want to oppose it happening, the sort of issues they had to deal will be looking at the labour with with proper safeguarding agencies and early interventions and leadership looking to move into was the idea of another referendum, looking maybe at the idea that more proper informed policing to reconnect with young people so they money could be pushed into areas turn away from knives and other which have been ignored in the past weapons. we had the home secretary and they might be thinking, i need there and he said the existing laws to do something to make sure that have to be enforced, including stop brexit happens. you never know, it and search. is there a place for could have an impact but certainly that, do you believe? stop and the amount of money, the idea that search is a very important tool but it isa the amount of money, the idea that it is a bribe, they are not going it isa along with that. all this could be search is a very important tool but it is a blunt tool nevertheless. sharpened by community intelligence. important for the prime minister and if you have the trust and confidence getting hoodia across the line next of young people in particular, they week because we are hearing the will give you the information. when attorney general has not been able to get the kind of assurance in i was will give you the information. when iwas in will give you the information. when i was in hackney, i had my saved terms of an end date to any neighbour team is working with young implementation of a backstop by the people and what are members of the european union in the event of a new community so a lot of the times, i deal. that is what many on her back had through activity to prevent benches, especially the aig, wanted incidences before they happened. it
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in return. this idea of a unilateral wasn't like you are reacting to one incident to another as we are mechanism where the uk could say we getting at the moment. we need to understand that stop and search is are leaving the backstop, we can decide we want to get out and it useful but it needs committee trust does not matter what the eu says and confidence and i want to dispel about that, that or a time limit does not seem to be on the table. any correlation between producing stop and search and increasing knife reopening the withdrawal agreement is no longer happening but the crime. there is no statistical evidence to say you reduce stop and attorney general anti—brexit secretary ugly back to brussels search, knife crime goes up. tomorrow, and we will have to see if evidence to say you reduce stop and search, knife crime goes upm evidence to say you reduce stop and search, knife crime goes up. it is a fallacy. would you agree with that they could get something else. —— because that is what a lot of people are saying, stop and search, it has and the brexit secretary are going back to brussels tomorrow. i was all become political correct and we given the impression last week that cannot stop people when we think ministers did want to try and have there might be an issue, police are the so—called meaningful vote at some point this week to give them worried. do you believe that stop and search is a tool that can be another chance to have a go it was used for good? i think stop and not to go through so they could have search has a role to play. another go next week. that does not nevertheless, i personally, as a look like it is going to happen because there has not been enough mum, believe in early intervention movement from brussels. we are prevention. i believe in educating looking at a tuesday next week for young people about the consequences of knife crime. i believe in the the circle meaningful vote and it is different, because if it does not go
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through a chain of events happen and holistic approach, looking at the parliament is asked to vote if they will accept no deal, we know they will accept no deal, we know they childhood experiences, looking will not do that and they will ask the prime ministerfor will not do that and they will ask the prime minister for an will not do that and they will ask within the family, looking at what the prime ministerfor an extension, a delay to brexit. that changes support we can offer the family on a things and if you are a brexiteers you might be concerned. trees that make it asked for a short extension holistic view and just offering support in that sense. stop and ora make it asked for a short extension or a short delay, but it is not up search has a role to play. it is one to her, it is up to the eu to decide little strategy and we need to have how long it might be, the purposes a look at the overall. currently, we of what it might happen and then you can argue the british government is not in control of the process any did research for harrogate council on young peoples view of the police longer. thank you. we are going to andi on young peoples view of the police and i think that is a good practice that the council have adopted. we wa nt to that the council have adopted. we want to listen to young people, we wa nt to want to listen to young people, we want to find out what the problem is ta ke longer. thank you. we are going to take you to venezuela, these are and implement strategies as young tens of thousands of people lining the streets of the city caracas people are suggesting. it sounds as if you are in agreement with the because the man who has declared home secretary who says this is an himself leader of the country of one emergency and the areas that have treated knife crime as an emergency, guaido has returned, he is in the
