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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  March 7, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. tonight at six, an emotional appeal the headlines: from jodie chesney‘s father: help the father of a 17—year—old girl the police find those reponsible who was stabbed to death in a park in east london has for her death. appealed for the killer today at five: to hand themselves in. jodie was stabbed to death if you have any conscience, any in an east london park. heart, if you see what is going on peter chesney says her death has the father of a 17—year—old stabbing here and what you have taken away, victim killed at the weekend torn the family apart. speaks out. the beauty you have taken away from this world, just give yourself up if she was the nicest person any jodie chesney was knifed in the back while playing music with friends you have any conscience whatsoever. of us know, or knew. in an east london park on friday. the chancellor, philip hammond, everything about her was about being has warned brexiteers to vote kind and good and thoughtful. if you have any conscience, any for theresa may's deal next week — heart, if you see what is going on or face delay to the uk's we'll be asking if the number here and what you have taken away, exit from the eu. of young people excluded the beauty you have taken away from from schools is partly to blame the northern ireland secretary for the rise in knife crime. this world, just give yourself up if karen bradley is facing also tonight. you have any conscience whatsoever. renewed calls to resign the foster parents who had a youth after she apologised for suggesting trained by islamic state group in the commons that deaths caused under their roof. by soldiers and police they're suing surrey council his appeal comes as police announce for not telling them. during the troubles were not crimes. in the last few minutes the innocent victims of syria's war. that yet another teenager has been the work and pensions secretary amber rudd stabbed to death in london. has apologised for using the word we've been following rua "coloured" in a bbc interview. and mustafa for three years. the other main stories they still live in hope. on bbc news at 5: and the queen has posted chancellor philip hammond a tale of two shops. warns brexiteers to vote a photo on the official royal for theresa may's deal next week — greggs is booming family instagram account butjohn lewis is not. or face delay to the uk's for the first time. exit from the eu. calls for the northern ireland secretary karen bradley to resign after she suggested deaths caused by soldiers and police
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during the troubles were not crimes. let's get a round up meanwhile, the work of the day's sport — and pensions secretary, amber rudd, and john watson is at apologises for using the word the bbc sports centre. good afternoon. after all the drama "coloured" in a bbc interview. of manchester united's passage into the quarter finals it definitely is worse if you are a of the champions league last woman, and it is worst of all if you area night, the europa league woman, and it is worst of all if you are a coloured woman. returns this evening. the competition has reached the last a tale of two retailers — sixten stage with chelsea hosting while profits plunge atjohn lewis, greggs see a sharp rise in sales. dynamo kiev in an 8 o'clock kick off, while in around 20 and another tech milestone for the queen — as she posts her minutes arsenal kick off first image on instagram. in france against rennes. it is very important moment for us, for both us and them. we prepared thinking the best of rennes, and also for the good players, to push our game also for the good players, to push ourgame plan also for the good players, to push our game plan with our capacity, quality. but we know we need to play two matches with a big part from us to battle them. and another big game
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the father of 17—year—old to battle them. and another big game to come at the weekend as well. jodie chesney who was stabbed to death the tottenham manager mauricio pochettino has called at the weekend the fa's two match has said his "kind" daughter "didn't touchline ban unfair. pochettino appeared deserve" to be killed. to confront referee mike dean after his side's defeat at burnley jodie chesney was knifed in the back while playing music with friends last month. he's also been fined £10,000. in a park in east london. pochettino says he will wait to hear police now believe "up to four" the fa's reasons for the length attackers were involved, after previously been searching of ban before deciding for two men. speaking to the media for the first time since his daughter's death, whether to appeal. peter chesney said: "someone knows who did this. "jodie needs justice." iama i am a little bit in shock, because the last time i spoke to her was about friday morning, on my i think it is completely unfair, but birthday, she got up to wish me happy birthday, and then... she was what can i do now? nothing. only to accept that, i need to see the reason, because they are still out with her friends, we were celebrating my birthday... the announcing that i am going to be nicest person any of us know. banned for two games, but we still don't know the reason, because the everything about her was about being latter still has not arrived. kind, good, thoughtful. even if she didn't want to do it, she would do after guiding his side it for you. there isjust to a remarkable champions league didn't want to do it, she would do it for you. there is just no didn't want to do it, she would do it for you. there isjust no way victory on away goals that you could do this to a nicer against paris st—germain last night surely it's a question of ‘when' not ‘if‘ ole gunnar solskjaer is given person, i mean, really, everyone will say that about their own kids, the permanent managers job at manchester united. but really, looking at it all, she solskjaer was pictured with legendary united manager sir alex ferguson
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and midfield great eric cantona really was the nicest person ever. i in the dressing room don't know if anything i say is after the match, and he says going to install any conscience on he is planning for next season. i am planning for the future this guy, i doubt it... if you have any conscience, of this guy, i doubt it... if you have any conscience, or whatever, any heart, seeing what has gone on here, of the club, it does not the beauty you have taken away from this world, the pain that is going oi'i this world, the pain that is going on here, just give yourself up, if matter if i'm here or not, i am you have any conscience whatsoever. still giving my opinions and advice honestly... the pain that has been on what we're doing next season. caused... the soul that has been how much can you plan if you are the manager? i do not mind that, i am a supporter taken caused... the soul that has been ta ken away from caused... the soul that has been taken away from us... is crazy. as well and they want the best for manchester united. yeah, i saw her friends, they are as a supporter i want the best, it will be the same advice. you can ask me that any time. all in bits, all dyeing their hair purple, all of them, purple all around the area. purple ribbons... it feels like it would be a brave decision not to give him thejob. we are getting loads of them made joe cockanisinga will make his first six nations start up, just to spread awareness, and for england this weekend. the winger scored tries on his debut back in november — basically remember jodie. it up, just to spread awareness, and basically rememberjodie. it is a nice way to remember her. people see and adds real strength to the back line with the poweful pairof manu tuilangi the colour, and they remember what happened. and it is more exposure on and ben te'o in the centre — teaming up together for the first time from the start of a test.
