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this is bbc news, i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 11:00: new zealand police say the number of people killed in the christchurch terrorist attack has risen from 49 to 50. the number of injured also stands at 50. as gun laws look set to be reviewed in the country, relatives have paid tribute to loved ones, including those who tried to stop the attacker. i saw the video on the first thing i wa nted i saw the video on the first thing i wanted to see was the look in his eyes. i did not see an iota of fear in those eyes, that made me proud. former love island contestant mike thalassitis has died aged 26, his management has confirmed. more than 50 flood warnings are in place across england and wales as heavy rain leaves
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hundreds of homes without power. wales celebrate a third grand slam in 11 years, beating ireland to take the six nations title. and at 11:30 we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewersjohn stapleton and henry mance. we will go straight to christchurch to hear the latest from sharanjit leyl to hear the latest from sharanjit leyl. a day of mourning and remembrance for many here today in christchurch. iam very i am very close to the al noor mosque, very close to the site of
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one of the attacks, and people have been gathering here all morning to show their respects, to leave flowers, the memorial has grown to about twice its size since i have been here in the last couple of hours. people coming here to show their rejection of the hate that inspired friday's attack. just a few hours ago, as you said, we learned that the death toll had risen to 50. to show their grief, to show their love, christchurch's people are coming together as they try to comprehend a violent act of terror. some arejust holding comprehend a violent act of terror. some are just holding on to life. this man and his four—year—old daughter were both shot. he posted this message online from his hospital bed.
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under tight security, the man accused of friday's shooting was today brought to court to be charged with murder. ajudge has ruled that brenton tarrant‘s faith should not the shine. he wore a prison down and handcuffs, made a hand gesture linked to white supremacy is in the dock. the attack what chaos to christchurch, it took 36 minutes from the first emergency call for the suspect to be apprehended. he left hind and enormous, complicated crime scene. 0nly left hind and enormous, complicated crime scene. only now have police been able to locate all the bodies. as of last night, we were able to ta ke as of last night, we were able to take all the victims from both of those scenes, and in doing so we have located a further victim. so, that brings the number of those who have died to 50. as she met some of
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the families who have lost their loved ones, jacinda ardern pledged to tighten new zealand's gun laws, which, unlike britain, don't include a ban on on owning semiautomatic assault weapons. one of the issues we are facing is that the guns that we re we are facing is that the guns that were used in this case appear to have been mortified. that is a challenge that police have been facing and that is a challenge that we will look to address in changing oui’ we will look to address in changing our laws. there is also a more immediate challenge, making this community feel safe and united. after a ll community feel safe and united. after all the fear and violence the city experienced on friday, this is the natural, heartfelt response, people wanting to come and stand together, grief together and show their solidarity. they want to help those whose lives have been changed
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forever. it has touched a lot of parts in christchurch for everyone, especially us, we came here to make a life, we are muslims. a few of our family friends... they were part of it. that means making clear that every community, every culture, is welcome here. the victims were their friends, their neighbours. our hearts go out to them, they are our people as well, they are citizens of this nation. city struck years ago with a natural disaster is once again bearing incalculable loss. but it is projecting the message to stay strong. . more details are emerging about those who lost their lives here. in fa ct, those who lost their lives here. in fact, many acts of wraysbury as the
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attacks unfolded. the brother of one of those who died speaks of his pain and sense of pride over the fact that his brother was killed trying to attack the gunman. so many of those killed had moved to new zealand to find peace and tranquillity, but instead they were the whims of a violent attack as they prayed. this man had been living in new zealand for five yea rs, living in new zealand for five years, his family said he loved his life there. he and his 20 —year—old son were both killed. in a video of the attack, he was seen confronting the attack, he was seen confronting the attacker. i saw that video in the attacker. i saw that video in the first thing i wanted to see was to look in his eyes. i did not see an iota of fear in those eyes and that made me proud. what a brave man he was. i heard from people that there were a few witnesses, and he
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saved some lives by trying to stop a man. stories continue to emerge. this boy was 1a and wanted to be a footballer. police have told his father that his son died in the mosque. this woman was originally from bangladesh, an authority say she had been killed. she was looking for her husband in the men's section when she was shot. this refugee from syria moved with his family last year to the safety of new zealand. 0fficials year to the safety of new zealand. officials have told his wife that he was killed during friday prayers. 0ne was killed during friday prayers. one of his teenage sons is also missing. this man was 71, he ran the afg ha n missing. this man was 71, he ran the afghan association at the mosque. relatives have described his death as an act of cowardice. this man and