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middle of their somewhere. it is difficult to pick out but this shows chicago, scotland, that is what is needed to be commended.” chicago, scotland, that is what is the level of support that he has. he needed to be commended. i think that is good practice, to look at knife defied a travel ban from the crime as a disease because to some venezuelan supreme court, went abroad to gain support for a change of the young people, it really is a disease and to look at how we can in administration and his home actually treat these diseases other country and he is now back in than treating the young people as prisoners and as criminals when we venezuela. there was the suggestion could actually of them support because when you sit with young that he could have been arrested but people and offer them support, they listen and they conform. when you one wonders how much of a problem give them that confidence as a young that would have caused a0 material person, you can achieve greatness, sometimes we don't need a lot. it is the little things that can make a huge difference. some suggest this is part of drugs, it is the drugs government —— maduro government to under pressure. the crowd are issue. drugs are cheaper on the cheering. look at that, a scene of street now, you need to work harder people right in the middle of to sell more in order to make more money and this is all tied up in caracas there asjuan guaido, the that. is drugs central to this? or self—declared interim leader of the could drugs be added version issue? country, and a man who is garnished the support of a number of foreign
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drugs is an element. there are some states, including mainly the european union and america, has things to this. drugs market has returned back. increased and there are those people that control and manipulate and grow the headlines on bbc news... the home secretary says there is ‘no these youngsters to get into the single solution' to tackling serious drug trade and we hear about county violence after two 17 year olds are fatally stabbed in separate incidents. lines but we are talking about knife mps accuse the government of a brexit bribe — crime that has gone past crime after ministers announce infested areas. it has gone wider a £1.6 billion fund to help deprived towns. at least 23 people are killed, some of them children, after two tornadoes hit the southern and going to manchester. these are us state of alabama. leafy suburbs, not where drugs are being sold on street corners and it is crime infested. we need to and in sport farewell to a footballing icon as the funeral of recognise that less than half of the world cup winning england goalkeeper knife violence is down to gangs. this is a wider piece that needs gordon banks takes place as former real sustainable action and more goalkeepers carry his coffin. importantly, working with grassroot scotland's women banned back from opening defeat in the algarve cup with a comfortable a—1 win over
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organisations. my organisation work iceland and moves them up to second with young people so they know their in theirgroup. iceland and moves them up to second rights and response bodies and in their group. and former world heavyweight champion frank bruno is develop positively. we need young recovering after being treated in people to be their own mentors and counteract that negative narrative hospitalfor pneumonia. recovering after being treated in and please, let us get away from hospital for pneumonia. his agent says bruno knaus needs a few weeks these gang narratives because all to rest. —— bruno now needs a few thatis these gang narratives because all that is doing is reinforcing the demonisation of young people, in particular young black men. weeks to rest. the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has begun hearing evidence about the way institutions responded to reports of abuse within westminster. thanks forjoining us. the inquiry originally intended to investigate allegations of paedophile rings involving powerful men, but some of these claims have been found to be false. breaking news, this is concerning it'll now focus instead on the response of the police, prosecutors and politicians events in lancashire. police have to allegations of abuse. begun searching for weapons following what has been described as our home affairs correspondent, an incident basic form college in tom symonds has more. the task of the chair and panel of the enquiry... after nearly four years this enquiry begins its most sensitive phase, lancashire. police are at a school amid bitter criticism that it will be a witchhunt. south of preston. police said on
