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hello. hello. this is bbc news. this is bbc news we'll be taking a look at tomorrow with me, lukwesa burak. the number of dead in mornings papers in a moment, yesterday's shootings at two mosques in the city of christchurch in new zealand has risen to 50. speaking earlier this evening, the country's police commissioner, mike bush, said extra security will remain in place around all mosques until he is certain the number of people killed in the mass shooting at two there is no further threat. mosques in christchurch, first thing i want to say is that it new zealand has risen to 50. a 28—year—old australian man's appeared in court charged with murder. isa first thing i want to say is that it is a site that i advised that the number of people who had died in as gun laws look set to be reviewed in the country, this awful event has now risen to relatives have paid tribute to loved ones, including those who tried to stop the attacker. 50. as of last night, we were able it is still a shock. whatever hero he becomes... to ta ke 50. as of last night, we were able to take all of the victims from both of those scenes. and in doing so, we have located a further victim. so, he was so bright, now. you know? but still, the loss is just like cutting your limb off, really. that brings the number of those who it's just like that. have died to 50. i also want to say we'll have the very latest live from christchurch. also tonight... heavy rain brings flooding
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and travel disruption to parts of northern england and north wales. they are the grand slam champions! that the number of injured is also 50. 36 of those that in the and wales celebrate a third grand slam in 11 years hospital, where they are being after they set ireland aside to storm to the six nations title. treated with the utmost care and professionalism by medical staff. to have been due remain critical, and we have one child being well looked after at the hospital. in terms of people we have spoken about that had good evening. been arrested, as you know, the the death toll after the mass 28—year—old male appeared in court shootings at two mosques in new zealand has risen to 50. yesterday charged with murder, and he has been remanded to a 5th of more than 30 people injured april to appear in the high court. in the attacks in christchurch remain in hospital, two you will also know that you others in a critical condition. a 28—year—old man has we re appeared in court charged with murder. you will also know that you others were apprehended and during this operation in court in. a firearm was brenton tarrant, who's australian, did not enter a plea and has been remanded in custody. seized from them. when of those throughout the day tributes have been paid to the victims. hywel griffith is in christchurch. persons, a woman, has been released without charge. the man in that
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vehicle has been charged with firearms offences, and at this point we do not believe that they were we are near the al noor mosque, the involved in these attacks. some of scene of one of the shootings and minute by minute more people are coming to lay flowers. as a sign of you will also be aware, that another just how big this crime scene is, in man was arrested as a result of this the background you can see police officers coming through the streets, searching for bullet shells. investigation. what i can say is gathering evidence for this case. it that an 18—year—old man will appear isa gathering evidence for this case. it is a case that has brought sorrow to in court on monday, but that arrest the city, a city struggling with its was tangential to this matter, and grief. to show their grief, their we do not believe that he was involved in this attack. further to love, christchurch's people are coming together. as they try to this, ican comprehend a violent act of terror. involved in this attack. further to this, i can say and you may designate a media reporting, packed some arejust holding a list of victims names has been comprehend a violent act of terror. shared with family. that list was some are just holding onto life. waseem and as four—year—old daughter we re waseem and as four—year—old daughter were both shot. he posted this message online from his hospital compiled as a result of work done bed. please pray for myself, for me with the victims, and with senior and my daughter. hopefully she will
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religious leaders, and it was done be so much better. under tight to get some certainty to victims security, the man accused of friday's shooting was today brought to court to be charged with murder. families. this is not a formal list. ajudge has ruled that brenton and we will be unable to share exact tarrant‘s face should not be shown. the 28—year—old won a prison gown details of victims until they have been formally identify. that part of and handcuffs. he made a hand gesture linked to white supremacist in the dock. the attacks brought the investigation and response has chaos to christchurch. it took 36 continuing as quickly and minutes from the first emergency professionally as possible and we call for the suspect to be apprehended. he left behind an will keep you updated. that was the new zealand police commissioner enormous, complicated crime scene. speaking earlier. only now have the police been able in other news this evening: love island star, to locate all of the bodies. as of mike thalassitis, has been found dead near his hometown in essex. last night we were able to take all the 26—year—old rose to fame on love island in 2017, where he became a tv sensation of the victims from both of those scenes. and in doing so, we have after his stint on the show. the former league one footballer, who comes from a cypriot family, located a further victim. so that enjoyed a successful playing career before becoming a reality tv star — brings the number of those who have after appearing on season
