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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  March 18, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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it is 5:31pm here on bbc news at a dramatic twist — as the prime minister's told five. the headlines: there'll be no new vote the speaker of the house of commons on her brexit deal in says the prime minister cannot ask parliament unless there are substantial changes. cannot ask mps to vote on her brexit the speaker of the house today at 5, the prime minister deal again unless there will not be allowed to bring her are substantial changes to it. of the commons took downing street brexit deal back to the house what the government cannot by surprise, announcing that rules of commons, unless there legitimately do is to resubmit mean the same deal cannot be are substantial changes to it. put before mps twice. to the house the same proposition, the speaker tells mps that or substantially the same he's based his ruling what the government cannot on parliamentary precedent, proposition, as that of last week, and will consider legitimately do is to resubmit to each case on merit. the house the same proposition, or which was rejected by 149 votes. what the government cannot substantially the same proposition legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition, as that of last week. or substantially the same proposition, as that of last week, which was rejected by 149 votes. in the last few minutes, reports theresa may wanted to try her luck from dutch state television that a in parliament again. but with the gunman has been arrested in utrecht speaker saying no, one government minister says this is now a we'll be asking what this means following a shooting on a tram in constitutional crisis. for the prime minister's deal, which three people were killed. with less than two weeks and its chances of success, to go until we're due and we'll get reaction police confirm three teenagers died to leave the european union, from brussels. we'll be asking what it last night in a crush outside the other main stories a st patrick's day party at a hotel all means for brexit. in county tyrone. on bbc news at 5. and new zealand's prime minister dutch police are hunting says she'll announce for a gunman, who opened fire new gun laws within days on a tram in utrecht, following the attacks on two mosques killing three people in which 50 people died. and injuring five others.
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police warn people not to approach this 37—year—old turkish—born man, after the incident, which they say let's catch up with all the day's could be a terrorist attack. police confirm three teenagers died last night in a crush outside sports news, and go straight over to a st patrick's day party at a hotel say hello to holly. hello, huw. in county tyrone. and new zealand's prime minister says she'll announce britain's richest man new gun laws within days, sirjim ratcliffe is expected to step in to secure the future following the attacks on two mosques of the british cycling team in which 50 people died. which has enjoyed tremendous success since its launch nine years ago. ever since the broadcaster announced it would be withdrawing its backing from the british cycling team at the end of the season, they've been seeking a new principal partner. sir dave brailsford has been involved in discussions with the petrochemicals billionaire for several weeks — its expected the team will be renamed team ineos it's 5 o'clock. after the company he owns. so who is sirjim ratcliffe? our main story is the latest dramatic twist in the brexit process, following a ruling he's 66 years old and the chairman by the speaker of the house and ceo of chemicals company ineos, of commons, john bercow. born in manchester. a short while ago, he told mps he's currently britain's that he would not allow richest man, worth approximately £21 billion. the government to hold a vote on essentially the brexit deal that's already been
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a keen sailor, he's also defeated in parliament. invested £110 million it presents the prime minister in ben ainslie's americas cup team with a potentially significant obstacle, as she tries to gather and will fund the biggest more support for the budget in the sport, withdrawal agreement she's in excess of £30 million a year. negotiated with the eu. there is no certainty that the prime minister team sky are competing will try to hold another vote, before she attends at the tirreno adriatico — the european summit on thursday. one of the early season stage races in italy but it's a briton the uk is due to leave on a different team — adam yates — the european union in 11 days' time. this is what the speaker had to say. who continues to lead the way. the sixth stage intojesi was one for the sprinters with julian alaphillipe taking if the government wishes to bring the spoils on the line. yates finished in the main bunch forward a new proposition that is to preserve his 25 second lead over primoz roglic ahead of the final neither the same nor substantially time trial tomorrow. the same as that disposed of by the tributes will be paid to the victims house on 12th march, this would be of the christchurch shootings before entirely in order. what the england's euro 2020 qualifier with the czech republic government cannot legitimately do is at wembley on friday. the premier league, english football league and football association were accused of "double to resubmit to the house the same standards" for not marking the attack over the weekend, which killed 50 people. proposition, or substantially the
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the fa said in a statement same proposition, as that of last they will remember everyone week which was rejected by 149 affected by the events. he's yet to start in votes. that was the speaker in the the premier league and he's not even played for england's under 21s yet, house of commons, just a short but chelsea midfielder section of a much longer ruling callum hudson—odoi has been promoted which was delivered to mps. we have to the full england squad ahead of their euro qualifiers had some response from government with czech republic and montnegro. he's been mainly used in cup in the past few minutes, the solicitor general robert buckland — competitions by chelsea who's the attorney general‘s deputy — has been speaking to our political editor laura this season and joins james ward—prowse as late inclusions kueenssberg. into gareth southgate's squad. the speaker has made a very the 18—year—old said important ruling, which is binding, he thought his manager wasjoking when he told him. and he has decided to invoke manchester united defender luke shaw has withdrawn precedent from many years ago but which he still regards as binding, from the squad through injury. which he still regards as binding, which is that if the motion is the meanwhile chelsea have same or substantially the same, that confirmed hudson—odoi was the subject of racial abuse is something he will not entertain. in their europa league tie with dynamo kiev last week. that means the meaningful vote has it happened in the final moments hit another obstacle. what do you of their second leg, a match they won 5—0. having reported the incident uefa make of that? one of your colleagues the club say they're expecting has said that he is breaking the the governing body to conduct constitution and trying to get between what the government is trying to achieve and what a full investigation. parliament might vote on? we are in
