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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 7, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news. the headlines... the father of a seventeen—year—old girl who was stabbed to death in a park in east london has appealed for the killer to hand themselves in. if you have any conscience or any heart and see what is going on here, what you've taken away, the pain you have caused and the beauty you have taken away from this world, just give yourself up if you have any conscience whatsoever. in the past half hour — police have appealed for information after another teenager was stabbed to death in west london. the chancellor, philip hammond, has warned brexiteers to vote for theresa may's deal next week — or face delay to the uk's exit from the eu. foster parents who had a youth trained by islamic state group under their roof are suing surrey council for not telling them. the northern ireland secretary, karen bradley, is facing renewed calls to resign after she apologised for suggesting in the commons that deaths caused by soldiers and police during the troubles were not crimes.
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in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at 7 — beyond 100 days will be talking to the brother of us presidential candidate bernie sanders — about his chances of being elected in 2020. after 8 we'll speak to a leading campaigner against knife crime who lost her son in a stabbing. and at 10.40 and 11.30, we'll take a first look at tomorrow morning's front pages in the papers — joining me tonight are rachel cunliffe, comment & features editor at city am, and stephen bush, political editor of the new statesman. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm holly hamilton. coming up on tonight's programme: into the business end of the europa league we go —
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can arsenal take their place in the last eight? we look back at the controversial penalty that helped put mancester united through to the quarter finals of the champions league. the end of england sevens. could cost cutting see the side replaced with a gb team on a permanent basis? also coming up in the programme: just back from conquering europe, the golden girl of glasgow, laura muirjoins us on sportsday to tell us how it felt to do the double on home turf. it's a championship on your home turf and home track, you want to do well. so i thought, let's try and do the double and make it special, and it worked. and taking baby on tour — we meet the olympic silver medallists inspiring others on the court and off it.
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hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm holly hamilton. just in case you've lost count, we're down to the last 16 in the europa league now and there's still two premier league sides still in the mix. arsenal are already in action — and this man has already put them ahead against rennes in france. and it came pretty quickly as well. afterjust three minutes alex iwobi looking to find someone with this cross but rather fortunately his ball evades the keeper's dive and sneaks in off the far post. giving unai emery‘s side a 1—0 lead 43 minutes into that game. well later tonight chelsea host dynamo kiev at stamford bridge. ahead of that game maurrizio sarri echoing comments to those of spurs boss mauricio pochettino earlier this week — he feels his side hasn't had enough time to rest. this will be chelsea's seventh game in 18 days. sarri was also asked about his future with the club —
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but he wasn't keen to focus on that. i say that it is not important if next season, i would be here. in this moment for me, it is important only the results. in this moment, it is only important to the europa league. in this moment, for me, it is only important the dynamo kiev. well no matter what happens in the europa league tonight— it'll be difficult to repeat the drama of last night in paris. when manchester united defied the odds to qualify for the quarter finals of the champions league... turning around a 2—0 deficit from the first leg. all the more miraculous considering they were missing so many players through injury — jesse lingard and nemanja matic among them — didn't stop them celebrating though. united mentality, come on the boys,
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get in there! cheering you will need earplugs for that! united legend eric cantona was there too . the club's twitter account posted this. . i love it, i'm so happy, i'm so happy. and take a look at this photo, all looking rather pleased with themselves. cantona with sir alex ferguson and solskaer after the match — not everyone was that impressed though... paris st—germain fans adamant that the penalty that led to marcus rashford's 94th minute spot kick should not have been awarded. the decision was made using vir, and neymar posted this on social media afterwards. that is what he said, it isa afterwards. that is what he said, it is a disgrace, four guys who know nothing about football watching a slow motion replay in front of the television. let's take a look at that decision for ourselves stop the
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referee had initially given united a corner after the shot struck presnel kimpembe and went over the crossbar. he was given a signal after this for a possible handball in the box. he watched it pitch side and then changed his decision. so, was it a penalty? that is the question that is being asked today. united fans certainly think so, but let's ask an expert. the question first of all, mark, was it a penalty? in my opinion, no. the law is clear, law 12, hand on the ball. it has to be a deliberate act, a deliberate movement of the arm towards the ball, irrespective of the position of your hands, your arms, it doesn't necessarily mean that an offence has been committed. for me, the var
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should never have got involved, because it is not a clear and obvious error. when a referee looks at the monitor three times, i think it was two times in real time and then slow motion, then there has to be doubt, there has to be doubt. in these instances, you have to look in real time, and the referee was in a perfect position, he is seeing it, given the corner, and as i said, var should never have got involved. perhaps there is a lot of pressure on the officials, the guys are sitting in the var room. there have been directives issued on handball, but it is contrary to law. obviously a lot of referees today, we even heard many saying that they did think it was a penalty. it comes down to the issue of handball. why is there so much discrepancy over this time and time again? it is interesting, because i have spoken to quite a number of x referees, myself, a couple of my good friends,