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died 250. as she met some of the three of love island — families who have lost their loved a short while ago, our correspondent charlotte ones, jacinda ardern pledged to gallagher, told me more. tighten using an plasma gun laws mike was found dead on friday, we which, unlike britain, don't include believe and woods close to his home, a ban on owning semiautomatic that's what was confirmed that we assault weapons. one of the issues haven't heard anything from family we are facing is that the guns that or in fact itv who produced the show we re we are facing is that the guns that were used in this case appear to so far. as he said, he was have been modified. that is a challenge that police have been semiprofessional football before he had reality tv and, lots of clubs he facing and that is a challenge we will look to address in changing our played for throughout his career had been paying tribute tonight. along laws. there is also a more immediate with lots of people who appeared in reality television with him. chris challenge. making this community feel safe and united. after all the hughes started a long island and he said he was a great guy gone far to fear and violence this city send. jack who won the last series, experienced on friday, this is the paid tribute as well. we also heard natural heartfelt response. people wanting to come and stand together from caroline, who if the presenter and grieve together. and show their of the show, talking about what a solidarity. they want to help those
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gentleman he was. and this probably whose lives have been changed forever. it hasjust touched a lot isn't the first tragedy to hit love island. injune of isn't the first tragedy to hit love of hearts in christchurch, for island. in june of last isn't the first tragedy to hit love island. injune of last year, anotherformer island. injune of last year, another former contestant was found everyone, especially us. we are deadin another former contestant was found dead in her home, so the grading, so immigrants, we came here to make a a second gap in less than 12 months life and a few of our family immigrants, we came here to make a life and a few of ourfamily and friends were killed. they were part associated with this programme. of it. and that means making clear what's interesting, is when you look at the flavour of reaction coming out now on social media, like you that every community, every culture said, caroline flat saying that he is welcome here. the victims were their friends was a gentleman i won't forget that is welcome here. the victims were theirfriends and is welcome here. the victims were their friends and neighbours. our but then you see emphasis and anger hearts go out to them, they are our on social media at the reference to people as well. they are citizens of his nickname from his friends, this nation. a city struck years ago disrespect is what people are saying bya could you give us background on this nation. a city struck years ago by a natural disaster is once again that. on the shelves he became known bearing incalculable loss. but following the maori message and as mikey mike because he was seen to staying strong. be basically through cat among pigeons, he a gorgeous man with all more details are emerging tonight, about some of those the women going after him and try to get ten and he played them against who lost their lives in christchurch, including many displays of bravery, each other so he got his nickname as the attack unfolded. the brother of one man that was supposed to be affectionate
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who was killed has spoken for my getting them off, but of his pride and the pain at losing his brother who had tried u nfortu nately, we for my getting them off, but unfortunately, we have seen lots of to tackle the gunman. china less and people tweeting about daniela relph has more. the story tonight not getting his full namejust the story tonight not getting his full name just his the story tonight not getting his full namejust his nickname the story tonight not getting his full name just his nickname and the story tonight not getting his full namejust his nickname and many people who appeared with him, are so many of those killed had moved to saying that that is disrespectful, new zealand to find peace and he's more than a nickname from the tranquillity. but instead they were all victims of a violent attack as tv programme. charlotte speaking to me earlier. they prayed. naeem rashid had been clashes have broken out in central paris between french living in new zealand for nine security forces and those taking part in this week 5 yea rs. living in new zealand for nine years. his family say he loved his gilets jaunes protests. life there. both he and his clashes have broken out in central paris between french security forces 21—year—old son, talha, were killed. originally from pakistan, the shops have been looted and more government there confirmed their than 60 people arrested. the death. in a video of the attack, movement has been demonstrating every saturday, for the past four naeem rashid was seen confronting months, against the government 5 the gunman. i saw that video and the economic policies , as well as wider issues such as globalisation. our paris correspondent, first thing i wanted to see was the lucy williamson, has more. look in his eyes. i did not see an central paris came under attack todayjust as it did in the early iota of fear in those eyes. and that weeks of this protest. made me proud. what a brave man he police used tear gas was. i heard from people there, and water cannons to push back protesters among there were a few witnesses who said who the interior minister he saved a few lives there. by
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said were one and a half thousand professional thugs. trying to stop that guy. the stories security forces called on peaceful of those killed continue to emerge. demonstrators to leave the capital as kiosks were set alight soi of those killed continue to emerge. so i had was 14 and wanted to be a and shops, symbols of france's wealth, were smashed. footballer. the police have told his father that his son died in the the world —famous restaurant, mosque. hosni was originally from bangladesh and officials there said fouquet‘s, was left ransacked. she had been killed. she was looking for her husband in the men's section as the protest spread of the mosque when she was shot. to nearby streets, 60 firefighters were called to tackle khalid mustapha, a refugee from a blaze at a bank, a mother and her syria, moved with his family last child were rescued from the apartment above. year to the safety of new zealand. despite overtures by officials told his wife he was president macron and the killed during friday prayers. one of transformation of some protest his teenage sons is also missing. leaders into electoral candidates, some of this movement's hygiene were 71. he ran the afghan original anger remains. association at the mosque. relatives have described his death as an act translation: as a gilets of cowardice. the family of marriage jaunes, i'm not calling hasan in india were told of his on emmanuel macron to resign. not at all. death today by the authorities in that is not the case new zealand. the country where he for everyone, but it is for me. i'd like him to put and his wife are raising their two in place a republic with
