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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  March 17, 2019 6:00am-7:01am GMT

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hello, this is breakfast with ben thompson good morning welcome to breakfast with ben thompson and rachel burden. and rachel burden. good morning, here's a summary of today's main stories from bbc news. new zealand's prime minister our headlines today: says her office received a document containing far—right views, minutes before the shootings that the new zealand prime minister killed 50 people in two mosques confirms her office in christchurch on friday. received the killer's extremist documentjust minutes before 50 at a press conference, people were shot dead at two jacinda ardern also said it will be mosques in christchurch. several days before the bodies had it provided details that of the 50 people who were killed could have been acted good morning welcome are returned to their families. to breakfast with ben thompson a 28—year—old man appeared in court and rachel burden. our headlines today: yesterday, charged with one count of murder and will appear the new zealand prime minister confirms her office received the killer's extremist documentjust minutes before 50 people were shot again next month. dead at two mosques in christchurch. theresa may has made a fresh appeal to mp5, to unite as "democrats and patriots" and support her brexit deal. writing in the sunday telegraph had it provided details that could she warns the alternative would be a lengthy delay to leaving have been acted on immediately, it the eu that would be a "potent would have been. but there, symbol of pa rliament‘s collective political failure". the eu withdrawal agreement is due u nfortu nately, were would have been. but there, unfortunately, were no such details to be put before mps in the commons in that e—mail. again this week, after previously theresa may calls for mps to unite as "democrats and patriots" and back her brexit deal when it returns to the commons this week. six nations glory for wales. they become the first country to clinch the grand slam four times suffering two crushing defeats. as victory over ireland
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gives them the title. more than 50 flood warnings are in place across britain after some areas had a months worth more than 70 flood warnings are in place across britain, following of rain injust21i hours. a day of heavy rain. one area in can—arvonshire in wales saw a month's worth of rain injust 2a hours. there is better news in the and there was disruption forecast. the week ahead nowhere across large parts of northern england for much of yesterday, near as wet. a story of sunshine and after train lines and roads were flooded. police response times to urgent calls at two of england's biggest police forces, have become significantly slower blustery showers. some of you in the past five years, staying largely dry. the details according to a freedom coming up on breakfast. of information request by bbc 5 live investigates. in some areas, including it's sunday 17th march. the west midlands and greater manchester, our top story: the average length of time victims new zealand's prime minister says her office received a document have to wait has nearly doubled since 2013. the home office says police funding containing far—right views, minutes before the shootings that will rise by 970—million—pounds over killed 50 people in two mosques the next financial year and forces in christchurch on friday. will decide how this money is spent at a press conference, in relation to handling 999 calls. jacinda ardern also said it will be several days before the bodies of all those killed are returned to theirfamilies. from christchurch, rupert wingfield—hayes sent us this report. you can hear more on this story on 5 live investigates, in christchurch on sunday morning, at 11am this morning on bbc radio 5 live.
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the outpouring of grief and junk food adverts on tv and online solidarity has continued, unabated. could be banned before 9pm, as part of government plans close to the mosque where the first to tackle childhood obesity. ideas for the new watershed have attack took place on friday, the been put out for public flower tributes continue to grow. consultation, and have been backed by doctors. the department of health many people overcome with emotion. and social care says one—in—three children leave primary school overweight or obese. in wellington, prime minister jacinda ardern made her own the former love island contestant, mike thalassitis has been found dead in woods emotional tribute to the city's biggest mosque. but amid all this near his home in essex. grief, there is also anger. prime he was 26 and appeared on the dating show in 2017. friends and co—stars have been minister arden today confirmed her taking to social media to pay tribute to mr thalassitis, who was also a semi—professional office did receive an e—mail copy of footballer for clubs including the killer's political dick —— declaration just before the attacks st albans and chelmsford. took place. i was one of more than 30 recipients of a manifesto that a state of disaster has been was mailed out nine minutes before declared in zimbabwe, where a tropical storm has killed over thirty people. the attack took place. it did not the authorities say about 70 people are still missing as a result of the cyclone, which earlier caused include a location. it did not include a location. it did not include specific details. back in christchurch, a sports team has come severe damage in mozambique. to lay flowers. their goalie is among the dead. there will be some
