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tv   BBC News at 9  BBC News  March 18, 2019 9:00am-10:00am GMT

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this is bbc news. hello, it's monday, it's 10 o'clock, the headlines: i'm victoria derbyshire. gun laws in new zealand are to be tightened after last week's mosque police confirm three teenagers have died following a crush attacks by a far right terrorist. this the headlines. at a st patrick's day party 50 people have so far died, at a hotel in cookstown in county tyrone. dozens more still in hospital, you're watching bbc news at 9am with me, carrie gracie. there appears to be at the minute a some with serious injuries. the headlines. crash. people have fallen and been farid ahmed lost his police confirm three teenagers have fatally injured. —— crush. wife in the killings. died following a crush he says he forgives the gunman. at a st patrick's day party in county tyrone. it appears to be at the minute we do not hate a person, but we hate a crush, people have fallen and if they do anything wrong. then been fatally injured. new zealand's prime minister says her government will move so from that perspective, quickly to toughen the country's gun laws following the deadly attack i don't have any grudge against him. new zealand's prime minister on mosques in christchurch. says her government will move theresa may will make fresh attempts i have forgiven him. quickly to toughen the country's gun to win over conservative laws following the deadly attack and dup mps to her brexit deal but former foreign secretary boris and i'm praying for him, on mosques in christchurch. johnson says it would be absurd theresa may will make fresh attempts to hold a third vote before that god will guide him. to win over conservative and dup mps attempting further to her brexit deal, while former talks with the eu. meanwhile, we will hear from these foreign secretary boris jeremy hunt, the current foreign two experts in counter terror johnson says it would be absurd secretary, said he hopes a vote will to hold a third vote before attempting further ta ke secretary, said he hopes a vote will take place tomorrow. we hope it will but we need to be confident we can talks with the eu. get the numbers and that is why huge oysters are to be re—introduced to the humber estuary in an attempt amount of work is going on with to improve water quality colleagues, with the dup, with all and encourage marine life. sides of the conservative party. and in sport, rory mcilroy wins
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the players championship, and oysters are to be setting him up for an attempt re—introduced to the humber estuary in an attempt to improve water at the career grand slam at next month's masters. quality and encourage marine life. time now for the morning briefing, where we bring you up to speed on the stories people are watching, reading and sharing. our top story this morning, the police service in nothern ireland have been giving their reaction after three teenagers died in what appears to have been a crush at a hotel hosting a st patrick's good morning and welcome day party in cookstown. to the bbc news at 9am. at a news conference a short while ago, assistant chief constable three teenagers have died in what appears to have been mark hamilton was giving the latest a crush at a hotel hosting on the investigation. a st patrick's day party in northern ireland. as it stands, the police police say two boys, aged 16 and 17, investigation has begun to try and and a 17—year—old girl died after what was declared a major establish what has happened here. incident in the greenvale hotel our preliminary investigation shows there was a crush towards the front in cookstown in county tyrone. door of this hotel, and in that a number of other teenagers have crush people seem to have fallen. we also been treated in hospital. the police said a large group are examining whether the people who of young people had been waiting to get into a disco. have fallen are those who have deceived. there was a little bit of struggling going on to get people up at about half past nine last night, the emergency services in this area off the ground and that might were called to the area of reports
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explain also why there were reports of children and young people being crushed. of fighting. an investigation team has been appointed now with a senior and also some reports that there might have been some fighting. investigating officer to investigate we have responded in large numbers, the circumstances of this, and a over 13 police crews arrived, full investigation is now under way. over 21 fire service personnel arrived, supported by ambulance colleagues. and major incident was declared last night by our partner agencies. a and three people were taken from the scene in critical condition. full command structure was put in two have unfortunately died in place across the police service and hospital and one died at the scene. the northern ireland secretary karen bradley said this morning that she was "deeply sorry a multi—agency response was coordinated to make sure that those to hear that three young people tragically lost their lives. who are injured and dying were removed from the scene to get the they werejoining others in what should have been ca re removed from the scene to get the care they needed. then commenced the an evening for celebration. she thanked the emergency services investigation. the last person died and added, "my thoughts and prayers this morning unfortunately. his are with their families and friends pa rents were at this extremely difficult time." this morning unfortunately. his parents were with him. one other person remains in hospital, our correspondent chris 16—year—old female, but fortunately she is in a stable condition and we page is in cookstown. are very hopeful that she will make are very hopeful that she will make what is the latest quest —— what is a recovery. police in christchurch have the latest? people are really coming