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young children. nobody nobody was more fiscal justice, more social justice, it seems he's arrogant, he does not like people, he despises them. even emerging that in new zealand, a translation: france is a rich country and that wealth should peace—loving country, that such a be shared with those situation arises. in the coming days who have less and less. we will learn more about the lives unfortunately, the political lost on the anguish of the families decision, we won't who agree. daniela relph, bbc news. stop saying that, and unfortunately the politicians who are now in power my colleague, clive myrie, are making a situation worse and are not working for us. is in christchurch. this was seen by some many more people as more details as a crucial day in their four—month protest, marking the end of a national emerge are coming to pay their respects, as we can see behind you. debate, launched by the government to address the concerns. yes, that is right. this botanical protest leaders have caught this show of force an ultimatum, but gardens is not far away from the main hospital are so many others there are those who hope it marks the last eruption of a movement people injured and a terrible attack a couple of days ago were being whose momentum is fading. treated. and a couple of people are still critically ill in that hospital. this wall here is just full of flowers, covered in flowers it's time for a look at the weather and people have been coming despite with sarah keith lucas. the weather to lay floral tributes and pay their respects. there is a real sense of bewilderment here. good evening, it's been a very
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frankly, people are just numb at the stormy day of weather. heavy rain idea that this time of tragedy could and dales as well as ice and snow happen in their city, in their to, this is a picture in the isle of community and country. bear in mind that gun —related deaths in new zealand, barely top 10 every year, wight. for the whole of 2017, 48 people heavy rain, gale—force gusts of wind, some sunshine and some died across 12 months and injust heavy snow as well in the north. this picture comes from one of our one attack we have had 50 people weather watchers in aberdeenshire gunned down. there is a sense from a where we are still seeing some of that hill snow through the rest of this evening and overnight, too. lot of people that a lot of people the bulk of the heavy rain thought new zealand was immune to these attacks we have seen in other parts of the world, partly because will clear over the next few hours, this country is isolated, separated from so many other of the big let's ta ke let's take a look at the remainder landmasses but also because of the of the evening starting off sense of community that permeates society here but this is proof, scotland, we got health now, it ease local people would say, that the away gradually towards the east, but still a few wintry showers terrorists will not win. what happened brought this community continuing in the evening, heavy as together rather than split it apart. well rolling across northern ireland clive myrie. with hail and thunder possible. the former minister, nick boles, further south band of rain it has quit his local conservative association because of a rift over through the rest of the evening brexit. mr boles has long opposed a no—deal pushing its way slowly east across central and eastern parts of
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brexit and faced efforts by tory activists in his lincolnshire constituency to oust him england, further heavy showers as the party's candidate packing in across wells and at the next general election. northwest england, exacerbating fighting issues we see here for a he'll remain as an mp for grantham and stamford and continue to be time. the wind still 50 or 60 mph a conservative in parliament. our political correspondent, and the next few hours, eventually ben wright, is here. ben, is it a surprise the strongest of the wind will easily through the crescent tonight. he quit his local party? the pressure pushes east losing i think he jumped heavy rain and strongest of wind, i think hejumped before he was still very windy with a brisk wind pushed. today, nick boles says he has no regrets about working to stop across scotland with wintry showers over the higher ground here and for and no brexit and cooperating with parts of northern ireland and mps from other parties. the irony is he is one of the many tory mps who england too, temperatures fall below backed remain in the referendum but freezing and icy stretches first thing tomorrow and any untreated now supports a prime minister's deal services, chilly start where every to get brexit done. he has voted for wife a sunday morning. do they that twice already and will back it again if it comes back to the signed a low sitting to the north, commons next week. if the government winds rotating coming from a chilly has any chance of getting that withdrawal agreement three, number northern direction, won't be as 10 needs to persuade the dozens of dramatic weather—wise the compact is tory brexit enthusiasts to swing behind the deal but they hate it. in it -- dramatic weather—wise the compact is it —— today, scattered wintry showers for scotland in northern england as well. few and far between particular the irish backstop. today
