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tv   The Papers  BBC News  March 6, 2019 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. time now, absolutely anything can happen and nobody seems to be able i'm shaun ley. the headlines at 11:00: the home secretary says he'll do to predict that. how long ago now all he can to give police the resources they need was it back to resume a gap is to fight knife crime. the latest victim was a man in this still? will make month ago, way back 20s, who was stabbed to death in east london this afternoon. in november. we had been talking a the death adds to the rapidly—growing numbers of victims lot, they have been lots of boats of knife crime, prompting this and things have been happening, and and things have been happening, and a lot of the drama, but when you look at what has changed, apparently pledge from sajid javid. nothing at all. dentist for chase we have got to do everything we can. iam we have got to do everything we can. i am absolutely committed to working theresa may's like a power over our with the police honours. and we have listen when they talk about government. the government is subdivided, the cabinet, that she is resources . unable to pursue the things she —— on this. a muslim convert has been wants to do, and she is flailing given a life sentence for planning to kill dozens around trying to find a way through of people in central london, the outcome of this, if this is including oxford street. a father is jailed for 16 years for planning an acid attack on his own three—year—old son — right and if she lives on tuesday, five other men are also jailed the likely outcome is that we are for their part in the plot. going to see brexit delayed at least bya going to see brexit delayed at least by a couple of months, maybe buy a couple of years. that is now baby i had it begs the that downing street theresa may will be giving to her
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mps theresa may will be giving to her mp5 for the next few days, saying he did not buffet this month we will not be leaving on the 29th. this is effectively a date that theresa may chose herself because by triggering article 50 with its two—year negotiating period, she did that on the 29th of march two years ago, and therefore a comment sheet set the clock. it is notjust theresa may, it is the entire comment is devoted to check out article 50, which meant that in two years later, we would have to leave that, that is part of the treaty, the eu treaty, that is why it is important. that is the only legal such style, unless primary legislation is actually admitted that, we leave by law on the 29th of march. that is the only expectancy ahead, which is why. even if she wins the boat, but that is
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not going to automatically not happy you know what i mean? they would have to bring primary legislation to admit that primary legislation for ta ke admit that primary legislation for take a lead on the 29th of march, so thatis take a lead on the 29th of march, so that is my it is all such a mess. that is another think important to say, at this delay does not happen, it is not to something the uk can build unilaterally, it is something that every european union country has to set on. what that means is that if and when theresa may goes back to brussels at the end of the month and say that we are not there, they can say mind, but, at that point, they can start putting conditions burned, and britain is going to be in a very weak position to argue back because they will be a beak away to pronounce adele because we know that is going to do, so we note that the amount of suede that you got. know they are all waiting for it fishing, and making
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commitments on that. lots of things, lots of kids, lots of worms. let's get direct discussion of brexit by this review and passing the guardian, wonderful picture. they we re guardian, wonderful picture. they were showing on the news bulletins earlier, i think it is sort of a comical snapshot of the country as it is. if you take a step back and look at what is happening, it is a very unusual time of turmoil. this is not what this country is normally like. it is a nice time to sort of try and illustrate what is happening to our national character at the moment. i suppose, it makes me happily think of that post in the 97 election for the labour long time ago now is move to another story in the guardian. this is about ninth
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grade. this is interesting. in the context of the theresa may's leadership, having being home secretary, division opening up who is taking the side of the police. and has been very interesting on one of the dings and talks about the story is about the find is likely to be £15 million. according to the guardian, which is likely to have problems places and a side of short—term basis to provide the police but the support that they need. another think that is talked about is bringing back backstop is section two extent. that is problematic for theresa may because thatis problematic for theresa may because that is one of her legacies that she stop that because of race relations, andi stop that because of race relations, and i think they were valid points —— in communities that felt that they were targeted, cultural nuances
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that have to be respected that. so that have to be respected that. so thatis that have to be respected that. so that is something that theresa may felt that that was something of an achievement when she was home secretary, but now it seems that is going to be brought back in some way, shape, or form. going to be brought back in some way, shape, orform. and morejunior officers will also be allowed to use stop and search powers. it used to be upset 15 hours if you got to stop and search order, it lasted for only 15| and search order, it lasted for only 15 i think it is now they are going to look at extending it to 2a hours as well. quite a few things that the current home secretary will be seeing as a departure from the previous home secretary's doing. how much is base positioning ahead of the inevitable election could make very cynical thing to suggest that the home secretary will have that on his mind. idea that you can stop this problem by putting 15 million
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quid on it is not the case. there are other factors. simply allowing police officers to do stop and search powers and small injection of cash can make may be innocent to make people feel better, but it is not going to solve the fundamental problem. the politics of this is fascinating because this is the prime minister's legacy. she is very proud of her record how crime fell while she cut the budget every year. it was that thing up 2010, to deal with the effects that they blamed on the previous labour. exactly, and it seems to be falling apart and it does not look good for her at all. it is negative the new home secretary to be saying we need to put back in, the exact opposite of