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a major constitutional and political crisis year that we want to try to that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those solve for the country. the prime stories on the bbc sport website. minister is doing everything she can that's to try to break that impasse. the chris mitchell will have a full ruling as the ruling and it is binding. isimply round—up for you in sports day at ruling as the ruling and it is binding. i simply ask the question, half past six. goodbye from me. what can parliament now do to help holly, thank you very much. let me end the uncertainty, and you will have to put all our thinking caps on just bring you up—to—date with the reports that we are now getting from and come up with some quick answers. some of the dutch media, nos, the but if the speaker is basically saying, there are cannot be another dutch national broadcaster, vote, is he going beyond his remit? reporting that the suspect in the shooting in utrecht in which three people were killed, and other people i think the speaker has made his we re people were killed, and other people were injured, the shooting that took place on the tram, a turkish born name for being interventionist and innovative in many ways and i don't man has been named as the suspect. think it is productive for me as a according to dutch media, the member of parliament to start pointing fingers. i think the british public want answers and this suspect has been arrested. let me has given us a lot to think about in tell you what the latest is. dutch the immediate term. there are ways police are now saying that they have
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around this, he prorogation of parliament in a new setting, but we arrested the suspect, and they are are now talking about notjust days but hours until 29th march and saying that the suspect, who was frankly we could have done without named earlier, the 37—year—old this. it is something we have to turkish born man, that he is now in negotiate with and the deal with and iam sure negotiate with and the deal with and i am sure the european council are probably watching and listening to this as well, and this actually places an onus on them as well to custody having been arrested. i will come up with some potential bring you more on that as soon as we solutions that can allow the have it. but this ties in with what government to bring a new motion we we re have it. but this ties in with what we were saying earlier about an down which addresses the concerns extensive search being under way, that have been addressed across the and the terror level being raised to and the terror level being raised to house. the speaker hasjust thrown a an unprecedented five in the utrecht province, which reflects the fact giant spanner in the works. in that this man was still on the run. lehmans language... frankly, the but police are now saying that he has been arrested in the past few minutes. the time is 5:37pm. indication of precedent has huge reverberations for the process. i don't think it was a secret that the the terrorist attack in new zealand, government was considering its position this week about a third belived to have been carried out by a right—wing extremist, meaningful vote. now we have this has focused attention on the threat ruling to deal with, it is clearly posed around the world by far—right ideology. in the uk, the head going to require a lot of very fast of the commission for countering but deep thought in the hours ahead. extremism, sara khan,
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has said the problem is increasing, and even children aged five that was robert buckland, the and six are affected. solicitor general. really making no responding to an urgent question secret of the fact he was slightly in the house of commons this afternoon on far—right violence and online extremism, taken aback by the speaker's ruling the security minister ben wallace said the attack in christchurch that it does indeed present the should be a wake—up call government with a pretty high level for social media firms. of challenge now if it does now try social media platforms should be to bring back that do that theresa ashamed that they have enabled a may has negotiated for what would terrorist to live stream this evil have been a third time, a third massacre and spread this mantra of meaningful vote. in a moment we'll get hate to the whole world. as the home the view from our brussels correspondent adam fleming, secretary has made clear, enough is first to westminster and our chief political correspondent vicki young. enough. we have been clear that tech companies need to act more quickly that was quite, let's say, quite an to re m ove companies need to act more quickly to remove terrorist content and intervention. it was. ithink ultimately prevent new content being made available to users in the first that was quite, let's say, quite an intervention. it was. i think the moment the speaker said he was going to make a statement some thought it place. this must be a wake—up call was going to be about this because for them to do more. there can be no there had been warning signs. people safe s pa ces for them to do more. there can be no safe spaces for terrorists to promote and share their sick views. knew the rules, you cannot keep bringing back the same thing over and over again bringing back the same thing over and overagain and bringing back the same thing over and over again and getting the security minister there. let's parliament to rule on it. it doesn't go live to central london and talk stop theresa may going to the eu to matthew collins, head of research council on thursday and asking for at the antiracism group hope not an extension, a delay to brexit,
