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tv   Beyond 100 Days  BBC News  March 4, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm GMT

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you're watching beyond 100 days. this is bbc news. our top stories: i'm clive myrie. the headlines at 8pm: venezuela's opposition leader makes a triumphant the home secretary, sajid javid, return to the capital caracas — says there's no single solution juan guaido risks arrest to tackling serious violence, by returning to his homeland. after two 17—year—olds are fatally stabbed in separate the head of an influential committee in the us house of representatives incidents over the weekend. is on the hunt for evidence to prove there is no hiding from this issue, mr speaker. you're watching beyond 100 days — obstruction of justice serious violence is on the rise. venezuela's opposition leader makes by president trump. a triumphant return to the capital communities are being torn also on the programme: apart, and families caracas. are losing their children. £1.6 billion of government money juan guaido risks arrest by returning to his homeland for the poorer regions of the uk. is it a brexit bung? after he defied a travel ban the opposition call labour accuses the government it ‘brexit bribery.‘ of bribing mps with a £1.6 billion and left the country. us actor, luke perry — fund to boost deprived areas, star of the television series, of supporters and called beverely hills 90210 — days before a crunch brexit vote. mr guaido addressed a crowd of thousands of supporters and called at least 23 people are dead, for more demonstrations has died at the age of 52. after tornadoes rip through the southern us against president nicolas maduro. state of alabama. they threatened all of us, me too, there are celebrations on the streets of the capital caracas, as thousands welcome home with prison, death and i say to you, venezuela's self—declared interim we talk on this programme an awful leader, juan guaido. despite the persecution they will lot about the political divide — not stop offs us. and the fragmentation in our societies. we bemoan that our politicians are unable to reach across the aisle. the head of an influential and that too often people
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committee in the us house on opposides sides of a debate seem of representatives is on the hunt for documents and witnesses to prove unwilling or unmoved to see another obstruction of justice by president donald trump. point of view. at least 23 dead and buildings reduced to rubble — the bbc is today a launching a new season of programmes called alabama counts the cost of two deadly tornadoes. crossing divides on the back also on the programme..... of a very successful the democratic presidential race gets even more crowded. pilot last year. today it'sjohn hickenlooper — the former governor of colorado says the aim is to bring people together he is also running for the white from different ethnicities, class, house. faiths, and politics. it's not all hugs and love in‘s. and turning heartbeats into light — using our biometrics some of these divides to create art for an immersive are deep seated and not all the attempts at finding common exhibition in washington. ground have worked. here to talk about it is the series editor emily kasriel. i'm going to go travelling with a blind man who i have never met i am jane o'brien in washington, christian before. fraser in london. juan guaido is back in venezuela. i don't think there is any organised after a week of drumming up support across latin america religion or a faith that embraces the self—declared interim president has been greeted like a rockstar me. do you mean as on his return home. religion or a faith that embraces me. do you mean as a religion or a faith that embraces me. do you mean as a gay man? massive crowds absolutely. i think he is a bigot, a are on the streets of caracas to welcome the man who defied a travel ban to meet opponents misogynist and a racist. he is of president maduro and renew obviously a grant. the last ten efforts to get humanitarian aid across the border. years, it has changed a lot. 50% of
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mr guaido flew into the country's my takings have gone down. there's a main airport on a commercial flight, lot of animosity between over and running the risk of arrest by government armed forces. the black cab drivers. emily kasriel is the editor nicolas maduro will surely of crossing divides be calculating right now how to deal and shejoins us now. with a man who for the moment seems to have all the momentum. most western governments recognize mr guaido as venezuela's we live in such a divided world and legitimate head of state. we have a big campus to go on, tell and the united states has warned of a "swift response" to any us we have a big campus to go on, tell us about some of the examples of threats against him. people you have brought together.- the vice president saw a little clip. i was in coventry mike pence tweeted. "@jguaido's safe return to venezuela recently and we brought together is of the highest importance to the us". barry, who drives an over car, and a mr guaido spoke to the crowds. and this is what he said. man who drives a black cab, and was interesting because before we got them together, we interviewed them individually and they spoke of the translation: despite the threats, the armed bat their livelihoods and also fear groups on the border, despite the massacres, our profound of meeting each other. but they condolences to all the families of agreed today at. they sat down and the indigenous groups and our youth. what was so interesting is that once despite this, i want to ask the venezuelan people, are you even a bit afraid? he started talking about the impact of the new cars coming in, on his livelihood and the fact his daughter