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top elite referees in uefa, and we all agree, my old boss as well, it is not a penalty. and when it is a subjective, it is about 80—85% saying it isn't a penalty, so if thatis saying it isn't a penalty, so if that is the ratio, how can it be a clear and obvious error? a game of that magnitude, do we really want to see it ending that way in that manner? if you are a united fan, it is fantastic, and english club through to the next stages. 0n the other hand, there will be the same controversy, with many united fans are not happy. for me, it is not clear and obvious, it is subjective, and the referee has to be mentally tough and strong to stick with his original decision. but i understand the pressures put on him when he is told it has been recommended for review and he has to look at that monitor. listen, if this is going to happen week in, week out, we really
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need to seriously look at var. the debate continues, thank you for joining us, mark. let's take a look at some of the other stories around today. uefa has opened investigations into manchester city for alleged financial fair play violations. the investigation will focus on several alleged violations of financial fair play that were highlighted predominantly in various media outlets. olympic champion callum skinner has retired from cycling at the age ofjust 26. he won gold for great britain in the team sprint at the 2016 games in rio alongsidejason kenny. he wants to focus on reforming sports governance, and encouraging people to get on their bikes. johanna konta is through to the second round at indian wells. the british number one beat france's pauline parmentier in straight sets and will play sheh su—wei from taiwan in the second round in california. england's chris and gabby adcock are through to the quarterfinals of the all england 0pen badminton championships. they came from behind to beat their compatriots ben lane and jessica pugh in three sets.
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england's women, after the dissapointment of losing their one day series, have won their twenty20 series against india. chasing a target of 112 in the second match, an unbeaten 64 from danielle wyatt led england to a five wicket win that sealed the series with a game to spare. katherine brunt starring with the ball. the six nations returns this weekend. with wales the only team still on course for the grand slam. scarlets and 0spreys players in the welsh side have been training against the backdrop of a bitter row over the on—off merger between the two regions — but centrejonathan davies says they'll be putting those distractions behind them on saturday. i think players are looking forward toa i think players are looking forward to a big test match on the weekend, thatis to a big test match on the weekend, that is what we love doing, that is what we are here to do, and i think
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thatis what we are here to do, and i think that is the most important thing now for us, to focus on that. going up to murrayfield is always a difficult place to go and play, so that is where the focus is now with us. as for scotland, captain greig laidlaw will start on the bench on saturday. ali price has been preferred at scrum—half, one of four changes made by gregor townsend following their defeat to france last time out. we are out of the running of the championship, but we still want to play to our potential, show a true picture of what we are capable of and finish as high up the championship as possible. playing at home requires even more determination, because you are playing in front of your supporters and it is the last home game of the season, so and it is the last home game of the season, so it's time we delivered an 80 minute performance. england face italy this weekend whenjoe cokanasiga will make his first six nations start. he replaces jack nowell who's out injured. eddiejones has also opted for the powerful pair of manu tuilagi and ben te'o in the centre.
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captain 0wen farrell admitted he wouldn't fancy his chances against this giant backline. massive, yeah. i would not like to play against it. but we've got to make sure that those boys get in the game, those boys get someone one tackles. we see what they can do with that. they can cause some damage. the rfu is considering scrapping the england sevens team in favour of a great britain side due to its financial problems. the rugby union governing body is the midst of cost—cutting, resulting in more than 60 staff being made redundant last year. let's get more on this from our rugby union correspondent chris jones. how has the rfu got to this point? the fact that the rfu are having some financial issues and are tightening the belt, it is not particularly new, it has been going on for the last 18 months or south, a whole load of reasons for this,
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for example, the overspend on at twickenham. they have also started paying the england players much more under the current arrangement. so they are going under a period financial adjustment, and this is one way of saving a bit of money, not having england, wales and scotland, but having won the team at db. apart from the money element, it also makes a bit of sense. —— having one team, gb. team gb plays as a tea m one team, gb. team gb plays as a team gb in the olympics, and that is the centrepiece of the world sevens calendar, not the world series will stop it is a money thing on the one hand, but it also makes sense to focus in on the team at gb for the world series and building up to the 0lympics. a few point out that even without financial problems, they we re without financial problems, they were discussing doing this a couple of years ago, just to make sure that gb is strong as it can be into the 0lympic gb is strong as it can be into the olympic games. now to the women of
