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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 18, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: the speaker of the house of commons says the prime minister cannot ask mps to vote on her brexit deal again unless there are substantial changes to it. what the government cannot legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition or substantially the same proposition as that of last week which was rejected by 149 votes. police in the netherlands say they have arrested a man after three people were shot dead on a tram in the dutch city of utrecht. police confirm three teenagers died last night in a crash outside a st patrick's day party at a hotel in cou nty patrick's day party at a hotel in county tyrone. and new zealand's prime minister says she will announce new gun laws within days following the attacks on two mosques in which 50 people died.
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ina in a moment, it will be sports day, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at seven, beyond 100 days will be talking to the former us ambassador to new zealand for the international reaction to the deadly mask attacks in christchurch. then at ten past eight, we will be speaking to a security expert at utrecht university following a shooting in the dutch city which killed three people. and then at 20 to 11 and half—past 11, we will be taking a look at tomorrow's front pages, and our reviewers are lord digbyjones, the former trade minister, dawn foster, a columnist at the guardian, so do stay with us for that. but now, though, it's sportsday. you're live at the bbc sports news centre with me
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chris mitchell. coming up for you on sportsday: welsh mountains. the nation's rugby heroes are being celebrated in cardiff bay. it's hugs all round for england's women, but where's the bonus for their big win? and give him a big hand. the long wait is over. rory‘s back winning. just how good are wales? today they're celebrating their six nations grand slam. their win over ireland at the weekend completed their undefeated campaign.
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and it completes an amazing period for warren gatland's side. 14 tests unbeaten, and second in the world rankings. no wonder they're having a party in cardiff today to celebrate katie gornall is there for us. and they love a party here in cardiff, and it has been going on pretty much nonstop for the past three days. this is the more formal pa rt three days. this is the more formal part of the celebrations taking place here at the welsh assembly. the team and the staff are on stage at the moment, a very buoyant crowd of hundreds have gathered here. and this is all because of the fact that wales secured the grand slam at the weekend with that dominant victory over ireland, 55—7. it was a great performance all round from the team, and you really have two congratulate heinz field in that game as well, kicking 20 points. we managed to have a quick chat with the fly—half,
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and this is what he had to say. have a quick chat with the fly—half, and this is what he had to saym hasn't sunk in, to be honest. it has been a whirlwind 24—hour is that i haven't had much sleep. you can see the turnout today and how much it means to everyone, and it is nice to put a few smiles on faces. the turnout is fantastic and we are lucky to get such tremendous support, nice to see a few kids wearing some welsh jerseys around the place. it is a special weekend. you mentioned earlier the achievement of warren gatland, the wales coach. a record third grand slam for him. he is on stage there now and we should be able to just listen in and hear what he is saying. there is no where to go but | saying. there is no where to go but up! it is easy to come in with something like that. i have loved my time here, and what has made it easy has been new people, you have been so has been new people, you have been so friendly and welcoming and
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hospitable, so thank you. applause we are not finishing there. it is not always an easyjob, is it? because when you win, it's great, but when you lose, we are not easy on you, you know that. it can be a very difficultjob. on you, you know that. it can be a very difficult job. the last year has been pretty good. laughter the biggest thing for us has two beta when the last game of the campaign, so you can enjoy the next couple of months. we finished second la st couple of months. we finished second last year, we won this year, we've had a couple of years of being a little bit disappointed, three grand slams, a couple of seconds. i think this group of players we have got at the moment are pretty special, but what we have achieved as a group has been fantastic over the last 12 years, and hopefully they will continue on, and how motivated this group are at the moment, how much
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pride they have in putting on that welshjersey, that is what makes it special, and that is why you enjoy being involved with a special group of players. jonathan were saying when you are 16—0 down and out in paris, your message was don't panic. was there more to it than that?|j didn't was there more to it than that?” didn't feel like that. i felt that it was a try that was a bit soft in the first half, and liam williams we nt the first half, and liam williams went over the line, the try was allowed, and we had to score first in the second half, we got back into the game with thomas williams scoring, and then george north, and we could win it from there. one thing about us is in the second half against france, we were so much better than they were, and that made a massive difference. these boys train exceptionally hard, and we got what we deserved. there is added poignancy for all of this for warren gatland, because he