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who say what happened here is horrific but it's nothing to do with we should say happy st patrick's day me, it's not my religion, it's not to holly. happy st patrick's day! my community. but that is absolutely not the message being sent by the but the irish just didn't show up to people of christchurch. we are all one people, we are all one race, we the party yesterday? yes, we were are all human beings. we love each other, we have to love each other otherwise this sort of rubbish happens. we have to love each other. this city's name will forever be talking about this. if wales could linked with friday's attacks. but do it, they would win it and there people who want the world to know it might bea do it, they would win it and there does not represent them, that they might be a bit of hope for ireland if they were able to beat wales. to be honest, i resigned myself early too are victims of this terrible on but plenty of fans hadn't. you crime. rupert wingfield—hayes, bbc are right. can i show you one thing? look. alun wynjones' face. an news, in christchurch. let's speak to our correspondent phil mercer, who's in christchurch astonishing captain. and for warren for us this morning. what is the latest information you have from those who survived this gatland. as well, we need to look ahead to the game between england attack? 50 people injured in total, and scotland! that should have been suffering from gunshot wounds. some of them very serious wounds to the
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abdomen and the chest. doctors say and scotland! that should have been a dead rubber besides the calcutta cup. but it was one of the most 34 abdomen and the chest. doctors say incredible games of the six nations! 3a people remain here. about a dozen in intensive care. we know that a four—year—old girl was airlifted to scotla nd incredible games of the six nations! scotland coming from behind to draw 38 all with england in the calcutta a hospital in auckland and she is in a hospital in auckland and she is in a critical condition. 50 people have cup. i reckon there might be a few also now been confirmed dead in the sore heads in cardiff this morning after a pretty perfect campaign. atrocities here in christchurch on friday and we are getting more patrick gearey looks back information about the victims. they at what really was a super saturday. came from many, many countries. indonesia, turkey, pakistan and jordan and others. quite clearly the third grand slam in 11 years and the trauma inflicted on this city has an effect far beyond the shores. thank you very much. in the next hour, we'll get man behind it stood quietly beside reaction to the warning from the home secretary, who's urged social media companies to "clean up their platforms", after the shootings it. is not about me, it's about were live—streamed online. that's at 07:10. those players. we spoke beforehand about them playing for themselves and their families and this crowd and their families and this crowd and wales and a hot ——as a whole. theresa may has made a fresh appeal and to be able to create a bit of to mps to unite as "democrats and patriots" and support history. whales were expecting her brexit deal. writing in the sunday telegraph she warns the alternative something fearsome from the west and
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is a lengthy delay it came from the weather, not to leaving the eu. let's get more on this ireland. —— wales. listen to the with our political correspondent jonathan blake, who's reaction! ireland never silenced. in our london newsroom. last year, there was a star of the tea m last year, there was a star of the team that won the grand slam and this time they have been shattered. we might finally get some answers under pressure they delivered this week? they are all big weeks m ista kes under pressure they delivered mistakes which ended up with welsh penalties. wales steadily built a lead that ireland never threatened but yes, this one is the biggest to come back from. in a world cup year, they are trying to use rediscover something that whales have well and truly found. after because mps will vote again on the that world cup, warren gatland will stand down. just one lastjob. as there was with england and scotland, there was with england and scotland, the couple still needed to be rediscovered and it seemed to be prime minister's brexit deal. will channelled into a fantastic first half. henry slade and johnny hayes, the highlight of what seemed to be a it be third time lucky for theresa may? she is going out of her way to supercharged lap of honour. they led make sure she can persuade enough mps to back it, writing this 31-0 at supercharged lap of honour. they led 31—0 at one point but scotland were morning, as you say, in the telegraph, with a clear ultimatum to not done. darcy's try sparked a
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her conservative mps, that if they don't pack her deal this time round, britain could be stuck in a lengthy second half rush. he scored two in extension to the brexit negotiations that make in an amazing comeback. it and they risk brexit maybe not even happening at all. she has acknowledged, though, that she still has some work to do to convince enough of her conservative mps and the dup, those northern are mps who was 31—31. no—one could keep sam pf°p up the dup, those northern are mps who prop up theresa may's government at westminster, they are crucial to all of this and they say that there are still outstanding issues before they would be happy to back a deal. talks with the government continue, though, and we are expecting a vote johnson from scoring. scotland were in parliament next week. a busy week ahead. good to see you. minutes away from winning at more than 60 flood warnings are in place across britain following a day of heavy rain. twickenham for the first time in 35 one area in carnarvonshire in wales yea rs. twickenham for the first time in 35 years. in the end, in overtime, george scored and salvaged a draw. saw a months worth of rain still, not enough to take the injust21i hours. calcutta cup back from scotland. the and there was disruption six nations saved its best till across large parts of northern england for much of yesterday, last. england ran in 12 tries after train lines and roads as they thrashed scotland 80—0 to seal a ninth grand slam were flooded. and regain the women's six nations title. police response times to urgent calls at two of england's biggest police forces, have become significantly slower in the past five years, according to a freedom the red roses were rampant asjess breach scored her second of information request by bbc and england's fourth try inside 17 minutes. 5 live investigates. england went on to score a staggering seven tries in some areas, including the west in the first half, adding another five in the second. midlands and greater manchester, the win gave england a 10th the average length of time victims six nations crown after losing have to wait has nearly the title to france last year. doubled since 2013.
