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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 13, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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and all the other incidents, as they happened so long ago, so we can move on? you can't draw a line under murder. justice has to be seen to be done, no matter how long ago it is. derek wilford is now 85 and has parkinson's disease. it has ended his work as an artist. do you now accept what lord saville said? no, i don't. because i was there. yes, well, we thought, in fact, that we were under attack and we will actually remain convinced of that, actually, until the end of our days. should your soldiers be prosecuted? no, they should not. because i don't believe, in fact, that they were capable of that sort of indiscriminate shooting and killing. will you say sorry to the families who lost their loved ones that day? i have said that at the time, and i've said it subsequently.
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and i see no point in repeating it because whatever, in fact, i say, will be discounted. what has bloody sunday done to you? it destroyed my world. far more directly, it destroyed the world of the victims‘ families. tomorrow, we will know whether prosecuting soldiers will finally bring closure to the tragedy of bloody sunday. peter taylor, bbc news. police investigating the death ofjodie chesney in east london earlier this month have charged a third person with her murder. 17—year—old jodie was stabbed while listening to music with friends in a park in havering. 18—year—old svenson ong—a—kwie from romford is expected to appear at at barkingside magistrates‘ court tomorrow. in venezuela, many have spent up to six days without power, although it is now being restored
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slowly in some areas. there have been severe water shortages in several major cities, as the blackout has affected supplies. some people have been queuing up for periods of up to 12 hours to access often unclean water. this report by our correspondent vladimir hernandez begins in the country's capital caracas. this is how many venezuelans have lived over most of the last week, in the dark. it has been described to me as frightening and apocalyptic. for days, people across the country have had no power, no cash machines, no shops, almost nothing. pot banging is a form of protest. this is happening two blocks away from the presidential palace of nicolas maduro. "i hope he hears us. enough is enough!" they say. the only people here with power are the military in charge of protecting president maduro. no blackout here.
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burning rubbish in the street is a way of protest. outside of the capital, the situation has been much worse. here in san cristobal, this is the only hospital with a generator giving treatment for kidney failure. people need dialysis three times a week but astrubal has gone eight days without it. translation: it's depressing. it's sad because this is a country with oil and gold but we are going through this. translation: without dialysis, you start facing serious consequences, as liquid starts getting into your lungs and you start feeling very ill. this is maracaibo, venezuela's oil powerhouse, or at least, it used to be. after days with no electricity at home, food has been lost, which is almost criminal in a country where hyperinflation means most can't afford
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to eat on a regular basis. it is the most vulnerable who are most affected, like this elderly woman who is suffering in the a0 degrees heat. for some, it isjust too much. translation: i don't understand why it has come to this. it is not fair. i met marujenia six months ago. she was waiting for breast cancer surgery. she couldn't afford the treatment, and today, the cancer has spread everywhere. after living through a blackout for a week, life couldn't get any worse. vladimir hernandez, bbc news. football — and a stunning result tonight in the champions league for liverpool. they're through to the quarterfinals after beating bayern munich 3—1. it makes clement the fourth english tea m it makes clement the fourth english team to make it through to the stage
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of the champions league. katie gornall was watching. it's been suggested the bright lights of the champions league could be a distraction for liverpool this season. this, after all, is a club in a race for the premier league title. but then the top teams take everything in their stride. europe often brings out the best in liverpool. in the first half, it also brought the best from sadio mane. mane! and it's in! his twists and turns left the great manuel neuer stranded. try telling him the champions league doesn't matter. the away goal meant bayern now had to score twice, and joel matip made that task easier when he turned the ball into his own net. in the second half, bayern had to go for it, but their frustration was building and liverpool took full advantage. virgil van dijk scores! first virgil van dijk headed them firmly in the direction of the quarterfinals, before sadio mane — who else? — delivered a diving knockout blow. whether at home or in europe, this is a team intent on making their own history, and who's to say they can't go all the way? katie gornall, bbc news.
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that's all from westminster tonight, on an extraordinary evening when mps rejected the idea of leaving the eu without a deal. in response, the prime minister has urged mps to back her deal by next wednesday. the commons will be voting on that tomorrow and on whether to extend the date when the uk formally leaves the eu. more from me tomorrow, now the news where you are. hello, this is port stay with me chris mitchell. liverpool are through to the quarterfinals of the champions league.
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they beat bayern munich 3—1 in germany. our sports correspondent katie gornalljoins me now, katie. what a night indeed. you can say it's not a vintage team they were facing but still beating them 3—1 in munich. very impressive indeed. he just sensed that because the tide was so just sensed that because the tide was so close is going to take something special to open it up and we got that in the first half where he's in terrific form at the not terrific goals in europe but it is in their stranded at the penalty area and it certainly means a whole lot to klopp. they got a helping hand where he turned his ball in there. there is waiting for them to
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respond where was the report that came back. a great headerfrom him. depended for the first leg and then who else with another goal? midway through the knockout blow really. it really was an excellent night. the only sour note is that he is going to miss the first leg of the quarterfinal. the fourth english treatment to make it through the has not happened since 2009. that's very impressive. yes reports of english football to client greatly exaggerated recently. barcelona survived a scare but in the end went through with a canter against frevcnh side lyon. the first leg finished goalless. barca went two—ahead in the first half thanks to a lionel messi penalty and goalfrom coutinho.