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but its most senior barrister said twitter that they invoked extra there was a legitimate question. powers to stop and search people for whether there was a culture, whereby people of public prominence weapons beyond leland railway were shielded from investigation station. the forces now saying they and their wrongdoing tolerated are acting on information received at the expense of the victims. and was permitted to exercise those powers and will continue to exercise these are extremely serious issues. those powers until 10pm tonight. an the possibility of powerful incident that has taken place in paedophiles in westminster was one of the reasons this enquiry lancashire involving a search for was set up. weapons with police at a college in in 2012 a senior labour figure stood leyla nd weapons with police at a college in leyland in south—western. any more in the commons and highlighted on this, we will of course it to one past case he said raised serious questions. you. the evidence file used to convict paedophile peter righton, a briton who insists he went if it still exists, contains clear to syria to volunteer as an aid intelligence of a widespread worker has been stripped of his citizenship. paedophile ring. the bbc has seen a letter from the home office telling but it turned out that evidence tauqir sharif he would be a risk to national security if he returned to the uk. mr sharif who is in syria was not clear and after making with his wife and children claims he has been delivering aid supplies but admits using weapons there. he is appealing against but admits using weapons there. claims about abuse and murder to remove his british citizenship. in westminster, one accuser has been charged with perverting
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the course of justice. our special correspondent lucy this enquiry won't cover that case. manning has been talking to him. but the enquiry did hear today a string of allegations against politicians, of police cover—ups, of gagging orders, of knowledge manmac sharif left britain for syria at high levels in government of paedophile activity. nearly seven years ago. he says to what the enquiry didn't hear was whether those allegations are true or false. volunteer and set up a charity. his the enquiry says, deciding aid worker has been featured by the that is not its job. the function of this investigation bbc and other broadcasters but the government does not want him to is to enquire into the way return. in syria, being in a war in which westminster institutions zone for six years. he told the bbc responded or perhaps, failed to respond. has been stripped for citizenship, seen as a has been stripped for citizenship, seen as a threat to but the fact these claims national—security. i got the home are being aired at all has caused office ‘s letter here and it says er fury among the enquiry‘s critics. aligned with an al-qaeda aligned danieljanner‘s father lord janner died after being charged with sexual offences. group no, of course not.|j aligned with an al-qaeda aligned group no, of course not. i came out dead politicians cannot answer back. here to help the innocent people that were being massacred. there are how can it be fair that their names are besmirched and it is extremely many expats like myself, doctors, upsetting for their families, such as my family, and this should engineers, educating people who had never have happened. come here legitimately and sincerely however, the former rochdale mp to help the syrian people. because cyril smith was arrested his father is pakistani, the home in the 19805 but not charged. office says he would not be
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stateless. it is racist. the in a key case for the enquiry senior petition government believe i am figures from his party, pakistani by birthright, if i was a the liberal democrats, will be asked what white aid worker that works for they knew and when. oxfam, i don't think you would be tom symonds, bbc news asking me the same questions. you don't deny you have picked up a at the child abuse enquiry. weapon and you have thought in a political activist syria? i have defended myself and who found out her partner was an undercover police officer, the syrian people. i don't deny has told the bbc she's that, no. idon't the victim of a conspiracy the syrian people. i don't deny that, no. i don't think there's anything wrong with that. if you are to rape. for decades, policemen spied on political groups and activists, going to take me to secret courts and some of the women and the evidence is so secret that i who were deceived say they were, in effect, sexually abused. cannot defend myself, is that the british justice we believe here's wyre davies. cannot defend myself, is that the britishjustice we believe in? he for six years, lisa — not her real name — shared every detail of her life admits he has used an ak—a7, with a man she thought claiming it was to protect his aid she knew and could trust. convoys claiming it was to protect his aid co nvoys a nd claiming it was to protect his aid convoys and he still carries a handgun. he lives with his british i would never have consented wife and five children but says the to have a sexual relationship with a police officer, children don't have uk passports because when he applied for his and certainly never somebody who was being paid to pass eldest daughter, he claims he was on information about myself told wrongly there was an and my friends. administrative error. although his summit don't want to return to lisa thought her partner, britain at the moment, he is a fellow activist called mark stone, appealing against losing his citizenship. he has been driving
