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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  March 15, 2019 5:45pm-6:01pm GMT

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at least 49 people have been killed went to the motel pretty quickly. i went to the motel pretty quickly. i went and dozens more injured to bt motel, the manager held a press c0 nfe re nce . to bt motel, the manager held a after a gunman opened fire on two press conference. i saw the players mosques in new zealand. there. they were shell—shocked. i men, women and children think when they went back to the were at friday prayers in christchurch when a man walked hotel, they got a clear picture of in and began firing, what was happening in christ church filming and broadcasting it on the day. with every news update, all live on social media. they were shocked. the death count everybodyjust ran to the back doors just to save themselves. going up and the fact that i answered the phone and i said bangladesh citizens were also held, to her, "your husband has been shot outside the mosque, because that particular mosque it and don't come here to deans avenue, was quite popular with bangladeshis. you won't get through but go to the hospital and wait for him." families wait for news as the list the team is leaving in about six of missing people grows — hours. iam the team is leaving in about six hours. i am on the same flight back syrian refugees are thought to be among the dead. home. around midday on saturday, we new zealand's prime minister called it the darkest day. will be. thank you so much for they have chosen to make new zealand their home and it is their home. talking to us after that really they are us. shocking experience. mohammad isam there, bangladesh corresponded. for espn creek info. thank you for your time. now on bbc news a look ahead to sportsday at 6:30 tonight.
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coming up on sports day on bbc news... we'll be live in cardiff ahead of the final round of rugby union's six nations championship — with wales on the cusp of a third grand slam under head coach warren gatland, if they can beat ireland here at the principality stadium tomorrow. we will have the rest of the day's support as well. some huge ties in the quarterfinals at the champions league — the draw of which was played today. four english sides in that draw. and news as well on a big win for willie mullins. his first win at cheltenham and the gold cup today. al boum photo. lizzie will have all the details on what has been a fascinating day in racing. now on bbc news, it is time for the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode.
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so mark, what do we have this week? interesting. we have ben is back, which is the story of addiction and recovery. we have the prodigy which isa recovery. we have the prodigy which is a very nuts and bolts horror movie. and fisherman's friends, the kind of a true story of the cornish singing sensations. kind of true story. we will get to that in a minute. let's start with ben is back. julia roberts. this is a teenage drug addict who shows up unexpectedly at the family home at christmas e. what could go wrong? crucially hearsay recovering addict. do you remember when that film papy beautiful boy came out? that was the story of a parent and child torn apart by addiction. based on memories by the sun. this is the story similar directed by peter hedges and shocked by his son lucas.
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julia roberts placed his mother and she loves in them back in the house just for the christmas period, on the condition that he does everything that she says, that she ta kes everything that she says, that she takes the drug test she plans him and that he does not refresh right under any circumstances. here is a clip. these will both complement your complexion, that you get from your mother — you're welcome. coat, please. 0k, nice. i'm good. come on. pockets. this is humiliating. no. this is love. all right. you're free to go. you didn't check my shoes. that's not funny. it was a joke, mom.
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ben, it's not funny. mom, it was a joke. excuse me. can i get a key to this door, please. unlock the door, ben, right now. i like that the scene is all 0k and he says is that as a joke. and then it is not a joke, she didn't check your sins. the film manages a balance between she loves him, but he has told never to trust an addict, he is a recovering addict. it is not to do with the balance of how much she trusts him and how much he has to offer tough love. he says it stimulating and she says it is tough love. later on the family dog was missing and she has to go off on a road trip with him, into his world. and she sees for the first time the environment in which he was moving when he was taking drugs. that is a contrived. no question about it. julia roberts blew past performance is good enough that you buy it. you think i know this is a device, but i'm so convinced by her from performance that i would let me tell him get away with it. i don't
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think it is doing anything shocking. there are comparisons definitely to beautiful boy, a slightly more beautified portrait of all of this. ido beautified portrait of all of this. i do thinkjulia roberts, when she is great, she is really great. and it isa is great, she is really great. and it is a gritty role for her, isn't it? people think of ron comes and so on. yes, but think about aaron brockovich which is probably the role for which she is most well—known and most well respected. when she is good, she is really, really great. i think this is a fine role for her, in a solid film. solid. all right. onto the prodigy. you've already told us that a nuts and bolts horror. is a story about a mother who comes to believe that her young child is possessed of the reincarnated spirit of a serial killer. one dies at the same time as the other was born. it is hugely derivative. there is stuff from the element and good night mummy, village of the damned and there is even a moment in which the kid actually says "mother, what
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is wrong with me was that" a line from the exorcist. i let it get away with it because it knows that that is what it is doing. there is a large number of movies about bad seeds, kids being scared of kids and how much it is to do with the projection of the children. you look ata projection of the children. you look at a movie like babadook, and very good movie but a similar idea. i think it did not do it quite wrong. it hasn't got very good reviews. but it seems to go from a, b, c, d and perfectly functional fashion. there we re perfectly functional fashion. there were a couple of moments where it gave me a little bit of a child, a shiver. in a row too much most of these horror movies are just going quiet, quiet, boom, ithought there was something else. not much else, that doesn't make it many things and there are many laugh out loud moments in it. i thought it was creepy and fun. i had seen a lot worse. how many shivers the need to give it a good horrorfilm? three, minimum. that is not many! what is the scariest film you have ever
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seen? the correct answer to that is the exorcist. that is the correct answer. that is shivers all the way through. nonstop. no shiversi suspect in fisherman's friends. except for the weather. laughter this is a fancifully sentimental version of the true story of fisherman's friends in a singing group from cornwall who achieved extraordinary success. this is amy, i think, for the tone of local hero latella. it ends up being close to swimming with man sent his neck, which i'm quite like. i thought it was open to more of its time quality. his boss sees this group of fishermen singing and says ok, you have to sign them up. he says it as a joke. but daniel macey‘s character ta kes a joke. but daniel macey‘s character takes it seriously. the next thing is exactly what he is trying to do. here's a clip.