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they threatened all of us, me too, could not take dance lessons anymore, that moment, then he really with prison, death and i say to you, despite the felt that he was understood. it was persecution they will not stop us. when barry started to cry and when here we are and we are more united than ever, and here we are stronger than ever. he left to take his next fare, they claudia plazas is our bbc mundo helped. i said, he left to take his next fare, they helped. isaid, get he left to take his next fare, they helped. i said, get the camera out! it brings to mind the fact that there is common ground between correspondent in miami. people, if you can find it. when i this was a terrific risk, say that we are a pariah to society, presumably, him coming home to are we that are paralysed or are we venezuela. how crucial was american support and still is? american in the middle and we have support and still is? american disagreements that we don't talk support has been crucial forjuan about? some research does say that there is a big, anxious middle and what i think really is that we have guaido since january when he took a a lot of different identities and there are two different ways of note and the united states thinking about identity. we either recognised him. several latin had very fixed mutually exclusive american countries joined it identities or that we have a lot of recognised him. several latin american countriesjoined it and recognised him. the support has been different identities that are actually compatible and they come to crucial. they have sent military aid the four according to what role i to the border with colombia and they have been very firm. we also have take. i might be a journalist at the united states issued a new work, a mother at home. i
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take. i might be a journalist at work, a motherat home. i might sanctions against the people who take. i might be a journalist at work, a mother at home. i might have lots of different identities. as we re sanctions against the people who were in charge of the military pa rt lots of different identities. as part of the problem that we don't voices new 3—pointer with colombia. talk to each other, that we communicate so much on social media right now? the research on social on february 23 when the humanitarian aid was supposed to be delivered to media is really mixed stop on some venezuela. what happens is mr maduro occasions we talk only to people in our own communities but in a way, does not step aside? is there a social media does make the world limit to what that american support crumbled up and we can get closer to will be? we will have to see. right people who live in very different environments and there is a i'iow will be? we will have to see. right now we understand that the effect of fantastic facebook group called the cabinet which gets people from lots the sanctions imposed by the united states could be taking a till on the of different political communities to come and talk with respect maduro administration. we have had because i think most fundamentally, it is about listening, listening reports that the sale of oil has decreased in recent weeks and the with respect. it doesn't necessarily government is scrambling to get the mean agreeing and it doesn't always mean agreeing and it doesn't always oil out of venezuela and exchanged meanfinding mean agreeing and it doesn't always mean finding common ground but it is about really reaching across to the for other goods. i am looking at other side of the table and these other pictures and their recognising the humanity of somebody 10,000 on the streets. it is on the other side of the table. we going to see a lot of this in the extraordinary scenes and it is the coming months. conundrum for nicolas maduro because we are going to stick with that theme. 80 arrests them, he risks turning some of the biggest divides as we have discussed
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him into the matter and support selling behind him, but if you are right here in the us. and perhaps politics has never been doesn't it is a direct challenge to his authority. we have an so polarized as it is right now. but what lies at the root of it? interesting report today and they over the last three years the bbc said the opposition led national has spoken to hundreds of trump assembly was going to authorise the voters, all over america — and their reasons for voting for this president are both diverse and highly personal. end entry —— entry of foreign troops when you say, we are making america ifjuan guaido was arrested. that wasjust one ifjuan guaido was arrested. that great, maybe we mean that we are was just one report. ifjuan guaido was arrested. that wasjust one report. it is remarkable they are saying this. as restoring optimism that tomorrow will be better than today. we like for maduro staying, we will have to see what is going to happen. somebody who will just will be better than today. we like somebody who willjust say will be better than today. we like somebody who will just say what will be better than today. we like somebody who willjust say what is on their mind, speak whatever it is everything in venezuela at this you want to say and say it as point is uncertain and we have to ta ke point is uncertain and we have to take everything they buy day, hour plain—spoken as you can. you want to say and say it as plain-spoken as you can. as long as after hour. the government have said they were going to arrest juan i see builders happy, shovels going in the ground and there is work guaido upon his arrival in ahead of me, i am happy. venezuela, that did not happen. in the ground and there is work ahead of me, i am happylj in the ground and there is work ahead of me, i am happy. i think our president is trying to do everything according tojuan venezuela, that did not happen. according to juan guaido venezuela, that did not happen. according tojuan guaido people he can that is good for the american venezuela, that did not happen. according to juan guaido people at the airport actually welcomed him people and that is what i like. and said, welcomed mr president. we america first? absolutely. but is saw the images from the airport, the most important thing for you? people rush to support him. so much