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this knife crime thing. if we can meanwhile the scotland captain greig laidlaw will start saturday's game against wales on the bench. get it made better, great, if less people suffer, like she did, and ali price has been preferred at scrum—half, one of four changes made by gregor townsend less families get torn apart, like following their defeat to france last time out. we are, then it is a good thing. good exposure. my daughter was sitting in a park, minding her own if there is someone out there who business, and this happened to her. has earned his opportunity, for it is not all right, it is not ok. example, ali price, then this is a good time to see if it helps the tea m good time to see if it helps the team win at the weekend. greig is teaching kids, iterating to them, that this is not right, this is not cool that this is not right, this is not cool, no one thinks this is ok. the only player who has started the last six tests, so he is a key part of our squad. he will obviously play a different role from the bench this and this afternoon metropolitan week, but we see him playing an police have said that a man important part of the game on a believed to be in his teens saturday. found stabbed in central london olympic champion callum skinner has has died in hospital. retired from cycling. police were called to he's only 26, and won gold lanfrey place in west kensington for great britain in the team sprint at quarter past 2 this afternoon. at the 2016 games in rio alongside his family have been informed. jason kenny. police investigating the stabbing he says he wants to to focus on reforming sports governance, and encouraging people to get on their bikes. are apealing for witnesses england's women, after the mayor of london sadiq khan
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the dissapointment of losing and eight police and crime their one day series, commissioners from england and wales have won their twenty20 series against india. said the way pupils excluded chasing a target of 112 from school are dealt with in the second match, an unbeaten 64 from danielle wyatt is contributing to knife crime. they've written a letter led england to a five wicket win to theresa may calling for pupil exclusions to be that sealed the series more tightly regulated. with a game to spare. the government said permanent exclusions katherine brunt should be a "last resort". starring with the ball frankie mccamley reports. we'll have more for you dance class for pupils in sportsday at 6.30. in this college. all have struggled with mainstream thank you, john. tommy robinson, the former school, some were excluded. english defence league leader, is to face fresh contempt of court proceedings. the attorney general geoffrey cox qc says it's not getting in the way that it is in the public interest to bring the charges of their high aspirations but today against the far right activist — whose real name is stephen the prime minister is being warned yaxley—lennon. a broken system support for troubled last year robinson was jailed youngsters is at the heart for making video recordings of a rise in violent crime, outside court that revealed something sandra disagrees with. the identities of defendants. there's people who do it that conviction was subsequently for the sake of doing it, quashed by the court of appeal. our home affairs correspondent then there's people who do dominic casciani is here. it for protection. what more can you tell us? everyone has their own motives and reasons so you can never actually label a person for the reason why they carry a knife.
