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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 16, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm GMT

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hello, this is bbc news this is bbc news. with me, rebecca jones. the headlines at six the headlines... brenton tarrant, brenton tarrant, the main the main suspect in the new zealand mosque shootings in which a9 people suspect in the new zealand were killed, has appeared in court mosque shootings in which a9 people this is bbc news. were killed, has appeared in court the headlines. on a single murder charge. the bravery of the victims — on a single murder charge brenton tarrant, the main suspect in the new zealand the father who lost his life trying mosque shootings in which 49 people to tackle the gunman — were killed, has appeared in court his 21 year old son also died. on a single murder charge his family speak of their heartache. the bravery of the victims — the father who lost his life trying i feel really proud of my brother, really. to tackle the gunman — i mean, the way he died, his 21 year old son also died. very few people... his family speak of their heartache. i mean, i wish i could die like him, i feel really proud really, dying like... he was a brave person. of my brother, really. i mean, the way he died, very few people... prime ministerjacinda i mean, i wish i could die like him, ar—dern has vowed: really, dying like... "our gun laws will change." he was a brave person... an australian senator, who blamed immigration prime ministerjacinda i mean, i wish i very few people, i mean, i wish i could have died like him and died for the mosque shooting ar—dern has vowed: "our gun laws will change". in christchurch, attacks a teenager like a brave person. who threw an egg at him. prime ministerjacinda ar—dern has vowed: "our gun laws will change" in other news — new zealand is united in its grief the tory mp nick boles, who opposes no—deal, and we are united in our grief. resigns from his local party, after clashing an australian senator with them over brexit. who blamed immigration and coming up in sport — for the mosque shooting
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wales lift the six nations trophy as they win the grand in christchurch attacks a teenager slam in cardiff. who threw an egg at him. the conservative mp nick boles — the conservative mp, who wants a closer relationship nick boles, has resigned with the eu and opposes a no—deal — from his local party association. resigns from his local party, after clashing mr boles said he had faced with them over brexit. and wales beat ireland to win calls for his deselection because of his stance on brexit — the six nations and complete the grand slam in cardiff having spoken out against leaving the eu without a deal. mr boles said he intends to remain as mp for grantham and stamford. councillor matthew lee is a senior member of the grantham and stamford conservative association. he denied the members were all against mr boles. the view that nick seems to be portraying about our association is that we are all against him. good afternoon — and welcome to bbc news. that we are all hard an australian man has appeared brexiteers and it is just not in court in new zealand true. i mean, the last meeting charged with murder, of our executive management after 49 people were killed in committee, many people, shootings at two mosques in the city including me, spoke and nick's of christchurch yesterday. favour, and we are not all against him. 28 year old brenton tarrant did not there are some that disagree with him. enter a plea and has been but in any family, and any group, there are
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remanded in custody. always different views. you come together, you try to come together and you move on as a unit and we are the prime minister of new zealand, just at a loss to understand why jacinda ar—durn, has visited survivors of nick thinks we are all against him, the attacks in hospital. she promised that gun laws will change. because that is just not true. our correspondent sent this report. we stand as one. from flower tributes i've been speaking to to hand written notes, the conservative mp robert halfon — the messages are clear. who told me about his shock and surprise at nick boles decision new zealand may be struggling to resign from his local conservative association. to comprehend the tragic events that i think it's incredibly sad, nick boles is a great intellect. took place in christchurch, he's given a lot of service but people are determined to come to the conservative party, together to pay their respects. i think it's incredibly sad, nick boles is a great intellect. both politically and as a minister this group of young men among them. and in government. one of them knew someone he's given a lot of service to the conservative party, inside one of the mosques. i've been working very closely your friend was shot in the leg? yeah, yeah. with him on developing long term both politically and as a minister he went there for prayer. and in government. so, i don't know... so you knew people in the mosque? a proposal to leave yeah. the european union byjoining i even tried to call him yesterday i've been working very closely with him on developing long term and he couldn't take my call. the european free trade area, christchurch has seen common market 2.0, as we call it, a proposal to leave tragedy like this before the european union byjoining and is still rebuilding and the conservative party after a devastating earthquake eight years ago. must accommodate people that was mother nature at her worst.