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the economy. i agree, the economy. i think he is great, he is doing wonderfulfor the at stake in venezuela at the moment. think he is great, he is doing wonderful for the country and the world. i cannot find anything wrong the bbc‘s daniel garcia was based with him. in venezuela until recently — he explained juan guaido's strategy one of president trump's most a little earlier. this comeback is seen persuasive rallying cries was his by the opposition as claim that the american dream a win—win situation. is dead and that he, of course, there are two possibilities and both would make america great again. are good for the opposition, that is what they say. his prediction of gloom and doom if he is arrested, there will be often seems to contradict statistics a lot of international pressure. that show the economy is booming. the trump administration has already said that there would be but a new book argues that consequences, if something mr trump might be right — happens to mr guaido. it says the death of and if not, like today, the american dream is a social like we have seen today, he is in phenomenon, not an economic one. strength and is showing that maduro's government is weak and he tim carney is the author of alienated america is energising and boosting his base, and he hejoins us now. his opposition base. the return was kept very much under wraps but at the airport were a number of european ambassadors, almost shepherding him through the airport. the american dream has been measured of course, it is a way of protecting in economic terms since the 1950s, and showing him he is the president how should we define it? and many european countries economics is part of it and you cannot deny that a closing factory are supporting mr guaido and it is a has a big affect on things but
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huge loss for nicolas maduro, really, the american dream is about talking about political scenes and political images. people being connected to other people, people having access to a real personal safety net, a neighbourhood, a community, and is it necessary that juan guaido is back in the institution. and the author of country, because right now the opposition is united but in times gone by it has democracy in america arrived in been quite fractious? america, he said notable thing was well, there has been a lack of leadership in the position that we were forming notable for many years and with mr guaido, institutions. any church here and who is a that really is the heart of the leader, and the political american dream so when we look at the suffering that president trump situation makes him stronger. was tapping into, a lot of that was he is showing commitment, about losing that connection to he is coming back and he other people through these real is taking some personal risk, local institutions, churches and and this is very, very appreciated by the opposition base. clu bs. local institutions, churches and clubs. what does that look like in yes, it puts the onus very west virginia or pennsylvania? much on the military now because they will know at the lower ranks, clubs. what does that look like in they are starting to split. west virginia or pennsylvania7m any needed america, i took about the what do the leaders places outside of pittsburgh. a of the military do? what did the generals do? steel mill shuts down and then soon is there any sign they are diner nearby shuts down and then following in behind ? after that, a lot of the families well, not yet. the main officials are still very move and guess what, the local
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loyal to mr maduro but mr guaido public school, the most active and has said his comeback is an evidence involved parents are not there anymore and so they pull out, so the that the chain of command is broken, school loses a lot of its character that remains to be seen. and then the next thing you know, the church shuts down and once all we have seen some of that is down, the people left sections of the military their lack connection, a safety net, but the number of defectors a sense of purpose. meanwhile in the is not significant yet. city of pittsburgh, that has bounced back because through the bad economic times, they had strong very interesting next phase for neighbourhoods. they had a church and a synagogue and that allow them venezuela. who do you think said this? to get through the bad times. they "i am an innocent man persecuted by some very bad, just been listening to emily about conflicted people," tweeted donald trump this weekend. crossing divides which in a way i and that was before, news broke this afternon that suppose is a meet of what your book congressional leaders have sent letters and requests is about, the divides in american for documents to 81 individuals society. are you saying therefore and entities linked to mr trump. that if he can put people in the house judiciary committee is planning a wide ranging investigation, into possible scenarios, in the community groups obstruction of justice, where they can talk and listen to each other, then some of the ideas public corruption and abuse of power. the information requests have been that fester and get societies down, sent to some familiar people, they don't appear as readily? that donald trump jr, roger stone,
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the trump organization is exact a right. people are cfo, alan weisselberg. people who will know the president's business intimately. political animals. we are supposed and they will be to try and shape the world around questioned under oath. the committee's chairman us. to try and shape the world around is jerrold nadler. us. a lot of us do it through our it is very clear that the president local swim club, our local school, is struggling with the justice, it is very clear. our local church, get but if we 1100 times he referred don't have access to that, for to the mueller investigation as a witchhunt. politics, we turn only to the big he tried, he fired, he tried national stage. 330 million people to protect flynn from being investigated by the fbi. all fighting over one election, over he fired comey in order to stop the russian thing, as he told nbc news. what is going on in washington, dc, which can be thousands of miles away. the stakes are too high and the president has been our influence as individuals is too on the defensive all weekend low and our ability to shape the following the public testimony world around us is really eroded of his former lawyer michael cohen. that concentration of power is in the last hour he was asked whether he would cooperate with the committee's investigation. directly related to the last of i cooperate all the time with everybody. these little, local institutions and you know the beautiful through which we are used to thing, no collusion, it's connecting to people. when president all a hoax. you going to learn about trump says that he is reversing that as you grow older. it's a political hoax, decades of blunders and betrayals, there is no collusion, there's no anything. folks, go and heat up. what is the competing message to heat up. that? how do you prove him wrong?
