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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  March 18, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm GMT

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hello, i'm ros atkins, mps are told by the speaker, with just 11 days to the set date this is outside source. of the uk's departue, that he's based his ruling on long—standing parliamentary precedent. 11 days to go to brexit what the government cannot and britain may face a constitutional crisis legitimately do is to resubmit as the speaker of the house of commons tells theresa may to the house the same proposition she can't hold another vote or substantially the same proposition as that of last week, on her deal. hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. which was rejected by 149 votes. 11 days to go to brexit and britain is plunged into a constitutional what the government cannot legitimately do is to resubmit to crisis as the speaker of the house as the news sank in at westminster, of commons tells theresa may she the response from government the house the same proposition, or was a mix of incredulity and shock. can't hold another vote on her deal. substantially the same proposition as that of last week. we are in a major constitutional what the government cannot dutch police arrest crisis here, a political crisis a gunman who opened fire on a tram in utrecht, legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition, or killing three people substantially the same proposition, as that of last week which was rejected by 149 votes. in new zealand tighter gun laws are on the way after last week's mosque massacres dutch police arrest a gunman that killed 50 people. a meteor exploded over the earth who opened fire on a tram with the force of ten atomic bombs in utrecht, killing three people and injuring five others. we're live at the scene. in new zealand tighter gun laws get and we barely noticed it. government backing after last week's
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mosque massacres that killed 50 people. a meteor exploded over the earth with the force of ten atomic bombs and we barely noticed it. more than a thousand people are feared to have died in a cyclone that hit mozambique, zimbabwe and malawi — bringing high winds and flash flooding. in mozambique, it's taken days for aid teams to reach the port city of beira. just when we thought brexit this is the city from the air. couldn't get more fraught its population is and more complicated — around half a million. enterjohn brecow, the speaker of the house of commons has decided and a large dam has burst — which is complicating rescue that theresa may cannot efforts still further. resubmit her brexit deal without this is what it looks like on the ground — making substantial changes to it. communication lines have been cut and roads have been destroyed. this is the bbc political editor at laura kuenssberg saying this might and some communities have sound a bit boring but it's massive, still not been reached. the red cross says a minister has told me it's now a the situation is terrible. constitutional crisis.
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and remember — brexit is scheduled for next week. rescue efforts are under way though. here's the speaker's announcement. what the government cannot legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition, or substantially the same proposition, as that of last week here people are being which was rejected by 149 votes. pulled from the waters. the deal was defeated injanuary by here's mozambique's president filipe nyusi. over 200 votes. no word from the prime minister, but this from a we have put rescue teams in place spokesperson. we have heard from the and we asked our friends for more. we have rescue equipment, volunteers and doctors arriving now in maputo. brexit secretary. it's an important in answer to the questions on why are foreigners coming here, it's because they know how to deal with these situations ruling, it requires detailed and they are not charging consideration and we will be looking us for their support. at it closely and coming to a view across the border, a state of disaster has been declared in zimbabwe on it. do you think it's the right and president emmerson mnangagwa has appealed for international assistance. dozens people have died — decision? we need to consider the mainly in chimanimani — which largely remains cut off.
