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this is bbc news i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at seven. brenton tarrant, the main suspect in the new zealand mosque shootings — in which 49 people were killed, has appeared in court on a single murder charge. the bravery of the victims, the father who lost his life trying to tackle the gunman, his 21—year—old son also died. his family speak of their heartache. the first thing i wanted to see was the look in his eyes. i did not see an iota of fear in those eyes and that made me proud. what a brave man he was. over 60 flood warnings are in place across england and wales as heavy rain leaves hunderds of homes without power. and wales beat ireland to win the six nations, and complete the grand slam in cardiff.
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a 28—year—old man has appeared in court in new zealand charged with murder, after 49 people were killed in shootings at two mosques — in the city of christchurch yesterday. brenton tarrant, an australian, did not enter a plea and has been remanded in custody. the prime minister of new zealand, jacinda ardern, many of those who are injured are being treated, including a four—year—old girl who still has critical injuries. daylight is
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revealing here, a wall of tributes behind me that show an outpouring of grief for those after that appalling tragedy. indeed all around the city here, the tributes have popped up everywhere, i have seen flowers placed in the middle—of—the—road over there, flowers outside of buildings, and it road junctions, there is a real sense that the city isa there is a real sense that the city is a lot closer together as a result of what happened despite the suggestion that the point of those attacks was to divide the community. people have come together in a show of solidarity. showing that terror in anyform, of solidarity. showing that terror in any form, will never win. one man is in custody and has appeared in court, let's get the very latest now.
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he posted this message online from his hospital bed. please pray for me and my daughter. and under tight security, the man was brought to court to be charged with murder. a judge has ruled that his face should not be shown, the 28—year—old war ha ndcuffs not be shown, the 28—year—old war handcuffs and made hand gestures to white supremacy in the dark.
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it brought chaos to christchurch, at 236 minutes from the first emergency call for the suspect to be apprehended. he rashid killed alongside his son in the al noor mosque. he was seen in a video of the attack apparently trying to tackle the gunman before he was shot. his death was confirmed by the government of pakistan, his home country. there, his brother told the bbc he was a hero. i saw that video and the first thing i wanted to see was the look in his eyes. i did not see one iota of fear in those eyes. and that made me proud. what a brave man he was. as she met some of the families who have lost their loved ones, jacinda ardern pledged to tighten music ones, jacinda ardern pledged to tighten new zealand's gun laws, which unlike britain, don't include a ban on owning semiautomatic assault weapons. one of the issues we are facing is that the guns that were used in this case appear to have been modified.
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that is a challenge that police have been facing and that is a challenge that we will look to address and in changing our laws. there is also a more immediate challenge — making this community feel safe and united. after all the fear and violence the city experienced on friday, this is the natural heartfelt response. people wanting to come and stand together, to grieve together and show their solidarity. they want to help those whose lives had been changed forever. we feel the pain that everyone is going through at the moment. this is something that is very different. we do not experience that in new zealand. it has just touched a lot of hearts in christchurch, for everyone, especially us. we came here to make our life. and ifeel for our family and friends. they were part of it. with families wanting to bury their loved ones, graves are being prepared.
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imams are travelling from across the country. as city struck eight years ago by a natural disaster is once again having to mourn incalculable loss. we got here about three hours ago, here are the gardens where these tributes have been left and we came across three or four nurses, couple did not want to speak as they were still overcome by the events in the past couple of days but was booked two of them and one woman was saying that she cannot believe that this has happened here. this kind of terrible event that does not happen in new zealand, it happens elsewhere and obviously to the north of new zealand, yet of australia, but beyond that, i feel so zealand, yet of australia, but beyond that, ifeel so isolated zealand, yet of australia, but beyond that, i feel so isolated when you look at this country and this geography might be the wall that
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prevents this kind of thing happening here. offering some measure of security, the isolation of this country. and this nurse was saying that she just could not believe this kind of thing would happen here, it happens elsewhere andi happen here, it happens elsewhere and i think that since of innocence that many new zealanders might‘ve had that this kind of tragedy would not happen in this place, that obviously has gone. you heard the prime minister they're talking about toughening up the gun laws, these are some of the strictest gun laws in the world already. maybe not as strict as the united kingdom and parts of europe, but still very tough indeed. but that is another element that needs to be looked at from the authorities. but the point of these tributes is that they brought this community together, the intention was to divide communities here by this attack and it was com pletely here by this attack and it was completely failed.
