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this is bbc news. hello, this is bbc news with shaun ley. the next news on bbc i'm shaun ley. the headlines: one is at 6:35pm. the headlines at 1: until then, have a good afternoon. thousands of people attend vigils thousands of people attend across new zealand to remember the victims of the mosque attacks vigils across new zealand as the country's prime minister says her office received a message from the suspected killer minutes on sunday to remember the victims before the shootings. of the mosque attacks, had it provided details that could have been acted on immediately, it would have been. as the country's prime minister, but there, unfortunately, jacinda ardern, says her were no such details office received a message in that e—mail. from the suspected killer minutes before the shootings. had it provided details that could have been theresa may calls on mps to make acted on immediately, it would have been. but there, unfortunately, an "honourable compromise" and back her brexit deal or risk were no such details in that e—mail. theresa may calls on mps to make an "honourable compromise" never leaving the eu. and back her brexit deal or risk never leaving the eu. police response times to the most urgent calls at two of england's biggest forces have police response times become significantly slower to the most urgent calls at two in the past five years, according to figures obtained of england's biggest forces have by the bbc. become significantly slower in the past five years, according to figures obtained by the bbc. also in the next hour, scientists warn that warming air investigating the effects of climate change. and sea temperatures are causing we join scientists in the arctic, arctic glaciers to melt where increasing rainfall and the increasing rainfall is causing new problems for wildlife. is creating new problems for wildlife.
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and on the travel show, the team visit an arts the team visit an arts festival in taiwan. that's coming up in half more news from me at the top of the hour. an hour here on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for the travel show. good afternoon. new zealand's prime minister says her office received a document containing far—right views minutes before the shootings that killed 50 people in two mosques in christchurch on friday. at a news conference, jacinda ardern also said it will be several days before the bodies of all those killed are returned to their families. from christchurch, rupert wingfield—hayes sent us this report. in christchurch on sunday morning, the outpouring of grief and solidarity has continued unabated. close to the mosque where the first attack took place on friday, the flower tributes
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continue to grow, many people overcome with emotion. in wellington, prime ministerjacinda ardern made her own emotional tribute at the city's biggest mosque. but amid all this grief there is also anger the attacker wasn't stopped before he could carry out his deadly plan. prime minister ardern today confirmed her office did receive an email copy of the killer's political declaration just before the attacks took place. i was one of more than 30 recipients of a manifesto that was mailed out nine minutes before the attack took place. it did not include the location. it did not include specific details. back in christchurch a sports team has come to lay flowers. their goalie is among the dead. his coach has this message for the australian man suspected of carrying out the attack here, and anyone who shares his racist views.
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we are all one people. we are all one race. we are all human beings. we love each other. we have to love each other, otherwise this sort of rubbish happens. we have to love each other. ali adeeba and his father were inside the al noor mosque when the shooting began. his badly wounded father lay bleeding beside him, imploring ali to look after the family. the last thing he says to me was, take care of your mum and your brother and sister. his father is still in critical condition in an induced coma. this is an act of terrorism. it has nothing to do with what race or religion you are, this is what terrorism is and it is evil and it needs to stop and we need to change within ourselves to be able to live together as a community in peace. the name of this city, christchurch, will now forever be linked to the attack on the two mosques here last friday. but the people of christchurch want to tell the world that it does
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not represent them and they too are victims of this horrific crime. inafew in a few minutes we will be joining oi’ in a few minutes we will be joining or corresponding to race at christchurch hospital for the very latest. ——joining our —— joining our correspondent who is at. senior cabinet ministers have suggested that mps may not get a third chance to vote on theresa may's brexit deal, if she can't pursuade enough mps to change their minds. the prime minister has appealed for compromise amid fears that brexit could suffer a long delay or not happen at all. here's our political correspondent jonathan blake. some things never change. theresa may went to church as normal this morning, before a week when the stakes for her and her brexit deal will be higher than ever. she has again given mps an ultimatum, warning in an article for the sunday telegraph that if they do not back the deal, they risk a lengthy delay and perhaps no brexit at all.
