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this is bbc news, the headlines: former nissan chairman, carlos ghosn, is expected to be released from jail after he was granted bail, set at 9 million dollars, by a japanese court. he's been detained for more welcome to bbc news, than three months, charged with financial misconduct. broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. he denies any wrongdoing our top stories: when will carlos ghosn be leaving this tokyo jail? venezuela's president nicolas prosecutors fail to stop bail for the former nissan boss. maduro's called for his supporters it's been set at nearly $9 million. to take to the streets on saturday — timed to coincide with venezuela's president maduro appeals anti—government rallies organised by opposition leaderjuan guiado. mr maduro called the opposition the crazed minority and vowed they'd be defeated. for his supporters to take to the streets, promising to defeat kylie jenner has become an opposition he calls the world's youngest self—made billionaire according to the forbes billionaires list. a "crazed minority." aged 21, the youngest kardashian family member makes herfortune from cosmetics and reached the milestone earlier than facebook founder mark zuckerberg who entered the list aged 23. now on bbc news, i was this close to the ground and we had my sisters raincoat. in their own words, two sisters explain how they survived 44 hours tuesday in parliament. alone and missing in the woods.
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an appeal by prosecutors has failed, and the former boss of nissan, carlos ghosn, is to be released from jail injapan on bail of a billion yen, nearly $9 million. japanese media suggest he could be free as early as wednesday. he's been detained for more than a hundred days, since his arrest last november on charges of financial misconduct. he denies any wrongdoing. live now to singapore and our business reporter mariko oi. our business reporter mariko oi has been following the story that's right, and that's why the decision came as a surprise when it was laid down yesterday. we wondered if he would be released last night
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after the appeal by prosecutors but a p pa re ntly after the appeal by prosecutors but apparently couldn't post bail of $9 million, as you mentioned, and according to his lawyer, it is not like you can find $9 million in your pocket, can you. it's a bit of it in a suitcase, he said. the prosecution's appeal, it is possible he could be walking out of a detention centre later today. the conditions are very tough. he is going to be under surveillance all the time. he has to visit his lawyers that he was to use a computer, otherwise all the communications on his mobile phone as will assist laptop will be restricted but apparently he is allowed to go shopping, as long as he doesn't meet with anyone related to the case we can even travel within japan as long to the case we can even travel withinjapan as long as it's not for more than three days, according to his lawyer. carlos ghosn is reportedly not too happy. and at least he has unlimited —— more limit
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—— unlimited freedom later today. least he has unlimited —— more limit -- unlimited freedom later today. he has a new legal team, is a book to be significant. his new lawyer is nicknamed razor duties track record of winning cases in the past. this third bell request is made by the new legal team and that's what is believed to be behind this success in getting him bail. of course, because there has been a lot of international spotlight pressure on the japanese judicial system, there has been criticism, especially in france, where he was the leader of the carmaker renault, and concern over why he was held for so long without being found guilty and concern over the ruling yesterday, whether this was the japanese authorities bowing to external pressure but i seriously doubt it is
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down to razor, this lawyer who has managed to come up with these very sticky conditions of bail in order to secure his release. president nicolas maduro of venezuela has launched a direct challenge to juan guaido, the opposition leader who's publicly trying to bring him down. mr maduro said he would defeat a crazed minority and urged people to take to the streets on saturday for an anti—imperialist march. that's also the day on whichjuan guaido has called for anti—government demonstrations. the president's comments were the first since mr guaido defied him and returned to the country on monday. while a crazed minority continues with a hatred and bitterness, that's their problem. we will not pay attention to their compatriots. we. them in our tracks. the work on the national union. we will not pay attention to them. but the crazed minority continue with their bitterness. we will defeat them.
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have absolute security for chavez, for the country, we will do it. let's get some of the day's other news. counter—terrorism police in london are investigating three small explosive devices sent to two airports and a major railway station. no—one was hurt, although one device partially ignited when it was opened. police are keeping an open mind on motive. united nations officials say an unprecedented humanitarian crisis is developing in the west african state of burkina faso. attacks by islamist extremists and others have driven more than 100,000 people from their homes, most in the first two months of this year. at least 500,000 are at risk of food insecurity. michael bloomberg, former mayor of new york, has announced he won't be running for president in 2020. in a statement, he said he was "clear—eyed" about the difficulty of winning the democratic nomination in a crowded field, but would keep on trying to combat climate change.
