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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 17, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news. this is bbc news. the headlines. i'm shaun ley. thousands of people attend vigils across new zealand to remember the headlines at 6.00: the victims of the mosque attacks — as the country's prime minister thousands attend vigils says her office received a message across new zealand to remember the victims of the mosque attacks — from the suspected killer minutes as the country's prime minister this is bbc news. says her office received a message before the shootings. from the suspected killer minutes stories of heroism are emerging from the attacks, as survivors talk of their shock before the shootings. that something like this, could happen in christchurch. i'm shaun ley. stories of heroism are the headlines at 5.00: emerging from the attacks — thousands attend vigils as survivors talk of their shock across new zealand to remember that something like this, the victims of the mosque attacks as the country's prime minister could happen in christchurch. says her office received a message from the suspected killer minutes before the shootings. it is alien news of her here, this stories of heroism are emerging is the most peaceful place on earth. from the attacks as survivors talk of their shock that something like this could happen in christchurch. the chancellor, philip hammond, forget gunshots, you know says a significant number of conservative mps have even a simple quarrel forget gunshots, you know is in the news over here. changed their minds and are prepared even a simple quarrel to back theresa may's brexit deal is in the news over here. this is the most this is the most if it went back to the commons peaceful place on earth. for another vote. peaceful place on earth. police response times the chancellor, philip hammond, to the most urgent calls at two the chancellor, philip hammond, says a significant number says a significant number of england's biggest forces have of conservative mps have become significantly slower of conservative mps have in the past five years, changed their minds and are prepared to back theresa may's brexit deal changed their minds and are prepared if it went back to the commons according to figures obtained to back theresa may's brexit deal if it went back to the commons by the bbc. for another vote. also in the next hour —
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new ideas to prevent childhood obesity. junk food adverts on tv and online could be banned before 9pm, police in greater manchester under ideas being put out have made four arrests, after three separate incidents of alleged hate crime in, which the new zealand mosque for public consultation. attack was mentioned. meanwhile, counter terrorism policie and in sport at 5:30: in the south east say an incident brighton win a dramatic penalty at 10:30pm last night in stanwell, shoot out against millwall surrey, in which a man was stabbed, has been declared a terrorist incident. to secure their place our home affairs correspdondent tomy symonds is here with latest on both those incidents. in the fa cup semifinals. a number of incidents, tell us about them. the last one was the biggest development, quite a big deal last night. police, armed officers telling people to move out of the way and not go into parts of the good afternoon. area. what happened was, they said new zealand's prime minister says her office received an email containing the far—right views of bra nton tarra nt just minutes before 50 people at10:30 p:m., a man was area. what happened was, they said at 10:30 p:m., a man was reported as acting aggressively, he had a were shot dead in two mosques baseball bat and knife, shortly, in christchurch on friday. there was a 19—year—old who had been butjacinda ardern said it contained
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no details of the planned attack — stabbed nearby and eyewitnesses were the worst mass shooting reported to have said that this in the country's history. tarrant has been charged with murder 19—year—old was sitting in the car, and is due to appear in court again someone came to the car and put his next month when he will probably hand up to protect himself and he face more charges. from christchurch, was stabbed in the hand. police have rupert wingfield—hayes sent us this report. in christchurch on sunday been investigating last night and morning, the outpouring today and now they say that this has of grief and solidarity the hallmarks of a terrorist event has continued unabated. is the word being used. inspired by close to the mosque where the first attack took place on friday, the flower tributes continue to grow, many people overcome with emotion. the far right and is been declared a terrorism incident and police in wellington, prime officers in the southeast are taking ministerjacinda ardern over, they will work with the surrey made her own emotional tribute police to get to the bottom of what at the city's biggest mosque. but amid all this grief is happened here. they say they will there is also anger the attacker wasn't stopped before he could carry out his deadly plan. prime minister ardern today work very closely together and the confirmed her office did receive police are committed to tackling all an email copy of the killer's political declaration just before the attacks took place. forms of toxic, extremist ideology, but at the moment it comes days after this incident in new zealand. i was one of more than 30 recipients a man is under arrest as a result of of a manifesto that was mailed
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out nine minutes before the attack took place. this, did they arrest someone who they thought was involved, in terms it did not include the location. it did not include specific details. of those other incidents, there's a lwa ys of those other incidents, there's always that fear that something like back in christchurch, a sports team what happened in new zealand has come to lay flowers. provokes either, copycats or use it their goalie is among the dead. his coach has this message and repeat the message of hate and for the australian man suspected of carrying out the attack here, he said something that police here, and anyone who shares his racist views. will of been on alert for? there we are all one people. we are all one race. we are all human beings. have been incidents, a few incidents of the past two days or so in which we love each other. we have to love each other, otherwise this sort of rubbish happens. potential hate crimes have been we have to love each other. carried out and those involved are alleged to have invoked the new ali adeeba and his father were inside the al noor mosque zealand incident in carrying out when the shooting began. those alleged crimes. in manchester his badly wounded father lay bleeding beside him, last night, and the early hours of imploring ali to look after the family. this morning, there is reports that the last thing he says to me was, a taxi driver was racially take care of your mum threatened and abused and used words and your brother and sister. his father is still in critical which made it look like they were condition in an induced coma. referring to new zealand and there