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lyon got one back in the second half though and there were some nervous moments for barca but it didn't last. messi sealed it with his second and barcelona eventually won 5—1 and 5—1 on aggregate. norwich have gone back to the top of the championship. they beat hull 3—2 at carrow road with emiliano buendia scoring twice, including this fine solo effort. not all of the quality of the champions league tonight. norwich are two points clear of leeds. yesterday declan rice was named ireland's young player of the year today he's in the england squad for this month's euro 2020 qualifiers. the west ham midfielder has been capped three times by the republic, but they were only friendlies and — at his request — fifa switched his nationality last week. he's the only new face in a 25 man squad to face the czech republic
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at wembley a week on friday and then the match away in montenegro three days later. the runaway favourite altior won the big race of the day at cheltenham, the queen mother champion chase. it was a record equalling 18th consecutive victory for the horse. the 11 to four on favourite — with the dark cap in the centre here — was farfrom dominant and was challenged late on in the race. jockey nico de boinville had to dig deep to win by one—and—three—quarter lengths. altior‘s winning run started way back in in october 2015. probably not his favourite ground, but just of the probably not his favourite ground, butjust of the last, it looks like there was a battle on in there that's the great thing about him. he's got an enormous amount of talent and he just proved today he is very brave as well because he had
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to dig a bit deeper there and as soon to dig a bit deeper there and as soon as to dig a bit deeper there and as soon as he came to dig a bit deeper there and as soon as he came on you to dig a bit deeper there and as soon as he came on you know, we've got to get a bit serious he was off and away again. england centre manu tuilagi has rejected a lucrative offer from french club racing 92 and signed a new deal with leicester tigers. his contract ran out last summer and he had discussed terms with racing but has opted to styay with the tigers. he said on leicester's website "i love the club and i want to repay the loyalty they have shown me in my time here.the length of his new deal has not been revealed. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. joining me tonight — anna isaac, economics and trade correspondent from the daily telegraph, and polly mackenzie, who's chief executive of the cross—party think tank demos. some of tomorrow's front pages are already in. most are leading on what happened in the commons earlier this evening. the guardian describes the pm's humiliation and says she's now warned tory rebels to "back me or lose brexit." the financial times also leads on the ultimatum given to tory brexiteers and describes parliament seizing control of brexit. the express urges mps to "not let the eu bullies win the day," and suggest mps are trying to "sabotage brexit". the metro goes with, "it's a total no—no" and says theresa may has lost her bargaining chip with the eu after tonight's defeats. the mirror describes the day's events as a meltdown, and says the brexit crisis has deepened as the pm has lost control of the process.
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and, moving away from brexit, the sun claims that, according to a netflix documentary, madeleine mccann is still alive and was taken by traffickers. very good to have you both here. on the extraordinary night and a night where there's only one story in town, really. first of all let's just go back for new readers here. what happened tonight? we started out with a situation where the government had proposed a motion whereby they would rule out no deal but on march 29 specifically. then there was an amendment made that meant it would rule out no deal entirely and so what they did was whipping in force and peace to vote against their own motion, that failed and theresa may said we've got to back the deal in a meaningful vote, mark three and even if that passes there's not going to need to
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be an extension to article 50. because there's no time to get the legislation in place. even though we have not had the meaningful vote we are going to vote on whether or not to extend article 50. that's a quick run down to where we are at right now. it's an elaborate version of chaos as another way to describe it. let's start with the front page of the guardian. final warning was back at me or lose brexit. do you think she is right? she has been saying this for quite a few weeks but it has had no effect so far. who are hypothesis is that eventually they will cave in that the hard—line brexiteer side and the dup will in the end, when they're back is against the wall choose her deal in anything it might delay or risk losing brexit at all. i think the
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problem is it's possible they don't really care. we are in a sort of strange error of politics whereby intellectual purity, we see this in the left and right, is valued higher than achieving your goals. certainly true of somebody like nigel farage who is not sitting up parliament you have eight cottage industry of nigel farage inc. which means campaigning for brexit. so for him there's that sense of he would much ratherjust be able to feel aggrieved and angry the rest of time that was not delivered properly. he said tonight that he is caring for a european election campaign because he thinks he will be, that they will have to ta ke he will be, that they will have to take part in. we have not left and it will be on the basis of them stealing brexit. the problem is it
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assumes rational actors


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