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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  March 5, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines... counter—terror police investigate three packages containing explosives found at heathrow airport, london city airport today at five, three small explosive packages found at two and waterloo station. airports and a railway station in london, counter—terrorism detectives say the "small police are investigating. improvised explosive devices" were found in a4 postal bags. the packages were improvised devices, discovered near heathrow airport, city airport, and waterloo station. although transport hubs continued to operate anyone was injured the i agree that there is some link counterterrorism command says the public should remain vigilant. between viole nt crime we'll have the latest on this i agree that there is some link between violent crime and police numbers, ithink story, reports are coming in. between violent crime and police numbers, i think everybody would see the other main stories on bbc news at 5... that. there is a link between a rise in knife crime, the labour party are facing fresh and cuts in police numbers, questions and complaints according to the metropolitan about allegations of anti—semitism. police commissioner. and former conservative i agree that there is some link chair baroness warsi accuses her party of being between violent crime on the streets, obviously, in denial about islamophobia. and police numbers. of course there is, and i think back to brussels for everybody would see that. the brexit secretary and the attorney—general the labour party are facing fresh as they try to negotiate
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questions and complaints legally—binding changes to theresa may‘s wihdrawal about allegations of anti—semitism. agreement. and former conservative chair, baroness warsi, accuses her party of being in denial about islamophobia. back to brussels for the brexit secretary and the attorney—general, as they try to negotiate legally—binding changes to theresa may's wihdrawal agreement. the wesh rugby union players union says it is is "deeply concerned" about plans to merge two of wales‘ most succesful sides, 0spreys and scarlets. as part of ‘project reset‘ the rival regions could to merge, with a new team created in the north of wales. the controversy has today led to the resignation of 0spreys chairman mikejames, who blamed the welsh rugby union‘s it's 5 o'clock. "catastrophic mismanagement" of revamping regional rugby. our main story is that if the merger does go ahead, in the past half hour, then it could be officially the metropolitan police counter announced as early as sunday terrorism command has with the two sides most confirmed that three small likely to join forces improvised explosive devices, as early as next season. were found at buildings at heathrow airport, london city airport and waterloo train station. the devices, at this early stage i know things happen quickly and are of the investigation, appeared capable of igniting a small never a straight forward, in welsh fire when opened.
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police are treating the incidents by, as a linked series, never a straight forward, in welsh rugby, but there is a little bit of and they're an keeping open anger because there is a decision mind regarding motives. no arrests have been made. that some boys have got offers over our correspondent robert hall the bridge, do they take that offer is at waterloo station. to secure their livelihood? do they what can you tell us? the cordons wait to see what is happening in wales ? wait to see what is happening in wales? there is uncertainty. have just come what can you tell us? the cordons havejust come down, what can you tell us? the cordons have just come down, bearing what can you tell us? the cordons havejust come down, bearing in mind this incident happened in the middle wales meanwhile are just two of the morning so it gives some games away indication in the detail that has from winning the six been gone in two and the fears of a possible threat to the public. we nations grand slam, have been hearing about these incidents during the day but we have to be guided into we get hard facts many of that team made up of scarlets and 0spreys players. and the metropolitan police they‘re back in action this furnished us with those in the last hour. some of the main points, let's weeknd against scotland. —— weekend. deal with the packages. the police say they were all a thought sized just one change for that white. bags containing yellow game at murrayfield, say they were all a thought sized adam beard comes in for the injured white. bags containing yelloinffy bags and they were seen as a small cory hill in the second row. gareth anscombe continues improvised devices. the device at at fly—half with dan biggar on the bench. and scotland will be heathrow was opened by a member of without backs sean maitland and chris harris for that clash.