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well, i think quite a few people may despite losing a friend to knife crime, she wants remember stephen yaxley—lennon, who to become a performer. used the name tommy robinson from you don't have to be in education his days when he was running the to make it in life because in a way english defence league, a street that is what the media is perceiving movement campaigning against what that if you don't go in education can be described as radical islam. you are not going to make it and that's not really the case. he moved away from that movement and there's so many different ways for people to create set himself up effectively as an and make new things in life. just last someone was stabbed internet campaigner, commentator, by power loss's home. and has a large following over the it wasn't even a stabbing, last few years online. hundreds of it was a shooting because you don't know who is going to be next. people will turn out to his events. it's the way young people are pushed, with exams, they get so annoyed. last may, he was doing a live but i don't think exclusions in schools broadcast outside leeds crown court are the reasons for stabbings. in which he was allegedly involved ina in which he was allegedly involved in a contempt of court by filming and commenting on the defendants who we re and commenting on the defendants who were accused of a gang rape of a teenager. at the time, he was jailed for 13 months, the court of appeal later freed him that summer, saying the principal thinks exclusions play a part in youth violence. he had been denied a fair trial and i understand why there is the matter should be reconsidered. a correlation between those things, that exclusion from mainstream today, we have had the final schooling is symptomatic of wider problems which also lead them decision on that, because geoffrey into gang—related activity and carrying knives and so on, cox qc, as the attorney general who but it is not causation, has a legal authority to authorise
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it is notjust because you have been excluded you are contempt, says the case needs to be going tojoin a gang. that is simply not true. reheard in full, because there is a wider public interest and strong grounds for doing so. that means with the recent spike in knife that stephen yaxley—lennon has to go back to the high court, it isn't crime, the spotlight like a back to the high court, it isn't likea criminal back to the high court, it isn't like a criminal trial with a jury, a is being put onto schools. judge will hear the matter, but it will run like a full trial. that exclusions might not be helping will run like a full trial. that will happen on the 22nd of march. he the situation but in reality the reasons young people are turning has recently been banned from facebook, but he has put a video out to violence are much more complex. on the internet saying he will fight it, believing he has the support of in a joint letter to the british people. one of the the prime minister, the london mayor things he says he is doing is sadik khan hasjoined crime speaking for ordinary working—class people who he says the government commissioners claiming poverty and budget cuts are adding had effectively forgotten. he denies to the rise in violent crime and they are calling that he is a far right, although he for an end to off rolling, says clearly that he campaigns as well as new powers for local against what he sees as the councils to intervene on exclusions. pernicious influence of islam as he regards it. he is going back to what we are saying is earlier court, and if he is found to be in support given to schools with more co nte m pt court, and if he is found to be in contempt after a full hearing in accountability to schools march or perhaps later in the year, will hopefully lead to fewer he could face up to two years in children being excluded. prison. thank you forjoining us. the chinese telecom giant huawei says it's suing the united states government over we know from a report from her majesty is inspectorate a ban on its products. washington says china could use of prisons that nine out of ten young people in custody in secure huawei equipment to spy on, or to disrupt, critical
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training centres are young offenders communications. institutions had been excluded. the legal action was announced hours the government insist police budgets after the senior huawei executive, are rising and calls knife crime and immediate problem, meng wa nzhou, appeared in court in canada, for the first time since being but for many who have lost friends, released on bail late last year. family and their children, the us wants the 47—year—old these words may not be immediate enough. extradited from canada to face for them, action is needed to stop charges of bank fraud. more headlines like these. frankie mccamley, bbc news. dave lee reports from vancouver. meng wanzhou exhibited a remarkably calm, casual demeanourfor someone who is at the centre police have named a man stabbed to death in east london of an unprecedented political storm. yesterday afternoon. during the short hearing, ms meng's david martinez was a 26—year—old spanish national. emergency services were called lawyers reiterated their argument to leyton that she was being used where they found mr martinez as a negotiating chip suffering from knife injuries. in the ongoing trade talks he was declared dead at the scene. a police spokesperson said between china and the us. evidence of this, the defence said, were recent comments by donald trump suggesting he would intervene it is believed that the victim in the case if it meant getting and the perpetrator were known to each other a more favourable deal. and the incident is not thought to be gang—related. a murder inquiry has been launched the next hearing will be after the body of a missing woman was found in a shallow grave. held on eighth may. laureline garcia—bertaux was discovered in south—west london before that, huawei after she was reported is going on the offensive. missing on monday. huawei announced it has filed
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a lawsuit against the us government. the 34—year—old was found in a garden on darell road the company said america's decision in kew last night. no arrests have been made to effectively ban huawei products and a postmortem examination is to be carried out. was unconstitutional. we are left with no choice but to challenge the law in court. strictly speaking, these cases now, tomorrow marks three are not linked, but diplomatically weeks before the uk is due they of course are. to leave the eu — this is about who holds and officials in brussels have urged the balance of power the government to table in the next technological age, fresh "acceptable" ideas by tomorrow and canada, experiencing fierce to try to break pressure from both sides, the negotiating deadlock. it was confirmed today that mps is caught in the middle. will have another vote on theresa may's brexit deal this is the most turbulent moment on tuesday — followed by votes on a no—deal in canada—china relations brexit and delaying brexit since tiananmen square in 1989, on the following two days if it fails to get through. and the rift between the two the chancellor philip hammond warned countries is diplomatic. brexiteers it's now getting into public perceptions, elite perceptions, that voting against it and there's a huge new negativity would land them in "highly uncertain" territory — and would jeopardise their wish on both sides about the others. to leave the eu on time. here's our political this case is unquestionably bigger correspondent nick eardley. than just one woman, three weeks tomorrow, the uk is due but the daily reality to leave the european union, for meng wanzhou is that she must spend most of her time confined but 22 days before brexit day, things are not clear. to this house until this huge negotiations are stuck and getting diplomatic row is over. a reworked deal through parliament
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still looks like a huge ask. that could take years. the government's top lawyer is trying to get changes dave lee, bbc news, in vancouver. on the irish border, but talks this week have not gone well. he says they will start again soon. public satisfaction with the nhs it is government policy to achieve the necessary is at its lowest level change in the backstop, in more than a decade, which will cause me to review and change my advice. according to a new survey. waiting times, staffing levels and funding were the main causes for concern. the department of health but there was time for a joke says its recently announced long—term plan coupled with extra about changes not amounting to much. money would "safeguard" the future of the nhs. it has come to be dominic hughes reports. called cox's codpiece. i want to make sure what's inside the codpiece satisfaction levels with the nhs have varied over the years, is in full working order! but the latest survey of public attitudes in england, scotland and wales shows growing concern over the state of the health service. european ministers are not laughing, they say the uk has in 2010, the annual survey been far from clear. revealed overall record we are waiting for a proposal levels of satisfaction — from the british government. we have heard what you don't a high of 70%. want, but last year that figure fell we are willing to its lowest point since 2007 — to know what you want. just 53% — with waiting times, the government is desperate to get changes on the irish border. the number of staff and a lack brussels says it will look of funding being the main factors at any new proposals it receives by tomorrow, but as things stand there just isn't behind dissatisfaction.