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this is an act of terrorism. isa referring to new zealand and there is a police investigation going on in that area, a man and woman in the it has nothing to do with what race or religion you are, 30s have been arrested and in this is what terrorism is and it is evil and it needs to stop and we need to change 0xford, some graffiti has appeared within ourselves to be able to live overnight, swastikas and referring together as a community in peace. to an online gaming *also the name of this city, christchurch, overnight, swastikas and referring to an online gaming * also mentioned will now forever be linked by the new zealand attackers and to the attack on the two mosques police investigating there, police here last friday. but the people of christchurch saying that they are planning to want to tell the world that it does step up patrols and visit places of not represent them and they too worship and a number of forces are saying they're doing this to make sure that people are reassured. are victims of this horrific crime. rescue workers in papua province rupert wingfield—hayes, bbc news, in christchurch. in indonesia have rescued earlier i spoke to mazharuddin syed a five—month old baby, ahmed, who survived the shootings. the boy was trapped for hours under he described how he took cover the rubble of a collapsed building. when he saw the gunman come flash floods and landslides in through the main entrance triggered by torrential rain have killed at least 58 people of the linwood masjid mosque. in the province. many areas still remain inaccessible i ran to the back as rescue teams are struggling side of the mosque. to search for survivors. nga pham has more? i don't know how but ijust ran towards there. there was a small storage
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area that has no door. ijust went in and took cover. they do not know his name but his desk he was a small miracle. after then the shooter came being trapped in the damaged house. into the main door and started shooting the people. people were falling down and he was shooting. i took cover and i was able to see their whereabouts unknown. the army the shooting and he was wearing have been mobilised tojoin the those dirt bike helmets and i think search and rescue efforts in the it was like armour and he was shooting repeatedly. town, near the provincial capital. there was a woman right they are battling mud, rocks and in front of him and she was screaming, no, no. fallen trees looking for survivors. the death toll is expected to rise. he shot her, then she fell down more than 4000 people have been and he shot her again. at this moment of time, evacuated from the affected area, i was on his left side. he started shooting from the right. heavy torrential rain cost flash floods and landslides late on saturday. hundreds of houses and suddenly, at any moment he would turn left. bridges were damaged, the government
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i was trying to think, has announced a 14 day state of should i run ahead or take a twist or turn around? emergency. flooding is common in i was trying to think, indonesia, especially during the rainy season. 0fficials what should i do? indonesia, especially during the rainy season. officials have warned just then somebody pulled him that it rainy season. officials have warned from the back and i didn't thatitis rainy season. officials have warned that it is aggravating the floods, see who'd pulled him. he fell down and i was sport and for a full still holding my cover. in that scuffle, he lost round up, from the bbc control of his gun. here's damian johnson.. sorry to interrupt you, just to be clear what you are saying. somebody tried to tackle the gunmen and they managed brighton are through to to bring him to the ground? the fa cup semi finals for the first time in 33 years — but only after a surviving yes, there was a companion — a big scare at millwall. he was from afghanistan, it took a dramatic penality he was a refugee. shoot out to get past the championship side. watching was patrick gearey. they do not hide it, premier league he brought him down and in that visitors know what they are about to scuffle, he lost control of his gun. walk into, for this quarterfinal it he got up and ran outside. was a freezing cauldron and the weather was designed for maximum this person who pulled him down, discomfort. it took until the second chased behind him, taking his gun. half of the lines to strike, i believe there were no bullets. escaping the handler it must‘ve
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he emptied all of the bullets. carried to westminster. in very real danger of being relegated to the at that moment, he ran third tier and yet he wasjed behind the shooter's gun. wallace beating his man, putting in i think he couldn't operate place for edwin, 11 minutes left, and nothing happened so he ran pandemonium! going out with a shrug chasing him and then against the division below them, finally they gave them a bit of because he was ahead, i believe gumption but only one minute in the that he was going to the car to collect the other gun. 19 remained, plus stoppage time and we are deep into that when he took just then, this person aim and somehow took this into extra threw the gun at him. time. david martin would have had he yanked the gun at him and that that on his mind right through the penalties a hero, no. metjake landed on his windscreen. cooper had to score, right from the brink to the semifinals. while he was picking the gun, i believe, that scared him. and then he ran. the grandmother and uncle of the alleged gunman you needed something and i suppose a of the christchurch mosque shootings second goal which in effect is have spoken out from their home in new south wales, in australia, sharing their disbelief really across from the free kick, and compassion for the travels and we get a little bit of fortune, but i think we showed victims of the attack. enough character, and if you don't