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the pair suffered calf staff, the package caught fire, and foot injuries on duty with their respective clubs in the weekend‘s nobody was hurt but the building was english premiership. wasps scrum half dan robson‘s evacuated and the package was later expected to make his first start for england this weekend made safe. hence, the suggestion in their six nations match at home to italy. there‘s been plenty of talk from counterterrorism officers these about robson getting a run in the team and he came are viable though small devices. on as a substitute against france that building, at heathrow is still last month but he‘s trying not to get ahead of himself. closed. but flights were not just not to try too hard, a lot of affected. at 11:30am police were times you get that chance and you try too much, you try to really show yourself off and for me, i have got to go out there and do what i have been doing. my form has got me into told about a suspicious package just this position and i have got to back myself with that and have the behind me, specialist officers came, confidence that is good enough. the building was evacuated and the chelsea have appealed against fifa‘s device was made safe. at 12:10pm decision police were called to city aviation to ban them from signing players in the next two transfer windows. house, an office block at the royal docks in the east of london and it follows the world governing body‘s investigation into the club‘s staff were evacuated from their as signing of foreign under—18 players. well. the package was made safe fifa says it found breaches in 29 cases out of 92 investigated. anyone injured but one should update fifa says it has received an appeal but could not confirm this down. transparent links are when this would be heard. running, no one has been hurt but tottenham can lose to borussia dortmund in germany this evening terrorism command says there is a and still qualify for the quarterfinals of the champions league real concern. transport hubs like
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this are passengers using them must but spurs boss mauricio pochettino be vigilant. thank you very much. of isn‘t thinking about that. they go to germany course, if we have more on that protecting a three nil lead from the first leg at wembley. historic developing we will bring it -- 3-0. to you right away. no side have ever won a champions league home knockout game by that much let's move on to the rise and then been eliminated. in violent crime— but pochettino says they‘ll play and the assertion by to win this evening. the metropolitan police we need to forget the first leg, we commissioner — cressida dick — that there is ‘some link‘ need to be focused and try to beat with the fall in numbers of police officers. the commissioner was speaking a day them, and have that feeling again. after the prime minister insisted there was ‘no direct correlation'. the number of young people under to go to the pitch and in the first the age of 17 who have been stabbed leg only to have very good in england has nearly doubled since 2016 — according to the latest figures — and two 17 year—olds were killed in separate stabbings in london and performance, very professional performance, very professional performance, and try to win the greater manchester at the weekend. cressida dick said the number game. of officers had ‘gone down a lot‘ — at a time when demand that game starting at 8 o‘clock. for policing had grown. our correspondent richard lister has the latest. a little later england‘s women could an armed gang in broad daylight make history tonight at runshaw college in lancashire by winning their first ever trophy. yesterday. you can see one of them japan are the team standing between them brandishing a knife. and the "she believes cup", they‘ll face them in their final
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students were threatened, and a 17—year—old was slashed on the arm. game in florida this evening. the four team competition has added importance a frightening glimpse with the women‘s world cup being staged this summer. into knife crime in britain. you can watch how england get on this evening in tampa. oh my god! oh my god! there‘s live coverage go back! on bbc4 from 10 o‘clock. it‘s also available via the bbc the prime minister said sport website, app and connected tv. yesterday there is no we‘ll have more for you in direct link between such incidents and falling police numbers. if you look at the figures, sportsday at half past six. what you see is there is no direct correlation now, as we‘ve been reporting, between certain crimes and police numbers. the most senior police officer but in london, which last year saw in britain, cressida dick, almost a0 knife crimes a has said there is a link day, the police between violent crime and cuts commissioner is clear. in the number of police. there is a link. but another issue widely considered to be a key driver in the rise there is more demand in stabbings has been a depletion for policing and in youth services in the uk , therefore, there must be some link which have seen funding cuts between violent crimes on the of around a third since 2010. streets, obviously, and police with me now is patrick green, numbers, of course there is. i think everybody would see that. ceo of the ben kinsella trust, one of the leading anti—knife crime charities in the uk, which was set up following the murder of ben kinsella in 2008, forces across the country agree and bobby kasanga, a former gang member who has set they need more officers. this is how their numbers have up his own football club in hackney fallen since 2010, down to help drive young people by more than 20,000. away from violence. that scale of drop is welcome to you both. a very large number of officers, no longer on the streets, no longer able to investigate
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serious crime, no longer able how did you start the club?|j to prevent crime which is our first and last function. started four years ago this month, jodie chesney and yousef makki were the most recent victims. actually, a month after being released from prison myself, i she was stabbed to death realised when i was in prison that in east london, he died in greater manchester. so time now say some, realised when i was in prison that so many people did not know how to for a new approach. navigate themselves once they were police numbers will help but actually unless we have police out there physically released. great initiative, what and with the confidence to do theirjob, that is not going to make any response did you get? celebrating difference whatsoever. but also, i think there needs to be a national strategy to come together, like we have done with terrorism, like with the prevent campaign, which is a long—term campaign to get our fourth in the schools and clubs, response did you get? celebrating ourfourth anniversary, response did you get? celebrating our fourth anniversary, it takes ha rd our fourth anniversary, it takes and to get on and do that. hard work. you need money, you need we are placing ribbons in memory ofjodie and also to sort of, get people to be this, people said it would never aware of knife crime. near the park where jodie work, a testament to the hard work, was murdered on friday neighbours the kids, the parents, all the are trying to ensure this volu nteers the kids, the parents, all the volunteers that have helped us stop issue is not forgotten. what you convinced thatjust i spoke to a lot of my friends and they do seem quite volunteers that have helped us stop shocked about what's happened. what you convinced that just setting up what you convinced that just setting upa what you convinced that just setting up a football club, which is hard work, but ultimately, something that you're unsure whether to let your lots of people do. that has been children out but we've got to let enough to take some people away from them get on with it, what they were
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and we have got to let them get on with it. children have got to be able to go out there and live their lives still. we can't let them be scared. these murder investigations are continuing and downing street said today the home office will coordinate a series of urgent ministerial meetings to support the police and local authorities in their battle doing if you can‘t be a footballer, against knife crime. richard lister, bbc news. what else do you want to be, people might say, i want to be an architect, so we say, go away, fined knife crime is a ‘national crisis‘, five companies, then we will try to according to a former minister, speak to these people and ask them who says it should be treated to be given two days work with the same urgency as terrorism. experience, we have a campaign the labour mp vernon coaker said ‘the murder of young people called think outside the box, think on our streets‘ should be outside the estates, the local considered an ‘emergency‘. gangs, think outside what they nottinghamshire police is the only normally do. it's fantastic, what an force outside london with a dedicated team working initiative, if there were that everywhere, life would look to take weapons off the streets, and our reporter, noel phillips, has been given exclusive access different. we are not in a good to see their approach. place, from the trust point of view, ten years ago after the murder of ben, we were in a terrible place ten years ago, and we return to that the officers have stopped the car. place, we are there again now. you think we have gone all the way back?
