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tv   The Papers  BBC News  March 15, 2019 10:45pm-11:00pm GMT

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this is bbc news. i'm julian worricker. the headlines at 11. well as complaints were made. as well as media companies, they had the new zealand's prime minister vows footage. this is really serious, you to reform the country's gun should not be able to view this. laws after 49 people are killed in a mass shooting at at two there must be a stepping up in mosques in christchurch. responsibility if you are going to bea responsibility if you are going to be a platform that puts out these images. everyone has to try so much there have been attempts to change harder, with this stuff should not get through. 20 years ago, you would oui’ never have been able to be at the there have been attempts to change our laws in 2005, 2012 and after an scene of a horrific crime, and we enquiry in 2017. now is the time for all know the these things inspire other people. the guy that's change. committed this crime has had a long bangladesh, india and indonesia all say some litany of things that happen around of their citizens were killed the world that inspired him, and his in the shooting and others are unaccounted for. contacts the world that inspired him, and his co nta cts o n the world that inspired him, and his contacts on social media have been extensive. use the fact that so many people saw it, it is clearly not something you chance upon. you seek and then everybody just it out? yes, there is definitely an and then everybodyjust ran to the element of that. one of the things back doors to save themselves.” as well as the question about how he heard that your husband has was able to live stream on facebook what he was doing as he was doing
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it, another question about social media's element on this, and more a question for the coming weeks and months, will be the extent to which he himself was radicalised by stuff he himself was radicalised by stuff he was looking online. people don't become white supremacists in a vacuum. become white supremacists in a vacuum. and some of his cultural references seem to vacuum. and some of his cultural references seem to be very in line with a very white super mrs language and seemed takes that you do see online. —— white supremacist. there isa online. —— white supremacist. there is a short—term immediate question of, how can social media sites get better at taking down horrible footage of an amazingly horrible terror attack that has happened? but also the question of how can they be better constantly at policing the stuff that is on their platform? better constantly at policing the stuff that is on their platform ?m is worth going back to that image on
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the daily telegraph that while they talk about the first social media terror attack, the actual photo on the front page is a slightly more heartening image of those in london who had been responding to it? yes, it isa who had been responding to it? yes, it is a bit ofa who had been responding to it? yes, it is a bit of a different frontpage. it shows young children here with posters saying "love will win, he will lose". and they are very young, the children here. seeing a climate change rally in london full of teenagers who are coming forward to make their voices heard, i think this is another nice example of young people really taking this to heart and feeling very strongly about this. this is a multi—faith group. going back to what you were saying a moment ago, do you think there will now be far more pressure? there has been a fair more pressure? there has been a fair more democrat amount of pressure on social media sites over times, but do you think there will be even more to say that they have to do
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something about what is going on on a daily basis? by the stuff that you show off where it is happen, but the stuff that is going on to build up? the pressure will definitely intensify, you have a quote in here from theresa may, tom watson, all speaking to that theme. but the same issue of how do police a public policy pressure on a multinational tech site, which has woven its way into the fabric of all sorts of people's lives across the world? it isa very people's lives across the world? it is a very calm located policy question, so the pressure is one thing and welcome, and it will step up. but it is still quite tricky to see, unless there is the appetite for change within the companies themselves, and often just for change within the companies themselves, and oftenjust from their founders and spiritual leaders of these companies. until they themselves see fit to change that at those of what their platforms are about and may be circumscribing some things that have been placed on it,
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it is still quite hard to see how you address the problem. the times has an mi5 lead on this? yes, this isa has an mi5 lead on this? yes, this is a different take. this is looking at the fact that there may have been links between the white supremacist who carried out this attack, and the finsbury park mosque in london. and when i say the finsbury park mosque, imean when i say the finsbury park mosque, i mean the terrorist attack that took place there. mi5 is trying to see whether there is this connection. basically the killer, brenton tarrant, has published a ma nifesto brenton tarrant, has published a manifesto saying he had been inspired by the attack at finsbury park mosque. he put lots of things down that had been forms of inspiration for him, lots of references to various different conflicts around the world and
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various terrorist attacks and victims of various crimes. but this seems to be a direct link to london, although i would just also point out that the assistant commissioner, head for counter tell took to it —— terrorism at scotland yard says there is no linking this to the uk. they are very much looking at this dossier, this manifesto and trying to find exactly how significant that link is. is it a reference point, or was he involved in a much wider network of right—wing supremacist that shared information online? we know very much that this is an issue in the uk, as well, and the man that —— at committed that attack at finsbury park was a white supremacist. we can talk about the main image at the moment, cookbook —— but going back to what kate said, the image of the weapon and the slogans that are adorned on it. hinting this connection that he has made to other incidences? yes, the