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former minister, nick boles, has quit his local conservative association because of a rift over brexit. mr boles wants a closer relationship with europe and opposes a no—deal brexit. he'd been facing efforts by tory activists in his constituency in lincolnshire to oust him as the party's candidate at the next general election. he'll remain as an mp for grantham and stamford, and continue to be a conservative in parliament. let's speak to our political correspondent, ben wright, whojoins me now. my my back give us a bit of context to this resignation. he was a remainder during the referendum but has consistently supported the prime minister's deal in the last few weeks, he has voted for it but the difficulty, the tension between him and his party is
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that he has also said that they should have not accept no deal under any circumstances. the thought that in no—deal brexit should be contemplated and on the table, he has also been very prominently working with mps of other parties to find agreement and consensus around a different sort of economic relationship after brexit to the one that the prime minister envisages, the norway option and he has been working on that behind the scenes, this is put him out of kilter with his own party that have made it clear that they do not want him to be their candidate at the next election and trying to deselect an injury has really jumped election and trying to deselect an injury has reallyjumped before he was supposed to. you're supposed to bea was supposed to. you're supposed to be a tory np and will remain the np for that seat until the next election. as far as the brexit schedule goes, where are we? and what is coming up next week?|j
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forgot what is coming up next week?” forgot the number of days, 12 days away from the 29th which is the moment we are set to leave the european union. that still is the day we are set to leave the european union, whether there is a deal or not. now of course, early this week, parliament decided that it would not countenance a no—deal brexit and has effectively asked for a extension, they said ok, we understand the needs to be an extension, brexit needs to be an extension, brexit needs to be delayed but there does make choices in front of parliament. back to the deal in beaufort again and expect for it to be back next week, just ahead of the committee. or if there is no deal by the end of this month, the likelihood is that they will ask the european union for a much longer extension in that is clearly something the eu are contemplating. so that is of the next few days will play out, right now there is huge work being done behind the scenes and talks behind
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number ten government and tory mps, the 75 who did not vote for this deal last time last time around, will pile pressure on them and convince them to get behind it or, this will be number ten‘s argument oi’ this will be number ten‘s argument or risk a very long extension and potentially losing control of brexit happening at all. and that is what is going on at the scenes now. many hard—line brexiteer is going on at the scenes now. many ha rd—line brexiteer is is going on at the scenes now. many hard—line brexiteer is really between a rock and a hard place with this third round of the deal, what is the likelihood that the du p will now have to reluctantly get behind it? is a crucial component, notjust the 75 tory brexiteers, but he gets it early against the year, partners are serious about the backstop. they share the same anger about the deal as many of the tory brexiteers, they hate the way it will operate and are against it and were not convinced by
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the attorney general‘s legal advice. the du p and the government are in talks right now trying to find some way of persuading them to come behind us, the du p issued a statement earlier on saying that those talks are ongoing and denied that there was a wrangle going on about cash, they are saying that this will be decided purely on reassu ra nces this will be decided purely on reassurances if there are some to be found, around the backstop and i would determine what they do. if the dup would determine what they do. if the du p move behind the steel, then i think a large chunk of those rebels will move with them. not all of them, but a good number. so it will be very important in deciding how this vote will go. and where we hearing from the eu? the investors got together on friday to talk about the extension that they now expect at her request for in some form, and next week at the european council,
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this has been clearfor next week at the european council, this has been clear for what the commission president had already made clear, a long extension of row two years will be really complicated. partly because there are european elections due at the end of may and at the moment it was assumed that the uk would not be taking part and in fact, they were being redistributed around other eu countries. i think the message of the eu was going to be, evident it some draft documents, that if the two year extension is likely, beyond the end ofjune, then the uk will have to take part in those european elections. and that is a fact that theresa may is going to be hammering home and other ministers are over the next few days as they try to persuade mps to drop their resista nce persuade mps to drop their resistance and back this deal. questions continue, thank you very much. and we'll find out how this story —
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and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages. atio:30 and 11:30pm this evening in the papers — our guests joining lukwesa burak tonight are the broadcaster john stapleton, and henry mance, political correspondent for the financial times a man has died after being stabbed in south—west london. scotland yard said officers were called to reports of a fight in fulham in the early hours of this morning. a 29—year old man was pronounced dead at the scene. caroline davies reports. police tape and an ambulance in west london. it's the second fatal knife attack in the area in nine days. yet another one in this area. i don't think you thinkjust because you live in a nice area where all the houses are pretty that you're going to be safe. the victim, a 29—year—old, was described by one of his friends as a good man. police are still investigating what has happened here but neighbours close to the scene
