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tv   Inside Out  BBC News  March 17, 2019 3:30am-4:01am GMT

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this is bbc world news. not received any direct advice i'm sharanjit leyl in christchurch. have not received any direct advice or suggested anything direct at this stage. if that is working directly the headlines. new zealand's prime minister has on the ground, it will be available again pledged tougher gun controls following the attack on two and are connecting people directly for consular assistance if for mosques in christchurch. insta nce for consular assistance if for instance they are visitors. inaudible. inaudible. we cannot be deterred from the work that we need to do on our gun laws in new zealand. they need to change. regardless of what activity may or if that was an issue, i would want may not have happened with gun to hear about it and see if there retailers, babel change. —— they we re to hear about it and see if there were arrangements that could be directly made for that purpose. unaudible question. are we not will change. earlier, she held emotional meetings with islamic leaders and other members of the islamic community in wellington. all sing. meanwhile, crowds have been gathering in christchurch to pay their respects and lay flowers. sharing information about terrorism as much as we should? look, that is 50 people are now known to have died, while 13 remain something that i actually would want to seek some direct advice on in terms of those distinctions. because of course when it comes to extremism and inciting violence, demarcating
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that between domestic and international is, i would of thought in some cases, difficult. sol international is, i would of thought in some cases, difficult. so i would wa nt to in some cases, difficult. so i would want to ask agencies before giving you a definitive answer but as i say, as i have said before, in this case, obviously very close cooperation between new zealand and australia. unaudible question. do we have an unconfirmed 7 australia. unaudible question. do we have an unconfirmed? we have provided a provisional list directly to families that has not been formally released for the fact that it is not a formal list. it is however something that the families we re however something that the families were asking for an dental formal identification has taken place, the list will not be released. unaudible question. i cannot answer that question. unaudible question. yes.
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unaudible question continues. we have people working closely on the ground, particularly red cross, who are able to reconcile the information they have, both of whom is in hospital and on the missing list and obviously, our teams are working as quickly as they can on victim identification. unaudible question. there are obviously in these cases the number of sensitivities around formal identification. as you can imagine, this was a particularly violent act. unaudible question. this was a particularly violent act. unaudible questioni this was a particularly violent act. unaudible question. i cannot confirm anyone until we have formal identification. unaudible question. any other government? yes, i can confirm that we have a delegation from turkey. they will be visiting
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new zealand to bring their expression directly of solidarity to the muslim community here, and we welcome that. at this stage, it is not clear the number of turkish nationals affected but there is obviously a significant was the country who wish to express their solidarity with new zealand, and we welcome that. but what they are obviously. unaudible question.” have not had direct advice on that. look, i would have not had direct advice on that. look, iwould not have not had direct advice on that. look, i would not rule it out for commemoratives services, for instance, but i have not had a formal indication at this stage. do you think that facebook, twitter and google should be regulated in any way to stop the platforms live streaming and being used to weaponise...? certainly, as you know, we did as much as we could to remove or seek to have removed some of the footage that was being
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circulated in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. ultimately, though, it has been up to those platforms to facilitate their removal and support their removal. i do think that there are further questions to be answered. obviously, these social media platforms have wide reach. this is a problem that goes well beyond new zealand. it is played out in other parts of the world. so while we might have seen action taken here, but has not prevented them being circulated beyond new zealand shores. —— that has not. this is an issue that goes well beyond new zealand but it doesn't mean that we cannot play an active role in seeing it resolved. if that's because facebook has live streaming? yes. and distributed.