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the home office says police funding will rise by £970 million over the next financial year and forces will decide how this money is spent wolves are into the semi finals in relation to handling 999 calls. of the fa cup for the first time since 1998. they beat manchester united 2—0 at molineux to join manchester city and watford in the last four. joe lynskey rounds up yesterday's quarter finals. you can hear more on this story on 5 live investigates at 11:00am this for the first time in 21 years, morning on bbc radio 5 live. junk food adverts on tv and online could be banned before 9:00pm walls have roared into the final. as part of government plans to tackle childhood obesity. they are now trophy hunting. this ideas for the new watershed have was comprehensive against manchester been put out for public consultation united. wolves' second—half and have been backed by doctors. dominance finally brought a the department of health and social care says one in three breakthrough from ralph jimenez. children leave primary school dominance finally brought a breakthrough from ralphjimenez. he is just breakthrough from ralphjimenez. he overweight or obese. isjust one of breakthrough from ralphjimenez. he is just one of the superstars that has transformed the mood. soon is essentially old —— century old new powers to help police better stadium was transformed. —— raoul. protect people being stalked by strangers have become law. the wolves' piece of history came. the crime survey for england sent off and then retreat —— and wales says more than i in 5
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reprieved with a video check. the women and nearlyi in 10 men have been victims of stalking. the new law will allow officers gold that came too late to change to intervene sooner. anisa kadri explains. the outlook. these are glory days at wolves again with a portuguese manager who knows the history. back many people are being stalked by an from the 50s and 60s, there are ex oi’ people in the stadium we still have many people are being stalked by an ex ora many people are being stalked by an ex or a current partner. stalking memories of those times. to try and achieve the same as much, much isn't how it used to be perceived harder now. we will go step—by—step. which is kind of somebody following you in the street or looking at you as long as our fans are happy. soon manchester city could be the icons from behind a bush. it might be more of the modern era. they are still on course to win four trophies. a free flowing first half from swansea had the championship side to up —— two now that they sit for hours looking up. first sergio aguero's penalty at your things online, finding out who you are, what you do, looking at went in off the goal keeper and then your pictures, and then they know later on, he headed in for the where to find you in the street. the winner. it looked like he should new stalking protection orders will allow a stalker stop approaching have been given offside. the kind of people approaching a victim or contacting them online earlier than before and if they ignore it, there
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will be a criminal penalty. more breaker team needs for a cup run. than one in five in ten men aged between 16 and 89 have been victims still fighting on four fronts. joining them in the semifinals will of stalking. out of more than 1600 be watford. aside who bucked the prosecutions in the last year, trend and put the cup first by almost three quarters were related resting players in the league. a to domestic abuse. it is hoped the gamble with the winner against new orders will plug the gap which crystal palace. a goal to take is said to have left people watford to wembley in a competition suffering the unwanted attention of that makes a special memories. strangers. anisa kadri, bbc news. west ham staged an astonishing former love island contestant mike thalassitis comeback to beat has been found dead in woods huddersfield town a—3 near his home in essex. in stoppage time, at the london stadium. he was 26 and appeared on the dating show in 2017. friends and co—stars have been taking to social media to pay tribute to mr thalassitis, who was also a semi—professional footballer for clubs including st albans and chelmsford. javier hernandez was brought off the bench in the second half wales rugby fans have been and scored a quickfire double. celebrating their nation's success, his second goal, in the 91st minute, after being crowned grand slam clinched victory for the hammers. champions of the six nations, for the third time in eleven years. west ham stay ninth, whilst bottom—of—the—table huddersfield edge closer they beat last year's to to relegation. winners, ireland, 25—7. leicester city managed a dramatic and ahead of this autumn‘s world cup victory of their own, injapan, the home fans in cardiff beating burnley with a last—minute goal. to win 2—1 at turf moor. weren't short of praise for their team and departing coach warren gatland.
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harry maguire was sent off for the foxes and they played fantastic, amazing game. they've with 10 men for majority of the match. but wes morgan's header clinched victory for them right at the death. done it for wales! fantastic game, the defeat keeps burnley in 17th — two points above the relegation zone.. newcastle rescued a point at bournemouth with a stunning well—deserved, well done, whales! warren gatland, he has been amazing. equaliser in stoppage time from matt ritchie — a man who spent 3 years as a bournemouth player himself. we set out on a good note, it's been that draw means newcastle are seven points clear of the bottom three. fantastic, amazing. much more coming rangers slipped up again in their pursuit of the scottish premiership up fantastic, amazing. much more coming up on the sport. leaders celtic. all this week, bbc news has been they could only draw one all at home to kilmarnock. taking a look at life in bradford, celtic are away to reporting on the stories important dundee later today. to the city's diverse communities. this morning, shanbam mahmood niall mcginn putting the dons ahead examines the future of the city after thirty minutes centre, and whether asian—style but craig sibbald equalised market places hold the key for the visitors just to reviving the high street. before the break. that result extends their winless league run at home to six games in a row. elsewhere there were wins for hamilton and hibs. bradford city hall, symbol of its in golf, rory mcilroy prosperity in confidence but in the and tommy fleetwood go into the final round of the players championship at sawgrass surrounding streets, that confidence in florida one stroke behind leaderjon rahm of spain. rahm equalled the lowest score has wavered. shops and offices are of the week with a third round 6a for sale or rent. larger stores have and is 15 under—par.