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out put back in, the exact opposite of our flagship policies that she is a product. you can see why she is resistant, but you dead right, he seems to be tackling face, and he wants to be tough on crime because he wants conservative party members to be thinking that he does a good job on downing street. this is an interesting story, this is tied to a campaign that he had been running since last year about women in business. last year, we lost a campaign called women in business which was all about getting the help that women entrepreneurs need in order to set up businesses. it's was very clear that when he did not get as much startup capital. thanks to not get them enough or nearly anything like what was available to made. and no government commission review? exactly. the treasury set up a commission list the of mac at
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the's bank. in putting recommendations that banks can do in order to help women entrepreneurs get into business more easily. it says here that treasury will announce a range of measures on the 8th of march, which is the international women's day in response to the rent and parts of its pledge. friday? yes, so tomorrow, it says tomorrow. 600,000 more women to start of their own business by 2030. they kinda put this thing on there saying that women have to start businesses with only half as much capital as being but that that is big distinction. and that is a huge stumbling block for my day, it is fairness, but for the economy. entrepreneurs i something every government agrees that we need to be encouraging. it is huge untapped potential, so this is huge untapped potential, so this is great that you see in the
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newspaper campaign something like this. hopefully we will see some results from this. exactly. will be backin results from this. exactly. will be back in our but let's talk about this right here. british billionaires, anything to do it brexit our fears of the labour government? need at the links have been drawn here is that this investigation spans back to that la st investigation spans back to that last decade. i do not think we can pin it on a referendum onjeremy corbyn. it is not a good look at all for our wonderful super wealthy elite. if you look at some of the sides of the figures attacks that are apparently being acquired exodus investigation, they are naming names and putting big numbers on it. that is nothing that enrages people more google apps and work hard and pay taxes, all the things you are
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supposed to do, think the very wealthy people who obviously can't afford to pay the tax and would make afford to pay the tax and would make a big difference in public services, we would talk about police services earlier, well if you look at these and it will enrage people. this is the stuff that people need to talk about all the time the government. we had to get international agreement so that i don't loop holes to cite their money away abroad. yes, we do talk about international, because every country has its own interest to look at that. but it is a tendency that all parliamentarians half to huff and puff and they do very little. even at this piece, a lot of the things i do legally, this find shifting. if they are serious about it, they can always legislate better if not more. the papers view
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that this is unethical, but it is lawful behaviour. you put your money where you get your best deal, whatever it private individual does when they buy whatever they buy. whatever it private individual does when they buy whatever they buym is not at the end piece together ethic lessons, it is up to attempt to set the law they function. so why not do white? bikes make good to end ona not do white? bikes make good to end on a good question. —— so why not more? that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — 7 days a week at bbc.couk/papers — and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you dia chakravarty, brexit editor at the telegraph andjack blanchard, the editor of politico london playbook. the way that the light at us today.
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0ne the way that the light at us today. one minute, you icejoining blue skies, and next and the dorm part comes along and reaches you. it is because of low pressure from the swell of cloud and the satellite picture. we see outbreaks of rain moving northwards in the hills. as he got there the next 2a hours, the area of north pressure side eastwards, that opens the gates to some cold air which is going to dig its way to the north, something some i felt chilly. there tonight, and only part of tomorrow, early outbreaks of three, and of the island, england, with snow, scott in particular. most of the shallowest state, close spouse. it stays so temperatures will not jump state, close spouse. it stays so temperatures will notjump to five. tomorrow, lots of cloud. moving up of northern ireland, england, wales, east anglia, at the north, we are likely to see when to seep into reit weather. perhaps some slightly lower
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elements, some of these went to reach out its continuance of the afternoon, blowing and risk weight, wind gusts of a0 to 50 mph, a touch more in the proposed spots. lots of cloud for northern england, north wales, commitment, and detect east anglia, pat is a mixed rain. not too many showers where ever you are, it will be windy. during thursday night into the early hours, the wind will ease. temperatures will drop. temperatures down as low as five, some shelter spots in scotland. a bright start, your chance to draw breath. some spells of sunshine, however, it will not last, cloud increase from the west and bricks of rain as we had until friday afternoon. this is just rain as we had until friday afternoon. this isjust the rain as we had until friday afternoon. this is just the first of afternoon. this is just the first of a number of weather systems that will affect us as we hadn't intended to begin. thejet stream blowing powerfully across the atlantic
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winds, heightened and despair, feeding more weather systems in our direction. some of these could be quite intense. could bring some very strong winds. we will see brain, not only rain, but snow in the high ground. gals in the forecast, it will feel cold, amongst that, there will feel cold, amongst that, there will be sunshine.
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