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say they heard an argument. i spoke to one passer—by who didn't want to appear on camera. he said he was in this area around 12:30am last night when he came across a man lying down just around the corner in gowan avenue, about 50 yards behind me. members of the public gave the man cpr until paramedics arrived. the man was declared dead just before 1am. so far there have been no arrests. roads have been closed and trains disrupted across parts of the north of england and wales following heavy rain. 57 flood warnings are now placed across england and wales, the river ribble in lancashire and the river erwell have burst their banks. there are now 57 flood warnings in place and hundreds of homes have been without power. the headlines on bbc news... brenton tarrant, the main suspect in the new zealand mosque shootings in which 49 people were killed, has appeared in court on a single murder charge new zealand police say they believe a lone gunman
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was involved in the attacks. prime ministerjacinda ar—dern has vowed: "our gun laws will change" over 60 flood warnings are in place across england and wales as heavy rain leaves hunderds of homes without power. let's return to events in new zealand where the brothers of one of the christchurch victims have expressed their family's pain in the wake of the attacks. 50—year—old naeem rashid, and his 21—year—old son talha naeem, were among six pakistani citizens killed in the attack. our pakistan correspondent, secunder kermani, spoke to naeem rashid's brothers earlier. tell me, how long had your brother been living with his family in new zealand? he went to new zealand in 2010, so it's been nine years. so, he went to do his phd there, he couldn't finish his phd
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but he did start working there, so he was doing his job there. and he liked living in new zealand? he loved living in new zealand, he just loved it. i've never been there myself but i believed it was supposed to be one of the safest places... i suppose that no one in the family could ever imagine something like this would ever happen? no, no way. we couldn't imagine it, not at all. how did you find out? well, my brother rang me about nine o'clock in the morning. i was not watching the television, somebody rang him. then we rang... one of my younger brother's brother—in—law also lives there in christchurch,
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so we rang him and my sister—in—law. that's when we found out things were going bad. then, in the evening, we found out... and what was your reaction when you found out, if you can put it into words? there are no words, really. i can't really describe the feeling. we were just discussing... only a person who goes through this kind of thing can understand this thing. but i still... i feel really proud of my brother, really. i mean, the way he died, very few people... i mean, i wish i could die like him, really, dying like... he was a brave person, and i heard from people there, there were a few witnesses, and they said he saved a few lives there by trying to stop that guy.
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is fun—loving attitude and always after his nephews and nieces, to improve themselves, he was taking an interest in theirfamily improve themselves, he was taking an interest in their family and our family and he was a person who was very committed to do anything that he wanted to do. and he is being hailed as a hero by many people across the world by trying to take down the attacker. have you seen the video? what was your reaction when you saw it? did you feel an element of pride there? the first thing i wanted to see was the look in his eyes. i did not see an iota of fear in those eyes and that made me proud. what a brave man he was.
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i knew that if i had any problem, he would be standing with me. i have no doubt about it. but to do it for others once he could've run away and what i've been told, there were some other people that asked tojoin him and did and run away, but he did it alone. that speaks volumes about him. he's my hero, at least. an australian senator who blamed immigration for the mosque shooting in christchurch has attacked a teenager— who threw an egg at him while he was being interviewed fraser anning hit the 17—year—old before a short scuffle took place between the two. the teenager was then restrained and arrested, but has since been released. a petition calling for senator anning to be removed from office following his comments has attracted nearly a quarter
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of a million signatures. meanwhile a 2k year old man from oldham has been arrested on suspicion of sending malicious communications — after greater manchester police said it became aware of a post on social media praising the attacks in new zealand. clashes have broken out in central paris between french security forces and those taking part in this week s gilets jaunes protests. shops have been looted and more than 60 people arrested. the movement has been protesting every saturday for the past four months, against the government s economic policies as well as wider issues such as globalisation. our paris correspondent, lucy williamson, has more. central paris came under attack todayjust as it did in the early weeks of this protest. police used tear gas and water cannons to push
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back protesters among who the interior minister said were one and a half thousand professional thugs. security forces called on peaceful demonstrators to leave the capital as kiosks were set alight and shops, symbols of france's wealth, were smashed. the world —famous restaurant, fouquet‘s, was left ransacked. as the protest spread to nearby streets, 60 firefighters were called to tackle a blaze at a bank, a mother and her child were rescued from the apartment above. despite overtures by president macron and the transformation of some protest leaders into electoral candidates, some of this movement's original anger remains. translation: as a gilets jaunes, i'm not calling on emmanuel macron to resign. not at all. that is not the case for everyone, but it is for me.