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speakers comments and look at that the bbc s shingai nyoka travelled and give it due consideration and to eastern zimbabwe and filed that's what we will do. to undermine this report. the story you have to go back hundreds of years, this from the bbc reality check team. the journey has ended abruptly. there is a major crater here. this is one of the main access roads. massive headache, yes, but listen to this from a former attorney general. it's possible if the house wanted to many people say they have never seen proceed we could suspend the anything like this. this storm has standing order and alter the rules and that's something which might be possible. if the house wanted to have a vote on this it could somehow reached a new level. this is the biggest and worst. we tried calling get round was? if the house wanted it it might be possible but that's a ourfamily biggest and worst. we tried calling our family but have not been able to different thing from the government reach them. the wind blew softly at wanting it and the difficulty the government has got is that this has been rejected on two occasions. first but then it's picked up and this is from jessica started to rain. the rains continued elgot at the guardian. throughout the weekend and only stopped today. there are many more
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roads and bridges ahead in a worse here is alex forsyth with her condition. it gives you a sense of assessment. this is undoubtedly a the challenges that the rescue significant moment in the process of effo rts the challenges that the rescue efforts are facing. we had two brexit because as you have been helicopters from the airports. it is saying, the hope of the prime minister had been to try to bring her brexit deal back a third time, very difficult to go through those despite the fact it's been kicked mountains. i have a feeling it is out twice and number ten hoped that if mps were faced with the fact of beginning to clear so hopefully we will be able to get in by air. by either back my deal on the third go will be able to get in by a road beginning to clear so hopefully we will be able to get in by air. by will be able to get in by a road right beginning to clear so hopefully we will be able to get in by air. by round or a really long delay to the will be able to get in by a road right now beginning to clear so hopefully we will be able to get in by air. by will be able to get in by a road right now it beginning to clear so hopefully we will be able to get in by air. by will be able to get in by a road right now it is beginning to clear so hopefully we will be able to get in by air. by will be able to get in by a road right now it is difficult. beginning to clear so hopefully we will be able to get in by air. by whole process they might fall in road right now it is difficult. the country is already struggling after line and back it. whatjohn bercow an economic crisis. these flats will has done is make it much harderfor theresa may to bring that deal back before parliament because he is effectively said it would need to only exacerbate the situation. hundreds of people are in desperate pretty significant changes and as you were saying, the eu and number need of food, water, trapped with ten at this point, it's not the route they are going down. where we the dead and the injured. go from here it looks like we are in the process of extending brexit, delaying the departure date. we knew the government will write to the eu tomorrow and seek some sort of extension. last week parliament and three teenagers have died
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at a st patrick's day party at a hotel in northern ireland — the prime minister said if the deal goes through a short delay, if it there are reports there was a crush. does not go through a long delay, a 17—year—old girl and two boys aged 16 and 17 died in cookstown. but now theresa may will go to this happened outside brussels on thursday not knowing the greenvale hotel on sunday night. a large group had been waiting where she stands, so what will she to get into a disco. this mobile phone ask? who knows? her spokesperson would not be drawn on the possible footage was taken inside length of any departure up to this the hotel's nightclub — point. it had been hoped as you say and you can see people struggling to get in. there would be an either or local councillor denise mullen described the scene situation, either getting a deal when she got there. through any short period or something much longer. that's all just chaos. young ones hysterical. i been thrown up in the air, it does not seem likely at this point she will bring the deal back for mps and just cannot believe what has get it through before she goes out happened. we've also heard this from the police. to brussels on thursday. if you take what was said before it looks like there was a crash towards the front we are in the territory of a slightly longer delay to this whole door of this hotel. in that crash people seem to have fallen. we are process. the big question is whether the eu will agree to it because what examining to see if people who have they have said so far and what falle n examining to see if people who have fallen are deceased. there seems to number ten well knows is that if have been struggling going on to get there is going to be a delay to people off the ground and that might brexit to the eu wants to know explain why there was reports of exactly what that delay is for and fighting. chris page has more. at this point it does not seem like the prime minister has any real
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a nswe i’s. we knew that theresa may people are doing their best to come was looking at another vote to terms with what has happened. on her brexit deal tomorrow. that was already in jeopardy police say the priority is that as the votes didn't appear to be stacking up. families in mourning deserve a enquiry into what happened. police are looking at cctv footage which ca ptu red are looking at cctv footage which but look at this from blanchard of politico. captured images of the crush. they are also... emergency services are the reason he puts it that way is do not forget that the eu has consistently refused to open the say people should not be put off, withdrawal of deal and it's also they should bring forward any refusing to add extra documentation information they have to the police, alongside it to deal with any of the any eyewitness accounts, footage or concerns brexit supporters may have. pictures on their mobile phones, it now says it will do no more. because at the moment what is most important is simply finding out what significant changes of the elk that led to the crush here claimed three we re significant changes of the elk that were described would appeal to be unlikely. this is the pro—brexit mp
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lives. owen paterson. she now has a clear run at the council this week showing the war in afghanistan is now that this deal is dead in the water. america's longest war. but in recent months us officials have been engaged in talks with the taliban. president trump has also asked i think the dup, we that this deal is dead in the water. ithink the dup, we need that this deal is dead in the water. i think the dup, we need to ask the dup, but i thought they would be pleased with this because they were the pentagon to look very unhappy with the current proposals in the withdrawal at options for a potential us military withdrawdal. agreement. the dup is the unionist that's despite a record number of afghan soldiers and civilians being killed. party in northern ireland and in jonathan beale reports from afghanistan. we are out on patrol theory it provides theresa may with a working majority in parliament, with afghan special forces. though as you will have noticed this, the first time nothing is working on parliament the country's elite troops have right now. the dup in the last two allowed western media to join them without us support. votes has voted against the brexit we have travelled deal, the reason it does so is into a province that is because it says in its current form taliban territory. the withdrawal agreement risks northern ireland being treated differently in some circumstance to the rest of the uk and it will not our escort says this area has recently been cleared of the enemy but that is not countenance that. it is the dup what these locals say. along with some conservative brexit supporters that theresa may has been this man says it is not safe. trying to convince tobacco deal despite their original objections. he said, if he had the money he would leave this area today. another says, there