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a reworked deal to put people who have recently used to parliament next week. the service are much more satisfied, so i think a big issue here is access to care, there aren't the concessions getting those appointments, the prime minister needs getting in to see a gp for example. to win over the back benchers i think a lot of us have struggled with getting a gp appointment who say without changes they and that's really having an effect on satisfaction. won't back the plan. while being free at the point of use, the quality of care there are warnings, though — and the range of services were the main reasons people were happy with the nhs, senior ministers saying if they vote down the deal next week patients do recognise things are very uncertain. the difficulties the it would likely lead to an extension health service faces. of time and an uncertain outcome, i'm satisfied with the service more uncertainty for the british economy, more uncertainty they provide, i'm not satisfied that for people across the country they've got enough funding to have so i would urge my colleagues enough people to do thejob properly. to think very carefully. and behind closed doors, a few years ago actually changed my gp, because i rang up there are talks about and the first appointment trying to force they could offer me a closer relationship with europe. last nightjeremy corbyn met was in 21 days' time. with senior conservatives people like to take the nhs who want to stay in the european for granted, and they criticise it single market and keep a close relentlessly it seems, trading relationship. what we are looking for but i think we need to put into perspective is an agreement with the european union that would give us a customs union, the work behind the scenes. there will be particular concern
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trade access and legal that almost a quarter of respondents protection of our rights. what exact form that takes were unsatisfied with gp services, is the subject of negotiation. but it seems that direct personal experience of the nhs, time is running out. for example as a hospital inpatient, next week parliament will have its say again. gave people a more positive view the pm still has work to do if her of the health service. plan is going to become reality. dominic hughes, bbc news. nick eardley, bbc news, westminster. 30% of the uk's electricity will generated by offshore wind our political correspondent, jonathan blake is at westminster - farms by 2030, in a new deal not much sign of progress? the government has signed with the wind industry. it's another step towards the aim for almost all of the uk's power to come from low—carbon no, there isn't, negotiations, as sources by 2030. nick said in his report, seem to sarah corker reports. have stalled and just a few days before the key vote in the house of on the east yorkshire coast, hundreds of these huge wind turbine commons on when mps will have their blades are stacked up like dominoes. say, they have been promised, on soon they will be shipped off theresa may's deal, whether it is to what will become the world's revised or exactly the same as it biggest wind farm in the north sea. was before, there appears to be no they are made in our blade sense within government that a facility to the right, breakthrough is coming. we are told so these are made in hull. this is one of only two factories negotiations are ongoing, in public, in britain that makes these blades. downing street, talks about it being and today's offshore wind deal between the government
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ata downing street, talks about it being at a sensitive stage and not wanting and the industry is set to give a running commentary but there is acrimony between the two to accelerate this green revolution. sides given what the european union it's the coming of age of renewable energy, has said about the state of negotiations after geoffrey cox and it will become the backbone the "brexit" secretary went to of the uk energy supply so i think brussels in the last couple of days. it's a huge step from government i think that is why you heard the signalling what they want do with energy policy and the industry chancellor this morning issuing the stark warning to brexiteers within getting ready to provide it. the conservative party that they need to think very carefully about at the moment offshore wind provides not backing theresa may's deal this around 7% of british power time around, even if there are not but that is due to increase to more significant changes because, as he than 30% by 2030, tripling put it, the government could find the number of green itself in uncertain territory after collarjobs to 27,000. those votes next week. remember, and the industry will invest once mps get a vote on the deal, if £250 million in a growth fund. it is blocked, they will then vote on whether to extend the negotiating we are high above the humber estuary here and coastal communities process and rule out a no—deal in yorkshire and lincolnshire have greatly benefitted from the rapid brexit. the chancellor warning mps growth of wind power and now the industry is expected to double in the conservative party at least today that if they go back to the in size by 2020. deal this time around it could put parliament in charge and the future could be very uncertain, potentially even put brexit itself at risk. on a —— double in size by 2030.