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the european free trade area, but this is a man—made one common market 2.0, as we call it, as diverse as boles and boris. on a different scale. we had the earthquakes and the anxiety levels were at a high. that alternative you talk about, and this triggered that same anxiety, people wanted to get home though, what's the problem to see where their families were. at the end of the day, mr boles does represent their children, like caro said, at preschool. for the association ultimately, she had the children at preschool. wasn't it, because, like, people just a constituency that voted 61% wanted to get home. so it might take a wee to leave the european union. while, but we will, yeah. at the end of the day, mr boles does represent memorials like this one have been surely it needs an mp that springing up all over the city. reflects that viewpoint? people have been coming here to the botanical gardens i think nick did reflect in christchurch all day the viewpoint of the public leaving their messages and flowers. deal on both times, which is about leaving there is a real sense of shock because he voted for the prime minister's the european union. and horror at how something so awful could strike the heart of this community. new zealand's prime minister praised the efforts of police, at the same time, by keeping us in and has called for a review of the countries gun laws the european economic area and after it was revealed that the suspect legally obtained his weapon. members of the free trade error new zealand is united in its grief. which we have helped found many
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yea rs which we have helped found many years ago. if that is the case, why and we are united in our grief. but the acting chairman of the and so i convey that association tell us that nick boles message of love and support on behalf of new zealand. upset many people in the area?|j an australian man has cannot upset many people in the area?” cannot type from what is going on in appeared in court. his local association. i am not the 28—year—old brenton tarrant wasn't on any security watchlist. he didn't enter a plea mpfor his local association. i am not the and is due to appear mp for there. i suspect that may be in court next april the 5th. somewhat want to leave without a deal. as pointed out, because the while the world awaits his fate, the outpouring of grief country is not properly prepared for here will continue. that, leaving without a doubt would but this is a resilient city that bea that, leaving without a doubt would be a huge risk. we have to find a has seen tragedies like this before. way to deliver the referendum result, but it does not mean the and then, as now, the rallying cry trash out. it also does not mean we in many messages of support is a maori phase that have a second referendum, that would means, stay strong. lead to huge mistrust in our system. is a maori phrase that means, stay strong. as you say, he shared similar views, ali adeeba was in the noor mosque praying with his father and his twin brother i wonder how concerned you are that when the shooting began. this is ali with his you might face the selection as well? finally enough, i have had a father, adeeb sami. general meeting of enough with my he was hit in the back while trying
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to protect his sons. he's now in hospital local association, and they were all very sympathetic, and they know in a medically—induced coma. exactly how i voted. i voted against ali took the time to speak the second referendum. i am worried to my colleague krupa padhy, a little while ago, because he said about a long delay for article 50. i he wanted the world to know what had happened. would select a short delay, but i you may find some of was we adopted a few months ago. on what he has to say upsetting. the whole, most conservative members are very reasonable. i think it is a very sad day that nick feels he can i was, to listen to this, and it was no longer stand as a conservative mp just, they are talking and the in his area. began. and soon after, you hear sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, gunshots at the start around the here's olly foster. sidewalk. and that i see people running and he just started shooting. my first thought was, i wales are six nation's grand slam champions for a ath time. they completely outplayed was looking for my dad. and so i ran ireland in cardiff. and though they only scored one try they won 25—7 . andi hadleigh parkes went over
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was looking for my dad. and so i ran and i stumbled across an and for a very early score and there was no looking back honestly, i just don't after that, there was barely a minute on the clock and i stumbled across an and honestly, ijust don't remember after i going through the door and i when he ran onto a chip through from gareth anscombe. ended up on the right aisle of the mosque and i missed the full first anscombe converted as he kicked 20 poinst in all. clip, i woke up and all i heard was wales were utterly dominant and led 25—0 when jordan larmour went over for a consolation try in added time. this is wales' fifth six nations shooting i'm sorry to say but i title — their first since 2013. couldn't do anything, but trying to stay safe. i was, every shot, my yes, iam yes, i am part of the players. most body had never shook that hard. i players talk before plank for themselves, and this crowd, wales as kept going and a few moments later, it went quiet, so i thought it was a whole, they have created history. safe. i called 911 and then i hung i cannot take this away from them now. i thought it was a performance up safe. i called 911 and then i hung up and he kept shooting... and i and we did not look too tired. england's match against scotland can just couldn't do anything except never be a dead rubber, but the title is now beyond eddiejones side.