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his wife were raising two young children in new zealand, and he was killed. no-one could even matt imagine that in new zealand, a peaceloving country, such a thing could happen. in the coming days we will learn more about the lives lost and the anguish of the families who grieve. there continues to be an outpouring of grief here in new zealand. i am joined by representatives from the hindu association and an anglican minister. you have just hindu association and an anglican minister. you havejust had hindu association and an anglican minister. you have just had your sunday morning congregation, can you give us a sense of the kind of response people have had to this awful attack? yes, very sad, and of
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course christchurch is a small community and we know some of the victims and we said prayers that the whole community are saying today, sending heartfelt prayers to those hurt and killed in this treachery. give us a sense of the harmony, the sense of camaraderie people feel here for their muslim neighbours. yes, christchurch is a very multicultural city, over 700 ethnicities are represented here, and there is a high level of harmony amongst all ethnic and religious communities. we celebrate religious festivals, and those events
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together, and we are very saddened and shock by this, the news of the heinous attacks on the mosque and hurting so many peaceloving, innocent muslim brothers and sisters. in fact, why you are speaking we are seeing even more people turn up in the rain, with umbrellas, with floral tributes, so there is a real sense of an outpouring of grief, people wanting to show their feelings of those who died. you are part of the interfaith community, tell us a bit about how your muscle counterparts are taking this. i spoke to one of the senior muslim leaders about an hour ago, and he was in the hospital meeting members from the community. he was very shocked and he said that you
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know, we never thought of this happening in new zealand, unimaginable, uncommon for new zealand, because here, people from all ethnic and religious communities live very happily together and they share each other‘s events and thoughts and feelings and participate, so this is not the new zealand that we came to or we live in and we want. we just hope that this is the first and last incident to happen. andrew, obviously you have been in christchurch, you were born here, and you have seen tragedies before. this is a city that has suffered from earthquakes in the past, and it is a resilient city that has built itself up, but do you think it is now forever changed by this particular attack? it will never be the same. the event
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is just so horrific, it will never be the same. the event isjust so horrific, and i said to my people this morning that evil came to our city, but the response to evil is compassion and we are seeing that today, following the events seeing that today, following the eve nts o n seeing that today, following the events on friday. what are you both doing as part of the interfaith community now perhaps as a response to this attack? 0bviously community now perhaps as a response to this attack? obviously has just happened, there is still that sense of shock amongst much of your congregation, but is there a sense that there are things in place where you might try to put a few more meetings, et cetera, to try to improve relations between the communities? this moment, it is a time of morning and providing support to victims and their families. and i know that a number of ethnic groups have offered the use of their meeting places for
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prayers, and i certainly have offered food for the families and friends of the victims. also, i will say that there have been rituals to offer tributes to the victims. some offer tributes to the victims. some of that is being done now, but what is being done for the future to try to create more harmony between the different groups because of this awful that? well, the interfaith council will be meeting this week and we will be planning an event and talking to the city council about that. but, i mean, christchurch is a place where we have good relationships between the different faiths and various cultures, and we will be looking to develop that to
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produce some activity, some places where we can get together and pray and respond. in terms of reaching out to your congregation, to people from your community, what are you saying to them now to try to get past the mental trauma, presumably, that this has unleashed? yes, we are sort of, you know, going through that phase right now, and we wish to continue with our routine, life, you know, practising our faith and celebrating our cultures, we wish to continue with that, but we would like a sense of security for our safety so that we can keep living in new zealand society culturally,
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politically, so we don't get bogged down by this incident. thank you so much both of you, from the canterbury interfaith society. as you heard, the sense of community and bonding that has come about as a result of this act of hatred, as i mentioned i am standing here very close to the al noor mosque, which is where the sites of friday's attacks are, and even though it is raining people continue to come to bring flowers and show messages of support as well. i imagine that will continue throughout the day. nick bowles has quit his local conservative association over a rift over brexit. he has long opposed a