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migrated to new shopping centres. mcilroy recovered busy precincts are now lined with from a shaky start. blank and dusty windows. but a both he and fleetwood made couple of miles away, new business two—under—par 70's to move to is booming. this is bradford's first 1a under. dame sarah storey led a procession of british victories on day 3 of the para—cycling licensed bazaar. they are springing track world championships up licensed bazaar. they are springing up across licensed bazaar. they are springing up across the city. shoppers hear in the netherlands. experience and asian style market storey regained her title are similarto in the 3km individual pursuit. the 1a—time paralympic champion experience and asian style market are similar to those in india and was dominant, as she beat poland's anna harkowska pakistan. generations after in the wc5 final. she also claimed gold generations, grandmas bring their daughters and their daughters here. in the scratch race. that's what we like because it's more like a local community aspect. her teammate, sophie thornhill and pilot helen scott won the 1km asian bazaars like this attract time trial before james ball and pete mitchell thousands of people from across the claimed a surprise gold country every week from places like in the equivalent men's event — and katie toft won c1 manchester and glasgow. but could what's happening here be a model for scratch race gold. future development in the city centre? in the next 3- four years, more than 120 british athletes are currently taking part bradford's going to change in the special olympics in abu dhabi. dramatically. this counsellor says the games are for competitors
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with intellectual disabilities, the asian community could play an and bring together people important part in bringing these from 200 countries. our reporter stuart pollitt caught streets back to life. our young up with the gb football team, ahead of a crucial match. people who are entrepreneurs, they wa nt people who are entrepreneurs, they want somewhere to sell and succeed, they are passionate about bradford as well so we want to create the opportunities for them here in the city centre. these bazaars can play a footballing clash with germany is a part in that. it's not that easy, a lwa ys a footballing clash with germany is always a fierce contest. there is no different in special olympics. but according to this person who runs one of bradford's most successful department store, opened by his it this sporting spectacular —— grandfather in a —— 1967. department store, opened by his grandfather in a -- 1967. there are still a lot of travellers coming in sporting spectacle, winning is not andi still a lot of travellers coming in and i think the counsellors could be doing a lot more such as offering everything. instead, what's free rates rather than increasing rates in the city centre. the important is the capacity of sport councils say help is available but to change lives. lives like liam's. it might be some time before the asian shopping scene finds a first time coming in, unbelievable permanent home in the heart of the experience. lovely team. experience city. fascinating range of stories from behind. it's so lovely. they have bradford this week. let's take a look
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at the front pages. the sunday telegraph says all overcome many obstacles. they've theresa may is appealing to mps' "patriotism" ahead of a third vote on her brexit deal this week. been knocked back in life. something writing in the paper, the prime minister has urged mps to "stand together as democrats". like this, it gives them this challenge to move forward and ove rco m e challenge to move forward and overcome their disabilities stop to show all of us out there, if you wanted, you can do it. the british tea m wanted, you can do it. the british team couldn't quite do it against germany but that leaves them with a good chance of winning gold in the victims of the new zealand mosque attack are pictured on the front draw. page of the observer. the newspaper's lead story focuses on brexit, saying that a leaked document shows the eu is preparing for the fall of theresa may's government. special olympics world games is the sunday express leads with the headline "brexit: it's now or never". about more than medals. it's also it also features an image of three—year—old mucad ibrahim — about more than medals. it's also about inclusivity. this is the the paper says he died in his father's arms unified football ten minute where during the new zealand mosque attack. able—bodied athletes compete the sunday times says theresa may will warn conservative mps that alongside those with intellectual leaving the eu might not happen disabilities and part of the team todayis at all if they don't back her deal. disabilities and part of the team today is a world cup winner. former anybody who has been out and about brazilian captain was lacing up his this morning knows that the weather has been causing havoc. and keeping boots alongside this chelsea hero. us has been causing havoc. and keeping us awake overnight. i don't blame you for that, matt,
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us awake overnight. i don't blame you forthat, matt, but us awake overnight. i don't blame you for that, matt, but what on earth is going on? we mentioned the flooding across wales. this was translation: it's fantastic, something that cannot be talked yesterday in the conway valley. just about in words. it's something that u pstrea m yesterday in the conway valley. just upstream from here in snowdonia. one really unifies people. for them, it's great. they only have the of the weather observation sites chance to see someone like me on tv. recorded well over half a month's it's a unique opportunity for them and for me. back at written verses germany, there might have been no goals but in highlighting these amount of rainfall in the space of players' abilities, this much more 24—hour ‘s. "24 hours. i can't than met the objectives of this event. and today is also the first grand promise a completely dry day today prix of the season over in but compared with what we have, a australia. lewis hamilton and max lot more dry weather. some sunshine verstappen in third. we will have more reaction to that later on. a around but they will be a scattering busy day. of blustery showers, some on the you're watching heavy side. because there is a bit breakfast from bbc news. ofa the headlines: heavy side. because there is a bit of a breeze, they should push through quite smartly. lo plush —— the low pressure which brought us the low pressure which brought us the heavy rain and strong winds, there are still some gusts of wind.
