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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 8, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort has been sentenced to four years injailfor tax fraud, a considerably shorter spell than expected. it isa it is a remarkable story. it really britain escalates efforts to secure nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe's release is. from an iranian jail, as a kid lebronjames had a wall plastered with pictures giving the dual citizen diplomatic of michaeljordan. protection. the lebronjames then — who was constantly on the move el salvador‘s supreme court frees three women who spent a decade and growing up with his mother behind bars accused of breaking gloria — could never have imagined that some day he would surpass his strict abortion laws. hero on the list of all time scorers we report from greenland in the nba. where a rise in rainfall means but on wednesday, the la lakers star moved abovejordan into fourth place a gloomy outlook for on the all—time list. the country's ice sheet. he did it scoring 31 points in a loss against the denver nuggets. claire thornton reports. he knew this moment was likely to come before even taking to the court. commentator: the legend of
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the bronze james continues. court. commentator: the legend of the bronze james continues. he was 12 points to hide michaeljordan before the lakers game against the buckets. he now stands on 32,311 points, making him forth on the all—time scoring list. he is going to need more than a thousand points to need more than a thousand points to overtake kobe bryant, which might happen in the next year but a long way to go before the next two. he would need to play another 224 games to get their on his average scoring ratio. for a kid who needed inspiration and it needed some type of positive influence, michael jordan was that guy for me. i
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watched him from afar. i wanted to be like him, wanted to shoot like mj, wanted to stick my tongue out like him, wearing his slickers. this is what he wore during the game, a handwritten work to his hero. although they did not win the game, it does not take any magic away from the king. the top seeds at the indian wells open all enter the fray in the next few days. they all had a bye in the first round of what is one of the most prestigious tournaments outside the four majors. roger federer shares the record for the most number of wins in the men's singles with novak djokovic, so he'll looking to make history with a 6th victory. it would be another landmark for federer who claimed the 100th title of his career in dubai last week,
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and he's pleased it's out of the way. winning in dubai and getting to number 100 and not having to carry the 99 title for me for the rest of the 99 title for me for the rest of the season, it is out of the way and i think it was a perfect week. i struggled at the beginning but ended up struggled at the beginning but ended up playing great tennis so i think there will be a lot of good vibes moving forward. the only problem could be my opponents if they catch fire that day or play well. but i will give it my all and that is good enough. in the women's draw, naomi osaka will be there to try and retain the title she won last year. it was the first title of her career but she's since won two grand slams on her way to becoming world number one. she begins the defence of her title against kristina mladenovic of france. for me this whole tournament is a
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great memory. it is the first tournament i ever won and it holds a special place in my heart and, even ifi special place in my heart and, even if i did not win, i love ita special place in my heart and, even if i did not win, i love it a lot. i do not think about defending but i think about winning another tournament and hopefully i can keep that mindset going. among the winners, so far, on thursday is venus williams — who was taken to three sets by andrea petkovic. williams won the first set 6—4, she was then blown away 6—love in the second as the german levelled the match. but williams took the decider 6—3 — and she'll face the number 3 seed petra kvitova next. rafa cabrera bello leads after the first round of the arnold palmer invitational — he's seven under par. the defending champion rory mcilroy couldn't get going and had to settle for par in an ordinary opening round. da points reacted to his shot at the par three 7th as if it was just another iron.