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we are all gobsmacked, we don't know force it, then these are good enough what to think. you know, the media signs, particularly for making sure that we score. i thought our defence is saying he planned it for a long time so he's obviously not of sound was poor, we made it too easy for mind, idon‘t time so he's obviously not of sound mind, i don't think. it is only since he travelled overseas, i think them, and david martin is one of the that boy has changed completely from best pros i've ever come across planning and managing, so popular the boy we knew. we say sorry to all and deserve the opportunity to come back to the team last week and was outstanding for the whole game, the boy we knew. we say sorry to all the families over there for all the dead and the injured. can't think of barring one moment, but that is football. that's how the game goes nothing else. just want to go home and focusing on the positives and and hide. the ability to get to the goal. so the draw has been made police in greater manchester for the semi—finals, have made four arrests, watford will take on wolves, after three separate incidents of alleged hate crime in, while manchester city face brighton which the new zealand mosque — the ties will be attack was mentioned. played on the weekend earlier our home affairs of sixth and 7th of april. correspondent tom symonds gave me liverpool are back on top further details of the attacks. the first at 20 past of the premier league — they had a scare against midnight last night, relegation—threatened fulham but won a taxi driver reported, 2—1 at craven cottage. with the details here'sjoe lynskey or rather the police were called to reports of a taxi driver being abused by two people.
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a 33—year—old man and a 34—year—old women were arrested in connection this is the week liverpool got back with racially aggravated to their best with on the road, public order offences. there are winners on wednesday and the allegation is they were now from the german champions it was shouting about new zealand. and then in a separate case, time for the london strugglers, an online case, a 38—year—old right now fuller cut adrift from premier league safety and liverpool woman who was arrested for online communications. pots must first have dominance show and a 24—year—old in connection the gap. he was allowed to run and with what the police are calling then to finish, the ruthless streak malicious communications, required any race for a league which could be potentially e—mailing title. a fraud liverpool's chances, or sending messages, that sort of thing. it is clear that the police they let it slip with one moment of are having to deal with some of these incidents coming out of, confusion, the defender having a directly coming out of, the new zealand attacks. standout season, showing through and and also reports this afternoon of graffiti in oxford that has through the level. captained by popped up citing some of the things that the attacker ryan, a former liverpool player. in new zealand said. tend to go with liverpool on the i think we can expect the police to be quite busy dealing with these sorts of things over charge, they did the wrestling for them, the goalkeeper got in for a the days to come. penalty, the situation for the column head of james penalty, the situation for the that was tom simon's but in the last column head ofjames miller. the
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few minutes we have had reports from result they needed but with more the police about an incident that jeopardy than expected, the match defined by two big mistakes and only one got a let off. has taken place in surrey. it asa as a manager, i always want perfection. it is really rare that you get it. but it was clear that it appears to be an attempted knife was for them, it is a different attack. an unsuccessful knife attack but they have described it as a stabbing that is nonfatal. the stabbing that is nonfatal. the stabbing involved one person and they have described it as a journey, we should be more terrorism incident. the assistant commissioner of the metropolitan convincing and again like this but police, also head of counterterrorism police has said it this is us. we are in the middle of is the hallmarks of a terror the development and how they deal inventor inspired by the far right with the situation is just brilliant. and therefore it has been declared a terrorism incident. we will have more on that when we get it. this i stand here two weeks on from being was a stabbing that took place in involved in more of a closer series sta nwell in surrey late was a stabbing that took place in stanwell in surrey late last night. it was not fatal and thankfully the player, they are working to their person, although injured, was not killed. but police have described it maximum every day, understand the task ahead looks very slim and there as having hallmarks of a terrorism is no hiding that. but i certainly
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event, inspired by the far right. we will have more on that when we get see some massive positives and i know that with the attitude in the it. senior cabinet ministers, including the chancellor philip hammond, have suggested mps may not get a third chance to vote and the passion. so confirmation of that on theresa may's brexit deal result for liverpool.... if she can't pursuade enough mps the win takes them top to change their minds. of the premier league — the warnings follow a plea two points ahead of manchester city — but liverpool have from mrs may for "honourable compromises" to avoid a long played a game more. extension to the brexit process, chelsea currently in action or the possibility it against everton at goodison park, doesn't happen at all. where its currently nil nil here's our political correspondent jonathan blake. some things never change. theresa may went to church at the start of the second half. as normal this morning before celtic defeated dundee a week when the stakes in dramatic fashion, for her and her brexit deal scoring a 96th minute—winner, will be higher than ever. to secure the win at den's park, she has again given mps an ultimatum, warning in an article for the sunday telegraph that james forrest played if they do not back the deal, in 0dsonne edouard, who cooly they risk a lengthy delay slotted past the dundee keeper, and perhaps no brexit at all. all this, she says, makes to give neil lennon's side the choice facing mps clearer than it has ever been. the three points in the dying if parliament can find a way seconds of the match, celtic go 10 points to back the brexit deal clear at the top. before european council, the new formula 1 season the uk will leave is under way in australia, the eu this spring. with mercedes winning again — if it cannot, the prime minister but it wasn't lewis hamilton. writes, we will not leave the eu this time it was teammate for many months, if ever. valteri bottas, ministers are trying hard to change mps minds. support from the dup, who took the race by who provide theresa may more than 20 seconds. with a majority, is crucial. jennie gow rounds up the action and the man who holds
