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tv   World News Today  BBC News  March 17, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm GMT

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this is bbc world news today. this is bbc world news. the headlines: i'm samantha simmonds. thousands of people have attend vigils across new zealand the latest headlines. to remember the 50 victims this is bbc world news. of the mosque attacks — i'm sharanjit leyl — new zealand's prime minister says as the country's cabinet prepares she'll discuss tightening gun to to meet in the coming hours laws with her cabinet — live in christchurch. in response to the attacks to discuss urgent in christchurch. changes to the gun laws. new zealand's prime minister says meanwhile, the family she'll discuss tightening gun of the alleged gunman, brenton tarrant, who's laws with her cabinet — from australia, say they're in response to the attacks let's stay with that story. devastated by the attack. in christchurch. we can now speak to bryce wakefield, britain's chancellor, deputy director of the australian philip hammond, says a significant number of conservative mps have changed their minds institute of international affairs, for his analysis on and are prepared to back the current situation. he joins us from canberra. prime minister theresa may's brexit we speak to the man who heroically deal if it went back tackled the gunman and forced him to the commons for another vote. to flee the scene at the second mosque shooting. welcome, thank you for being with us flash flooding in the indonesian province of papua has killed at least 58 people. he dropped his gun there on bbc news. we know the perpetrator many areas still remain inaccessible of this attack acquired the guns are as rescue teams are struggling and runs to his car. when he runs to his car, to search for survivors. he saw me, i was chasing him with his own rifle, his own shotgun. used illegally. the prime minister of new zealand has said she and her meanwhile — the family of the alleged gunman, cabinet will be discussing the gun brenton tarrant, who's laws to see how they can change. from australia — say they're devastated. what certainly needs to happen is sorry for the families over there, what has already been suggested, a for the dead and the injured. ban on semiautomatic weapons that we just can't think anything else, the killer are used for this attack.
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just want to go home and hide. i'm samantha simmonds in london. also in the programme: it is fairly easy if you have a gun ethiopia says flight data licence to purchase a semiautomatic from the ethiopian airlines disaster weapon, that can be upgraded last week shows similarities with the lionair crash last october. illegally, which seems to be what the attacker has done, so the and — could it be third time lucky government will be looking at that for theresa may's brexit deal? very hard. also new zealand has her chancellor says it will only return to parliament for a vote if it has enough support to pass. licensing laws for gun owners. you have to have a license to own a gun. what it doesn't have as a registry of the guns that are available in new zealand's cabinet will meet the country and nobody knows how many guns there are a new zealand. in the coming hours to discuss changing the country's gun laws after the attacks on two mosques in christchurch. it is suggested the cabinet would be very seriously looking at reintroducing a registry of guns. ministers are expected to consider a ban on semi—automatic weapons — the kind used by the gunman. huge number of firearms in the thousands of people have been country. a population of 5,000,001 attending vigils across the country, in memory of the 50 people killed. estimates suggesting 1.5 million guns in private ownership. why do you think there is such a high level
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iam here i am here at the botanical gardens of gun ownership? guns have never in christchurch where one of the been considered much of a problem by biggest floral tributes has built up over the weekend. as the investigation most of new zealand's society. we have had gun violence before most into the shooting at the two mosques continues, the prime minister has confirmed that her office received an email containing the far right notably in 1990 when 1a people were views of the gunman just minutes before the attack began. killed. including the attacker. but as the new week begins, schools are due to reopen with special counsellors on hand, to help children and teachers traumatised by the attack. really if you live in urban areas of the bodies of some of those who have lost their lives are now new zealand, although gun violence being returned to their families. ourfirst report is has increased, it has never really been seen as a particular problem, from hywel griffith. and therefore it is significant that this attack happened in an urban grief has so many forms. area. that will change the conversation somewhat because but it's the one raw emotion that citydwellers have never really unites this country. focused on gun legislation or among those mourning, a sports team whose goalie, regulation when they are making atta elayyan, was cut down political choices. just briefly i wa nt to by the bullets. political choices. just briefly i want to ask you about the man behind these attacks because we understand his coach today had this message that despite him being australian he
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for the man suspected of carrying out the terror attack. wasn't on any australian watchlist we're all one race, or new zealand watch was despite we're all human beings. being very active on these extreme we love each other, we have to love each other, otherwise this right—wing forums. what do you think sort of rubbish happens. went wrong, how was he missed? this we have to love each other. new zealand's prime minister has called on her country isa to stand against racism. went wrong, how was he missed? this is a common... this is a problem that the world has to deal with. the jacinda ardern has confirmed that, rise of right—wing nationalism, and on the day of the attack, the use of the internet to spread her office was sent a document right—wing propaganda. governments, by brenton tarrant, spelling out extremist views. not just new zealand right—wing propaganda. governments, notjust new zealand but globally, will have to assess this is a but she says there growing issue. doctor wakefield, wasn't time to act. i was one of more than 30 recipients thank you forjoining us from canberra. senior british cabinet of a manifesto that was mailed ministers — including the chancellor philip hammond — have said prime minister theresa out nine minutes before may's brexit deal won't be put the attack took place. to the vote again in the commons this week — if she can't pursuade it did not include a location. enough mps to change their minds. he said attempts to win it did not include specific details. over critics — including the democratic unionists — were still work in progress. 0ur political correspondent two days after the shootings, the police are still combing christchurch for evidence. ben wright reports. the scale of the crime scene here is enormous.