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the danish firm which builds separate issue, labour are now the winds farms has expanded facing renewed scrutiny over claims its base on the east coast, transforming grimsby‘s fishing port. it's just a whole new lease of life, of anti—semitism within the party. in the area and for grimsby that has that is right, the human rights struggled for some time but is really going through this watchdog, the equality and human renaissance and it is a sustainable rights commission has given labour future for grimsby if we are notice, that it may have acted securing green energy. unlawfully in terms of but environmentalists warn that as plans to expand nuclear are delayed these wind power targets discriminating against people based don't go far enough on their religious beliefs, it has to keep our lights on. britain, though, is the world's been reviewing material handed to it byjewish pressure groups, the jewish labour movement and the biggest offshore wind market. campaign against anti—semitism, and it has given labour notice to respond. if labour cooperates, then today's deals set out ambitious there could be a voluntary agreement plans for a fivefold increase in reached. if it doesn't, it could end exports in the far east, europe and up reached. if it doesn't, it could end up facing reached. if it doesn't, it could end upfacing a the us. reached. if it doesn't, it could end up facing a formal investigation under which key senior figures could be interviewed, internal correspondence would have to be it is not just handed over. the party is keen to about the product, these huge blades, it is about exporting technology, services avoid that and has said today that and knowledge too. it rejects strongly any suggestion some people started here as operative, using skills from previous industries, so anything from joinery, it rejects strongly any suggestion it has acted unlawfully. this is to welding, nobody was an expert more scrutiny on labour on the issue in making blades three years ago, we have learned it and we of anti—semitism and yet more have honed our skills. and this expansion in wind energy pressure onjeremy corbyn and other
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seniorfigures to means morejobs and investment pressure onjeremy corbyn and other senior figures to demonstrate that for these coastal communities, they have a grip on the issue. as the industry goes global. sarah corker, bbc news, in hull. thanks. we will have more on that the headlines on bbc news: issue in a few minutes' time. the father of a 17—year—old girl who was stabbed to death in a park in east london has appealed for the killer the northern ireland secretary karen to hand themselves in. bradley the chancellor, philip hammond, has apologised for telling has warned brexiteers to vote for theresa may's deal next week — or face delay to the uk's mps yesterday exit from the eu. the northern ireland secretary, karen bradley, is facing renewed calls to resign that deaths caused by the police after she apologised for suggesting and military during the troubles in the commons that deaths caused were not crimes. by soldiers and police today mrs bradley said during the troubles were not crimes. that she was "profoundly sorry for the offence and hurt that my words have caused", adding "the language was wrong and even though this an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's was not my intention, it was deeply insensitive to many of those and frankfurt ended the day. who lost loved ones". let's hear what she said. and in the the united states over 90% of the killings during the this is how the dow and the nasdaq are getting on. troubles were at the hands of terrorists, every single one was a crime, the fewer than 10% at the hands of the military and police we re hands of the military and police were not crimes, they were people acting under orders and fulfilling r kelly is back behind bars their duties in a dignified and after a court appearance over appropriate way. i look forward to working with her more to make sure unpaid child support. after a court appearance over we can deliver the much—needed hours after an explosive
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reforms and changes that we all want to see. interview on us television, denying separate charges of sex abuse, the singer was taken our ireland correspondent chris page into custody for failing to pay more is in our belfast newsroom than $160,000 in child with more on this. support to his ex wife. karen bradley has apologised, will that be enough for her critics? some our north america correspondent peter bowes reports. critics not satisfied by the another day in court for the singer apology, no issue in northern who had earlier told american ireland is more complex or television he was fighting contentious than the question of how for his life. to deal with the unsolved killings separate from the sex abuse from the troubles. yesterday in the house of commons, what karen bradley charges r kelly is facing, he owes backdated child support said, in response to a question by a payments to his former wife. they have three children together. democratic unionist mp, about that a month ago, he was told by a judge issue, that claimed that she made, that he would go to jail that killings by state forces, by if he failed to hand over more than $160,000. r kelly's publicist said the police, were not crimes, he could not make the payments because he did not have the money. generated a very angry response, in particular from nationalist he can't pay, as you know, politicians here in northern ireland he hadn't worked in a long time. but also from relatives of people he can't book shows, who had been killed by state forces. can't do anything. this issue is particularly prominent there's been a lot of things at the moment because in one week's going on in mr kelly's life. time, next thursday, prosecutors are lawsuits, all the things due to announce their decision on that are happening. and he just didn't have the money. whether former soldiers should be