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these specialist officers are responding to reports with a man and a bit more, and what we have seen over with a deadly weapon. the bbc has and a bit more, and what we have seen over the last decade, and we should learn from this, knife crime been given exclusive access to has not always been going up, it nottingham shire police knife unit, started to fall around 2011 and fell the only voice outside of london down to 2014 and now is creeping up with a dedicated knife crime task again, we need to learn from history and learn from what is different force. stop and search is seen as between now and then. 0ne one of the most intrusive policing and learn from what is different between now and then. one of those powers but officers insist it is things is, as you said in the essential in the fight against introduction, youth services have violent crime. this is what you have disappeared, we recovered from the car? this was down by the drivers seat, within arms reach of the driver. nearly 900 had the and we need programmes that incidents involving knives were will educate people away from knife crime. give them something else. recorded in nottinghamshire last year, compared to 794 in the show them positive role models previous 12 months. the chief outside the family, that they can co nsta ble previous 12 months. the chief constable says gangs are taking learn from, and learn how to be an children beyond nottingham shows adult, that is invaluable. youth borders to spread violence in rural centres, massively depleted. some areas, referred to as county lines. we are seen in recent times we have very good initiatives have filled the gap, trust doing lots of good recovered children from outside work, but what has filled a gap in nottingham shire, who are born m lots of places, has anything coming
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bred in nottingham who have been place of what the centres were certainly used as part of a wider criminal network to go and apply the doing? many young people, bobby will know this as well, because there is not anything there, we are making it really easy for gangs to find young sale of drugs elsewhere. we have see a third of that group of people who people, disillusioned people, young people, disillusioned people, young people who may not have the self are touched by knife crime, violent esteem and self respect to stand up crime or county lines. home office and think for themselves without figures show that out of 43 forces that guidance. gang members are coming and finding them. it is far nottinghamshire police had the easier to get a job as a drug dealer highest level of crime offences. at than get a job in a mainstream occupation and that is what many young people do, work that bobby is nottingham is queens medical hospital one of the biggest, such as doing and thousands of other organisations is critically in the uk, doctors are seeing at least one person a week with severe important. from your knowledge of knife injuries. nearly every day to how gangs work, and the culture within them, is it easier for them every other day, we see someone come to operate these days than it was in as every other day, we see someone come inasa every other day, we see someone come in as a victim of knife violence and five, ten years ago, is that what we is seriously injured and needs a are saying? yes, because nowadays, procedure in this hospital, i need to stay in this hospital until we not much for the youth to do, gang can get them better. last year medics at this hospital resuscitated leaders have access to the youth, we
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28 children with serious knife wins, provide football throughout the week, it turns out we do not —— when 858% increase compared to the previous year. the max i have seen week, it turns out we do not —— when we do not have them, they are influenced by the gang members. if is six stabbings in a 12 hour period we have music, football, art, drama, something that will give them the interest, if you are a drug dealer, from seven to seven, so it is and you have two hours of football, increasing a lot. people say this for those two hours, you are not and people think that but it was a thinking about selling drugs and so we can help people and educate them. 14—year—old boy. and people think that but it was a 14-year-old boy. in this park in we spoke with one former gang member nottinghamshire as a memorial for a teenager who stabbed to death months last week, one issue that came up was the money, earning a bit of ago. it is a crime that has led to money, albeit within the gang his local mp demanding action from the government to treat knife crime system, was actually very important, at the same urgency as terrorism.“ one of the reasons it was difficult to get kids away from gangs, getting at the same urgency as terrorism.“ a terrorist incident occurs across a bit of cash every week. at the end as you deal with it seriously but this is also something which is a of the day, 14, 15, if you‘re national crisis, a national getting £100 every couple of days, emergency. although nottingham shire as youth leaders how do we compete against that, basically you have to police knife unit is barely two educate them, teach them that this yea rs police knife unit is barely two years old, its chief constable is is short term goals, you end up in saying the force is already turning prison, you end up injail or dead. the tide when it comes to tackling violent crime. i am committed to look at this guy, he came from the
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tackling this issue without the estate, owned his own business, went means we have got. the home office to oxford... not enough of these tells us that knife crime is role models being promoted. they see claiming to many young lives and devastated communities. the lifestyle, quick money, that gets them involved in the situation. absolutely, that is what we need to do, we need influence and we need to show young people that there is in birmingham police have been using opportunity out there and that they stop and search powers there and i‘m can grasp those opportunities and we all need help at some point and we going to talk to the chair of the should be supporting young people west midlands police federation. far more to get them lives they can achieve. not an easy message for you to give because we have just said in richard cooke, who is one breath, which is very difficult calling for emergency stop to get a job, and then in the next and search powers for the police. breath we say, there are what you think the policy should be opportunities out there. for lots of to tackle this rise in violent young people, seeing the opportunity crime? what we have seen over the is not easy. bridging that gap. depending on where you live as well. last couple of years is policing in in plays a huge bar, social local communities in full—scale retreat, we have seen stations deprivation, we can't get away from that, but we must look where it has closed down, policing become reactive and officers are driven by been successful elsewhere, scotland, cities in the us, they have bridge the radio 2999 calls because that is the gap in terms of the public
