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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  March 5, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm GMT

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hello, i‘m ros atkins, this is 0utside source. tonight at 10:00pm, with just 24 days to brexit, the metropolitan police commissioner seven days until mps insists there is a link vote on the brexit deal, between a rise in knife crime and the uk government is back and cuts in police numbers. in brussels negotiating. the number of young people under the age of 17 who‘ve been victims of knife crime hello, i'm ros atkins, we‘ll have the latest. in england has nearly this is outside source. doubled since 2016. with just 2a days to brexit, the met commissioner an hiv—positive man has become appeared to contradict 7 days until mps vote the second person ever to be the prime minister‘s view cleared of the aids virus. that there was "no on the brexit deal — direct correlation." and the uk government is back we‘ll hear how it was done. in brussels negotiating. china‘s premier warns of a tough we'll have the latest. there is some link between violent struggle ahead as the country deals crime on the streets, with a slowing economy obviously, and police numbers, of course there is, and i think an hiv positive man has become and a us—led trade war. the second person ever to be everybody would see that. we‘ll be looking at the problem cleared of the aids virus. we will get into that in detail in a of knife crime and what‘s we'll hear how it was done. being proposed to tackle it. moment. and 100 bird species also tonight... are facing extinction three packages containing explosives because of the global food trade. are found at heathrow airport, we‘ll have more on that. london city airport and waterloo station. china's premier warns counterterror police of a tough struggle ahead —— in15 minutes —— in 15 minutes or so. as the country deals with a slowing are investigating. economy and a us—led trade war. one of the soldiers and 100 bird species on duty on bloody sunday are facing extinction in londonderry in 1972 — because of the global food trade. when 13 civilians were shot we'll have more on that. 0minous words from china‘s premier on the chinese economy. here he is.
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translation: downward pressure on the economy continues to increase. these are the men leading the british government's efforts growth in consumption is slowing. to change the terms of brexit. remember, mps rejected the difficulty private firms face in getting financing the original brexit deal, has not been resolved. and will vote on whatever new form 0ur capacity for it takes on tuesday. innovation is not strong. there are many risks and hidden this is brexit secretary steve barclay and this dangers in the financial sector. is attorney general geoffrey cox. he made those comments theirfocus is the irish at the national people‘s congress which is effectively border backstop. china‘s parliament. in theory, it‘s the highest that's in the withdrawal agreement as it stands. state body in china. and it makes provisions to ensure in reality, it‘s largely a rubber there is never a hard stamp for communist party decisions. border between northern ireland john sudworth has been speaking to delegates at the congress, and the republic of ireland — after that announcement. whatever happens as the uk and the eu work out "are you worried about a new trade deal. the economy," i ask? thing is — if there's no trade deal, "of course i‘m not worried," she says. the uk will remain in the eu's "our country is strong." customs union indefinitely — that's why the brexiteers oppose the backstop. "the economy‘s getting better this is the uk foreign secretary. and better," this man says. ask of the eu, it is an important this graph tells a different story, it shows chinese
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economic growth since 1990. ask, does the significant ask and in 2018, the economy legally significant ask, but it is one ask expanded 6. 6%, that‘s and it's a simple one. the slowest growth since 1990. we need substantive changes that will allow the attorney general and the forecast to change his advice doesn‘t look better. to the government that says and here‘s one analyst on why even a moment, theoretically, we could be trapped in the backstop those figures may be flattering. indefinitely and i think the eu understand that we need that change i think several figures mentioned today could be an over exaggeration. and they think they believe that we for example, with the and i think they believe that we deficit to gdp ratio. need to change. that is way too low, in my opinion, the attorney general is the uk because this year is over 4%, government's top legal officer. and next year, i cannot believe this is his legal advice on the irish backstop — it says that, as currently set out in the withdawal agreeement, it can go below 3%. under international law — -it "would endure indefinitely". a lot of the hidden debt taken out by the state owned enterprises, as well as local government are not yesterday we showed you this accounted for properly, and for good reasons. the daily telegraph report that said geoffrey cox had given up and this year, there is also the expension of the special bond trying to get it a time—limit issued by local government programme on the backstop. as a push for local infrastructure building. mr cox responded that the report was tweet @geoffrey—cox was and this will further accelerate the data accumulation.