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the government's purse strings did not rule out more money from albert park in melbourne for northern ireland in exchange for the party's support. after the first race of the season, this isn't about money, this is about political assurance. we thought this was going to be a look, we are coming up to a spending review... ah. battle between ferrari, mercedes, but for our he went missing, what and we will have to look happened to them? the australian at all budgets, including devolved block grant budgets in that spending fa ns happened to them? the australian review, of course we will. fans disappointed as well after a mistake in the opening laps having so it is not impossible that enough to retire from the weight day you are going to give them extra money in that deal in return for voting for the deal? well, we haven't even race. started to look at it yet. last year, ferrari's sebastian although a handful of mps vettel was lewis hamilton's closest rival, but this time, who were opposed to the deal have the title fight could be much closer to home. now said they will back it, hamilton's mercedes team—mate the chancellor admitted valtteri bottas could not the government does not yet win a race last year, have the support they need but by the first corner in melbourne, this one was in the bag. and a third vote on the deal may not happen this week. the finn producing what he called if it does, it could also be a big the drive of his life to surge past test of parliament's support the briton and stroll around albert park. for another referendum. rule changes were supposed labour looks likely to back a plan to produce close racing, but much to make mp's support for the deal of the excitement was incidental. conditional on it being put to a public vote. daniel ricardo ruined his first race for renault, misjudging how we will obviously decide rough the off—field was. on our whipping arrangements, but clearly we have had a very good the feeling of summer down under discussion with them. the key thing is actually was accompanied by charles leclerc
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theresa may's deal has now been mowing the lawn in his ferrari rejected twice by parliament. and carlos sainz stopping rumour has it she is bringing it for a barbecue at the expense of his mclaren. back on tuesday for a third time, the only excitement up front was if that fails a fourth red bull's max verstappen relegating time after that. this is ridiculous. sebastian vettel to fourth. this thing has been defeated comprehensively and she has got winning by more than 20 seconds to recognise that we have got and claiming a bonus point for fastest lap, to do something different. bottas will be hoping he can finally mr corbyn also hinted he would push step out of hamilton's shadow. for a vote of no confidence in the government if mps reject mrs may's deal a third time. if defeat looks inevitable, there may not be a vote at all. leaving big questions unanswered about where the brexit process goes from here. i don't know what to say, the stud was really good and i do not know what happened, i just was really good and i do not know what happened, ijust felt was really good and i do not know what happened, i just felt so was really good and i do not know what happened, ijust felt so good and everything was under control and it was good today, so truly, jonathan blake, bbc news. let's speak now to caroline enjoyable. in incredible race today, lucas, the green mp. shejoins me from brighton. he truly deserved it and we've just got some work to do it was a great caroline, thank you for being with start to the year. the boss of us on mercedes after the race was caroline, thank you for being with us on bbc news this afternoon. let's ecstatic, clearly they have come pick up what philip hammond is saying, they won't put it to a vote again unless they are confident they back from this strange break that he
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can get the numbers. you have heard had where he went off pretty much in the slow attrition happening among the wilderness at times and he has the slow attrition happening among the conservative brexiteers, will it just been so impressive. he didn't be enough to get theresa may's deal through the commons?” ta ke just been so impressive. he didn't take pole position, but he got his be enough to get theresa may's deal through the commons? i don't think it will, but this whole thing smacks elbows out, took the lead in mind did he exert pressure on it. beating of grubby little westminster deals. it is as far away as possible from lewis hamilton and red bull really giving people back control. it should be about what philip hammond think they have got a vehicle that they can challenge with this year, they can challenge with this year, they carried on with the success on can fine down the back of the sofa they carried on with the success on the last part and 2019 can be close to bribe the dup further. we should with them. ferrari, they've gone a little bit missing, they've got work be putting this back to the people because if it is the case philip to do but there's two weeks and we hammond and his government don't think they can buy off enough people head into it and as for the brits, by next week of the week after, it reinforces the fact there is congratulations, both finishing in their formula 1 drive, they have gridlock in parliament. we cannot really enjoyed going out there and resolve this and so much new doing what they could and we will see what they can do next time out as well. information has become available in in the women's six nations, the almost three years since the wales claimed a bonus—point win over 2016 referendum, it is only ireland to finish fourth democratic it goes back to the people for them to have their say. in the table, they won 24 —5, ireland took the lead there is this kyle wilson amendment but with the sides tied