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anything but... an ace! but back to back bogeys afterwards meant his round was just par for the course, he's seven shots off the lead too. phil mickelson had the highlight of the round. playing right handed he thinks it's good but in reality the ball was at his feet. still he ended the day 4—under. the man is a genius steel! the english premier league champions manchester city are being investigated by european football's governing body for alleged financial fair play violations. uefa says they'll focus on recent claims made by the german news magazine der spiegel which include the accusations city have decieved uefa over the value of their sponsorship deal with etihad airways. city have described the claims as "entirely false." city, meanwhile, remain on course to win five trophies this season. they've already picked up
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the community shield and the league cup, they're top of the premier league table by a point from liverpool, and they're still involved in the champions league and fa cup. city's captain vincent kompany told the bbc‘s sports editor dan roan that the next couple of weeks could be pivotalfor the club. it isa it is a defining week the arts. the manager would have spoken about it. we have three competitions to play for next week and everything hangs on these results. every game will be a final. we will see. at the moment it is not on our minds. how impressed have you been by manchester united 7 impressed have you been by manchester united? they are a different team now. what he has done for the club is definitely brought back respectability to the club in a way that would not have been anticipated by many and, because
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results have followed, i think he has if not added to the right side to manchester he has added as a whole. as a person, i could not wish for another person to do as well with a rival. it is your destiny, if you win all your matches, you retain the title. you are in a fantastic race for liverpool. do you enjoy being in this fantastic battle?” being in this fantastic battle7|j don't know. i think all of us have the maximum amount of respect for liverpool because of the intensity in theirgame and liverpool because of the intensity in their game and such a great team. to say we are going to be champions without winning the games, probably not so then you a kind of looking at whether you have enough to win the next nine games but that is the
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challenge we have. none of us are getting complacent because we respect the fact that our competitors are very serious competitors. they're down to the last 16 in the europa league, and there were a few shock results in thursday's first leg matches. one of the biggest upsets was in france where rennes — 10th in ligue1— came from behind to beat arsenal 3—1. the gunners took the lead after only four minutes with a goal from their nigerian winger alex iwobi. but then it all went wrong for arsenal. they had sokrtatis sent off just before half time. and rennes scored twice to turn the tie in their favour. it was an own goal from nacho monreal that put them in front. and with two minutes to go, ismaila sarr made it 3—1 to rennes — leaving arsenal with it all to do in the 2nd leg. gfx) elsewhere, sevilla — who've won the trophy a record five times — were held to a 2—all draw by slavia prague. and villarreal — third from bottom in la liga — won 3—1 at zenit st petersburg. but there were comfortable wins for napoli — at home to salzburg,
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and chelsea — who beat dynamo kiev 3—nil. the result is a good result. we were able not to concede anything and not to concede anything at home is very important in this competition. we have to be careful and play in the second leg and we have to go there with a better level of attention and application if we want to win. the top story, michaeljordan has been surpassed by the bronze. he is now fourth on the list. kobe bryant is the name in front of him. is there anything that man cannot do? probably not, he is the greatest of all time if you ask me but some would say michaeljordan is. let's have that argument and other time because we have to go. bye for now.
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hello. if you thought thursday was windy, get used to it. very blustery weather on the way all the way through the weekend into next week. unsettled too, wet at times. a bit of a lull as we begin friday. frosty, but sunny for many of us, clouding over with rain later. here's the satellite picture. this area of low pressure has brought the windy weather, the wet weather in places on thursday. a bit of a gap between weather systems. we are in that gap as friday begins, but it's a cold gap. you can see the blue showing up where temperatures will be at their lowest as friday starts. widespread frost around, scraping the ice off the car. misty in places. lots of sunshine for most of us at the start of the day. already a bit of wet weather into the western isles. we can see more cloud pushing across the uk during the morning and then further outbreaks of rain spreading from west to east as the day goes on. increasingly light and patchy as it does so.
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notjust rain, the hills of scotland north of the central belt will see a bit of snow as well. it will not be as windy thursday, though it is still breezy out there. temperatures mostly around 7—11 degrees. a bit of snowfall also into shetland before that system begins to clear away, and as we go into friday night, still showers pushing into the north—west of the uk on that breeze. wintry on the hills. not going to be as cold as friday morning, by the time we're all up and about on saturday for the start of the weekend, but it is going to be an unsettled one, with low pressure close by all the time. the atlantic is in charge of the weather, pushing in disturbances occasionally. at the very least that means we will be getting some showers, carried on strong to gale—force winds, so that will make it feel quite cold, even though temperatures will not be too far from average. some wet weather at times, notjust rain but snow, especially on hills, but also some sunshine occasionally too. the best of the sunshine will be across the east and south—east of the country on saturday.
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showers already to the north—west will push further east during the day and it'll be a windy day once again. we can expect gusts fairly widely around 40—50 miles an hour, which will make it feel colder than these temperatures might suggest. some of these showers might merge to give longer spells of wet weather at times. plenty of showers coming in during sunday and there is a more wintry component to these showers, so we could well see sleet or hail to lower levels out of these as well. again, it's going to be windy. these are average speeds, but gusts will be around 40—50 miles an hour once again. temperatures a little lower on sunday, so it will feel even colder in that wind. that's your forecast.
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