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i manage bands and i'm interested in representing you. you'd better come and talk to the boys. for your information, my son is the roger daughtry of the group. well, i'll bear that in mind. you'll never guess what. my boy has just been talent spotted. by who? youradmirer. apparently he's some kind of big shot in the music industry. watching you sing was one of those rare moments in the music business when you realise you are witnessing something truly original. the bottom line is — you've got a unique sound. and we believe we can help you get it released by a major label. laughter! it's a nice scene, isn't it? yes, it feels like one of those very british sort of film. it has a very tourist eye view of cornwall. the story is that character goes and falls in with it. why wouldn't he? it's an
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exciting place, a place like no other and other and proud and beautiful and wonderful. what you see in the film is definitely a touristy view of it. if you wanted touristy view of it. if you wanted to tell them apart, you could because it is creaky and sentimental. i wonder why anybody would want to. it is charming. i like the music. daniel mays does an awfully long way to making it all hang together. i think he has such a great screen presence, he has worked with mike lee, he can do very serious, tough gritty comedy. he manages this light comedy with a really lovely light touch. i smile and laugh pretty much all the way through. i know all the things that are wrong with it, i know the things that don't make sense. honestly, i don't care. i like it, it was charming. charming, 0k. what is best out at the moment? there is this some thought the kindergarten teacher which stars maggie jimmy teacher which stars maggiejimmy hall. it's about a candidate teacher who becomes advanced that a
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five—year—old in her class is the new mozart. she's the only person that sees his talent. everybody else is neglecting the fact that he is a genius. she starts to inveigled her way into his life. the film is really about how much of this is to do with her own disappointment at her lot. she is somebody who wanted to be an academic, a poet, it didn't work out. it locks a really thin line between being on the one hand this strange sentimental story, on the other hand being something that comes very the other hand being something that co m es very close the other hand being something that comes very close to being a psychological chiller. i thought it was brilliantly done. maggiejimmy hall is terrific in it. my only reservation is it is quite close to the originalfilm. but reservation is it is quite close to the original film. but the original film is really good as well. i thought it was interesting and i thought it was interesting and i thought maggie perfectly pitched our character between somebody who wants to see the creative best in this child, but all the time the implication is you are projecting onto him. and without giving too much away, is the five—year —year—old the next mozart?|j couldn't —year—old the next mozart?” couldn't possibly tell you that. you
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have to see the film. it sounds good. i like the premise. if like, without giving anything away, what is at the end of citizen kane! that's the dvd at the moment?” is at the end of citizen kane! that's the dvd at the moment? i like this film. i thought it it was a ha rd this film. i thought it it was a hard sell in cinema. i think is mike lee's recreating leading up to the massacre. each ensemble cast. one of my mates within it. i think one of everybody‘s mates was in it. my mates within it. i think one of everybody's mates was in it. what this film does this, as it builds up towards these terrible event, it really doesn't show you from every side, everybody gets to have their say. perhaps to a fault. when you finally get to that climactic seeds wings is horrifying and you've invested in all the characters. i think it is very powerful and it demonstrates that mike lee really can orchestrate a great big period,. it isa can orchestrate a great big period,. it is a very powerful film. he does
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have a very unique style of film making. yet, no one else makes it sounds like mike lee. no one else has a process like his, and no one else's films look like his. heading out there are enough directors around who would love to make films like mike lee. lots of it from my station? that is his hallmark. like mike lee. lots of it from my station? that is his hallmarkm begins with work shopping. by the time you get to the set is not improvised. then it has been written ata improvised. then it has been written at a script, but the script is device from improvised action with a unique technique that i meet mike lee and his past properly understand. right. much like yourself will stop thank you very much. on the you understand what they're talking about. we all understand. that is it for this week. thank you so much for watching. goodbye from both of us.
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before the weather gets better, and it will next week, the weather is going to get worse. starting tonight with showers, still wintry in the north. they tended to fade away. we are seeing thicker cloud continuing in the southwest. that will spread northwards overnight. it turns to snow in the high ground of northern ireland. because we are moving into cold air, their icy patches, a touch of frost. milder further south. cold air, their icy patches, a touch of frost. milderfurthersouth. into tomorrow, the snow in northern ireland on the pen nines won't last long. probably turning to brain. we will see sleet and snow continuing into scotland. a few centimetres down to one or 200 metres even. drying up in northern ireland. wet weather into england and wales. the rain will be heavy over the hills. windy got us a 50—60 mph or so. it will not be as 94 scotland and northern ireland. another cold day for the essential parts. temperatures struggling to about 4 degrees with sleet and snow around. much milder across the southeast
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where it is dry. rain overnight. stormy weather moves out of the way anson sunshine and showers on sunday.
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