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president trump will go to alabama on friday to support emergency teams coping with the aftermath of the tornadoes that left 23 people dead. seven members of one family are among the dead. teams are now going house to house, hoping to find survivors in the wreckage. a local sheriff says it's the worst destruction his area has seen in 50 years. the bbc‘s chris buckler is there. the destruction caused by these tornadoes stretches for miles and miles, and this is what you find. houses completely ruined by the high winds, that have just thrown trees right into them. you can see right into this home. it has lost its walls, and you can see just how powerful the tornado has been because this is a tree that has been uprooted here. of course, in some places, there are no homes left. we travelled into one of the worst
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affected areas in beauregard with a resident. as we drove in, you could not see any buildings. there was no sign of the houses that had been there until you got up closer, and you saw the debris of people's lives. there were also startling sights like a car wrapped around a tree, and of course, in this area, there were people who died. the lee county sheriff's office has been releasing more information about the victims — the youngest was just six years old, the oldest was 89 years of age. we have one family connected by marriage, where we have lost seven lives in one family. people have been telling me that the whole community is heartbroken, but there are also people telling me they feel very lucky to be alive because they were inside their homes as the tornado made its way through the area. this man lost an entire room of his house as a result of the force of the winds.
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man, it was, wejust had so much fear that the roof was fixing to leave. the wind picked the roof up, but then it came back down. there are still areas deliberately closed off, with electricity companies trying to repair all of the downed power lines, and there are still search teams working, trying to find those people who have been reported missing and still have not been found. and that's why there are these warnings the death toll could yet again rise. china's premier has unveiled tax cuts to boost a slowing economy and warned of "a tough struggle" ahead. li ke—chang said the economy faces a crucial year as he addressed —— li keqiang said the economy faces a crucial year as he addressed the country's biggest political meeting of the year. 0ur china correspondent john sudworth reports from beijing. under a cloud of pollution they streamed in to take
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their places in a largely ceremonial parliament devoid of dissent. many too guarded even to acknowledge the biggest issue of the day. "are you worried about the economy," i ask. "of course i'm not worried," she says. "our country is strong." "the economy is getting better and better," this man says. inside though, the message from china's leaders was much more candid. with a list of the serious mounting economic risks. translation: downward pressure on the economy is increasing, growth in consumption is slowing. the difficulty private firms face in getting financing has not been resolved. and the financial sector contains many risks and hidden dangers. so, to shore up growth, he promised tax cuts, more bank lending, and, in a clear nod to washington, fairer access for foreign companies.
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premier li keqiang mentioned that the us—china trade dispute head on, calling it "a profound change". it is — no us president has ever challenged china's economy quite like this, and at a time when growth is already slowing. what china's one—party state no fears most are large—scale job losses, and social instability. these young job—seekers say there's been a noticeable change in their prospects. translation: i would say this year is much more difficult, it takes ages to get a response to an application. translation: for example, one position they only recruited three to five people, but around 5,000 people
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applied for it. the competition is very stiff. as they streamed out of the hall, few delegates can now be in any doubt that china's economy is in uncharted territory. and the way ahead, they've been told, lies in more economic stimulus and a tightening of political control. john sudworth, bbc news, beijing. britain's most senior police officer has spoken out against the prime minister's claim that cuts in the police service are not directly to blame for a rise in violent crime. the metropolitan police commissioner said there was some link between crime on the streets and police numbers. our home editor mark easton has more details. a youth in a balaclava with a knife. the video of this incident in lancashire yesterday quickly went viral on social media. no—one was seriously hurt and police quickly made arrests, but once again knife crime is britain's waking nightmare. oh, my god! what else can be done? what can we do to prevent young people getting involved in knife crime? the commissioner of the metropolitan
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police spent the morning trying to reassure the public. was the recent spike in stabbings down to cuts in officer numbers, she was asked. there have been more demand for policing, and therefore there must be some link between violent crime on the streets, obviously, and police numbers, of course there is, and i think everybody would see that. her comments appear to contradict the prime minister, who yesterday said this. there is no direct correlation between certain crimes and police numbers. so, is that right? since 2010, the number of police officers in england and wales has fallen from around 140,000 down to 117,000 last year. at the same time, the number of violent crimes causing injury has also gone down, from about one million incidents a year at the beginning of the decade, to around 600,000 in recent years. the figures don't offer compelling evidence that more officers means less crime. murders are up, but attempted murders are down. knife crime is up, but gun crime is down. it's not that straightforward. the prime minister told the cabinet today the government's response