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in uk law, as things stand we are leaving the eu on march 29, hardly is constant fighting. any time now. that's still the the taliban, they say, position despite of thing that has happened since. what theresa may was are just 50 metres away. going to do was request an extension no shots though are fired but that will be up to the eu to under their watch. ee, but that will be up to the eu to agree, all 27 other countries must and number ten must agree on the special forces conduct most terms. it will possibly mean there of the afghans offensive operations. this video is from a recent night raid could be termed the government does targeting insurgents. not like. it's much harder now for but they are still relatively few in numberand theresa may to bring her brexit deal they still depend on us support. back to parliament and tried to get it through, we know the terms of an extension now, there are slightly more of a question around what we president trump though has made might be, so the third option in clear he wants to end america's this process which is leaving with longest war. no deal at all becomes viable once again in some peoples minds. but the afghans want to show they can look after their own security but in it's been made abundantly clear that reality they are still heavily they want to avoid that. it's 11 reliant on us military assistance, american money and american airpower.
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days to go, 11 days to go until after years of american help they still only control about brexit. we still have no idea if it half the country. will happen, when it will happen or it begs the question, what would happen if the us leaves? how it'll happen. but remember what alex was saying, the default in the situation is that brexit happens if it is by a morning tweet, next friday. with or without a deal. sudden, it will have one type of impact, goodness knows what you are making but of all of this, if you want to know what the eu is making of all of if it is a negotiated withdrawal, this, the latest blog from catcher adler is an excellent place to it will have very little impact. start. the dutch prime minister mark a sudden withdrawal of course would wright compared theresa may to the have consequences. black knight in monty python who lost all of his limbs in a sword they are having to contemplate life fight and called a draw. perhaps mr on their own, and they are training more special forces. 115,000 afghan soldiers and police have been killed over the last four years. mark rutte had been reading this piece on bloomberg. remember, yet america is now talking to the taliban, leading some to question the sacrifices made. stepping over the blood of the american soldiers and the victims of 9/11. theresa may, it has to decide what
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options it wants to give to the ok to if any of this. it is adam flemming in brussels. it's not like british domestic and politics here it isa in brussels, its process driven, eve ryo ne in brussels, its process driven, everyone has to agree and they tend it is a disgrace to enter into not to react to every twist and turn reconciliation. reconciliation with of what happens in westminster even who? if those twists and turns can seem these guys have blood on their hands. the afghan people have already endured decades of suffering and quite dramatic. the eu's official violence. position on the whole process at the many want nothing more than peace. moment is that it is for theresa may but not at any price. to come to a summit with the other 27 eu leaders here in brussels on stay with us on outside source — thursday with a settled uk position on what is happening and what's still to come... going to happen that the eu can then five years on from the annexation of crimea — react to. that could be the eu we look back at how russia agreeing with the uk an extension to the whole brexit process. perhaps a invaded the peninsula. couple of months, perhaps a couple of years. i'm officially what diplomats are saying to me, they are causing a few questions. they are seeing could the government find a technical fix to seeing could the government find a technicalfix to get seeing could the government find a technical fix to get over the hurdle which means they could still have scientists in yorkshire have come up another vote on the deal either in with a creative way to tackle
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the next couple of days or maybe problems with water quality in the humber estuary. next week. the eu position is the the yorkshire wildlife trust has re—located hundreds of oysters from a loch in scotland in the hope deal has been done, it's sealed and that it will introduce more marine life into the area. finalised. all i would say is look paul murphy has this report. at the last month, we had a massive at the mouth of the humber, process to get some extra conservationists are building what they hope will be reassu ra nces process to get some extra reassurances on the deal, it took a a des res for oysters. the shellfish were plentiful here until the 19505, month, multiple rounds of but demand for the dining negotiations and multiple meetings delicacy led to overfishing between the government ambassadors, and near extinction. now they're being sought michel barnier, the british for their environmental benefits. it's one of those species where it negotiators, and it ended up with creates habitats and it can be those three additional documents. if the first species in there to colonise and establish an area. theresa may wants changes to the and it's the oysters from loch ryan deal she's going to have to start in southwest scotland that yorkshire scientists another big process. there's have got their eye on. literally no chance she will be they've been given special permission to allowed to sit down with the other relocate several hundred. there's nothing more leaders with a highlighter pen and natural than an oyster that lives in the sea. go through the deal and make changes and they do pick up the qualities to the deal. ijust think of where they're grown. go through the deal and make changes to the deal. i just think that's go through the deal and make changes to the deal. ijust think that's not going to happen. the team from yorkshire need to get these creatures down to the humber as quickly as possible. loch ryan is one of the last places in the uk where you can actually get there is a european council summit, native natural oysters and there are enough of them that we can take some and bring them on thursday for all leaders in the european union, theresa may will go back to the site on the humber to re—establish them. to that, the bbc will cover it, and six hours and 200 miles later, they've arrived on the humber and are ready for their new home. next friday brexit happens unless something is agreed between the uk i think it's fantastic.