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misunderstood fag ends dressed up as facts. some of it is accurate, and i can see that in the next 3—5 years, the data problem much more of it isn t... will be a hidden bomb complex negotiations cannot be in the chinese economy. but this year, the fiscal expansion will continue. conducted in public. " so, china‘s economy has been slowing for a while now. but a new factor is damian grammaticas was outside the european commission as the british the us—china trade war. delegation went inside. that has come with the trump it seems extremely unlikely that presidency. jow—yin fung is based in washington for bbc chinese. there ever going to get that legal in china, there is a general consensus that the trade war has not they're ever going to get that legal created too many troubles changes to that backstop provision, for the economy. the eu's view is that that was agreed back in december, signed off but what is important by theresa may, that will not change. is that the trade war has created that treaty will not change. pessimistic expectations for the future of the economy. and that took a heavy toll what they might get and seems that they will be likely to get from on china‘s economic growth. the eu is help to try to push this over so in the government report, the line by giving a sort of china‘s number two leader also additional assurance and a letter mentioned that the us trade trans that they will try to say has legal force, may be a road map for how fictions have created negative after brexit happens that, both
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sides will look at new technologies impact on the business operation to replace border controls of those as well as market expectation. to replace border controls if those things were needed, __ us- that sort of thing. —— us— china trade frictions. the question will be whether geoffrey cox comes out in the and the government promises geoffrey cox comes out as the to continue to foster us—china trade negotiations and open the market to foreign companies, attorney general changes his mind as well as create a level playing and says, what he said last time when he said that this would ground for foreign enterprises. potentially endure indefinitely, and he was convinced the eu does want that. does not want that. and while we can have a discussion about the extent of which the trade so that is what mps are looking war is affecting the chinese for in parliament, but the question economy, it is indisputable that is will they even accept that? donald trump has placed a pressure will they accept whatever document comes out? on china‘s role in the global advice he comes back with, economy that wasn‘t there before. will that change minds before the vote next week? geoffrey cox is a central character do you see a specific trump strategy — and quite a character too. his meetings with the eu have coming out of beijing? been in brussels today — not far from waterloo. i doubt at this point any foreign governments will say they have a few days ago, he tweeted figured out donald trump this image of the duke and his administration. of wellington, referring to him as the "the iron duke". and remember the duke was a british but my guess is that beijing general who won a famous victory certainly is hopeful that after this at waterloo against napoleon. potential trade deal between china and the us, the sign of us relations
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cue lots ofjournalists asking will be stabled for a while. things like, "can geoffrey cox be our iron duke of brexit..? we'll see if he lives up to his billing. he's certainly very keen on brexit while now we don‘t have a fixed line as we saw at the last for the training negotiations. conservative party conference. the original deadline of1 march is delayed. the whole premise and principle of brexit is based on hope. but it seems like beijing not fear. and washington are hopeful that there will be a trade deal we believe that a nation anytime soon, and they are moving forward with it. ijust want to bring up like the united kingdom will soon be a tweet from a journalist from the washington post. able to gather her strength anna is highlighting a quote and enclose an amicable association from another analyst, with her friends, stepped out again into saying "alarm bells are definitely going off, the communist party has the made improving living standards step out again into the world as a free, independent part of the rationale and sovereign partnered to the other for its regime legitimacy". do you think the economy democracies. and its performance is placing we've also heard from a broader pressure? emmanuel macron today. this is an essay, by the french president that's been right, if you look at the language published in lots of newspapers of the government report, including the guardian. you‘ll certainly notice that the language is way less he attacks the, "lies optimistic than before. and irresponsibility" of politicians on the leave side, the chinese economy is facing and calls them, "anger—mongers a tough stronghold. backed by fake news". it is stable at the moment,
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but there are many changes that was never likely go down and worries involved. well with brexiteers. the campaign group and as you can see, the chinese government is rolling out many @leaveeuofficial —referring to the yellow vest protests." stimulus policies at once. tax cuts, enhancing childcare, perhaps he should look to his own people first more investment in infrastructure, before lecturing britain. and also promises to people in glass houses create morejobs. shouldn't throw stones!" and this is kind of an indicator meanwhile, here in the uk, that the government‘s concerned about the growth and want to do more scottish and welsh politicians did something they've not done before. to enhance the economic growth. this is the devolved assemblies — in edinburgh and cardiff — voting at the same time on the same motion calling for the planned brexit date of march 29 just like a china economist to be postponed. commented, "if you are not sick, you will not take that many nichola sturgeon, the first medicines all at once". minister of scotland said and my guess is that the headache leaving without a deal of the chinese economy slowing down would be "unforgivably reckless". will not be cured overnight. and of course, here in london we're looking to next week's vote. 0n on every day, we tried to distil all i asked him if we have any clues the biggest information on the as to what might change the minds
