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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 14, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers shanghai sipg in the in north america asian champions league. and roger federer remains on course and around the globe. my name is mike embley. for a semi final showdown our top stories: with rafael nadal after both won their respective last 16 matches at the indian wells masters. the ayes to the right — 321. the noes to the left — 278. britain's parliament votes to reject a no deal brexit, hello and welcome to but still, under current law, the programme where we start the uk could be leaving with the uefa champions league the european union without any and the news that the quarter final agreement at the end of march. line up is now complete. boeing grounds its entire worldwide liverpool and barcelona were both fleet of 737 max aircraft victorious in their respective ties as new evidence is uncovered against bayern munich and lyon about the most recent fatal and earlier our football reporter crash in ethiopia. john bennett explained how liverpool won in germany. we are just hours away from the long—awaited announcement on whether former soldiers will be really, liverpool in a way didn't prosecuted for their part have to get out of second gear. in northern ireland's bloody sunday shootings in 1972. buyer munich were woeful. a brilliant performance by liverpool, incomplete control for the whole game. brilliant goal by sadio mane. he is in great form. buyer munich fought back and got an equaliser
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before halftime. an own goal. we thought we might see a different buyer munich in second half but liverpool were in control. van dijk back from suspension and then it was all wrapped up again by sadio mane. liverpool finalists last season into the last day, still in the premier league title race and what a brilliant season they're having. i was really happy, notjust because we won but how strong we looked, how good we defended even in the situations when of course, buyer munich has so much quality. that buyer munich. a good goalkeeper and we impressed them and that is massive, a massive thing in a game like this.
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so liverpool were 3—1 winners over bayern munich and lionel messi scored twice for barcelona as they progressed 5—1 in the second leg at home to lyon after both matches had ended goalless in the opening legs. in the asian champions league their was a surprise defeat for chinese champions shanghai sipg — and a win for buriram united. austin halewood rounds up wednesday's action from groups g and h. with the likes in their ranks, crow one occasion that a team capable of winning. —— shanghai sipg. theiraim is continental success. no issues creating chances for themselves. converting was a problem. a team effort from holcombe. instead, a home side taking their opportunity. shanghai dropped to second with plenty of work to do. also in group
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page, desperate for a first win in the competition since 2017, kawasaki peppered the goal keeper. andrew redmayne, the australian, his fingertips keeping him in it on more than one occasion. eventually they found a way through. the man to squeeze the ball in with just five minutes to go. elsewhere, a draw in beijing means things are trite in —— tight in group g as well. both sides we re tight in group g as well. both sides were left on three points. they have it all to play for. to tennis and five—time champion roger federer is through to the indian wells masters quarter—finals after easing past great britain's kyle edmund 6—1, 6—4. the swiss who's ranked 4 in the world will now face hubert hurkacz as he goes in search
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of a record sixth title and a 101st atp tour title after notching up the century in dubai recently. he hasn't lost a set en route to this stage and remains on course for a semi final with rafael nadal. that's because number two seed nadal is also through to the last eight after he defeated filip krajinovic in straight sets. a day after world number one novak djokovic was eliminated the spaniard prevailed didn't suffer the same fate winning 6—3, 6—4. nadal will now face 12th seed karen kachanov for a place in the last four as he looks for a fourth title at this event and first since 2013. in the women's singles, the canadian wildcard bianca andreescu continued her fairytale debut at indian wells with a 6—0, 6—1 thrashing of two—time grand slam champion garbine muguruza to move into the last four. it's the third — and biggest — semi—final the 18—year—old has reached this season, after runs to the last four in auckland and acapulco.
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andreescu will face either sixth—seeded elina svitolina or fellow teenager marketa vondrousova in the last four. the expected bad weather failed to materialise at cheltenham on wednesday as the racing took precedence — and it was the queen mother champion chase which saw a familiar name winning as andy swiss reports. no doubting the star of the show here on day two. altior confirming his status as one of the greats of his status as one of the greats of his sport. although it wasn't easy. he was under real pressure coming over the last but held on to win the queen mother champion chase for the second year running. a record equalling 18th when across all races, unbeaten since 2015. an incredible feat for the jockey nico
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de boinville and the trainer. also the tiger came from the country chase in remarkable fashion. some 22 lengths clear of his nearest rivals. he is the strong favourite to retain his grand national crown next month. now when you're ten years of age and you've just signed a contract with nike, the headlines are bound to say the sky is the limit. and that's the case for sky brown, the skateboarder who's part japanese and part british and aims to compete at next year's olympics in tokyo. 0ur sports correspondent natalie pirks has been to meet her in los angeles. i like it because it makes me feel happy and free and like i can do anything. remember being ten when the world was your oyster? daddy, look at this. that carefree attitude is the key to sky brown's success. born injapan, she has been skating and sophie since she could walk, picking up tips from her english
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father. she trains regularly in la with her little brother 0cean for but it is britain who care that holds the key to her 0lympic gene. that dream. they told me just to have no fear and to just have fun. have fun and enjoy it is the most important thing so that's why i chose england. britain is far from the first to notice her, she is the youngest athlete nikkei has ever sponsored and recently won america's version of strictly come dancing. at the age of ten, she is already a precocious talent. by next summer's opening ceremony in tokyo, she would just have just that she would have just have just that she would have just turned 12 which would make her britain's youngest in history. she will now have to qualify against the wall‘s best women. fortunately she has some big hitters in her corner. you are on your way to the olympics.