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promised a high profile presence to terms with what is an unspeakably sad story on this bank holiday as schools and businesses reopen following last friday's terror attack at two mosques that left 50 people dead. monday in northern ireland. it unfolded as you heard from the thousands of people have been attending vigils across the country, assistant chief constable there, in memory of the 50 people people killed in a terror attack on two mosques. my colleague clive myrie has been last night, there was a st patrick's speaking to the mayor of christchurch, lianne dalziel. day disco at this greenvale hotel. there has been real disbelief that this could happen here in police believe several hundred christchurch and the reality is we people were queueing in front of the hotel to get into the event and we re christchurch and the reality is we were chosen for a reason. we are a safe city and a safe country, and there was some kind of crush. they thatis safe city and a safe country, and that is why this happened here. and think perhaps the three teenagers who died fell on the ground during i'm not going to give voice to the hatred and the expressions that i that crush and sustained fatal injuries. police are saying today seem to be the motives behind this, that they are still trying to find out the exact circumstances, what but i am pleased to see city leaders happened before the crush, during the crush. they have said that around the world standing up against pa rents the crush. they have said that parents should speak to their children this morning if they were islamophobia, standing up against here and they should encourage them racism, standing up against all of to speak to the police. police are those things that drive this form of also saying that if anyone has any videos or photos on their phones of hatred at the extreme end. this is an extremist act. i have spoken to
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what happened, they should not post them on social media but give them many in the muslim community here over the last couple of days and they say that what happened does not to the officers involved in the investigation. this was not billed reflect the attitudes of the vast majority of people, notjust in asa christchurch but across the country. that is right. i have been visiting investigation. this was not billed as a teenager's disco, so police are with some of the family members and trying to establish the nature of the event. what is clear at the they have been using words like in early stage of the investigation is that it early stage of the investigation is thatitis early stage of the investigation is that it is an exceptionally sad all the time that i have lived here. story and a sad morning for these and people have lived here for yea rs. and people have lived here for years. they have said not one word people especially in this place cookstown, a very quiet town, a place which has a reputation of being that way. people walking past has come from anyone's lips to say to me ina this morning have been asking for has come from anyone's lips to say to me in a bad way anything, and that to me was a very powerful news, they cannot quite believe what expression. i know that's not happened. one of the other things universal because there are people which is clear this morning is that in the world who don't treat people the emergency operation was very as equals, but i think what has swift last night. yes, it was. there happened here, and you can see it in the tributes behind me, that there we re swift last night. yes, it was. there were a whole range of emergency is this overwhelming outpouring of love and support and compassion and services involved, police and the kindness, and i think those are the fire and rescue service, paramedics, qualities that so many of our muslim
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doctors, they came to or three minutes within getting the first brothers and sisters, that is what they see in everyday life and they call. police began putting messages have seen it expressed here today. on social media saying that parents what is yourjob in trying to bring should come and collect their this community together to heal children. people were evacuated away what is yourjob in trying to bring this community together to heat it after this trauma ? from the hotel here to another hotel this community together to heat it after this trauma? i think it is really important that people focus across the road, they waited there on what got us through our for people to pick them up. it is clearly a very distressing scene, experience of the earthquakes, which is neighbours came together in the paramedics say that although they are trained for incidents like support of each other, communities this, there is a limit to how came together and supported each compared you can be whenever you are other. i think that is going to be faced with such a scene such as last really important too. there is an expression, and i presume it is night. assistant chief constable universal, you start the day when mark hamilton, one of the most senior officers in the police you meet somebody, you greet them with the words how are you? that has service of northern ireland, was visibly quite upset when he gave got really special meaning, and i that news conference here a couple of hours ago. the investigation will continue. the hotel still cordoned think what it's really important is when you say to somebody how are off, there is a police car in front you, then you have got to stop and off, there is a police car in front of the entrance here and in the grounds, the police have set up a listen for the answer. because some mobile police station. officers have people will be doing this very hard,
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been coming and going throughout the especially in the wake of our previous experience, and we need to morning, there has been a paramedic on site as well until quite be there to support people when the recently. for now the priority for a nswer be there to support people when the answer comes that they are looking for help. the mayor of christchurch. the police is to try to establish exactly the circumstances of what the new zealand government says it led to the deaths of these three will announce new gun laws within days. young people. a fourth teenager was still being treated in hospital for injuries but not believed to be we are joined now from auckland life—threatening. by chelsea daniels, injuries but not believed to be life-threatening. thank you for the who is a reporterfor update. a new zealand radio new zealand's prime ministerjacinda station. ardern says her cabinet has reached thank you. i know it is late a decision in principle on changing the country's gun laws, following friday's mass shooting thank you. i know it is [ate there. the arms dealer who supplied guns to at two mosques which left 50 people dead. hundreds of students have come the killer says he feels no together in christchurch to pay tribute to those responsibility for the tragedy. yes, who lost their lives. our correspondent rupert a london press conference today, 45 wingfield—hayes has more. minutes, but the owner of gun city, at the cashmere high school in christchurch, it has been a grim where the perpetrator bought four of return to class today. his weapons, legally. that you are two children from this school are among the dead from friday's right, he says he has no attacks on the city's mosques. responsibility because everything that he did was buy the books. and one is 16—year—old hamza mustafa. his family fled the war