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and the eu between now and then. it's really innovative and has not been done before. oysters are amazing beyond that all bets are off. more and they improve water quality. it'll create an ecosystem that we do not have. information on the bbc website if placed in sacks and attached to metal frames, they'll be covered you've got any questions about brexit and i cannot see how you by the tide in a few hours and begin to feed again. don't have questions given the over the last 100 years or so, current state of affairs. more on the humber estuary has become that in a few minutes' time heavily industrialised. and although that's brought with it economic benefits, there's also been an environmental impact. this scheme is part of a bigger plan to give nature in this area more of a chance. this underwater robotic camera will eventually be used after a seven hour manhunt to monitor the sea bed in the netherlands, the main in the hope that the oysters suspect in a fatal shooting have encouraged other has been arrested. marine life into the area. three people died — a single adult oyster will filter 100 litres of water a day. five others were injured. so if you have a big oyster reef somewhere like the humber, people in utrecht were told to stay it will have an impact on the clarity of water which would be fantastic. it would be lovely to see the humber inside while police hunted go back to being something like it was 200 years ago, before industrialisation. this man — he's 37, it'll be many months before was born in turkey and has a long criminal history, scientists can assess the full impact of this project on the surrounding environment, according to authorities. buit it's hoped that a creature that once existed in huge numbers he's accused of opening here has now begun its comeback. fire on a tram it is one of those species. it could in the trumanlaan district. and then using a stolen car to get be the first species in there to away, which he dumped. establish an area. he was eventually arrested not far away, in an area
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called the old town. security was beefed up at train stations, 11 days to go to brexit airports and schools. as well as mosques. this was one and britain is plunged eyewitness who spoke to the media. translation: i looked behind me and —— the speaker of the house of commons tells theresa may she can't hold another vote saw someone translation: i looked behind me and saw someone lying there behind the on her deal. tram. a woman. people got out of kenya's government has warned the country is facing their cars and a famine that could kill more tram. a woman. people got out of theircars and ran tram. a woman. people got out of their cars and ran towards us and they started to lift her up. she was than a million people. just slumped in their arms. i helped parts of kenya have been suffering pull her out and then i saw a gunman a prolonged drought and a locust invasion has added to the crisis. ran pull her out and then i saw a gunman ra n towards pull her out and then i saw a gunman ran towards us with his gun raised. i thought i need to get out of here. the french government has sacked i heard people yelling, shooter, the head of the paris police after yet more violent yellow vest protests on saturday. shooter, and i started to run. it also says it will ban demonstrations in the champs elysees the turkish intelligence if violent groups take part. agency is investigating whether it was personally motivated a dead whale washed up in the philippines had 40kg — or an act of terrorism. of plastic inside its stomach. a turkish newsagent told us that the this included sixteen rice sacks, suspect shot a relative. four banana plantation bags, and multiple shopping bags. researchers said it was the most plastic they'd ever found in a whale. that's on our website.
