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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 6, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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they headlines this hour. the home secretary sanjay they headlines this hour. the home secretary sa njay javid says they headlines this hour. the home secretary sanjay javid says he is committed to ensuring that police have the resources they need to deal with a surge in life crime. a muslim convert who had sworn allegiance to the group reported islamic state has been jailed the group reported islamic state has beenjailed for the group reported islamic state has been jailed for life, the group reported islamic state has beenjailed for life, for the group reported islamic state has been jailed for life, for plotting a terror attack in central london. if either is jailed for 16 years, for planning an acid attack against his own at three—year—old son. five other men are also jailed for their pa rt other men are also jailed for their part in the plot. most critically injured patients in rural areas are at risk due to the time it takes the ambulance service to reach them. a bbc investigation is found. in a moment we will be joining the team for sports day. a look at what else he said stick around for this evening. news that the us trade deficit has risen to its highest level in a decade. even though donald trump promised to bring it
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down. here as theresa may announced plans to hold a summit on what can be done to tackle knife crime, we will get a reaction from david jamieson who is police and crime commission for the west midlands. the reason outside of london most affected by the problem. at 8:30 p:m.,a affected by the problem. at 8:30 p:m., a special programme of 11 to 18—year—olds all of the country who have been working with us to tell you about the issues that matter to them. and you canjoin me for the papers. tonight brexit editor at the telegraph and politico's lending playbook editor. now it is time for sports day. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm hugh woozencroft. ‘humiliated' — the spanish press tear into defending champions real madrid after the past seven days culminated in a champions league hiding.
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‘we have the belief‘ — 0le gunnar solskjaer rallies his injury—hit manchester united side as they visit paris st germain in the last 16. and england say they are ‘gaining momentum' ahead of this summer's women's world cup, after a first trophy win under head coach phil neville. also coming up in the programme... we hear from andy murray for the first time since his latest hip surgery. he's "pain free" but unlikely to play at wimbldeon. less tha n less than 50% chance of playing. doubles may be, possibly. and susie wolff encourages more women to get into motorsport in her new role as a formula e team principal...
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hello and welcome to sportsday. good evening... the spanish media is today mourning one of it's greatest ever teams with many feeling real madrid's 4—1 defeat to ajax in the champions league last 16 as ‘the end of the era'. real lost 5—2 on aggregate and relinquished the title they have won in the each of the last three seasons. 0ur reporter austin halewood is here to help us make sense of it. austin it was an incredible eveing in madrid... they were simply outplayed by ajax. exactly right. it is capped off as one of the worst weeks in recent history for real madrid. back to back defeats to barcelona and madrid, that is three defeats now inside a week. all of them inside the burn about. it is really unprecedented and be spanish capital. we cannot forget that ajax we re capital. we cannot forget that ajax were to happen when down in the first leg. two gulls inside the opening 20 minutes. a brilliant score made it free. real madrid did
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get one back. but it is made four with this free cake. it is the first time ajax have won a champions league knockout tie and 22 years. a famous night for them. but it really isa famous night for them. but it really is a disappointing one for real madrid. the heaviest defeat at home in the champions league. what has gone so wrong for madrid? it is a disappointing time for them. 1011 days. that was the last time they we re days. that was the last time they were champions. it greatly changed since then, a completely different look to this team now. two glaring admission, the first of them is this man, the manager zinedine zidane. we look at the stats under him and his two and a half years at the club, between 2016—2018. we are madrid 178% of the matches manager 19% and lasted just 10%.