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to knife crime went beyond the police to what she called a whole government approach. there were hints of extra resources with ministerial meetings being urgently convened. right now, there is an air of crisis. why do you think people carry knives, as a young person yourself? because there might be people after them and for protection... at the crib youth centre in north london, 13—year—old anthony is taking part in a knife crime awareness course. be honest, do you think people can protect themself with a knife? it depends on what situation they're in. they worry about cuts to police here, and cuts to youth services, but they also worry that the wider community is not taking its responsibility. yesterday we were called to an area where a young person was getting jumped and beat up. we ran out and went to that area. and there were people in that area, other adults in there, just standing around,
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and there is a group of about 35 young people around one child. it's our responsibility as well, notjust to stand there and let these things happen. left, right. the mayor of london — at a youth forum today — and the home office, are both looking to fund the front line. both advocating a public health approach to knife crime, treating it as you would an infectious disease. some go further, arguing we need to provide therapy to vulnerable young people. knife crime and youth violence is a communication to society that something is not working. it's really about understanding a young person from their perspective and really holding in mind that also they are perpetrators, but they are also victims. and i think when you hold those two positions in mind, you can develop a sense of empathy and understanding that allows you to go forward in a different way. as police in east london search
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for clues to the apparently random stabbing of a 17—year—old jodie chesney, family members today backed calls for longerjail terms for carrying knives. people want it to stop, but experience tells us there are no quick and easy solutions. mark easton, bbc news. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: the youngest kardashian becomes the world's youngest self—made billionaire, although a lot of people have a problem with two of those words. first, the plates slid gently off the restaurant tables. then suddenly, the tables, the chairs and people crashed sideways and downwards, and it was just a matter of seconds as the ferry lurched onto her side. the hydrogen bomb. on a remote pacific atoll, the americans had successfully tested a weapon whose explosive force dwarfed that of the bomb dropped on hiroshima. i had heard the news earlier, and so my heart went
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bang, bang, bang! the constitutional rights of these marchers are their rights as citizens of the united states, and they should be protected even in the right to test them out, so that they don't get their heads broken and are sent to hospital. this religious controversy — i know you don't want to say too much about it — but does it worry you that it's going to boil up when you get to the states? well, it worries me, yes, but i hope everything will be all right in the end, as they say. good to have —— good to have you with us. carlos ghosn‘s expected to be leaving this tokyo jail. prosecutors fail to stop bail for the former nissan boss. it's been set at nearly $9 million.
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live now to tokyo and to stephen givens, law professor at sophia university. it is hard for the as you say, he has posted 1 billion yen in bail. they are going to put video surveillance cameras in an his apartment. the evidence is ten years old, that it is all an obsession of nissan. given the unfavourable attention, it was hard for the court not to order him to be released. there is some surprise, isn't there? people often don't seem to get bail u nless people often don't seem to get bail unless they have confessed. well, there is a lot of criticism of the japanese system because unlike the
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united states, criminal suspects can be held from very long time without actually being criminally charged. there is a structure here but it sounds like he is a fairly tough man and has gotten through the chapter. there has to be a lot of internal politics. to think the case will likely go to trial. would proceed? i'm pretty sure it's going to proceed that think the prosecutors have a very hard case on their hands. it is becoming increasingly clear is carlos ghosn himself is claiming that the criminal charges which i think are quite weak by the way, are part of a palace coup to block plans between a merger. try to help, quote, put the brakes on. all
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this makes the criminal case more suspicious and dodgy and raises the odds that carlos ghosn will be exonerated. he denies any wrongdoing. that is correct. how long do you think the case might go on? it could go on for quite a long time, months. the facts are quite complicated and i think that the prosecutors have their hands full trying to put together a case on either of the two criminal charges that have been brought against him. professor, thank you very much. it sounds like we may be talking to you again. thank you very much. kyliejenner has become the world's youngest self—made billionaire at the age of 21. the reality television star and entrepreneur has joined the exclusive rich list published each year by financial magazine, forbes.
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she founded her beauty products company, kylie cosmetics, just three years ago. awarning — there's some flash photography in this report from tim allman. # she works hard for the money... she is a social media phenomena in, but it turns out she is also an extremely canny businesswoman. to be fair, kyliejenner was extremely canny businesswoman. to be fair, kylie jenner was hardly extremely canny businesswoman. to be fair, kyliejenner was hardly a pauper to begin with, but there is rich and there is really rich. kylie jana's introduction to being a billionaire, it is something that has shocked all of us and it is really something, we call her the first selfie billionaire and it really speaks to the way the people can make businesses these days —— jenner. i had grown to show you how i get ready on tour, so keep
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watching. i will use this really pretty pink. she made her business through regular appearances on instagram, twitter and youtube. with a relatively small staff, kylie cosmetics sold more than $360 million of make up last year a loan. —— alone. that means she has become a billionaire two years faster than the previous record holder, mark butler a burglar had to wake to the grand old age of 23. she is somewhere off the top spot forbes's rich list. that position is held by amazon founder geoff baker two is worth $131 billion. kylie is not complaining, though. she told the mac in —— magazine the recognition feels really good, a nice pat on the back.