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indonesia. at least 77 people have died and more are missing in the eastern papua province. there have been flash floods and mudslides after days of torrential rain. an attack took place today in utrecht, in the heart of the netherlands. some of them in a baby was rescued from critical condition. the suspect has the rubble and reunited with its father after their home was destroyed in the been apprehended and there are many hard—hit town of sentani. questions and rumours. the infant's mother and siblings died in the disaster. rebecca henscke has more. the hills around this lake where the community is, there had been flash flooding, it had been deforested in recent yea rs. flooding, it had been deforested in recent years. these were areas that had been heavily forested and they have been cut down. the government says because farmers and
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plantations, but there is also you can see fire crews trying to move equipment, we've seen forensic elements of illegal logging. papua has a military presence, they are teams going through the carriages, fighting against a separatist battle police sniffer dogs trying to there. there has been accusations in collect evidence. we know this there. there has been accusations in the past of military involvement and suspect, after the shooting leaving widespread illegal logging. the three dead, five wounded, escaped in president said this is a factor. he this direction, i7 has ordered people to replant those three dead, five wounded, escaped in hills. presumably this is because the trees this direction, 17 minutes drive that way. 30 minutes walk. he was hold the earth together and prevent arrested hours after the city went landslides? that is right. there is a big lake into lockdown, people are advised to stay in their homes. now the motive in the middle, rivers run into it. in the past we have not seen this of flooding. there was a lot of heavy is looking unclear, which does not rain. it came at night. small creeks that run down these hills became mention huge rivers bringing mud, rocks, filling peoples houses at night when they were sleeping. that is why we tomorrow flags in government have seen such a high death toll, buildings will be flying at half mast in the memory. do we understand many people were trapped in their what this man is doing in the seven homes as the mud just fills their houses. hours between this attack and when can the authorities get into all the
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he was apprehended. you can see, areas affected? no. some areas still have not been reached. papua is a very remote part of indonesia. there are some areas where people had to walk between villages, so they do not know. utrecht, many people who are familiar with the netherlands may military officers are rushing in. we never have heard of utrecht, it's have seen some extraordinary rescue. not the capital, amsterdam, it's not the seat of government. it's a they are hoping they will still find survivors. but hope is fading as we working city. around here it's a reach into the third day. how is the weather? they are mostly residential area, he spent predicting more rain which is why many people are rushing down from all of that time in hiding, police their villages to get into the helicopters circling the whole day, capital. 5000 people now displaced. anti—terror police here on the many of them saying that they fear ground. eventually they arrested one this could happen again as there is other man at another address but the predicted to be more heavy rain. prime suspect arrested this evening. five years ago today russia completed its annexation 37—year—old man, turkish born but we of crimea from ukraine. have watched videos which are russia's military intervention took circulating on social media, he did place in the aftermath of the 2014 ukrainian revolution. appear on dutch television and speaks with a very dutch accent, it seems he was raised in the vladimir putin claimed the annexation was about protecting netherlands he is now in custody suspected of committing the the rights of ethnic russians —
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crimea has a russian—speaking majority. shooting. thanks for the update. in these pictures are from earlier a few minutes we will turn to when mr putin visited mozambique after its president says it fears many will have been killed the crimean cities sevastopol and simferopol to commemorate the anniversary. bya it fears many will have been killed by a cyclone. a huge bronze sculpture, believed to be the largest in the uk, has arrived outside the russian operation the theatre royal in plymouth. featured these soldiers the 10—tonne sculpture of an actor rehearsing at the theatre was designed by the artistjoseph in unmarked uniforms, hillier. john maguire has more. they became known as the little grey men — and they appeared across crimea surfing into plymouth on the morning claiming to be self—defence volunteers. here's bbc russian on why tide, messenger, as she is known, these men were actually russian special forces. struck an incongruous and imposing figure. seven metres tall and nine november 2013 when the ukrainian metres wide messenger will take up president turned his back on a residency outside the theatre royal potential trade deal with the eu in the city of plymouth, she is the under pressure from russia. this angered pro—european ukrainians and uk's largest bronze sculpture. she represents our young actor, the sparked street protests in which around 100 people died. after three dynamism, the energy, the message that an actor gets across when they
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are on stage. originally based on months the president fled ukraine on 22nd february 2014. the character bianca, the courtesan in othello, the subject matter has led to some bemusement in the city. we knew that tensions would flare up but as she takes up her permanent place outside the theatre it's hoped she will become a magnet for in pro—russian areas of ukraine. crimea was that most pro—russian at visitors and plymouth people alike, a messenger that will be heard far the time. on 27th of february armed and wide. john maguire, bbc news, men raised a russian flag above the crimean parliament. the next day plymouth. crimea's international airport was this is outside source live also seized. they work very well from the bbc newsroom. our lead story... armed. very silent. no insignia. we 11 days to go to brexit and britain is plunged into a constitutional we re armed. very silent. no insignia. we were told to watch the boots. the crisis as the speaker of the house story goes that in russian elite of commons tells theresa may she can't hold another vote on her deal. forces they buy their own boots because they are more comfortable than regular army issue once. those soldiers had very good footwear. on we have heard today from the prime the 4th of march vladimir putin minister of new zealand who had said officially denied russian she is going to announce further gun involvement claiming the armed men we re involvement claiming the armed men were local forces.