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just couldn't do anything except still, they've torn into scotland. . . .jack nowell just lay there. and after that, it scoring after a minute. since then tom curry and joe was all gone. i can hear that you launchbury have also gone over. the latest from twickenham are so was all gone. i can hear that you are so shaken and my heart goes out in the calcutta cup to you, tell me how your father is. match is 31 nil already. my italy have finished with the wooden to you, tell me how your father is. my father, just had a second spoon for a fourth year in a row after losing to france in rome. surgery, my father, just had a second surgery, he is in a coma and he took a bullet for me. and thankfully, i'm tries either side of half time had put the french in control, but italy had chances to get back in the game. this tackle from damian penaud 0k, a bullet for me. and thankfully, i'm ok, i a bullet for me. and thankfully, i'm 0k, iwas a bullet for me. and thankfully, i'm ok, i was one of the few that walked prevented an italian try five minutes from time. penaud then scored himself to ensure france out without a bullet wound. i could ended their six nations on a high. 25 points to 1a the final score at the stadio olimpico. it was italy's 22nd 6 nations defeat in a row. it's an fa cup weekend, 3 quarter—finals today and one only see the other people that got tomorrow, we've already had one result. watford are through to the semi—finals. they beat crystal palace 2—1 at vicarage road. michael redford reports. shot, and... might make best wishes (vt)
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neither watford or consult palace have had the trophy in their hands. .we they both want to still be standing. . we wish you all of the best, ali, thank you. neither team had conceded a goal, the brothers of one of the christchurch victims have but that beckett came to an end when expressed their family's pain in the wake of the attacks. 50 year old naeem rashid, this happened. best hopes of an and his 21 year old son talha naeem, were among six pakistani citizens killed in the attack. equaliser will come from a striker our pakistan correspondent, secunder kermani, spoke to naeem rashid's brothers earlier. who scores for articles and three games against watford. it very nearly became five and four. watford did not keep as a in 2016, and he was paid. this match would finish but the same score line, except it tell me, how long had your brother been living with his was watford who was celebrating this family in new zealand? time. the winner, exactly two he went to new zealand in 2010, so it's been nine years. minutes after coming on as a so, he went to do his phd there, he couldn't finish his phd substitute. cheers, tears, and but he did start working there,
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so he was doing his job there. watford is a step closer to winning and he liked living in new zealand? the real thing. he loved living in new zealand, he just loved it. i've never been there myself but i believed it was supposed to be one of the safest places... something amazing for us, the i suppose that no one in the family players, the supporters, it is an could ever imagine something like this would ever happen? important day to have a chance to no, no way. we couldn't imagine it, not at all. enjoy a semifinals, it is something amazing. i think the art keeping the how did you find out? well, my brother rang me about nine same competing and we are going to o'clock in the morning. enjoy this moment. i was not watching the television, somebody rang him. swa nsea host manchester city, that match is underway. then we rang... one of my younger brother's 20 minutes in at the brother—in—law also lives liberty satdium... wolves against manchester there in christchurch, united at 5 to 8. that match is on bbc1. so we rang him and my sister—in—law. there are just 5 premier league that's when we found out matches this weekend things were going bad. because of the cup. then, in the evening, all three games today saw late drama and what a match we had at the london stadium. we found out... west ham
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and what was your reaction saw them win a—3. when you found out, huddersfield had led 3—1, if you can put it into words? the first time they had scored 3 this season, but they are 16 points off safety now. there are no words, really. i can't really describe the feeling. a 9ath minute goal from matt ritchie we were just discussing... saw newcastle salvage a point away at bournemouth. only a person who goes they had taken the lead through this kind of thing can understand this thing. through salomon rondon before two josh king goals put the cherries but i still... on course for victory, i feel really proud but it finished 2—all. of my brother, really. i mean, the way he died, important for newcastle. very few people... i mean, i wish i could die like him, really, dying like... he was a brave person, and i heard from people there, there were a few witnesses, leicester played most of the match and they said he saved a few lives with 10 men at burnley but still won there by trying to stop that guy. 2—1 wes morgan's header won the match in the 90th minute. awful weather everywhere. have you seen the video? a penalty said 25 minutes in that
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game. after his nephews and nieces to there's a fantastic three way battle for the championship title. after a fierce yorkshire derby, improve themselves, he was taking sheffield united have moved interests and their families and our above leeds into the automatic promotion places, family, he was a person who is very chris basham scored the winner from 20 yards committed. to anything that he wanted to do. and he is being hailed after billy sharp made the most of a slip by leeds captain liam cooper to play him in. asa leeds had their chances wanted to do. and he is being hailed as a hero by many people across the tyler roberts hitting the post with a curling shot from 15 world by trying to take down the yards...they slip to third. attacker. have you seen the video? united are up to 2nd. closure reaction when you salt? did you feel an element of pride there norwich stay top with after 2—1 as well was blue the first thing i win away at rotherham. in the scottish premiership... rangers slipped up in their pursuit wa nt to of leaders celtic. as well was blue the first thing i want to see was the look in his they drew 1—1 with kilmarnock eyes. i did not see an iota of fear alfredo morelos scored his 29th goal in those eyes and that made me proud. what a brave man he was. i of the season as they came from behind at ibrox. aberdeen were held by livingston. hamilton moved six points clear knew that if i had any problem, he of the bottom two with a first win would be standing with me. i had no in 11 attempts over hearts. hibs beat motherwell 2—0 — they're now unbeaten in five... doubt about it. but to do it for stjohnstone against st mirren was postponed others once he could've run away and because of a waterlogged pitch.
