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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 6, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. and jonny bairstow‘s picking them off at will, as england beat the west indies. our top stories: when will carlos ghosn be leaving this tokyo jail? prosecutors fail to stop bail for the former nissan boss. it's been set at nearly $9 million. venezuela's president maduro appeals a sleeping giant has woken up, and what an awful mess the big fellow has made of real madrid's european ambitions. for his supporters to take ajax have beaten real at the bernabeu 4—1, to progress 5—3 on aggregate. to the streets, promising to defeat an opposition he calls a "crazed minority." the dutch side through a knockout tie for the first time i was this close to the ground and in over 16 years. but what of real? we had my sisters raincoat. in a week, they've been knocked out of the copa del rey, in their own words, two sisters explain how they survived 44 hours fallen hopelessly behind in the race for the la liga title, alone and missing in the woods. and now they're out of the competition they'd made their own in recent times. john bennett told me that real — a team in decline — were beaten by a team on the rise.
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yeah, the headlines will all be about the madrid plane poorly and they were awful, but let's not forget this was a wonderful performance for ajax. they showed absolutely no fear at the bernard le roux. everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the real madrid. the finish was brilliantly set up by dusan tadic, man of the match, rejected by the premier league side southampton in the summer. he set up a second goal as well for david neres, and then our injury problems for real madrid. they had some work to do at half—time to turn this around. could they turn this around? the answer was no. —— bernabeu. dusan tadic got a goal, he made it three. marco asensio got one back, but then lasse schone made it 4—1. a
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brilliant freekick, a goal which really summed up how brilliant ajax work, but real madrid, a poor night, they will be stunned by this. it comes off the back of two straight or classico defeats, it comes off the back of them being absolutely nowhere in the league title race, no chance of catching barcelona and atletico madrid, knocked out of the copper del rey, now knocked out of the champions league. they have gone from the sublime and the zinedine zidane, winning it three times in a row, to the ridiculous now under the new coach. you wonder now, will he last until the end of the season? is felt like a caretaker manager in all but name, i think the fans were distraught at the end of the defeat against barcelona at the weekend, they will be angry after this defeat. i understand that the fans are disappointed, we are too. but what
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do you say? it is like, i think we have to stay together with the fans in bad times, i think we have celebrated a lot over the past years and that was amazing for the fans also and now it is opposite. -- the opposite. tottenham eased past borussia dortmund to reach the champions league quarter—finals for the first time since 2011, as harry kane became the club's top scorer in european competition. a great night for his boss too. golfer mars was brilliant. with playing, the touch, and the night, it was a good effort, i want to congratulate my players. it was a good night for all of the players and for the cloud.
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—— club. the defending champions kashima antlers started their 2019 asian champions league campaign proper on a confident note, as they beat the malaysian debutants johor darul takzim 2—1 on tuesday. anneka radley was watching. starting their title defence at home against a cloud playing their first—ever asian champions league match, kashima antlers must‘ve felt like it was all going to plan for kick—off and that looks set to continue when they were awarded penalty 1a minutes in, at beginners luck kicked in forjohor darul takzim when the surge a's strike was saved. they were not here to make up the numbers. just before half—time, the numbers. just before half—time, the deadlock was finally broken with taiki hirako getting them back on track. this time, the brazilian striker proved unstoppable. johor darul takzim reduced striker proved unstoppable. johor darul ta kzim reduced the striker proved unstoppable. johor darul takzim reduced the margin with ten minutes left, when that diogo finished from close range, but the japanese cloud held on. next up is china's shandong, he gave fellaini
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his first taste of the asian champions league. he was outshone ways teammate. meanwhile in group f, melbourne victory slumped to their first home group stage defeat in eight years, has a brazilian striker inspired a dream debut for the south korean team. anneka radley, bbc news. england's women have won the shebelieves cup for the first time, after thrashing japan 3—0 in theirfinal match in tampa. a huge night in florida for them. beth need got the third goal. —— mead. this is their first piece of silverware, and a great warmup for the women's world cup in france. england are 1—0 up in their three—match t20 series against the west indies, after a four—wicket win in st lucia. jonny bairstow hitting 68 off a0 balls, he set up
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england's run chase. they were chasing down 161. that's his career best in a t20. a good day for him though. the second t20 is in st kitts on friday. the nba will return to japan for the first time in 16 years. the toronto raptors will play the houston rockets in october in two pre—season games. claire thornton reports. in the next 12 months, sport in japan is in the spotlight. now the nation that is preparing for the 0lympics has even more to look forward to, and basketball he is a national obsession. but nba fans who have had to wait 16 years to see the best in the united states return to japan. now a super arena just outside tokyo will host two