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i'd like him to put in place a republic with more fiscal justice, more social justice, it seems he's arrogant, he does not like people, he despises them. translation: france is a rich country and that wealth should be shared with those who have less and less. unfortunately, the political decision, we won't stop saying that, and unfortunately the politicians who are now in power are making a situation worse and are not working for us. this was seen by some as a crucial day in their four—month protest, marking the end of a national debate, launched by the government to address the concerns. protest leaders have caught this show of force an ultimatum, but there are those who hope it marks the last eruption of a movement whose momentum is fading. the government in zimbabwe says at least twenty—four people have died in a tropical storm that swept away homes and bridges.
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dozens of others are missing. the cyclone travelled first through central mozambique on friday, killing at least 21 people, there were heavy rains across the region all last week as the storm developed, battering mozambique and also malawi a murder investigation is underway in italy after the mysterious death of a model who testified against the former prime minister silvio berlusconi in twenty twelve. imane fadil was a regular guest of mr berlusconi at his sex parties. reports in the italian media say toxicology tests had shown that ms fadil died after being poisoned with a mix of radioactive substances. love island star, mike thalassitis, has been found dead near his hometown in essex. the 26—year—old rose to fame
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on love island in 2017, where he became a tv sensation after his stint on the show. with me now is our correspondent charlotte gallagher. what do we know? as you said, mike is just 26—year—old and found dead, we believe in the woods close to his home. as you said, he was a huge star, on the series of love island, people said he kept mucking the women off and cast as this huge social media following, very popular, he was on another programme. he had a great career in fa ct, programme. he had a great career in fact, after programme. he had a great career in fa ct, after love programme. he had a great career in fact, after love island, lots of people appeared with them and paying tribute on how shocked they are and what an amazing man he was, but
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there is a lot of shock at the moment. very young fans just teenagers who watched him on this programmejust teenagers who watched him on this programme just a few years ago and now hearing this very sad news. this is not the first on the tragedy has struck the show. just a year ago, sophie appeared just a few years before was found dead in her home and at the inquest is still that we are still awaiting but after that case, a lot of people who appeared on the island said that there was not enough aftercare for these co ntesta nts not enough aftercare for these contestants who basically bared all on tv and more needed to be done to support these very young people in their teens and early 20s that were going on television and being watched by millions and millions of people and were not quite prepared for the reactions they got when they came out. we will leave it there for now but thank you very much. now it's time for a look at the weather sarah keith—lucas
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a case of four seasons and one, heavy wind and gale force winds, and some snow over the hills, it is been going on with the weather today. this picture comes from north wales where we had about half the number of rainfall expected in just 2a hours, so flooding is an issue there as it is across many parts of wells and western england. lots of it at the moment, it will start to ease now. into tomorrow, but in the cloud, you can see the satellite image that it has been rapidly developing area of low pressure moving across the uk. we are not quite out of the woods just yet, we could well see further disruption travelling between power cuts and mixtures of heavy rain, snow and ice over the hills and also some strong winds as well. as of whether to talk about, we still have hills on parts of scotland, it should ease towards
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the east but wintry showers and northern ireland will have some heavy showers with hail and thunderstorms extend, for the site has a band of rain which will track further eastwards through central and eastern parts of england, more patchy through the night, but you will notice the strength of the wind in the south and over the next few hours, really strong gusts around a0 to 50 mph and we could see 60 mph particularly across the south coast. band of rain in the south will slowly start to push her way towards the east through the course of tonight and then looking through clear spells and showers rolling in from the northwest. at low levels, most of the showers will be following but it'll be further sleet and snow across northern england and ireland scotland, and temperature is falling even below in the countryside, it will be quite an icy start for any untreated services, to watch out for the icy stretches in the first thing. through the day on
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sunday, that whether friend the first thing. through the day on sunday, that whetherfriend clears off towards the east, low pressure not far away and with winds rotating around that pressure, northern wind across sunday, further wintry showers plug way, but northern ireland will cease in a few showers and a you showers further south east, but temperatures across the country just we add east, but temperatures across the countryjust we add on the windshield, it will be particularly warm but not as wet and windy as it was today and you'll probably be pleased to hear that into next week, higher pressure and things will turn drier, less windy and a little warmer as well.
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