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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  March 16, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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this is bbc world news. the money? i think most people i'm sharanjit leyl in christchurch. raise the money? i think most people will see this as a bit of a side issue with a bit of an agenda! thank you both, as ever a pleasure. thank you both, as ever a pleasure. thank you for watching. new zealand police confirmed a don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers number of dead after the attack in online on the bbc news website. christchurch has risen to 50. and if you miss the programme any among those paying tribute evening you can watch it later to the victims of the mass shooting, on bbc iplayer. the relative of a man who died thank you john and henry. next on bbc news, the film review. trying to stop the attacker. i saw the video on the first thing i wanted to see was the look in his eyes. i did not see an iota of fear in those eyes, that made me proud. i'm ben bland in london. also in the programme: violence on the streets of paris on another weekend of yellow vest protests. france's interior minister says they were hijacked hello there, welcome to the film review here on bbc news. and taking through this week's cinema releases, we have mr mark kermode.
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so mark, what do you have for us this week? interesting. we have ben is back, which is the story of addiction and recovery. we have the prodigy, which is a very much. nuts and bolts horror movie. and fisherman's friends, the kind of a true story of the cornish singing sensations. kind of a true story. we will get to that in a minute. let's start with ben is back. this starsjulia roberts. this is a teenage drug addict who shows up unexpectedly at the family home at christmas eve. what could go wrong? well, crucially, he is a recovering addict. do you remember when that film beautiful boy came out? yeah. that was the story of a parent and child torn apart by addiction, based on memories by the son. this is similar story, directed by peter hedges and shot by his son, lucas. julia roberts plays his mother and she lets him back in the house just for the christmas period, on the condition that he does everything that she says,
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that she takes the drug test she sets for him, and that he does not leave the house under any circumstances. here's a clip. these will both complement your complexion, which is a gift from your mother — you're welcome. coat, please. 0k, nice. i'm good. come on. pockets. this is humiliating. no. this is love. all right. you're free to go. you didn't check my shoes. that's not funny. it was a joke, mom.
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ben, it's not funny. mom, it was a joke. excuse me. can i get a key to this door, please? unlock the door, ben, right now. so what i like that the scene is all 0k and he says is that it was a joke. and then it is not a joke, she didn't check his shoes. the film manages a balance between she loves him, but he has told her never to trust an addict, and he is a recovering addict. it is to do with the balance of how much she trusts him and how much she has to offer tough love. he says it's humiliating and she says it's tough love. later onm the family dog goes missing and she has to go off on a road trip with him, into his world. and she sees for the first time the environment in which he was moving when he was taking drugs. that is a contrivance, no question about it. julia roberts's performance is good enough that you buy it. you think i know this is a device, but i'm so convinced by her performance that i will let him get away with it. i don't think it is doing anything shocking. there are comparisons
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definitely to beautiful boy, a slightly more beautified portrait of all of this. i do thinkjulia roberts, when she is great, she is really great. and it is a gritty role for her, isn't it? people think of rom coms and so on. yes, but think about erin brockovich, which is probably the role for which she is most well—known and most well respected. when she is good, she is really, really great. i think this is a fine role for her, in a solid film. solid. all right. onto the prodigy. you've already told us this is a nuts and bolts horror. this is a story about a mother who comes to believe that her young child is possessed of the reincarnated spirit of a serial killer. one dies at the same time as the other was born. it's hugely derivative. there is stuff from the element and good night mummy, village of the damned, and there's even a moment in which the kid actually says
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"mother, what's wrong with me?", which is a line from the exorcist. which is a line from the exorcist. i let it get away with it because it knows that that is what it is doing. there's a large number of movies about bad seeds, kids being scared of kids and how much it is to do with the projection of the children. you think of a movie like babadook, which is a very good movie, a much better movie, but a similar idea. i think it did not do it quite wrong. it hasn't got very good reviews. but it seems to go from a, b, c, d in a perfectly functional fashion. there were a couple of moments where it gave me a little bit of a chill, a shiver. in a row too much most of these horror movies are just going quiet, quiet, boom, ithought there was something else. not much else, but it doesn't make it many things and there are many laugh out loud moments in it. i thought it was creepy and fun. i've seen a lot worse. how many shivers do you think it needs to give it a good horror film? three, minimum. that's not many! what is the scariest film you've ever seen? i don't know. the correct answer to that is the exorcist. that's the correct answer.
