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earlier, i spoke with our this is bbc news. china correspondent stephen mcdonell and i asked him how significant the headlines: the chinese telecoms giant huawei has announced it is suing the american government — huawei's announcement is. because federal agencies have been barred from using its products. this as the company's chief financial officer, well, it is a very big moment. who's being detained a very warm welcome to bbc news, at the request of the us, broadcasting to our viewers appeared in court in canada. in north america huawei has come out all guns the us is seeking her extradition and around the globe. my name is mike embley. blazing. and on the same day that on charges of bank and wire fraud our top stories: huawei isn't backing down. the senior huawei executive, meng relating to sanctions against iran. the chinese technology giant announces that it's suing the us government. wanzhou the senior huawei executive, meng wa nzhou appeared in the senior huawei executive, meng wanzhou appeared in court in canada a us senator, who was the first are facing extradition proceedings to the united states. that is about woman to fly in combat republican senator martha mcsally says she was raped by a senior for the air force, has said officer while serving she was raped by a superior officer in the military. alleged breaches of iran sanctions. while serving in the military. i blame myself. i was ashamed and confused. martha mcsally said she didn't i thought i was strong. report the attack at the time it comes out and announces it is but felt powerless. because she lacked suing the us on its ban on all us faith in the system. government departments from using huawei technologies. as we heard a week into disruptions there, huawei is saying that the us on the uganda—rwanda border — the american singer r kelly is back we hear from some of those finding in custody after a court hearing alternative ways to get across. in chicago on unpaid child support. why many foreign students officials said he'd be detained are choosing australia rather congress has not produced any than europe or canada to study. evidence that it has used its until he paid more than $160,000 equipment to spy on people, that it that were owed. he's also facing separate charges of sexual assault — which he denies. has, apparently, according to huawei, the us government has acted asjudge, jury,
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huawei, the us government has acted as judge, jury, and huawei, the us government has acted asjudge, jury, and executioner. huawei went even further and today has said that the us government has hacked huawei's servers and stolen e—mails from huawei and they are the giant chinese telecoms company huawei has announced that it is suing the us government saying that on the other hand the us over a ban on its products. the us claims that huawei's side, washington, has got no equipment presents a security risk. evidence that we are spying on here's the moment huawei's rotating chairman, guo ping, american citizens and that all of announced the company has filed this will stop american consumers from having access to their a lawsuit against the us. products, to huawei building a 56 today huawei announced it has filed a lawsuit against the us government. to challenge the constitutionality network there. part of their of the section of the 2019 national background it is notjust the us defence authority act. the us congress has repeatedly government saying this. several failed to produce any evidence to support its restrictions on huawei products. governments are investigating after exhausting all other means whether huawei's software is to allay the thoughts of us particularly vulnerable to hacking. lawmakers, we are left with no and although it is a fact that under choice but to challenge 00:01:41,708 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 the law in court. chinese law huawei would be obliged to give up confidential information to give up confidential information to the chinese government if asked for it? yes, in severalwestern countries intelligence agencies have informed the government it is too big a risk to allow huawei, which
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has close links to the chinese government, to allow them to build a piece of infrastructure like a 56 network and they, the intelligence agencies, have said it is too late until later on when the whole network is built to see it huawei turns around and spies on us, because all chinese government, all chinese companies are really bound to do what the government says and so to do what the government says and so the thinking goes that if one day beijing called on huawei to use this equipment to spy on people in other countries, how could huawei seno? i should add that the flipside of this is that there is no way the chinese communist party would allow a foreign company to build a 56 network here and so there is an element of, i suppose, hypocrisy here in terms of these allegations against united states. —— sayyid no. steven mcdonnell in beijing.
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the first woman to fly in combat for the us air force says she was raped by a superior officer while serving in the military. martha mcsally, who's a united states senator, said she did not report the attack at the time because she lacked faith in the system. ramzan karmali has the details. she was the first woman us fighter pilot to fly in combat. but today, senator martha mcsally made this stunning revelation to her colleagues in washington. i am also a military sexual assault survivor, but unlike so many brave survivors, i didn't report being sexually assaulted. this evidence to a senate hearing was the first time in public, but not the first time she had told authorities what had happened. in one case, i was preyed upon, and then raped by superior officer. i stayed silent for many years, but later in my career as the military grappled with scandals and their wholly inadequate responses,
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and felt the need to let some people know, i too, was a survivor. i was horrified at how my attempt to share generally my experiences were handled. i almost separated from the air force at 18 years over my despair. like many victims, ifelt force at 18 years over my despair. like many victims, i felt the system was raping me all over again. mcsally entered politics shortly after leaving the air force in 2010. 26 years in uniform, she was taking the fight to the military. and she campaigned hard in arizona in the mid—terms of 2018. my friend, martha mcsally, she's the real deal, she's tough.