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of the brexiteers who voted biggest stories. we also bring you against theresa may's deal last time. journalism from all over the world. new a report from anne soy on the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo. 561 people have died so far and 894 have been infected. we have got an idea because they set anne‘s been to a city called out three conditions over the beni in eastern drc. weekend and it has been seen as a this is her report. slight softening of their position an indication that whereby ebola hit this village hard. originally they were demanding this family lost ten members changes to the withdrawal agreement, in a matter of weeks, so changes to the withdrawal agreement, so going and across an bedside and but rachel and her sister survived. replacing bits of the text with something else, they are not she tells me they were all in denial inclined to accept in addition to the withdrawal agreement, but is when the outbreak started. already been agreed between the eu in the uk and something in that which will allow the attorney translation: we opened the body bag and performed rituals on my mother‘s body. the medics warned us against it. general as damian rather was they said she had died explaining, to change his advice and from the ebola but we refused to believe them. conclude that the uk could not be we told them she died from food poisoning, then they tried to convince us trapped indefinitely or stuck indefinitely in a backstop arrangement, which many mps feel to get vaccinated but we refused. will keep the uk tied far to eu this has been a major test for
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the democratic republic of congo. rules and regulations with no say in it has dealt with nine previous outbreaks, mostly in remote how they were made and actually villages in the west being able to remove itself from where they were easily contained. in a country as big as western that arrangement. that said, they europe, but with poor still have a strong line and they infrastructure, few knew are very keen to see with the attorney general comes back with brussels with, —— from brussels about the ebola in the east. with. another die mention is that even doctors who dealt with the we've had more warnings about the first cases didn‘t recognise it. " impact ofa we've had more warnings about the impact of a possible no—deal brexit, this is from toyota and also bmw that says of the scenario came to translation: even at that point, i didn‘t know what i was suffering pass, would have to consider stopping production of the many in from. not even my colleagues were treating the uk. let's hearfrom both companies. we have prepared for a me with suspected ebola. lot of scenarios, we are very that is why health facilities became ebola hotspots. flexible in the production, and it was worse in informal clinics where the majority of congolese seek health services. we've also had a plan b if things they are run by untrained change, we'll see what the outcome practitioners. is, but bmw will answer with flexibility. if it becomes more we can't close this clinicjust because the person is not trained.
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difficult with abilities and he is an integral part of the health system and the health hurdles, then it is very difficult continuum in this country, to think about the future, but short so what we need to do is leverage term, we can overcome those problems the fact that he is already here, build his capacity in one way with logistics or whatever, but we or the other, so he canprovide safer need to think about what is the care than he is already doing. long—term effect if this is not materialising correctly. so they're a confirmed case of ebola was treated here. more concerned about no deal, the traditional healer continued to use the same explain how mps get involved in that equipment on other patients. equation next week. and next week, the first week we expect to be on now, everything has the first week we expect to be on the 12th, the government said it to be decontaminated... will be by the 12 and i will be another vote of theresa may's brexit or destroyed. deal with these added changes that are being negotiated in brussels as we speak. if that is rejected by mps "it is now safe to come to this this time around again, there will bea clinic," this community leader this time around again, there will be a second vote on whether the uk assures the villagers. should leave the eu with or without a deal as it is stands to do on the as well as preventing ebola from spreading, it is important to deal with the ignorance that in the first place. 29th of march this year. if the this is an impromptu classroom a nswer to 29th of march this year. if the answer to that it's rice mps are in the middle of the village, concerned is no, there will then be and many of these outbreaks are happening in different a vote on whether to extend the parts of eastern congo.
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health workers are going to villages brexit process to have a short to different residential areas and talking to people about ebola. probably around three months beyond he has been asking these children the end of march when we assume, to what they know about the disease and teaching them how reason they will probably try to renegotiate a deal even further. as they can prevent infection. a potential next week for mp‘s to back at the clinic, say and vote in a measure which will destroyed items are replaced. not necessarily be binding on the it can now continue to function, government, but expressed very strongly the will of parliament, but not deal with ebola. that the eu should not leave the uk suspected cases must now go -- uk that the eu should not leave the uk —— uk should not leave the eu to specialised treatment centres. without a deal. if they decided to rachel was treated here support the prime minister, is that enough? not necessarily and and she is now back to help. remember, they do not all operate as survivors of ebola are immune one, asa remember, they do not all operate as one, as a coherent block, there will and here they are giving back, be some mps who are extremely even as the outbreak continues. staunchly opposed to theresa may's deal and may never vote for it in its current form, there will be more and soy, bbc news, benny. of who will perhaps pull it out this time in the hope that they can get we have stories from all over the further changes to the deal and to world coming up next. bring it even more into their the mexcan government has apologised liking, and you've got to bring to the familes of five youths