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will step down as wales coach at the end of the world cup, this was his final six nations game in charge, and he has transformed welsh rugby in his 12 years in charge here, he has turned them into an unstoppable force, they are on this 14 game winning run, and how he would love to be back here in cardiff with the world cup trophy, and theirform to be back here in cardiff with the world cup trophy, and their form at the moment, they do go into this world cup as serious contenders. they do indeed. thank you very much indeed. they can't let warren gatland go, surely? they will have two. england's women completed a clean sweep at the weekend, too. the red roses beat scotland 80—0 to seal a ninth six nations grand slam. there was a big crowd at twickenham, too. more proof that the women's game is growing fast. joe lynsky reports. it's the first steps of a rugby revolution, the year england took the women's six nations to a new level. in five matches, they have
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scored 45 tries, finished off with a cold—blooded 12 at twickenham against scotland. they one won that match 80—0. 0nly france stopped them getting more than 50 points. it is the most they scored across one campaign. but behind all the figures are 28 professional contracts. england's players went full—time in january, the only team in the tournament that gets paid. two months together has brought a grand slam, and with a world cup in two yea rs, slam, and with a world cup in two years, there is even more potential. we work hard for this, and professional contracts, we will be judged not on the win but on our performance, and for us it's not about what is in front of us. we have set our own standards, and now we are going forward, and tonight we we re we are going forward, and tonight we were pretty close to where we wanted to be. obviously everybody has been talking about it, and it only started injanuary, talking about it, and it only started in january, so talking about it, and it only started injanuary, so in terms of how much it will come to fruition, i'm not sure yet, so hopefully over the coming months and years it will do, but it is a really good start
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for us, and well on the way with those contracts. but on top of the salary, the trophy doesn't come with a cash bonus. while england's men reportedly had a grand slam prize fund, the women haven't received one. a bump in the road for export rising to a greater stage. more than 13,000 stayed to watch england win it all at twickenham, a new record crowd for the tournament. it is just over a decade since only 300 watched this fixture. but as this team and this fixture. but as this team and this sport grows, this new professional generation takes the hands—on approach. england have the resources to move even further in front. now can the rest of the six nations keep up? joe lynsky, bbc news. world cup winner rochelle clark joins us. just quickly on the success, what do you make of it? i'm over the moon for them. 12 tries against scotland,
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they have performed so well in recent games and you can see in the last couple of months how much being in camp to get all the time has made a big difference. there are a lot of youngsters, and they have been developing and growing with each game, it has been fantastic to see. england put in some fantastic performances, to. joe made the point about the bonus situation. england's men, if they had won back at the six nations, they would be in line to get a bonus, and the women did win it but no bonus, as far as i am aware. why? i don't know the ins and outs of that, unfortunately, but certainly the girls are doing it because they absolutely love the sport, love the game, and it is fantastic that they are able to be professional players now and be paid to do what they are doing. hopefully one day they will be able to get the bonus as well. but they are very happy with the trophy they have won. the other thing to say about the six
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nations is it is yet another win for england, and an easy win, you would have to say, at the weekend, 80—0. when will the rest of the world, if you like, or the other nations, catch up? what needs to happen is the development of each of these countries, they need a really good structure of the youngsters coming through. we have been so lucky with the brand—new players who have come through this year and done so well, the likes of jess through this year and done so well, the likes ofjess breach, hannah botterman. so if you have a good pathway coming through, it does help with going professional, and other players need to come back and at least go semipro and get some decent sponsorship. thank you very much. professionalism is the route to success , success, it seems. still to come on sportsday: we hear from australian cricketing great shane warne on england's chances in this year's world cup...