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joining us now is ron christie, betrayal is a real sense and people former advisor to george w bush. thinking that, there are elites we always expected the democrats to working against them and when you look and see that washington, dc is be flexing their legal muscles in winning wealthy and new york is this way, either just be flexing their legal muscles in this way, eitherjust doing their doing well but pennsylvania is job? this is the consequence of them struggling, it is really hard to gaining the house in the mid—term argue against them and say that the elections. it is too early to be betrayal is not real. people say, able to answer that question. ideas the whole us economy is growing. legitimate request for information? that is not much of a consolation to somebody in a place like a county one hand you have mrjerrold nadler saying there is no doubt mr trump that i write about where the early obstructed justice, on the other nation is willie strong to the way hand they have not issued articles to battle against that would be to say, washington cannot solve your of impeachment yet. if he has broken a law he should be impeached, if he problems. donald trump is not going has not, he shouldn't be. is this a to fix the problem of your small town of pennsylvania crumbling. fishing expedition or a legitimate fascinating stuff, thank you very exercise? you get the prize for managing the i would first. much. regardless of whether it is impeachment or a fishing expedition, how worried should he be? at this people who have benefited from the
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north american dream and those who juncture, not very worried. the think they have been left behind and numberof juncture, not very worried. the it is going to be interesting to see number of people these documents are how that plays out in 2020. requested be made to. what are you asking? first it was about russia such a crossover because when you go and collusion and now it appears to into these brexit towns here in be in the into his finances. this england, some of those same has nothing to do with what he does arguments that we have just heard there, you hear them again and again as president of united states so if and it is about society now, the congress is exercising their breakdown we see in some of these oversight, it should be for actions towns around the country which is taken whilst president, not as a bringing us very much to what we are private business person. good about to talk about, money for some afternoon, i watched the president of these committees. there in the white house, seem very relaxed about the investigation but i also watched a speech he gave to the conservatives in washington over the conservatives in washington over the weekend. unprecedented in length, over two hours long, and the uk government says it's unprecedented in so many other ways. still looking for legally—binding changes from the eu to the so—called these phony charges of russia, ‘backstop' which aims russia, russia, russia! to prevent a hard border my wife said, "you never spoke between northern ireland and the republic. to anybody from russia, darling." the brexit secretary i said, "that's right." will travel to brussels we spent $7 trillion for further talks tomorrow. in the middle east and we can't land and whatever they return a plane with the lights on. with will be scritunised by one group in particular. the ‘star chamber‘ was set up
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20 years later, how bad is that? by the brexit—supporting european the attorney general said, research group. "i'm going to recuse myself." it includes lawyers and mps opposed and i said, "why the hell didn't he tell me that before i put him in?" to the prime minister's brexit deal and in particular to the so—called if you tell a joke, ‘backstop.’ if you're sarcastic, if you're having fun they are tasked with scrutinising any with the audience, if you're on live updates to the uk—eu television with millions of people brexit deal. the group is chaired and 25,000 people in an arena, by sir bill cash and includes the dup's nigel dodds, and if you say something like, former brexit secretary dominic raab "russia, please if you can get us and the chair of lawyers for britain martin howe qc — hillary clinton's e—mails, who joins us now. please russia, please!" i am going to regret this speech. all manner of interpretation put on what the star chamber is looking for this speech should have been delivered one year from now, not now. out of this deal in the next few days. your earlier demand that the backstop taken out of the withdrawal agreement, that seems to have gone by the wayside so why don't you i wonder whether his campaign speu by the wayside so why don't you spell out for us but it is, their advisers were telling to deliver that same speech in a year's time. we have said before that we do not minimum you would expect? the task we are set is actually to see hold this president to the same
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standards as others, but this seemed whether they are legally binding to go far beyond the donald trump we changes which can fulfil the know. he used the ds word on stage so—called brady amendment. you are quite right in saying what it said and he said there were some was that the backstop should be congressmen and congresswomen in the replaced with alternative house who hated the united states. arrangements. if you have a right on he seemed to go to far at certain the part of the uk to get out of the points. there is no doubt that what backstop, then that amounts to the same thing because you insist on we saw was donald trump unplugged. this was a guy with no filter, a alternative arrangements taking its person who actually in a stream of place so the attorney general who is consciousness said seemingly were popped consciousness said seemingly were in brussels this week, innovative a popped into his head. if i was his position because he's in the dual locations advisor or campaign advisor i would be freaking out, role of negotiator and arbiter of thinking, my goodness we're not a his own deal which puts pressure on message or on thinking, my goodness we're not a message or on script by the way uab his own deal which puts pressure on his shoulders? occu pa nt of i think there a concern. i think it message or on script by the way uab occupant of the oval office, not some stand—up comic. i think the isa i think there a concern. i think it is a very unusual rule for the president does his best service for bailing up the base when he does attorney general to become a director negotiator and of course, best but he gives a lot of people de normally the attorney general ‘s independence, the people you will make the difference in our next role is to passjudgment normally the attorney general ‘s role is to pass judgment and normally the attorney general ‘s role is to passjudgment and give