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yes. tony hawk is a legend in the sport and watched her beat the estonians recently and believes she could qualify for tokyo. how good is she? she is exceptional for her age. doing tricks that only veteran pros have even done before. but the 0lympics have even done before. but the olympics is only part of her plan. empowering girls to follow her dreams is not just empowering girls to follow her dreams is notjust a well drilled and that well drilled sound bite.|j sometimes think girls are too scared to do what they want to do so i need to do what they want to do so i need to tell them it doesn't matter, just get out there, don't care what people tell you, just to do it for you. she has all the talk and all the talent. some sad news about the formula 1 in australia. charlie whiting has died.
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he was the head of formula 1 for governing body the fia and one of the most influential people in the sport for decades. the 66 year old suffered a pulmonary embolism in melbourne where he was due to officiate this weekend's season—opener with all the drivers gathering just the day before to welcome in the new campaign. now to cricket and australia have claimed a remarkable one day international series victory over india after winning the fifth and final match by 35 runs in delhi. an innings of 100 from usman khawaja helped the tourists set a target of 273. and a middle order collapse saw the hosts lose three wickets forjust 12 runs and the result means the aussies have won an 0di series in india for the first time in 10 years having lost the first two games of the series. the six games happening in the nba. the six games happening in the nba. the golden state warriors, currently 15 apiece in the first quarter. until next time, goodbye. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's
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hello again. storm gareth may well have blown itself away out into northern europe, but our weather stays pretty blustery over the next few days. there is gareth working across denmark. but further west in the atlantic, things looking pretty lively still with weather fronts, areas of low pressure targeting the british isles. and that means over the next few days there's no end in sight really to this run of windy weather through thursday, friday, into the weekend as well before things calm down in the following week. now, for those of you heading outside over the next few hours, it is quite breezy outside, some fairly strong winds across north—western areas, thick cloud around and outbreaks of rain as well, quite heavy rain at that across parts of northern england, southern scotland and wales as well. now, these are the kind of temperatures you might encounter if you're heading outside. now, as we look at the weather picture for thursday, no surprises — the low pressure is right over the top of the british isles. we've still got fairly tightly packed isobars showing up on the charts too. so, it's going to be a cloudy,
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windy and wet start to the day. the worst of the rain will tend to clear through across england and wales, and quite quickly thursday morning, we'll see some bright weather for scotland, northern ireland, northern england with a scattering of showers blown in by those blustery winds. gusts of wind that could reach 40, even 50mph across the most exposed locations. that of course means the showers don't stay in one place for any length of time. but what it will also do is it will knock the edge off these temperatures, ranging from around 7 to 13, but feeling a bit cooler than that, so quite a chilly feel to the weather across parts of scotland. now, through thursday evening and overnight, the showers continue on and off across northern areas, it will cloud over elsewhere with outbreaks of rain spreading in, particularly to england and wales. temperature—wise, quite a big contrast thursday night. mild in the south, 9 or 10 degrees or so, got the colder air further north with plenty of showers, wintry over high ground. now, on friday, it's another unsettled looking day, still with those west—north—westerly winds. cloud and rain never far away from the south. it may well cloud over again later in the afternoon, bringing rain back into south—west england. some sunshine elsewhere, but, again, plenty of showers across north—western areas, snow up over some of the
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higher parts of scotland. now, the weekend weather shows no sign of settling down. indeed, on saturday, we could have quite a deep area of low pressure spinning in, bringing a stormy spell of weather. could have some snow around as well. so, some wet weather, given the weather's been wet recently, we could see some localised surface water flooding from that, and also, some very strong winds. notice to the northern edge of the storm system, we could see some snow. the worst of that likely in the scottish mountains above 200 to 300 metres elevation. still quite chilly for northern areas. that's your weather.
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