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days after the shooting, to the left, 391. the police are still having to go street by street, searching for bullet shells. a second crushing defeat. with days this is one of the areas where the gunman took aim. khalad was in the mosque to go until the uk is meant to leave as the massacre unfolded. the eu, the government will try ten of his friends were killed. again, probably. we will only bring he watched as the gunman moved the deal back if we are confident calmly from one to the next. that enough of our colleagues and my heart really... the dup are prepared to support it it's broken. so we can the dup are prepared to support it so we can get it through parliament, and we are notjust going to keep he was shooting just my friend's presenting it if we haven't moved the dial. the government needs to daughters, five years old, persuade dozens of toadies and the he was shooting them from 15, 20 metres. dup to back the deal. some just like, boom, boom. conservative mps have changed their mind, the rest are being warned of and shooting for every the consequences if they don't. people, boom, boom, boom. he's like an animal. mind, the rest are being warned of the consequences if they don'tm we don't get this deal through we are almost certainly going to have he is not a man. to find a european parliamentary he's not a man. election, almost certainly going to have to have a longer extension. labour looks likely to back a plan to make its mps support for video but, remarkably, in some, grief has inspired very different feelings. i lost my wife. conditional on being put to a public but i don't hate the killer.
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as a person, i love him. vote. theresa may's deal has been but i'm sorry, i cannot rejected by parliament and rumour support what he did, but i think somewhere along has it she's bringing back thursday for a third and if that fails a in his life, maybe he was hurt. fourth time after that. this is ridiculous, this thing has been under armed guard, christchurch‘s defeated comprehensively and she has hospital is still treating i2 got to recognise that we have to do critically—ill patients. something different. parliament is the chief surgeon says dealing where the national arguments and with so many gunshot wounds has agonies over brexit are playing out. left his staff in shock. it isa it's... agonies over brexit are playing out. it is a struggle testing the unity it's a bit challenging for people. of the government and the two main political parties. theresa may hopes you know, we're all part that one more heave might get this of the community, and we're deal over the line and some toadies struggling with it as much are losing patience with the prime as everyone else. minister. it will be a failure of open, public moments the prime minister if we end up of mourning are helping. in wellington today, 11,000 peoplejoined a vigil, sharing their sorrow, fighting these european union elections. she promised to become showing their resolve. prime minister to deliver what the hywel griffith, bbc news. 17.4 million people voted for and thatis 17.4 million people voted for and that is what she has to deliver on that is what she has to deliver on that she can't do that she has to go. outside parliament, little sign the community in christchurch has come together in the wake of compromise but inside that is, of the events here. and as the country has begun to come with some tory mps talking to labour to terms with the massacre,
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tales of heroism, suffering about an alternative to theresa and incredible grace have began to emerge. here's clive myrie. may's deal if it cannot pass. my feeling is they want to see a sensible soft brexit deal based on full membership of the single market a police helicopter surveys a scene of mass murder below. and a customs arrangement that while on the ground, nearby, ensures frictionless trade and no an armed response stands border in the island of ireland. the ready, just in case. members of christchurch‘s house of commons is charged, muslim community are frenzied and tense and what unfolds gathering to volunteer. on these green benches will shape the country for years. they must care for children now damianjohnson has all the sport. orphaned, help feed families that no hello. longer have breadwinners, liverpool are back on top they must organise the burials of the dead. of the premier league — they had a scare against relegation—threatened fulham but won 2—1 at craven cottage. all this pain because of 30 goals from sadio mane minutes of madness. and a penalty from james milner after mane was fouled in the area everybody was frightened. many caught up in the violence were enough to givejurgen klopp's recorded the aftermath side all three points. on their phones to bear witness. but ryan babel briefly brought abdul aziz was in fulham level against his former club the linwood mosque. after pouncing on a rare mistake there's blood all over the floor. from virgil van dijk. that was next to my 11—year—old son. liverpool are two points clear of manchester city who've been so that dead man, there... in cup action this weekend. yeah, because he shot him