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who were killed after police kidnapped them and handed them labour, the opposition party into over to a drug gang. the equation as well. because while officials initially claimed the victims the equation as well. because while were involved in drug cartels, the party as a whole is opposed to theresa may's deal, there are many but have now corrected that. who are willing to vote for it in translation: it's an apology the end if she can demonstrate to them if she can protect citizens‘ for the times when we tried to criminalise your children. rights and also funding areas which and withoutjustification, they were falsely accused. may this be clear: bernardo, jose, susana, jose alfredo potentially will lose out in the eu and mario arturo were innocent and never should‘ve experienced what they did. withdraw funding as a result of the uk leaving the eu. it is a number the killings happened in the state of veracruz which is home to the jalisco new generation numbers game, remember they lost the cartel. last vote by only 200 votes, that‘s 21 people have been arrested, only 200 people to convince. including eight police officers who, it‘s alleged, were in now to a remarkable medical story. the pay of the cartel. this is the mother an hiv positive man in the uk has become the second in the world to be of one of the victims. cleared of the aids virus after receiving a stem translation: it does not matter is he was in pieces. cell transplant. i would‘ve gone to collect him, the man, known as the "london and i would‘ve put him together patient", was diagnosed like a jigsaw puzzle, my son, jose. hiv positive in 2003. the only thing we ask
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for is justice, so that the 21 he was then diagnosed detained are sentenced, with hodgkin‘s lymphoma in 2012. to keep them there until they die, three years ago, on top of chemotherapy, and to pay for the suffering he had a stem cell transplant. and pain injail because it will be minor in comparison to all the pain we have endured. the crucial part here ana gabriela rojas, mexico city. is that the donor had the rare ccr5 gene that resists hiv. about i% of people of north european descent have this immunity. how unusual is it for the the result was that authorities to admit that something like this happened? it is very both his cancer and hiv went into remission. and it‘s stayed that way. unusual, actually, this is the first time the government has apologised here‘s the lead researcher. when asked by the national commission of human rights. it has the beauty of this is it proves the berlin patient only been done before when it was from a number of years ago and it shows the ccr asked by the american court of human five molecules on the surface of the cells rights. also the conditions are is the really unprecedented. it is the first time the families of the only real molecule that we victims are allowed to assist the have to be can target for a curative approach at the moment. the anti—retrovirus suggests suppressing the virus, but this is hopefully getting event and claim forjustice. in the rid of the disease. the first patient to be treated this other cases, the government way was timothy brown, officials only read from a statement who‘s sometimes referred to as the berlin patient. here he is in 2012.
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and the families could not assist in my case, my history is proof this kind of event. and is this evidence that the influence of the in concept that hiv can be cured. cartels is being reduced, if only in hope is alive and cure the state? not really. it is a sign is on the horizon. these success are of course exciting — of goodwill of the government, but we‘re also being to be cautious — this is not a cure. here‘s another of the researchers. according to ngo organisations of this new government thatjust according to ngo organisations of this new government that just took power at the beginning of this year. cannot detect any hiv within this patient so they say it is goodwill that they so that is why we say remission, are so they say it is goodwill that they a re really it‘s kind of analogous so they say it is goodwill that they are really trying to look for these to cancer treatment, people that are disappearing. we you are in remission until the cancer comes back, should remember there are 40,000 so in this scenario currently no hiv can be detected. people that have disappeared in this country over the last 15 years, when you only say cure when everything is over, so we‘re going the war against the organised crime to keep monitoring and hopefully started. and how common is that for the remission continues. here in the uk, a counter—terror investigation is underway in london. there to be cases where police have police say three small worked for the cartels? nobody explosive devices were found this morning. at heathrow airport, really knows. in this conference, it london city airport and waterloo train station this morning. was accepted by the state that this image shows one of the packages.
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they all had irish stamps. security forces at different levels we re security forces at different levels were involved in colluded with the robert hall has more criminals. but really, nobody really from waterloo station. has the numbers, it is a difficult a picture of that package, let‘s thing. but it is a thing that the just take you to the contents that current government says it is were contained in a white plastic committed to solve a bit. help me postal envelope, within which was a understand more about the padded envelope, within which was the device. circumstances in these killings. which the specialist officers what does the prosecution believe have not looked at, the happened? what does the prosecution believe happened ? why were what does the prosecution believe happened? why were these men have now looked at, the targeted? well, they were just young explosive law officers say that those devices were viable, one of the packages at heathrow was by a people, four men from 24 years to 27 was opened by a member of staff. you have a clear charming with the package actually caught fire. in the case of the other two, when and waterloo an hour yea rs people, four men from 24 years to 27 years old. in 116—year—old girl, of so after the first, another they were just travelling in their at london airport, around lunchtime today. carcoming those were not open and a warning they were just travelling in their car coming back from holiday at the beach when they were intercepted by had gone up by then to put people on the alert that may the police —— one 16—year—old girl. well have contributed to the fact that nobody else was accidentally involved in opening it is believed that they were a package and no one was stopped because the police were actually hurt, but there is clear colluding with the cartels, and they singularities that the packages were addressed really quite crudely