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but still the majority of victims do not speak up. they have access their well—being, the access to schools, their promotions, there are a lot of reasons a soldier would not come forward immediately or may delay reporting. tammy duckworth, also a combat veteran, said the military had utterly failed at handling sexual assault. she and her committee want to know what more can be done to bring the perpetrators to justice. let's get some of the day's other news. a second senior figure in the police service has criticised the british prime minister for her response to the upsurge in knife crime in the uk. lord stevens, former head of london's metropolitan police, told the bbc theresa may "hasn't listened" to police concerns. at an emergency meeting, home secretary sajid javid has asked police to outline the extra investment they need, and said he'll do all he can to provide it. venezuela's government is expelling the german ambassador for what it says is interference in its internal affairs. martin kriener has been given 48 hours to leave.
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he was one of the foreign diplomats who went to the airport in caracas to greet opposition leader juan guaido as he returned to the country. president trump has said he will be "very disappointed" if north korea is rebuilding missile test facilities it promised to dismantle. satellite images — taken two days after his talks with kimjong—un broke down in vietnam — appear to show the rapid rebuilding of structures at the sohae rocket launch pad. the singer r kelly is back behind bars after a court hearing in chicago on unpaid child support. cook county sheriff's office says he will be detained until he pays more than $160,000 he owes. it came just hours after a tv interview in which he angrily denied allegations of sexual abuse. r kelly's publicist said they'd hoped a payment plan would be accepted.
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he can't pay. as you know, he hadn't worked in a long time. he can't book shows, he can't do anything. there have been a lot of things going on in mr kelly's life, lawsuits, will be things that are happening, and he just didn't have the money. and so he did not have $161,000. we try to work some things out, it did not work some things out, it did not work out. and hopefully we will get him out by wednesday. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: how a musical programme is creating opportunities for more than 300 children in one of kenya's biggest slums. first, the plates slid gently off the restaurant tables. then suddenly, the tables, the chairs and people crashed sideways and downwards, and it was just a matter of seconds as the ferry lurched onto her side. the hydrogen bomb. on a remote pacific atoll, the americans had successfully
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tested a weapon whose explosive force dwarfed that of the bomb dropped on hiroshima. i had heard the news earlier, and so my heart went bang, bang, bang! the constitutional rights of these marchers are their rights as citizens of the united states, and they should be protected even in the right to test them out, so that they don't get their heads broken and are sent to hospital. this religious controversy — i know you don't want to say too much about it — but does it worry you that it's going to boil up when you get to the states? well, it worries me, yes, but i hope everything will be all right in the end, as they say.
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welcome back. good to have you with us. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: huawei has announced it is suing the american government. the republican senator martha mcsally has said she was raped by a superior officer while serving in the military. she was giving evidence to a senate subcommittee hearing. letter stay with that story. —— let us letter stay with that story. —— let us stay. doctor rachel kimerling is a clinical psychologist. at the national centre of post traumatic stress disorders for the us department of veteran affairs, she specialises in ptsd, gender and sexual trauma. she is in palo alto california. because you are part of the military i understand you cannot comment on specific policy. there are several things common to sexual assault, aren't there? there certainly is. i think one of the things that really
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ifind so admirable think one of the things that really i find so admirable about... inaudible. forgive me. we're having some problems with communications. we cannot quite here. we have to re—establish the connection and come back you in a moment, if that is all right? let us bring you this other story in the meantime. we will get back to that when we can. it's a week since movement on the border between uganda and rwanda ran into serious difficulties. trade has slowed down and rwandans are not able to cross, legally, into uganda. the government in kigali has restricted movement and accuses its neighbour of supporting rwandan rebels and harassing its citizens. uganda strongly denies that. the bbc‘s catherine byaruhanga is on the border. these rwandans tell us they are taking a risk coming to uganda. over the past week, the government has strongly advised them not
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to make the crossing. so they use these illegal routes to avoid the authorities. we are told those caught could face detention back home but they rely on trade with uganda. translation: we are very hungry, we are hungry because we used to come to uganda to get food. people in the area tell us there are more rwandan forces at the border, though the government in kigali has denied any extra deployments. we've already spotted three rwandan soldiers in the bushes just behind us. the presence of these forces is contributing to the growing anxiety amongst the community is on both sides of the border. nobody knows how long these tensions will last and what could happen next. this primary school usually has about 80 students commuting from rwanda every day but for the past week, none of them have made it to class.
