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translation: for me it is a call to follow in her footsteps and to pass on the shared task defending women to future generations. president putin has also been trying to flag up his credentials as a champion of female empowerment. here he was riding with female officers in the russian mounted police. closer to home, female ministers made this video, highlighting the abuse directed at women in public life. we need to improve the gender balance in parliament. a reminder that there is still some way to go before all misogynist abuse is consigned to history. naomi grimley, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. things are looking unsettled. today did start off op a promising note. many of us had blue sky and sunshine, this was the picture in
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norfolk, it is parts o eastern england that will keep that sunshine for longest, but for most of us it has been going down hill, because we have this weather front which is draped north to south across the country, that is spilling in lots of cloud, rain, and some fairly windy conditions too. this is the recent rainfall radar, and you can see as the rain has been moving in are the west, a bit of snow has been falling over highest grounds of the pennines and high land scotland too. it is falling mostly as rain. for the south—east towards east anglia, here you should keep fairly dry and bright weather, and there will be some brighter weather returning to northern ireland later on too, but in between lots of cloud, rain, temperatures somewhere between seven to 11, so on the cool side for the time of year. windout there too. the wind will help to drive most of the cloud and rain away to the east overnight, so clearer spells but still showers overnight. particularly for northern ireland, northern england, rain, some snow over the hills and some hill snow for scotland. temperatures two or
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three degrees overnights in the north. four to seven further south so north. four to seven further south $03 north. four to seven further south so a chilly start to your weekend, saturday, still looking unsettled because a lot of isobars on the map, a breezy spell of bother to come and we have low pressure moving in from the atlantic once again, so a blustery weekend,ing it will feel chilly for the time of year, there will be showers of rain and snow over the highest ground but not a write off, there will be sunshine too, on saturday, quite a good deal of sunshine in the southern half of england and wales. further north the sunshine will be interrupted by showers, some falling at snow. temperatures the somewhere in the region of rounds 7—in the north. —— 7-9. that region of rounds 7—in the north. —— 7—9. that breezy wetter continues into the second half of the week. so sunday another day of sunshine and showers and as you can see by the colour of some of them, they will be falling at snow over the highest grounds for parts of northern england and northern ireland. mostly
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rain at lower levels. windy condition, the blustery winds coming in from the west. temperatures not doing great. 5—10 and feeling colder where you are exposed to that breeze. drewest and brightest to the south and east but it looks like that fairly unsettled spell of early march weather continues into next week. 0k, thank you. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. hello, good afternoon. you are watching bbc news and i am katherine downes with the very latest from the bbc sports centre. it's 1.30pm, and here's your latest sports news... the high—pressure premier league title race continues this weekend — manchester city's captain vincent kompany says there's no
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complacency at the club as they aim to retain their title. city currently lead liverpool by a point at the top of the table and will be looking to keep their noses in front when they take on watford at the etihad on saturday. liverpool, meanwhile, play burnley on sunday — and kompany says they knowjust how good their rivals are. i think all of us have a massive amount of respect for liverpool because of the intensity, just such a clinical team. and to say that we are going to be champions without winning the next nine games, probably not. so then you kind of looks, 0k, do we have enough to win the next nine games? that is the challenge in front of us. we play nine games, united, tottenham, so none of us are getting complacent because we respect the fact that our competitor is a very serious competitor. ole gunnar solksjaer has confirmed his contract with molde has ended — he was previously the manager of the norwegian side before being put in in caretaker charge at manchester united in december. he's now favourite to be given thejob full—time, after united made it
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through to the quarterfinals of the champions league against the odds on wednesday evening. solskjaer, though, has been playing down reports that the job is "certainly" his. ole gunnar solskjaer has urged marcus rashford to emulate former manchester united hero cristiano ronaldo. rashford scored united's injury time penalty at paris st—germain to take them through to the last eight of the champions league on wednesday night. solskjaer says there's more to come from the 21—year—old. you see the maturity, the change in cristiano ‘s goals. from when he was young. he scores more from winning inside the box and that is what rashie has to improve on as well, his tap ons as well, his movement in the box, get those 5—10 extra goals from staying in the box. and he has been told that! away from the football... steve smith and david warner have been left out of australia's squad for the one—day series against pakistan this month. the pair are eligible for the final two matches of the series because their year—long ban for ball—tampering against south africa ends at the end of this month. it means their return to the international stage could now come against england in a world cup
