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good evening. a 28—year—old man has appeared in court in new zealand charged with murder after 49 people were killed in this is bbc news. shootings at two mosques in the city the headlines at six of christchurch yesterday. brenton tarrant, the main brenton tarrant, an australian, suspect in the new zealand did not enter a plea and has been mosque shootings in which 49 people remanded in custody. were killed, has appeared in court the prime minister of new zealand, on a single murder charge jacinda ardern, has visited survivors of the attacks in hospital as relatives have begun paying tributes to those killed. the bravery of the victims — from christchurch, the father who lost his life trying to tackle the gunman — hywel griffith reports. his 21 year old son also died. his family speak of their heartache. i feel really proud wade dined by grief, anger, of my brother, really. confusion, christchurch is a city where people are trying to i mean, the way he died, very few people... comprehend the impact of a terror i mean, i wish i could die like him, attack. some are just holding onto really, dying like... he was a brave person... life. waseem and his four—year—old daughter were both shot. he posted prime ministerjacinda ar—dern has vowed: this message online from his "our gun laws will change". hospital bed. please pray for new zealand is united in its grief myself, for me and my daughter. and we are united in our grief.
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hopefully she will be so much the conservative mp nick boles — better. under tight security the man who opposes a no—deal — accused of the shooting on friday resigns from his local party, was today brought to court to be after clashing with them over brexit. charged with murder. ajudge has ruled that brenton tarrant‘s face over 50 flood warnings are in place across england and wales as heavy should not be shown. the 28—year—old rain leaves hunderds of homes without power. we re and coming up in sportsday should not be shown. the 28—year—old were a prison going and handcuffs and made a hand gesture linked to in half an hour — reaction as wales beat ireland to win the six nations and complete white's premises in the dock. it the grand slam in cardiff brought chaos to christchurch, at 236 minutes from the first emergency call for the suspect to be apprehended. he rashid killed alongside his son in the al noor mosque. he was seen in a video of the attack apparently trying to tackle the gunman before he was shot. his death was confirmed by the hello and welcome to bbc news. government of pakistan, his home an australian man has appeared in court in new zealand country. there, his brother told the bbc he was a hero. i saw that video charged with murder, after 49 people were killed in and the first thing i wanted to see shootings at two mosques in the city of christchurch yesterday. was the look in his eyes. i did not 28—year—old brenton tarrant did not
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enter a plea and has been see one iota of fear in those eyes. remanded in custody. and that made me proud. what a brave the prime minister of new zealand, man he was. as she met some of the jacinda ar—durn, has visited survivors of the attacks in hospital. she promised that gun families who have lost their loved laws will change. ones, jacinda ardern pledged to our correspondent sent this report. we stand as one. tighten music and plasma gun laws, from flower tributes which unlike britain, don't include to hand written notes, a ban on owning semiautomatic the messages are clear. assault weapons. one of the issues we are facing is that the guns that new zealand may be struggling to comprehend the tragic events that we re we are facing is that the guns that were used in this case appear to took place in christchurch, but people are determined to come together to pay their respects. have been modified. that is a challenge that police have been this group of young men among them. facing and that is a challenge that one of them knew someone we will look to address and in inside one of the mosques. your friend was shot in the leg? changing our laws. there is also a yeah, yeah. he went there for prayer. more immediate challenge — making so, i don't know... so you knew people in the mosque? this community feel safe and united. yeah. i even tried to call him yesterday and he couldn't take my call. after a ll this community feel safe and united. after all the fear and violence the christchurch has seen city experienced on friday, this is tragedy like this before and is still rebuilding the natural heartfelt response. after a devastating people wanting to
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earthquake eight years ago. the natural heartfelt response. people want 95219459... and together, to grieve together and show their solidarity. they want to that was mother nature at her worst. but this is a man—made one help those whose lives had been changed forever. we feel the pain on a different scale. we had the earthquakes and that everyone is going through at the anxiety levels were at a high. the moment. this is something that and this triggered that same is very different. we do not anxiety, people wanted to get home to see where their families were. experience that in new zealand. it has just touched a lot of hearts in their children, like caro said, at preschool. christchurch, for everyone, she had the children at preschool. especially us. we came here to make like, people just wanted to get home. oui’ especially us. we came here to make our life. and i feel so it might take a wee especially us. we came here to make our life. and ifeel for especially us. we came here to make our life. and i feel for our family and friends. they were part of it. while, but we will, yeah. memorials like this one have been springing up all over the city. with families wanting to bury their people have been coming here to the botanical gardens loved ones, graves are being in christchurch all day prepared. imams are travelling from leaving their messages and flowers. across the country. as city struck eight years ago by a natural there is a real sense of shock and horror at how something so awful disaster is once again having to could strike the heart mourn incalculable loss. hywel of this community. griffith, bbc news, christchurch. new zealand's prime minister praised the efforts of police, and has called for a review my colleague, clive myrie, of the countries gun laws is in christchurch. after it was revealed it does so soon after what is the that the suspect legally obtained his weapon.