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law reforms. the terror attack in we are in the air base waiting for christchurch on friday was the worst something to happen because there act of terrorism on our shores. it was a stand—off between russian and was in fact one of the worst globally in recent times. it has ukrainian military men. quite quickly i ran into an ambush. just exposed a range of weaknesses in new zealand's gun laws. the clear lesson out of nowhere. someone in russian military uniforms appeared just from from history around the world is under the ground. pointed his that to make our communities safe kalashnikov at me. put bags on us, the time to act is now. in new zealand and elsewhere people have been remembering the victims of dragged us somewhere, removed the these attacks. these are pictures bags, told us we were spies, we from christchurch where a number of would be killed. eventually we stu d e nts somehow managed to negotiate our way from christchurch where a number of students turned up to pay their respects, some of them performed the out. that conversation helps me to ceremonial dance of the maori people understand these were russian professional soldiers. we went to which you will be associating with the new zealand rugby team but it is one of the ukrainian army bases. it indigenous to new zealand and many was a missile defence unit in the people perform it in a range of city. it was a strange situation. circumstances including today. these pictures not from new zealand but ukrainian soldiers and officers were from pakistan. some pakistanis among officially running the base but they
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those who died, there were vigils in had no weapons. that russian islamabad, karachi and lahore. this soldiers were everywhere. i remember is from israel were jewish filming one of those soldiers. he islamabad, karachi and lahore. this is from israel werejewish people and muslims held a joint prayer vigil at the new zealand consulate. had a little nametag on the back of we know these attacks were carried his uniform. i remember coining the out at two mosques in christchurch on the south island of new zealand, they were about five kilometres apart. 50 people lost their lives phrase. on 16th of march crimean is and the attack was carried out by voted to rejoin russia in a brenton tarrant, he is australian referendum condemned by observers from the west. and a self—described white supremacist. he has been charged with murder and the judge supremacist. he has been charged with murder and thejudge has ruled that pictures of him in court must be blurred. these two elements have been happening in new zealand but vladimir putin declared crimea part of russia two days later. it was not also in australia the investigation until april that he eventually is going on as well, police in new admitted that russian troops were deployed in crimea. south wales reading two homes as pa rt south wales reading two homes as part of that investigation. let's just one example of many in outside hear more from christchurch. she met source is how we are indebted to bbc with her cabinet yesterday who are world service. in principle where they have agreed a meteor caused a massive explosion
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over earth in december — to these changes. it's very interesting because what we know but nobody noticed until now. this is an image of the fireball about brenton tarra nt interesting because what we know that was captured by about brenton tarrant is that he actually legally owns those guns he japan's himawari satellite. was found with and some of them we're told it released 10 times the energy of the hiroshima atomic bomb. including military assault weapons that were modified to make them more but it went largely undetected deadly, under current legislation it because this happened was fine for him to have those kinds over the bering sea, of guns so what's being done now is they are trying to change this so it off russia's kamchatka peninsula. this chart shows fireballs can never happen again. the reason detected by the us government sensors since 1988. new zealand allows guns in the first place is because it's a huge the are only two significant ones — the one in december. agricultural economy and guns are and a fireball over russia six years ago — used by pest control for farmers. that was even bigger. the fact that this man was found and was pictured by eyewitnesses. with a military assault weapon which was modified, that is what we are looking into. we have already got this image shows the police association seeing these its point of impact. weapons need to be banned and this scientists have been discussing the latest event is what they plan to do, the prime at the 50th lunar and planetary science minister says she will be meeting conference in texas. again with her cabinet next monday paul rincon is there. and they are trying to push this through. i can see hundreds of