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through the window. when he was standing as a manager, i always next to your son? want perfection. yeah, yeah. it is really rare that you get it. his four children were praying at the time. they survived. abdul aziz tried but it was clear that it was for to tackle the killer. when i ran outside, i saw two dead them, it is a differentjourney, bodies on the floor. and i saw one man with army people could say we should be more clothes near his car. i yelled at him, convincing and again i said, who are you? i was swearing at him. like this but this is us. we are in the middle i knew it wasn't an army of the development, not at the end person or something. and how they deal with the situation so he was dressed in army fatigues, army clothing? is just brilliant. yes, army clothing, everything army. he dropped his gun there chelsea wasted a chance to move and runs to his car. closer to their top—four rivals as they were made to pay by a resurgent second—half when he runs to his car, display by everton. maurizio sarri's side dominated he saw i was chasing him with his own rifle. possession in the first half with his own shotgun. with eden hazard striking the post that he had discarded? and pedro wasting a chance from close range. yes, he discarded it on the floor. richarlison headed in following a corner i just throw the shotgun for his 13th goal of the season. on his car windows. and it smashed his window and that time he got a bit frightened. after 71 minutes, richarlison the murderer got away, was brought down in the penalty area his twisted thoughts made real. before gylfi sigurdsson scored all of the women were the rebound from his own spot—kick. screaming and shouting.
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this woman ran for her life from the al noor mosque champions league hangovers as the shots rang out. in europe it seems. juventus — minus champions league hero cristiano ronaldo — so many died around her. fell to their first serie a defeat it's not easy. of the season as they suffered a shock loss at genoa. but you survived. former juve player stefano stu ra ro curled in the opener in the 72nd minute. when i think about the other one, goran pandev made sure of the win for the mid—table side with a powerful finish her son was also hit... nine minutes from time. the turin giants had last lost he got... in the top flight in april 2018 and this season had dropped points he didn't make it. on only three occasions prior to sunday's game. they remain 18 points clear of second—placed napoli. it's believed abu aziz‘s courage in taking on the killer helped save lives. 0ne ray of brightness on a dark day. the milan derby is ongoing at the moment. inter are 3—2 up — currently injury—time at the san siro. milan are down to ten men. formula 1 world champion the grandmother and uncle lewis hamilton finished second of the alleged gunman have at the season opening spoken out from their home australian grand prix. he'd started on pole, in new south wales, in australia — but was overtaken by his mercedes teamate valterri bottas on the first sharing their disbelief and compassion for the victims corner, the firm going on to win of the attack. a very uneventful race by more than 20 seconds. hamilton finished ahead we're all gobsmacked, of red bull's max verstappen in third and ferrari's sebastian
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we don't know what to think. it's... vettel was fourth. you know, the media's saying he's planned it for a long time. so he's obviously not of sound mind, i don't think. it's only since he travelled overseas, i think, that that boy has changed completely to the boy valtteri bottas drove an incredible that we knew. race today so he truly deserved it and we just have some work today but inaudible. what he's done... still it is a great start to the year, more than we could have hoped. team sky's egan bernal resisted fellow colombian nairo we say sorry for all quintana to claim the paris—nice weeklong race after the families over there, spain's ion izagirre won the dead and the injured. it wasjust... the last stage on sunday. can't think nothing else, one of cycling's hottest prospects bernal beat quintana by 39 seconds overall, just want to go home and hide. allowing the movistar rider to grab just a few seconds from him in the 110—km loop around nice. so just about everyone here and around the world trying to come to grips with this terrible tragedy. i american mikaela shiffrin won mentioned here at the botanical a record—tying fourth world cup gardens, this is one of the largest crystal trophy this season after taking the women's giant slalom title in andorra on sunday. memorials that has sprung up over the weekend. you can see the flowers it was her 17th world cup win this season — behind me. hundreds of people were extending her own record.