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all we can do. when we seek gangs of health approach, looking at all the yobs at the side of the road and services one may need to get away from violence. —— it plays a huge suspicious vehicles, we are not stopping to do that anymore because part. properly protected youth we have not got time. neighbourhood centres working together. we can policing has been cut to the bone so reduce the pressure on young people officers have been taken out of carrying knives and reduce the pressure on the police, that is what those communities and offbeat beat and out no longer putting that good work can do and that is what we element of doubt in the kids minds. will see in cities and countries where violent will see in cities and countries where viole nt crime will see in cities and countries where violent crime is falling. huge we are not stopping and searching as amount of political pressure, we much, we do stop and —— stuff and mention police numbers, to increase police numbers, are we detecting the same kind of political pressure to searching has following off—peak less. we have seen record levels of kind of reverse some of the cuts to knife crime at the same time, and i youth centres, because it seems that thatis youth centres, because it seems that that is not an argument that has been deployed with as much false, is think the misinformation about stop and search over the last couple of that fair to say? i do believe the yea rs, and search over the last couple of message is getting through, i do years, discouraging officers from using that power and discouraging believe that early intervention and officers especially with reluctance prevention are being recognised, there is a significant amount of to use section six powers used in early intervention in this strategy, birmingham to great effect in the released by the government, well last couple of days, we have seen worth noting, the problem with this what a difference that could make and what a tangible difference, is, we need the resources now to members of public telling us it is make a difference, it will take
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great. but it is not sustainable time. we should be clear in placing with the number of officers we have equal measure, helping the police got. what has been done but is radically different over the last but also looking forward to make couple of days and what are the sure 11, 12, 13—year—olds now do not become, do not face the same results 7 couple of days and what are the results? nothing has been done is radically different, we had three problems that the 17, 18—year—olds are facing. final point, talking moves of peace in the space of three about ages as well, very good point about ages as well, very good point about kids who are seven, eight, days. —— we had three murders. that nine years old, would you like to expand upon what you are doing...? is on the back of 50 murders in the 0ur youngest kids are seven, six last year in the west midlands it is yea rs 0ur youngest kids are seven, six years old, we try to give them a continuation of trend but on the education early and go into schools, because we believe that when you back of the three murders and the teach them about things from an continuing level of weapons found in birmingham, there is an anticipation early age, it allows them to think, i don‘t want to get involved in of more serious violence and senior this. sometimes if you leave it officers have decided to implement a until 14, 15, they have become section 60 which gives us the power hardened, it is too late. while their brains are still developing, if you can teach them it is wrong to search people without reasonable from a very young age, you can help ground andi to search people without reasonable ground and i think that is fully them in theirfuture justified in these circumstances. we from a very young age, you can help them in their future lives. fantastic to speak to the both of you. thank you very much. have seen justified in these circumstances. we have seen arrests justified in these circumstances. we have seen arrests up, we have seen
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dangerous horrific weapons taken off people that wouldn‘t otherwise have now, a campaign has been launched been taken and they would still be to encourage more women to have on the streets if it was not for screening tests for cervical cancer. public health england says this operation. i think that shows the number who take the test what we can do if we use the power is at a 20—year low even though they say it‘s a simple procedure. more extensively across the country two women die every day from the disease. because this is a genuine national 0ur health correspondent, dominic hughes has more details. emergency. what it take for other forces to adopt this, could be just i‘d like to thank my grandma. my sister. my lover. so? whose hands is this policy in? my bestie. my westie. my mother. thank you for reminding me to go this is in the hands of a rank of an to my cervical screening. this new campaign on cervical inspector who could of arise this. screening comes as one in four it has to be reviewed every 24 hours eligible women in england, those aged between 25 and 64, don‘t take up the offer of getting tested. with the intelligence reassessed to nature it is still required, but a lot of forces in the country could it is a similar picture right across the uk, use it. all i say is that the but experts say this simple test government should provide clear is a genuine life—saver. there‘s almost as many reasons why women don‘t leadership and say to please leaders take up their invitation all over but this is what is as there are women. some women are afraid of the result, and we would urge those women required, we are not going to to go for their test, discourage you from using this because the screening test is trying to detect early changes anymore. children are dying and in which can be treated,