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photo of his gun is covered in white supremacist, far right language. i think in one of the other newspapers, it says that he uploaded photos of the gun to twitter a few days ago in the knowledge that it would then be searched by journalists in the days after he carried out his attack. as kate was saying, the question that this frontpage poses is not necessarily so frontpage poses is not necessarily so much if there are british links to the killer, but clearly the killer saw what he was doing as part ofa killer saw what he was doing as part of a wider story which of involves britain, he said he was inspired to kill muslims by going to europe. the historical reference here is that the former leaders of the british... the person closest from history to
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his own beliefs. lots to ponder for british readers. there are other stories, rather inevitably. there is a brexit story. let's stay with you, the daily telegraph references to the prime minister in herfuture, and how that may be playing a part in some of the conversations going on behind the scenes at the moment. kandl on behind the scenes at the moment. k and i had an absurdly frantic week frantic week on house eu eulthe the eu at the end of the month, but thatis the eu at the end of the month, but that is very unlikely really interesting story impossible. really interesting story in the telegraph here, which says that even senior aides of theresa may think that she needs to recognise that her time as prime minister is coming to an end after the events of this week. and that her setting out a timetable for her departure might be the final thing
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to win enough votes from her disgruntled conservative mps to push her brexit deal over the line. the particular phrase they use is that if she announces she will quit now, she will be able to cope with dignity. we had to end on that. what does go with dignity mean?|j dignity. we had to end on that. what does go with dignity mean? i don't think there is a huge amount of dignity left stuff i have to say it has not been a very edifying few weeks. we were just saying that the prime minister unfortunately lost her voice is weak, we also get a cold from time to time —— this week. but i think the prime minister, in terms of going with dignity, she's been through the mill and i'm finding it hard to imagine how that can happen and come around. i think it is absolutely bizarre that they now say that they will —— they can vote for her and she will go. that is bizarre, you can have what you want, but please vote for her. that
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is such a bizarre choice facing mps, but one that might actually work?|j but one that might actually work?” think it might have at the start of the week, but now conservative mps on every whim of the party with every start on brexit all think that she doesn't need to offer that shall quit, she is done anyways, and they will make sure of it in the coming weeks and months. her premiership does not have long to run, whether she wants that are not. there is a reference to two senior downing st figures. how high up does this go? pretty high. i think this is a pretty serious story. they must be important. kate, final word about brexit by the financial times is yellow with had quite a lot of stories about how brexit might affect the uk, and economy sector. this is a scare story about what
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might happen, saying here that several car—makers are being forced to make plans to close their plans in april, even if there is a delay to brexit. the assembly lines will be shut down to try to navigate a notable brexit. even though we might have that delay which pushes brexit beyond march, it sounds like these car plants will still have to shut work down and try to stop things until they try and work out the absolute extent of the disruption to the industry. your thoughts? it is what businesses have been saying all along. they have their own views on the hard or soft brexit, what they really just want the hard or soft brexit, what they reallyjust want is certainty. in this week, the house of commons has done nothing towards that end. on that note, thank you both for the time being. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website.
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it's all there for you, seven days a week at thank you kate and henry. goodbye for now. good evening. it has been a windy end to a pretty stormy week, and bear with the weather, it's going to be a bit quieter into next week, but before we get there we have got a pretty unsettled weekend to get out of the way. now, this picture was taken by one of our weather watchers in cambridgeshire on friday evening as the sun set. we have got patchy cloud around, but the cloud and the rain is moving its way from the west. as a deepening area of low pressure heads in from the atlantic bringing some fairly heavy rain particularly across northern ireland, overnight patchy rain across england and wales as well. to the north of that, it's clearing skies for much of scotland, showers becoming confined to the northern aisles, but it's going to be turning quite chilly in the north with hill snow pushing into parts of northern ireland and northern england,
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towards the southern islands of scotland as well. temperatures only just above freezing in the towns and cities in the north, much milder though further south. so saturday is shaping up to be a really unsettled, windy day, the fact that we have got this deepening area of low pressure moving its way eastwards with lots of isobars on the map particularly across england and wales. it will be here we see the milder air as well, but a real contrast in temperature for the northwest, cold and north were northwesterly winds driving in across northern ireland and scotland too. scotland will see some fairly heavy snow over the higher ground from the central and southern parts. rained down at lower levels, i think. sunny skies and also if you heavy showers, hail and thunderstorms for northern ireland. heavy rain pushing in from the west across parts of england and wales. and it's here we will see the strongest wind gusts. 40—50 mph, 60 mph in one or two exposed spots. could cause some disruption on saturday, the strength of the wind combined with the heavy rain and hill snow in the north. real contrast in temperature behind this cold front.
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the cold front moves it's way further eased bringing a spell of heavy rain through saturday night and on into sunday. as that low pressure clears into the north sea it's a different feeling day on sunday. sunshine and showers, plenty of showers driving in across parts of scotland where there will again be falling snow over the hills. further south those showers are few and far between. so sunshine to compensate for weather over the recent days. temperatures still only around about seven to 10 degrees and it will feel colder when you add in that wind—chill. but at least things will quiet down as we look ahead into next week with high—pressure building, it is looking much drier, less windy and also warmer too. bye for now.
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