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was equally committed to her environmental and life goals. ambulances, delivering aid, he has a chance discovery of a passport done nothing to warrant this. the while on holiday showed that stone government of italy has information was in fact an undercover policeman to suggest otherwise cosmic tell us called mark kennedy. what it is. give us an indication of the really difficult thing for me what it is. give us an indication of what it is so we can defend it was seeing that it mentioned on that passport that he had two dependents, because he does not accept that. the you know, that made the ground absolutely open up beneath my feet, home office said revoking to find out that my partner had citizenship is to protect the public children that i didn't know about, and is based on all available evidence and not taken lightly. some you know, and that's huge. also question his claim to be only kennedy's exposure completely blew an aid worker. a lot of people went the lid on the met‘s decades—old policy of sending in police officers to syria to fight orjoin terrorist to infiltrate groups the state regarded as a threat. groups under the pretext of doing charity work so just because someone says they are an aid worker, it the public inquiry into undercover doesn't mean they are an aid worker policing in england and wales began here more than three years ago, and certainly, all the aid workers i but it's yet to hear any evidence, know have never picked up guns and and it's not expected to report conflict. he is now one of around for another four years. 150 britons have had their citizenship removed. there are also fears amongst many of those involved some other stories here on bbc news at 5: that the whole thing could amount to nothing more than a whitewash. a review panel set up to look at the findings of an investigation there's me. into baby deaths at shrewsbury
5:21 pm
rosa says that she was also duped after beginning an intense and telford nhs trust has been relationship with a man she believed disbanded after concerns were raised to be a committed political over conflicts of interest. activist, just like her. families expressed fury there was no loving relationship. at the make—up of the panel, which had been asked to support my partner was played by an actor. a government—ordered independent review into more through every sexual act that occurred than 200 maternity deaths. was a paid police officer on duty, the father of james bulger has lost a legal challenge specifically deceiving me. to try to change a lifelong anonymity orderfor one an apology and compensation from the of his son's killers. met feels like a hollow gesture ralph bulger wanted information to victims like rosa, about jon venables' which isn't her real name. new identity to be made public, she says senior officers should face after the murderer was jailed for possessing child abuse images. serious charges after it emerged two—year—old james bulger in at least one case the met was killed in 1993. knew about and sanctioned one undercover officer's a full—scale search and rescue operation is under sexual relationship. way for two climbers, one british and one italian, if you put all those things missing on a mountain in pakistan. together, you've got a team of officers tom ballard, who is originally conspiring to rape, you know, from derbyshire, and daniele nardi, there is no two other ways about it, last made contact from nanga parbat last month. they know that there tensions between pakistan and india was no informed consent. and poor flying weather has in both cases, the undercover delayed rescue efforts. officers involved deny specifically targeting the women and say relationships were consensual.
5:22 pm
but both lisa and rosa devastating tornadoes have ripped through alabama are adamant someone more senior in the united states, killing at least 23 people. should be held to account for what they went through. 0fficals say they are dealing with a ‘catastrophic‘ situation wyre davies, bbc news. and that more victims could be found and viewers in wales can see more as teams search through the debris. thousands of people have spent on this story in undercover cops: the night without heating, abuse of duty tonight at 8.30 with temperatures dropping near freezing. on bbc one. a state of emergency has been and it will also be on the iplayer. declared, and there is a warning that more storms could be the fashion retailer on the way. ted baker says its founder and chief executive, ray kelvin, has resigned following allegations of misconduct, including "forced hugging". mr kelvin had been on a voluntary leave of absence since the claims lives and livelihoods swept away. came to light in december, when employees launched an online petition accusing the local sheriff described the him of inappropriate tornadoes as if someone had taken a comments and behaviour. blade and scrape the ground. you can ray kelvin founded ted baker in 1988 see why. — and denies the allegations. our business correspondent emma simpson has more details... 0ne family fled neighbourhood once the tornadoes struck.|j 0ne family fled neighbourhood once the tornadoes struck. i was making a left right up there and this whole area right here, it's a pity much