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i love the style of play that england are playing the moment. shane fancies our chances! when was the last time rory mcilroy won a title? a year ago. but when did a british player last win the player's championship? think about it. it was a long time ago. there is a clue there for you. sandy lyle. 1987. sandy lyle did it a year before he won the masters. perhaps mcilory will follow a simialr route. mcilroy won on sunday by a shot from jim fuyrk. it was a great win because his round started badly with missed putts and his ball in the water. but perhaps this is the beginning of a new chapter in his career. my my career is hopefully going to last another 15 or 20 years, so one
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tournament or one day or one month in those 20 years is nothing. it's just a glimpse. so it doesn't change anything. it doesn't change who i am. it looks great on my resume, i'm very happy about that, it's another step in the right direction, but that's all it is to me. it's a huge tournament to win, i'm very proud, and very honoured, but it is just a step in the right direction. so, at last happiness for rory mcilroy. let's talk about his win with annie alvarez. hello! how's it going? it's going well, even better for rory mcilroy. what did you make of his win? obviously he has had a good year and put himself in
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contention already. he is proving to people once again why he is such an exceptional player, and he isjust this amazing talent, and you see him hit these shots that even the best guys on tour wouldn't dream of hitting, so for him to pull that off was fun for all fans of golf. people have made something of the fact that he wasn't in the final pair, as he has been before this season. as a former tour pro yourself, what difference does it make that perhaps you weren't in the last pair and you went out slightly before the leaders, if you like? i think sometimes that plays to your advantage because you can put pressure on the final group to catch up pressure on the final group to catch up with you, essentially. and obviously it was a really close tournament. but he was able to go in and finish with a 1—stroke lead, in that final round, and it is hard for people to play catch up than it is to catch up yourself. and a lot now
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is being made of the fact that he is once again favourite for the masters at augusta. people who don't follow the game might not realise that these golf courses around america, around the world, are all very different. can you equate playing well at sawgrass with doing well at augusta, do you think? yes, i think you can, because it reallyjust comes down to confidence, right? we know that rory has the ability to win any major, and particularly to win any major, and particularly to win at augusta, we have seen him be in contention, we have seen him lead at augusta, but it isjust a matter of finishing the tournament. and i think what we have seen with rory in the past is his nerves get the best of him. and not really stay present and may be pushed the pedal a little too hard instead of maybe just taking it a shot by shot, and i think this year we are seeing a player that is a little more methodical, someone who isn't as
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aggressive from the get go, and is learning how to harness his potential and learning how to live up potential and learning how to live up to his potential, too. and so i think at augusta we are going to see a different player this year. ok, let's have a quick look at some of the day's other stories. sirjim ratcliffe, britain's richest man, is expected to step in to save team sky. sir dave brailsford has been involved in discussions with the petrochemicals billionaire for several weeks after sky said they'd withdraw their backing. chelsea teenager callum hudson—0doi has been called up to the england squad for their upcoming euro 2020 qualifiers. he's still yet to start in the premier league for the blues, and thought the under 21s boss aidy boothroyd was joking when he broke the news to him earlier today. chelsea meanwhile have complained to uefa after they say hudson—0doi was subjected to racist abuse during last week's europa league tie with dynamo kiev. chelsea say they're expecting uefa to conduct a full investigation. afghanistan have beaten ireland
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to record their first ever test match victory. afghanistan started day four on 29—1 chasing 147 for victory and made the target with relative ease. england's women claimed the one—day series in sri lanka by winning the second match of the three—game contest by 6—wickets to take an unassailable 2—0 lead. henry moeran is there for us. this was another dominant victory for england, stealing the series win at the earliest opportunity. 187—9 is what they restricted the hosts too, and it looked like they were chased down the total with relative ease. 54 for amyjones, as well as ru ns ease. 54 for amyjones, as well as runs for tammy beaumont and lauren winfield. this was a dominant display once again, and england can head to colombo for the final 0di knowing the series is done and all
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thatis knowing the series is done and all that is at stake is more icc wins and championship points. you can't underestimate anyone in world women's cricket at the moment, the standard is getting better and better, and sri lanka have some brilliant players, so we could have underestimated them. we came in as favourites and it is brilliant we have won in such good fashion. england would have expected to win this series with ease. they have donejust this series with ease. they have done just that. perhaps disappointing for the host, they haven't managed to make things a little closer in the first couple of one—day internationals, sri lanka very much one of the emerging sides in the women's game. next up is the final0di, and the in the women's game. next up is the final 0di, and the hosts will hope that perhaps a few more spectators will be able to make it in, and perhaps they can perform just a little bit better against the dominant england side. india and england are favourites for this year's world cup. that's if you believe shane warne. and the bookmakers who happen to agree with australia's former star spinner.
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he has been talking to rob bonnet, and he almost sounds as if he thinks england are almost more like australia than australia. i think england and australia going as favourites. i love the style of play that england are playing at the moment. i love the style of eoin morgan. i think he is instilling confidence into the team, where they just go out and play. and they are super aggressive, which i love. their bowling has got variety, they have two spinners, they have got pace, and so i think they are going on as favourites, but i think australia are just starting to find their form. to be 2—0 down in a 51—day match series in india, to come back, chase 360, ithink 51—day match series in india, to come back, chase 360, i think now there is a bit of belief in that australian group that they can win from anywhere, and i also think that
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not too many international teams we re not too many international teams were worrying about playing australia, but i think now they are just starting to say, hang on. is australia starting to play well ain? australia starting to play well again? so that is a good thing for australia. steve smith is not a bad quy~ australia. steve smith is not a bad guy. he just made a horrible mistake, and we all make mistakes. sol mistake, and we all make mistakes. so i think smith and warner will come back very strong, i think they will be hungry and determined. i think they will be very, very... they will


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