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in syria, they arrived that he did was buy the books. and that really highlights the point here in christchurch only last year. that really highlights the point that the prime and it is making, that the prime and it is making, that the prime and it is making, that the books need to change and principal mark wilson has spent she has the unanimous support of her the morning helping his students understand what has happened. cabinet. is she giving any signal of this is not an act of nature. what that change might look like? in particular, this is an act of, you know, human hatred what we are expecting it to look and ignorance and aggression. like would be the ban of semiautomatic weapons. she says that and i think that does mean that the nature of what we are dealing she expects reform in a minimum of with is sometimes actually harder to comprehend and harder ten days before the cabinet sits to actually understand, that someone could actually do again. she mentions that there is and behave in this way. as schools broke up this afternoon, cross— party again. she mentions that there is cross—party support, which is hundreds and hundreds of students incredible, given that new zealand from across the city gathered first has been against these kinds in a park opposite the al noor of reforms in the past, and they are mosque, where the first rumpled with these ones. she has attack took place. after a horrific event, said that she will reveal them in it is great to see that we are not ten days and she has announced a turning to hatred, we are not review into the security agencies turning to darkness, but we are after the shootings, and what can be done there to better control those. uniting for love and peace. as we learn more about the victims of this terrible crime, and i suppose, looking at the we found that they age from 77 context, one of the reasons why new to just three years old. zealand has relatively relaxed gun laws compared to other countries is
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they came from bangladesh and pakistan, egypt and somalia. some were even recent refugees because it simply hasn't had this from the war in syria, kind of problem before? that is and they all chose to come exactly right. it is interesting to here to christchurch for the very reason that it is so safe. note as well, the massacre in the city's students lit candles to represent light overcoming darkness, tasmania, in australia, 1996, there love overcoming hate. once again, christchurch is showing we re tasmania, in australia, 1996, there were massive gun reforms there, the the world it will not be defined banner semiautomatic weapons and an by horrific crimes committed here on friday. introduction of a gun registry. and rupert wingfield—hayes, bbc news. new zealand was at the table at those talks and decided not to go earlier today christchurch students sang and hugged muslim religious leaders in a show with it, along with the states and of solidarity after friday's mass shootings. territories in australia. that was members of the community will gather 22, 23 yea rs at vigils held all around territories in australia. that was 22,23 years ago, and some experts are saying that was a fatal mistake the country this week, including in the cities and they should have just gone along of auckland and wellington. with our australian neighbours and our correspondent phil mercer gone ahead with those reforms back is in christchurch. then, but i suppose now we might see them in ten days. chelsea, thank you it is getting late so much forjoining us. now let's it is getting [ate there, tell us what's going on. 10pm here, in
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christchurch. and still the people come to pay their respects here at see what has caught your attention on the bbc news website. the top the botanic garden. they have been coming here for the better part of story is the three teenagers dead three days to lay flowers, to light after the hotel disco crush, which candles and to read the cards of remembrance of the victims. very is also our lead story. we will come ha rd to remembrance of the victims. very hard to sum up in a few words how back to that second story, the thousands of people feel, but safe meteor explosion, in a moment, but to say having spoken to quite a few first travelodge story, which is at people here this evening, there's a number three on the list. that is a sense of disbelief, a sense of story about the budget hotel chain, dismay and disgust. and also this which is targeting parents who might grim realisation that new zealand, wa nt to which is targeting parents who might want to return to work to fill a once upon a time a small country potential post—brexit staffing gap, perched at the bottom of the world as they put it. the story goes on to far away from the world's trouble point out that stuff from the eu spots, has no longer been immune currently make up nearly a quarter from the extremist atrocities that of alljobs in the hospitality we associate with other parts of the sector in the uk, and travelodge is world. all of these different saying that they hope to attract pa rents saying that they hope to attract parents by offering flexible hours emotions coming together here tonight. i would and school our roles for their 100 emotions coming together here tonight. iwould be emotions coming together here tonight. i would be pretty safe in saying that the emotions felt here
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in christchurch are being felt right around the country. police have been new hotels, if eu worker numbers saying that the killer used military fall. and i were most watched videos on the website now. the number one style assault weapons, modified to make the more deadly, and that is all currently illegal. that's something the prime minister has story is the elite russian troops been talking about today? —— it is during the 2014 crimea annexation. all currently legal. right from the the story here is really about the word go, prime ministerjacinda russian team for the bbc and their ardern said that new zealand? gun laws are needed to be strengthened and she seems to be pursuing that. effo rts russian team for the bbc and their efforts during the annexation five yea rs efforts during the annexation five years ago to establish whether russian troops really were involved there was a cabinet meeting today, or not. it is actually a fascinating piece and well worth a look about she has promised there will be reform of the gun laws, we will know the not so little green men, as they details in the next seven to ten we re the not so little green men, as they were called, including a moment when days. perhaps semiautomatic weapons will be outlawed. as it stands, you the bbc‘s russian reporters were ca ptu red the bbc‘s russian reporters were captured for some time by those have to be 16 to own a gun in new forces, and that allowed them close zealand, if you want a military access, and an opportunity to gauge style semiautomatic weapon, you have exactly who they were. take a look to be 18. all gun owners are at that if you have got time. let's licensed but for the most part,