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that can still happen, and as we heard, the government was considering another vote but it was hate. how do you work with the looking less likely. they would certainly have wanted to bring it back at some point next week so it ideology and how these groups operate? that is a very good does seem as though that is now in jeopardy. let's discuss this more, i question. we are dealing with an ideology, something that would tend am joined by dominic grieve. do you to be far more sophisticated and complex than some people seem to think the speaker is right to rule think. we don't view the far right in this way? summer saying he has as great intellectuals, but they are done it on purpose to stop theresa believing in things that are very may getting her deal through and may difficult to tackle and break down. be trying to make sure there is a delay to brexit? it is certainly not we are dealing with organisations a surprising ruling. sometimes he that are far more detached from has been accused of changing the interpretation of the rules but he is not doing it here, he is politics, political life and the interpreting them as they have been interpreted for the last 300 years. electoral process than ever before, and it is becoming more and more dangerous, and we keep warning that he has been asked to give his people have to pay attention, opinion and he has given it and i particularly to social media and the think it is completely unassailable. effect it has on politics in this country. and especially would you say at a time when people perceive that we are at a volatile time, not it is possible if the house wanted just in terms of politics but in to assist proceed we could suspend terms of social cohesion, and the the standing order. if the house way that they try to say that for example we are part of some huge
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international crisis? there is wa nted the standing order. if the house wanted to have a vote on this it a lwa ys international crisis? there is always a crisis, there is always something going on that is difficult could somehow get round the rules or change them? i think of the house and challenging. what we do have is wanted that it could be possible but and challenging. what we do have is a problem with social media, that we thatis are allowing voices to distort, wanted that it could be possible but that is different from the government wanting it. the difference the government has as create the vision. we are also seeing a massive growth of this has been rejected on two conspiracy theory and we are seeing occasions. granted each time it has more and more people becoming been slightly different in its detached from the political process, content from the first so it may be from reality, the lack of trust in a challenge for the government as to what to do and whether in fact it politicians and the mainstream media, and what we are seeing now is can bring this back. so where does people looking for alternatives. it that leave you as a parliamentarian? isa people looking for alternatives. it what choice do you think you will be is a breeding ground for a continual faced with? we thought it would be a diet of hatred and conspiracy, much choice between theresa may steel or of which is of course directed at the muslim community, and we need to revoking article 50 audrey long haveit the muslim community, and we need to have it tackled. and we can only delay to brexit. what do you think tackle it by not giving these people this means now? it is not certain cuddles but getting back on being but firstly i get the impression firm about what it is that we that means the chances of having a believe in. what do we believe about a civilised society? what do we further vote this week look very believe we can do to challenge these small and indeed i think they were things, and what can we do to get very small already because i don't people to start talking the truth think the government succeeded in again and not lies about people who we share common things and spaces persuading enough mps to change their previous position. she can go with? to what extent is it fair in
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to brussels, she can negotiate a this political instance to blame longer extension, which is what she's going to have to do on the social media companies? we have basis that she wants to go back and reset the negotiations and start afresh, if the eu are prepared to let us do that. she can probably go discussed their conduct in different back next week and explain what she has got and it may be there is some way she can put a motion or choice to the house at that stage which is in some way novel allowing us to consider for the last time her deal arenas over recent months of recent and compare it to the alternative reasons, but here we are talking she is coming forward with. she about extreme political views. some people advocating violence. what can could for example, offer her deal to they do that they are not doing now in your view? first of all, people that advocate violence tend to be eventually dealt with by social parliament with the understanding it media companies. they could be a is going to be put to the public for little bit quicker in dealing with approval in a referendum. that would it, but we do understand the growth of social media content is even hard for some social media companies to bea approval in a referendum. that would be a different motion and she could do that, and that is what i have look into as immediately as we would like them too. but also we have a been suggesting she should do for a very long time. thank you. so an responsibility, we are responsible and social media companies are responsible, for looking into some of the people continually pumping out these false messages, lies, awful lot of options still on the conspiracy theories. social media has a responsible arty. people now table. brexiteer toadies think this look to social media. the shooter in means no deal is now more likely new zealand live streamed what he next week although people keep was doing because he wanted people pointing out that parliament has to like what he was doing and see
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what he was doing. social media has voted in large numbers against all that but it certainly means a lot of a responsibility to listen to people's concerns. if you are on scurrying around, ministers social media and you see something desperately trying to catch up with what the speaker has said and thatis social media and you see something desperately trying to rework the that is encouraging violence or hatred, report it immediately. we plan. if we canjust desperately trying to rework the plan. if we can just pick up on one are not asking for people whose of the points that robert buckland views we don't like to be taken off, we realise that there is a whole and made, which was one suggestion around getting around this obstacle diverse political spectrum in this ifi around getting around this obstacle country and we won't always get on if i can put it that way, which the with each other. but you can go on speaker has presented, and that is to facebook, twitter, youtube, and to prorogue parliament and start a there are videos on there that are new session so that that deal could calling for violence, people calling now be brought back if it is for violence, and these people who are doing it, they are getting away with it. matthew collins, good of substantially unaltered. is that just pie in the sky or is it you tojoin us, thank you with it. matthew collins, good of you to join us, thank you very much. realistic? i think that would be a my you to join us, thank you very much. my pleasure. matthew collins, head massive move, not least because it of research for the antiracism group needs the queen to prorogue hope not hate. the time is 5:42pm. parliament, which is my understanding. some argues that drags the queen and the palace into a very political situation so i more now on our top story this hour. think that is probably the least the speaker of the house likely option but it is technically of commons, john bercow, an option. you can ask parliament to has told mps that he would not allow