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lewis hamilton has started his quest for a sixth formula what i've been told, there were some one world championship in the best possible way. he's on pole for tomorrow's season opening australian grand prix. while it was business as usual other people that asked to join what i've been told, there were some other people that asked tojoin him and did not run away, but he did it for the british driver alone. that speaks volumes about there was a changing of the order lower down the grid. nick parrott reports... him. he's hero at least. a new season in formula 1 with new well meanwhile — an australian senator who blamed immigration for the mosque shooting in christchurch has attacked a teenager— ca rs a new season in formula 1 with new cars and new drivers. nothing new up front. once again five—time champion who threw an egg at him lewis hamilton shows that he is the while he was being interviewed man to beat. the printed smashed fraser anning hit the that track records for the six year 17—year—old before a short scuffle took place between the two. and a row. contesting from winter, the teenager was then restrained and arrested, but has since been released. we had no idea where we would be. we a petition calling for senator anning to be removed we re we had no idea where we would be. we were hoping to be baby are of from office following his comments has attracted nearly a quarter course, guys have of a million signatures. were hoping to be baby are of course, guys have been working so hard, they have just been breaking. stumbled around the park,
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consolation for sebastian as he managed to win third on the grid meanwhile a 2k year old man last year. we have a good race car, from oldham has been arrested on suspicion of sending malicious communications — get form. obviously mercedes is the after greater manchester police said clear favourite. we are here to it became aware of a post on social media praising the attacks in new zealand. the conservative mp nick boles — who wants a closer relationship race. otherwise, it would be quite dull, i think people will agree. we will see what happens tomorrow. find conservative association in the face of efforts to deselect party, after clashing them, things are interesting. the youngest driver shows potential on with them over brexit. his debut. another ricky also tell us more about what led to his impressed. —— another ricky. resignation. you been arguing a long william's car certainly is not, the pole and it lasts. nat sciver scorred 93 off 73 balls to help england's women time, that is been completely to a comprehensive 15a—run win unacceptable and he had been making in a rain—affected opening one day international in sri lanka. henry moeran reports that argument publicly, his local
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from hamba ntota. association diet no—deal brexit should remain on the table, so that is been the root of their england came into the series here in disagreement, but he was a remainder during the referendum and since then sri lanka fresh from four victories he has been supportive of the prime in the balance, india, the end of minister and he has voted twice the toy there. they hundred and 31 already for the withdrawal deal that there is on the table, and he will vote for it again next week, but the a7, no sites have ever scored more fa ct vote for it again next week, but the fact that he is being so public and than that in a one—day international opposing a no—deal brexit, that in the women's game. the tax court, angered his local party and he has been working with other mps and other parties to sort of come up amy and captain, it was ruthless for with a softer version of brexit, the norway option, if the prime england. reduced a6 a7. he might be minister's deal goes down, all of ina england. reduced a6 a7. he might be in a record—breaking score. the this shows that brexit has divided brain eventually rolled in, it comes the country, political parties and down again here in sri lanka. —— the even divided local tory associations like this. he is going to stay and rain came out. the victory margin impede, but the local party will try to find a new candidate for the next election. you mentioned the withdrawal deal that is on the for england, a massive 15a runs. table, the withdrawal deal that is been defeated twice, comes back in a rain came out. the victory margin few days, how are the numbers for england, a massive 154 runs. we are happy to get the series off to a looking? be the third time lucky for good start really. i think in