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and it is emerged this evening we re colluding with the cartels, and they were accused of belonging to the other cartels. thank you very much and it has emerged this evening the fact that all three had carried irish, for taking us through that. in a few republic of ireland stamps. in a return address to dublin, at the and a return address to dublin, at the minutes on the programme, we will bottom of the front of the envelope. turn our attention to michael so this is why the irish police are now involved with the bloomberg, former new york mayor. counterterrorism command some people are speculating he would try to run for president in 2020. in a widening of this investigation. stay with us on 0utside source, he‘s just confirmed that won‘t be still to come, justin trudeau‘s under pressure as a second minister quits over a growing political scandal. happening. amber rudd, the work and pensions secretary, has said that disabled pensioners will no longer face repeat assessments to continue receiving their benefits. britain 5 most senior police from this spring, about 270,000 officer has contradicted people will not have the prime minister by linking the rise in violent crime to have their personal independence to cuts in police numbers. payments regularly reviewed. metropolitan police commissioner, but a disability group said cressida dick, was speaking just the reform would still leave a day after theresa may said millions of younger people "stuck there was "no direct in a failing system". correlation" between the two. our social affairs correspondent michael buchanan reports. there were 285 knife i have trouble getting killings in all last year. on and off transport. cressida dick made buses, i can‘t get the comments on lbc radio. on a train at all. buses are difficult. i think, if you went back in
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history, you would see examples of so without the car, when police officer numbers have gone down and crime has not i would be totally housebound. necessarily risen at exactly the same rate in the same way. when diane barrett lost her car but i think what we all agree for six months following a benefit on is in the last few assessment, she says she lost her independence. years, police officers numbers the 69—year—old who lives have gone down a lot, with parkinson‘s disease fought there has been a lot of cuts the decision and won. and other public services and there‘s been more demand today‘s government announcement for policing and therefore means she wouldn‘t now have any more assessments they must be something and i have consistently. for personal independence payments. funny enough, i was thinking so you agree that the prime minister is wrong? about the other day, i agree that there is something thinking about the thought between violent crime on of going through it again. i agree that there is some link you have a wad of papers, between violent crime on and that again with parkinson‘s, the streets obviously, and police your writing is very bad. numbers, of course there is. and there‘s the stress of it. and i think everyone would see that. as well as specific help for pensioners with disabilities, amber rudd said she wanted to see this is 0utside source live more disabled people from the bbc newsroom. in work and to change her 0ur lead story is? department‘s overall image. people with disabilities with just 2a days to brexit, and health conditions have enough challenges in life. 7 days until mps vote dealing with my department on the brexit deal — should not be one of them. and the uk government is back the government is struggling in brussels trying to negotiate to make the system work. personal independence payments are 20% more expensive
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something to offer disgruntled mps. than the benefit it is replacing, and its roll—out is five years behind schedule. claimants are increasingly going to court to overturn negative decisions, and almost three quarters next — to a growing political scandal in canada in which two government ministers of them are winning their cases. have now resigned. let‘s start at the beginning. diane barrett may no longer need the story first broke to go through an assessment process in the canadian newspaper, the global and mail. process that she describes it cited unnamed sources who claim as "deeply flawed". officials injustin trudeau‘s office despite today‘s relief pressured this woman for pensioners, around 1.8 million other people on the benefit jody wilson—raybould, will continue to struggle who was canada‘s then with the system that many campaigners say is broken. attorney general, michael buchanan, bbc news. to not prosecute a canadian engineering company accused of bribery. this is outside source live that was allegedly because of fears thatjobs would be lost from the bbc newsroom. if the company was prosecuted. the scandal has suddenly with just 24 days to brexit, made trudeau vulnerable seven days until mps vote on the brexit deal, in the run—up to an election. and the uk government is back ms wilson—raybould resigned last month — in brussels trying to negotiate and she spoke at the time. something to offer disgruntled mps. we still don‘t know what that deal will look like. here are some of the main stories from bbc world service. i experienced a consistent and
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donald trump has extended sanctions sustained effort by many people against zimbabwe by a year, within the government to seek to saying the new government‘s policies politically interfere in the continue to pose a threat to american foreign policy. officials say the sanctions exercise of discretion and my role will remain until zimbabwe‘s restrictions on press freedom as the attorney general of canada in and protests are changed. an inappropriate effort to secure a that‘s from bbc afrique. deferred prosecution agreement. according to forbes magazine, kyliejenner has become the world‘s now a second minister — youngest self—made billionaire at the age of 21. jane philpott — has also quit. she became famous through reality @janephilpott she tweeted "there can be a cost to acting on one 5 principles, tv, but her wealth is based but there is a bigger cost to abandoning them." ms philpott also tweeted on her beauty products this resignation letter to the prime minister, saying she has lost confidence in the government‘s handling company, kylie cosmetics. of the inquiry into the matter. let‘s talk about someone who will next, this isjustin trudeau‘s reaction to that resignation, not become president of america in which was interrupted briefly. 2020. michael bloomberg has just announced he‘s not running for president. while i am disappointed, i he was one of the big players, understand her decision to step who had until today, down, andi not declared whether they would run, understand her decision to step down, and i want to thank herfor a billionaire, former her service. mayor of new york. he wrote this article for, who else, bloomberg news, saying...