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from real madrid fans, this really isa from real madrid fans, this really is a crisis. the real loss and the reason for all of that, well, it is this man, cristiano ronaldo. these are the amount of goals that real madrid players have scored in the champions league since 2015. the season champions league since 2015. the season they won the first of their back titles. cristiano ronaldo has even played this season for real madrid, he scored 48 calls at the top of that graphic in that time. looking to next season. spanish football generalist sets real metric really need to change their priorities. the problem i see is they actually feel that a champions league when is enough. but they won the week twice in the last ten years. i think they
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will start looking at a different way of understanding the game, where you train hard every day, with every game is important. the kind of mentality that manchester city or even are barcelona have, to actually bring them not only the glory of the cup victories but also the leagues that defined what a big and good team is. so that is his ear. he knows his spanish football very well. what has the reaction been like in the spanish media over there? it has been pretty damning. the fans inside the stadium last night seem to have put a large part of the blame on gareth bale, he was booed off after being substituted. in the press this morning, "end of an era" in nephi pages in the spanish press. another said "nothing at all" and that performance. in one said "here lies a team that has made
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history" restaurant —— history referencing the 4—1 defeat, behaviours in their time. they are putting to rest for great real metric team in the champions league. 0ut metric team in the champions league. out of all competitions now and well behind barcelona. this is a crisis for real madrid and it's often is in football, that can often bring about drastic changes. indeed. thank you so drastic changes. indeed. thank you so much. that is the bad press that real madrid have been getting. it is all dealt with. what about this positive press giving to this young ajax team ? if positive press giving to this young ajax team? if you are there, this tea m ajax team? if you are there, this team has been compared with the victorious 1995 team has been compared with the victorious1995 side that included notorious players as well. but what is being made if the siding comparison? that wasn't something that you just mentioned, some great names. at the telegraph said this morning to our readers, you don't have to forget about this team, but
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it has been eclipsed by the most fantastic ajax site we have ever seenin fantastic ajax site we have ever seen in europe. that was 18 which played real madrid off the park last night. they were so exciting. so many good and great talents from their own academy. that has really getting touch football an extra edge in europe again. he talked about that great academy system and those young players coming through. i guess ajax is seen as a feeder club for some of the big teams in europe. the likes of barcelona. we know some players are on their way there. if this team is broken up, what does that say about touch football?m this team is broken up, what does that say about touch football? it is something we have to accept. we cannot compete against the premier league, la liga and other leaks, but it does not stop us from producing great young players. we will keep doing that. the former arsenal
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winger who is now the sporting director of ajax, the man, the architects of this great team together with the former man united keeper. he has said the entire squad of ajax earns in wages exactly the same as gareth bale earns at real madrid. that kind of sums up the financial situation is for a club like ajax. we cannot compete in the same race, we will have to do it our way and we will produce more great players because we have already seen that happen. et millions for barcelona, we expect more soon. after that may be more than half of this team will go to the giants, and the leaks this team will go to the giants, and the lea ks of this team will go to the giants, and the leaks of europe. nhs will have to start again. but we will do our best with the theme at this moment. we think are the way to the final. if we can beat bayern munich and real madrid, why can we not get it
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on the ledge to the final? indeed. that would be amazing. thank you for joining us on sports day. we will turn attentions to tonight's football in just a moment where manchester united will look to become the second english side to make it into the last eight. tottenham completed the formalities of their progression into the quarterfinals last night thanks to harry kane's second—half goal in dortmund. that earned them a 1—0 win on the night and a 4—0 aggregate victory over the bundesliga leaders. for united to join them... they'll need to overcome a 2—0 deficit from the first leg in paris tonight. that defeat three weeks ago is so far the only loss on 0le gunnar solskjaer‘s impressive cv as united caretaker manager. there will be full commentary tonight from the french capital on radio 5live, you can follow on the bbc sport website and app as well. the bbc‘s football correspondent john murray will be there for us alongside former scotland winger pat nevin.
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0le gunnar solskjaer said it is not mission impossible. but it is not far off, is it? i say mission improbable as opposed to mission impossible. manchester united are very strong since he took over with eve ryo ne very strong since he took over with everyone available, but it is still a massive asked for that want to happen. with so many people injured, there is only one thing in the favour. that is no expectation, because of that no expectation if you relax and go enjoy, sometimes you relax and go enjoy, sometimes you can relax and play. it is a tall order. manchester united with ten players out. paul pogba suspended. as we have warned you, you need to be with us from the start. 8pm kick—off, gmt. it could be another pulsating evening in the champions league. england head coach phil neville
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is urging his players to ‘puff out their chests' and play with more confidence after winning the she believes cup in the us. they did it by beating japan 3—0 to bring arguably their biggest success to date, with the world cup just three months away. jo currie was watching in florida. england are lighting up the world stage. lifting the shebelieves cup, their biggest trophy to date, and what's more in a world cup year. an occasion to celebrate. champions against the odds. obviously we are delighted. you can see from the celebrations in the changing rooms, lots of music and dancing. i think for us, we are tired, but at the same time we are looking forward at what is to come over the next few months. most importantly, enjoy tonight. ready to pounce, the lionesses started with confidence, encapsulated by lucy stanfiorth‘s strike from outside the area, which settled the nerves early on. minutes later, england were at it again. this time, veteran karen carney with a pinpoint header to put them further ahead.