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they are coming in from the north the weather has been dreadful. i north—westerly direction and also bringing showers. scattering showers think we have light at the end of across western areas in particular. the tunnel? this was from one of our snow across high ground but mainly sleet and snow. if you are heading weather watchers. you can see the sheer volume of water that has come down the river, flooding everything out, scotland, northern ireland, around it as well. understandable yesterday, not just here around it as well. understandable yesterday, notjust here but also in north—west england, we saw about two northern england in particular, thirds of a month's worth of rain in quite icy. the batches of showers 2a hours. in the snowdonia area particularly. that rain will continue to work its way down, so keep an eye on the river levels will be working south and east. the wherever you are in england and wales over the next few days. a lot wind direction change slightly. always strongest across eastern coasts but where we see wind gusts in excess of a0 mph, it will feel drier today, still rain at times, chilly across scotland. western areas of scotland, a few showers. eastern areas, a bit more. showers on and off in northern ireland but a with sunny spells and some blustery showery spell into parts of northern showers. the sunshine will return, england. —— temperatures. —— the batches. south—east corner, could see temperatures of 10 degrees. the wind will add some extra chill. a
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few showers in the first part of the night. as skies are clear and wins this system is now pushing off into fall, a bit lighter, it will be a scandinavia, but we are drawing chilly and temperatures dropping weather from the north—westerly below freezing in northern and eastern parts — —— and wins fall. direction. a fairly arctic maritime air mass coming in, with sleet and hail across western parts of temperatures will be around three or four degrees. into tomorrow, england. eastern areas dry, but an icy start to the northern half of slightly brighter. more cloud for the country. just a few degrees above freezing. showers moving through quite smartly on that northern ireland. —— winds. nothing breeze. longer dry spells in western too substantial. it will cloud over scotla nd breeze. longer dry spells in western scotland later, but pretty windy across scotland. over a0 mph, gusting through the day. eastern across western england during the parts more prone to the rest of day. a chance of a few spots of rain. eastern areas driest and brightest. 9— 12 degrees. there are changes afoot as we go into the rest scotla nd parts more prone to the rest of scotland to showers. some showers of the week. the jetstream digs into the south. notice how ourjetstream through this week starts to push its will drift down through the midlands way northwards. in doing so, we drag to the south—east corner. 7—7 oui’ way northwards. in doing so, we drag our hourupfrom way northwards. in doing so, we drag our hour up from the mid—atlantic. things should warm up and we could degrees uk wide today, but a bit see temperatures into the mid—teens.
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cooler than that given the strength a lot more in the way of dry of the wind. showers fading tonight and with clear skies around, and weather. some morning mist and fog that cold air mass in place, it will bea that cold air mass in place, it will be a chilly night. with the to co nte nt weather. some morning mist and fog to content with, too. all in all, exception of northern ireland, where we will see cloud increasing later, better than yesterday. a bit of respite on the way. itjust felt and temperatures dropping close to relentless, the rain, over the last is not below freezing, and that is few days. it will take a while for where the ground is damp. icy conditions in two your monday that water to go through the morning. a lot of ice scraping in valleys. people need to keep a close the morning, quickly cladding over eye on the rivers today and tomorrow but not as much rain in the from the west, outbreaks of rain forecast. much rain forecast. quite coming and going in northern ireland all day long. we see rain at times, a contrast. a lot more on that into west wales, devon and cornwall. later. fairly scattered bouts of rain, now it's time for the film review with mark kermode and ben brown. easing off and not persistent like we saw yesterday. temperatures getting a bit milder than today, but a big improvement as far as temperature is concerned. thejet hello there, welcome to the film review here on bbc news. strea m and taking through this week's cinema releases, temperature is concerned. thejet stream dipping down, but as that we have mr mark kermode. moves northwards later in the week
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what delights do you temperatures will be on the rise. have for us this week? interesting, we have ben is back, which is the story of our lot drier and much lighter addiction and recovery. winds. quite a contrast, certainly we have the prodigy, which is very much a nuts and bolts horror movie. getting a little better, but if you we re getting a little better, but if you were waking up to some of those and fisherman's friends, awful pictures of the flooding. we the kind of a true story of the cornish singing sensations. will look at those a little later. kind of true story — we will be back with the headlines we will get to that in a minute. let's start with ben is back. shortly, but now it is time for julia roberts and this is a teenage drug addict click. who shows up unexpectedly at the family home at christmas eve. what could go wrong? well, crucially, he is a recovering addict. you remember there was that film beautiful boy came out? yeah, i was thinknig about that. very, very similar in that was the story of a parent and child torn apart by addiction, based on memoires by david sheff and his son, nic. this is a film about parents and children torn apart it's amazing to think that next by addiction, directed year, this place will play host by peter hedges and starring to the greatest show on earth. by his son, lucas. he comes back home. not everyone is pleased to see him. julia roberts is his mother, she loves him ans she accepts him back into the house, by the time 2020 rolls around, just for the christmas period, it'll have been 56 years since japan