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that's shivers all the way through. nonstop. no shivers i suspect in fisherman's friends. except for the weather. laughter. this is a fancifully sentimental version of the true story of fisherman's friends, a singing group from cornwall who achieved extraordinary success. this is i think for the tone of local hero. it ends up being close to a film which i quite like. his boss sees this group of fishermen singing and says 0k, you have to sign them up. he says it as a joke, but daniel macey‘s character takes it seriously. the next thing is exactly what he's trying to do. here's a clip. i manage bands and i'm interested in representing you. you'd better come and talk to the boys. for your information, my son is the roger daughtry
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of the group. well, i'll bear that in mind. you'll never guess what. my boy's just been talent spotted. by who? youradmirer. apparently, he's some kind of big shot in the music industry. watching you sing was one of those rare moments in the music business when you realise you are witnessing something truly original. the bottom line is — you've got a unique sound. and we believe we can help you get it released by a major label. laughter. it's a nice scene, isn't it? it is. it feels like one of those very british sort of films. a very kind of full monty type film. it has a very tourist eye view of cornwall. the story is that the character goes down there and falls in with it. why wouldn't he? it's an exciting place, a place like no other and proud
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and beautiful and wonderful. what you see in the film is definitely a touristy view of it. if you wanted to tear the film apart, you could because it is charming and sentimental. i wonder why anybody would want to. it is charming. i like the music. daniel mays does an awfully long way to making it all hang together. i think he has a great screen presence, he has worked with mike lee, he can do very serious, tough gritty comedy. but he manages this light comedy with a really lovely light touch. i smiled and laughed pretty much all the way through. i know all the things that are wrong with it, i know the things that don't make sense and are sentimental and fanciful. honestly, i don't care. i like it, it's charming. charming, 0k. what's best out at the moment? there is this film called the kindergarten teacher, which stars maggie gyllenhaal. it's about a teacher who becomes convinced a five—year—old in her
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class is the new mozart. she's the only person that sees his talent. everybody else is neglecting the fact that he's a genius. she starts to inveigle her way into his life. the film is really about how much of this is to do with her own disappointment at her lot. she is somebody who wanted to be an academic, a poet, it didn't work out. it walks a really thin line between being on the one hand strange sentimental story, and on the other hand being something that comes very close to being a psychological chiller. i thought it was brilliantly done. maggie gyllenhaal is terrific in it. my only reservation is it is quite close to the original film, but the originalfilm is really good as well. i thought it was interesting and i thought maggie perfectly pitched our character between somebody who wants to see the creative best in this child, but all the time the implication is you are projecting onto him. and without giving too much away, is the five—year—old the next mozart? i couldn't possibly tell you that. you have to see the film. it sounds good. i like the premise.
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it's like, without giving anything away, what is at the end of citizen kane! what's the dvd at the moment? i like this film. i thought it was a hard sell in the cinema. i think mike lee's recreating leading up to the massacre. an ensemble cast. one of my mates was in it. i think one of everybody‘s mates was in it. what this film does is, as it builds up towards this terrible event, it really doesn't show you from every side, everybody gets to have their say. perhaps to a fault. when you finally get to that climactic scene, it's horrifying and you've invested in all the characters. i think it's very powerful and it demonstrates that mike lee really can orchestrate a great big period film. it's a very powerful film. he does have a very unique style of film making. yet, no one else makes it
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films like mike lee. no one else has a process like his, and no one else's films look like a film by mike lee. heaven knows there are enough directors around who would love to make films like mike lee. lots of it from my station? that is his hallmark. it begins with work shopping. by the time you get to the set, it is not improvised. then it has been written at a script, but the script is device from improvised action with a unique technique that i meet mike lee and his past properly understand. right. much like yourself. thank you very much. you understand what they're talking about. we all understand. that is it for this week. thank you so much for watching. goodbye from both of us. good evening. it has been a day of wild weather with gale force winds, heavy rain, snow over the high ground as well. the rain has caused
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the majority of the issues so far. this picture from otley in leeds. you can see the extent of the floodwater. a lot of flood warnings particular across parts of wales. a very high river levels and with that mix of heavy rain, flooding and those strong winds we are seeing some disruption out there for the rest of the night. sunday, the area of high pressure klizan towards the east so a bit of a quieter day. a cold icy morning, scattered showers, sleet and snow over the high ground. we are not out of the woods just yet although things are quite mean down. the stronger of the winds pushing away towards the east. the north—westerly winds, in with hail and thunder mixed in. sleet and snow over the high ground of scotland and a cold night so watch out for some icy stretches across northern parts of the weekend tomorrow morning.
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through the weekend some sunshine reappearing. scattered showers from the north—west. sleet and snow over the north—west. sleet and snow over the high ground. but there will be sunny interludes between any of those showers. it will feel colder than the 7— io those showers. it will feel colder than the 7— 10 degrees we knew account for the breeze. in the sunday evening, the winds ease and showers clear away. more cloud and patchy rain arrived in the west. a cold at night. a widespread frost on monday morning with mist and fog towards the east. as of that low pressure gets out of the way during monday, we see an area of high pressure building in from the south—west and that will bring some slightly quieter weather. after the chilly start, lots of sunshine. further west, little bit more pushing in. some patchy rain for northern ireland, western scotland and perhaps western fringes of
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wales. sunny skies with temperature 9- 12 wales. sunny skies with temperature 9— 12 degrees. starting to nudge up bya 9— 12 degrees. starting to nudge up by a degree. towards the middle of the week, we look for some dry weather to set to continue. perhaps missed and some fog during the mornings but temperatures as high as 16 degrees by the middle of the week.
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