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election, giving them powers and advice on things that are negotiated thinking do we want four more years by other people or things that are of this next... produced by the departments of government. the difficulty is, if former colorado governor john hickenlooper has announced his bid to be you are yourself the negotiator, of the democrat presidential nominnee in 2020. in a video announcing his decision course you may lose a lot of the he talked up his past achievements — objectivity. sorry to interrupt, is he has expanded health care that where you come in? you're in his state, he has passed legislation on tighter gun control, advising him what you are prepared and he founded a brewery pub to a cce pt advising him what you are prepared to accept but you almost have to in the state's capital, denver. score his work many comes back because he is both negotiator and arbiter? no, we are not advising for those of you keeping count that's now 1a names who have thrown their hats in the ring — him. we are advising brexit supporting members of parliament with more still to come. what the outcome of the negotiations will be. it will be a very, very the main guy is not even in the race yet! careful forensic exercise. we want but here's hoping that hickenlooper stays in the race till late. if only so we can say to look at the actual texts that are hickenlooper some more. let's talk about john negotiated and evaluate them. we are not in the business of commenting on let's talk aboutjohn hickenlooper, he does not feature on the richter scale for many democrats around the various rumours just feeding through what might be acceptable? what is country. pity it legitimate challenger? i think he is. a cce pta ble
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country. pity it legitimate challenger? ithink he is. he represents a more moderate voice in what might be acceptable? what is acceptable legally binding changes that are secure the objectives of the brady amendment. sorry, i keep the democrat party. we heard so many progressive voices, including bernie interrupting you but one of the big sanders butjohn progressive voices, including bernie questions over here is the fact that sanders but john hickenlooper and others, i considering going into the race, there are more moderate. they we look at britain and see the clock are not as progressive when it comes ticking down. do you see any sign of to taxation, medicare for all, a softening of the session that couege to taxation, medicare for all, college for everyone. i think if you could each accompany is at this rate are a democrat and looking and let's dig cosmic there are difficulties in that. we'lljust saying, who represents me? john hickenlooper might give them more have to see what the negotiations comfort to throw their support behind rather than some of the more can produce. one particular source progressive voices. one of those of difficulty was the very more aggressive voices would have u nfortu nate of difficulty was the very unfortunate though to by the house crispy bernie sanders he was of commons to suggest that if a deal speaking at the weekend in chicago. it is interesting a lot of the is not done, and article 50 should candidates have not focused on trump, the sea, not with bernie be extended. frankly, if the sanders. european union was my client, and i we are not only going we re european union was my client, and i were advising them, i would say, to defeat donald trump... crowd cheers these people had given a strong signal that you can tough it out and they are going to get in, that is the most dangerous they are going to get in, that is
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president in modern american history... the problem. i think it is seriously undermining the prospects of achieving legally binding changes of the kind that would be necessary, that i am still hoping the european with the democrats moving further to union will see sense and we will get the left in a more progressive something sensible back. but it be direction, who does donald trump the most? is it the bernie sanders on the second vote or third? that is the big question. thank you. this is beyond figueroa dejohn one hundred days. still to come — most? is it the bernie sanders figueroa de john hickenlooper?” think he is going to be much the what does your heartbeat look like? full of the bernie sanders —type mexican canadian artist rafael lozana—hemmer has person. these are the people who done a pretty good job feel most disinfected who do not visualizing our vital signs. believe that people in washington, dc are listening to them, that is how donald trump got elected. if following the murders these same sources of people think of two teenagers at the weekend, these same sources of people think the same, who are they to find an theresa may insists there is no link between the rise in knife crime outlet with? john hickenlooper might and a fall in police numbers. june kelly reports. bbc choice but bernie sanders was able to raise millions of dollars they lived at either end of the country but jodie and after he announced his candidacy claim. he is want to be reckoned they lived at either end of the country butjodie and youssef with the same age on the verge of with. before i let you go, i am
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adulthood. it was in the suburbs, not the city, that both their young happy to have jane alongside, but i lives were suddenly taken. today in am slightly suspicious my partner in crime as away today. because i saw some pictures at the weekend. this romford, those who loved jodie came into the park with its playground where she died on friday night. she isa some pictures at the weekend. this is a picture i saw on twitter. i was with her boyfriend and some other friends when they were understand she is one of the first approached by two men. jodie was stabbed once in the back. meanwhile, foreign correspondence to be led into the prestigious gridiron report the greater manchester force is as club in washington and you have to dress the part, is that right? investigating youssef ‘s killing. today in a statement, his family you do, and i'm blushing. i had said, we are absolutely devastated and cannot believe that our son has tales on and katty had a lovely gown gone. two other 17—year—olds have oi'i been arrested. following this tales on and katty had a lovely gown on buffer being the newest member, weekend ‘s killing is, there has been a blunt end of engine from the former head of the met police. he they razzed her. she had dressed up says a knife star should be as an animal, i would not say what kind but she was up on stage appointed. i don't get a sense that performing. you are wearing a bow every day someone is leading this and pulling it all together. it is a tie. you never wear a bowtie when very complex problem. from the prime you're in the studio with me.