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should facebook stop live streaming? certainly, i have had contact from cheryl sandberg, i have not spoken to her directly, but she has reached out and acknowledgement of what has occurred here in new zealand and this is an issue that i will look to be discussing directly with facebook. unaudible question. and acknowledgement, sharing condolences as many have. just acknowledging i have met her in the past, so there is that. i have not had a a substantive discussion, no. again, we we re substantive discussion, no. again, we were in of a message. unaudible question. "we we were in of a message. unaudible question. --we were in receipt of a message. again, it is not for me to sit and make determinations of the way that others should be responding. it is myjob to make sure that we have, in the long run,
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a policy response that acknowledges exactly what has happened on our shores. at this stage of the government's sort of thinking about this, are you considering any sort of full review or enquiry into both the events leading up to the tragedy and also are lessons that can be learnt out of it? we have certainly already said, over the course of a number of days i have acknowledged that there are questions that have been raised that we know we need to give assurances to the public an answer. and i will be discussing that very issue with cabinet tomorrow. .. more funding after this attack? unaudible question. no question that we need to have a comprehensive response to the range of issues in question for and questions this has raised for us. i
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will be having these discussions with cabinet tomorrow. i do not want to pre—empt that but i will be looking to move as swiftly on those areas where we need respond as i can. unaudible question. again, i need to make sure that whatever action we take, it actually would have been the kind of thing that could have made a difference in this case. could have made a difference in this case. yeah? unaudible question. i have certainly acknowledged within directly that we will be pursuing some work in this area and i have stated that publicly so he obviously was already aware of that and i did state that we would be sharing our plans directly with the opposition but of course my first step is a conversation with cabinet. unaudible question. would you expect to have
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many people saying they do not want to stay in christchurch, would you be looking at things like that? yeah, look, what will be clear to you is obviously we are trying to build up of those who have been directly affect it here. at the moment we do not have a formal, we have an informal but not a formal list of those who may have fallen victim of this terrorist attack but it is fairto victim of this terrorist attack but it is fair to say that i am interested in the overall ongoing well—being of the families affected. so there is more work there to be done. will there be a discussion with cabinet tomorrow and will it include unaudible. create a gun registry? again, i will be reserving the ability to have that conversation directly with cabinet before i share any of it more widely. i have already said they will become more changes, and there will become more changes, and there will be. the nature of those
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changes, iam will be. the nature of those changes, i am looking to move on as quickly as we can but i do need to talk them through with cabinet and then we will look to share them publicly as soon as we are able. will there be a moratorium on imports now to stop a surge on these things? again, only to verify again whether or not it has been the but again, we are still looking to move as quickly as we can, regardless. there is a man in the moscow is neither on the deceased list or on the list of missing and his friends have made a desperate plea today. what is your message to them? tell them i am happy to take the message away, that his name away, and see what i can do with our authorities and agencies to see what has happened. i would and agencies to see what has happened. iwould reiterate and agencies to see what has happened. i would reiterate again the list that was released yesterday is very much an informal list of the missing. it is not a formal, verified list at this stage so it would not necessarily be complete. i
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know that, of course, this is the uncertainty continues to cause distress, and we are doing what we can, agencies on the ground are doing what they can, to move as quickly as possible which is why we have brought in members of the australian victim identification teams to try to process what needs to be done as quickly as possible. what did you think of the comments... unaudible question. the witch vic, sorry, tracy? —— which victims. unaudible question. my understanding was announcement, even if actually, the legislative process took some time is my understanding that amount that were made within several weeks. and so obviously, there is policy work and regulatory changes to obviously take time but i am looking to provide a very clear
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steer and direction as soon as i can. when it comes to the 15th of it, there is nothing specific that i can really say other than an acknowledgement of the scale of this terrorist attack, i think, was magnified by the fact that the initial count was not a complete one -- 50th initial count was not a complete one —— 50th victim. i will take just two more questions, if i can. —— 50th victim. i will take just two more questions, ifi can. what —— 50th victim. i will take just two more questions, if i can. what did you think of comments from the australian senator fraser anning about blaming victims? they were a disgrace. any other questions?! unaudible question. there is a legal complexities here which is why i am seeking some advice but again, what ican seeking some advice but again, what i can say is this person will face the new zealand justice system. all right? last question. again, it is an area which i am seeking advice
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but what i can say is in the cases we have seen deportation, it is generally at the conclusion of sentence. being served. ok. thank you very much. and that was new zealand's prime ministerjacinda ardern speaking at parliament house, taking lots of questions from reporters but essentially, stressing during her speech at the start that the list of 50 is a provisional list, not a formal list, until of course formal identification takes place and that is still ongoing. she said there was an australian team brought in to try to help with that. she continued to say of course she has been meeting with lots of leaders, particularly islamic leaders, particularly islamic leaders, and a lot of gratitude from islamic leaders in the country to the kind of support, the outpouring of support, that we have seen that, in fact, i have witnessed as well
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through the day he. people are continuing to come here to show solidarity with the victims and families. she continued the bodies of those who have died, a small number of them will be returned later today. all of them, she hopes, will be returned on wednesday and of course in keeping with the islamic tradition, bodies of the dead of loved ones, have to be buried within 24 loved ones, have to be buried within 2a hours so they are trying their best to try to be able to fulfil that and of course we know it has not been fulfilled. she talks of course of the accused, the 28—year—old australian, renton tarrant, and he will face further charges of course from april the fifth —— brenton she talked about the other people in custody, the one other person is currently in custody, she says, are not necessarily be linked to the attack. and she continued to the of course the charges, of course the charges against this person, the trial, will ta ke against this person, the trial, will take place in new zealand. he will face the new zealand justice system.