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on the condition that he does last hosted the olympic games. everything that she says, that she takes the drug test that she depends on, and that he does not leave her sight back in 196a, they used the event under any circumstances. here's a clip. to signal the rebirth of the nation, following the disruption these will both complement of the second world war. your complexion, which is a gift then, the focus was japan's economic from your mother — you're welcome. coat, please. and technological explosion. ok, nice. i'm good. now, japan once again wants to show the world that it's still leading come on. the way in innovation. pockets. but with the country's explosive growth spurt now in the past and an ageing population on the horizon, the story this time might not be so simple. this is humiliating. no, this is love. alright, you're free to go. it's playing heavily on its image as the land of the robots, you didn't check my shoes. but finds itself as just one of many countries researching all of the other big tech areas, including 5g, 8k broadcasting, and self driving cars. that's not funny.
6:20 am
it was a joke, mom. ben, it's not funny. mom, it was a joke. and transport is the subject excuse me, can i get a key of this project by mobile operator, ntt docomo. to this door, please? unlock the door, ben, right now. it's trying to predict traffic so what i like about that the scene congestion, by tracking phone users's movements is the way it turns from it's all ok and then he says it's a joke. throughout the day. and then you realize, no, it is not a joke, she didn't check his shoes. docomo knows the age, what the film does very well demographics and home address of each of its 76 million is it manages a balance. on the one hand she loves him, subscribers, and also knows pretty but he has told her never to trust an addict, accurately where their and he is a recovering addict. it is all to do with the balance of how much she trusts him phones are at any time. and how much she has to offer tough love. he says it's humiliating it's used an artificial intelligence and she says no this is love. to watch how and where they travel throughout the day, and also how there's a contrivance later on. the family dog goes missing and she has to go off on a sort of road trip and when they return home at night. with him, into his world. and she sees for the first time the environment in which he was moving it can now predict where traffic when he was taking drugs. congestion will occur that is a contrivance, in the evening, based there's no question about it. on where everyone is during the day, butjulia roberts's performance and it's hoped that the a! may also is good enough that you buy it. you think i know this is a device, be able to cope with the different but i'm so convinced traffic flows that will be by her performance that i will let the film get away with it. i don't think it is doing associated with the olympics. anything shockingly new.
6:21 am
there are comparisons definitely with beautiful boy, now with so many visitors although beautiful boy flooding into japan, was a slightly more beautified safety is paramount, and for the first time, portrait of all of this. the olympics will be but i do thinkjulia roberts, using facial recognition when she is great, to ensure speedy identification. she is really great. and it is a very gritty role for her? people think of rom coms and so on. paul carter has been yes, but think about to find out more. erin brockovich, which actually is probably the role at next year's olympic and paralympic games, for which she is most well—known tokyo is expecting millions and most respected. of spectators to pack into the city when she is good, she is for its festivals of sports. really, really great. i think this is a fine role for her, in a solid film. solid. all right. among that number will be over 300,000 accredited people, onto the prodigy, which including athletes, volunteers, you've already told us media and other staff — is a nuts and bolts horror. all needing access basically this is a story about a mother who comes to believe to restricted areas. that her young child is possessed of the reincarnated spirit developed byjapanese firm nec and based on their a! engine, of a serial killer. called neoface, they claim one dies at the same time the system is 99% accurate and almost immediate. as the other was born. it's hugely derivative. but how well does it there is stuff from the omen work in practice? and from audrey rose and from good night mummy, i've come for a demo to find out. and from village of the damned, in orderfor a facial and there's even a moment recognition system to work, in which the kid actually says it needs a record of your face. "mother, what's wrong with me?", which is a line from the exorcist. i let it get away with it because it so unfortunately for this system,
6:22 am
knows that that is what it is doing. it's now going to have to get a record of this ugly mug. there's a large genre of movies about bad seeds, kids being scared of kids and how much it is to do with the projection translation: the system recognises your eyes, of the children. face, size of your face and other you think of a movie like babadook, features, using hundreds which is a much better movie, and hundreds of points, and then matches that but that is a similar idea. with the photos that but what this does is it tells a very straightforward and very familiar story but i actually are registered on the cards. thought it did it quite well. it hasn't got very good reviews. now that the system has but it seems to — a record of my face, all i need is this card. it goes from a, b, c, d, in a perfectly functional fashion. i'll see if it works. swipe sound. good to go. there were a couple of moments where it gave me a little bit but you can't talk facial recognition without concerns of a chill, a little about privacy. bit of a shiver. in a world in which most of these horror movies are just going quiet, quiet, boo, ithought there was something else. i asked the spokesman not much else — it doesn't make any snes at all, for the organisers what they'll do with all those faces. and there are many the personal data collected laugh out loud moments in it. through the application process i thought it was creepy and fun. will be securely guarded and will be destroyed in the most appropriate i've seen a lot worse. how many shivers do you think it way, once the games is over. needs to give it a good horror film? three, minimum. three, that's not many! what is the scariest film you've ever seen? i don't know. the correct answer to that is the exorcist. now, when anyone tells you things that's the correct answer. that's shivers all the way through. are going to be more efficient,