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tie. you never wear a bowtie when you're in the studio with melj tie. you never wear a bowtie when you're in the studio with me. i want the full details of where she is. i minister, and assistance at that rise in life crime is not meant to a full and officer numbers. if you am suspicious. looking forward to look at the figures, what you see is seeing the snaps run the next party. there is no direct correlation between certain crimes and police numbers. what matters is how we ensure that the police are responding to these canal acts when the tornadoes that they take place, that people are ploughed through lee county in alabama arrived with just five minutes warning. brought tojustice, and with such ferocity the sheriff they take place, that people are brought to justice, but what also matters is, as a government, when we said it was as if someone had taken a blade and scraped the ground, look at the issues that underpin and a mile long and half a mile wide. underline this is knives. at that so far 23 people are known to have died, some of them children — debate goes on, jodie ‘s friends are including a 6—year—old — but that death toll could rise. the storms caused mourning her. more young lives ‘catastrophic‘ damage near the alabama—georgia border. traumatised by the consequences of the national weather service recorded winds of up to 165 miles the knife crime epidemic. per hour and it has left more than 20,000 homes without power. our correspondent chris buckler has just arrived in alabama and sent this report. nearly ten years after his death, michaeljackson's in this corner of alabama the legacy is once again under scrutiny. a new film, alleging years of sexual landscape is scarred by debris for abuse against young boys, is airing as far as the ikan c. the 20 does in the us and uk this week. the controversial documentary, that structure cut through homes and leaving neverland, contains
7:19 pm
interviews with two former childhood communities, leading powers of fans of jackson. destruction that a miles long and up the two men accuse the king to half a mile wide. it looks as if of pop of sexually abusing them when they were just boys — someone took a giant knife and just and it's shocked many people with its graphic details. the jackson family has condemned the film, but many are now calling scraped the ground. there are slabs for a boycott onjackson's music. we can cross to los angeles where homes formally stood. scraped the ground. there are slabs where homes formally stoodm scraped the ground. there are slabs where homes formally stood. it is and speak with seth abramovich, only when you are here where the tornado struck you can see the force from the hollywood reporter. of it. everything you can see lying in front of me, this was inside a trailer on the other side of the the first part of this documentary road. it has been thrown across the was aired last night. he had seen road. it has been thrown across the road and everything that was inside it, what did you make of it? is now lying outside, even was aired last night. he had seen it, what did you make of mm was aired last night. he had seen it, what did you make of it? it is a slow motion horror movie, very mattresses. behind me there are hundreds and hundreds of trees, all disturbing, very detailed. the operated and lying on their sides. a camera stays on the accusers faces for a long, static shot and that is series of 20 does instantly darken the skies on sunday afternoon, the truth. to me at least. when you across georgia, south carolina and florida. but it was alabama that was look at their eyes and see them relive these moments and they were struck artist. the swirling wins clearly asked to be in the present reach speeds of 165 mph, ripping when it came to the many sex crimes
7:20 pm
roofs from houses. some people only that were perpetrated against them so they are there and by extension, had minutes of mourning and not everybody had the chance to escape. you are there. very difficult to that is a sweet reunion bear, granny is ok. two needles are not uncommon watch. this happened so long ago, these allegations have been made in this part of the us but the time and time again. what does this number of people killed in the storm film do, what does it achieve that stands out, especially here. this is a small community that has been other documentaries at other accou nts other documentaries at other accounts have not? i don't think ripped apart. there are children anything of this kind has been among the dead. this hurts my heart. attempted before. it really is the i love this county and it is first of its kind. first and foremost, it is not presenting it as a debate or a trial there are not extremely upsetting to see people two sides, there are just the lives hurting like this. today teams are of these two men and families and still searching to the remains of now they're having their own children and think that is what is building, all too aware that is the soliciting this reckoning in real possibility of finding more themselves, to face up with what bodies. it must be terrifying to happened to them when they were children. it is not coming from a judgmental point of view, is coming stand in the way of something like
7:21 pm
from the place of letting them that. express what it is they want to the alabama emergency management express. i covered part of the agency in lee county has been dealing with the aftermath of the tornado. jackson trial in 2005 bbc and i just before coming on air, i spoke to gregory robinson, from the emergency management remember back then, one of these agency, about the scale of this disaster. boys, he was ten years old and the curious thing about the trial was according to the national weather that it was the housekeeper took the service the storm was about half a stand and said she had seen him showering with michaeljackson but when he took the stand, he denied mile wide so it was a devastating that he had been abused. is that storm and although our agency has because at the time, he did not been talking about the storm for a understand what the abuse was? yes couple of days, it was a very intense storm. how does it compare and the psychological barriers put up and the psychological barriers put up in your head, denial and just the with other storms that you have seen humiliation. look, idon't in alabama? it is not the type of up in your head, denial and just the humiliation. look, i don't know 100% typical severe weather that we have whether it is all true what he is saying but the fighting did not deny in alabama. some of the challenges against michael doesn't mean he is we have in alabama opposed to some of the other states. we cannot see like lying now. if you watch the documentary, michael was very skilled at info treating every when the storms are coming.