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beth mead, one of the younger players, will be desperate to book her place at this summer's the world cup. she showed exactly why she is worth her spot with her second eye—catching goal of the tournament. after the change of ends, the lionesses continued to hunt for more goals. chioma ubogagu going closest, but they could not add to their 3—0 lead. not that it mattered. the manner of england's performance in this match and throughout the tournament underlines this team's coming of age. you enjoy moments like these. you don't get many moments in your life where you get your hands on a trophy. it is my first as a manager, the first for some of these younger players and we're going to enjoy tonight. the thing about lifting trophies is it raises expectations. but the more you get your hands on the silverware, the better you handle the pressure. let's quickly round up some of the day's other football news and scotland's women have finished fifth in the algarve cup after beating denmark 1—0 in this afternoon. the only goal of the game was from
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jane ross in the first half — her 58th for her country — and enough for victory over a team three places higher in the world rankings. it was scotland's second win in two games after beating iceland on monday. spurs boss mauricio pochettino has been fined £10,000 and given a two match touchline ban, after accepting an improper conduct charge following tottenham's loss to burnley in the premier league last month. peter beardsley has left his coaching role at newcastle united. he had been on leave since an investigation into racism and bullying allegations was launched last year. beardsley "categorically denies the allegations" and says the "time was right to seek a new challenge". andy murray says he is finally "pain free" but says his chances of playing singles at wimbledon this year are unlikely following hip surgery. the 31—year—old had the operation injanuary, and admitted at the time there was a "strong possibility" he wouldn't be able to play professionally again. he's been speaking to our
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sports editor, dan roan. it's a pretty big operation. not many 30—year—olds are having that sort of operation. but i feel good. iam sort of operation. but i feel good. i am walking around pain—free, which hasn't been the case for pretty much 18 months, two years. and that was the main reason for having it done, so the main reason for having it done, so i'm really happy with how that is going. just a day to day things that i'm doing are a lot more enjoyable now. i wasn't enjoying tennis, going out for walks and just doing basic things. it was painful tying my laces. ijust things. it was painful tying my laces. i just wanted things. it was painful tying my laces. ijust wanted to get rid of that. and now that's gone, i want to try and get my hip as best as i can to see whether i can continue to do something that i love doing, which is playing tennis. how realistic is that you can play at wimbledon this year? to play singles at wimbledon, i would say it would be, less than 50% chance of playing. doubles
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maybe, possibly. 0ne 50% chance of playing. doubles maybe, possibly. one of the american doubles players bob bryan happy same operation and was competing after five and a half months. whether i will be able to get that to playing singles in that period of time, it is really difficult for me to say. beyond wimbledon, do you think there isa beyond wimbledon, do you think there is a realistic possibility that you can get back into serious senior men's tennis as a singles player?” think it is possible. i don't want to say that it is highly likely, because it has not been done before. i can't look at another tennis player and go yet and i think i did it so why not. i have been told by the surgeons and stuff that you can try, but there is certainly no guarantees. right, it's been a busy day in rugby union news. the scarlets todayjoined the 0spreys to say a proposed merger between the two welsh regions was "off the table". confusion notjust there but also in world rugby where it looks
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like proposals to the international schedule look buried as well. 0ur correspondent chris jones told me more... this is all going to be decided next week at this meeting in dublin. it was hastily called by the world by was hastily called by the world rugby chairman on sunday. it is an emergency meeting, where this is all going to be thrashed out. what a time it is for politics and might be at the moment. the stories come thick and fast. world rugby today confirmed the way they see what they call the nations championship happening, with two leaks of 12 and promotion and relegation. some issues that need to be resolved for this to go ahead, you mention player welfare, the players are concerned especially about this block potentially five matches in a row that would take place on the end of the year. for this league to work that has to have promotional relegation and it would need promotion and relegation from both the rugby championship and the six nations. the six nations up until now have been dead against the idea
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of promotion or relegation. i have spoken to sources at the six nations in the past 2a hours, they are staying tight—lipped but they have promised to go to dublin with an open mind, with the get up again at large. at their hearts. next thursday's meeting in dublin, we will find out a lot more about whether this is a dead duck or whether this is a dead duck or whether it is going to be the start ofa whether it is going to be the start of a revolution in international by of a revolution in international rugby union. let's round up quickly some of the day's other sports news and we'll stay with rugby union. england will give maro itoje and jack nowell "every chance" of making their for the six nations match with italy on saturday. itoje re—injured his knee in training on yesterday, while nowell has a shoulder problem. meanwhile, there is no place for sean cronin in ireland's squad for sunday's meeting with france. the hooker is be replaced by ulster‘s rob herring, robbie henshaw is also excluded. a row over prize money has led to a boycott of courses run by arena racing company for three
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days this week so only fifteen horses ran in six races at lingfield earlier. the 2:30 was one of several ‘two horse races.‘ olympic champion adam peaty has signed to race for the london franchise of the new international swimming league. the ‘isl series' will launch in october this year, and peaty will be joined by british team—mate james guy. peaty believes the league is making the "dreams of swimmers come true"... it is kind of making those dreams that athletes have had for the last 20 or 30 years come true. to have his professional leak where swimmers will get paid and a family can represent teams of our choice. i think the whole world for sport is changing and athletes now are realising that they have a massive leverage. and that potential. for us, these two things combined go hand—in—hand. yes, swimming is finally getting a foothold on the professional market. now we continue our detailed look at women's sport,
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ahead of international women's day on friday. and today our focus is on motorsport, where even in 2019 there is still a lack of female drivers. that's changing though in formula e where the numbers participating are increasing. natasha henry has been to find out how a male dominated sport is now starting to embrace welcome change. she made history in 2014 at silverstone


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