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with the chief financial officer of huawei due in court in canada to fight extradition to the united states on fraud charges, the giant chinese telecoms company is trying to distance itself from spying claims in europe. they're opening a new cyber security centre in belgium. from brussels, the bbc‘s gavin lee. journalists have been invited here to the cyber security centre or the transparency centre to seek ourselves in brussels. the reason is huawei could become the leading provider of equipment for 5g across europe and connecting millions of smartphones, tablets, home appliances and we are talking of speed up to 100 times faster than ag, and also of technology is becoming possible. even driverless cars. huawei are involved in existing technology at the moment the telecom systems, but now the us, new zealand, australia do not trust them and they have stopped and blocked them being involved in 5g
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communications in networks in future. the americans say to european governments, do the same. it will be difficult for washington to partner alongside if they are dealing with huawei over the risk of chinese spying. the uk, france and germany is reviewing the situation. head of m16 said recently in britain should consider whether it has dealings with chinese ownership of these technologies. of course the european commission and similar fears. offers here at huawei say repeatedly they had no connection with the chinese governments, they would never pass on personal data and have even had british officials looking for espionage tools in the softwa re looking for espionage tools in the software and found nothing, no evidence. britain, france and germany will decide on huawei and 5g in the coming weeks. a quick update on a story we have been covering. it's about two sisters who went missing in woodlands in the us
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for two days over the weekend. well, they've been found safe and well. 8—year—old leia and 5—year—old caroline were discovered huddled under a bush, having survived drinking water from huckleberry leaves and eating cereal bars they had brought with them. it was starting to drizzle so i know we had to have iron shelter fast. —— had to find shelter fast. we forgot that no—one should pass that margaret, so we wanted a little more, i said to go a little further.
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sign language interpreter: we found shelter close to the ground, and we had my sister's green jacket. we turned it sideways, so each of us had an armhole to stick our arms into. they did the right thing. they might have wandered off, but they stuck together and they pulled themselves through. they saved each other. they done good! a rare black leopard has been spotted in a tiger reserve in india. they believe this animal is about five years old. the black pigment is caused in the animal had an increased amount of melanin in its skin. and you can get in touch with me and most of the team on twitter. i'm @bbcmikeembley. thank you for watching.
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hello there. all our weather is going to be coming in from the west over the next few days. there's a really strong jet stream tracking right the way across the atlantic and that picks up areas of cloud. this one here will arrive on friday to bring some rain. this one here has already brought some rain across most of the uk. it's around that area of low pressure. those weather fronts are taking the rain further north into scotland. we are also seeing some really strong winds, especially in wales and the south—west of england. it's been another cold night across northern scotland, a touch of frost even by the morning. much milder elsewhere, but very windy, especially in wales and south—west england. but gusty winds will continue with these bands of showers. and we've got the wetter weather getting stuck across scotland and northern ireland, notjust rain, but some snow over the higher ground. let us have a closer
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look at those showers — they are in bands, really, pushing their way across england and wales. some sunshine in between. a bit of warmth, 1a—15 degrees, south—east england, east anglia, and also lincolnshire. but these showers will be heavy and potentially thundery. and we're much colder as you move into scotland and northern ireland. and north of the central belt, we're going to find that wet weather continuing with some snow over highland and grampian. stays wet in scotland overnight. and increasingly back into northern ireland and into northern england too. further south, i think we lose a lot of those heavy showers and temperatures will people wake to around a or 5 degrees. it will feel colder, though, as we move into thursday. let's trace where our air is coming from, all the way from the arctic, a cold north—north—westerly wind is going to be wrapped around the area of low pressure, which by this stage is out in the north sea. but around the edge of the low, where we're packing in a lot of wet weather into scotland, especially eastern scotland, northern england, down into east anglia too,
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some more snow over the high ground and a few wintry showers will be following in behind. probably the best of the sunshine and the dry weather, southern england and south wales, 11 degrees here. but a chilly 6 or so, i think, in northern scotland. as we head into the end of the week, that area of low pressure is moving away. it's taking away those cold winds. clearing skies, light winds means friday could start with a touch of frost, and some sunshine too. but it's going to cloud over. we saw the cloud earlier on coming in across the atlantic. this is bringing the rain into northern ireland, into wales, and the south—west of england and ahead of that, those temperatures may get to 9 or 10 degrees. even into the weekend, though, it stays very unsettled, some more rain, some more snow over the hills. it will be very windy. as a result, it is always going to feel on the chilly side.
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