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as the border disruptions continue, families can become more effective. there are some businessmen around here who are parents of children who go here so we now have that problem, where shall they get, they want pay school fees. the border restrictions are an escalation of the simmering tensions between the neighbours. leaders from both countries have repeatedly called for calm and the people here hope this happens soon. catherine byaruhanga, bbc news, cyanika, on the border rwanda. let's ta ke let's take you back to the story we we re let's take you back to the story we were just let's take you back to the story we
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werejust on. maertens let's take you back to the story we were just on. maertens sally was raped during her service and did not report it because she had no faith in the system. doctor rachel kimerling is a clinical psychologist. at the national centre of post traumatic stress disorders for the us department of veteran affairs, she specialises in ptsd, gender and sexual trauma. she is in palo alto california it was one of admiration inaudible. iam it was one of admiration inaudible. i am really sorry. we clearly have a problem with the sound and cannot hear you properly. iwill problem with the sound and cannot hear you properly. i will have to leave it there for the moment.
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moving on for the moment. the brazilian president jair bolsonaro has provoked outrage by using an obscene video to attack the annual carnival celebration. mr bolsonaro tweeted the clip saying such scenes were becoming normal at carnival, and he wanted to reveal the truth. critics have accused the president of retaliation for protests against him during this year's carnival. the uk has been urged to table fresh proposals to the european union within the next few days to break the brexit impasse. eu officials said they would work non—stop over the weekend if "acceptable" ideas were received by friday to break the deadlock over the irish backstop. that's the guarantee of no return to a hard border between northern ireland and the republic. earlier today both sides described the talks as "difficult" a corruption scandal is rocking justin trudeau's government. it is
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alleged to senior cabinet ministers having resigned. the prime minister star power is dimming as he faces that only gives political crisis. former attorney general says she faced political pressure and veiled threats for months to abandon prosecution of a quebec engineering firm. they experience a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government... she accuses the prime minister of being more concerned about votes than principles. and a bit resigned and told mps nothing happened beyond normal operations of government. told mps nothing happened beyond normal operations of governmentlj know normal operations of government.” know from long experience with the prime minister, if something improper had been happening and that
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impropriety had been known to him, he would have put a stop to it. even if the impropriety was his own. justin trudeau thought he could contain this crisis but misjudged it. the question is whether he can rehabilitate his image ahead of upcoming elections.” rehabilitate his image ahead of upcoming elections. i think certain things are coming to rest. i think justin trudeau is a bit shallow and it is proving itself through all this. maybe he made mistakes but, with the options we have on the table for the next election, i think it is still the best option. experts believe there is still time to turn things around before voters head to the polls in october. if you want to save your government, act as if you are not perfect, you have crossed
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the line and maybe canadians will forgive you and move on. justin trudeau promise to bring on an area of transparency, the scandal will make it hard to oppose the attack that he is just another politician. the television presenter of long running quiz, jeopardy, has confirmed he has stage four pancreatic cancer. i have been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. normally the practices is not very encouraging but i will fight this. alex trebek announced the diagnosis in a video message. trebek has been at the helm of jeopardy! since 1984, setting a guinness world record injune 2014 for the most episodes — 6,829 — of a game show hosted new figures show that australian universities have seen a 50% rise in the number of international students over the past five years. and many expect australia to soon overtake the uk
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as a study destination. nearly half of those foreign students come from either china or india but there are warnings that institutions shouldn't become dependent on funding from overseas. more from our sydney correspondent, hywel griffith. study business by the surf. it's a compelling proposition, which helped persuade yan from china that sydney was the right place for her degree. she'd been to australia before to visit her cousin, but the country also topped a list for cost and lifestyle. i did some research in uk and america, they're all fantastic study destinations and they all have fantastic educational systems. but i guess with australia it's more financially friendly. and it feels young to me. australia — it looks to me that they are making their own history at the moment. education is a big
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multinational business. the us is the global leader in attracting international students. the uk is in second position. but numbers there have stagnated, while in australia, the third biggest market, there's been a 50% growth in five years. chinese students, in particular, are grabbing the opportunity to come to australia's universities. sydney's uts is typical. one third of the foreign student here are from china. international students can pay four times the fees of their australian counterparts, and they have to pass a language test to study here. but some academics have warned that they have seen students with very little english and assignments clearly written using internet translation. that's prompted a warning that universities shouldn't undermine their own success. this is a thing we need to guard really closely, the standards and the reputation and the authority of universities.