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and therefore prevent cancer. the short run, only tools we have are enforcement and this is an area of enforcement. the kinds of weapons around 2,600 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in england each year, we are seeing and taking off young and the disease claims nearly 700 lives. that‘s two deaths a day. men, usually, just shows that we are and yet doctors say if everyone was regularly screened, more than 80% of cases scratching the surface and we are bringing in holes are very nasty could be prevented. weapons. “— bringing in holes are very nasty weapons. —— bring in lots of very nasty weapons. life got in the way of a screening appointment for busy mum stay with us, just after 5.30 i‘ll of three mandy parker. be talking about how to stop young she put it off for six months. but then came a diagnosis people carrying knives, of cervical cancer, with the head of the kinsella followed by a hysterectomy. trust, and a former gang ijust put it to the member and youth mentor. side, and i was busy. the headlines on bbc news... and now, of course, i regret not going bang on time. and i think people just need counter—terror police are investigating three packages to find that five minutes containing explosives found to go along for the test. at heathrow airport, london city airport itjust imperative that people go. do go and have the test. everybody knows that maybe it's not and waterloo station. the most pleasant experience, and it might feel a little bit britain‘s most senior uncomfortable, but it is really very
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police officer, met chief, quick, the nurses are so skilled and professional and they always cressida dick insists there is ‘some will put you at your ease. link‘, between falling and everybody always says afterwards between falling police numbers, that it's not as bad as they thought it was going to be. and a rise in violent crime. part of the campaign involves rebranding the procedure, so moving away from the idea the labour party faces fresh questions and complaints of a smear test — a phrase about allegations of anti—semitism. which for some is confusing, embarrassing, or even frightening — and instead focusing on how screening is a preventative test that could save your life. and in sport, welsh rugby players union describes proposals to merge scarlet and ospreys is deeply concerning. given the go ahead 30 sites could join voices as early as next season. chelsea had lodged an a man in britain has become only the second person in the world appeal against fifa in terms of it when you transfer ban. england‘s to be cleared of hiv after he received a bone marrow transplant from a donor women take on japan who was resistant to the virus. doctors say the treatment is when you transfer ban. england‘s women take onjapan in their final unlikely to benefit many patients, cup tied this evening with it when as the chances of finding an exact match from a donor is very small. guaranteeing piece of silverware for 0ur health correspondent fergus walsh says doctors phil neville‘s lioness is. i will be are stressing it may be too early back but more on those stories at to talk about a cure. half past jointly then. this man had cancer so he had a bone marrow transplant and the team at hammersmith hospital were lucky back but more on those stories at half pastjointly then. —— jointly enough to find a donor then. who was a tissue match,
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both labour and conservatives are but who also is one of the 1% having to deal with new allegations of the population caucasians of prejudice and racism. who carry a genetic mutation that the conservative party has been makes them resistant accused of ‘institutional‘ islamophobia and ‘turning a blind to hiv infection. eye‘ to prejudice. the allegation was made it‘s the ccr5 mutation, and this by baroness warsi, who‘s angry was passed on to the recipient, about the case of a conservative council candidate, and that recipient now is 18 months who was reinstated after apologising since he‘s taken for what were described anti—retroviral drugs, as ‘vile‘ comments. also today, the equalities and human rights commission said it was looking into allegations of anti—semitism, following a file of complaints submitted to the commission, by the jewish labour movement. so he is hiv—free at the moment. 0ur assistant political editor and what it does is it proves that the first patient back in 2007, who is known as the berlin patient, norman smith is at westminster. he is 12 years hiv—free, and i think we can probably say he is cured. too early to say with this patient. two developments to date, shall we start with labour on what this file why, then, not do it for everyone? represents. i think it underlies the you can‘t do it for everyone because a bone marrow transplant is a toxic therapy. com plete represents. i think it underlies the complete breakdown in trust and relations between mr corbin and his you would only do it staff and jewish members of the labour party. we see that in this if the patient needed it for a cancer treatment dossier which thejewish or something else. it‘s aggressive, hard to find labour party. we see that in this dossier which the jewish labour movement have submitted to the a match, and because current daily
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equalities and human rights hiv therapy is highly effective, people on medication have a near normal life expectancy. commission, containing hundreds of but what it does do, it gives us hope for research incidences of alleged anti—semitism. we see it in the backlash against into this ccr5 mutation. the planned appointment of lord bognor as the man to take charge of the complaints procedure. team that could help the prevention of corbin had hoped lord faulkner had hiv and potentially new treatments. gone some way to douse this raging row because he is no friend of jeremy corbyn, he is a long—standing associate of tony blair. he is being the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, is facing one offered significant powers such as of the biggest scandals of his leadership. demand any papers or e—mails, to a second high—profile interview whoever he wanted. the minister has quit response ofjewish labour over the government‘s handling of a recent corruption inquiry. interview whoever he wanted. the response of jewish labour mps interview whoever he wanted. the response ofjewish labour mps is to it follows allegations be did not trust him and they do not the prime minister tried to protect a major engineering firm trust anyone appointed byjeremy from a bribery trial. corbyn and they are saying they will with an election looming, justin trudeau‘s future could rest only accept someone who is outside on what happens next. let‘s discuss this further the labour party. there has even with dr shaun hewitt, senior lecturer in canadian studies been a suggestion the party‘s entire complaints procedure should be at the university of birmingham. handed over, lock stock and barrel, toa what is your reading of what is handed over, lock stock and barrel, to a body outside the labour party