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individual guns do not have to be go back to this story which was on registered. the police in the the most red list, about the meteor. country believe that there are far too many guns and they don't know how many there are. they are in nasa has discovered that a huge fireball exploded support of the prime ministers plans in the earth's atmosphere in december last year. the meteor blast was the second largest to beef up the gun laws stop. the of its kind in 30 years, and the biggest since the fireball over chelyabinsk other issue has been the sharing of in russia six years ago. it went largely unnoticed the footage, the government warned until now, because it blew up people not to share the streamed over the bering sea, off russia's kamchatka peninsula. footage that the killer picked out the space rock exploded with 10 and we have seen one young man in times the energy released by the hiroshima atomic bomb. court because my 18 years of age, he has been remanded in custody until early april. he faces a fairly stiff jail term if he is found guilty. he dick dale, the american guitarist credited with pioneering the sound of surf rock, has died is charged with disseminating that video that the gunmen live streamed at the age of 81. from a camera mounted on his helmet on social media. the prime minister yesterday addressed that in a media conference, saying that she would be speaking to facebook and in the dale was known best words of the prime minister, the for the 1962 high—octane
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media giant would have questions to version of the greek folk classic misirlou, which had answer. this story is still a resurgence in popularity as the opening song to the film pulp fiction. dale incorporated influences developing, we have information from his lebanese heritage tonight that are still 31 people are into his music, which often featured in hospital being treated for rapid guitar—string picking and heavy reverberation. gunshot wounds. nine of those are in intensive care, in a critical now the oysters were mentioned in condition. we understand a four—year—old girl who was taken by the headlines. scientists in yorkshire have come up with a creative way plane to auckland for medical to tackle problems with water quality in the humber estuary. the yorkshire wildlife trust has treatment is in a critical re—located hundreds of oysters from a loch in scotland in the hope condition. a very concerning and it will introduce more marine life into the area. thatis condition. a very concerning and that is several days on, our paul murphy has this report. thoughts are with them. turning to at the mouth of the humber, the wider discussion is something which has been reflected on globally is the question of islamophobia, the conservationists are building what they hope will be question of whether the far right a des res for oysters. shellfish were plentiful and the radical islamists are a here until the 1950s but demand for the dining delicacy led to overfishing mirror image of each other, these and near extinction. are wider questions and the use of now they are being sought for their environmental benefits. it is one of those species where it social media to spread hate creates habitat and it can be messages, all of these things
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discussed endlessly around the the first species in there world, are they being discussed also in new zealand? they will be part of to colonise and establish an area. an official inquiry that the prime minister said will begin, we're not and it is the oysters of loch ryan quite sure of its terms of in south—west scotland that scientists have their eye on. reference, who will do it all when they have been given it will start but the prime minister special permission to did say that all of the agencies relocate several hundred. there is nothing more natural than involved in responding to these atrocities would be examined in terms of what they knew about the an oyster in the sea. individual alleged to have the team from yorkshire need to get these creatures down to the humber perpetrated these atrocities, his background, his use of social media, as quickly as possible. loch ryan is one of the last places his access to weapons. this is in the uk where you can actually get native and natural oysters referring to the main suspect in and there are enough of them that we can take some this case, brenton tarrant, 28 years and bring them back to this site to establish them. of age from australia, and six hours and 200 miles later australian authorities are part of they arrive on the humber this investigation. counterterrorism ready for their new home. i think it is fantastic. it is innovative and has teams from australia raided two properties in the northern part of not been done before. the state of new south wales where oysters are amazing and they improve water quality. brenton tarrant grew up. we it will create an ecosystem that we do not have. understand two properties were
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raided, possibly belonging to relatives of the suspect. also the placed in facts and attached australian national security committee meeting today to discuss to metal frames they will be covered by the tide in a few hours and begin the rise of far right to feed again. anti—immigration sentiment online. this scheme is part of a bigger plan this is an investigation which has to give nature in this area more of an international edge. thank you for a chance. this underwater robotic all of that. two people have been arrested camera will eventually be used to after a woman was stabbed to death monitor the sea bed in the hope that in greater manchester. the body of the victim, believed to be the oysters have encouraged other in her 40s, was found at a house marine life into the area. a single in leigh, yesterday evening. a 39—year—old man has been arrested aduu marine life into the area. a single on suspicion of murder adult oyster will filter 100 litres and a 37—year—old woman has been arrested on suspicion of water. if you have a big oyster of assisting an offender. reef and some i like the humber, it police in surrey are continuing will have an impact on the clarity of the water in the humber, which to question a 50—year—old man about the stabbing of a teenager would be fantastic. it would be in stanwell on saturday night. lovely to see the humber go back to officers said the attack had the hallmarks of a terrorist attack being something that it was 200 inspired by the far right. yea rs being something that it was 200 years ago, before industrialisation. the victim suffered non—fatal it will be many months before injuries after being struck scientists can assess the full by a man armed with a baseball impact of this project on the surrounding environment. it is hoped that a creature that once existed in