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do something again if it is a the government to hold a vote on essentially the brexit different session. this is a deal that's already been defeated in parliament. the prime minister had previously particularly long session of parliament, almost two years rather committed to holding a new vote on her withdrawal agreement than one, but i still think it is in the coming days. pretty unlikely. more likely is she it was meant to happen tomorrow or wednesday, but that is looking goes to the council and tries to increasingly unlikely. well there's been an reopen the withdrawal agreement, but interesting exchange between the chairman in the short term, the plan, which of the brexit select committee, hilary benn — and the speaker, was for theresa may to go to the eu in the past half hour. let's have a listen. council on thursday and ask for an extension, that is still going to does your statement suggest in any happen. itjust way that, in order for a third extension, that is still going to happen. it just means extension, that is still going to happen. itjust means that when she comes back next week, the options meaningful vote to not fall within look slightly different because her the statement that you have made, deal is unlikely to be one of them. iam going that it would require further deal is unlikely to be one of them. i am going to go from westminster to changes to be agreed with the brussels and talk to our correspondent adam fleming. just european union rather than, for looking ahead to the summit, let's example, the government saying, well, it is prepared to make an say theresa may has not had the opportunity to get the deal through this week and she comes across to offer to, say, a particular party represented in this chamber about the summit on thursday, and asks its participation in future arrangements? in other words, when there have to be new political possibly for an extension, which may be longer than the one people have agreement under section 31 of the been talking about so far, how realistic is that to you? first of european union withdrawal act in
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orderfor such a motion european union withdrawal act in order for such a motion to be european union withdrawal act in orderfor such a motion to be in all the thing to say about the orderfor such a motion to be in order as opposed to not in order? situation this afternoon is that the uk still going to have to come to what i would say to the right brussels with a settled position honourable gentleman, whom i thank for his point of order, and about what it wants. people were speculating that that might be a preliminarily off the top of my failed meaningful vote three or head,is preliminarily off the top of my head, is that in all likelihood, the successful vote, and then the answer to his question is yes. i do request for a technical extension for something much longer. maybe a think a demonstrable change to the slightly different position she comes with what she will have to comes with what she will have to come with a settled british possession to the summit that the eu proposition would be required. for can then react to and build upon and reach a joint decision about any extension to the article 50 period, example, simplya proposition would be required. for example, simply a change proposition would be required. for because that has to be a joint example, simplya change in an opinion about something wouldn't decision made by the departing itself constitute a change in the country on the 27 remaining members so that hasn't really changed. the offer, and so i would have to look other thing that hasn't changed is at the particulars, i would have to make an honest assessment of the the eu's incredibly staunch position that there are no new negotiations to be had. the deal on the table is circumstances, and perhaps of the competing claims made as to the done and will not be reopened, it is veracity of one proposition or argument or another, but finished, and if theresa may wanted
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to reopen it or make tweaks, the fundamentally, for something to be most twee couple section, the different, it has to be, by political declaration setting out the relationship, you will need a formal process to do that. all i definition, fundamentally different. would say is look at the last month, not different in terms of wording, but different in terms of substance. that was a process to get those extra additional reassurance is and this is in the context of a added to the deal. in terms of how negotiation with others outside the eu diplomats are reacting, they have loads of questions. they want to united kingdom. so that would be my know, could the government find a initial feeling. that was the drafting fix and change the wording of the motion or how it is presented and how parliament is going to deal speaker talking to hilary benn a short while ago. with this to still have another let's speak to labour mp meaningful vote? are there stephen kinnock now. how significant are today's events unilateral measures the uk could take. in other words, in this process? significant indeed. unilateral measures the uk could take. in otherwords, its unilateral measures the uk could take. in other words, its own additional clarifications or the speaker, john bercow, as the additions to the deal, such as how referee in this game, and he decides the northern ireland executive in on the interpretation of the rules. stormont assembly would have a say. so it is important what he has said. would that cross the threshold for i think he has called this the deal being substantially absolutely right. it is absurd that different? or could you have the absolutely right. it is absurd that a government can keep on using the decision made on thursday about a sledgehammer of controlling potential extension, could you sort parliamentary time to keep coming of stay for that to the deal and back to parliament with a motion
