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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 4, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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in separate incidents over the weekend. serious violence is on the rise. communities are being torn apart and families are losing their children. the government insists a £1.6 billion fund to help deprived towns isn't a bribe, just days before a crunch brexit vote. at least 23 people are dead, after tornadoes rip through the southern us state of alabama. keith flint, the single who pushed electronic music into the mainstreams with his band, the prodigy has died at the age of 49. and the city of stoke, and players past and present, remember goalkeeping legend gordon banks, as he's laid to rest, in his hometown. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news.
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at seven o'clock in beyond 100 days — we'll have the latest from venezuela as thousands line the streets of the capital caracas, to welcome home the country's interim president, juan guaido. after the prime minister insists there is ‘no direct correlation‘ between the rise in knife crime and the fall in police numbers — at eight o'clock i'll be speaking to the national chair of the police federation in england and wales. and we'll be taking a first look at tomorrow morning's front pages at 22.40 and 23.30 this evening in the papers — my guests joining me tonight are the political strategist, jo tanner and the economics commentator at the new statesman, grace blakeley. that's all ahead on bbc news. now it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson. as the title race hots up — are liverpool feeling the heat?
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we don't play playstation. do you think we didn't take enough risks today? is that what you want to ask? that's a really disappointing question, i have to say. why the fans in spain are no longer warming to wales‘s gareth bale. and england outclass india in their opening t20. also coming up in the programme: critics of trans inclusion in women's sport are told to study the science before passing comment. good evening. seven points stood between liverpool and title rivals manchester city two months ago. now it's the champions city who are in front in the title race. the lead might only be a point but liverpool's goalless draw
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with everton yesterday was their fourth draw in their last six league games. so is the pressure starting to show. patrick gearey reports. it is getting close. liverpool stalemate at everton means their breathing space has gone. form has turned a nine—point lead into a one—point deficit. the road now and arrows. there is pressure, even paranoia. everything is analysed, every reaction every response. we don't play playstation. do you think we did not take enough risks today? is that what you want to ask? i am really disappointing with that question because that means it is so easy, i tell those boys, take more risks. can you imagine, is there any drawer that we did not fight to wind? what is that. some say that betrays a pressure not seen in manchester city. as reigning
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champions, they've been here before so champions, they've been here before so the logic suggests they can handle pressure better, but how do you handle pressure? if they cherish the moment, if they engage within that moment and see it as a privilege, the likelihood is they will be more successful. experience helps, dealing with that situation helps, dealing with that situation helps and i think the role of the manager will help. maybe manchester city have the stronger mines but will their legs hold out? they are still in the fa cup and upper bubbly progress into the champions league which means they will be playing the week before they take on spurs, currently in third, at home. then they have to go to old trafford to play manchester united just four days later, a game which may decide the title. all liver pills fixtures are at home against spurs at the end of this month and then chelsea in april. they will hope to find form and perspective at anfield. as a
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manager you try and take the pressure away. it is a game of football. you know you've got the ability, go and show it. there are nine games to go and if you weeks ago, we were quite a bit ahead. before that city were ahead so lots to play for. the strength of liverpool ‘s current position becomes clear. their position would have put them top the stage in past seasons but still going at a breathtaking pace and they will help theircampaign is breathtaking pace and they will help their campaign is defined not by the last few stu m bles their campaign is defined not by the last few stumbles but the manner in which work on. the funeral of england world cup winner gordon banks — who died last month aged 81 — has taken place in stoke. thousands lined the streets to say goodbye and pay their final respects. his coffin was carried by the current number one
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goalkeepers of all three clubs he served during his career. joe hart represented england, while stoke's jack butland, kasper schmeichel of leicester city and chesterfield'sjoe anyon all acted as pallbearers. also in attendance, were sir bobby charlton and sir geoff hurst, who gave a eulogy during the service. very sad day. one of the greats in his profession. it's always a privilege when you come across in your profession i did the best with or against and it has been a privilege for me. a very, very sad day. the greatest goalkeeper i have ever seen. scotland continued their preparations ahead of this summer's women's world cup as they beat iceland 4—1 in the algarve cup. having narrowly been beaten by canada in their opening match a team ranked fifth in the world, signs perhaps that they could challenge the best in france. alisdair lamont has been with the team.