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there has been a lull in the brexit drama but behind the scenes are truly website been hammering the showers, sunny spouse southeast temperature is 20 —— 10 degrees or phones, trying to persuade those tory rebels to get behind the deal, sell single figures from many areas whatsapp groups have been buzzing, north, if yes chilly when you add the prime minister has been on the the wind chill, it does look like phone to backbenchers. but there is high brings an dry less windy and a lot of work to do. they are trying to win over the dup as well, who warm weather next week, goodbye for will be critical in all of this. now. they insist they will not have any wrangle about money for northern ireland and there was more to discuss. in the sunday telegraph tomorrow the prime minister implores tory backbenchers to back this deal or risk a long delay. but i think resista nce or risk a long delay. but i think resistance on her own side remains really strong. thank you. police have launched a murder inquiry after a man was stabbed in south—west london. scotland yard said officers were called to reports of a fight in fulham in the early hours of this morning. a 29—year—old man was pronounced dead at the scene. no arrests have been made. heavy rain has caused flooding and travel disruption across parts of northern england and north wales. more than 30 flood warnings are in place. northern rail said several train
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lines were suspended and has advised customers not to travel on the affected routes. luxmy gopal reports. in wales, there has been heavy flooding in conwy, with the river conwy bursting its banks. today's heavy rains have left homes flooded and without power. and the water levels kept rising. this was the scene at sowerby bridge in west yorkshire. emergency services have been here monitoring the rising water levels. residents in the calder valley are experienced with flooding. more than 3000 properties were flooded on boxing day back in 2015. so people here are going to be keeping a close eye on the rising waters. at the moment we have our fingers crossed that the water level is going to go down and it is quite scary at the moment. it is really high. these sheep had to be rescued from a flooded barn in north yorkshire. and rail passengers didn't escape the disruption. these tracks in west
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yorkshire are waterlogged. for people who have been watching the rivers rise throughout the day, they will be hoping the worst has now passed. luxmy gopal, bbc news in sowerby bridge. with all the sport now, here's olly foster at the bbc sport centre. good evening. wales have won the six nations grand slam. they beat last year's champions, ireland, by 25 points to seven in a very one—sided match in cardiff. our sports editor, dan roan, was at the principality stadium. a grandstand finish to the six nations was guaranteed, but all that wales wanted was the grand slam. with both teams involved in a three—way tussle for the title, cardiff was at fever pitch for a fitting and fiery finale. with both also coached by new zealanders, a minute's silence in memory of the tragic events in christchurch to add poignancy. with their first attack, wales showed why they had won their last 13 games.
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gareth anscombe's dink gathered by hadleigh parkes. wales score after the one minute mark. warren gatland's final six nations match in charge off to the perfect start. parkes going from try scorer to try saver. with so much at stake, tensions ran high but wales were handling the pressure and the penalties. anscombe relentless with his boot. time and time again irish ill—discipline was punished, the bedraggled visitors 22 points down and a shadow of the team that won the grand slam last year. amid the deluge, the ferocious home defence was finally breached, but that was merely a consolation for ireland in a chasing defeat. they are the grand slam champions! wales worthy winners and gatland making history as the first coach to mastermind a third grand slam. it is not about me, it is about those players. we spoke beforehand about them playing for themselves and their families and this crowd and wales as a whole.
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and being able to create history. this is yet another defining history for this hugely impressive welsh side. their winning streak continues and quite simply they seem to have forgotten how to lose. of course, in a world cup year, it marks them out as genuine contenders for the sport's biggest prize. dan roan, bbc news, cardiff. with wales clinching the title, just the calcutta cup was at stake at twickenham, but it turned out to be the match of the championship as scotland fought back from 31—0 down to take the lead. sam johnson thought he'd scored the winning try but george ford's converted score in over time saw the match finish 38—all, the highest scoring draw in international rugby history. scotland retain the calcutta cup. england clinched the women's six nations grand slam with a huge win over scotland that was also played at twickenham. 80 points to 0, they ran in 12 tries. wolverhampton wanderers are into the fa cup semi—finals
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for the first time in 21 years. they beat manchester united 2—1 at molineux. manchester city were 2—0 down at championship side swansea, but won 3—2. sergio aguero came off the bench and scored a late winner. watford are also through to the semis after beating crystal palace. there were just three premier league matches because of the cup. match of the day follows the news, but if you want the results now then here they come. west ham came from behind to beat bottom side huddersfield 4—3. javier hernandez with two late goals for the hammers. leicester also won at burnley, bournemouth drew with newcastle. rangers slipped up again in their pursuit of the scottish premiership leaders, celtic. they drew at home to kilmarnock. third placed aberdeen also drew. there were wins for hamilton and hibs. celtic play tomorrow. the first race of the formula one season isjust a few hours away and lewis hamilton is on pole for the australian grand prix. the five—time champion qualified fastest in melbourne. his mercedes team—mate valteri bottas is also on the front row, with sebastian vettel third for ferrari.
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lots more on the bbc sport website, including details of a very successful day for great britain at the world para cycling championships. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. that's all from me. goodnight.
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