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that would then mean that any motion thatis back to parliament with a motion that is consistently being rejected would be substantially different by parliament, that in my view is an from the one voted on before? a lot abuse of the relationship between the executive and the legislature, of questions being posed by the andi diplomats i have been speaking to. the executive and the legislature, and i think the speaker has called this one absolutely right. to the when you bring up your point about a problem is there will be an unholy row about what constitutes a possible prorogation in the queen's meaningful change, a substantive speech, and you raise that, the change, change that the speaker can be satisfied is something that is reactions are quite priceless, different, and people will simply frankly. shedding some light on the argue about that. well, i think it thinking in brussels. is logical that it has to be three people have been killed substantial change to the text of following a shooting on a tram in the dutch city of utrecht. the agreement. not necessarily at five others were injured in the incident, which police say the agreement. not necessarily at the withdrawal agreement, i think a appears to be a terrorist attack. substantial change to the political police are looking for a 37—year—old declaration on the future turkish man, named as gokmen tanis, relationship would be significant, and have warned people not would be substantial. i would be to approach him. very surprised if the speaker didn't schools have closed consider that as a sufficient and security has been increased while counter—terrorism police change, and of course that is a huge opportunity for the prime minister search for the suspect. to finally do what she should have done a long time ago, which is to so the day's main developments are that security has been stepped change her red lines and to accept up at mosques and airports that the united kingdom should stay and police operations are taking place at two residential locations. inaform that the united kingdom should stay in a form of the single market and
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the customs arrangement, which enables us to keep frictionless the threat level has been temporarily raised trade with 500 million consumers on to its highest point throughout our doorstep, thus respecting the result of the referendum without the province of utrecht. let's get the latest from our correspondent naomi grimley. destroying jobs and livelihoods. that of course is the common market 2.0 proposal that we have been a city on the highest campaigning for, and we believe we level of alert. this was utrecht in the aftermath of today's shooting. heavily armed police can be seen scouring the streets looking have a cross—party parliamentary for the prime suspect majority for that. and so i think the speaker has actually presented the speaker has actually presented the prime minister with an who is still on the run. opportunity rather than come back for more humiliation, continuously coming back with her deal is being the incident itself happened at 10:45am at this tram stop just outside the historic city centre. rejected, say, the speaker has got me off the hook, now let's actually have a proper deal which can command a parliamentary majority and which several shots were fired inside this can deliver on the referendum tram, three were killed according to the city's mayor without wrecking jobs and livelihoods. to that end, do you and many others injured. expect that the prime minister will now go to this summit on thursday, the dutch prime minister has indicated terrorism is a possible motive. and that the outcome of that will be and that the outcome of that will be a rather longer delay to this translation: an act of terror process than some people had is an attack on our civilisation, predicted? well, i think that on our tolerant and open society. certainly more time is going to be required. even if the prime minister's deal had been approved,
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if this was indeed an act of terror we would have had to have an there can only be one answer extensionjust to get and the answer is the rule of law. we would have had to have an extension just to get the domestic legislation over the line. if she goes into the negotiations with the and the police have now issued eu aboutan this picture with some goes into the negotiations with the eu about an extension without a uncompromising advice. clear mandate from parliament, which is clearly not going to happen this do not approach this man. week, because of the ruling of the he has been named as 37—year—old speaker, then she is going to have gokmen tanis, a turkish national to negotiate, i think, a longer who the security services clearly extension. but i would say that it think is behind the attacks. should have a built—in clause where, once we get a deal over the line, we translation: in utrecht just then get three months to put there was the shooting at several locations this morning. the domestic legislation through. so what we do know is that one if we could get a deal next week or of the perpetrators is on the run. as you know we cannot rule out in the next couple of weeks, because of course david liddington has a terrorist incident. promised that we will use the two utrecht‘s residents have been told weeks after the european council to stay inside until further notice but there has been intensive police activity, including sniffer summit to find a parliamentary dogs at a block of flats majority for an alternative deal. if on truman avenue, not far that alternative deal can be found from the tram stop. in the next couple of weeks, then i think we can get a deal over the meanwhile security in other cities line, and we won't need a very long extension. the extension should only such as amsterdam has been beefed be as long as we need once we have up, particularly at official got a deal over the line just to buildings and transport hubs. have some extra time to have the the netherlands has managed to stay
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domestic legislation through, and i insulated from the kind of attacks think there is a cross—party parliamentary majority for a britain and france have endured sensible, pragmatic bridge building in the last few years so today's shooting will feel form of brexit, and i hope that next week we will finally have the chance to debate and vote on that option in like an end to that innocence. parliament. stephen kinnock, thank you forjoining us once again. thank you forjoining us once again. thank you very much. labour mp stephen connect there. liesbeth van der heide with me is hannah white, is a senior research fellow the deputy director of the insitute at the international centre for government, a think tank for counter—terrorism at the hague. focusing on government policy. thank you for coming in. let's try and make sense of all of this. first thank you forjoining us. what is of all, were you surprised by the the latest reading of events, what speaker's of all, were you surprised by the spea ker‘s ruling? can you say to viewers? right now, of all, were you surprised by the speaker's ruling? i don't think anyone expected that particularly today, but i think he has been first priority in the first question signalling, and i think there have been a lot of indications, and this eve ryo ne first priority in the first question everyone is asking, do we have this quy everyone is asking, do we have this guy yet? he is still at large, the is not in the house wanted a ruling perpetrator will stop he is known, on. we had chris brown —— matt but police and security services haven't been able to arrest him yet and that is the main issue going on. everyone is also very much looking