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scotla nd scotland put the disappointment of fridays to pete by canada side there was afternoon. an impressive 41 victory over iceland. it was a game scotla nd victory over iceland. it was a game scotland dominated from the outset and once they had a noses in front, they never looked back. visit our net with the early strike. they had another before half—time. cuthbert did the rest. the scoreline was given an even more emphatic looked shortly after the break. cuthbert denied a second but little following up. a rare moment of slackness at the back took some of the shine off performance. the second of the game restored the three—goal advantage, albeit in slightly unconventional style. out of the front four, kim got one, liz has got to so our game plan was to get both players and advanced additions but i think the
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players were having a joke with the second goal but it went in and that's the most important thing. i think they got goals in and as a team, today we played tough opponents who were very physical and got some good players but i think from start to finish, we performed really well and it's step forward for us. poland play the netherlands here in the final match of the round—robin stages and only once that game has finished scotland know the identity of their opponents for their final match. well, here's a date for your diaries, 9th june when scotland take on england in the opening match of their world cup campaign, england play japan tomorrow in the final match of the she believes cup in the usa. victory would see them win the tournament and pick up their first piece of silverware under phil neville — a real boost in a world cup year. jo currie is in tampa where
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tomorrow's game will be played. a significant marker ahead of the world cup? absolutely, it is a massive game for the team and phil neville who only took over as a land manager a year ago and now the team, under him, stand on the cusp of an international trophy just three months out from the world cup. they got here but a 2—1 went against brazil. they followed it up with a very impressive 2—2 draw against the world champions, the usa, largely thanks to a wonderful free kick. a great finish from paris as well. england have been in this position before. only a year ago they came within touching distance winning the cup but they lost to the usa in the last game. this time they said they wa nt to
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last game. this time they said they want to go one better in the goalkeeper spoke to me earlier and she said the team this time around really have to tap into that winning mentality. i think what we have to get used to is starting to feel like what it is like to when and that is what america, germany and france have now got upper hands on us. they know what it takes to when and that is what it takes to when and that is what carries them through the bad spells. they have been champions and we have to find a way of getting to that level and were neither scalp. it would put us in really good stead going into a world cup. not long to going into a world cup. not long to go to the world cup. we saw that impressive draw against the united states, it was runners up at the world cup,japan, states, it was runners up at the world cup, japan, next for england. what can they expect that match? japan area what can they expect that match? japan are a team with real pedigree. they've reached the finals of the last two times, champions in 2011, runners—up in 2015. they have come to this tournament with a slightly
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weakened side. they left the bigger players at home but it does not seem to have affected them too badly. they drew with the usa they come typically to brazil. they have shown some very good football. they like to attack with pace. carly said to me she knows englund will not get many opportunities against your pa nts a re many opportunities against your pants are the ones they do get, they will have to take. last time these two sides played each other was at the world cup in 2015 whenjapan knocked england out of the semifinal stage. if england needed any extra motivation, i think payback probably be it. some other stories making the headlines today. alexis sanchez could be out for six to eight weeks with knee ligament damage picked up in manchester united's victory over southampton on saturday. ole gunnar skojkaer could be without up to 10 players for wednesday 5 champions league tie with paris saint—germain. maro itoje has been included in england's training squad ahead
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of their six nations match against italy on saturday. it also incluces chris robshaw and jonathan joseph. forward hamish watson is among five players returning from injury to rejoin the scotland squad as they face the only unbeaten side in the six nations wales on saturday. frank bruno's agent has revealed the former world heavyweight champion has been suffering from pneumonia. dave davies thanked hospital staff and said he needs a few weeks' rest. now gareth bale's agent has defended the forward against crticism from real madrid fans. he's labelled their treatement a disgrace. bale was booed and jeered after being substituted during real‘s defeat to barcelona on the weekend. so why after winning four champions league titles and a league title in his six years spain are the fans turning agaisnt him. here's joe lynskey.
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in this corner of madrid there is no feeling worse than their own teams form and tumbling while their rivals saw ahead. right now, that is the reality for real madrid. on saturday night barcelona comfortably won 1—0, a match which saw gareth bale substituted and then bird of his own supporters. an act from real ‘s fans that gareth bale ‘s agent says they should be ashamed of. he says gareth bale deserves more respect. it is now six years since he broke the tra nsfer now six years since he broke the transfer record but reports in spain suggest even now he is not adapted and some team—mates even say he is still struggling to speak with them.