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bunches of flowers behind you, tell us more bunches of flowers behind you, tell us more about where you are?|j bunches of flowers behind you, tell us more about where you are? i am at the botanical gardens, we have been december 18 last year us military here over the last two days and seen satellites picked up a huge bank —— hundreds of people coming over here, a huge bang over the bering sea. some very moving tributes. you they notified nasa who did calculations and found out it had mentioned the ha ka some very moving tributes. you mentioned the haka earlier, we saw that over the weekend, there was a exploded with the energy of about huge crowd around lunchtime, people laying flowers. there was an 40% of a meteorite that exploded incredibly moving bagpiper who over russia in 2013. it was a very big explosion. the second biggest in played beautiful amazing grace which reduced a lot of people to tears. 30 years. it's been very moving to be here over the last few days, seeing the level of grief, the level of if these explosions were to happen incredible outpouring of solidarity over major conurbations would they bea over major conurbations would they amongst people in christchurch for be a threat? they would be a threat. the muslim community. that's been the muslim community. that's been the one positive ns, how the community has rallied together to come together to support muslim
9:23 pm
community. this is an article by bbc trending looking at the manifesto posted online. i have been looking if something were to explode at a at this online footprint that could link back to the suspect behind the lower altitude and over a populated area, none of these have so far, christchurch attack. it's important at this stage that we say it's not there could be serious injuries. most of the injuries are caused by definite, this idea of who this blast, people being too near person is online does not necessarily correlate with the person who is the suspect, but we have been trying to look at it for windows. more clues about what this could tell us and specifically about the culture that exists around people we began this monday morning who are white nationalists are wondering if theresa may had the members of the old right. the first votes to get to her withdrawal agreement through at the third time of asking? then suddenly, the thing we say about this is do not ta ke thing we say about this is do not take anything you see they are too speaker of the house of commons, seriously because the messages we've seen come seriously because the messages we've seen come from a forum called 8chan john bercow threw a spanner in the works for the prime minister. what which is an extremist message board. the government cannot legitimately there's loads of stuff come its do is to resubmit to the house the extremist sexual violence, claims about murders and violence which are same proposition, or substantially
9:24 pm
made on that, loads of extreme things and most of it comes back to the same proposition, as that of an idea of trolling. it comes back last week, which was rejected by 149 to the place of this being a joke and that is what people on those votes. that is the speak seeing, whether message boards use, the idea that the prime minister wants to or not, actually the idea of irony is both u nless the prime minister wants to or not, unless she has a substantial change their weapon and their defence. to the deal that parliament has nothing should be taken for granted. already voted on, the vote cannot it is fundamentally not a joke, so happen. how do we understand when something isa how do we understand when something is a joke with a purpose as opposed to an injoke? great is a joke with a purpose as opposed to an in joke? great question and it's difficult to ascertain, there are over a million posts on lichan everyone is trying to work out what exactly everyone is trying to work out what exa ctly d oes everyone is trying to work out what which is similar to 8chan, 8chan is exactly does this mean, both for the in the top 5000 most of used websites in the world so it gets a lot of traffic and there are millions of posts every day and all prime minister, and before next friday when brexit are supposed to those millions of posts a lot of be happening. them contain threats and violence. the case of the attack we are talking about, this profile which are said to be linked to the that month of march can often be attacker, we don't know if it is
9:25 pm
seen as that month of march can often be not, makes outlandish claims about seen as the transition from winter violence and how you would go to spring. we sawjust that last through and pick those apart week with spells of snow at times, compared to the ordinary claims of severe gales uprooting trees, and violence and threats you see on some heavy and persistent rain. there is very difficult. is there no localised flooding. and according to way of policing these websites, they the met office, northern ireland has must be held on servers? it's already had its wettest march on difficult, the police have presumably got the time to look at record. one of the reasons, thejet that for what you are saying, to be strea m record. one of the reasons, thejet stream was sitting right across the able to research it, but to be able uk and that was driving areas of low to work out which ones are genuine pressure in from the atlantic last or not are very difficult. what makes it harder is the case in this week. but this week we are seeing more of an undulation in the jet, event, the attacker was championed and the uk is to the south of the on as is always the case on these jet, which will allow high pressure boards by people who suggest to build and allow things to turn violence or who suggest the most just that little bit quieter. that extreme things we can imagine in society. and then as the attack will probably come as welcome news unfolded a couple of people on their for many this week. lighter winds sent condolences to the victims but and a drier story this week. most people revelled in it and high—pressure starting to build in enjoyed it in a perverse way. they from the south—west. ahead of it, celebrated what had happened. was whether france will introduce more in the way of cloud, showery rain that trolling again or was it more from time to time, noticeable breeze serious? it's difficult for law enforcement to know. in a couple of and strengthening wind in the far