6:23 am
and in this case near instantaneous, nonstop. no shivers i suspect i'm always a little bit suspicious, in fisherman's friends. but i have to say the thing that's except for the weather, boom—tish. most impressive about the system is that in the dozen laughter. this is like a fancifully or so times i've tried it, sentimental version of it's recognised me pretty much the true story instantly every single time, of fisherman's friends, and it's seen my face a singing group from cornwall from a wide variety of angles and it still seems who achieved extraordinary success. to work, so i think in this case, this is aiming i think those claims actually hold up. for the tone of local hero, which i love. but of course, controlled it ends up being closer demos are very different from real—world applications. to swimming with men — although actually i quite liked swimming with men and i think i was more open to its charming the proof will ultimately qualities cause i quite liked the story. daniel mays is a london record company executive. he goes out to port isaac for a weekend, and his boss sees be in the queueing. this group of fishermen singing on the quay and he says ok, you have to sign them up. he says it as a joke, but daniel mays's character takes it seriously. one of the memories that will always the next thing is that is exactly what he's trying to do. stay with me was a visit to the here's a clip. fukushima daiichi powerplant that i manage bands and i'm interested in representing you. you'd better come was devastated by the tsunami. this and talk to the boys. for your information, my son is the roger daltrey of the group.
6:24 am
machine was inspired by that disaster. this robot has limbs that well, i'll bear that in mind. stretch more than one metre in you'll never guess what, length. the need to move across my boy's just been talent spotted. uneven to rain has caused robot by who? youradmirer. assists to examine many different apparently, he's some kind of big shot in the music industry. watching you sing was one of those rare moments in the music business designs. when you realise you are witnessing something truly original. and although robots with wheels the bottom line is — you've got a unique sound. or with snakelike bodies can handle and we believe we can tricky terrain, they're not so good help you get it released when you need to get hands—on. by a major label. after we reach the destination, laughter. the robot has to do — perform tasks, like turning a valve or manipulation of switches or opening doors, something like this. it requires big power. it's a nice scene, isn't it? it is. it feels like one of those very british sort of films. in order to actually manipulate a sort of of full monty type film. things, warec—1 would need additional hands or here's the thing about it, fingers of some kind. for now, the team are just it has a very tourist eyeview of cornwall. investigating the best way to move. the story is that daniel mays's crawling low and slow character goes down there over the rubble. and then he falls in with it. i notice that it's notjust using its four legs, why wouldn't he? it's also using its belly. cornwall is an astonishing place, it's a place like no other, yes. this is a new locomotion it is proud and beautiful
6:25 am
and wonderful. style proposed by us. but what you see in the film it's quite difficult, even is definitely a touristy view of it. if you wanted to tear the film for a human to along this place. apart, you could do, because it is creaky but if a robot moves and sentimental. but i kind of wonder with a crawling motion, why anybody would want that will be very stable to because it is charming. because its belly is almost on the ground, so it has i like the music. daniel mays goes an awfully long way to making it all hang together. a very low centre of mass. i think he is such a great screen presence. i think he has worked spikes on the belly help to stop it with mike leigh, he can do very serious, slipping on the rubble and also help tough gritty comedy. but he manages this light comedy it grip onto corners as it with a really lovely light touch. hoists itself up and down. i smiled and laughed pretty much all the way through. and although it's not strictly a self—balancing robot, i know all the things it doesn't really matter if it takes that are wrong with it, i know the things that don't make sense and the things that are a tumble because it's symmetrical. sentimental and fanciful. honestly, i don't care. i like it, it was charming. so it can still work back charming, ok. to front and upside down. what's best out at the moment? there is this film called japan is one of the few places the kindergarten teacher, where bots are starting to leave which stars maggie gyllenhaal. it's a remake of an israeli film the laboratory and enter about a kindergarden teacher society more widely. who becomes convinced that a five—year—old in her class is the new mozart. where other places might have reservations about robots taking jobs, japan desperately she's the only person who sees his talent. wants this to happen. everybody else is neglecting welcome. the fact that he's a genius. in the run—up to the 2020 olympics,
6:26 am