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previous times, we have been so good her. no one is calling it, 75 tories on the first match of the series, but constant for the last few weeks voted against it last time unlike or $0. but constant for the last few weeks or so. get to get that went on the board. a perfect site for england. nick, the brexiteers, this is the same thing you hear is on supported leave, the group in the heart brexiteers our holy god against it because they think that this deal is worse than even staying monday. there can be some art storms around, desperate to get a game in and be sure that they can become in the european union, so it was important in that championship only a short time ago, somehow she points. has to turn those numbers are right if she wants to get these through. that's all the sport for now. though that are saying that they are time for the film review... changing their minds and will vote for in the end, i was talking to a senior tory he thought that still, up senior tory he thought that still, up to a0 tory mps can vote against this. these numbers are very fluid, hello, and welcome to it's clear that huge pressures being the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's applied to the mps by the conservative party and i will right cinema releases is mark kermode. up conservative party and i will right so mark, what do we have this week? up until the moment that they going to the division lobbies but it will be hard for theresa and made when interesting. we have ben is back, it. do we have any sense of where which is the story of addiction and recovery. we have the prodigy,
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the dep is standing. if they did which is a very nuts decide to back the deal, they might and bolts horror movie. influence from these conservative mps to back it is all. there and fisherman's friends, the kind of a true story critical last night and they decided of the cornish singing sensations. kind of true story. we will get to that in a minute. that they would not either on that let's start with ben is back. andi that they would not either on that and i think that if they do move and julia roberts. support the vote if it comes on this is a teenage drug addict tuesday possibly wednesday, then i who shows up unexpectedly think that would trigger a large at the family home at christmas eve. shift of tory backbench mps behind what could go wrong? this deal, but a sizeable number, crucially he's a recovering addict. do you remember when that film papy the government is continuing, we beautiful boy came out? have been told that they are not yes. that was the story of a parent discussing cash, not going to be bribed with money this is going to and child torn apart by addiction. based on memories by david chef and his son. be about the union and the backstop, this is the story similar but we wait for some clarity about directed by peter hedges what they're going to do. it might and starring his son lucas. not come to the eve of the vote. meanwhile, latest entries may one 02 julia roberts plays his mother and she loves in them back in the house just for the christmas brussels —— will go to brussels, period, on the condition that he does everything that she says, that he takes
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what are the implications then for the drug test she gives him european parliament elections, which are coming up. they could be and that he does not refresh right considerable, that she is off to the european council meeting and she ——leave her side under any circumstances. here is a clip. hopes having got the agreement of these will both complement your complexion, that parliament and the backing for deal, you get from your mother that she has already said that even — you're welcome. coat, please. if she does get the deal past that 0k, nice. i'm good. she is going to be asking the come on. european union for a three month extension beyond the end of march. because she wants to get the pockets. additional legislation to enact the deal, but she has also said that they may be discussing a longer extension of up to two years if she cannot get her deal through before this is humiliating. no. the end of this month. now if it two this is love. all right. year extension comes into play, the you're free to go. european union is clearly discussing you didn't check my shoes. what this means for the european elections which happens on the 5th of may for the new parliament to begin injuly, and the meeting of that's not funny. european ambassadors yesterday in it was a joke, mom. which it seems to have been made ben, it's not funny. mom, it was a joke. clear that if the uk request for an excuse me. extension by the end ofjuly, then
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the uk will have to take part in can i get a key to this door, please? unlock the door, ben, right now. those european elections towards the end of may and it's another i like that the scene is all ok and he says is that as a joke. extraordinary move in this saga and and then it is not a joke, when that theresa may hopes of she didn't check your sins. focused the minds of her mps, if they do not back this deal before ——check his shoes. they do not back this deal before the film manages a balance the end of march, and they're between she loves him, looking at a two month extension, but he has told never to trust an addict, he is two year extension and taking part a recovering addict. it is all to do with the balance in european elections. is that going of how much she trusts him and how to be the decisive amount of much he has to offer tough love. pressure that is needed to break he says it humiliating, oppositional tory backbenchers? really ha rd to and she says it is tough love. oppositional tory backbenchers? really hard to say. what we do know later on the family dog was missing and she has to go off is that it's going to be another on a road trip with him, interesting week ahead. thank you so into his world. and she sees for the first time the environment in which he was moving much. when he was taking drugs. that is a contrivance. no question about it. the main suspect in the mosque julia roberts‘s performance is good shooting in which a9 people were enough that you buy it. you think, i know this is a device, killed has appeared in court on the but i'm so convinced single murder charge. by her from performance that i would let me tell him get away with it. new zealand police say i don't think it is doing they believe a lone gunman anything shockingly new. was involved in the attacks. there are comparisons prime ministerjacinda ar—dern has definitely to beautiful boy, vowed: "our gun laws will change" a slightly more beautified portrait