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in democracies, you get people with "i believe i would defeat a wide range of voices and donald trump in a general election" perspective and we can leave as much "but i am clear—eyed about the difficulty of winning the democratic nomination in such a crowded field". room as possible. so i would like to anthony zurcher is in washington. thank her. all very well — but mr trudeau what do you make of this? when your is under pressure — this is a headline in macleans —— net worth is $56 billion, you will one of canada‘s leading news bea net worth is $56 billion, you will be a big player in the politics "justin trudeau, field if you want to be. but the imposter" i asked cbc‘s political reporter vash—ee reality, as he acknowledged right ca—pell—ohs if the government has there, was that it would be acknowledged any wrongdoing. difficult for him to win the democratic nomination. and that article you quoted, he warns about the party being pulled to the left, the, they are sort of acknowledging that they need someone who can — that, first they were totally through four years —— and four years disagreeing that anything inappropriate had happened, that is of chaos and deceit. but he thinks he is not the one to do it, instead the general allegation that people in the office been even the prime he is not the one to do it, instead he will take all his money and focus minister himself inappropriately on issues he values, such as inserted themselves in this criminal case and they wanted the attorney combating climate change and gun general to insert herself as well, control. he says waiting two years and she opposed that. so he has and being distracted by a run for acknowledged that those conversations took place for sure, president would be too late. instead he could get started on that now, that there were conversations by getting involved in this criminal rather than wait until when he could
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case, but that is read the story conceivably win the nomination to become president. so it changes the differs, because the prime minister thinks that was not an appropriate, playing field, he was one of the he thought it was appropriate and certify that is been his defence and centrists who probably would‘ve had he keeps saying he wanted to protect the most influence in the party if thejobs, the he keeps saying he wanted to protect he had decided to run, but he has the jobs, the people he keeps saying he wanted to protect thejobs, the people who he keeps saying he wanted to protect the jobs, the people who are decided to go in a different employed by this company, that direction. he has a good explanation so far has not relationship with joe direction. he has a good relationship withjoe biden. do you think they‘ve had a chat? necessarily reassured canadians. it is been a bit of a slow burn, but relationship withjoe biden. do you think they've had a chat? that was one of the rumours floating around here for a couple of weeks, that starting with the testimony before a michael bloomberg had been waiting forjoe biden to make up his mind big committee here in the house of commons, the woman who is at the before he went to the race, if biden heart of all this, the former set out then he would enter. maybe attorney general, starting with that testimony you could see a real shift in the numbers and then yesterday this is an indication thatjoe biden with the resignation of this other is close to throwing his hat in cabinet minister, a very bring? although they are candidates in the race already who bloomberg well—regarded, highly respected might be interested in helping out, cabinet member who was not personally involved in all of this, a candidate like jay ensley, the just sort of saw it from afar and governor of washington who has said this is not for me and i had to combating climate change the central stand by my principles, you are focus of his career. that seems to seeing definitely a drop in numbers lined up nicely with the way for the prime minister, his own personal popularity a little bit, bloomberg oriented himself in his but widely for the party as a whole. letter, saying he wouldn‘t run.
9:21 pm
bloomberg oriented himself in his letter, saying he wouldn't run. i'll there has been some impact to the pull up this one tweet from one commentator, saying... do you think government‘s brand but the question is, does it go further, will there bea is, does it go further, will there be a bigger drop and how long is that last? this is it for his ambitions, or they‘re just on pause? could be new trade wars coming. this is it for his ambitions, or they'rejust on pause? he's in his late 70s, so at this point —— sorry, sameer hashmi "u.s announces that it plans to end preferential trade status for india and turkey." the two countries have been able late 70s, so at this point —— sorry, late 60s, i think it would be difficult for him to launch another to send thousands of goods — bid. but when you have that kind of like car parts and chemicals money, you can do whatever you want. to the us tariff free. thank you very much, anthony. that‘s about to end. scientists say about 100 bird species are facing extinction, devina gupta reports from delhi. because of the global food trade. for example, this is the european turtle dove, it‘s at risk. this is bound to escalate trade and this is the spix macaw, it‘s already believed tensions between the areas. at the to be extinct in the wild us is done is remove i900 goods from because of deforestation. and this is the biggest a preferential list, these are issue, cattle farming. exported from india and from now on the exporters will have to pay a also a factor is the production of palm oil and soya. hefty do. it will get more expensive helen briggs has more. even for the us to buy them, but the now we‘ve all heard of birds
9:22 pm
going extinct in the past, trump presidency has been targeting think about the poor dodo hunted this, they have been saying earlier to extinction on the island of mauritius in the 17th century. as well that india has very high ta riffs as well that india has very high tariffs for the us companies, so be in fact, we think about 140 it bikes coming, dairy products, different bird species have been lost over the past 400 years. now researchers wanted to see medical equipment, they have asked india to lower their tariffs and what was happening today they have been negotiating a middle with the influence of global trade ground but this announcement, the on ourfood and are timber. commerce secretary says comes as an unexpected surprise. so natural habitat being replaced michelle fleury in new york. by pastors for grazing, were you surprised? well, look. if or trees being dropped down and timber plantations being grown. you have followed what donald trump us you have followed what donald trump now scientists found that about 100 us had to say about trade for the past several years, then no, you more bird species are predicted will not be too surprised. he has to go extinct based on current expressed a great deal of skepticism about the trade deals that us is farming and forestry done, he has gone out of his way to practises globally. now what is behind that? ta ke done, he has gone out of his way to take america out of trade deals and they say the biggest renegotiate other old deals that factor is cattle farming, have been in place for several years and now he‘s turned his attention to but the biggest growing impact is oilseed crops like palm oil and soy.