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forward to the press conference that brya nt on. we had chris brown —— matt bryant attempting to get the the prime minister will hold roughly substance of that. ten minutes from now. second, the what you would be the impact of this main question on a lot of people's ruling on the process? how will it play out? i think it definitely minds, was this terrorism are more means that we can't have a meaningful vote this week. i think broadly speaking what is behind the it will be difficult for the prime attack? terror level being raised to minister to demonstrate that she had five and i am just wondering, put that in context in terms of the met the bar of a substantive change this week, so we are looking at her netherlands, what does that mean? going to the european council on thursday without what she said she that is actually a first, premier would need in order to ask for a and the netherlands. the highest short extension. she said to the house last week that for a short extension they would have to have level five is critical and until now voted for her deal by the time she that had never been raised to level went. so she won't have that in the bag. so what she said at the house five, it had been level four. what's last week was that if she didn't unique about the situation as it has have a vote for her deal in the bag, she would have to ask for a longer been raised to level five only for extension, so it looks like unless utrecht, the city and the larger something changes that that is what she is going to have to do. and when province, and within a very clear we say longer, some people timeframe, so right now it has been mentioning nine months today, and we have had all kinds of suggestions. raised to level five until 10pm what would make sense to you? what tonight, which means basically the would you be thinking of in terms of threat level is very much a longer timescale? i think from the specifically relating to one area
5:19 pm
point of view of the eu, there is no and timeframe. maybe because the point of view of the eu, there is no point in having a short extension suspect was still at large? yes, the u nless point in having a short extension unless the deal is pretty much done. so if they are going to contemplate a long extension, they have got to see that something might be going to reason is giving, the guy is still change, and if something is going to change, and if something is going to at large and he has been shown to be change, you need long enough to dangerous so he could very much pose a danger when attempting to arrest him or even getting in touch with other citizens. and right now, not negotiate that. we have got to factor in the fact that they have got elections at the end of may, much is known yet about whether then there is the whole business of there is a risk of potential copycat setting up a new commission, so the eu isn't really going to be in a position to negotiate with us until follow—up attacks or fellow getting close to the end of the attackers. it looks more and more year. so i have heard today talk about nine months, but even nine likely that this was in fact a lone months seems tight in terms of a whole new renegotiation taking place. so it could be longer still. attacker but none the less, given that he is still at large, it is the and of course, if it were to be nine months or even longer, we would then main reason for keeping the have the issue of whether the uk is terrorism threat level at level five to ta ke have the issue of whether the uk is to take part in european parliamentary elections, like the other 27 member states. and that in for utrecht. have the added any more itself is well presents another information about the suspect? there complication for the government. isa name information about the suspect? there indeed, and the eu has been very is a name and an age, for example. i am just wondering whether any more clear that they think that that would be the consequence, and that is what the prime and are said to
5:20 pm
information has been made available about him and his circumstances and the house last week, but if it was a possible motives? more and more information is coming out, however that information is in bits and long extension, we would have to participate, and i don't think that is an attractive proposition, but pieces, ranging from confirmed information sent out by credible the eu can't risk having their business is invalidated by having a news agencies, but also rumours member who is not represented in the parliament, and it will be a problem going around, especially twitter. it looks like it might be quite a for uk citizens who under the treaties that they are still a part complicated picture where some eye of, their right would be not met, witnesses have said he seemed to be and they could potentially challenge targeting specifically a woman. that in court, which would be a turkish media have reported that is related to an honour killing, either further headache for the government. when we look at the actual parliamentary process here, because this all started with the speaker's ruling today. what would be the his ex or someone potentially his in—laws. there is also footage of mechanism for bringing forward a meaningful vote, let's say next him a couple of years ago that appeared on the internet where he is week? how on earth does the prime minister get to a position even by shown to insult a woman in the next week where she can put together streets for not being covered up something which is to satisfy the enough, and he is calling her a speaker's something which is to satisfy the spea ker‘s and conditions something which is to satisfy the speaker's and conditions about something which is not simply replicating the bulk of what has democrat in the negative sense. some been there before? even that is a of his friends have said he has had challenge, surely. it is, and he
5:21 pm