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the olympic giant slalom champion retained her first—run lead in style here to show their respects, to show to finish just ahead of 17—year—old prospect alice robinson of new zealand. solidarity with muslim neighbours and friends. we saw the bouquet of and the players championship flowers growing twice as large. the in sawgrass is just coming to an end. you can follow all the action local press year, the local paper, a on the bbc sport website,, city mourns. exactly encapsulates but that's all the sport for now. the mood here, which is still with eve ryo ne the mood here, which is still with everyone very much in shock and dismay. this is something which has never really happened to the scale in new zealand. the country's worst terror attack. the security threat do stay with us, all the latest level raised from low to the highest reaction from christchurch following the terror attacks on friday which it has ever been, and as we killed 50 people. thanks for mentioned at the start of the watching, goodbye. programme, monday morning here and people returning to work and school and coming to grips with the trauma they witnessed. good evening. other news now. ethiopia's transport minister has said that flight data recovered from the ethiopian airlines
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disaster, suggest clear similarities an unsettled weekend which has with a crash off indonesia in october last year. meanwhile, memorialservices to remember the victims were held rounded off the weather. lots of today in addis ababa and nairobi. heavy rain which has caused some diplomats, relatives and worshippers prayed for the 157 passengers flooding. this was taken in kent on sunday afternoon. some hail and who died in the crash last sunday. the bbc s ferdinand 0mondi reports. thunder mixed in with those showers. through this coming week, a real change in weather so much lighter winds, drier weather on the cards and through the week turning milder. he does the satellite image from it was a sombre mood inside the ethiopian earlier loan. you can see largely orthodox church in nairobi. clear skies with patchy cloud. more cloud towards the west pushing into parts of northern ireland through it has been a difficult the second part of tonight. splashing some patchy rain across week for many of them, northern ireland and western parts of scotla nd northern ireland and western parts of scotland through early monday. we keep these clear skies and the from learning about the plane crash to absorbing temperature falling lowest so —2 or the tragedy of the laws. the congregation give thanks for the lives of those killed so temperature falling lowest so —2 or so in towns and cities and could be in the crash on sunday and offered prayers. called out in the countryside. not some relatives took time to remember quite as cold further west with the those they had lost. several governments sent cloud moving on. a few spots of rain representatives to mourn the bereaved, from neighbouring for the south—west of england, countries to as far away as russia. passengers from more than 30 wales, scotland and northern countries were on board the flight ireland. further east you should
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from addis ababa to nairobi. keep sunnier skies for a good part of the day. turning cloudier through the diplomats delivered condolence messages from the countries and also the afternoon. the temperature still not great for this time, only a spoke from their hearts. touch warmer than it was during the weekend, and we have lost the significant wind chill we have seen many ways of death. over recent days. here is the people die because they are old, pressure set up as we look towards the first part of this week. high people die because they get sick. pressure trying to push on from the people die who are in accidents. south—west, weather fronts trying to move on from the north—west so through tuesday with the influence of higher pressure in the south, people die during fights. should stay dry but some sunny but this is a very spells. slightly breezy with a few tragic way of death. spots of rain across northern and those six minutes must have been western scotland. the temperature getting milder by the stage of the very terrible diving on the plane towards their death. week, up to around 13—14. on that theme continues, this is the air mass looking into the middle of the week on the yellow colour is in ethiopia, similar memorial returning to the map, the ceremonies were held. relatives wept and threw themselves temperature on the rise. slightly on the coffins of victims cooler conditions working in from in the cathedral in the capital, addis ababa. the north, a little breezy are also, some coffins contained charred earth but things in general looking fairly
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from the crash site because it dry and settled into thursday, the has not been possible to recover the bodies. families were told it could take up temperature in the south up to 16. to six months to identify the remains but some relatives have feeling a lot nicer than it has done said that they will only get full over recent days but then things closure when at least some body turn cooler with some rain in the parts are eventually handed over to them. north as we look towards the end of this week, goodbye. what makes us depressed is the fact we didn't find any of her body parts. she was very brilliant, hope and future for her family and country. she was very kind to people. i don't know how to describe her. we are broken and bruised deeply and it is very difficult to speak. these people do not yet know why the plane carrying their loved ones crashed so tragically. it may take a while to get the answers. ethiopian government has said the investigations into the crash will take time. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: a thrilling start to the grand prix season in melbourne with a win for mercedes
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driver valtteri bottas.
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