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and so, he didn't have $160,000. prosecuted for the killings on so, we have tried to work some bloody sunday, in londonderry, 1972, things out, it didn't work out. when 13 civil rights protesters were r kelly is now back behind bars, shot dead, members of the parachute while on us tv the debate rages over regiment shot them dead. also an inquest going on about fatal the singer's lifestyle. before he was sent to jail, shootings in bally murphy, west r kelly was present but out of shot belfast, 1971, ten people shot dead, as his two live—in girlfriends spoke by the army. relatives of those who out in his defence, denying claims that they were being held captive, died both at bally murphy and bloody and criticising their parents who had voiced concerns sunday have called for karen bradley to go. but some criticism as well for their safety. from people who you may have when i first met robert, my parents expected to take a different view on told me to lie about my age. how the past is investigated, for example, the former head of the so, when i met him, he thought that i was 18. my parents told me to lie army, he said while he did not think about my age to him. it was a resignation matter, that everything that she she should apologise for what she is saying is true. our parents are basically out here for money. said. that was said by lord dannatt. you are saying the same. and the chief constable in northern both of our parents are basically ireland has said that he sees things out here trying to get money. differently to the way that karen r kelly will appear bradley put things in the house of in court again in the child support case on wednesday. commons, he said people have lost peter bowes, bbc news. their lives, but we should all be equal under the law, and if a
5:18 pm
soldier or police officer shot longer trains, due to start carrying someone, soldier or police officer shot someone, they should be investigated for it. karen bradley issued the passengers to and from leeds, won't start running until two years apology, noon today, said she was later than planned, the bbc has learned. profoundly sorry, she had not meant northern rail had hoped to begin to be insensitive but she recognised operating the service into the city that was the effect that her words by the end of this year, but the platforms aren't long enough had had, that her words had caused to accommodate the carriages. harm and offence. so, now, we have here's our transport some people who had initially called correspondent, tom burridge. for her resignation, for example, if there's any kind of trouble on the trains, it's cutting out time colin that i'm seeing my kids. said that no apology will be enough, there was one train recently where, instead of getting home for about 7.00, i got home still thinks she should be out of a for about 9.30. job and sinn fein have said that the see you later, guys, love you. apology is hollow. downing street have said that karen bradley has a for commuting dad dom, a lot is at stake. strong track record in the job so it if the trains carry on the way does seem that the government is they're going, i could end up not keeping faith in her, that the prime seeing my children for days. minister is keeping faith in her, little doubt here in belfast that every day he travels into leeds. her standing has been damaged, a service he can't rely on. particularly her relations with the only thing that seems nationalist parties and the nationalist parties and the nationalist community. —— colum punctual about them is the price rises every year. eastwood. and where space is in short supply.
5:19 pm
this is why northern says it's meanwhile the work and pensions going to start running new, bigger trains from this spring, secretary amber rudd butjudging from how crowded it is this morning, issued an apology and said they can't come soon enough. she is "mortified" but we've learned that northern at her "clumsy language", after she described will not be able to run really long the shadow home secretary, dianne abbott, as ‘coloured' services into leeds station, in an interview on bbc radio two. as it had planned, whether it is worse if you are a from the end of this year. woman, that is the key question. in fact, six—carriage whether it is worse if you are a woman, that is the key questionfl definitely is worse if you are a services will not arrive here for an extra two years, woman, and worst of all if you are a at the end of 2021. coloured woman, i know that diane abbott gets a huge amount of abuse, it's because platforms at leeds will not be lengthened in time andl abbott gets a huge amount of abuse, and i think that is something we need to continue to call out. to accommodate much longer trains. diane abbott responded we've learned that a letter, to her comments on twitter. signed on behalf of the transport she said "the term ‘coloured' secretary chris grayling, is an outdated, offensive was sent to the boss of northern last summer, and revealing choice of words." confirming that leeds would not be shortly afterwards, amber rudd available by december 2019. issued an apology, also via twitter. she said: but the government insists northern knew the work was behind schedule a year earlier, in the summer of 2017. for some, it shows how our political correspondent dysfunctional the system can be. ben wright is following
5:20 pm
there needs to be a systematic the story for us. change in how it works what kind of reaction has there and that it is letting down, notjust the passenger been? not a great deal, but, but the northern economy. passengers are frustrated. clearly, amber rudd clattered into a they're frustrated because they don't understand why, really difficult and controversial when they try to get to a train, it's full and they can't get on it. row here about language and race. they don't understand why, this was in the context of an interview in which she was straining when they try and get on a train, it's missed, it's cancelled, to say that she understood how and they need to see greater accountability. difficult it was for, in particular, and we all the time are getting black and minority ethnic women the complaints from passengers, suffering online abuse, the trolling saying, what can we do to solve that? they get and how important it is but at the moment, the power that it they get and how important it is thatitis they get and how important it is that it is stopped and called out. and