periods of being very religious but gave the example of the change then he is also quite unstable. it between the first meaningful vote in the second meaningful vote, saying that what had changed there had been might be related of course to the that what had changed there had been christchurch attacks, but right now that the prime minister had gone back to the eu, she had negotiated what she said were legally binding all of these things are not sure are significant changes, and those were not confirmed yet, so it was represented through documents that obviously an attack, it could be a the house had before it. that is the combination of many of these things, sort of bar he has set, and if she is going to go away and talk to the so motivation is combined with eu would come back and say, personal and political motivations, something has changed, she is going we are not yet sure. thank you very to need something of that nature, much forjoining us and for sharing she will need to be able to prove your expertise with us today. a that the context has changed in the proposition before the house is a different one. do you think we will senior research fellow at the look back in a few months, or today, international centre for counterterrorism at the hague. on today as being an important milestone in the brexit process?|j a girl of 17 and two boys aged 16 think milestone in the brexit process?” think it is very significant, and i and 17 have died after a crush think it is very significant, and i think what the speaker has done is at a st patrick's day party to try, as he has in the past on in county tyrone. police believe there other subjects, to reassert the was a crush at the front door of the greenvale hotel in cookstown rights of parliament over where the event was taking place government, and to say, you can't and that some people fell to the ground. just bring a question back to the our ireland correspondent house again and again and hope for a emma vardy reports. different answer. hannah, very good last night, confusion and disbelief to talk to you, and thanks again for over how a group of young people sharing your expertise with us,
5:22 pm
thank you very much indeed. trying to enter a disco it is seven minutes to six. ended in disaster. terrible, just chaos. young ones hysterical, the whole night, ijust cannot believe what has happened. over a thousand people are now just after 9:30pm emergency services feared dead making cyclone idai were called to reports of casualties outside the hotel. the deadliest cyclone in over a decade, according to the president of mozambique. it was soon declared a mjaor incident. a major incident. the red cross says 90% of the country s port of beira has one of the teenagers died at the scene, two been damaged or destroyed. died later in hospital. in neighbouring zimbabwe, absolutely stunned and shocked. 83 people have died mainly there we have people out enjoying themselves on st patrick's night and it ends up in tragedy. in chimamani which largely remains cut off from help. the bbc s shingai nyoka travelled to eastern zimbabwe and filed this report. the hotel had been hosting a party this is one of the main access roads to celebrate st patrick's day. police believe a crowd outside here in chimamani, and the villages had been pushing to get which have been cut off. many people in but are still trying to work out exactly what happened. say they have never seen anything like this. preliminary investigations show that was a crush towards the front translation: this has reached a new door of this hotel and in the crush
5:23 pm
people seem to have fallen. we are examining now to see level. we have very small bridges if the people who have fallen that survived previous cyclones, but are those who are deceased. this is the biggest and the worse. we have tried calling our family there was a little struggling trapped in chimamani, but we haven't going on to get people up off the ground and that might explain been able to reach them. also why there are reports of fighting. translation: the wind was soft at officers think there were a few first but it picked up and started hundred people waiting outside to rain, the rain continued the party when the incident happened throughout the weekend and only and they are relying on eyewitness stopped today. accounts to try to establish why there are many more roads and bridges ahead in a worse condition. some teenagers ended up on the floor it gives you a sense of the and are looking at cctv challenges that the rescue efforts from outside the hotel. are facing. we had two helicopters from the airforce are facing. we had two helicopters there is a deep sense of shock from the air force trying to get here, and it is very foggy, as you and loss in the community here and our first thoughts can see, very difficult to go through those mountains. but i have and prayers are with the families of those a feeling it is beginning to clear, who lost their children last night. so hopefully they will be able to get there by air, because by road three young people have lost their lives so tragically right now, very difficult. and i cannot even fathom as a parent how those families are feeling this morning. youth centres have opened their doors to offer teenagers counselling and there are calls to look at what lessons can be learned from this tragedy. the country was already struggling before the floods, and nearby in
5:24 pm
our ireland correspondent chris page neighbouring mozambique there is equal devastation in the port city is in cookstown this afternoon. of beira, but as the day comes to an end, hundreds of zimbabweans are in do you have any latest on what is desperate need of food and water, being said they are today? trapped with the dead and the do you have any latest on what is being said they are today7m do you have any latest on what is being said they are today? it has been a day of disbelief here in injured. shingai nyoka, bbc news, cookstown. a real sense of numbness chimamani. in the community and people cannot the time isjust quite believe that a st patrick's the time is just coming up to four day party turned into such a minutes to six. bbc news at six is horrible story. we do have some more coming up with sophie today, and in details as to who the young people the meantime, we can get the latest we re details as to who the young people were who lost their lives here last weather prospects with night. we know it was two nick. 17—year—old blue and 116—year—old. we have had strong winds and heavy one of the boys has been named rain, in places flooding and even some snow as well. it is looking much quieter now as we go through locally as connor curry and the girl the rest of this week. even that is beginning to fade out, and what we are beginning to fade out, and what we a re left beginning to fade out, and what we are left with now is the weather was lauren bullock. indeed, all three of the young people who died settling down, lighter winds, are left with now is the weather settling down, lighterwinds, dry, not a huge amount of sunshine, it we re three of the young people who died were at school in dungannon and has to be said. the jet stream has lauren's principle has described her been coming right at us, bringing asa lauren's principle has described her as a shining light. you had my deep areas of low pressure and
5:25 pm