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five—all in the first half, which has come forward. what is your carys phillips scored a second try for wales, giving them the lead... before jasmine joyce sprinted clear to score wales' fourth, giving them back—to—back wins to end view on that because it would create circumstances in which there could of their six nations campaign. bea circumstances in which there could be a further referendum? that is the way through this mess, this gridlock, by making agreement to in padua, manuela furlan s try four minutes from time gave italy the bonus point seeing her deal passed through they needed to finish second in the table, as they beat france 31—12. parliament, contingent on conditional on, putting that to the people. that i think seems possible to cycling and britain's adam yates has extended his overall that it could get a majority and i lead after stage five would certainly support that. of tirreno—adriatico in italy, frankly, whatever deal we end up yakob fulsang claimed the stage with, if we do end up with one, win and made it two out of two for the astana team, should go back to the people with whilst yates — riding for mitchelton scott came in second the option of remain on the ballot but retains the race leader's blue jersey with a 25—second advantage paper. but the kyle wilson amendment over the rest of the field. is gathering support across parliament and i pay tribute for him while there was victory for team sky in the south of france as their rising star for doing that. moore has become eggan bernal took the overall known since the initial referendum victory in paris—nice, the final stage into nice was won by yon izagirray.
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vote, would it have to be a series some of british gymnastics' biggest names were in action this weekend in the british of questions, do you think? the championships. the two—time olympic champion max whitlock did what he does best, bottom line is, whatever is on the taking gold in the men's masters ballot paper has to be something real and substantial, not just pommel final, repeating ballot paper has to be something real and substantial, notjust more promises, rhetoric and unicorns. if the success he had last year. you look at what we have enough information about to put on a ellie downie, who's had two ankle injuries, took the top spot in the senior women's vault. referendum seems to be whether it is she also claimed the women's theresa may's deal or whatever comes all—round title yesterday — out of the process she is involved the men's all—round title went in. at least we have some to james hall. information about what that involves that's all the sport for now. and what it looks like. plus remain. here on bbc news its time pa rt and what it looks like. plus remain. part of the criticism about the for the film review. referendum, it was too binary choice. you force people into camps that they don't necessarily belong to. some people campaigned for yes on theresa may because they hated theresa may but it was better than hello, and welcome to remain. and remain people might be pushing for remain but would like a the film review on bbc news. third option or a no go back and to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? negotiate further. that is the interesting batch.
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difficulty if you rerun a simple yes we have ben is back, 01’ no difficulty if you rerun a simple yes which is the story of or no referendum? i agree with you addiction and recovery. that there isn't a good root out we have the prodigy, from where we are now. that is which is a very nuts and bolts horror movie. certainly true. but the least worst option is have got to be options and fisherman's friends, the kind of true story of the cornish singing sensations. where whatever is on the ballot paper is something that is notjust promises but something real. i kind of true story. we will get to that in a minute. wouldn't necessarily rule out a two let's start with ben is back. step process where perhaps, if julia roberts. this is a teenage drug addict necessary , step process where perhaps, if necessary, no deal would be on the who shows up unexpectedly at the family home at christmas eve. what could go wrong? crucially, he's a recovering addict. ballot paper. instinctively, i don't wa nt ballot paper. instinctively, i don't want it to be there because it would do you remember when that film beautiful boy came out? be so damaging to the country. she yes. has had three brexiteers in the that was the story of a parent and child torn apart by addiction. position of the minister in charge based on memos by david chef and his son. this is the story similar at brexit, trying to get the best directed by peter hedges deal they've managed to do in and starring his son, lucas. brussels. this is the best they have julia roberts plays his mother come up with. i cannot see there will be something different or something better. brussels has said and she loves him and accepts him there will be no more negotiations. back in the house just to my mind it should be remain versus her deal but if it were a for the christmas period, on the condition
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deal breaker to get this through that he does everything that she says, that he takes the drug test she gives him and that he does not parliament, maybe it could be a leave her sight under 2—stage process where no deal is on any circumstances. there as well. but it wouldn't be my here is a clip. preference because everything we these will both complement know about no deal is hugely your complexion, that you get from your mother — damaging, socially and economically. you're welcome. it certainly doesn't solve the big coat, please. 0k, nice. problems in ireland. 0n the issue of i'm good. come on. the backstop, if i canjust say, it is so important the backstop is there and sometimes we forget pockets. because we use the strange term. it isa because we use the strange term. it is a safety net. and if you have a safety net, you cannot have one party tearing a really big hole in this is humiliating. it and still think it is going to be no. this is love. a safety net. it is therefore a all right. you're free to go. you didn't check my shoes. reason, it is there to stop a hard border in ireland. the concern about no deal, is notjust the economic consequences, but what it would do in ireland as well. you have a meeting with jeremy in ireland as well. you have a meeting withjeremy corbyn and he that's not funny. has invited other party leaders to it was a joke, mum. ta ke ben, it's not funny. has invited other party leaders to take part in these discussions. the mum, it was a joke.