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bat and knife. huge numbers here has now begun its comeback. paul murphy, bbc news, on the humber estuary. it's 9.15am. the headlines on bbc news. police confirm three teenagers have died following a crush at a st patrick's day party, at a hotel in cookstown in county tyrone. new zealand's prime minister says her government will move that's it for quickly to toughen the country's gun today's morning briefing. laws following the deadly attack now the sport and a full round—up on mosques in christchurch. with sally. thank you. we are theresa may will make fresh attempts talking about rory mcilroy. to win over conservative and dup mps mps to her brexit deal, he's won the player's championship in florida, his first win in a year believe but former foreign secretary boris it or not. the tournament's also a really good it would be absurd to hold a third indicator of form ahead vote before attempting of the first major of the year — further talks with the eu. the masters — which starts next month. claire thornton reports. rory mcilroy overcame an early double bogey and fought back in rory mcilroy has won his first style to card two under par 70 to competition in a year. he finished eight shots clear of the players become the first northern irish golfer to win the player's championship in florida. always seen championship. jim furyk was the asa clubhouse lead after a birdie at the championship in florida. always seen as a good indicator of form against final hole, so rory mcilroy knew the masters next month. what he had to do as he played the livable back on the premier league top, a late penalty from james final three. he used his strength to
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milner to beat fulham. —— liverpool. reach the par 5/16 in two shots and a tap in birdie gave him the lead. mcilroy safely negotiated the final two holes with tap in putt to clinch m illwa ll milner to beat fulham. —— liverpool. millwall were on the verge of an fa the most prestigious tournament cup semifinal after this took their outside the four majors. that means final two extra time, brighton then everything. this was one of the w011 final two extra time, brighton then tournament that i desperately wanted won on penalties. tournament that i desperately wanted to win and get on my cv. as you said, it is the toughest tournament to win, with the deepest field in the world will stop on one of the theresa may is hoping to persuade conservative rebels and the dup most iconic golf courses in the to back her brexit deal before holding a third vote world. there are some unbelievable in the house of commons. names on this trophy and i am very the prime minister will only do honoured and proud to put my name so if she's confident of a win, but writing in the daily telegraph, among them. the win couldn't come at the former foreign secretary, among them. the win couldn't come at a better time for rory mcilroy as he borisjohnson said it would be heads to the masses next month, "absurd" to hold a vote before hoping to finally get its hands on further negotiations with eu the green jacket, the only major leaders on thursday. missing from his collection. well, a short while ago, speaking from brussels, the foreign secretaryjeremy hunt said that he hoped there would be thornton, bbc news. a vote tomorrow on the deal. mcilroy back in form then, and a couple of sporting greats taking to social media
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to congratulate him. i think there are some cautious signs of encouragement. we have got legendary golferjack nicholas recalls a conversation he had with people like matthew elliott, who led him about patients, which he said rory used this weekend. fellow pro the vote leave campaign, esther mcvey, norman lamont, strong critics of the deal who now say they will support it. there is more work to do. the risk of no deal, as far as justin says rory mcilroy silenced a lot of people with that win. the uk parliament has concerned, has they had a big old scare at fulham, receded somewhat but the risk of but liverpool are back top brexit paralyses has not. that is not what people at home want, they of the premier league. wa nt not what people at home want, they want this deal to be sorted, they they were 1—0 up when virgil wa nt want this deal to be sorted, they want us to get on and leave the eu van dyke and allison — two of their best players this in accordance with the referendum season — got themselves mixed up result so we will be redoubling our to let ryan babel equalise. but they were given a late effo rts result so we will be redoubling our efforts this week. will the penalty, and up stepped meaningful vote happen tomorrow? we mr reliable james milner to help liverpool over the line. bossjurgen klopp happy with the way hope, but we need to be confident we will get the numbers. so a huge amount of work is going on with his side held their nerve. collea g u es amount of work is going on with colleagues with the dup, and also to the conservative party. we are going stand by for one of the biggest to be doing everything we possibly goalkeeping howlers can because this is what people you're likely to see. millwall were 2—1 up voted for and this is what we are
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committed to delivering. in the 95th minute our assistant political editor of their fa cup quarter final norman smith is in westminster. against brighton and then this happened. the foreign secretary says there is spare a thought for more work to do. certainly, even if keeper david martin. that sent the tie to extra time, you look at the numbers, mrs may has and it was brighton who came out got to turn around 75 mps, an awful on top to reach their first fa cup semi—final in 35 years lot. she was on the blower over the where they'll play man city. weekend speaking to recalcitrant it's watford against tory mps, i'm told there was not a wolves in the other semi. huge shift, many seem to take the view that she didn't have anything we had the draw for the semi—finals new to say. albeit, there have been of the fa cup on bbc breakfast this morning. a few significant figures who have moved, esther mcvey announcing she the women's draw. will now come on board. elsewhere, holders chelsea have been drawn away to women's super league leaders in some ways, it got a little bit manchester city in a repeat of last season's semi—final. in the other tie reading — harder, i think, for mrs may. people in the last four for the first time — host west ham united. seem harder, i think, for mrs may. people seem to be digging in and impart thatis the games will be played on sunday seem to be digging in and impart that is because of the newspaper 14th april, with the final article she yesterday in the sunday to be held at wembley telegraph which seems to have on saturday 4th may. backfired. that's because of this phrase. let me give you what she all available to see on the bbc. said. we can only put these labels, ready for a bit of magic from lionel messi?