9:23 pm
gsp, a generalised system of preferences and it was a programme designed to help economic they make a number of points development in one of the biggest around the study, they say beneficiaries that is been around there is an increasing disconnect since the 70s was india. donald between the goods that we buy and where they are consumed. trump instructed his trade team to sort of have a look back at it and one of the conclusions they came to so your steak, for example, might come from a cow raised in one country, was india did necessarily qualify or fed on plant food from had been acting in bad faith in another country, and then certain aspects of this programme, and that is why you‘ve got this exported somewhere else. so they‘ve coined this phrase, decision. another country being talked about was turkey, and in the "remote responsibility". case of that, they came to the conclusion that it is a success professor perrera, the german story there, sufficiently wealthy centre for biodiversity that it no longer qualifies and that research in leipzig, germany. he said the issue of biodiversity it‘s graduated through this lost cannot calculated without adding remote responsibility. programme. but presumably the risk is that america could lose a couple of valuable export markets because these countries will retaliate with ta riffs of so people taking responsibility for the goods they buy, these countries will retaliate with tariffs of their own? what is he seeds we also need to provide interesting as we look at the more information for the consumers figures involved, they are not very so they know what they‘re buying substantial in the case of india, you‘re talking about, a and where it comes from. congressional report in 2007 tina
9:24 pm
pointed out that about $5.7 billion with of indian imports to america qualified under this programme, the these 2 these are the men leading the british government‘s efforts rest, the remaining 43 billion of to change the terms of brexit. remember, mps rejected normal trade, so it is a tiny the original brexit deal, and will vote on whatever new form proportion. i think the impact is it takes on tuesday. this is brexit secretary less a number figure and steve barclay and this proportion. i think the impact is less a numberfigure and more is attorney general geoffrey cox. proportion. i think the impact is less a number figure and more about what it sets in motion in terms of future trade talks where the trading relationship between these two theirfocus is the irish countries go moving forward and i think it sets the tone that the us border backstop. is taking with china, where america if that deal is rejected, we then has been much tougher. end up with two more votes on the in japan, the former nissan boss carlos ghosn has been granted bail — wednesday. and thursday, one will give the mps opportunities to reject but he‘s not out ofjail — yet. he‘s been in detention the idea of no deal, and if they do since november on charges of financial misconduct — that, they then have to consider which he denies. whether they want to extend the mariko 0i has more from singapore. brexit date. so it is a big week next week and we will continue to build up to it. see you tomorrow. the decision came as a surprise because in japan the decision came as a surprise because injapan there is very granted, unless you confess to the
9:25 pm
crimes you are accused of and as we have been reporting, they have been hello. a strong and powerfuljet denying all of the allegations and strea m hello. a strong and powerfuljet stream above our heads will drive a this is in fact his third request speu stream above our heads will drive a spell of turbulent weather over the for bail but he has recently changed next week or so. as for why the jet his legal team and they have managed strea m next week or so. as for why the jet stream is so strong, we have to look to succeed in getting him bail after to the north a plunge of bitter spending over 100 days injail. it arctic air all the way down across is not cheap though as bella is set the usa, even the gulf coast. at1 billion yen, which is almost 9 overnight temperatures hover around freezing, that very cold air million us dollars, with the highest colliding with some much warmer air injapan. to the south, energising the jet million us dollars, with the highest in japan. remember, he million us dollars, with the highest stream. it wins high up in the injapan. remember, he is facing allegations of financial misconduct that he is accused of underreporting atmosphere in excess of 200 mph as his salary, also accused of they had across the atlantic. when transferring his investment losses you see these steps in the jet on, all of which he denies and the stream, that is where you will see a court has previously said that he few of these in the forecast for the next few days. there is one in continued to attention saying it was charge for wednesday, bringing some justified because he had a risk and strong and gusty winds through the first part of the day, wind gusts of his lawyers have proposed tighter restrictions talking about video 50-60 first part of the day, wind gusts of 50—60 mph down to the southwest. outbreaks of rain across scotland, surveillance, as well as monitoring snow mixing and over high ground all of his communication. he has here. further south, prolonged detention with snow mixing and over high ground here. furthersouth, cloud breaking up here. furthersouth, cloud breaking up to reveal sunshine but hefty