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opposition parties, on paper because excuse me. can i get a key it isa opposition parties, on paper because to this door, please? it is a minority government, you have the potential at least to get unlock the door, ben, right now. your way. but there are so many what i like that the scene is all 0k shades of opinion even amongst you and he says is that as a joke. and the opposition parties. it is and then it is not a joke, difficult to get a clear position she didn't check his shoes. forward otherwise presumably you the film manages a balance would have found it months ago? to between she loves him, be fair there is a good degree of but he has told never to trust an addict, he is a recovering addict. it is all to do with the balance alignment between the greens, plaid of how much she trusts him and how cymru, the liberal democrats, we much she has to offer tough love. have been working closely for the past couple of years. so jeremy he says it is humiliating, and she says it is tough love. corbyn is the problem? he has been later on, the family dog was missing and she has to go off ina corbyn is the problem? he has been on a road trip with in a slightly different place but he him, into his world. has repeated today that he would and she sees for the first time the environment in which he was moving support kyle wilson, which is an when he was taking drugs. important step forward. so in that that is a contrivance. no question about it. meeting tomorrow, we want to make butjulia roberts's performance is good enough that you buy it. sure we push on that and also make you think, i know this is a device, sure we push on that and also make but i'm so convinced sure that kyle wilson absolutely does have the option to remain on by her performance that i will let the film get away with it. i don't think it is doing that ballot paper. caroline lucas, anything shockingly new. there are comparisons definitely to beautiful boy, the green mp, thank you forjoining a slightly more beautified
5:20 pm
portrait of all of this. us the green mp, thank you forjoining us from your brighton constituency i do thinkjulia roberts, when she is great, she is really great. today. the headlines on bbc news: and it is a gritty role for her, isn't it? people think of romcoms and so on. yes, but think about thousands of people attend vigils erin brockovich which is probably across new zealand to remember the role for which she is most the victims of the mosque attacks — well—known and most well respected. as the country's prime minister when she is good, she is says her office received a message really, really great. from the suspected killer minutes i think this is a fine role before the shootings. the chancellor, philip hammond, says a significant number for her, in a solid film. of conservative mps have changed their minds and are prepared to back theresa may's brexit deal solid. all right. if it went back to the commons 0nto the prodigy. you've already told us it's for another vote. a nuts and bolts horror. junk food adverts on tv and online it's a story about a mother could be banned before 9pm, who comes to believe under ideas being put out that her young child is possessed of the reincarnated spirit of a serial killer. for public consultation. 0ne dies at the same time as the other was born. it is hugely derivative. police response times to the most there is stuff from the 0men urgent 999 calls for two and good night, mummy, village of the damned of england's biggest forces, and there is even a moment west midlands and greater manchester in which the kid actually says police, have got significantly worse in the past five years. "mother, what is wrong with me"? that's according to a freedom which a line from the exorcist. of information request by bbc i let it get away with it because it five live investigates. knows that that is what it is doing.
5:21 pm
there is a large number in the west midlands the average response times for the most serious of movies about bad seeds, calls went up from ten minutes kids being scared of kids and how to 19 minutes. the home office says police funding much it is to do with will rise by £970 million over the projection of the children. the next financial year. you look at a movie like babadook, a very good movie but a similar idea. i think it did it quite well. adrian goldberg, the presenter it hasn't got very good reviews. of five live investigates gave more it seems to go from a, b, c, details about the response times of some of the largest d in perfectly functional fashion. police forces. there were a couple of moments where it gave me a little bit of a chill, a shiver. forces like west midlands, in a world where most of these horror movies arejust going quiet, quiet, boo, ithought where the average response there was something else. not much else, it doesn't make it many things and there are many laugh time to the most serious, most urgent crimes, has gone up over out loud moments in it. a five year period from ten minutes to 19 minutes. in greater manchester, from seven minutes to 12 minutes. in urban areas, the target i thought it was creepy and fun. i've seen a lot worse. time is 15 minutes — how many shivers the need to give so greater manchester it a good horrorfilm? are meeting their targets three, minimum. but west midlands are not. three, that is not many! if you look at west yorkshire and south yorkshire, that target time has been missed what is the scariest film you have ever seen? by both on thousands of occasions and it is getting worse. the correct answer to that is the exorcist. that is the correct answer. dr lynnette kelly, the assistant police that is shivers all the way through.