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of all of this. in other news — i do thinkjulia roberts, the conservative mp nick boles — when she is great, who opposes no—deal — she is really great. resigns from his local and it is a gritty role party, after clashing for her, isn't it? with them over brexit. people think of romcoms and so on. yes, but think about erin brockovich which is probably the role for which she is most well—known and most well respected. clashes have broken out in central when she is good, she is paris between french security forces and those taking really, really great. part in this week s i think this is a fine role gilets jaunes protests. shops have been looted and more for her, in a solid film. solid. than 60 people arrested. the all right. onto the prodigy. you've already told us that movement has been protesting every a nuts and bolts horror. saturday for the past four months, it's a story about a mother against the government s economic who comes to believe policies as well as wider issues that her young child such as globalisation. our paris correspondent, is possessed of the reincarnated spirit of a serial killer. lucy williamson, has more. one dies at the same time as the other was born. it is hugely derivative. central paris came under attack there is stuff from the omen todayjust as it did in the early weeks of this protest. and good night, mummy, village of the damned and there is even a moment in which the kid actually says "mother, what is wrong with me"? police used tear gas and water cannons to push back protesters among which a line from the exorcist. who the interior minister said were one and a i let it get away with it because it
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knows that that is what it is doing. half thousand professional thugs. there is a large number of movies about bad seeds, security forces called on peaceful kids being scared of kids and how demonstrators to leave the capital as kiosks reset a light and shops, much it is to do with the projection of the children. symbols of france's wealth, were you look at a movie like babadook, and very good movie as kiosks were set a light but a similar idea. and shops, symbols of france's wealth, we re smashed. the world —famous restaurant i think it did it quite well. it hasn't got very good reviews. was left ransacked. at the protest spread to nearby streets, 60 firefighters are called to tackle it seems to go from a, b, c, he plays at a bank, a mother and her d in perfectly functional fashion. child were rescued from there were a couple of moments where it gave me a little bit the apartment above. of a chill, a shiver. in a world where most of these horror movies despite overtures by arejust going quiet, president macron and the quiet, boom, ithought transformation of some protest there was something else. leaders into electoral candidates, some of this movement's not much else, it doesn't make it many things and there are many laugh out loud moments in it. original anger remains. i thought it was creepy and fun. i've seen a lot worse. how many shivers the need to give it a good horrorfilm? three, minimum. three, that is not many! translation: as a citizen, what is the scariest i'm not calling film you have ever seen? on emmanuel macron to resign. the correct answer to not at all. that is the exorcist. that is not the case that is the correct answer. that is shivers all the way through. nonstop. for everyone, but it is for me. no shivers i suspect in fisherman's friends?
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except for the weather. i'd like them to put in place a republic with my fiscal gestures, more social justice, it seems he's arrogant, boom—tish! he does not like people, this is a fancifully sentimental version of the true he despises them. story of fisherman's friends, a singing group from cornwall translation: france is a rich who achieved extraordinary success. country and that wealth should be shared with those this is aimimg, i think, who have less and less. unfortunately, the political for the tone of local hero. decision, we won't ...which i love. it ends up being close stop saying that, and unfortunately to swimming with man sent his neck, the politicians were now in power are making a situation worse his boss sees this group and are not working for us. of fishermen singing and says ok, this was seen by some as a crucial day in their you have to sign them up. four—month protest, marking the end of a national protest leaders have he says it as a joke. caught this show of caught this but daniel macey‘s character show of force an ultimatum, but takes it seriously. there are those who hope it marks the next thing is exactly the last eruption of a movement what he is trying to do. here's a clip. whose momentum is fading. i manage bands, and i'm interested in representing you. you'd better come and talk to the boys. for your information, my son a man has died after being stabbed in south—west london. scotland yard said officers is the roger daughtry of the group. were called to reports of a fight in fulham in the early hours well, i'll bear that in mind. of this morning. a 29—year old man was