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worst atrocity in the history of new zealand. how would you describe the new zealand is united in its grief. mood, given the people you have spoken to and the things you have and we are united in our grief. and so i convey that seen? yes, one simple four letter message of love and support on behalf of new zealand. word — numb. the whole country is an australian man has appeared in court. numb, the sense of bewilderment 28—year—old brenton tarrant wasn't hangs heavy in the air that this on any security watchlist. he didn't enter a plea country has been hit in such an and is due to appear awful way. i suppose the idea that in court next april the 5th. new zealand might be immune to this time of attack, many people felt while the world awaits his fate, the outpouring of grief because of the geography. if you here will continue. look at a map, it is at the bottom but this is a resilient city that of the world. the distance to get has seen tragedies like this before. here, this idea that this could be a and then, as now, the rallying cry hotbed of extremism on the far in many messages of support is a maori phrase that right... people hoped that geography means, stay strong. might make this place immune to this time of thing but clearly that has and just to let you know, not helped. you heard the prime we are blurring the image of suspect minister talking about toughening up brenton tarrant due to a court order the gun laws. they have some of the toughest gun laws here in the world. from a judge in new zealand ali adeeba was in the noor mosque praying yet they need to be looked at as
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with his father and his twin brother well. i suppose the question is, when the shooting began. this is ali with his will this country change as a result father, adeeb sami. of this attack? will that sense of he was hit in the back while trying to protect his sons. idealism disappear? from the tributes here on the others dotted he's now in hospital around the city, there is an emphasis here on love and compassion in a medically—induced coma. and diversity. not on making this ali took the time to speak place the kind of police state that to my colleague krupa padhy, it could become as a result of what a little while ago, because he said he wanted the world happened. clive, thank you. to know what had happened. you may find some of what he has to say upsetting. former minister nick boles has quit his local conservative my first thought was to run forward association because of a rift over brexit. mr boles wants a closer because he was coming from the back relationship with europe and opposes a no—deal brexit. and i was looking for my dad, and so he'd been facing efforts by tory activists in his constituency iran and i stumbled across an and in lincolnshire to oust him honestly, i... as the party's candidate i just don't remember at the next general election. after i was going through that door he'll remain as an mp for grantham and i ended up on the right and stamford and continue to be aisle of the mosque a conservative in parliament. and then i missed the full first clip. a man has died after being stabbed i woke up and all i in south—west london. heard was shooting... scotland yard said officers were called to reports of a fight in fulham in the early hours i was, i'm sorry to say but, of this morning. i couldn't do anything... a 29—year old man was
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pronounced dead at the scene. i was trying to say safe, caroline davies reports. i was pinching on my muscles police tape and an ambulance in west london. it's the second fatal knife attack i was trying to stay safe, i was pinching all my muscles in the area in nine days. but with every shot, yet another one in this area. my body had never shook that hard. the brothers of one of the christchurch victims have i don't think you thinkjust expressed their family's pain because you live in a nice area in the wake of the attacks. where all the houses are pretty that 50 year old naeem rashid, you're going to be safe. and his 21 year old son talha naeem, were among six pakistani citizens the victim, a 29—year—old, was described by one of his friends as a good man. killed in the attack. police are still investigating what has happened here our pakistan correspondent, secunder kermani, spoke to one but neighbours close to the scene of naeem rashid's brothers earlier. say they heard an argument. i spoke to one passer—by who didn't want to appear on camera. he said he was in this area around 12:30am last night when he came across a man lying down just around the corner in gowan avenue, about 50 yards behind me. members of the public gave the man cpr until paramedics arrived. i feel really proud of my brother, really. the man was declared i mean, the way he died, very few people... dead just before 1am. i mean, i wish i could die like him, so far there have been no arrests. really, dying like... caroline davies, bbc news. he was a brave person, and i heard from people there, there were a few witnesses, heavy rain has caused