7:22 pm
aspect of his life and feeding his sometimes the storms will occur late ego he became a father figure for in the evening or at night and night him. his actualfather time storms are especially dangerous ego he became a father figure for him. his actual father ended ego he became a father figure for him. his actualfather ended up killing himself and they were because they are even more estranged but even years after this difficult. it is really important to abuse when he was a superstar, give a warning and heed warning from choreography for the likes of and britney spears, he met his own life national weather service and other and he still michael ‘s approval, he outlets. is not a bit early. like this you are? no, we expect the still considers him a member of the family soi still considers him a member of the family so i think trying to put. go storms. last week we had what we ahead. ijust family so i think trying to put. go ahead. i just want to ask family so i think trying to put. go ahead. ijust want to ask if i click about another shocking story, the called it severe weather awareness death of perry. that is shocking, week which is one week in the state of alabama to help inform and help isn't it? he was so young. he was 51 individuals be aware and make a plan, and be sure they are educated or 52 isn't it? he was so young. he was 51 or52 and of isn't it? he was so young. he was 51 or 52 and of course, huge sex symbol about how the national weather service works and the language they in the 90s. he exuded effortless cool in the 90s. he exuded effortless cool. i grew my sideburns to bejust use and to make sure they understand as cool as him so it is quite
7:23 pm
it. this is not the this is the type shocking and he is on a hit show and of weather we expect in alabama. ijust went what do people need now? we are in shocking and he is on a hit show and i just went out on a lot of the news. the news was that it was a huge stroke and then they dialled it the search and recovery stage and we back a bet and people were more hopeful but it seems it was as just want to be sure we continue to devastating as initially reported. very tragic. very sad news. good to look for and make sure we cover all get your thoughts on that the bases in finding individuals and documentary on michaeljackson is on make sure we do not leave the area. later on the week on channel 4. what does your heartbeat look like? the mexican canadian artist rafael lozana—hemmer has horrific to be in alabama right now. done a pretty good job visualizing our vital signs as part the founder and chief executive of an immersive exhibition that of fashion chain ted baker, takes up an entire floor of the hirshhorn museum ray kelvin, has resigned following allegations of misconduct, including "forced hugging". in washington. mr kelvin had been on a voluntary leave of absence since december last year following the misconduct allegations. raphael is a self—confessed mr kelvin denies all technical nerd. instead of paint or the allegations, and they are being investigated by the company. the chief financial officer of china's tech giant huawei
7:24 pm
is suing canada over her arrest clay, he uses technology to create at the request of the us. immersive environments that are co nsta ntly immersive environments that are meng wanzhou was held constantly changing. he got the idea in december at vancouver airport on suspicion of fraud and breaching for a pulse after listening to us sanctions on iran. ultrasounds of his unborn twins. the on friday ms meng filed a civil claim against canada's government, idea was, how can we take the border agency and police for "serious breaches" of her civil rights. sensation of this rhythmic syncopation and create something thatis syncopation and create something that is larger, something that is a the prodigy singer keith flint has died aged 49. he was found dead at his home in essex, on monday morning. landscape of heartbeats? the vital the band, who were due components for his work are the raw to tour the us in may, biometric data supplied by visitors confirmed his death in a statement, remembering flint as a "true to the museum. sensors measure pioneer, innovator and legend". heartbeats, fingerprints and blood two sisters who wandered away from home and got lost in woodland flow. our bodies rhythms and for two days have been found signatures may be intimate and safe and well. unique to us, but here they become leia carrico, who is eight years old, and caroline, who is five, a bstra ct unique to us, but here they become from north california, abstract and anonymous. your spent 44 hours in a cold fingerprint that you into your phone and rainy forest. and your country but it also the girls were found connects you to other participants huddled under a bush, having survived drinking water from huckleberry leaves have been there, there is a memory and eating cereal bars that has been collected. i do it more to say, how can we provide they had brought with them. these technologies of control to
7:25 pm
create situations that are connected the burgers are back and poetic. the technology itself is at the white house. and this time there is no shutdown. pretty straightforward. fingerprinting has been around since the late 1800s and you will find sensors like these are local gym. president donald trump today served up his favourite fast food, for the football champions what is different today is the sheer north dakota state. scale of digital data we leave you might remember he paid behind and that gets collected. for a similar spread for the clemson tigers back injanuary, because the white house kitchen was closed. today there was mcdonald's i want to award grant of the year to and chicken fil a. cherry who has bought a 15 foot what is that? is that posh kfc? dinosaur for cherry who has bought a 15 foot dinosaurfor his three cherry who has bought a 15 foot dinosaur for his three grandchildren who have autism. he bought this for £1600 in the national showcase centre in wales and it is in his chick—fill—a. garden. 15 feet high and nine feet wide and he transported it on a chick-fill-a. i suspect that went wagon down the m4! what an addition. down well today. i read the last see tomorrow.