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and then on top of all that, we had going on? as you mentioned in the introduction, it is a major scandal, dame margaret, a long—standing canadian politics are often not terribly exciting and sometimes labourmp, dame margaret, a long—standing canadians are thankful for that, labour mp, saying that lord faulkner try to pressure her and put the considering brexit and their southern neighbour(!) but it is a squeeze on her, when she was scandal at the best of times it involved on a dustup with a jeremy would be a scandal but considering corbyn when she called him an thatjustin trudeau has to go to the anti—semite. there is pressure on polls in october, fixed election him not to take up that post. in the date, political scandal already, meantime, on the conservative side we have a former chair of the party they won a majority with under 40%, making a very serious allegation about the nature of the party. this so there is a really slim margin in terms of him and his government from baroness warsi, a former party getting re—elected, and this scandal chairman so party loyalist, party is damaging those chances. insider. it really astonishing claim allegations that he tried to shield that she has been trying to raise this company in some kind of way. incidences of alleged sun for the engineering construction firm based way the party hierarchy for three yea rs, pretty in montreal, facing charges, way the party hierarchy for three years, pretty much to no avail and criminal charges, brought by the the only times anything happens is royal canadian mounted police, that when she tweets about it. in the company paid bribes to the particular, she is suggesting there gaddafi regime to win contracts, so
5:20 pm
has been a step backwards since to what is happening is, the company may took charge and all the efforts was lobbying the government to try to reach out under david cameron to get something called a deferred have in effect gone into reverse. prosecution agreement that would she is now saying the party is in basically reduce the damage done to denial over the scale of some of and the company through the criminal the institution is gripped by case, and the minister ofjustice, islamophobia, and she says she is raising cases on a daily basis. who is also the attorney general, i have been raising this issue now refused to go down that route, was for over three years, i have raised pressured by people in the prime it with three successive chairmen, ministers office, and by the prime i wrote to the prime minister about it, nearly two years ago. minister himself, according to her, i have submitted a plethora of cases, brought and ultimately she refused, she was these to the attention of the party and yet moved out of that position, she then the party continues to be denial about the extent quit the cabinet, and last week of the problem. so what did they say when you cite cases? testified in front of a they say, well we deal parliamentary committee and said with each case as it arises, that she had been pressured by a but they haven't dealt with members number of officials including by the prime minister. what is he saying? of parliament to have retreated before this came out, he initially tommy robinson,... denied pressuring this minister, because the government argument is that this is a big firm, employing a ——retweeted. lot of workers around montreal, that they haven't dealt with members
5:21 pm
of parliament who have was brought up in the conversation made islamophobic comments, they haven't dealt with parliament with the minister, and this would who have hosted islamophobia in the damage canada‘s economy, if the houses of parliament, they haven't dealt with councillors and candidates who have made vile company were to lose future contract comments like, "muslims should not as it would not be able to bid for be in public life, muslims should be federal government contracts or even removed from our schools, muslims should be thrown off bridges, muslims should be deported simply potentially move operations out of for raising the issue of canada. do you think this scandal islamophobia." i mean, it goes on and on. has enough energy in it to possibly we all know about the claims of end his premiership in the next anti—semitism in the labour party, the claims of islamophobia in the election? yes, definitely, the next tory party have been bubbling few weeks will be interesting, the beneath the surface, but i am beginning to wonder if there is the 2nd minister quit, interesting if others follow. it could be the end potential for these to pick up almost as much traction as the claims of anti—semitism in the of his premiership, in the coming labour party, because they are very days. the only positive for the similar in nature. the central government is that the election several months away, we will have to charge of the leadership has chosen to turn a blind eye and to ignore it see how this plays out over this time. thank you very much indeed for very serious allegations. thank you speaking with us. very serious allegations. thank you very much. joining me from our salford studio is mohammed amin, chairman of the conservative muslim when unaccompanied children arrive forum. in the uk seeking asylum, local authorities are legally required to look after them. a long—standing member of the once they are in the care system, conservative party. thank you for they‘re entitled to the same support
5:22 pm