storms, and it is now pushing its colleague's report, counselling will way to the north. what does that mean? high pressure building across be offered at those schools and youth centres in the area and career more of the uk, which is why things are beginning to settle down over services are also being organised. the next several days. we still have people are doing their best to come to terms with what has happened and police say the priority for them is rain out there today, still damp across the north west, this is the radar picture for the past few the three families who are mourning hours. the rain is slowly fizzling, today deserve a full enquiry into but it will stay damp and drizzly what happened so police are looking across some areas as we go through at the cctv footage which captured images of the crush last night. they the night. a good deal of cloud around, few clear spells here and are also asking for parents who knew they're developing, around, few clear spells here and they‘ re developing, and around, few clear spells here and they're developing, and where you have got those, you could see a few their children were here last night to encourage those children to get fog patches forming, and temperatures whilst not as low as in touch, but police have said this they were last night, still low was not a teenage disco, so it goes single figures, close to freezing, from there that anyone who was under past of eastern scotland and eastern 18 may have been an underage but england, most of us up to 7 degrees. local police officers and members of tomorrow there is not a huge amount of blue showing up, there isn't much the emergency service say young people shouldn't be put off by that rain, still perhaps a little patchy and should bring forward any light rain under the thick of cloud, information they have to the police, any eyewitnesses accounts and any footage are pictures they may have and in the north of the wind will start to pick up again, elsewhere on their mobile phones, because they the wind looking light. cloud or a say at the moment what is most few sunny spells, whatever you have, important is finding out what led to temperatures are heading up a few
5:26 pm
the crash which took three lives. degrees, and some of us reaching towards the mid teens. there is this the prime minister of new zealand, slice of milder and warmer air jacinda ardern, has said coming infora she will announce tighter gun laws slice of milder and warmer air coming in for a time mid week, within days after her cabinet though i have to say, it is coming agreed to new restrictions following the shootings in mosques with a good deal of cloud around. in christchurch in which 50 people died. police say the attacker used there will be some breaks in that military—style assault weapons modified to make them more deadly, cloud, allowing some sunny spell to something which is legal under current laws. come through, and while winds are australian brenton tarra nt, who describes himself light for most, it stays on the as a white supremacist, has been charged with murder. breezy side in northern scotland, our correspondent looks like another dose of rain sta rts looks like another dose of rain starts to move in later in the day, richard lister reports. while elsewhere it will be mainly dry. keeping an eye on the temperatures, particularly where you get to see some sunshine, heading up a further few degrees, some spots christchurch has been overwhelmed even into the high teens. just to by this tragedy but amid the grief reinforce the point, it is high and the incomprehension pressure extending its influence across much of the uk, though in scotla nd across much of the uk, though in scotland this week you are staying is an outpouring of compassion. close to the weather front so there will be some rain at times, staying breezy compared with elsewhere. the outlook for thursday and friday, a among those reflecting on last week's horror, some of the first responders who had lot of cloud showing up. this won't to deal with its aftermath. be wall—to—wall blue sky, but they none were prepared for what they found. will be a few sunny spells. it looks there was a river of blood like it wants to call down a little, coming out of the mosque.
5:27 pm
we ended up having to lift the... though, by next weekend. that is your latest forecast. lift the bodies over the top of other bodies. these are just some of the dead men, women and children, the youngest, mucaad ibrahim, was three years old. new zealand's prime minister was among thousands signing books of condolence. she said she would announce new gun controls within days. the clear lesson from history around the world is that to make our community safer the time to act is now. in fact, i strongly believe that the vast majority of gun owners in new zealand will agree with this sentiment, that change needs to occur. under new zealand's gun control laws, police check the criminal and medical history of those who want a gun licence, but the most recent figures show almost everyone who applies gets one, giving them access
5:28 pm
to unlimited numbers of guns. some of the five weapons used in the attack were bought from this chain. the owner says he won't change his sales practices unless he has to. the law shouldn't be changed because of one gunman. if we allow him to make changes in our ideology, in our behaviour, he has won. a teenager has been charged with circulating video of the attack but police say there was only one gunman. the key suspect in custody. on the streets of christchurch, a show of defiance against right—wing hate. these teenagers performed a traditional haka, their response to the worst terror attack in new zealand's history. and if you minutes, the headlines for you and today's sport, but we
5:29 pm
will also be talking about the rather dramatic turn of events in the house of commons where the speaker made a very significant intervention in the brexit process this afternoon. time for a look at the weather. here's nick miller with the forecast. more rain falling for some others but not much to come as the week goes on because high pressure will settle things down although scotland stays breezy with some rain at times. much of the uk turning drier. a bit of patchy rain still out there this evening and into tonight, a good deal of cloud around. some clear spells here and there and also if you fog patches developing. the temperature at their lowest through parts of eastern scotland and down the eastern side of england, close to freezing in the coldest spots are not as chilly as last night. here is the picture into tomorrow, still a lot of cloud around but only liked rain here and there. in northern scotland, expect heavier bursts towards the northern isles but
5:30 pm
stronger when compared with today. elsewhere, if you are brighter brea ks elsewhere, if you are brighter breaks and sunny spells. for many of us are breaks and sunny spells. for many of us are the wind is light but on the breezy site in northern scotland. the temperature on the way up, some towards the mid—teens and warmer still by the time we get to wednesday.
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