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and she also addressed the concerns around the many better for the ma nifesto around the many better for the manifesto that were sent out by him minutes before the attack —— ma nifesto minutes before the attack —— manifesto that was sent out by him. she was one of 30 recipients of an e—mail sent to all of them about nine minutes before the attack took place but there was simply no details on where the attack would have taken place, which is why security forces were not able to actually address it immediately. she continued to stress the changes to the gun laws, this is something she will be in consultation with cabinet, and she stressed that of course policy discussions need to ta ke course policy discussions need to take place there. she continued to stress close cooperation between new zealand and australia and of course this 28—year—old confessed what the premises is australian —— white supremacist is australian. so there isa supremacist is australian. so there is a requirement to him to face the new zealand justice system. she also addressed the facebook live post that he shared of the shooting. she
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said new zealand had done their best to try to prevent the sharing of it but of course she cannot continue to go and to get social media platforms love the world to stop the video going viral. so she addressed a lot of issues, including things like a funeral grant being provided to the families, trauma support for schools, she talked about the police presence being increased here in christchurch, currently there is about 120 police stuff here, you may be able to see some behind me. they have had a presence here through the day, cordoning off the road here next to me which leads to the al noor mosque which is, as we know, the site of one of the shootings, the site of one of the shootings, the two mosques that were involved, the two mosques that were involved, the linwood mosque is further away.
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the prime minister then speaking to the press at parliament house a little earlier, giving us an update on all that has happened over the last few days. our reporter there for us us in christchurch. wejust us in christchurch. we just saw a lengthy news conference from the new zealand prime minister. you heard that a lot of points were being made, sharanjitjust that a lot of points were being made, sharanjit just providing detail about what jacinda ardern we re detail about what jacinda ardern were saying. she reiterated the number of times but there is a provisional list that has been released because of a request from the families but that list is not exhaustive. it is not a formal list and so will not be released publicly at this time. one of the other very
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interesting points that jacinda ardern mentioned was about facebook and google. she asked whether they ought to be regulated and she said she tried as much as possible to get a lot of that footage of the attack taken off a lot of that footage of the attack ta ken off platforms a lot of that footage of the attack taken off platforms and she also said that the cfo —— chief operating officer of facebook sheryl sandbert has reached out to offer condolences and she intends to talk to facebook about the problem of this material. in the last hour, facebook has tweeted about the attack and it is reported that in the first 2a hours it removed 1.5 million videos of the attack of which over 1.2 million we re attack of which over 1.2 million were blocked at the point of upload. they have also posted that out of respect for people affected by the tragedy and concerns of the
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authorities it will also remove edited versions of the video that do not show graphic content. this issue of this kind of content on social media and how far right extremist groups connect to social media is something that has been spoken about, especially since this attack. greg barton as a counter terrorism expert from deakin university and i askedif expert from deakin university and i asked if the methods used to attract islamic state extremists could also beach used to track violent members of the far right. absolutely they can. there are not different mechanisms of radicalisation is vitally different ideas. they are more similar than you would imagine. the problem is that most terror attacks in recent years including many far right attacks as well as those from islamic state have been lone back to attacks. a small group
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of people or a single individual working outside net work communication. we're not seeing the al qaeda type of last decade. but the real challenge is not so much that it the real challenge is not so much thatitis the real challenge is not so much that it is right—wing extremism, the challenge is that it is people who previously were not really considered a priority and we have not had the resources to keep them under surveillance. much has been made of the role of social media in this and people have been talking about certain forums where people post a lot of extremist far right views. can more be done to try and find those people on social media? or is it an impossible task? more canon needs to be done but there are two separate things here. one is to try and get rid of extremist material online. the second is to
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pay attention to people who are just posting stuff and talking big and to people who are changing behaviour in a way that moves —— indicates they will move towards violent action. you talk about the social media organisations. that they need to be legislation? what needs to happen for social media organisations to ta ke for social media organisations to take this material seriously? they are taking it seriously. they put a lot of resources into this but your question about legislation does appear that we do not rely upon the companies by themselves to prioritise what needs to be done. there will need to be some laws placed upon them. the algorithms used to these platforms dry us. by accident that has created afebrile environment for extremist material to merge. that is greg barton there, a counterterrorism experts from deakin university in melbourne. gun
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control is being discussed as well and that is what the prime minister of new zealand has been saying. she says she will talk to her cabinet on monday. we spoke to a founding temperature of gun policy .org that look at law around the world. i asked him how new zealand could change its laws. it would be easy but whether or not they have the political will, we are yet to see. i am from new zealand and i felt quite strongly about what has been going on here. especially seeing your coverage. and what i can say is that it would not be possible for this australian to have done this in his own country. the question now is whether he came to new zealand to do this largely because he knew that it was a soft touch for gun law. new zealand does have some good gun laws but there are large gaps and it is