the money is not in our hands. it is when she called diane abbott a more local control of coloured woman that this erupted, the railways is on the cards. diane abbott responded as you saw, a government—commissioned review and it was inevitable therefore that will report in the autumn. amber rudd would quickly have to meanwhile, northern is already respond and apologise profusely in a testing its new fleet. way that she did. but it was a it says it will start rolling them out from this spring. striking phrase to use, such an old—fashioned phrase, striking phrase to use, such an old —fashioned phrase, it striking phrase to use, such an old—fashioned phrase, it is however, commuters into leeds outdated, it is a racial slur that will have to wait to travel really jars now, and on much longer trains. outdated, it is a racial slur that reallyjars now, and i think amber tom burridge, bbc news, in leeds. rudd clearly dearly wishes she had not said it. how damaging is this for her? i now, the simple bucket
5:21 pm
is not usually linked with climate change technology, but since the early days of i think it will pass quickly, it may seafaring it's been used as a tool to measure sea temperatures. be remembered by many, she has only scientists are now scouring through log books — been back in the cabinet since going back 200 years — comparing temperatures recorded then november, having resigned over the to what they are now. winter scandal, she is an important our science correspondent, richard westcott, explains more. figure in the cabinet, talked of around westminster as a potential only by looking at the past can future leader, she will wish she had you understand today's climate. not been embroiled in this row. it's fairly obvious. if you know the temperature the sea used to be, you can work out how much it's warmed up. now, the labour party has been warned it could face a formal investigation by the equalities watchdog for hundreds of years, into claims of anti—semitism. sailors have been taking the sea the equalities and human rights temperature to help them navigate. commission has said it's considering using enforcement powers against labour and has asked it was all quite basic. the party to respond. with me is peter mason, national secretary of so, it'51863. here i am, a ship's hand. the jewish labour movement. here we go. thank you very much for coming in to bring it up now. talk to us. you actually have it's not light. they wrote the temperature in their logbooks, and now scientists are comparing those submitted evidence to the human old temperatures to today to see how much they've changed. rights watchdog, saying what? we obviously the sea is 70%
5:22 pm
of the earth's surface, so, made the decision, the unfortunate knowing what the temperature decision, in november of last year, that quite frankly our members had of the ocean is is really important for us to understand how global had enough, enough of the growing temperature is changing. culture of anti—semitism within the labour party, it requires us to take getting hold of the old weather quite significant action. that is readings is harder why we put together a substantial than it sounds, though. document referred to the hmrc, dull, cloudy weather and they passed two bergs. itemising the abuse members have this is the scott polar research received, both in person and in institute in cambridge and these are the logbook hunters. sally and clive wilkinson have spent constituency meetings, and online. years scouring the globe, photographing sailing logs events in the last two weeks and the and putting them online. last four months have indicated that they are part of a project looking was what was required. what is the for volunteers from the public leadership feeling, with this willing to log on and help transcribe every snippet of information. problem? anti-semitism grows and trimming coal and also light instruction. spreads, organisations and cultures are led from the top and if the and it's not always easy. that looks like petrol. labour party wishes to excoriate anti—semitism from all parts of the movement, it needs to notjust be gigantic petrol? seen movement, it needs to notjust be seen to be doing action, notjust i would estimate there could be offering kind words, and solidarity as many as one million ships' logs through gritted teeth, but they need and related documents in the world.
5:23 pm
we've only just begun. to ta ke through gritted teeth, but they need to take the kinds of actions that we have outlined to them countless after its been checked several times. looking at a statement that times, the information will be made available for scientists around you have put out on the decision by the world to use. the human rights watchdog, to look some of those scientists have already spent years making at labour, and you say the labour the old data more accurate. party is now institutionally anti—semitic, what do you mean by adjusting for different that phrase? what we mean is, the bucket types, for example. the wooden buckets get the water culture of anti—semitism has grown to such an extent that it is no a bit warmer than the canvas ones. and then, there's the human factor. longer instances, it is obfuscation and denial. if anything that we you can see how there is lots of room for error, really. learn from the last three days, in the amount of time you put terms of the leaks that have been the bucket in, how long before you pull it out, reported in the media, as to the how quickly you pull it out, how you take the temperature reading. handling by the party of we now have millions and millions of these observations anti—semitism, it is institutionally and we are trying to understand unable to take the necessary actions exactly what effects all these variations have on the data, to be able to remove anti—semitism from the party, whether that is so that we can get to the underlying individual members or whether that true temperature is even appreciating and changes in the ocean. understanding of how the jewish community understand anti—semitism so, generations on, the temperatures taken by old sailors and how they wish to see it and their buckets are helping responded to. the leadership has, as to shape global decisions you would expect, issued a statement on climate change.