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pronounced dead at the scene. you'll never guess what. there have been no arrests. roads have been closed and trains disrupted across parts of the north of england and wales my boy has just been talent spotted. by who? following heavy rain. youradmirer. a8 flood warnings are now in place apparently he's some kind of big across england and wales, shot in the music industry. and hundreds of homes have watching you sing was one of those been without power. the river ribble in lancashire rare moments in the music business and the river erwell when you realise you are witnessing have burst their banks, and a number of roads something truly original. across the north of england have the bottom line is — been closed as a result. you've got a unique sound. flooding has hit parts and we believe we can help you get of north wales leaving river levels high and some roads closed. it released by a major label. laughter last night's big comic relief show has raised more than 63—million pounds. it's a nice scene, isn't it? highlights included a special yes, it feels like one of those very reunion by the cast of ‘four weddings and a funeral‘. british sort of film. more than 1—point—3 billion pounds it has a very tourist—eye has now been raised by comic relief view of cornwall. since it began in 1985. the story is that daniel's character our entertainment correspondent, goes and falls in with it. why wouldn't he? it's an exciting place, a place lizo mzimba reports. like no other and other and proud and beautiful and wonderful. what you see in the film
5:23 pm
is definitely a touristy view of it. if you wanted to tear it apart, you could because it is creaky and sentimental. i wonder why anybody would want to? it is charming. i like the music. it is the night when some daniel mays goes an awfully long way of entertainment‘s biggest stars come together and use comedy to making it all hang together. to raise money for comic relief. i think he has such a great perhaps the most anticipated part screen presence, he has of the evening was the short follow—up to four worked with mike leigh, weddings and a funeral. he can do very serious, it featured the original cast tough gritty comedy. reuniting 25 years later. he manages this light comedy mamma mia also got with a really lovely light touch. the comic relief treatment. # can you hear the drums fernando? i smile and laugh pretty much and there was an appearance all the way through. from the star of tv‘s biggest drama for years, bodyguard. i know all the things are we there yet, sweetie? that are wrong with it, there were celebrity performances i know the things that in the studio and a musical number don't make sense. from the hit new west end version honestly, i don't care. i like it, it was charming. charming, ok. of only fools and horses. what is best out at the moment? there is this film called the kindergarten teacher which stars maggie gyllenhaal. it's about a candidate teacher as well as appearances from comedy who becomes advanced that favourites like alan partridge. a five—year—old in her class everyone coming together like david cameron's big society. is the new mozart. before the night even began, huge amounts had already been raised. ——kindergarten teacher. she's the only person that sees his talent.
5:24 pm
who climbed kilimanjaro everybody else is neglecting the fact that he is a genius. she starts to inveigled for comic relief last month. her way into his life. the film is really about how not to mention the much of this is to do with her own disappointment at her lot. she is somebody who wanted to be 2a—hour danceathon. an academic, a poet, it didn't work out. would you do it again? it walks a really thin line between being on the one hand this the money goes towards helping strange, sentimental story, people here in the uk and abroad. on the other hand being something since comic relief began over that comes very close to being a psychological chiller. i thought it was brilliantly done. £1.25 billion has been raised. maggie gyllenhaal is terrific in it. my only reservation is it is quite close to the original film. but the originalfilm is really good as well. i thought it was interesting all this week, the bbc has been taking a look and i thought maggie perfectly pitched her character at life in bradford. it's a city where reading between somebody who wants to see and writing skills are below average, across every age range. the creative best in this child, sabbiyah pervez has been to see but all the time the implication how the city is trying to improve its literacy levels. is you are projecting onto him. and without giving too much away, is the five—year—old the next mozart? the gift of a book, arriving throug i couldn't possibly tell you that. the post every month from a charity you have to see the film. aiming to improve literacy it sounds good. i like the premise. here in bradford. a little boy is testing if like, without giving out his brand—new car... anything away, what is at each story these kids the end of citizen kane! read are building blocks their imagination and vocabulary. best dvd at the moment?