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all this, she says, makes the choice now facing mps clearer than it has ever been. if parliament can find a way to back the brexit deal before european council, the uk will leave the eu this spring. if it cannot, the prime minister writes, we will not leave the eu for many months, if ever. ministers are trying hard to change the minds of mps. support from the dup, who provide theresa may with a majority, is crucial and the man who holds the government's purse strings did not rule out more money for northern ireland in exchange for the party's support. this is not about money, it is about a political assurance. it is not a "no"? look, we're coming up to a spending review and we will have to look at all budgets, including devolved block grant budgets in that spending review, of course we will. so it is not impossible that you're going to give extra money in that deal in return for voting? we have not even started to look at it yet. although a handful of mps who were opposed to the deal
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have said they will back it, the chancellor admitted the government did not yet have the support it needs and a third vote on the deal may not happen this week. if it does, it could also be a big test of parliament's support for another referendum. labour looks likely to back a plan to make mps' support for the deal conditional on it being put to a public vote. we will decide on whipping arrangements but we have had a very good discussion with them, but the key thing is actually, theresa may's deal has now been rejected twice by parliament. rumour has it she is bringing it back on tuesday for a third time, and if that fails, a fourth time after that. this is ridiculous. this thing has been defeated comprehensively and she's got to recognise we have got to do something different. mr corbyn also hinted he would push for a vote of no confidence in the government if mps reject theresa may's dealfor a third time. if defeat looks inevitable, there may not be a vote at all, leaving big questions unanswered about where the brexit process goes from here. with me is our political correspondent jonathan blake.
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this could be a very interesting week. what about the callum wilson amendment that the labour backbenchers have put forward? that is whatjeremy corbyn was referring to in the report. this amendment will be put down if mps do vote again on theresa may's brexit deal this week, which is far from certain, but if they do, this amendment will be put down, which essentially states that mps will support the deal of theresa may, on the condition it is put to a public vote, so if parliament backs the deal, it would have to be subject to what we call a confirmatory referendum, and obviously that is a significant change, it would see another referendum on that basis, pick to the public. what is not clear is what will the question be? will it be theresa may's deal or remain, theresa may's deal or no deal? some campaigners argue this could be the fairest way because it
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could be the fairest way because it could make it quite complicated. in terms of who will support this, why is labour openly falling in behind it? at the party conference, it left open the option of another referendum? simply because there is not the majority in parliament for the idea of a second referendum, whatever the question is. or even in the labour party. it is a contentious issue. it became labour policy to leave open the option of a further referendum at conference last year, butjeremy corbyn has so far made no push for that to happen, certainly in terms of putting anything forward in parliament or whipping his mps to do so. you wonder if there is any point in whipping any more given the problems on the government side? yes, in all these votes to do with brexit, people have not voted along party lines, they have defied the whip and had to resign as a result, they have abstained and kept theirjobs.
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interesting times in parliament, but corbyn contradicted that position because he also said in that interview on the sophy ridge programme that he would not be backing theresa may's deal under any circumstances, which is slightly contradictory. an interesting week ahead. thank you. let's return to those terrible events in new zealand now, and we can speak to mazharuddin syed ahmed, who survived the attack in one of the mosques in christchurch. thank you for staying up so late to speak to us. i can imagine the last couple of days have been confusing and exhausting and everything else, if you feel able to, can you give us an idea of what you experienced at the linwood mosque on friday? yes, thank you very much. it was a regular weekly player, that we look forward to going to add one of these two mosques, where we assemble and catch up with her friends. religious
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players. at the end, we have a fund—raising collection. last week we we re fund—raising collection. last week we were collecting money for the fire in nelson. this is a social community. we support many causes. did you realise something was wrong? in the first minute, when we got up to pray, i was in the first row and i heard clear gunshots over my right hand side, near to the window. i was pretty sure it was gunshots, because there were three shots, and there we re there were three shots, and there were small screeches, so i got frightened hearing that, i thought it was at the roadside, butjust within a few seconds, the gunman got in through the main door, and there we re in through the main door, and there were lots of people near the door.