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warm—up game in may. britain's alex yee has finished second in his first world triathlon series event. yee, who trains with alistair and jonny brownlee in leeds, pulled away with world champion mario mola early on in the five kilometre run in abu dhabi, but the spaniard kicked clear with about 600 metres to go. these guys are my idols and i look up these guys are my idols and i look uptoa these guys are my idols and i look up to a lot of them. i have watched them since i was a kid, almost, and it's great to just even be able to race on the same level and be in a competitive situation with them. britain'sjess learmonth came third in the women's elite race, which was won by the american katie zaferes. non stanford was fifth while reigning world champion vicky holland finished eighth and georgia taylor—brown was ninth. so four britain is in the top ten. —— britons. the former world number
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one venus williams beat germany's andrea petkovic to reach the second round at indian wells. playing just her seventh match of the year, williams tookjust under two hours to advance in three sets. williams' sister serena received a first—round bye, and will play victoria azarenka overnight tonight, and britain's dan evans and johanna konta both play later today. phil mickelson found himself in a spot of bother on the first day of the arnold palmer invitational in florida. he found himself on the wrong side of the fence, or the netting, and the renowned lefty had to use his right hand for a change. he thought he'd hit a beauty and got himself out of trouble, but actually the ball hit the netting and remained near his feet. he recovered his composure, though, and managed to finish his first round on four under par to leave him injoint third place. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's i will be back with more on afternoon live from two o'clock. see you then. see you, kat. thanks very much indeed.
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back to our story about the shoreham airshow pilot. the pilot whose plane crashed during the shoreham airshow killing 11 men, has been cleared of their manslaughter. andrew hill, who's 5a and from hertfordshire, had been attempting a loop when his former military hawker hunterjet exploded into a fireball on the a27 august 2015. following the verdict andrew hill gave this statement outside court: 1,295 days ago i lost control of an aircraft, resulting in the deaths of maurice abrahams, dylan archer, tony brightwell, james mallinson, matthew grimston, mattjones, daniele polito, mark reeves, jacob schilt, richard smith, mark trussler. a number of people were injured. i am truly sorry for the part i played in their deaths. and it is they that i will remember for the rest of my life. thank you. so that was the pilot
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andrew hill acquitted at the old bailey. 23—year—old worthing united footballer matthew grimstone was killed in the crash. after the verdict his parents issued the following statement. they said: speaking outside the old bailey in london detective inspector jon fannerfrom sussex police praised the dignity of the families who lost loved ones. on the 22nd of august 20 1511 men, fathers, brothers and sons, lost their lives, and the lives of many others were changed for —— august
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2015, 11 men. iam others were changed for —— august 2015, 11 men. i am aware of the enormous impact it has had and continues to have on those who lost their loved ones, those injured on their loved ones, those injured on the day, and those watching, and the effect it has had on shoreham and more widely. thejury, who had sat for nearly two months have considered the vast amount of evidence presented to them, and have heard of the many years of experience mr hill has as a pilot. it was clearly appropriate to bring these charges and for mr hill to stand trial. thejury‘s view if he is not guilty of the charges brought against him, and we respect that decision. the shoreham airshow will live in the hearts and minds of many people for yea rs the hearts and minds of many people for years to come —— the shoreham airshow crash. not least for those who lost their loved ones. i must pay tribute to the families of the
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victims, many of whom who have sat through every minute of every day throughout the trial and have done so throughout the trial and have done so with complete dignity and support for each other, for error investigation, and for us, the police team. the humility they have shown has been truly inspiring —— for our investigation. that was police detective inspectorjon fanne from outside the old bailey. in the next hour we're hoping for a successful conclusion to the latest american space experiment. the uncrewed spacex dragon capsule is on its way back to earth after undocking from the international space station this morning. it's due to splash down in the atlantic ocean shortly. these are live pictures from right 110w. these are live pictures from right now. you can see the dragon capsule,
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ina bright now. you can see the dragon capsule, in a bright blue sky, heading towards the atlantic ocean. let's bring you some live footage from nasa's control centre. arrived at mission control centre we are sharing the same view as you. what a gorgeous shot of dragon coming back down. cheering here it comes... in the next few seconds, they will expand as they ca ptu re seconds, they will expand as they capture more air, further slowing the dragon vehicle down into the atla ntic the dragon vehicle down into the atlantic ocean. you really can't ask for any more of a picture perfect shot than that! yes, all parachutes