5:25 pm
peterloo — i like this film. there is a shark in the park! their mum grew up in pakistan. i know it it was a hard her parents didn't read to her, but story time is now sell in cinema. a stable part of her life. i think it's mike leigh's recreating when i started getting the books leading up to the massacre. from imagination library, then to see how good the books huge ensemble cast. one of my mates was in it. i think one of everybody‘s mates was in it. what this film does is, are and somebodyjust giving me as it builds up towards this terrible event, it really does show these really good gifts, you from every side, so then i started reading regularly. everybody gets to have their say. in bradford, three in every ten five perhaps to a fault. to seven—year—olds do not reach when you finally get the expected meeting standards. to that climactic sequence, this is below the national average. it's horrifying and you've invested there are a number of issues linked in all the characters. to poverty and which sort of present themselves intergenerationally, i think it is very powerful, and it so why would you blame the child demonstrates that mike leigh really in those circumstances can orchestrate a great big period drama. to believe that reading, it is a very powerful film. writing, doing well at school aren't going to make any difference to them he does have a very unique because it didn't make a difference to their parents and grandparents? style of film making. at this school, in a bid to boost literacy and aspirations, yes, no one else makes
5:26 pm
pupils are partnered up films like mike leigh. no one else has a process like his, and no one else's with mentors, who read films look like his. heaven knows there are enough to them via the internet. directors around who would love to make films like mike leigh. it's rewarding for me because i am lots of improvisation? that is his hallmark. helping a child learn how to read it begins with work shopping. by the time you get and it's seeing her improvement. to the set is not improvised. then it has been written at school, i enjoyed reading at a script, but the script is device from improvised action and helping a child read with a unique technique that i meet and developing their reading skills, mike leigh and his past it is very rewarding. properly understand. for the past five months, ana maria and nasim have ——only mike leigh. been reading together. right. much like yourself. this is the first time they're thank you very much. reading side by side. on the you understand what they're talking about. well done. we all understand. there are still huge challenges that is it for this week. with literacy in bradford, thank you so much for watching. but the future of the students goodbye from both of us. here has yet to be written, and with help, it can only be improved. hello. we have seen just about every kind of weather across the uk today. now it's time for a look some snow in the north, at the weather with susan powell some heavy rain farther south, showers bringing rumbles of thunder, and for some, hello. we have seenjust there have been a few glimmers of brightness. hello. we have seen just about every kind of weather across the uk today,
5:27 pm
from snow and the north and heavy rain further south, showers with there was northumberland though, not so long ago. thunder, but for some, there have underneath this area of low pressure been a few glimmers of brightness, with the cold air to the north, some slightly milder air is just trying to bump its way a little northumberland, not so long ago. with this area of low pressure with farther north currently. through this evening the cold air to the north, slightly what we will tend to see is the snow milderair the cold air to the north, slightly across the far north milder air trying to the cold air to the north, slightly milderairtrying to bump the cold air to the north, slightly milder air trying to bump its way of england and southern little further north currently scotland turning to rain. centre this evening, what we will see is the snow across the far north one way or another, it of england in southern scotland looks like it could be a challenging night turning to rain but one way or if you are travelling out and about for your evening out. another, it looks like a challenging still, some heavy snow to come across the highlands night if you travelling out and and into aberdeenshire. about for your evening, still some rain and a sleety snowy mix across central and southern scotland. heavy snow to come across the some punchy showers, maybe with rumbles of thunder for highlands and rain and the sleepy northern ireland. then ice will become an issue as the skies start to snowing mix across settling clear. for the south, here is your evening from 6 to 9pm., rain pushing its way to the southwest scotland, —— southern scotland and of england, the midlands, then ice will become an issue as the eventually to east anglia and the southeast. skies clear behind that skies start to clear. here is your for some time, but then, evening from six to nine p:m., in it looks like some heavy showers will pack into north wales. the winds still remain particularly gusty. the southwest of england, the they will start to ease overnight. midlands and east anglia in the
5:28 pm
southeast, skies clear behind that, but heavy showers into north wales still, those gusts strong enough to do some damage in the coming but heavy showers into north wales few hours. but it still remains particularly gusty, will start to ease overnight, here we are from 9pm onwards, but still those gusts are strong a wet end to the day across enough to do some damage in the few the southeast andies to east anglia. clearer skies following. hours. 9pm onwards, and into the day the lull of into the north sea. still breezy behind the lull. showers carrying into northern ireland, north wales, northern england, north on east anglia, clear skies midlands, and the north of scotland, following the low into the north sea and chilly across the northern half of the uk with a frost, still breezy behind the low showers so ice can be possibilityjust carried into northern ireland, north across anywhere in the northern half of the uk, first thing on sunday. sunday, we are on the rear edge of our area of low wales, and chilly across the pressure. northern half of the uk with frost it stays breezy but not so northern half of the uk with frost as windy as today. soi northern half of the uk with frost so i said to be a possibility, just we could see some bands of more about anywhere across the northern organised showers running their way half of the uk. on sunday, we are at south. it certainly looks like there's still some more wintry weather for the edge of low pressure, stays scotland, for northern england for a time. breezy but not as windy as today, we some heavier rain pushing into wales and the southwest of england. could see some more organise showers dry on sunday, likely to be east anglia and the southeast. running and there'll be some winter feeling chillier here, a milder day weather for scotland in northern as the temperatures get up higher into the single england, some heavier rain pushing figures range. for next week, though, finally, into wales and the southwest of it looks like things will become quieter, england. driest and brightest on drier, and certainly less windy.
5:29 pm
sunday, likely to be east anglia and southeast, getting chillier here with a milder day as temperatures get higher into the single figure range, next week they'll finally, it looks like things will become drier and less windy.
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