5:22 pm
and crime commissioner for the west midlands, nonstop. no shivers i suspect said that she believed cuts in fisherman's friends? in police numbers had had an effect on response times. except for the weather. boom—tish! we are concerned about it. this is a fancifully sentimental version of the true i have to say, if you are going story of fisherman's friends, to cut police funds year a singing group from cornwall after year after year, who achieved extraordinary success. if you are going to make us lose 2000 officers, this is aimimg, i think, which is what has happened for the tone of local hero. in the west midlands, at the same which i love. time as crime is going up, it ends up being close then the natural thing to happen to swimming with man sent his neck, is response times will increase. his boss sees this group so why hasn't that happened everywhere? the west midlands has been hit far of fishermen singing and says 0k, harder by cuts than most other police forces. you have to sign them up. are you saying proportionately he says it as a joke. orjust saying an amount? because you are a bigger force, so if you have a bigger cut necessarily translate in terms of the impact they can have. but daniel macey‘s character takes it seriously. you could be a smaller the next thing is exactly frce with a smaller cut. what he is trying to do. here's a clip. yes, but if you look at the level of funding per head i manage bands, and i'm interested for the west midlands, in representing you. we are funded to the you'd better come same level as surrey. and talk to the boys. and yet surrey does not for your information, my son have the levels of crime
5:23 pm
and the levels of deprivation is the roger daughtry of the group. and the young population well, i'll bear that in mind. that we have in the west midlands. she is the assistant high you'll never guess what. commissioner for the west midlands. my boy has just been talent spotted. ethiopia's transport minister says black box data indicate "clear by who? similarities" between last week's your admirer. crash of an ethiopian airlines jet apparently he's some kind of big shot in the music industry. and the october crash watching you sing was one of those of an indonesian lion air plane. rare moments in the music business dagmawit moges told when you realise you are witnessing journalists the similarities something truly original. would be the subject of further the bottom line is — study during the investigation. you've got a unique sound. a preliminary report into last and we believe we can help you get sunday's ethiopian airlines crash that killed 157 people will be it released by a major label. released in "30 days". laughter junk food adverts on tv and online could be banned before 9pm, as part of government plans it's a nice scene, isn't it? to tackle childhood obesity. ideas for the new watershed have yes, it feels like one of those very been put out for public british sort of film. consultation from today, it has a very tourist—eye and have been backed by doctors. view of cornwall. the department of health and social care says one—in—three children leave primary school the story is that daniel's character goes and falls in with it. overweight or obese. why wouldn't he? it's an exciting place, a place robert wheway, director like no other and other and proud of children's play advisory service, and beautiful and wonderful. a consultancy that advises local
5:24 pm
authorities on how to improve what you see in the film children s opportunities to play, is definitely a touristy view of it. says there are better ways to tackle if you wanted to tear it apart, childhood obesity. you could because it is creaky and sentimental. i wonder why anybody would want to? it is charming. it had hardly any effect i like the music. because all it's doing is treating the symptoms and not the cause. daniel mays goes an awfully long way the cause of our poor health to making it all hang together. and our children, both i think he has such a great mental and physical health, screen presence, he has is that they cannot get worked with mike leigh, out and play every day. he can do very serious, tough gritty comedy. runaround, have physical development, social development, he manages this light comedy runaround in the streetjust with a really lovely light touch. outside where they live. i smile and laugh pretty much i take your point about that, all the way through. i know all the things having grown up in a small village we could wander off that are wrong with it, and play safely, but presumably, i know the things that don't make sense. it's not practical honestly, i don't care. for a lot of people so, you got to deal with the situation you find. i like it, it was charming. and presumably, this arguably charming, 0k. is one the ways of dealing what is best out at the moment? with the symptoms. yes, but the real thing there is this film called the kindergarten teacher which stars maggie gyllenhaal. is that we need to stop the domination of the car in residential roads. it's about a kindergarten teacher children, where the car has who becomes advanced that combed sufficiently in a five—year—old in her small cul—de—sacs, class is the new mozart. she's the only person
5:25 pm
that sees his talent. everybody else is neglecting children as young as four the fact that he is a genius. she starts to inveigled her way into his life. the film is really about how and five play out happily much of this is to do as they have been for countless generations, so they did that every with her own disappointment day, physical exercise, at her lot. every day learning how to take turns and reach agreement on games she is somebody who wanted to be and all of that social development an academic, a poet, it didn't work out. and all of the experts, the nhs it walks a really thin line public health england, between being on the one hand this strange, sentimental story, on the other hand being something nice, ignoring this that comes very close to being a psychological chiller. i thought it was brilliantly done. incredible change there's been maggie gyllenhaal is terrific in it. a children's lives just treating the symptoms. my only reservation is it is quite close to the original film. i appreciate your passion for this, but the originalfilm is really good as well. because the campaign i thought it was interesting and i thought maggie perfectly you're in, but you're not saying pitched her character the junk food doesn't contribute to obesity. between somebody who wants to see the creative best in this child, but all the time the implication things like poor choices is you are projecting onto him. in food and drink should go into the rest of it. and without giving too much away, is i'm not saying it doesn't, the five—year—old the next mozart? but interestingly, our calorie intake has gone i couldn't possibly tell you that. down and not gone up, you have to see the film. some people seem to be eating less sugar anyway. it sounds good. but the problem is if i like the premise. you keep going at the if like, without giving anything away, what is at symptoms, you will leave children the end of citizen kane!