as british children. coming into talk to us today. first but the challenge of integration can be intense, they often don t speak english and are unfamiliar with the culture. of all, do you think the as part of crossing divides — a bbc season bringing people conservative party has a problem together in a fragmented world — with islamophobia, along the lines our correspondent, ashley john—ba ptiste, has been to meet a young refugee, to explore how he was able that baroness warsi has outlined. with islamophobia, along the lines that baroness warsi has outlinedlj think the conservative party has to many people inside it who have to tackle this challenge. anti—muslim attitudes. i do not believe that the leadership is when i arrived from a war—torn country to a developed country, anti—muslim, i have been a party it was extremely tough memberfor over 35 years anti—muslim, i have been a party member for over 35 years and i would not have stayed if i thought to be to find my feet. party leadership was anti—muslim. but we had not done a very good job of dealing with those people within three years ago, atjust 16—years—old, ahmed arrived in england from afghanistan by himself the party do express anti—attitudes. and couldn‘t speak a word of english. he‘s now in local authority care, have you come across lots of it over has been granted asylum and lives in this shared the years, 35 years is a lot of time accommodation in london. to spend in a party? i have not life back home in afghanistan had its own goods and bads, encountered lots of incidents to be honest. personally. quite often you are in the good thing that meetings and e—mail gas what people you‘re with family, you have people around you. might be saying if you are not there but they do not see it to your face —— you might guess what people might the bad thing, sometimes be saying if you are not there. when you leave home,
5:23 pm
you didn‘t know if you‘re going to come back people are willing to tweet things home alive or not. what was it like moving to the uk? and retweet things they would not say to you face—to—face and it is to very difficult. you know, at the beginning, do with the rise of social media.“ to live by yourself... when you have the language this the questioning of public barrier as well, and you don‘t know what to do. debate? that is right. my perception at a young age, you know, you have to look after yourself. i wasjust in an alien land, is the leadership tried to deal with to be honest, for me. ahmed is now studying three a—levels it on is the leadership tried to deal with itona is the leadership tried to deal with it on a case—by—case basis, dealing at college with individual crocodiles, especially thejunior and has been offered a place at a top university to study politics. with individual crocodiles, especially the junior ones, but we called for an independent enquiry how would you define hard power? into anti—muslim prejudice inside the conservative party. that has ahmed, off you go. hard power is the use fallen on deaf ears and secondly, of military and economic... the parliamentary arithmetic where how did the care system help you integrate? the parliamentary arithmetic where the conservative party does not have they provided me with a key worker. a majority in the house of commons i had to see my key worker several times in a week. makes it incredibly reluctant to i was keen, as well, on education, because my family tackle any member of parliament who was very supportive. you have to learn. but when i came here, as well, my key worker helped me ex presses tackle any member of parliament who expresses anti—muslim attitudes or to get into college. size anti—muslim things, as boris johnson did in the summer when his wrote his article in the telegraph
5:24 pm
about women wearing burqas, looking like letterboxes. if you're a junior i started learning the language, move on. party member you can be dealt with councils have a legal requirement to support unaccompanied child asylum seekers, severely, if you are my senior un but experience in dealing left alone. that is what i am with the unique needs varies between local authorities. from the start of their training, when they first go to college, social workers learn saying. if you put that to senior about appreciating the different people in the party, what has been cultural circumstances the response? boris johnson has been that they'll experience. there are councils that have experience of one or two referred to in the enquiry process. asylum seeking children. there are other councils, that was a report that he has got an like kent and hillingdon, that have supported thousands lea ked that was a report that he has got an leaked parts of india daily telegraph himself. the conservative of asylum seeking party has never published the full children over the years. report of the enquiry into boris johnson for example. how expensive is this problem in the conservative clearly, those with the experience will find that support party? | easier to provide. is this problem in the conservative party? i do not believe it is as i have integrated into the society. serious in the conservative party as i have learned about the culture. anti—semitism in the labour party, but the conservative party should be i know what it means to be doing the right thing because british, to be tolerant. islamophobia is wrong, and secondly, the last few years have been it is politically damaging because it is politically damaging because an intense journey for ahmed,
5:25 pm
it alienates voters, notjust muslim voters but all kinds of voters who but with the help of the care system, he‘s had the chance believe that racism and religious to integrate and now sees a future bigotry have no place in our for himself in britain. political parties. what would you ashleyjohn—baptiste, bbc news. like to visit me and the party a very powerful story, and well chairman, those in responsible told. bbc news at six coming up very positions, what could be do? —— back soon, andi told. bbc news at six coming up very soon, and i will be back at 10pm, but would you like do?” the meantime, louise is back. positions, what could be do? —— back started off with sunshine today but but would you like do? i would like to commission a lawyer into a it has been clouding over over the la st confidential enquiry into how it has been clouding over over the last few hours, significant rain to come as well across the country, we parties have handled the case in the have seen some rain bet nuisance rain for much of the day further past, and secondly, make recommendations as to help the party north and looks as though it will should treat these issues in the continue to be quite showery for the next few hours. future. thank you very much for coming in. that rain will continue to push through northern ireland and the the brexit secretary stephen barclay scottish borders, brightening up, further south and west, cloud and and the attorney—general geoffrey cox are in brussels, rain gathering from a more trying to secure additional significant area, that will bring guarantees on the backstop provision wet and increasingly windy weather in the withdrawal agreement, across the country. across cornwall the backstop is designed to avoid border checks and into wales, it will gradually between northern ireland and the republic. 0ur europe correspondent drift steadily north through the night tonight. likely to see gusts