7:26 pm
airport and they had a long day, and it has been a weekend of sunny i reckon that is when you need a double cheese on a day like that. spells and showers and some of those this is beyond 100 showers contain hill stones and days from the bbc. mentoring us. lots of rainbows at coming up for viewers on the bbc news channel and bbc world news — their earlier today, this one taken we look at the alienation by where weather watcher in cumbria. of america. you can see that russia showers that have been working their way from it has been a day of sunny spells west to eight across the country. and scattered blustery showers and clear skies across the north—east of in some of those heavy showers there scotla nd clear skies across the north—east of scotland for a time. most of the has been hailed and went to ness, showers will is a way through this evening and overnight. we will keep especially over northern ireland. a few showers for wales, south—west lots of rainbows, this one taken in england, the northern as a scotland cumbria. let's take a look at the and also, more rain across northern satellite pictures. you can see a ireland. clear skies elsewhere rash of showers working their way from west to east across the meaning a particular night to come. country. clearer skies across the perhaps a touch of frost in the north—east of scotland. most of those heavy showers potential is a east. tuesday start of on a fairly way to this evening and overnight. there will be showers for wales and quiet note but things are going to south—west england, they know the isles of scotland and shall remain be turning right and windy it on. we across northern ireland into north have a chilly started crossing and west england. clear skies elsewhere and wales but they will be sunshine
7:27 pm
meaning a chilling night to come. before the cloud and rain arrives. could be a touch of frost, northern ireland and scotland will see some showers moving their way particular in the east, a subzero out of northern ireland and as you straight to the day. due to start can see, this is ppm on tuesday afternoon, they will be following as off on straight to the day. due to start offona straight to the day. due to start off on a quiet note but things are snow on higher ground. some of those going to be turning wet and windy from the west later on. we have got a chilly start across england and rain showers through the scottish wales but there will be sunshine before the cloud and rain arrived. borders, clear and sunny conditions northern ireland and scotland will see some showers moving their way out of northern ireland in across elsewhere. this area of low pressure scotland, as you can see this as three o'clock tuesday afternoon, thenit they will be following as snow over elsewhere. this area of low pressure then it sweeps its way gradually northwards and eastwards as we head they will be following as snow over the higher grounds. down at lower levels it will mostly be rain. some into wednesday across the country so things are turning increasingly wet of those rain showers to the and windy to start on wednesday. an scottish borders and into northern u nsettled and windy to start on wednesday. an unsettled middle of the week period. england, to clear and sunny conditions for it in england but we for scotland, we keep the rain and have got cloud and outbreaks of rain hell snow for much of the day. elsewhere in the rain should clear arriving to see afternoon. that is anything a scattering of showers. down to this area of low pressure temperatures still on the cool side which sweeps its way gradually northwards and eastwards as we head by turning milder weather south. looking ahead towards thursday and into wednesday across the country, as low pressure clears it towards so into wednesday across the country, so things turning increasingly wet and windy to start the day on the east, we are left with quite a
7:28 pm
wednesday. an unsettled medal of the chilly breeze, bringing again that week period. for scotland we keep mrsunny chilly breeze, bringing again that mr sunny spells and scattered rain and hill fog no elsewhere, most showers. temperatures are little of the rain should clear giving a below—average for the time of year, scattering of showers. temperatures on the cool side but turning a bit around seven to 11 degrees. things milder further south. looking ahead staying cool and fairly busy and u nsettled staying cool and fairly busy and unsettled towards the end of the towards thursday, as low pressure clears to east we are left with a week. more showers in the north by chilly northerly breeze bringing in mix of sunny spells, scattered showers, some of them wintry over saturday. the higher ground. temperatures it little below—average, around seven to 11 degrees. things are staying rather cool and fairly busy and u nsettled rather cool and fairly busy and unsettled towards the end of the week. more showers in the north by saturday.
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