9:26 pm
north of scotland. for many on tuesdayit north of scotland. for many on tuesday it is a cloudy affair. there minutes an update on a cycling which will be some breaks in the cloud has hit mozambique, zimbabwe and from time to time and it was a bit malawi. of brightness, but at the same time the rain gathers in the north of earlier on today still lots of flood scotland. as we move out of tuesday, warnings on england and wales, we we have this slice of miles it they will look briefly at the forecast are starting to push on across the here at home in just a will look briefly at the forecast here at home injust a moment, there is more at the top of the hour of country. the middle part of the week course. we need to look at flooding looks likely to see temperature slightly above average, the only elsewhere, in north america this exception is the far north of time and we've had record—breaking scotland, here it will be breezy and floods around parts of the mississippi and missouri river in not quite as mild. areas of low the plains. mundy has been a dry pressure threatening to be an issue day, most of the rain through the in the far north—west. gusts of wind gulf of mexico into florida but more rain developing on tuesday in the 40, 50 in the far north—west. gusts of wind 40,50 mph. in the far north—west. gusts of wind 40, 50 mph. elsewhere, some glimpses area that already under water. most of sunshine. of the flooding was due to rainfall, snow melt and ice flows are blocking as we move out of wednesday we have still got that area of high pressure up snow melt and ice flows are blocking up the channels. with dry across western parts of north america and centred across the uk. whether france will start to push on from warm in the north—west. moving into the north—west. we will need to keep an eye on that into the far north of
9:27 pm
australia, thunderstorms are in syd ney australia, thunderstorms are in sydney but we need to focus on this scotland. we might see more of the area of cloud. this is cyclone significant area of low pressure developing by the end of the week. trevor and he's been strengthening increasingly wet to the far north. over the past few hours. battering elsewhere where the cloud will break up elsewhere where the cloud will break up we will see more in the way of northern parts of queensland and sunshine. a fair amount of cloud moving on across the cape york across england and wales. thursday potential. it all weaken overland, heavy rain, then over the next few days as it pulls out in the gulf into friday, this area of low pressure could be an issue in the more isobars on the chart. that's an far north—west and we will need to indication that the cyclone keep an eye have that. if you have re—develops, the wind strengthens outdoor plans on friday keep an eye and we push rain into the northern on the forecast because there may be territories. apart australia which is not seen much rain, less than we changes. england and wales seeing should get, but more rain to come the best of the drier, sunnier for cairns and for darwin, weather. as we start into the thunderstorms in sydney and it should be dry in melbourne. what's weekend things will be cooler. to ta ke showers could turn increasingly should be dry in melbourne. what's to take on but southerly winds pushing once all the way into wintry at higher ground in scotland. beijing and shanghai. the next few plenty of frequent showers in the days we get some rain developing, it north—west. not quite as warm but cuts off the supply of warmer air, hopefully with more of a breeze. heavy rain moving into the korean peninsula towards japan. we are left with that band of rain, north a bit further ahead, that area of high pressure that has quieted things
9:28 pm
cooler air, south of bit warmer. mid down, just loses its grip a little 20s in beijing and shanghai, way and sinks further south into the near continent. that may allow above average. then the numbers drop weather fronts to continue to move in from the north—west. potentially back to where we should be, hong kong on the warmer side and probably staying dry as well. anything but it looks as though much of england and we stay is predominantly dry and dry of course across parts of settles but we could see more africa, the rain you can see here in wetter, windier weather continue to zimbabwe and the flood, swollen be an issue into the far north and rivers, all because of the tropical west. we will firm up on these details as and when we get them. cyclone which made landfall a few days ago, battering notjust zimbabwe but mozambique and malawi. the rain keeps going, more coming on tuesday and wednesday. not much rain coming across central parts of africa from the seasonal rains, rain coming into northern parts of algeria and tunisia because of the weather system which gets stuck in central parts of the mediterranean. many parts of europe dominated by that area of high pressure, higher pressure a cross that area of high pressure, higher pressure across southern that area of high pressure, higher pressure across southern parts of the uk. warmeraircoming pressure across southern parts of the uk. warmer air coming our way, the uk. warmer air coming our way, the jet stream on there, it's the uk. warmer air coming our way, thejet stream on there, it's in the uk. warmer air coming our way, the jet stream on there, it's in a
9:29 pm
different place which will have an impact on our weather, you can find it more later on.
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