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110w shot than that! yes, all parachutes now deployed. it will continue to descend, continue to slow down, then ultimately splashed down in the atlantic there. we are now under a kilometre in altitude. and just about 750 metres to go. if you are just if you arejustjoining us, you can see on your screen, dragon hasjust re—entered the earth's atmosphere after departing the international space station. four healthy parachutes deployed and slowing down
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the vehicle as it approaches the surface of the atlantic ocean off the coast of florida. and it is continuing to descend under those shirts. we have just passed 500 metres, everything continuing to look good. reports to all the flight control teams. we are now at about 400 metres... and just passing 300 metres, continuing to descend. we might be right on time. we were planning on splashing down about 5.45am pacific, and we are getting really close to that bingo time, just passed 200 metres.
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confirmation now can i dragon is 100 metres above the surface of the ocean. next up, standing by for splashdown. cheering and there we have confirmation of splashdown. dragon has returned to planet earth, it is now back home, and you can see on our screen our two fast boats racing out to the cap shall now in recovery. that splashdown came right on time, 5.45am pacific, 8.45am on the east coast. the team ready and waiting. staged just a few nautical miles away. you can see the fast approach force already speeding towards the
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capsule. there we are, spectacular splashdown in the atlantic, as you can see, by dragon. everything went exactly to plan. wonderful site, actually, as it came down with those four parachutes. nasa have spent the last few days extolling the historic nature of this mission representing the first private space mission from the first private space mission from the international space station, and the international space station, and the first time a space vessel capable of carrying people was launched by the united states for eight years, and also dragon really marks a return to the format of a us capsule coming back to earth. the first us capsule since the programme in the 60s and 70s, the apollo programme, capsules with no wings just falling to earth with the descent just slowed by a just falling to earth with the descentjust slowed by a parachute. now this has been such a success,
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then spacex mission, it is expected it won't be very long before the next flight is undertaken, and that will carry two us astronauts on a return trip to the international space station, because on dragon this time round the only crew member was a dummy named ripley. this was very much a test mission. and fascinating, really. elon musk, the founder and head of spacex, said he was particularly worried about this touchdown, this re—entry. he said, will the parachutes deployed correctly? would it all go according to plan? well, it did, hitch free, no incidents at all. so a big success then for spacex and the dragon capsule, and that is the scene dragon capsule, and that is the scene here in the atlantic ocean after that historic splashdown by
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dragon. theresa may has been warning no one knows what will happen if mps reject her break the deal next week. she was speaking in grimsby, a town which voted heavily in favour of leaving the eu, in the 2016 referendum. next week mps in parliament in westminster face a crucial choice, whether to back the brexit deal or to reject it. back it, and the uk will leave the european union. reject it, and no one knows what will happen. we may not leave the eu for many months. we may leave without the protections that the deal provides. we may never leave at all. the only certainty would be ongoing uncertainty. months more spent arguing about brexit when we could be focusing on improving our nhs, schools and communities. it would be for the 630
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odd nps voting at westminster next week to take this decision, but they will take it on your behalf, and on behalf of tens of millions of people across the uk. parliament gave the decision to leave or remain in the european union to you. 33.5 million people took part in the referendum, the biggest turnout for a generation. the result was close but it was clear. if it had gone the other way, we would be staying in, but the decision was to leave, and that is what we must do. as prime minister, myjob has been to negotiate the very best deal i could. i believe that's precisely what the government has done, working with the eu team led by michel barnier. discussions have at the time being difficult and robust, but we've both worked in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation, to get a good deal
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over the line. now, and cooperation, to get a good deal overthe line. now, i've made a and cooperation, to get a good deal over the line. now, i've made a lot of speeches about that deal over the la st of speeches about that deal over the last few months, and most of them had been in the house of commons. on tuesday, i will be making another one, whenl tuesday, i will be making another one, when i opened the debate ahead of the vote, but brexit does not belong to nps of the vote, but brexit does not belong to mps in parliament. it belongs to the whole country. it belongs to the people who voted for it and want to see it implemented —— my mps in parliament. so we can all move on to a prosperous future, and that more prosperous future, and that more prosperous future, and that more prosperous future also belongs to those who voted against brexit and who expect politicians to make reasonable compromises to bring our country back together. everyone now wants to get it done. to move beyond the arguments, cast the bitterness of the debate —— might pass the bitterness of the debate and out of the eu, as a united country ready to make a success of the future. that was the prime minister speaking in grimsby this afternoon.