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ago, voted best player last year, says there is a way back. he told reporters i don't think it is the end of him, all he needs to do is work, work and work. for now, the tea m work, work and work. for now, the team under coach are focusing on a league knockout tie. they need to— one from the first leg but with form that has seen them slip to third in la liga, there is speculation a va ca ncy la liga, there is speculation a vacancy might come up here. there is one former real madrid manager now waiting for an opportunity. some are footballs biggest characters and one of footballs biggest clubs, the future, for now, is uncertain. also coming up in the programme: we meet the first female asian boxer hoping to pack a punch next pics. idid hoping to pack a punch next pics. i did meet an asian girl and she said she had started boxing because
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of me and that made me really happy because i didn't think i was that kind of real model to people but thatis kind of real model to people but that is what i wa nt to want to happen. for england's women the one day series proved disappointing as they missed out on a first series win in india. but their twenty twenty contest has started strongly as they outclassed their opponents to win by 41 runs. england will have the opportunity to seal the series in the second game on thursday. i thought at half—time we were maybe up i thought at half—time we were maybe up ten or15 i thought at half—time we were maybe up ten or 15 short at the way our bowlers came out and build, particular on that wicket, it was a brilliant team performance. it has
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been a challenging 48—hour is. martina navratilova's apologised for claiming tra nsgender athletes are cheats. the tennis star was labelled transphobic for suggesting they gain an unnfair advantage — claims backed by the former british olympic swimmer sharon davies. but a trasgender footbaler who transitioned two years ago has told bbc sport those criticising trans inclusion should study the science before passsing judgment. heres chris mclaughlin. sunday morning stonehaven ladies and one player in particular isjust happy to be on the pitch. one player in particular isjust happy to be on the pitchlj one player in particular isjust happy to be on the pitch. i knew that i was transgender ever since i was four. growing up in the west coast of scotland, i try to hide it a little bit. blair lived until a
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man until 2017 before transitioning she was a goalkeeper but was convinced becoming a woman which mean the end of her football. the university of aberdeen university tea m university of aberdeen university team check me under their wing and said, come and join us, which is something i never thought was possible. but it is, she is one of three registered tra nsgender possible. but it is, she is one of three registered transgender players in scotland. what are the rules? doctors certificate and medical information must be provided, players must also reduce levels of the male hormone, testosterone, meaning they should lose strength and power, and they must undergo regular checks. but is controversial. some top—level athletes believes there is always going to be an advantage no matter what controls are put in place. this logically they are a different shape. male have a denser bonus structure, carry more blood cells, have a bigger heart, they have a different shaped pelvis which makes
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a difference when you saddle so there are all sorts of things that cannot be changed just by reducing your testosterone. they like to look at the science, what it actually does to your body. it does take away your muscle mass, takes away your expressiveness. your body completely changes as well. it is a debate that is really just starting changes as well. it is a debate that is reallyjust starting and sporting bodies are desperately scrambling to sort out their own transgender policies. on a purely human level, how easy is it again acceptance? policies. on a purely human level, how easy is it again acceptance7m has been actually very simple, which 15 years ago, the process was not, so the opportunity is certainly more andi so the opportunity is certainly more and i would encourage any transgender woman or man to go and play sport because the buyers are coming down. go and play. the great britain rugby
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league team is back. it was announced today that they will play new zealand, tonga and papua new guinea in a southern hemisphere tour later this year, 13 years after their last tour. it will be team dominated by english players, with rfl rugby director kevin sinfield ruling out token selection to ensure all home nations are represented. everybody is saying, go, girl, girl, and he goes! there is a real appetite from everybody involved in the sport, to bring great britain back. it means so much. if you look at the iconic players over the history of the sport, there have been some real legends. he has got some space, he is going for the corner. he is in! emma give us a try. do you look to include in that
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squad welsh players for example, to make it feel more great britain? squad welsh players for example, to make it feel more great britain7m is important we take that out of it. we would love to have a spread of every nation, for every nation to be represented, but i think it is surely important we don't devalue the shirt and represent those who have been before us in the right way and represent the jersey in the right way and show the respect it deserves and that has to be through a selection policy that is the best possible player, irrespective of which nation he comes from. players who might qualify through heritage art jackson hastings or blair austen, with a be considered? yes, as the honest answer. i think every body who qualifies will be considered. we are really keen for this tour to be a success and we will take the best possible player


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