5:26 pm
damian grammaticas is in brussels. of wind, 50 to 60 mph, not as strong here we are again and of course, as storm freya, but nevertheless, fairly heavy rain with it. that rain here in the uk, increasing talk of and the wind and the cloud will act demanding legally binding changes in like a blanket across england and wales, temperatures will not fall some form. is that a runner or not? far. not as cold a start as the morning just passed back to the far here we are again and again, i think north of scotland, clearer skies. we have to say no, it is not a that is where we are likely to see runner. it has not been on a long temperatures dipping close to and the eu has been clear about it, freezing, little bit of patchy mist and fog first thing. rain moving and the eu has been clear about it, and still clear about it. they are north, by the middle of the still not discussing that in there, afternoon, we are expecting it to as far as we understand. mr cox and push its way out of scotland, this mr barclay are talking with michel is sam, across the northern isles, barnier and his team, into the far north, dry and bright. mr barclay are talking with michel barnierand his team, but mr barclay are talking with michel barnier and his team, but it seems extremely unlikely they are ever some rain, even some snow to higher going to get that legal changes to that backstop provision. the eu‘s ground, through central scotland, into the borders as well. using a view is that was decreed back in little into northern ireland and northern england, a showers left december, signed off by theresa may, that will not change. what they might getan behind. when, 40, 50 mph quite that will not change. what they might get an it is likely to get widely across the country. windy from the eu is help to push it over
5:27 pm
the line by giving an additional day, cloudy day, into the afternoon, some sunny spells and showers continuing to develop across england assurance, a letter they will try to and wales. if you dodge most of say has legal force, maybe a road those showers we may see a little map for how after exit happens —— more in the way of warmth after the mild start, 13 to 15 degrees. scotland, different story, clearer after brexit happens, both sides will get new technologies to replace skies, wind direction changing so it will be a little bit colder. it is border controls. the question will be whether geoffrey cox comes out as that wind direction that is going to push the milder air out of the way, the attorney general and changes his and it will feel it needs to be mind. what he said last time was he colder for all of us as we move into thursday onwards. best of the drier, said this would potentially endure indefinitely, now he is convinced brighter weather will be across the eu does not want that. that is england and wales, scattering what mps are looking for in parliament but the question is will showers, some wintry, temperatures will struggle. around five to 11 be accept that? will they accept whatever document comes out or degrees. and we move on into the advice he comes back with? will that change minds before the vote next weekend with that as well. yes, we keep the wind at times, there will week? indeed, thank you very much. be some sunshine around though, at first, and then rain later on for the second half of the weekend. car giants toyota and bmw have both warned a no—deal brexit threatens the production of their cars
5:28 pm
in the uk. bmw said it might have to end the production of minis in oxford, and move its engine production from outside birmingham to austria. toyota said a no—deal brexit would make it far more complicated to build any new models in the uk. shares in debenhams have slumped after it issued a profit warning. the department store, which employs about 25 thousand workers, is trying to restructure to secure a long—term future for the business. tonight at 6: britain‘s most senior police officer clashes with theresa may over a former labour mp, the effects of police cuts who was jailed for perverting the course ofjustice over on violent crime. a speeding fine, has as police fight a wave lost her appeal against the case. fiona 0nasanya is currently of knife attacks, representing peterborough constituents as an independent mp, the met police chief contradicts but labour says it will now support the prime minister — efforts to trigger a by—election. there is a link, she says. there is some link between violent crime on the streets, obviously, and police numbers, of course there is, and i think everybody would see that. hundreds of people have joined it‘s notjust london — the royal family to mark the 50th in this nottingham hospital, anniversary of the investiture dozens have been treated of the prince of wales. prince charles was joined for knife wounds. by his immediate family at the buckingham palace reception, my max i‘ve ever seen is — and guests included senior in one night i had six stabbings.
5:29 pm
politicians and members and that was in a 12 of the stereophonics. hour period, from 7—7. so, yeah, it‘s certainly the archbishop of canterburyjustin increasing a lot. welby also spoke at the event, the prime minister has now ordered ministers to come up and praised the prince‘s belief with a government—wide reponse. also tonight: production of the iconic mini in the "sacred duty of service". could be moved from britain. we will have headlines any moment and the day‘s sport and talking about the rising problem of knife crime. time for a look at the weather, here‘s louise lear with the forecast. we have some some sunshine over the last couple of days and i hope you have managed to enjoy it because there is rain around and wet and windy weather arrives. it is been a nuisance across southern scotland with showers but it is this rain down to the south—west that will be a player, a blanket of cloud, wind and rain coming northwards, some of that rain heavy and winds gusting 50-60
5:30 pm
that rain heavy and winds gusting 50—60 mph on exposed coasts. the exception will be fired north of scotla nd exception will be fired north of scotland with clear skies, maybe temperatures low enough with a touch of frost. further south it is about the wind and rain, even some snow above 400 metres in scotland. the rain leaves a trail of sunny spells and scattered showers behind, some of the showers heavy with the odd rumble of thunder. down to the south which is the temperatures peaking at around 14 to 15 degrees, but elsewhere it is much colder.
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