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group of takeaway owners have come together to try to reduce the amount of plastic they use. in the uk single use containers are a significant source of waste and have a major environmental impact due to the difficulties involved in recycling them. sarah—jane bungay reports. jalfrezi is always a choice at chutney‘s takeaway in weston—super—mare. but much of the food here goes out on single use plastic. i'd love to find an alternative. and the other thing is we'd have to look at the pricing as well. if they're going to cost 50, 60p a container, are my customers going to pay for it? that's the other thing we need to look at as well. and it was his daughter who encouraged her dad to think about alternatives after watching blue planet. he is trying really, really hard, but it can... it's a struggle. he's used it for a very, very long time. over 2 million tonnes
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of plastic packaging is used in the uk every year. the vast majority is new, rather than recycled. one takeaway can use between 600 and 800 plastic containers a weak. the containers at chutney‘s cost around 8p each for the owner. alternatives will cost substantially more. pressure's really been rising on takeaway companies and food companies more generally to reduce the amount of plastic they use. that's coming mainly from consumer pressure. the more you reuse those plastic takeaway container pots, the lower the carbon footprint and the plastic pollution is. so really if there's one message it's to reuse those takeaway containers as lunch containers or for other uses, rather than just throw them straight away. that's the most environmentally efficient thing to do. this man is leading the way in trying to get takeaways to put sustainable packaging on the menu. nobody really looked into this industry to see to see what kind of innovations we can bring, and obviously plastic being the cheapest and most available product, they always go for that. then you've got the bags, then you've got the salad bags, then you've got the wrapping that comes with it. they alljust go to landfill. i think with education, with teaching, we can change that.
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the government is currently consulting about a plastics tax. it would apply to plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content. just like the jalfrezi, this is a hot topic, with many watching the outcome closely. we were just we werejust bringing we were just bringing you those dramatic pictures of the dragon capsule coming back to earth and splashing down into the atlantic ocean with four parachutes. we will talk it through with the human exploration manager at the uk space agency. thank you so much for being with us. so those —— show those pictures again because they were rather marvellous, and it seems to have gone without a hitch? wonderful to see something splashing down. a
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wonderful shot. it has not happened in over 50 years, in the us... might make that was the apollo? indeed, and since then we have had the space shuttle —— and since then we have had the space shuttle -- and that was the apollo? it isa shuttle -- and that was the apollo? it is a very reliable system but sometimes it does break. we saw that last year, and this is the first step towards us having many different ways to get to the international space station, hugely important to keep the scientific laboratory running with crew on board. people who are not experts on space politics and the space industry, why is this mission, the spacex mission, so important? you like it is the first of these commercial crew missions. —— like it is the first of these commercial crew missions. -- it is the first. it is nasa paying companies. this is a change how it has been done. private companies like this, the model will be really important as we look to return humans to the men, to go on to mars, for all the scientific purposes, the uk expects to be a part of that. ——
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mike simmons to the moon. these companies will play their part in that. all part of an ecosystem coming together —— sending people to the moon. i heard it said on twitter, we all now fly aeroplanes
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