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the moment in athletics, after winning the double double in glasgow last weekend, destroying her rivals to add the 1500 metres title on sunday to her 3000 metre when two days earlier. laura muir now has her sights set on an olympic gold in a 2020, and she joins sights set on an olympic gold in a 2020, and shejoins me now. welcome to the programme, laura, you have had a couple of days to recover, how are you feeling? ok, i'm not quite so are you feeling? ok, i'm not quite so tired now. legs have had some rest, so an ok. you were there defending a title in glasgow, how different does it feel this time round having won back the title is ain? round having won back the title is again? it's great, iwent into glasgow defending champion in two events and i thought if i could do the double double it would be special and to do that for the home crowd was amazing and it was such a fantastic crowd was amazing and it was such a fa ntastic few crowd was amazing and it was such a fantastic few days for me. you can hear the home crowd there, what difference does that make for youth in front of home fans? your family and friends all there? the
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atmosphere is indescribable, i don't think i will ever come across that again in my sporting career. when i stood on the start line and your name gets an ounce, it isjust amazing. let's have a look at the medals. -- make your name gets announced. and they were designed in glasgow? where will they go?|j announced. and they were designed in glasgow? where will they go? i have a bookcase, so it is looking quite nicejust a bookcase, so it is looking quite nice just now. what did you do afterwards to celebrate? did you go forfish and afterwards to celebrate? did you go for fish and chips? yes, we got back late on the sunday night and everything was closed, so there was a chip shop open so we went for that and it was lovely. i bet there was some irn bruin and it was lovely. i bet there was some irn bru in there as well. of course, and a deep—fried mars bar, we went all out! no i can't imagine you eating a deep—fried mars bar! how much is it different to switch from indoor to outdoor training now? are returning is quite similar all
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year round, and we do the same sessions and outdoor track as we do on an indoor track. in terms of the competition, it is a world competition, it is a world competition, a global event, so you have the africans, americans, so it will be really tough. it is a good benchmark ahead of tokyo next year, andi benchmark ahead of tokyo next year, and i would like to go to doha and get a medal if i could do that, then i could happily do that in tokyo, too. some comments this week, from none other than said coe, he he has —— you have what it takes. how does that feel? santa it is so special, it is one thing for someone to say that you will do well, but when someone that you will do well, but when someone like him has been there and done that as a big icon in the sport, it is lovely to hear. it is a big confidence booster ahead of next year. you have recently qualified as a vet as well. that must help not having that extra stress? have you put that aside for the moment? yeah, i'm having to come back to it soon
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and do some voluntary or part—time work. but it is nice to have some more time and bit more sleep, and recovery not being run off your feet during the day. but i love being at the veterinary, and it took me seven yea rs the veterinary, and it took me seven years to get my degree, so i will definitely go back to it at some point. good luck with the world championships and with tokyo and your preparations. i'm sure we will see you before then, and thank you for joining see you before then, and thank you forjoining us tonight. thank you. now what do top athletes do after they retire? well to mark intenational women's day, we asked 0lympic medallist samantha murrray how she adapted to retirement and how others cope so month, 22 years old, a true lancashire lass, focused on her prize, the silver medal. that was a day to remember, but moments like that are certainly hard to beat. i
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retired from a modern pentathlon five months ago. today, i've returned to the university of bath to find out more about the challenges that athletes face with retirement. heather stunning retired two and a half years ago, after winning double 0lympic two and a half years ago, after winning double olympic gold with helen glover. she already had another career as a major in the army. and yet, retirement from elite sport was not so easy. the temptation is to go for another one. we do it because we love it, we love the hard work, it isn't easy, but when you get the reward, you sake you can do it again full stop once i knew i was ready to retire, the decision was very simple. the sport of bob skeleton certainly has its dangers. elliott was part of the gb talent search that a unearthed
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0lympic talent search that a unearthed olympic champion lizzie arnold. but recently, ellie has had to retire after a crash. you don't get a chance to think about, what do i do next? we get asked a question every now and then in meetings with sports psychologists and performance life style, psychologists and performance lifestyle, but you never really believe that it is going to happen. what is clear that as retirement can leave us feeling lonely and isolated. is there enough professional help available for those who are struggling?” professional help available for those who are struggling? i think people do still suffer in silence in all walks of life. let's put aside sport and the glory of sport for one moment, we are living and breathing emotional human beings. just because we are good at sport, broadcasting or music doesn't make us any harder or music doesn't make us any harder or less vulnerable than other people. it is the ability to recognise it and ask for help is the key. the messages that athletes should not be frightened of mentioning the r word, retirement.
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talking about life after competition is important for mental well—being. it should never be seen as a sign of weakness. a year ago, denmark's christinna pedersen & kamilla rytterjuhl were travelling the world playing international badminton. now, as well sharing various badminton achievements — including an olympic medal — they share a baby.


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