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flooding and travel disruption and they said he saved a few lives across parts of northern there by trying to stop that guy. england and north wale. some homes have been flooded meanwhile — an australian in the conwy valley senator who blamed immigration for the mosque shooting and there are warnings in christchurch has about rising water levels attacked a teenager— in west yorkshire and lancashire. who threw an egg at him more than 30 flood while he was being interviewed. warnings are in place. northern rail said several train lines were suspended and has advised the 17—year—old before a short customers not to travel scuffle took place between the two. on the affected routes. fraser anning hit wales have won the six the 17—year—old before a short nations grand slam after a dominant win over ireland. scuffle took place between the two. the teenager was then restrained and arrested, they won by 25 points to seven but has since been released. in cardiff, extending a petition calling for their record—breaking winning senator anning to be removed from office following his comments streak to 14 matches. has attracted nearly a quarter our sports editor, of a million signatures. dan roan, was watching. dan, an impressive performance. meanwhile a 2k year old man from oldham has been arrested on suspicion of sending malicious communications — after greater manchester police said absolutely. this was a monumental it became aware of a post on social media praising the attacks sporting occasion for wales, on the line, a first grand slam in seven in new zealand. yea rs line, a first grand slam in seven years and the first six nations title in six years. they have been the conservative mp, nick boles, has resigned unbeaten in this tournament, full of from his local party association. confidence and there were wary of ireland who had a point to prove and mr boles said he had faced we re ireland who had a point to prove and were intent on spoiling the party. calls for his deselection
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because of his stance on brexit — once again begun, it never in doubt. having spoken out against leaving the eu without a deal. a grandstand finish to the six nations was guaranteed, but all of mr boles said he intends to remain wales wa nted nations was guaranteed, but all of wales wanted was the grand slam. as mp for grantham and stamford. with both teams involved in a earlier our political three—way tussle for the title, correspondent ben wright told me cardiff was at fever pitch for the this disagreement has been fitting and fiery finale. with both going on for some time... also coached by new cylinders, i nick boles and his local minute's silence in memory of the party totally out of step tragic events in christchurch to add about what should happen if there is no deal poignancy. with their first attack, reached with the eu. they both have been arguing wales showed why they had won their for a long time and that has been completely unacceptable and he had last 13 games. gareth anscombe's been making that argument publicly. his local association thought that shot gathered by hadleigh parks. a no—deal brexit should remain on the table, wales score after the one minute so that's been the root of their disagreement. mark. warren gatland's final six nations match in charge the perfect but nick boles was start. hadleigh parks going from try a remainer during the referendum, since then he has been scorer to try saver. with so much at supportive of the prime minister and he has voted twice already sta ke, scorer to try saver. with so much at for the withdrawal deal stake, tensions ran high but wales that there is on the table. we re stake, tensions ran high but wales were handling the pressure at the he'll vote for it again next week, penalties. anscombe relentless with but i think the fact that he was being so public in a prosing his boot. time and time again irish a no—deal brexit, that ill discipline was punished, the was being so public in opposing bedraggled visitors 25 points nine
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a no—deal brexit, that and a shadow of the team that won angered his local party. he's also been working with other the grand slam last year. amid the mps from other parties to come up with a softer deluge, the ferocious home defence version of brexit, was finally breached but that was the norway option, if the prime minister's deal goes down. merely a consolation for ireland in all of this has been chasing defeat. they are the grand a red rag to his local organisation and it shows that slam champions! wales with the brexit has divided the country, its divided political parties, its even divided local tory worthy winners and gatland making associations like this. history as a first coach to now, he's going to stay as an mp. mastermind a third grand slam. but the local party will try to find a new candidate history as a first coach to mastermind a third grand slamm history as a first coach to mastermind a third grand slam. it is not about me, it is about those for the next election. players. we spoke beforehand about you mentioned theresa may's withdrawal deal that is on the them playing for themselves and theirfamilies table, the withdrawal deal them playing for themselves and their families and this crowd and that has been defeated wales as a whole. twice, comes back to the commons in a few days, how are their families and this crowd and the numbers looking? will it be the third time lucky for her? nobody‘s is calling it, to be honest. we know the scale of the challenge that theresa may has. 75 tories voted against it last time unlike mr boles, the brexiteers, the people who supported leave, the erg group and the hard brexiteers holding out against it because they think that that's it. this deal is worse than even staying in the european union, so it was only a short time ago, the dup
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somehow she has to turn those numbers around if she wants to get these through. though that are saying that each day that passes they are changing their minds and will vote for in the end, i was talking to a senior tory he thought that still, up to a0 tory mps can vote against this. these numbers are very fluid, it's clear that huge pressure is being applied to the conservative mps by the conservative party and that will continue right up until the moment that they going to the division lobbies but it will be hard for theresa may to win it. a murder investigation is underway in italy after the mysterious death of a model who testified against the former prime minister silvio berlusconi in twenty twelve. imane fadil was a regular guest of mr berlusconi at his sex parties. reports in the italian media say toxicology tests had shown that ms fadil died after being poisoned with a mix of radioactive substances.