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preseason fixtures. this is a venue used to hosting some of the biggest sporting events. just last year, boxer floyd mayweather made his comeback year. so tom and will host the games between the toronto ra ptors the games between the toronto raptors and the houston rockets. and while japan might have hoped for full regular—season match here, the nba are promising something just as good. —— saitama. nba are promising something just as good. -- saitama. what you should expect from this event is the real—life nba experience, you will have two commanders teams playing at a very high level, you will have been nba mascots here, you'll have the nba dance teams here. you will have all the excitement that you would have if you in toronto or in houston or any other nba arena, japanese fans will be treated to a nba event. the rockets have played injapan nba event. the rockets have played in japan before, back nba event. the rockets have played injapan before, back in 1992 when nba came here every year. that will be the dream now for basketball fans injapan, it and laying the foundations for some of the world's
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sporting cities, the game like this could be just the start. i was actually in japan in could be just the start. i was actually injapan in 2006 when the world basketball championship was there and there were huge crowds, they do love their basket but it is getting bigger and bigger. it is becoming bigger and bigger but i have got to be honest, it is not a super, major sport at this point yet, compared to soccer or baseball. those of the two biggest professional sports in japan, that ask the ball is trying to catch up, trying to catch up by now. so i thinkjapan's trying to catch up by now. so i think japan's basketball confederation, nba asia, are people trying to make some kind of money out of it this time. basketball is very popular in japan out of it this time. basketball is very popular injapan in terms of when you look at the number of people that play the game, but when
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it comes down to professional games, like the national team, it has not been so popular. i don't know why. 0ne been so popular. i don't know why. one thing is that the nba has been so one thing is that the nba has been so huge, so people care less about other leagues like the domestic leagues and the national team. follow the money. 0k, leagues and the national team. follow the money. ok, that is all we have got time for. feels like we're watching the decline of a great empire. what is going on with real madrid? real madrid's miserable run continues to gather pace. they are out of europe. the league title is beyond their reach now and they have been beaten twice by barcelona. 0n the flipside though, as sleeping giant has awoken. ajax in the quarter—finals of the champions league! see you later.
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hello there. all our weather is going to be coming in from the west over the next few days. there's a really strong jet stream tracking right the way across the atlantic and that picks up areas of cloud. this one here will arrive on friday to bring some rain. this one here has already brought some rain across most of the uk. it's around that area of low pressure. those weather fronts are taking the rain further north into scotland. we're also seeing some really strong winds, especially in wales and the south—west of england. it's been another cold night across northern scotland, a touch of frost even by the morning. much milder elsewhere, but very windy, especially in wales and south—west england. but gusty winds will continue with these bands of showers. and we've got the wetter weather getting stuck across scotland and northern ireland, notjust rain but some snow over the higher ground. let's have a closer look at those showers,
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they're rain bands really, pushing their way across england and wales. some sunshine in between. a bit of warmth, 111—15 degrees, south—east england, east anglia, and also lincolnshire. but the showers will be heavy and potentially thundery. and we're much colder as we move into scotland and northern ireland. and north of the central belt, we're going to find that wet weather continuing with some snow over the highlands and the grampians. it stays wet in scotland overnight. and increasingly back into northern ireland and northern england, too. further south, i think we lose a lot of those heavy showers and temperatures will people wake to around 11—5 degrees. —— dip away to. it will feel colder as we move into thursday. let's trace where our air is coming from, all the way from the arctic, a cold north north—westerly wind will be wrapped around the area of low pressure, which by this stage is out in the north sea. but around the edge of the low, where we're packing in a lot of wet weather into scotland, especially east of scotland, northern england, down into east anglia too, some more snow over the higher ground and a few wintry showers will be following in behind.
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probably the best of the sunshine and the dry weather, southern england and south wales, 11 degrees here. but a chilly six or so, i think, in northern scotland. as we head into the end of the week, that area of low pressure is moving away. it's taking away those cold winds. clearing skies, light winds, means friday could start with a touch of frost, and some sunshine too. but it's going to cloud over. we saw the cloud coming in across the atlantic. and this is bringing the rain into northern ireland, into wales, and the south—west of england, and ahead of that, those temperatures may get to 9—10 degrees. even into the weekend, though, it stays very unsettled, some more rain, some more snow over the hills. it will be very windy. and as a result, it is always going to feel on the chilly side.
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