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remain and brexiteer, these labels this is barcelona v real betis in spain's la liga. messi already had a couple of goals, aside if we stand together as and decided he wanted a hat—trick. democrats and patriots. a number of and he did it with this absolutely brilliant chip. that is the home fans standing up to brexiteers are incandescent at the applaud him, even though their team suggestion that voting against the deal is unpatriotic. they are pretty was losing 4—1. it looks even more glorious in slow motion. no chance fixed on voting against mrs may's of getting that. deal as a result come what may. some of the key figures who are looking lovely story from the tennis to see what they do, they too seem at indian wells in the us. to see what they do, they too seem this is bianca andreescu, to the holding firm. dominic rob and an 18—year—old wildcard, beating the wimbledon champion borisjohnson, to the holding firm. dominic rob and boris johnson, writing to the holding firm. dominic rob and borisjohnson, writing as usual in colourful language in the daily angelique kerber in the final. telegraph. he accused the government she takes home the winner's cheque of around £1 million pounds, that's more than she has won of being willing to collaborate in in her entire career. let's have a look at some of this the final sabotage of brexit. some morning's back pages. folk around mrs may have accused the lots of football around. likes of boris johnson folk around mrs may have accused the likes of borisjohnson and dominic the times reckons that the england
9:20 am
firm to fuel their own leadership head coach eddiejones is going ambitions. a bit of better news with to bring in a new psychologist to help them with their mentality the dup. they must have something to ahead of the world cup. lots of question marks after that extraordinary draw with scotland on saturday. talk about, one figure said that the the mirror goes with talks were encouraging. david klopp's heavy metal after liverpool trimble, one of the architects of went back to the top of the premier league the good friday agreement, this and the telegraph launch morning coming out in favour of the their new women's sport section this morning. deal saying many of the reassurances they've got a feature interview with sprinter dina asher—smith to kick it all off. mrs may had got were good enough. he just time to mark your card for sportsday. all the day's sports news on the bbc said the government had secured news channel at 6:30 tonight. substantive changes that will affect and limit the impact of the irish thank you, sally. such a joy and a lovely break from the rest of the backstop. the hope in team may if news agenda. they can get the dup on board, more one of britain s most brexiteers will come on board. all controversial landlords is selling all his properties and evicting of which said, there is still a hundreds of tenants. fergus wilson, who has refused to rent his houses to people on zero hours contracts, sizeable clutch of brexiteer is who, single parents, and those on benefits, says he s retiring, even and everything must go. sizeable clutch of brexiteer is who, evenif sizeable clutch of brexiteer is who, even if the dup say it is fine, will charities say his career highlights the disproportionate power not back the deal. among them john private landlords have. richard bilton reports.