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clashes have broken out in central paris between french security forces and those taking part in this week s gilets jaunes protests. shops have been looted and more than 60 people arrested. the movement has been protesting every saturday for the past four months, against the government s economic policies as well as wider issues such as globalisation. our paris correspondent, lucy williamson, has more. central paris came under attack todayjust as it did in the early weeks of this protest. police used tear gas and water cannons to push back protesters among who the interior minister said were one and a half thousand professional thugs. security forces called on peaceful demonstrators to leave the capital as kiosks were set alight and shops, symbols of france's wealth, were smashed.
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the world —famous restaurant was left ransacked. as the protest spread to nearby streets, 60 firefighters are called to tackle he plays at a bank, a mother and her firefighters were called to tackle a blaze at a bank, a mother and her child were rescued from the apartment above. despite overtures by president macron and the president macron and the transformation of some protest leaders into electoral candidates, some of this movement's original anger remains. translation: as a gilets jaunes, i'm not calling on emmanuel macron to resign. not at all. that is not the case for everyone, but it is for me. i'd like him to put in place a republic with more fiscal justice, more social justice, it seems he's arrogant, he does not like people, he despises them.
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translation: france is a rich country and that wealth should be shared with those who have less and less. unfortunately, the political decision, we won't stop saying that, and unfortunately the politicians were now in power the politicians who are now in power are making a situation worse and are not working for us. this was seen by some as a crucial day in their four—month protest, marking the end of a national debate, launched by the government to address the concerns. protest leaders have caught this show of force an ultimatum, but there are those who hope it marks the last eruption of a movement whose momentum is fading. roads have been closed and trains disrupted across parts of the north of england and wales following heavy rain. over 50 flood warnings are now in place across england and wales, and hundreds of homes have been without power. the river ribble in lancashire and the river erwell have burst their banks, and a number of roads across the north of england have been closed as a result.
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flooding has hit parts of north wales leaving river levels high and some roads closed. last night's big comic relief show has raised more than 63—million pounds. highlights included a special reunion by the cast of ‘four weddings and a funeral‘. more than i—point—3 billion pounds has now been raised by comic relief since it began in 1985. our entertainment correspondent, lizo mzimba reports. it is the night when some of entertainment‘s biggest stars come together and use comedy to raise money for comic relief. perhaps the most anticipated part of the evening was the short follow—up to four weddings and a funeral. it featured the original cast reuniting 25 years later. mamma mia also got the comic relief treatment. # can you hear the drums fernando? and there was an appearance from the star of tv‘s biggest drama for years, bodyguard.
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are we there yet, sweetie? there were celebrity performances in the studio and a musical number from the hit new west end version of only fools and horses. as well as appearances from comedy favourites like alan partridge. everyone coming together like david cameron's big society. before the night even began, huge amounts had already been raised. bbc‘s dan walker was one of a team of celebrities who climbed kilimanjaro for comic relief last month. not to mention the 24—hour danceathon. would you do it again? the money goes towards helping people here in the uk and abroad. since comic relief began over £1.25 billion has been raised. they are delighted that tonight added significantly to that total.
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now it's time for a look at the weather with susan powell hello. we have seen just about every kind of weather across the uk today. some snow in the north, some heavy rain farther south, showers bringing rumbles of thunder, and for some, there have been a few glimmers of brightness. there was northumberland though, not so long ago. underneath this area of low pressure with the cold air to the north, some slightly milder air is just trying to bump its way a little farther north currently. through this evening what we will tend to see is the snow across the far north of england and southern scotland turning to rain. one way or another, it looks like it could be a challenging night if you are travelling out and about for your evening out. still, some heavy snow to come across the highlands and into aberdeenshire. rain and a sleety snowy mix across central and southern scotland. some punchy showers, maybe with rumbles of thunder for northern ireland.
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then ice will become an issue as the skies start to clear. for the south, here is your evening from six to 9pm, rain pushing its way to the southwest of england, the midlands, eventually to east anglia and the southeast. skies clear behind that for some time, but then, it looks like some heavy showers will pack into north wales. the winds still remain particularly gusty. they will start to ease overnight. still, those gusts strong enough to do some damage in the coming few hours. here we are from 9pm onwards, a wet end to the day across the southeast andies to east anglia. clearer skies following. the lull of into the north sea. still breezy behind the lull. showers carrying into northern ireland, north wales, northern england, north midlands, and the north of scotland, and chilly across the northern half of the uk with a frost, so ice can be possibilityjust across anywhere in the northern half of the uk, first thing on sunday. sunday, we are on the rear edge of our area of low pressure. it stays breezy but not
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as windy as today. we could see some bands of more organised showers running their way south. it certainly looks like there's still some more wintry weather for scotland, for northern england for a time. some heavier rain pushing into wales and the southwest of england. dry on sunday, likely to be east anglia and the southeast. feeling chillier here, a milder day as the temperatures get up higher into the single figures range. for next week, though, finally, it looks like things will become quieter, drier, and certainly less windy.
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