5:26 pm
still having unhealthy lives. changing the formulation of synthetic rather than sugar will not give them every day healthy best dvd at the moment? exercise, it would not give them peterloo — i like this film. healthy every day play, taking i know it it was a hard turns, learning to make decisions, sell in cinema. it is scratching at the surface, it i think it's mike leigh's recreating is pretty ineffective and won't deal with the real causes leading up to the massacre. huge ensemble cast. of the problems we've got. one of my mates was in it. i think one of everybody‘s mates was in it. the duke and duchess of cambridge what this film does is, have led a minute's silence as it builds up towards this to pay their respects to the 50 people who died as a result terrible event, it really does show of the new zealand mosque attacks. you from every side, everybody gets to have their say. the couple joined the irish guards and theirfamilies in remembering the victims at a st patrick's day perhaps to a fault. parade in west london. when you finally get kate then handed out baskets to that climactic sequence, of shamrock, and william, it's horrifying and you've invested in all the characters. who is colonel of the irish guards, i think it is very powerful, and it demonstrates that mike leigh really took the salute. can orchestrate a great now it's time for a look big period drama. at the weather with susan powell. after the very turbulent weather we it is a very powerful film. have seen across the uk in the week he does have a very unique just gone, finally for the week ahead we have a breather. a much style of film making. yes, no one else makes drier story. some springlike films like mike leigh.
5:27 pm
temperatures for the south by mid no one else has a process week. here goes the low that like his, and no one else's films look like his. heaven knows there are enough brightly wet and windy weather on directors around who would love to make films like mike leigh. lots of improvisation? saturday. cloud showing up here. that is his hallmark. it begins with work shopping. by the time you get to the set is not improvised. downpours through the evening. into then it has been written at a script, but the script is device from improvised action with a unique technique that i meet into the small hours of monday, sky with a unique technique that only is clearing and winds are falling. mike leigh and his cast frosty across the northern part of the uk, especially the east. properly understand. “4 in parts of scotland. towards the west, milder right. much like yourself. thank you very much. and more cloud around. that cloud will filter eastwards only you understand what they're talking about. we all understand. that is it for this week. thank you so much for watching. throughout the day on monday, goodbye from both of us. bringing persistent rain to the hills and the coasts on the west and a claggy look to the day. after last week, fairly relentless a top temperature of 12 celsius in london. wet and windy weather, our prospects are looking considerably calmer. much lighter winds and wednesday and
5:28 pm
thursday, some very springlike temperatures for the south. satellite from sunday, heavy rain and strong winds pulling across scandinavia, still breezy behind low, still some shower showing up on the satellite picture, a few more to come across england and wales and then the skies clear as he moved to then the skies clear as he moved to the small hours of monday, light winds and spread frost across the northern half of the uk in england and scotland, rural areas perhaps down to —4, milder to the west and also for western fringes, wales and scotla nd also for western fringes, wales and scotland more cloud around here that is where that cloud will continue to oppression the west and bring some drizzly outbreaks of rain, murky conditions to the hills and coasts of the west. sunshine and the east and ourtop of the west. sunshine and the east and our top temperatures in the 11 and our top temperatures in the 11 and 12 degrees range, the reason it is turning much calmer, high—pressure extending from the
5:29 pm
south across the uk, but for the early pa rt south across the uk, but for the early part of the week, injecting a bit more moisture into our atmosphere, suffered tuesday a greater chance of lingering clouds through the day, across the uk and perhaps more persistent rain across the northwest of scotland affecting the northwest of scotland affecting the northern aisles. mild air pulling into the south at 13 or 14 degrees possible, the likes of norwich and london. in the mid week we start to really tap into some warmer air, still a little chilly at times for scotland, and a slightly more mobile picture but on wednesday and thursday, we could be looking at temperatures widely around 15 and 16 degrees mark, maybe the odd spot in the south. some cloud around the time we get to thursday. so are we ahead is very different than the week just ahead is very different than the weekjust gone, much more calm. we
5:30 pm
lose the heavy rain, the widespread gales and hopefully will have some pleasa nt gales and hopefully will have some pleasant weather to enjoy.
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