9:21 am
redwood. he says he'll make millions. third quite a numbershare quite a number share my overall concerns that we do not need this and final time at £200,000, i'm kind of biding treaty putting this selling. it's yours, sir. fergus under the european court ofjustice, wilson and his wifejudith own it is the opposite of leave, it is a around 300 properties across kent. delay and stay in agreement. in the they were offering 195. i've said last few minutes, jacob rees—mogg, a no. he is going back, and i said if pivotalfigure in this last few minutes, jacob rees—mogg, a pivotal figure in this whole debate about brexit, has been on lbc, and they go over 200, we would consider striking a bit more of an equivocal it. it would have to be 200. street tone, suggesting that the mrs may's by street, their empire is being deal at least gets us out of the eu sold off. good morning, mr wilson. and interestingly, suggesting much will depend on what the dup do. so good morning to you. we are going to have to sell up. it is terrible for there is still an awfully long way people such as yourself. fergus to go before mrs may can feel wa nts to people such as yourself. fergus wants to sell properties to buyers confident that when she comes back who will retain the tenants but some for a third crack at it, she's going will be affected and for a landlord, to be able to get this deal through. thatis will be affected and for a landlord, that is not a difficult process. —— probably the most contentious issue evicted. basically we have two types
9:22 am
in the negotiations, how to maintain of te na nts, evicted. basically we have two types of tenants, those who agree with me an open border on the island of ireland ? and former tenants. most tenants are this month, geeta guru—murthy on six and 12 months contract, and is on the road, finding out how brexit affects different parts of the uk. once they are up, a landlord can she's been to the northern irish evict them with no reason with just border to understand the role the frontier plays in people's lives. the st patrick's day parade two months notice. helen lives on a in newry, a small town street where fergus owns all the in northern ireland on the border with the south, with people used houses. our life depends on whether to crossing it all the time. they sell or whether they stay and we have no say in it whatsoever, no a hard border would disrupt the current ease of daily life and people's jobs. security. just across the road, it wasn't always like this. wayne and charlotte have already the memory of the violent past been given an eviction notice. they is still fresh in the minds of many. complained about a rent rise. they they fear customs checks we re complained about a rent rise. they were happy to pay so long as some could become a target needing police and then military protection, minor repairs were made but fergus escalating to the dark days of the past. said that the section 21 eviction i cross the border, yeah, notice. how did that make you feel? the company i work for, we would have a lot of staff cross really angry. why? because we were the border as well. so there's that uncertainty, is brexit going to impact that as well? it will be very difficult, planning to live here for a few especially for younger people, yea rs planning to live here for a few years and save up enough for a for the last 30 years they've had mortgage. but now we are moving the freedom of walking again. it has put us back. they said backwards and forwards.
9:23 am
and we could start to have to you, we don't mind paying the checkpoints on the border. rent but can you do these repairs? i mean up there, a mile up the road, and then you booted them out. you had the army permanently there. section 21, and they were gone. that isa section 21, and they were gone. that is a revenge eviction, isn't it? no. to be stopped by men holding guns and opening a window and explaining i gave section 21 because from years of experience, if people complain what you're doing and them looking about a rent increase one year, they into your boot, and you trying to understand what's going on, complain again the following year it's not something that and the year after that. section 21 i want my daughter and son to be brought into. so we all need to work together allows you to be pretty brutal, to make that not happen. doesn't it? yes, i suppose the if there's going to be customs, it could probably be back truthful answer is yes, i can do to the soldiers and that starting again, checking your cars, what i liked. you don't want me to checking you every time you leave. lie about it and dress it up, do so you're going to be you? no, but it is difficult if you constantly be worrying about soldiers all the time. so you're not really going to, area you? no, but it is difficult if you are a tenant. you can do what you people from england don't understand really what it's like to live here. like. landlord rules, not the you need to look at a map tenant. the wilsons are heading into to even realise that this retirement but the power of private is an international border between northern ireland and the republic in the south. landlords remains crucial issue. 10 million people rely on them for a if brexit happens, it will be part of the only [and border roof over their head. richard between the uk and the eu. belton, bbc news, kent. at present, apart from a few signs about where to change your money,
9:24 am
there's very little evidence of any border at all. you can see panorama: britain s most it is completely open and free—flowing. controversial landlord tonight at 8.30pm on bbc one. you can also catch up across to the east coast fishing town of kilkeel, on the bbc iplayer. many fishermen voted for brexit companies such as facebook, but now there is frustration. twitter and instagram should fund the deal that theresa may research into the impact of social is proposing at the present media on young people's mental minute in time is that, health, according to mps. a half brexit, the way the cross party group says companies have been operating in a lawless i understand it. online wild west. so that the southern, dominic hughes reports. the eu government can dictate the impact that social media can have on the mental health of young the law and we will not have a say in it, as such, it will be proxy people is up for debate. so far government, or a proxy state if that there is no clear link between would be the right word. screen use and mental health trying to avoid a hard border, problems, but while many agree that the other way that europe can digital technologies can be a force protect its single market is to put for good, today's report by a group more checks between northern ireland and the rest of the uk. of mps is a social media companies effectively across the irish sea. have been allowed to operate in what is described as an online wild west. the complexities of avoiding all these choices is partly what has the mps want a levy on the profits made brexit so difficult. geeta guru murthy, bbc of social media companies to fund news, northern ireland. research and education, and for a duty of care to be established for all uk social media users under the