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people who were all and elderly, who we re people who were all and elderly, who were preying on chairs. they were the first to receive the billets. —— praying on chairs. there was pandemonium at the back at that moment and people started rushing. what did you do? what was going through your head at this moment? it must have been surreal, unbelievable what was happening? it was in the sport of the moment, i ran to the back side of the mosque, i do not know how, but ijust ran. towards the storage area, it has no door, but i went in and to cover, and until then, the gunman kept around the main door and started shooting people. people were falling down, he
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was repeatedly shooting, and i took cover and i was able to see his shooting. he was wearing a black helmet. i think he had armour. he was shooting repeatedly. there was a woman right in front of him, and she was screaming, no, no, and he shot her and she fell down and he shot her and she fell down and he shot her again. at this moment in time, i was on his left side, so he started shooting from the right and came in front. i suddenly thought that at any moment he would turn left, and i was trying to think, should i run ahead, or twist and turn around? i was trying to think, what should i do, and just then, somebody pulled
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him from the bike, and i did not say who pulled him, but he fell down, andi who pulled him, but he fell down, and i was still holding my cover. in the scuffle, he lost control of his guns. sorry to interrupt you. just to be clear, somebody tried to tackle the gunman and they managed to bring him to the ground? yes, i believe one of our companions, he was an afghanistan refugee, he pulled him down, brought him down, and he lost control of his guns in the scuffle, and he ran outside. this person who pulled him down, chase behind him, taking his gun, but i believe there were no billets in the gun. he emptied all the billets. at that moment, he ran behind, with the gunman‘s gun, but i think he could not operated or nothing happened, so he chased him,
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and because he was ahead, i believe he was going to the car to collect another gun. just then, this person through the gun at him, and that landed on his windscreen. while he was picking up the gun, i believe, that scared him. he ran, so he parked the car in such a way, this mosque, it leads to a small lane, which leads to the mosque. there are two properties and a small lane. he parked, blocking the lane and in a way that he could escape. this at that moment i got up and two of my friends right in front of me we re of my friends right in front of me were shot. one was shot in his head very badly. all the back side of the
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wall, was all blood splashes. i cannot tell you, it is too graphic. i understand. i could see completely he was in a very bad shape and i first ran to do something to him. but i saw that he was dead. i turned to my other friend, but i saw that he was dead. i turned to my otherfriend, who but i saw that he was dead. i turned to my other friend, who was alive. his shed was completely covered in blood. you are trying to find out where the wounds were? yes, to stop the blood. i was asking him, where did he get shot, where is the bullet? he said, i don't know, i don't know. i was trying to hold his hand because just trying to comfort him. he kept shouting, call the
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police, call the ambulance. at that moment, i got up up and sat with their bodies. his wife said she will get the car. i saidi wife said she will get the car. i said i will sit with him, you get the car. then the swat team came and they took control of the place. i screamed at them that my friend is bleeding profusely. if he is not given medical aid, he will die. they we re given medical aid, he will die. they were trying to secure the place and that was the priority. i was escorted out and i again insisted the police officer, please let me go back, he needs help very much, right now. we need to do something for his wounds. they said no, you cannot go
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back, they are taking control of it. i suppose they couldn't risk that there might still be somebody inside he was armed? exactly, but my mind wasn't thinking, i was thinking i had left him and anything can happen to him. that thought was there for the next hour and for the whole night, i was very upset, did i do a mistake, ididn‘t night, i was very upset, did i do a mistake, i didn't help him. but in the early morning we got the news he is alive and he is having surgery, ina is alive and he is having surgery, in a critical situation. that must bea in a critical situation. that must be a huge relief for you. yes. can i ask you, this is an odd question, and inadequate question really but i wa nt to and inadequate question really but i want to try and have an understanding whether you are getting some sense of what happened. can't you understand in any way what
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can motivate somebody to have that much hate to do what they did to you and your friends and your fellow worshippers on friday? christchurch and new zealand, they are so alien to any of this. forget gunshots, a simple quarrel is alien news over here. this is the most peaceful place on earth. if you have ever beenin place on earth. if you have ever been in new zealand, this is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. it is unheard—of. it is difficult to believe. it is not a place of these things could happen, you know? this is one of the reasons i stayed in new zealand, it is such a beautiful place, such a beautiful country and everybody is so inclusive, they are diverse. what do you make then of the response there