5:23 pm
this law firm is, looking not just at the allegations but about the company's procedures and policies, and that is just gone. gone, too, the rhythm reporting by april, so today from this bar. i saw the trash the company said that mr kelvin had decided that it was in the best interest of ted baker for him to swirling in the air across the hill resign so that the business could move forward. but he started this business over there and swirling in the air across the hill overthere andl swirling in the air across the hill over there and i said, with a single store in swirling in the air across the hill overthere and i said, oh, no, this glasgow nearly 30 years, isn't good. the sudden nature of and built it into a global these twisters stunned many. they brand with more than 500 stores and concessions. without doubt he is one of the uk's most successful retailers and in many ways, ray kelvin was ted baker. so, latterly i mean don't lie, you hear it and you'd he wasn't involved, critically in the day to day running better be in a safe place. it is now of the operations but you cannot down to rescue teams to sift through lose someone like that, what is left, a grim task with the not for it to have an impact of some sort, but that said, he has got dental expected to rise. medics are a strong team and of treating more than a0 people and of course, he still remains the biggest shareholder. the newly two dozen kills, one isn't atrial. the damage is significant. i the prime minister has been would put it into the category of criticised after a post appeared catastrophic based on the on her official twitter account praising the resilience of destruction of the homes we have the people of salisbury incident — seen. destruction of the homes we have using a picture of the wrong city. seen. we still have people reported the message, which was published on the first missing, we have not identified all of the fertility is at this point. anniversary of a nerve agent attack, was taken down after other users of the social network said the photo commuters cautiously squeeze past
5:24 pm
this mobile phone mast on a popular was actually of bath. highway and thousands have been left without power. it is reported that prince harry has opened a memorial in birmingham to the 31 two tornadoes hit lee county back to british victims of islamist terror back within the span of an hour and this was the first. a path of attacks in tunisia in 2015. 30 holidaymakers died after a gunman ran amok in the popular destruction half a mile wide with holiday resort of sousse, when up to 106 to five miles an hour and another was killed in an attack tour apart areas close to the state at the bardo museum in tunis ‘s capital. at least a dozen radios earlier the same year. sima kotecha reports. touched down not just ‘s capital. at least a dozen radios touched down notjust in alabama but in neighbouring georgia on sunday nestled among trees in one of birmingham's busiest parks, afternoon, according to the national it's to remember those who died weather service. although twisters in the bardo museum attack and the sousse terror attack. are common here, this occurred ahead of the traditional peak season for both happened in tunisia in 2015. them and is the same system expected the sculpture is to bring one to whether to much of titled infinite wave. it's made up of 31 individual the eastern united states is weak. streams, each representing a british residents have been warmed up more national who died in the attacks. extreme weather to come as the search for survivors continues. the families of those killed were involved in its design.
5:25 pm
suzanne richards lost her son, father and brother in i told you of those two climbers who the attack in sousse. have been missing in pakistan, a it's beautiful, it's a permanent fixture that's going to be rescue helicopter has gone up to try here even when we've gone. and find them and we understand that there has been no site of the two and it makes everyone come to canon hill park and look and read and understand what happened that day and how horrific it was, engineers. helicopters have failed and it'sjust a lovely to spot signs that those two dedication for them. 0wen, her other son, survived the shooting. mountaineers, last seen and heard it's not something which i'm from in the 2ath of february was no going to forget about tomorrow, it's something which is going to be sign following a rescue helicopter with me for the rest of my life, finally being able to get up and have a look. the conflict between it's going to be with everyone. but more importantly, pakistan and india, their tensions it's the three people who should be recently over the border, that in my life every day aren't here right now, and that's prevented rescue efforts, and also per weather as well. sad news so far obviously what makes a bigger effect on your life. at least as far as that rescue the duke of sussex came here today operation is concerned. no sign of to unveil the memorial and to take those two mount isa —— mid part in what's being called a dedication ceremony. mountaineers in weather in pakistan. the attacks took place almost four years ago. police have begun to search for the sculpture has the names of the weapons following what has been victims inscribed into each stream. described as an incident at a sixth