9:26 pm
international spotlight under the judicial system which has received showers breaking up. some rumbles of some criticism. thunder, 50 celsius in a whole, but much chillier of the uk. wednesday and thursday, low—pressure drifts eastwards, opening the door to really cold air coming down from the you start by heading to north arctic, spreading across the uk so america in the cold is released it will feel rather chilly on biting at the moment across the usa thursday. particularly when you factor in the strength of the wind, and canada, we have received some pretty dramatic winter weather as an brisk winds across scotland, gusts area of low pressure ran through in excess of 50 mph possible. down coast—to—coast, that is not exiting out into the atlantic, now we are watching this slow gear further to 115 metres, not as many showers west, quite carefully and that was a in the south, more sunshine in guild bring some flooding into southern california courtesy of heavy rain, but for the cold cardiff, temperatures topping at 11 weather, it is central and eastern celsius. moving into friday, this areas that we are looking at for the area of low pressure slides away with this bump in the isobars here, next 48 hours, the cold getting all the way to the eastern seaboard and a ridge of high pressure starting to write down into the deep south, build its way in. the friday straight off the planes and the temporarily will bring us a spell of prairies, so our temperature in fine, sunny weather. but here is our
9:27 pm
next frontal system, our next area atla nta, prairies, so our temperature in atla nta , te n prairies, so our temperature in atlanta, ten to 12 degrees below of low pressure, brought in our average, for the north, 20 celsius direction by thejet of low pressure, brought in our direction by the jet stream, bringing some rain in the west by below the average at the time of the end of friday. know the details year. but what you will notice is as in the forecast for the weekend are we look at our air mass further into still very much open to question, we the week, even warmer air gets into still very much open to question, we still have a powerfuljet stream racing across the atlantic, and the week, even warmer air gets into the southeast but as it goes into whenever you see a dip in the jet the southeast but as it goes into the cold air, that would trigger stream, there‘s the potentialfor some pretty lively thunderstorms in low pressure to form. uncertainty about where those lows will develop, dallas and atlanta but we see this temperatures really shoot up in the but we see some rain, gales and hill next five days. some heavy rain and snow, generally feeling chilly. so the forecast for southern mozambique don‘t pay too much attention to the in the next 48 hours, and a tropical actual details here, but it gives you an idea of saturday‘s weather. depression in the mozambique channel, developing slowly it is snow over high ground, potentially moving pretty slowly, now it is some windy weather in parts of the pushing on shore and keeping the uk, with temperatures of 7—11dc. rain coming. some spots could see up to 30 cm and the best part of a again on sunday, we could see gail‘s fleet of rain before we are done and across some parts of the uk, there‘s only been a lot of heavy outbreaks of rain with temperatures rain, so the consequence is likely in the single digits in just about to be significant flooding. the all of us. into next week, the northwestern africa, we have a pattern continues with thatjet weather from pushing northwestern africa, we have a weatherfrom pushing into morocco strea m pattern continues with thatjet northwestern africa, we have a weather from pushing into morocco on stream still blowing briskly across a wednesday, here the sunshine will the atlantic, spitting up areas of
9:28 pm
return as we look towards the low pressure. it will remain quite weekend and a little taste of what u nsettled, i‘m about to show you now further low pressure. it will remain quite unsettled, notice the way the jet strea m unsettled, notice the way the jet stream generally stays to the south north which is western europe, so that ran for casablanca for an area of the british isles, that will keep us of the british isles, that will keep us in some relatively chilly air. so of low pressure city in the atlantic don‘t be expecting any sort of heat at the moment. but as we cross into wave. summing things up like this for next week. spells of rain with the west of france, you will see the potential of snow. it will often just how much more dramatic the weather is, heavy rain and some snow be windy and feel rather chilly. pretty turbulent spell of weather across the spanish plateau, the through the coming days. east, strong winds and stormy winds with the wintry spell of weather heading into scandinavia, not for the southwest of europe, the weather will settle as we go to the next five days in the warmth will return. for the northwest, the weather picture is going to remain much more mobile so areas of low pressure coming in and the wet and windy weather he was never reflected in the picture closer to home as well. and a look at the full uk outlook and the next half hour, but you could see our wednesday lope pulls away as another one is waiting for us on
9:29 pm
away as another one is waiting for us on friday.
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