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no deal it said. —— brexit. he will remain as an mp and continue to be a conservative in parliament. the irony is nick bowles is one of the tory mps who backed remain in the referendum but then supports the prime minister abbas deal. if it comes back to the comments next week he will back it again. if the government has any chance number 10 that need to perceive brexit enthusiasts to swing behind the steel but they hated, in particular the irish backstop. behind the sense, tory whips are trying to persuade them to get behind this deal. i think the prime minister has been on the phone to backbenchers as
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well at there is an awful lot of work to do. they are trying to turn the dup. in the sunday telegraph, the dup. in the sunday telegraph, the prime minister implores backing the prime minister implores backing the deal or risking a long delay but resista nce the deal or risking a long delay but resistance remains strong. the headlines on bbc news: police in new zealand confirm the number of people known to have been killed in the mass shooting at two mosques has risen to 50. tributes are paid to former love island contestant, mike thalassitis, who has died aged 26. more than 50 flood warnings are in place across england and wales, as heavy rain leaves hunderds of homes without power. sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre. wales are six nation's grand slam
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champions for a 11th time. they completely outplayed ireland in cardiff. and despite scoring just one try they won 25—7. hadleigh parkes went over for a very early score and there was no looking back after that. there was barely a minute on the clock when he ran onto a chip through from gareth anscombe. anscombe converted as he kicked 20 points in all. wales were utterly dominant and led 25—0 when jordan larmour went over for a consolation try in added time. this is wales' fifth six nations title but their first since 2013. iam i am proud of the players. it is not about me, it is about those players. they played for wales. a bit of history. they can never take that away from them now. i thought it was away from them now. i thought it was a fantastic performance. we didn't
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look too tired, did we! in the match of the tournament, scotland came back from 31—0 down at twickenham to draw 38—38 against england. having tied the scores at 31 a piece sam johnson scored a try which put them ahead with just minutes remaining. but england made one last push for the line and george ford scampered over. that was converted and it finished 38—38. that means scotland retain the calcutta cup. england's women crushed scotland 80—0, to secure their ninth grand slam and regain the six nations title. they ran in 12 tries infront of a crowd of 13,000 at twickenham. wolverhamption wanders are through to an fa cup semi final for the first time in more than 20 years after beating manchester united 2—1. it took until the 70th minute for wolves to make the breakthrough, rauljimenez with a neat shot to beat romero. the second was a great solo effort from diogo jota. there was a late consolation goal for marcus rashford,
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but the night belonged to wolves. we know how big they were in the 50s and 60s and there are people that remember it in the stands but now it is much harder to receive the same. as long as our fans are is much harder to receive the same. as long as ourfans are happy, we are happy. that is what we work for. and watford were 2—1winners over crystal palace. capoue and gray their goalscorers. there are just 5 premier league matches this weekend because of the cup. all three games today saw late drama, and it was quite a match at the london stadium. west ham were heading for defeat against bottom side huddersfield but two goals from hernandez saw them win 4—3. huddersfield had led 3—1, the first time they've scored 3 this season, but they are now
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16 points off safety. elsewhere in the premier league, a 94th minute goal from matt ritchie saw newcastle salvage a point away at bournemouth. leicester played most of the match with 10 men at burnley but still came away with a 2—1win. harry maguire was sent off in the 11th minute. burnley are just 2 points above the relegation zone nat siver made 93 from 73 balls to help england's women to a comprehensive 154—run win in a rain—affected opening one day international in sri lanka. half centuries from amyjones and captain heather knight helped england to 331 for seven from their 50 overs. katherine brunt took three wickets as sri lanka slumped to 46 for seven before the rain came, and the home side couldn't reach the revised target of 314. and lewis hamilton is on pole for the opening grand prix of the season in australia. set your alarms for commentary
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of the race on five live at 5am! is it from me. thank you. a short time ago, mike's fellow 2017 love island contestant and friend, montana brown, love island star, mike thalassitis, has been found dead near his hometown in essex. the 26—year—old rose to fame on love island in 2017, where he became a tv sensation after his stint on the show. the former league one footballer, who comes from a cypriot family, enjoyed a successful playing career before becoming a reality tv star, following his appearance on season 3 of love island. his manager confirmed his death earlier this evening, and the cause of his death is not yet known. a short time ago, mike's fellow 2017 love island contestant and friend, montana brown, reacted to the news. she said:
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a short while ago, our correspondent charlotte gallagher told me more. he was found dead in essex on friday, in woods close to his homes. we have not heard anything from his family or itv which produced love island so far. he was a semiprofessional footballer before his reality tv stardom. his former teams have been playing tribute along with lots of people who appeared in reality tv. chris hughes was saying he was a great guy on far
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too soon. jack fincham also paid tribute. we also heard from caroline flack, the presenter of love island talking about what a gentleman mike thalassitis was. sadly this was not the first tragedy to hit love island. injune the first tragedy to hit love island. in june last the first tragedy to hit love island. injune last year the first tragedy to hit love island. in june last year saw the the first tragedy to hit love island. injune last year saw the —— sophie graden was found dead. when you look at the flavour and reaction coming out on social media, caroline flack saying he was a total gentleman and then this emphasis, and anger on social media at the reference to his nickname from his fans. disrespect a lot of people say. he became known as mike e—bike. he was a cat among the pigeons. ——
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muqqy he was a cat among the pigeons. —— muggy mike. all the women were trying to get him, he got this affectionate nickname but u nfortu nately we have affectionate nickname but unfortunately we have seen a lot of people, journalists who have not included his full name butjust his nickname. a lot of people who appeared with him on reality tv saying that is disrespectful and that it saying that is disrespectful and thatitis saying that is disrespectful and that it is more than a nick and from a television programme. ——he is more. police have launched a murder inquiry after a man was stabbed in south—west london. scotland yard said officers were called to reports of a fight in fulham in the early hours of this morning. a 29—year old man was pronounced dead at the scene. no arrests have been made. heavy rain has caused flooding and travel disruption across parts of northern england and north wales. more than 50 flood warnings are in place. northern rail said several train lines were suspended and has advised customers not to travel
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on the affected routes. luxmy gopal reports. in wales, there has been heavy flooding in conwy, with the river conwy bursting its banks. today's heavy rains have left homes flooded and without power. and the water levels kept rising. this was the scene at sowerby bridge in west yorkshire. emergency services have been here monitoring the rising water levels. residents in the calder valley are experienced with flooding. more than 3000 properties were flooded on boxing day back in 2015. so people here are going to be keeping a close eye on the rising waters. at the moment we have our fingers crossed that the water level is going to go down and it is quite scary at the moment. it is really high. these sheep had to be rescued from a flooded barn in north yorkshire. and rail passengers didn't escape the disruption.
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these tracks in west yorkshire are waterlogged. for people who have been watching the rivers rise throughout the day, they will be hoping the worst has now passed. luxmy gopal, bbc news in sowerby bridge. let's look at what the weather is we have seen the worst of the heavy rain but the flooding problem will continue because some rivers are fairly slow to respond to the rain gradually moving eastwards. heavy and persistent across wales, northern and western england. that is where we have the worst of the flooding. you can see the extent of the flooding in leeds. lots of flood warnings. it is not only heavy rain, we have also had strong gale force
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winds and some snow showers over the high ground. a deep area of low pressure clearing the east and we should start seeing things improve through the day on sunday quite a cold icy and we are expecting more showers. not great news the areas experiencing that flooding. for the rest of the night, we have clear spells, showers, sleet and snow over the high ground of northern england, northern ireland and scotland. temperatures are freezing. some icy stretches to be careful of. sunday will bring some welcome sunshine but also more showers. some of them could be heavy with thunder and hail mixed in and snow and sleet over the high ground. a brisk northerly wind. temperatures at only around 7—10, quite chilly for the year but at least there is some sunshine to be
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seen between showers. showers easing into monday. a bit more cloud moving in from the west but under the clear sky in central and eastern parts, it will be a cold start to monday morning. frost around to many of us and mistand morning. frost around to many of us and mist and fog patch as possible. monday will be quite a day because we have high pressure sitting to the south—west trying to nudge its way in. weak weather fronts from the atlantic. a lot of sunshine through the day on monday at particular across central and eastern parts of the uk. patchy rain for northern ireland, western scotland and perhaps western parts of england and wales. highs of around 9— 12 degrees so starting to creep up by a degree or so. looking further ahead, tuesday into wednesday, those temperatures up into the high teens possibly and some spells of sunshine. eventually we will lose the rain and the strong gusty winds
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we have seen over recent days.


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