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those gaps that allowed this tragedy to happen. it must be quite difficult for you as a new zealander to watch what has happened. i wonder, you say this could not happen in australia. what are the specific laws in australia that are different to new zealand that would stop this kind of massive attack? after the port arthur massacre in tasmania where 35 people died in the newly elected conservative prime ministerjohn howard took 12 days to wrangle all nine jurisdictions in australia, states and territories, into agreeing to uniform gun control laws right across the country. quite stringent. they also brought back and —— ball back and destroyed all the semiautomatic firearms they could find in the country and 1 million guns were destroyed in the end. it is about 30% of the stock of guns in australia. if you did the same thing in the united states it
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would be 90 million guns. so it was a huge asset and the most important pa rt a huge asset and the most important part of that in the long—term was the registration of firearms right across australia. now new zealand is almost alone with the united states and canada in not having, in not registering 9li% and canada in not having, in not registering 94% of its firearms. it was that large gap in the law that facilitated this crime. just briefly. would registration necessarily have stopped someone from still using those guns to commit such a horrible act? not the guns that are already in the community that they would stop this person or other people from being supplied with guns on the grey market, as they call it. at the moment you can sell semiautomatic firearms and a car park in new zealand with no requirement to keep documentation, no requirement to declare who sold the firearm to. the police don't know where the guns are, who has them, how many there
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are, who has them, how many there are in the country as there is no register of firearms. that was the founding director of gun policy. all their, run by the sydney school of public health talking about those issues there. let's just remind you know of what has been happening in the last hour. the new zealand prime minister, jacinda ardern, has confirmed that another person has been taken into custody as part of the investigation into the attack on two mosques in christchurch but she did say that officers believe the person who is being questioned was not believed to be part of the attack was what she called tangential to the investigation. she also confirmed that her cabinet would be asked to consider changes to the law in the next 2a hours and she also spoke about the provisional list of the missing two families. but is also show you some of the earlier pictures of the prime minister. she met people at the
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islamic centre in wellington and comforted a lot of the community there who have been really hit by this tragedy. if you are hoping for some warmer, drier and less windy spring weather, you might have to wait another day or so, although things are slowly improving. we've still got some strong winds around and some snow over the hills on sunday. this was the picture on saturday in conwy, north wales. this we've had a lot of heavy rain over recent days that has brought some flooding issues across wales, parts of northern and western england too. now, through the day on sunday, as low pressure drifts off towards the north sea, we've still got a lot of isobars on the map, so still some fairly windy conditions. not as wet or as windy as it was on saturday, but sunday brings us a fairly chilly start, some icy stretches through the morning, scattered showers, and some of those showers will be falling as sleet and snow over the higher ground in scotland, northern england and northern ireland too. so, this is the temperatures first thing, just a degree or so above freezing in the north
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in our towns and cities. it will be below freezing in the countryside, a chilly start really wherever you are. do watch out for those icy stretches across northern ireland, scotland, northern england and north wales. now, through the day, it'll be a day of sunshine and scattered showers, so it'll be nice to see a bit of sunshine, but some of those showers will be quite heavy, chance of hail or thunder particularly towards the north—west, some sleet and snow over the higher ground too. temperature—wise, just 7 to 10 degrees at best on sunday. when you add on the wind chill, it will feel pretty chilly out there through the day. so, nowhere immune to seeing those showers. it does look like they'll fade away on into the evening hours and the winds will fall lighter too, so things are starting to change as we head on into the new working week. quite a chilly night to come for much of the uk under those clear skies with light winds, temperatures not far from freezing. even a few degrees below. could be seeing —a or —5 in the countryside across parts of scotland for instance. through the day on monday, we will see the cloud and some patchy rain moving in from the west,
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so that's on this fairly weak warm front arriving here. but for much of the country actually, we should keep the blue sky and the sunshine on monday for much of the day. after that chilly start, some mist and some fog possible first thing in the east, that should clear away. you can see the cloud building in from the west, bringing some patchy rain to northern ireland, western parts of scotland, perhaps into the north—west of england and wales too. for eastern scotland and for eastern england, should stay dry and bright throughout the day, much less dramatic, much less windy than recent days and temperatures will start to nudge up a little bit too. on into tuesday, a similar story. we've got the cloud and patchy rain in the west and the north—west. clearer skies with some sunshine further east. temperatures around about 9 to perhaps 12 degrees or so by the time we get to tuesday. and looking ahead towards the middle part of the week, those temperatures will start to warm up a bit. so we could see around about 16 degrees through the middle part of the week. it'll be less windy and there'll be some sunshine around too. 00:27:50,332 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 bye for now.
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