9:25 am
we will talk to geeta later on. age of 24. their report calls for research into whether heavy social media use is a cause or and effect the family of a man stabbed to death on a train in surrey, of poor mental health. one of the has told the bbc the recent rise strengths of the report is that it in knife crime is a national crisis. lee pomeroy died injanuary, talks also about the really positive after being stabbed repeatedly effects of social media, and there during a journey from guildford to london. are many of those. but we know from his sisters are calling for much longer jail sentences for people caught carrying or using knives. the public polling that we did they ve been talking to our around the report that 80% of the correspondent, nikki mitchell. public feel that social media giants lee pomeroy had got on a train at guildford's london road station. within minutes of boarding, need to be regulated. this report will add to the growing debate about he had been stabbed nine times the impact, both positive and by another passenger. negative, that social media can have he died on the train on mental health. that debate will at horsley station. it was the day before move on when the department for his 52nd birthday. culture, media and sport in england we are absolutely heartbroken. brings forward its own proposals our family has been within the next few weeks. dominic destroyed by this. hughes, bbc news. now time for the changed forever. loving father, loving husband, weather with simon. thank you. we loving son and loving brother. saw a lot of rainfall over the really cared about people, and very generous. weekend. in some parts still half
9:26 am
and speaking on behalf the average rainfall we would expect of lee's wife, lana, she is now traumatised because her husband went to see in march. this week is off on a train one day and didn't come back. if this can happen to a 51—year—old looking drier, more settled with man just going about his business lighter winds and turning milder by on a train in the middle of the day, midweek. there is still some rain in this terrifies me. the forecast and this morning it is because if it can happen to him, across western areas in the uk. it it can happen to anybody. will turn right and patchy as we go we don't want that through the afternoon, moving for one more person. gradually eased, with the best of and it is a crisis, a national crisis at the moment. the sunshine and the brighter weather across eastern scotland, so enough is enough. with maybe a couple of showers in court last month, darren pencil pleaded not guilty cropping up here. maximum temperature is nine to 11 degrees. to the murder of lee pomeroy, and not guilty of possessing the cloud pushes to the east overnight with the odd shower an offensive weapon. he is due to stand trial injune along with chelsea mitchell, overnight. more cloud compared to who has denied a charge last night so not as cold with of assisting an offender. temperatures staying up to three or so how old was lee in that one? must have been about three. 607. a couple of spots getting close in memory of lee, the family to freezing. —— three or six or is backing long prison sentences for people convicted of knife crime. seven. to freezing. —— three or six or so many people have signed it, seven. we have high pressure in the
9:27 am
it is due to be debated south—west. this weak weather front in parliament next monday. is moving east gradually and bringing a bit of cloud for tuesday. eurostar passengers have been told some rain, particularly to the north only to travel from paris and west of scotland, but otherwise to london "if absolutely necessary." services have been hit dry on tuesday. mostly cloudy, but by delays and long queues, due to industrial action some brighter and sunnier spells by french customs officers. trying to break through. the company says tickets can be temperatures edging up slightly to changed or refunded. 12 to 14. the warm front will two subway trains have collided in hong kong, continue to move east. behind it, halting services and causing disruption for millions this big warm sector, we call it. of commuters. the accident occured bringing mild airfrom the while a new signal system was being tested. this big warm sector, we call it. bringing mild air from the south. this big warm sector, we call it. bringing mild airfrom the south. in the far north of scotland, we are on there were no passengers on board, the far north of scotland, we are on the cold side of that weather front, althrough both drivers were taken to hospital. so cooler across northern scotland the collision occured and sunshine elsewhere. in central between the central and admiralty stations early on monday morning, before the service was open to the public. scotla nd and sunshine elsewhere. in central scotland there could be cloud and in a moment the weather but first patchy rain. across england and let's join victoria derbyshire to find out what she's got coming up wales, bright spells developing, that temperatures getting up to 15 in her programme at 10am. or 17 with spring warmth. in the far in. north, ten to 12 degrees. enter the
9:28 am
rest of the week, this area of high good morning. figures from the national crime agency show that the pressure is dominating things to the south. a few weather fronts brushing number of potential trafficking and off western areas. that will continue to bring cloud and some modern slavery victims reported by rain to the north west of scotland. authorities has risen by over a third a year. we spoke to one woman generally speaking it is dry, quite who had to use —— had to wait two cloudy, with temperatures 14 to 16 degrees. and half years to hear if she would be treated as a traffic dictum, it is supposed to be 45 days. —— trafficking victim. more of the 10am. good morning. it has been a chilly start for some of us in the east this morning, a bit of an east—west split in the weather generally. for eastern areas, some dry weather, sunshine, after the chilly start but the cloud will build in from the west. you can see already in the west. you can see already in the west it is fairly cloudy, patchy rain and drizzle which is moving
9:29 am
eastward through the day. it will turn more showery in the east, not all of us will see some of this. temperature are more or less bang on where they should be at this stage in march. tonight another cloudy night, the odd spot of rain here and there. where the cloud remains broken for long enough, patchy rain in some part of the east, hill fog in the west. localised frost, not as cold as the nightjust gone. tomorrow cloudy day for most of us, brighter breaks and sunny intervals. two bands of rain crossing scotland, noticeably windy. temperatures at the touch on today. —— up a touch on today.
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