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if that gets watered down so that we are passing students simply because they are good revenue source, then that's a problem. for some students it's life after uni that really matters. maxim from moscow hopes to take advantage of a two year visa for graduates to start his career here. i'm100% staying in australia. i love it. i'm obviously working very hard to get my employment here and stay in the country. as enrolments keep on growing, australian universities are clearly feeling the love, with more students thinking this is the right move for them. hywel griffith, bbc news, sydney. lets meet a group of talented young musicians from kenya, who've had the rare chance to perform for dignitaries including pope francis. they're part of the ghetto classics 0rchestra, a programme which involves over 300 children in one of the country's biggest slums, korogocho.
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bbc childrens programme what's new has been talking to some of them. iam16 i am 16 years of age and play the violin. i love the violin because it is small, the sound, the techniques. lam is small, the sound, the techniques. iam13 is small, the sound, the techniques. i am 13 years old. my brother told mel i am 13 years old. my brother told me i should turn the classic. a study of the recorder and played it for three years and then moved on to saxophone. it is all about helping people in need and you do not compete with anyone. we just do our concerts and go somewhere.” compete with anyone. we just do our concerts and go somewhere. i am a memberof concerts and go somewhere. i am a member of ghetto classics orchestra the. i member of ghetto classics orchestra the. lam member of ghetto classics orchestra the. i am 13 years old. ijoined in
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2015. ghetto classics orchestra was introduced to those with natural tale nt introduced to those with natural talent and paid for those who are bright, school fees and secondary school and also maybe exposure to different people. it isjust like a family to me. when lam it isjust like a family to me. when i am alone and have nothing to do i come here and played the saxophone. when i have a problem at home, i come here and release my problems, singing or playing the instrument.” have learned a lot and this is where we share our knowledge, our problems, our happiness. one, two,
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three, four... in future i would like to be a chef because i like cooking. when i cook i mix spices in food. in the future i would like to bea food. in the future i would like to be a musician. i like it and i feel ican be a musician. i like it and i feel i can have an artistic career.” wish i can continue the instrument but i made up my mind and say i want to bea but i made up my mind and say i want to be a lawyer. the sound of young kenya. but is it for the moment. and you can get in touch with me and most of the team on twitter — thank you for watching. hello. a vigorous jet stream pushing areas
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of low pressure right across the uk is the weather pattern we're in. and we are staying in all the way through the weekend into next week as well. here is a recent satellite picture. this is swirl of cloud is an area of low pressure, edging its way eastwards. but as it does that it is dragging in behind it some colder air as well. and what will be a strong and gusty wind as we go on through thursday. we've still got some wet weather to clear away as well. most noticeable, for thursday's weather, will be that strong wind. and for many of us how much colder it feels compared with wednesday. this is how we are starting the day. nothing particularly cold first thing, there is too much wind and cloud for the temperatures to have dropped too far overnight, and this is where we are starting the day with wet weather through northern ireland, scotland, some hill snow. it is pushing slowly southwards during the day, but not much reaching the far south of wales or southern england until quite late on. and, again, that's moving south with strong, gusty winds. let us take a wind speeds and temperatures during the afternoon at three o'clock
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and where the wet weather will be. very gusty winds. much of scotland will be brightening up. a few showers following on. wintry on the hills. brightening up for northern ireland through the afternoon. a lot of cloud through northern england, into the midlands, east anglia, with the outbreaks of rain pushing south. bright spells in south wales into southern england, maybe the odd passing show during the day. maybe the odd passing shower during the day. also very gusty winds. in the evening we will pick up showers in the far south and south—east. that is clearing away on thursday night and into friday morning. as that happens and the winds eventually ease, temperatures will drop away. plenty of widespread frost as friday begins. temperatures will be lower, away from towns and city centres. highland scotland could be —5 or —6 as friday begins. the odd mist and fog match. a lot of sunshine to start the day, not going to last. quite quickly cloud increasing from the west. quite a cold feeling day. you can see more hill snow to come in scotland out of that. that's friday covered.
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i want to show you the big picture for the weekend. still with the jet stream driving weather disturbances across us. it will be wet at times over the weekend. looks to be pretty windy throughout the weekend as well. but still something to play for in the detail aboutjust how wet and when it will be wet. so keep up—to—date with the latest forecast, but these are the main thing is for the weekend. just bear in mind it's not going to be wet all the time, there will be some sunshine at times, too.
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