5:26 pm
it's hoped its presence in the bustling park form college in lancashire. social will keep their memories alive for years to come. media reports are suggesting that a large police presence has been at sima kotecha, bbc news, birmingham. the college in leyland, south of the funeral of the former england and stoke city goalkeeper, preston this afternoon. british gordon banks, has been taking transport police said on twitter place in stoke. that they had invoked extra powers the world cup winner died last month at the age of 81. to stop and search people for his funeral cortege was greeted with warm applause as thousands weapons around leyland railway of people lined the streets of stoke station. all that took place this to pay their respects. afternoon and the police say that a service was then held those powers have been exercising at stoke minster — on a day which marked the a7th throughout the day, they will anniversary of stoke city's league cup win. continue to use up until 10pm sir bobby charlton and sir geoff tonight. stay with us here on bbc hurst and from the 1966 world cup—winning squad news for any more information on those two developing stories. were among the congregation. keith flint — the lead singer with the pop group, the prodigy he was a superstar on the field — has died. the a9—year—old was found but the beauty about him was off the by police at his home field he was an ordinary guy. in essex this morning. officers say they're not treating he was down to earth the death as suspicious. and we were very fortunate in ‘66 the prodigy had a series of uk top ten singles in the 1990s, and sold to have some superstar players like banksy more than 20 million albums. who off the field was just ordinary guys. and the thing about him that
5:27 pm
you remember is he is a joker. he joked all the time, every time i met him over 15 years he the weather is next. would always come up with a newjoke and that, the biggest thing that sticks in your mind. —— over 50 years. systematically this afternoon i managed to break all the machines so i have had to decamp back to the time for a look at the weather here's louise lear weather centre. the weather has been with the forecast. a little bit quieter than yesterday. we've lost the storm, it has moved we are seeing some snow showers around today, not to many but this into the new continent and for many, it has been a case of sunny spells time last week we were talking about and scattered showers through the day. some of the showers have been a record—breaking feathery warmth but little entry. in northern ireland, march has roared in like a lion, not causing too much of an issue but let's hope it eases out like a lamb. making it very pretty. we could see plenty of showers today. some of further isolated snow showers them merged togetherfor plenty of showers today. some of them merged together for longer overnight tonight. they will drive spells of rain so that is worth in from the west and some of them bearing in mind, and as we go through the overnight period we will overnight merging together for some see more consistent showers. maybe a prolonged showers for a time. little bit of went tennis and we see elsewhere, clearer skies developing some wintry showers for the course and that will allow the temperatures of the day to day. there will be a
5:28 pm
to follow way. it will be a at night. no single figures. an area of touch of frost any chilly start to tuesday morning for some it will be dry and sunny. in the east of low pressure setting up to the england you will see decent sunshine north—west will keep those showers for most of the day. we see the close. another area of low pressure showers going north and elevation in will chase down into the south—west scotla nd showers going north and elevation in scotland will turn them to snow and later on in the day. sandwiched then down to south—west by the end between the two, a great deal of of the afternoon, we will see a speu of the afternoon, we will see a dry, sunny weather for a time at spell of wet and windy weather, not least. i suspect in scotland if we as severe as a sunday but some of that rain will be heavy. is itjust ta ke least. i suspect in scotland if we take a look at the detail, you can its way inwards for wednesday. see how those showers will be quite to higher ground. but a very warm day, seven to 9 degrees. some showers into the north of england. the best of the sunshine to the east of the pennines and further west, cloud and rain will gather. that's going to bring wetter and windier weather through tuesday night, into wednesday. the wind is not perhaps quite as bad as they were at the weekend but nevertheless, 50 or 60 miles an hour gusts heavy, persistent rain for some, not very pleasa nt
5:29 pm
persistent rain for some, not very pleasant in the middle part of the way, particularly for scotland and northern england. a scattering of showers further south, not as cold but if you are caught under the cloud, the rain is not going to be very pleasant. but from thursday onwards it looks as though things will get a little bit quieter. a bit drier but not particularly warmer in comparison to weather conditions that we have seen of late. midweek, wet and windy but then it will be drier and cooler later on.
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