5:24 pm
richard westcott, bbc saying it does not tolerate news, southampton. anti—semitism, it would like to cooperate fully with the watchdog, can you understand there is a level the queen has passed something of a social media milestone, of amusement at the top, that this posting an image on instagram should be going on, it may be that for the first time. she was at the science museum there is behaviour in certain in london, formally quarters for which the leadership is opening its new smith centre. not responsible. the leadership of the queen also met children taking part in computer coding sessions, any organisation is responsible for what happens within the organisation and was shown an enigma machine and we have seen many statements from the second world war. over the last three years, at each point of crisis, they have talked about the labour party's are ina borrowings of anti—semitism but in a moment, it will be time for the ultimately, people will not be judged by words, they will be judged six o'clock news. time for a look at the weather, by actions. if we have members of with sarah keith—lucas. the leader of the opposition's it has been an unsettled day out office, intervening in disciplinary there today, we have had some cases, despite... is that going on? sunshine but also plenty of showers and it has been particularly windy we have seen over the last three days, leaked e—mails and across the country. things will stay correspondence to the press fairly unsettled over the next few confirming precisely that is the days and as we head into the weekend, too. this was the viewer case. the hrc will investigate and earlier in southend on sea, some they will explore and i am sure that shower clouds, some sunshine, but we will find the truth. do you feel big waves on the coast. through this
5:25 pm
like all torn, conflicted, as a evening, the showers will ease and member of the jewish labour the wind will start to ease as well. movement, that these things seem to as it does so, things will turn be intention with each other? colder, so we are expecting a frost tonight. no pressure is in charge, everyday, every hour, every minute, but it is drifting towards the north we had meetings in manchester and sea. as it does so, they wind will london wherejewish party members fall lighter, but we then have a pulled out —— poured out their hearts and souls to demonstrate change in direction coming from the north, so the cold air is returning anger and frustration and defiance at what is happening to them inside as we move into tonight. still some the party, thejewish labour party showers over the next few hours, bet movement has been affiliated to particularly for eastern and the labour party since 1920 as a south—eastern parts of england. reflection of a community that came gusty winds, but these will ease to this country at the end of the through the second half of the night, as the skies will clear and 19th century fleeing pokers and temperatures will plummet. certainly a frost across much of northern persecution and labour party has a lwa ys persecution and labour party has always been alongside thejewish people but now we have seen ireland, northern england and scotland. further south across statements, that if we moved away —— england and wales, the odd area walked away, we would be moving away dipping below freezing for a time. in the countryside further north, we from the labour party; quite frankly, it is the labour party that could see lows of around —6 or minus has moved away from us. -- in seven degrees. so a cold start tomorrow, but sunshine for many of tension. us tomorrow, but sunshine for many of us from the word go. the rain will move on from the west across northern ireland, western part of
5:26 pm
england and wales and across police in county down scotland, too, where the rain will are investigating the deaths turn increasingly to snow ever high of three people at a flat in newry. the bodies of a man, ground. eastern england will keep a woman and a teenage girl the sunny spells for longest, but were discovered this morning. a 17—year—old boy has been arrested wherever you are, temperatures are after the death of a woman on the cold side, 7—11, and a and child in ipswich. the pair have been named locally noticeable breeze around, too. it as kia russell and her son kamari. officers have not disclosed will remain a breezy and unsettled the grounds for the boy's arrest, through friday night and into but it is understood not to be murder or manslaughter. saturday, so a westerly influence to officers investigating our weather. weather systems from the grenfell tower fire in london say criminal charges will not be considered until 2021, the atlantic will bring further at the end of the public showers. this is how saturday looks, inquiry into the disaster. representatives of relatives a rush of showers across much of the and survivors say they are disheartened country. showers should clearfrom at the news. seventy—two people died the south—east, so an improving day across southern and eastern parts of in the fire injune 2017. the uk. more showers in the north and north—west. some of the showers will again fall as snow over the there's been a slump hills of scotland and northern in profits atjohn lewis. england as well. around seven or they're down 45% to £160 million. eight in the north, but could be up it means that staff will have their bonuses cut to 13 further south. a colder day for the sixth year in a row. across the board on sunday, with a but there have been betterfigures for the bakery chain greggs, brisk westerly wind driving in. where its annual sales have broken through a billion pounds again, some sunshine, scattered for the first time. our business correspondent showers, which fall as snow quite widely in the high ground in the emma simpson explained more. north. temperatures 6—10, a little
5:27 pm
under parfor this annual sales were up more than 7% on north. temperatures 6—10, a little under par for this time of year. the weather will be unsettled as we look ahead into next week, too. the year, a really strong performance, especially when it was not that long ago that greggs was really struggling, it was a bakery business which managed to then reinvent itself, into delivering more food on the go, healthier options like salads as well as pasties. it is also doing well at the start of this year, thanks to a very savvy social media marketing campaign with those vegan sausage rolls that have got it off to a flying start this year as well.m isa flying start this year as well.m is a different story behind what is going on atjohn lewis. is a different story behind what is going on at john lewis. the john lewis partnership, remember, covers waitrose, and john lewis department stores, and their annual profits are significantly down. that was expected, the main reason is a fall in profit at the department stores, several reasons behind this. weaker sales in home furnishings, people are not buying as many big ticket
5:28 pm
items, weaker consumer demand and then they must price match the high street has been awash with this counting with its rivals and that has knocked profits. that cherished staff bonus, cut to 3%, the lowest in more than 60 years, the company said it could afford to pay more but it is focused right now on reducing debt and bolstering its finances to make itself more resilient for the future. time for a look at the weather, with sarah keith lucas. a day of blustery showers, a little bit of sunshine but wherever you are, windy, brisk wind with us as we head into the evening hours, more of a northerly direction, turning quite chilly in fact through this evening and tonight, showers clearing the way through the east, largely dry weather across much of the country, blue colours on the map showing where we will see the lowest of the temperatures. frost likely first thing tomorrow, many of us could see
5:29 pm
-6 -7 thing tomorrow, many of us could see —6 —7 across rural parks. sunny start to tomorrow despite the frost first thing, cloud increases from the west, patchy rain initially to northern ireland, pushing into wales, western parts, and into scotland it will turn to snow over the higher ground. temperatures between seven to 11 degrees, little call for this time of year, best of the brightness in the east. still unsettled into the weekend, some wintry showers in the north and north—west, dry in the south but pretty chilly and still a significant wind chill wherever you are.
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