japan is looking for more ways she starts to inveigle than ever to have bots her way into his life. do the hard work. the film is really about how much of this is to do here's kate russell. with her own disappointment these self—driving electric wheelchairs made by panasonic have at her lot. already been rolled out for testing she is somebody who wanted to be at tokyo's haneda international an academic, wanted to be a poet — airport. didn't work out. it walks a really thin line between being on the one hand but what's new is my this strange sentimental story, luggage buddy here. and on the other hand you can pop your suitcases being something that comes very close to being in there and it's going to follow a psychological chiller. the wheelchair wherever it goes, i thought it was brilliantly done. slowing down and speeding up maggie gyllenhaal is terrific in it. as necessary when it goes up my only reservation is it is quite close to the original film, and down sloping surfaces. but the originalfilm is really good as well. i thought it was really, really interesting, perfect for the airport. and i thought that gyllenhaal if a roaming traveller walks perfectly pitched our character in front of the chair, between somebody who wants to see it'll stop, along with the luggage caddy. the creative best in this child, although in a crowded airport, but all the time the implication i can see wandering people getting in between the luggage is you are projecting onto him. and its chair, which might lead to some frustration. and without giving too much away, panasonic hopes to have the chairs is the five—year—old available in airports and public spaces across japan the next mozart? in time for 2020. i couldn't possibly tell you that. you have to see the film. in the past, japan hasn't had the greatest record it sounds good. for accessibility. i like the premise. it's like, without giving anything away, with a0 million visitors expected what is the thing at
6:27 am
to come for the olympics and paralympics, organisers have pledged to use this the end of citizen kane! as an opportunity to fix these problems and make tokyo a more inclusive and accessible city. it sounds good. best dvd at the moment? peterloo — i liked this film. i know that it was a hard sell in the cinemas. it's mike leigh's recreation of events leading up disabled passengers in need to the peterloo massacre. of assistance will be able to summon an huge ensemble cast, really, really great cast. a wheelchair through an app. one of my mates was in it, by the way. i think one of everybody‘s mates was in itbecause there are scenes it'll then take them with a huge number of people in it. where they need to be, without stress or hassle. but what it does is, as it builds up towards this something i'm sure able—bodied terrible event, travellers could appreciate it really does show after a long journey too. you from every side, come on. good boy. everybody gets to have their say. there's a good boy. for many visitors coming to the olympics next year, perhaps to a fault. the japanese languages will be challenging to say the least. when you finally get now, we've looked at several to that climactic sequence, translation tools on click before it is genuingly horrifying but the one that paul carter's found and you've invested looks like it's straight out of a comic book. in all the characters. i think it's very powerful and it demonstrates that mike leigh really can orchestrate a great big period drama. it's a very, very powerful film. perhaps the olympics's and pa ralympics's greatest achievement is their ability to bring people from all over the world together. he does have a very unique but as well as being a positive, style of film making. yes, no one else makes it it can also bring challenges, films like mike leigh. notably around language.
6:28 am
no one else has a process like mike leigh, one japanese graduate student, and no one else's films look supported by an accelerator, alongside tech firm panasonic, like a film by mike leigh. has created a special project to try although, heaven knows, and get the world talking. there are enough directors around who would love to make films like mike leigh. lots of improvisation? that is his hallmark, isn't it? fukidashi is the japanese it begins with work shopping. word for speech bubble. it's a system with a screen on each by the time you get to the set, side linked via bluetooth. it is not improvised. by the time you get to the set, words spoken by a person on one side will be translated on the opposite it has been written as a script, screen, and vice versa. but the script is devised from improvisation, with a unique technique that only mike leigh and his cast properly understand. we investigated whether people use, right. much like yourself. actually, a phone to communicate thank you very much. with foreigners, only you understand but nobody uses that. what you're talking about. no, we all understand it and love it. i think it is because a phone that is it for this week. thank you so much for watching. is more like, it's a way to ask some concrete specific issue, like goodbye from both of us. "where is the station?" or something like that. the technology behind it is not necessarily anything new. however, it's the application of the technology that's really interesting. although only a prototype at this stage, it's hoped the system can be rolled out at points across the games. and beyond, the creator hopes
6:29 am
to take the system much further. at the next stage, maybe people can have small devices like fukidashi to use everywhere, anywhere, any time. it would be great. at present, the system can work between four languages — japanese, english, chinese and korean, though there are plans to extend the language range much further. the prototype also currently requires access to a data signal to function. amazingly clear. i almost want to take this with me for the rest of my time injapan and carry it with me. can i keep this one? and that is it for the shortcut of our olympic special from the stadium, which next year with host the tokyo olympics. don't forget that we live on facebook and twitter. thank you very much for watching and we will see you soon.
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