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has been? this is an amazing response. the whole community would have been like... it would have been a different thing, collect the dead bodies, amazing courage people have shown. there is so much support from every corner. i cannot tell you. people are coming and hugging us, weeping and crying. i couldn't understand, i feel they have felt the pain more than us with something like that, you know? everywhere, like that, you know? everywhere, like their are hundreds and hundreds of volu nteers like their are hundreds and hundreds of volunteers coming and thousands of volunteers coming and thousands of people bringing food, flowers. the police, everyone. this is like something somebody, it felt like
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this is not christchurch or new zealand, we are in a different place. let me ask you finally, how important is it for you to be a friday prayers again this week? important is it for you to be a friday prayers again this week7m is something like, wejust friday prayers again this week7m is something like, we just cannot ignore it. it is part and parcel of life, it is how important it is to breed. particularly of what happened this friday? absolutely, one of the first things we wanted was to get our mosques back in action and prayers should commence immediately. the police, themselves assured us, the police said we understand how
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important the mosque is for you guys. it is the utmost priority we wa nt to guys. it is the utmost priority we want to clear this mosque for prayers. so tomorrow morning they will be opening the mosques. both of them. it is extremely potent in many ways. thank you very much for talking. it has been some terrible, terrible experiences for you but it is good to hear the encouraging news about your friends. thank you for talking to us on bbc news. thank you. our correspondent phil mercer is in christchurch. you have been there all weekend, what is your impression of how christchurch and new zealand has responded to this terrible attack? in the last few hours, we have seen this amazing display of solidarity in the city of wellington. that is
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the new zealand capital. about 11,000 people cramming into the city's main cricket ground for a vigil to remember those who died and we re vigil to remember those who died and were injured in friday's atrocity. when you look at new zealand's multicultural make—up, it is a former british colony, very proud indigenous community. a lot of immigration from asia, the muslim population here numbers about 45 or perhaps 50,000. all of this creates an multicultural fabric. it perhaps 50,000. all of this creates an multiculturalfabric. it is the unity, the diversity of this country that will be its greatest strength as it moves ahead and moves away from this atrocity that was inflicted here on friday. we are
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seeing that all over the country, we have seen it here in christchurch with floral tributes. police coming to the police cordons where the mosques are to stand in quiet reflection. there will be a very large vigil here later in the week. it is part of new zealand's journey of healing. when it comes to the practical business of the police investigation, that is continuing. on monday, the prime minister, jacinda ardern is convening a cabinet meeting and one of the discussions will be reforming new zealand's gun laws. it is a country thatis zealand's gun laws. it is a country that is responding in many, many different ways to the many terrible events inflicted at those mosques on friday. phil mercer, thanks very much. after yesterday's flooding, thankfully the forecast today not looking as horrendous out there. there is still some rain around in the form of showers. they will come with a mixture of rain, hail, sleet and snow. but they are showers, pushing through on the breeze so some drier, sunny spells follow in their wake.
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the low pressure which brought us yesterday's wet and also windy weather is now across scandinavia. we've got the air coming down from a more north—westerly direction and that's why, to start the day, we saw showers in the north and west. we see showers transfer into some eastern parts a bit more through the afternoon. just about anywhere can see a shower at some point during the day but it does mean west of scotland brightens up for the second half of the day. still pretty windy down in eastern scotland but it's here where we see wind gusts in excess of a0 or 50 mph. blustery elsewhere, but fewer showers this afternoon in northern ireland and the showers across england and wales, mainly northern england and wales through the day. one or two will get their way southwards and eastwards, but a few of you may actually stay dry. temperatures at best around seven to 10 degrees. it will feel a bit chilly in the wind, especially as those showers go through. now, into this evening and overnight, we will see the wind start to ease down. a few showers around central and eastern parts of england lasting longest. also across shetland, they will all gradually fade. the cloud increases into northern ireland later and a few showers start to push their way in yet again. but here, the coldest part of the night will be early on. england, wales and scotland,
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it's going to be during tomorrow's rush hour, temperatures well below freezing in some areas. may be as low as minus five in parts of rural scotland. but a sunny start to much of scotland, england and wales. cloud increases from the west through the day, bringing a few showers here and there. not the persistence of the rain we saw through yesterday and whilst we'll see rain at times in northern ireland, again some dryer and brighter moments. best of the driest weather throughout with the sunny spells lasting longest in eastern scotland. a good part of central, eastern england — here one or two showers. temperatures nine to 12 degrees. but the temperamental weather we've had of late thanks to the jet stream dipping to the south of us, which today is bringing colder air. it then buckles northwards, dragging up high pressure and something a little bit milder as well. so after we've got rid of today's showers, the outlook is much drier one. still a bit of rain at times in the west, mainly north—western parts of scotland. chilly in the morning, some mist and fog but lighter winds to go with the drier days too. bye for now.
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